Day one - LUNYX WEEK ✧  Fix the ending 

“Princess,” he greeted after a long moment. His blue eyes sparkled and his smile was nothing short of dazzling as he gazed upon her. Lunafreya felt warm, as though simply being in his presence made her glow. Their hands slid together, and she was pleased with how perfectly their fingers fit while entwined. “This isn’t how I imagined seeing you again.” - freely inspired by @thatkanragirl one shot

 ↳ Because at a certain point in the game I actually expected this to happen or maybe it really happened who knows

Red Carnation

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Description:You meet him when he travels in dark,only to find his light.Mafia Exo!


Chanyeol X Reader

You slowly made your way downstairs after making sure you had packed everything you had brought into the studio.You had been working on a project for a big company and you needed a place to do that,luckily your classmate offered you a place to study.

You said goodbye to our friend and slowly made your way to the metro station.It was really late at night,making the sky look like a dark canvas.The air was cold around you,your body instinctively forming goosebumps all over your body,leaving you shivering.

You waited for the metro to arrive while a group of man in black walked over to a man who was standing just a little distance from the railway.He didn’t look suspicious at all,standing there with empty-looking eyes.You looked around,hoping someone would show up other than you,only to meet with the empty cold atmoshpere.It was really late at night,maybe it was the reason no one was around,you thought.

You made your way to the vending machine to buy a coffee so that you could stay awake a little bit more.After placing the coin inside the machine,you took a look around you,your eyes widening as your mouth opened to shout.

The empty-eyed man jumped from the edge of the road,only to fall in front of the approaching metro.You were about to shout when a strong hand covered your mouth and pulling you inside the shadows so that no one could see you.You tried to fight with the force,only to tire yourself so much that you were no longer able to move powerfully.

The man placed you on the floor,waiting for you to calm down.You were surprised that he didn’t use some sort of chemical to make you collapse.In return,you found a pair of brown eyes staring at you with a tense gaze.Your heart was beating on your eyes,making it all more complicated.

“W-Who-” you tried to say when the person started to speak with sarcasm mixed with confidence.

“Yea.yea.Who Am I and What did I do to that men.” he said calmly while he kept his heavy gaze on you.”That’s the ordinary way isn’t it?” he said looking around.”Why not be more interesting,sweetheart?” he said addressing you with his head.The way he was speaking was not unusual but his tone was fierce.

“I was going to ask about who that man was” you said bluntly,catching him off-guard by the small courage you have.

His pupils widened and just when he got closer to you to speak,you pulled off his mask ,just reveal a stunning face with cold eyes.He didn’t even flinch before taking the mask off your hand and wearing it again before he gripped your waist and pulled you to a big car.

“You’re..”he said and before his phone rang.”Yea,i got out.No.No damage.I have a girl with me and I thinks she might be interesting to play with.” he said looking at you while you searched a way to escape,scanning the car with widened eyes.

“There’s no escape sweetheart” he said smiling while he fixed his black hair.

“I…” you said unable to say anything.It felt unreal to live all this.

“Look,I’m not taking you as a hostage or anyhting,It’s just you’ve seen too much” he said with a cold tone.

You tried to think of many various ways to escape and run away on your ride with the stranger.You thought of every single person you could call and every road you knew to escape while the man sitting beside you just fixated his gaze on the road,sometimes looking at you pale shaking hands.

He stopped in front a big building,the tallest one in the area before opening your door and letting two man carry you inside while holding from your arms.You didn’t know what was happening but all you wanted to was to go home and take a good night’s sleep.You kept your mouth shut as a dozen of man in suits and black clothing came in,all of them sitting in front of the man who drove you here.

He was looking outside the building from the huge window-doors while listening to the reports the man were giving.His hair was black,styled carelessly but it still looked good as it covered his forehead,eyes still visible.He was wearing a black leather jacket with a pair of black jeans along with black leather shoes which seemed to cost more than your rent.He had a built-body and he was really tall,with large hands which kept your mouth shut when he caught you.

“There are no casualties or anyone missing.All of the operation team is here and they have successfully done what you told them to do.It took exactly 8.976 minutes for them to take the case and bring all the man down” said the man with glasses proudly as he finished his report to the tall man while you were tied down on a chair,quietly observing the scene.

