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UGH, GER, I can't stop thinking today about how EXCITED Charles is to meet Laura. When we first see him he's worn out and cranky and senile, but whenever he's around her, he's Headmaster Charles again. And when he first sees her he's just SO THRILLED and takes her in to get food and communicates with her and reassures her fears and HE JUST LOVES HER SO MUCH!!

I can’t help but think about how much he would be missing his School and his students. :( Charles Xavier is never better/happier than when he’s caring for the next generation of mutants, loving them and giving them a home and teaching them not only how to use their powers but that they don’t have to be afraid of themselves - that their powers are a gift that should be nurtured. After supposedly 25 years of no new mutants being born Laura must have been an an absolute JOY and a REVELATION to a man who has lost almost everything and everyone he’s ever loved in his long life…a renewed hope for the future where his dreams can live on. 

“There are certain events in the past, I’m afraid, from which I would wish to disassociate myself” is such a darkly humerous line for book!Dirk (who got expelled from Cambridge for accidentally-on-purpose stealing and selling exam papers) but a fucking heartbreaking line for 2016!Dirk (who I’ve always headcanoned as having some form of dissociative disorder as a result of his childhood with the CIA).

When people call me racist and homophobic because i don’t ship W*stallen, S*percorp and K*rolsen:

(i hate writing stuff using * but i’m just trying not to mess with the search)

bitch take a look and my otps


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so, as you can see, it’s not a matter of poc or homosexual couples i ship where i see chemistry. 

We are not homophobics if we ship a straight or/and white couple. We ship them because we see something in them as we see things in gay or poc couples. I’m not spreading hate over the ships i don’t ship. But these days, i’ve been called racist, homophobic (ME, WHO HELPED A FAMILY MEMBER TO COME OUT TO HIS MOTHER, DAMN TUMBLR), dump, stupid etc. Enough with this kind of bullying, for real. People express their opinion and i respect that. But don’t insult human beings you don’t even know, over TV shows. It’s supid, toxic and disrespectful. Racism and homophobia aren’t selective characteristics. You are or you are not. People ship what they wanna ship. You don’t have the right to make them feel bad for their preferences.


Guys… asexuals don’t want to be considered LGBT+ so they can have a ~QUEER BADGE~ or to pretend they’re not straight… They’re not.. Asexuality is not heterosexuality. And asexuals want to be considered LGBT+ for the visibility. People don’t know asexuality is a thing and it’s awful, especially because it’s so fucking hard to realize you’re asexual. 

He held his skate guards to the ice for a few moments before touching the ice with his right hand to thank it the way he always does. I hope he leaves this venue with a good mental image and that he will return to this arena and stand at the top of the podium in February next year.


it’s like every time i forget to check one of them dies >.<

I don’t… normally do this ever but this is too important to let alone. My baby sister Valeia will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. In less than two weeks, she has had to be rushed to the hospital and admitted into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit twice. She has this problem where she will stop breathing, usually after eating, for varying amounts of time. The first time it happened she was barely home from the hospital after her birth for an hour. She turned completely blue in my arms and my mother had to aspirate her own baby. The doctors assumed it was fluid in her lungs and an isolated incident, and so sent her home after four days in the hospital. 

This second time, she stopped breathing for a full minute. We now believe it has something to do with her esophagus or that it’s a rare neurological disorder, but we have no answers. We just know that it keeps happening. 

We don’t require donations at all. I would just ask for prayers, good vibes, positive thinking, whatever it is that you as an individual do. Support goes a long way and makes a difference, this is something I firmly believe, and my sister needs as many people rooting for her as she can get right now. 

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I read this meta that in the 3x06 bedroom scene Keith didn't actually comfort Lance, he kinda did the opposite? Like Lance said he was disposable and not the best soldier and Keith didn't deny it, he just said not to worry about it? And now I'm upset bc I loved that scene but that's all I can think about it when I watch it :/ what do you think? Personally I think Keith just isn't the best with words and he was so surprised with what Lance was telling him that he didn't know what to say, but idk

i didn’t wanna say anything bc i didn’t wanna kill anyone’s vibe (including my own) but. yeah…..

it did kinda seem like he brushed off lance’s worries about his role on the team. all he really said was ‘stop worrying about who pilots what, and just focus on your missions. things will work themselves out.’ ….. it just sounds dismissive tbh

and it shows on lance’s face that it didn’t really help bc he was still pouting afterwards, and then just said ’….ok. thanks.’ then went to make an exit.

at that point i think keith’s internal thoughts were something along ‘shit,,, quick lemme think of something witty to say and lighten the mood’.

i mean i WISH he had said something about lance being a valuable member of the team to ease his negative thoughts or (cough) hug him (cough) but like. i also agree that it’s safe to say comforting people isn’t his exact area of expertise, yknow? it’s not like he’s had enough experience in that department.

still loved the scene regardless lmao. i’m not ungrateful for it


“It bothers you, doesn’t it? What they think?”

2.04 // 4.10


I tried to laugh this off at first. I really did. 

But in the end it kind of pissed me off. 

Because not only did the come at us - they are also clearly going after the Ripped Bodice as well. Like of all the things to take exception and make in to a skit, why us? Why our community? 

I mean this wasn’t even funny to me - it was awkward and embarrassing becuase:


Am I being too sensitive? Should I just laugh it off like I would if one of our community did something similar? But then it would be an inside joke - we’re allowed to poke fun at our genre because we understand it.

Meanwhile the mainstream media treats us as a joke. Literally. Again.

@heroesnhearts have you guys seen this yet? What do you think?