Maybe the real cryptids were the friends we made along the way

(aka I’m betting my ass that Joseph was not only a cult leader but the Dover Ghost the whole time)


When Le homies see the other homie and he kills it.. @oaksmash you made us all cry and laugh and feel ALL the feelings! ❤️❤️ @daveeddiggs @smoonzilla


not to be dramatic 

BUT I WAS BORN FOR THIS >:O  holy cartwheeling cows, I am over the moon about how Wadanohara turned out! I didn’t even expect to finish her today…im so happy, this is a dream come true

frickin Wadanohara   

i love how botw is basically just avatar: the last airbender 

no but seriously i know i’m not the first one to point this out but just like the champions are all benders. revali is air, mipha is water, daruk is earth, and urbosa is fire cause lightning is a form of firebending (though we could argue daruk could be fire too but when you consider lavabedning in lok it’s STILL EARTH OH SHIT I JUST REALIZED THIS AS I TYPED IT OUT). and link is obviously the avatar who is in a coma for 100 years and masters all four elements when he gets the power of the champions and mipha even has healing abilities which is part of waterbending guys I CAN’T BELIEVE NINTENDO GOT AWAY WITH THIS SMH


((Thank you guys SO MUCH for all of the wonderful birthday wishes! I appreciate it more than I can say!! ♥♥♥))

My job was to squeeze the coagulated blood down the hole in the floor. The blood was not to exceed more than 3 inches deep. I remember the smell, the uncontrollable shaking and the fearful cries of the cows while they were waiting their turn at death. I know they knew death was near. I remember the Kill Floor team high-fiving each other because they broke the record, killing 107 cows in 1 hour.
—  Peter Swissdorf, slaughterhouse worker