“Mr.Park?” the man said to catch his attention while he kept staring at the non-hostage girl in front of his favorite painting.You felt some sense of discomfort as he kept looking at you until he returned to the man waiting for his talk.

“9 freaking minutes?” he said with a shocked voice making the man frown at his expression.”I simply don’t understand how you call it a successful operation when our man couldn’t even be quick enough” he said with a cold tone.

“NOW GO!” he shouted at the man,making your pupils go wild at how angry and loud he became in a matter of seconds.

“Not you,Shin” he said addressing the man with glasses.

“Yes,Mr.Park” he said,not even thinking of hesitating.

“I found this missy on the metro station” he said while they both looked at you like you were some kind of forbidden object.”She’s seen too much” he said simply before he walked over to you angrily.

“We can’t get rid of her” said the Shin man before your face formed a shocked expression,making Mr.Park take a second look at you.

She is beautiful,he thought.Like a red carnation.

“No,don’t get rid of her.Just make sure she stays here” he said before walking away.

“Sure,Mr.Park” said the man following his boss while he asked questions about you.

Your mind was fuzzy and you wanted to get out the damned place.You tried to untie the ropes before realizing it was impossible.Your mind drifted away to the project and your school,which you had to attend tomorrow.You wanted to scream at this Park guy but you knew he would just glare at you and leave you there.Just when you decided to give in and cry a bit to release the tension you had,The building’s walls started to shake with loud music coming from the floor you were on.The song was not a popular one nor a one you knew.You just waited there for the song to end,kind of enjoying the unique flow of it.

Why are you lonely like I am?” 

 Your heart clenched as the Park guy came in.

“With something that can’t be fulfilled” 

  He started at you with a late cigarette between his lips,his eyes fixated on you as you watched the smoke disappear in the room.

  “A day passes and I meet someone”                                                                         He walked over to you with his cigarette,taking your chin between his fingers and making you look up at him.

   “Then I wake up with no memory”                   

   He looked at you with a heavy gaze while you tried your best not to cough from the smoke.You looked at him for a brief second,catching a glimpse of light on his eyes.

He stood up and looked at you with wide eyes.

 Then he left.

It had been a week since you were missing and to your surprise,no one called you.You didn’t have family but you thought your friends would at least call you for the project.It was easy being lonely,at least for you as you were used to it but it was starting to get irritating as days passed by faster than you expected.

You had found out that the  so called Park guy was the head of a huge mafia,left from his father.He was also seen as a successful businessmen in areas like gun making and stealing money.He had been doing this for a long time,at least that was all the information you could gain from Shin,his assistant or guardian,as he called himself.Most of the men here were ex-agents,either from the military or special forces

Your situation was getting weirder by day as you were being kept in for absolutely no reason.You had asked Park a few times when you saw him about why he kept you here but he just ignored you and continued to listen to Shin.They gave you a room in a small neighbourhood .At first you thought you could escape and that they had no experience in these kind of things until you finally realized that it was their neighbour that you were living in and they were watching you every move.They brought you to the building everyday and you just sat there with no purpose.

When you asked Shin why they looked at you so awkwardly when you first came here,he said that they weren’t used to seeing women other than when they had to satisfy themselves,and especially with Mr.Park.

None of the man talked to him except Shin and they all acted very obedient unlike what they were when they were around each other,only making you want to find more about the Park guy.                

Today was your 8th day in your living hell and as usual,you were sitting on the chair you had been sitting all week,waiting for shin to finish his order.Normal people would think that he was ordering a device or food by the way he looked in his suit but instead,he was ordering guns and bombs for an operation.

Apparently,the night you had been brought here was the night of a very big operation both for the company and the man.They had been planning it for 2 months now with every detail and it took place in 3 different areas,including the metro you were in.Shin said that Mr.Park saved you by keeping your mouth shut but you didn’t know who to believe.

As many thought crossed your mind and the clock hit 2 am,you knew something was coming up by the way Shin’s muscles got tenser.He kept watching the door until two men opened it with a loud bang and brought a man inside,Mr.Park following them.

The man was in his middle thirties and he was dressed neatly unlike his attitude.He was shaking with fear and confusion as hey yelled at him,asking him where his boss was.He mouthed some words and tried to say something but you couldn’t see it from where you were sitting.

