let me tell you why

this scene was so important to me and, i bet, to a lot of mentally ill people

it’s because

isak valtersen, this small boy that threw the word “crazy” around when referring to his mentally ill mother, is now looking straight into his lover’s eyes and saying: no. you are wrong. this will work. 

it’s because isak refused to let Even push him away. we’ve all done this, i assure you. every mentally ill person. exactly because of why Even did it: we were afraid. scared to lose someone. scared to hurt them. and, unfortunately, sometimes, those people let us push them away. and we lose them. and it hurts, because then we think it’s our fault. we’re not enough to fight for. we’re not enough to stay for. we’re not enough.

but not isak. he stood his ground and with tears in his eyes he told Even they were going to take this minute by minute. he told him he wasn’t leaving him. he told a somber boy, during a depressive episode, exactly what a lot of us need to hear sometimes.

and Even looked into this boy’s eyes, who just a couple of months ago refused to even utter the word “gay” without the word “not” in the same sentence, and saw it. 

he saw that he was enough to fight for. enough to stay for. enough.

and that’s why this is so important.

because we can be loved. we are enough.


I like to think Stanley knows a decent amount of physics after 30 years of self study, certainly enough to impress young Ford :) And wouldn’t it be fantastic if he could, at least once, casually correct older Ford on his math??

And yes, Stanley does intentionally mispronounce things just to rile his brother up XDD

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How would they be on their wedding days?

Noctis: Noctis tries so hard to keep his composure during the ceremony and manages to pretty well. However, he’ll be absent from the reception and his spouse will go looking for him only to find him ugly-crying in a broom closet. The cake-cutting mainly consists of him constantly wiping his face in an attempt to stop the river of tears.

Prompto: Prompto would be an emotional mess for the entire day, and would barely keep it together. But the moment his spouse walks down the aisle Prompto loses it. There’s at least a solid five minutes between his spouse meeting him at the altar, and them reading their vows due to everyone waiting for him to calm down his sniveling. He’ll be fine once the reception starts though, and will make sure to make the most of the evening.

Gladio: Gladio would be snappy at everyone in an attempt to hide how emotional he is. Once the waterworks start going there’s no stopping, so Gladio would do everything to make sure he keeps it together. When it’s time to say their vows his voice cracks, and he hastily responds with an “I’m fine!” when asked if he’s alright.

Ignis: The Gordon Ramsey of Weddings. Ignis stays up all night to make sure everything about the wedding is perfect, even though they hired a wedding planner months before. He almost wouldn’t be able to enjoy himself during the reception because of how wound-up he was. His partner thankfully gets Ignis to have fun before the night is over.

This part just makes me so emotional

I love thinking about what Viktor has given Yuuri in their relationship. Viktor helps him feel confident in himself, does anything he can to help with Yuuri’s anxiety, gives him all the support he needs to skate, the list goes on. Their relationship so beautiful but have we ever thought about what Yuuri has given Viktor. In this moment, you can just imagine it…

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He looks so genuinely surprised (and infatuated) by Yuuri’s bold approach/proposition. Before this moment we know Viktor was adored by a worldwide fan base but had anyone ever tried crossing that boundary between seeing him as an idol and treating him like a real person? Well he said he’s neglected love and life for 20 years. So that’s probably a no. And Yuuri’s behavior… approaching dry humping him and begging Viktor to be his coach… Yuuri obviously sees him as an idol too, but he genuinely wanted his guidance as a coach. So I’m thinking Viktor was overwhelmed by the idea that someone wanted more from him than to just see him skate. Am I going too far in saying Yuuri’s drunken act made him remember he isn’t just there to please his fans but is in fact a real person… who is wanted and needed? Yuuri made Viktor feel needed…. Personified his existence and instead of only existing as a skating idol, here was someone that genuinely wanted his help and to spend time together at the hot spring

(don’t get me wrong I know viktor has many skating friends but I don’t think anyone tried crossing the boundary between competitor and something beyond that)

This scene gets to me…. I may be overstepping my analysis… I just love thinking about why he was so instantaneously in love with Yuuri. I think Yuuri has given Viktor a greater purpose in life.