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UGH, GER, I can't stop thinking today about how EXCITED Charles is to meet Laura. When we first see him he's worn out and cranky and senile, but whenever he's around her, he's Headmaster Charles again. And when he first sees her he's just SO THRILLED and takes her in to get food and communicates with her and reassures her fears and HE JUST LOVES HER SO MUCH!!

I can’t help but think about how much he would be missing his School and his students. :( Charles Xavier is never better/happier than when he’s caring for the next generation of mutants, loving them and giving them a home and teaching them not only how to use their powers but that they don’t have to be afraid of themselves - that their powers are a gift that should be nurtured. After supposedly 25 years of no new mutants being born Laura must have been an an absolute JOY and a REVELATION to a man who has lost almost everything and everyone he’s ever loved in his long life…a renewed hope for the future where his dreams can live on. 

Guys… asexuals don’t want to be considered LGBT+ so they can have a ~QUEER BADGE~ or to pretend they’re not straight… They’re not.. Asexuality is not heterosexuality. And asexuals want to be considered LGBT+ for the visibility. People don’t know asexuality is a thing and it’s awful, especially because it’s so fucking hard to realize you’re asexual. 

When people call me racist and homophobic because i don’t ship W*stallen, S*percorp and K*rolsen:

(i hate writing stuff using * but i’m just trying not to mess with the search)

bitch take a look and my otps


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so, as you can see, it’s not a matter of poc or homosexual couples i ship where i see chemistry. 

We are not homophobics if we ship a straight or/and white couple. We ship them because we see something in them as we see things in gay or poc couples. I’m not spreading hate over the ships i don’t ship. But these days, i’ve been called racist, homophobic (ME, WHO HELPED A FAMILY MEMBER TO COME OUT TO HIS MOTHER, DAMN TUMBLR), dump, stupid etc. Enough with this kind of bullying, for real. People express their opinion and i respect that. But don’t insult human beings you don’t even know, over TV shows. It’s supid, toxic and disrespectful. Racism and homophobia aren’t selective characteristics. You are or you are not. People ship what they wanna ship. You don’t have the right to make them feel bad for their preferences.


He held his skate guards to the ice for a few moments before touching the ice with his right hand to thank it the way he always does. I hope he leaves this venue with a good mental image and that he will return to this arena and stand at the top of the podium in February next year.


“It bothers you, doesn’t it? What they think?”

2.04 // 4.10

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Now of course Belle and Rumbelle haters are praising what Bobby said about rumple being a loner. How yeah, he loves Belle but because he said that, it makes him ooc to be with Belle and he basically shot the ship and the rumbeller shippers now. I'm more upset because of the haters saying that crap. Not sure how to feel. Words of reassurance?

I haven’t seen any of that so I can only assume I’m following and/or blocking the right people. Why would you care what these people say?  Why concentrate on this one thing with all the other positive things he’s said?  I don’t get it.

Besides, I don’t think he’s wrong.  Rumple IS a loner, in the sense that he doesn’t need anyone but his family.  He doesn’t need friends, and I’m pretty sure he only tolerates the Char-Mills brigade because of Belle and Henry.  If he could take Belle and Gideon to the Dark Castle and have nothing to do with anyone else ever again I think he’d be in his element.


I tried to laugh this off at first. I really did. 

But in the end it kind of pissed me off. 

Because not only did the come at us - they are also clearly going after the Ripped Bodice as well. Like of all the things to take exception and make in to a skit, why us? Why our community? 

I mean this wasn’t even funny to me - it was awkward and embarrassing becuase:


Am I being too sensitive? Should I just laugh it off like I would if one of our community did something similar? But then it would be an inside joke - we’re allowed to poke fun at our genre because we understand it.

Meanwhile the mainstream media treats us as a joke. Literally. Again.

@heroesnhearts have you guys seen this yet? What do you think?

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Hey...just letting you know that you reblogged from manslator, and they literally just posted a long thing that's "het aces are straight and aren't lgb and don't face marginalization" and "biphobia is just a subset of legitimate oppression". It just happened like just now. I'm pretty upset about it, but I thought you should know, considering.

Oh, thanks for letting me know. I’ve enjoyed @manslator until now, it’s a shame it’s not run by people who respect me and mine.