After sometime,Mr.Park told his men to stop yelling and he slowly asked the guy some questions with his usual cold tone,only to meet with no answers and some hand movements.Mr.Park told his men to kill him before he looked at you and shin.

You had been watching the poor guy’s hands movements and something at the back of your mind was telling you to talk to him,even though you didn’t know how to.Mr.Park just stood there silently and watched you as your pupils grew wide and you quickly made your way to the shaking man.

He was using sign language.

You slowly watched his movements while Shin told you to come back and sit on your chair,stopping when Mr.Park cut him of by a swift move of his hand.He slowly watched you as you talked to the scared man,forming a smile on his shaky lips.

“He says he is innocent” you said not even looking at Mr.Park who was watching you carefully.

“He sure is.Ask him where is his boss” he said not even moving from his previous position as you talked to the man.

“He says he took a week off but he has no idea..” you said,eyes till on the shaky man as he moved his hands faster than you imagined.You stopped him going any further and told him to slow down a bit.”He had the last 3 days off so he doesn’t know anything.” you said turning at Mr.Park,only to meet his heavy gaze fixated on you instead of the shaky man,you gulped.

“Let him go” he said still looking at you.You stood up before everyone else started to leave the huge room,Mr.Park still watching you.You were about to sit on the chair when you heard his voice close to you.

“You don’t have to sit there” he said signalling at the huge sofa on the other side of the room,hands in his pockets.

“I don’t mind” you said as you sat on your usual place.

“Come here” he said after a long pause while he stood in front of the huge glass that showed a breathtaking view of Seoul.

You slowly made your way next to him,wanting to sit but still too afraid he might yell at you all of a sudden.

“No one called.” he said feeling uncomfortable as he felt like he was minding someone else’s business.

“Hm” you said nodding and looking at the view while he found his own view.

“May I ask why?” he said politely,catching you off-guard.

“I don’t think I’m in a position to say no.” you said sighing as you looked at some kids having fun at the streets.”I don’t have anyone” you simply said,not feeling anything.

“I’m sorry?” he said not understanding the innocent girl standing next to him as she admired the view.

“My parents left me and my only brother is dead,I don’t have any relatives,at least not a one who cares about me” you said like it was a normal thing,leaving his lips dry.”And no friends cause I don’t want any so there you have it” you finished your sentence in a breath while he just looked at you,trying to process what you just said.

The girl who was standing next to him with wide eyes,looking at the view,had no one she could trust.Even as a head of a big mafia,he trusted his mans and had a few people who he could go to when he was in trouble but this girl,the girl he brought here a week ago had less people than he had.He had always seen himself as a lonely person but the person who stood right next to him was lonelier.

His heart was protected by the walls he had built by himself years ago and just now,the girl managed to break one of them.

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Hey! I was wondering if you could help me find this fic about dnp, phil had to go to a family reunion(?) and if he didn’t bring a date his mother would ask a ex with nickname ‘Demon’ to come so he asks Dan to be his pretend boyfriend and then they kiss and it’s really good and fluffy

Maybe, Possibly - Phil’s mother is adamant that he should be settling down, so invites one of his turbulent exes to an annual family get-together the following day. In a moment of panic, he tells her he’s already dating someone. With no other options, he turns to Dan.  

- rachel

this is gonna sound really strange maybe but umm. one of the reasons i wish i was in love with someone is the thought of that someone touching my waist? like holding it? uh whenever i read fic where someone ‘steadies’ another person by their waist i start uhh crying. like this is such a weird niche of touch deprivedness of a lonely person but i really just wanna be held by my waist by someone who loves me

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i don't want to sound rude but that warn markiplier meme?? seems to be in really bad taste? gun violence and gang violence are serious issues that affect many people and especially seeing this out of context is highly upsetting and confusing. i don't really understand how it's a meme to claim somebody is in danger of gun violence or has been killed? i don't mean to start a fight but i would really appreciate if you maybe left it at an explanation post and stopped with the examples. thank you.

Hello, thanks for your message!

It’s not rude at all! We appreciate this feedback, and we’ll make a note of the problematic nature of the meme in the explanation post, which will be up shortly.


Gif source:  Tristan

Imagine Tristan deciding that he wants to marry you.

