Ok I’m done playing it. I counted, and throughout ME3 I cried 9-10 separate times, twice of those full-on waterworks

I’m kind of wary about posting my notes now, though… I’m feeling anxious, like I’ll be made fun of or something. I feel tender and I don’t think I had the right opinions, hahaha. I really love the game.

After Fairy Tail spoilers:

Mom: Hey sweetie, what happened? You have a huge bruise on your forehead.

Me: Ummm… I-I accidentally hit my head on a glass door!

What really happened:

I scroll down the page of my tumblr, desperately trying to find what I’m looking for. It’s been hours, yet still no luck. I’m just about to give up when I see it. The post seems to reach out to me, shining as bright as the sun.

My hand shakes as I move my mouse over the link. ‘W-What if they-’ No! I force the thought out of my head. I can’t be thinking like that. I can only hope for the best.

Without anymore hesitation, I click on the link. ‘Besides… Nothing THAT horrible could happen, right?’

Oh boy am I wrong.

I slam the the door shut, leaving the dreaded computer behind. ’T-This isn’t happening… J-JUVIA ISN’T DEAD!!!’ I think to myself, sobbing.

I collapse on the floor, burying my head into my hands. “Please Mashima please Mashima please Mashima please…” I pray to the mangaka.

After a good few minutes, my sadness turns into numbness. I walk into the hallway in a zombie like manner, mumbling inaudible things that only I can understand.

When I reach the wall at the end, I feel my head bump against it. Once… Twice… Three times… I’m now banging my head against the wall, trying to wake up from this horrible nightmare. Eventually I give up, falling into a sobbing mess once again.

'Juvia… WHY???’

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Did you here about Tom leaving Eddsworld forever? Like for real this time? It's so sad, I feel so bad for the poor guy to have to deal with some things he has to see in the Eddsworld fandom. You're fine, I just thought you should know..

Aww man thank you!

Yeah, I heard about it and made a post in the eddsworld tag. I`m just really dissapointed in that small part of the fandom and ruining it for all the rest of us. As said, I`m not going to give up on eddsworld, my head is spilling ideas and I`m not going to waste them! Tom deserves the rest now and I respect his wish, so I`m not angry, just… yeah, dissapointed in the fandom.

And thank you again for the compliment, I will live up to my fluff and sad!

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I feel like hardly anyone talks about kars's respect towards life and how odd it is, I mean yeah he killed basically his entire race but I find it interesting that he's somewhat a hypocrite because he kills easily yet he won't land on some flowers?

Santana is a very helpful child.

I want to scream but I'm getting a headache.

Things have happened today.. and I’m not good.

First. Why. Why reblog something if you don’t like what you’re seeing? Why do I have to have the displeasure of reading the first few words unhappy people have to say about what I draw? It literally nags at me to see what else you said and then I feel uncomfortable because I like drawing what I draw and you CLEARLY took the time to tell the world – myself included – that you don’t like it. I get reblogging to appreciate my art style (and many say it’s the reason they reblog) even if you don’t like the subject matter, but bashing just to bash it isn’t cool. I don’t need that negativity in my life.

Second. This has only happened a handful of times, but seeing my art repost makes my blood boil. I’ve respond in a mature manner and I just hope it stays that way. That still doesn’t ‘soothe my nerves’ until I see action taken about it. I was so tempted to reblog it with my message, but I didn’t want that repost on my blog. It just makes my head pound.

Sorry I’m ranting guys. I doubt it’s what y'all signed up for when you followed this blog. I’m just an upset girl whose gonna get over this somehow…

honestly tho cartoon styles look so easy, but to be able to draw different bodies with different forms actually takes a lot of skill? like, most art training is learning all about the complex form of the human body; cartoon styles are all about completely simplifying all of those structures into simple shapes that may or may not look anything like their original form, BUT THEY’RE STILL DISCERNIBLE. i’m on mobile so i can’t add any examples but honestly people with really cartoony art styles amaze me, whenever i try to draw cartoony it’s such a struggle to go against all of my more complex-ish art training


thank you for 115 days, Mark Tuan

Did you know there’s a part of me
That deals only in extremities
I think in terms of good and bad
Black and white
Day and night
Horrifyingly wrong and oh so right
My world is split between
All that is shit versus
All that is righteous, pure and clean
There’s often no room for subtleties
I think in absolutes
No grey areas or mixed feelings
I flip back and forth with apparent ease
In response to my environment
Or at least the things that I perceive
Splitting so hard I get whiplash
When my lofty expectations crash and burn
I wallow in the ashes of my dreams
Until, like a phoenix, a new hope rises
And I clutch on for dear life
As we soar through the sky
From this new perspective things are not as bleak as they once seemed
I know you
We danced together
Once upon a dream
I find clues in everything to support my foregone conclusion
And what I don’t know I dream up
Filling in the gaps with meaning I’ve assigned
To things that could just be benign
Until the doubt starts creeping in
That maybe I’ve imagined everything
And things I thought were facts
Trickle through my fingers
I struggle to grasp at anything positive
A new truth so heavy I can’t win
The darkness draws me in
With all the reasons this was false
It drags me down and pulls me under
The waters rise and the scales fall from my eyes
I can’t breathe from the pain
Surely this time I’ve gone insane
I try to remember that, yes actually I am ill
But they have taught me skills
To ground myself when I get swept away and stuck in my head
And slowly as I let this wash over me
The waves subside
And I arrive shipwrecked and only slightly unsure
On solid ground
I’ve found my wise mind
Where I can sort facts from fiction
Seek out inner conviction
And try not to make choices that cause friction
Get out of this rut and just go with my gut
No longer swept about by waves of doubt
Or falling crashing to the ground
With all my hopes burning down around me
I’ve found my feet
No longer with my head in the clouds
I can see things clearly now
But I’m not sure for how long
I’ll keep my grip on reality
And I don’t know if I’ll ever be

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silent hill uou

never played | want to play | terrible | boring | okay | good | grEAT | a favorite

- i don’t talk much about the silent hill (?) series but omg i love it and this game so much like?? how did konami go from silent hill and mgs to *another fart noise* i love silent hill and now i want/need to play it.

put a video game in my ask