my works got featured in february’s issue of polish TATTOOFEST Magazine!

bardzo dziękuję redakcji za zaproszenie, wywiad i piękną prezentację moich ilustracji. zainteresowanych gorąco zapraszam do lektury (magazyn dostępny jest m.in. w salonach Empik) jak i zapoznania się z resztą artykułów.

So, Canadians...

You do realize that like, World Juniors is over right? And you actually did pretty poorly in that shit so thare’s not that much to celebrate? And pretty much every Canadian team is terrible right now, so like, what’s with all this nationalism? Like, are you telling me you’re PROUD of a settler-colonial state you were born into by happenstance, a settler colonial state that only differs from American ambition in imperialist violence because of its size, and is yet still using a vague concept of a War On Drugs to expand its influence over ocean territory that has nothing to do with it as a nation? Like…you don’t think Canadian history is a travesty and that the flag deserves to be fucking burned, the country should be dissolved and Canada itself would not exist if it were not for colonial violence, violence that persists to this day?

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37/366 Snow at the Great Red Pepper by Brian Copeland

Feb 6, 2016