Hey everyone, it’s Tiff! I’ve recently reached 2.5k, a big follower goal of mine, so I decided to do another one of these to thank the people I follow, my friends, my mutuals, and of course my followers for making my Tumblr experience so wonderful. You’re all great and I love you ♥

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Of course I couldn’t have gotten anywhere without my awesome followers, but since I can’t include them all in this post, here are ten blogs I see often in my activity and deserve a follow. Thank you for following me! I will try to come up with something more to thank you all properly in the future  

chanforyeol | exowishes | exotic-broccoli | kpop–l | myshinningstars | yeolhighness | cha-yeol | istanpcy | dontsay-goodnight-yet | sweetygirlexo  ♥ 

Now most of you probably know that new moon is my favorite book and consequently my favorite movie, but hear me out, because new moon had so much potential to be a beautiful beautiful film and I’m still sometimes sad because of wasted potential. Because the book had this special sort of saddness that wasn’t dark and ugly sobbing, but numbness and nothingness that would have translated so so SO beautifully into vast amounts of negative space on screen and lots of neutral tones and grays with just little fleck of color. Mist. Mist everywhere. Mist shourding everyting. Just light gray mist all over the place. It’s winter during the book so let the winter tones show. Wide shots that have texture and zoom in to show emotion with just one piece of the face. and Volterra was cold. LET THE COLD SHOW. no yellow tone, everything is clean white marble with cool tone blue-based-black deep shadows. Bella describes time as moving jerkily and unevenly. So let the camera rest still for large spaces, and make it purposeful when it moves.

shelomit-bat-dvorah asked:

Good to see you back on my dash! *waves excitedly*

Hi friend! :D

School has started again and all my students are back, so I’m pretty busy with programs on nights and weekends these days. But actually the main reason I’ve been gone lately is I’ve been trying to focus on writing.

(Been making some great progress on Anabasis, tho. I had a weird moment of existential crisis the other day because I’ve actually started writing the chapter where Anakin makes his deposition to the Senate, which is kind of the turning point of the story, and tbh I never though I’d get there? But we’re doing this!)

hey i remade because I Am Terrible

im probably going to refollow a few mutuals but not all of em so lms if you want my new url

dont be offended if i dont give it to you please im being very picky rn ig idk

maybe one day i’ll look back on the time when i was a extremely broke extremely lonely college student in new york city and it’ll be like super romantic and i’ll tell all these stories about all the things i did and all the insights i learned back then but right now. It Sucks And I Am Lowkey Severely Depressed

Berg-Katze referring to Tsubasa as “the world’s biggest flower garden” is a typically nasty and yet exceptionally clever insult- see, it’s not only a dig to Tsubasa about how she’s being barred from her dream of going into fireworks (the Japanese word for “fireworks” is “hanabi,” “Hana” being the word for “flower”) but im pretty sure it’s also a reference to the fact that gardens must be fertilized, and fertilizer is often animal manure

basically, Berg Katze is saying Tsubasa is full of shit