I mean, we all knew that this was going to happen and it couldn’t be avoided. Hiding their relationship has definitely been such a big strain on Bitty because he can’t talk about it with anyone. He care so much about Jack and his career that he doesn’t want to ruin it for him at all. He loves Jack so much that he’s willing to go through the pain of having to hide who he loves from the whole world. 

But Bitty is hurting too and with so many people offering him a shoulder to cry on, it’s beginning to grow on him. He can’t talk to anyone about his relationship without spilling the secret and think about it, it just must be so stressful on him.There have probably been so many times where Jack does well in a game and he wants to go, ‘That’s my boyfriend, I’m so proud of him!’ but he can’t and it must fucking hurt. So many times where he’s want to replace ‘best’ with ‘boy’ with he’s referring to Jack as his friend. 

So many times where he wished he could just be so open with the rest of his team. 

I’m just feeling so sad and upset for Bitty because we all know he’s been under so much but we’re only seeing it now.

Because he’s been hiding it so well.

From everyone and from Jack. 

wow i’m upset

my sister in law is against adoption by gay parents (punch #1) and i asked her if she would accept me and my child in case i wanted do adopt one with my future lover…………… and she (and my brother) said no (punch #2) because society would punish them hahahaha

So I was going through my old iPod and I found this note I made a few years ago titled “To the next person that tells me ‘i have no reason to complain’” and its just a list of things like “have you ever cried yourself to sleep? ” And “have you spent the night huddled under your friends bed listening to her parents fighting and realized this happens every night?” Or “Have you ever gone an entire day not talking to anyone just to see if they noticed?” And tons of shit like that and yeah….


Not only did this ABSURDLY ADORABLE little superstar pretty much singlehandedly save Fox and the movie industry during the Great Depression, she also

  • was one of the first (possibly the first) white actress to hold hands with a black man on screen as half of the first interracial dance couple on screen.
  • was largely responsible for making breast cancer okay to talk about after she had a press conference about her own mastectomy
  • became president of the Multiple Sclerosis Society and co-founded the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies, because her brother had MS
  • was the first female Chief of Protocol in US Government history
  • served as a US ambassador during the fall of Communism and was pretty much an all around international BADASS

And according to her husband, she was always true to herself. “Over 38 years I have participated in her life 24 hours a day through thick and thin, traumatic situations, exultant situations, and I feel she has only one personality. She would be catastrophic for the psychiatric profession. You can wake her up in the middle of the night and she has the same personality everybody knows. What everybody has seen for 60 years is the bedrock.” (x)

Shirley Temple is hands down the most legendary child star of all time and she grew up to be a total BAMF. Rest in peace, Curly Top.

photo credit: this awesome blog

I am honestly in shock. He was one of those actors who shaped my view on cinema and comedy. From Jack to Jumanji, Aladdin to Ferngully, Mrs. Doubtfire to Dead Poets Society. Robin Williams was always present during my childhood and it shocks me to no end how he is gone so quickly and so soon. He was truly one of the most talented and funny actors of his time. Rest in peace, sir. Thank you for giving everyone a friend like you.

It blows my mind that there are Americans more concerned with protecting their guns than human lives.

It blows my mind that an American can walk into a store and own a firearm within minutes.

It blows my mind that people who live in the ONLY country where mass shootings are a daily occurrence claim that there is no way to prevent gun violence.

Will tighter gun control stop all shootings? No. But if it can prevent the killing of even ONE innocent life, then it’s worth it.

Remus Lupin makes me so upset because the marauders loved him in a way that he never thought he’d get, in a way he never thought he deserved, in a way that made him feel wanted and whole and human aND THEN THEY ALL DIED

If you’re worried about Rose looking suspiciously like a visual callback to the antagonists in the extended intro and how it’s likely because Steven’s starting to fear his mother in light of recent developments clap your hands!!!!!


Seriously. Don’t suffer alone. Don’t log off and ignore. Don’t sit in your room and cry by yourself. Don’t hold your breath. Don’t hold back. Don’t think that you shouldn’t be upset because you didn’t know him personally. Don’t be ashamed to call him Chekov instead of Anton. Don’t feel like you need to be strong.

Cry. Scream. Yell. Get on tumblr or Twitter or Facebook and talk to someone, anyone, everyone. Misery loves company and I don’t want to be alone so come talk to me. It’s terrible and sad and you are among friends. So be sad and be angry and maybe, if you’re into it, send up a prayer. It’s okay.

You’re okay. Take a breath. It doesn’t feel like it now (because right now it fucking sucks) but everything will be okay.

I love you, Trekkie.

[ rei voice ] ikari-kun

twenty days left till AN and i don’t think i’ll get to do a fenris one haha

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the first times oliver queen officially (and unofficially) met felicity smoak.


jian + kisses


(・□・;) What’s the fanbase all worked up about? What Undertale patch? 

…Oh. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

*collapses sobbing in the corner*