——— Request for anon ———

He wasn’t exactly sure when he’d decided it, really. Maybe it had been when he first met you, or perhaps when you had kissed him the first time. Maybe it was right this instant. All that Tristan knew was that as soon as the thought crossed his mind it just made sense. As if there could be no other possible result to your relationship.

Tristan just knew he was going to marry you.

“I’ll ask her when we return,” he murmurs, more to himself than the bird he was talking to. The hawk flaps its wings and, if Tristan could make himself believe it, it would be in an approving manner, “Oh, you think that’s a good idea, do you?”

One thing I’ve noticed about younger people is that they don’t understand the concept of casual hookups and casual dating. They see two people being somewhat flirty with each other and they automatically assuming oh they’re in a relationship. They don’t understand that two adults can have meaningless consensual sex with no strings attached and be able to hangout afterwards without it being weird

In light of all the “Lance attacking Keith for almost dying posts” I feel the need to remind many people of the kind of person that Lance is...

Knowing Lace as a character, he probably would be extremely emotional, but he’d never actively attack a friend, at the most he might yell at them.

Lance wouldn’t even attack Hunk when he was being mind-controlled!

Running up and giving Keith a really tight hug (and maybe yelling a bit, but nothing abusive!!!) is more his style.

He is a nice KIND boy, not a bully.

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Is stimming always repetitive/fast? Like something I like to do a lot is press small objects firmly against my palm. But it's not like an over and over thing and it's not even really noticeable to other people. So I'm not sure if that's really stimming. Or maybe just some kinds are more represented? Idk, help me out here

So I would consider that stimming because it’s sensory stimulation. The usual definition says it’s always repetitive movement and specifically vestibular, but my experience, both as a person who stims and as someone who has worked with autistic children, says otherwise.


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I LOVE ALL OF YOUR ART, IT'S SO BEAUTIFUUUUUUULLL 😭 it's funny too, b/c I was going through all your art tags for the 500,000th time, & with Iwaizumi & Oikawa featured in the Youkai/Wizard/Fantasy, it kind of made me think of those movie couples that did films together all the time, like Bogart/Bacall, & Hepburn/Tracy. Like if Iwaoi did Wizard together as kids, stayed close, grew up, & did the other films. But that's just me scrolling through your art nonstop <3 thanks for sharing your work!!!!

hahahahhaa that’s really cute!! Maybe they are all Ennoshita’s movies!!

tysm for taking the time to send me an ask! I’m so happy you like my art <333

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a member of the team saying something mean abt lances family (not anything specific, they dont know his family really, but maybe something really vague) and it just really upsets him? It makes him think of how much he misses them and he just gets really heated about it maybe?

I can work it

i have learned who you are supposed to be for me, you know, just a lesson and all that. it wasnt easy, i also went through (still am, but less) my fair share of nights forcing myself to sleep and overthinking about scenarios that cant be changed in the past but i’m slowly coming into terms to the fact that maybe it really wasnt supposed to last, that you were someone i needed to hurt me and learn what my heart and mind can’t simply realize the easy way. im actually accepting it better than i expected, and from only the sole strength within me instead looking for flings out there, or lovers who are just lonely and dealing with their shit the wrong way

although i do hate the fact that in the back of my mind im still open to the idea of you and me getting back together. i still cant get that image of you bumping into me one day, and that look on your face with much expectancy of the possibility of us. it’s a farfetched idea. and i’m holding on to its thin fine line of probable false hope, or maybe the trickery of destiny and the time for right things falling into its rightful places to fit what’s meant to belong for me

“When you think about the definition of soup, it’s true you could classify cereal as a soup-like breakfast. But isn’t that stretching the definition? Soup is made with stock, not milk. It doesn’t have to have meat in it, no, but cereal is primarily grain. If you add fruit into your cereal, that may make it seem more soup-like… oh, some soups are creamy, and contain grains like rice and noodles, so maybe they aren’t mutually exclusive? But ‘cereal’ is defined as a food grain, and can be served with milk, which doesn’t really fit soup. So maybe cereal is a type of soup, but soup isn’t cereal?”

shiro: uh keith? you’re kinda flying really fast here… maybe you should take it down a not– 

keith, speeding up: nobody tells me how to fly… nobody

lance: keith, my man, my buddy,,,, you’re flying a little too fast… mind slowing down a bit?

keith: oh, sure! i’ll try to watch my speed :)