If you are borderline, you may experience your life as fragile and flickering, lacking in substance and permanence.  You may, at times, burn brightly and intensely with emotion and, at other times, feel empty and bored.  You may dart wildly about, following your impulses in a frantic effort to soothe the pain inside and create a shred of identity.
—  Richard Moskovitz, MD, Lost in the Mirror: An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorder, Taylor Trade Publishing

This is my Harley Quinn inspired manicure!!! The Converse I bough earlier inspired me. Next time, it’ll be Batman. Actually I’ve got a few heroes planned… Anyway, I’ve never done a design like this before but it was so much fun! I always take pictures before I clean up for some reason so that’s why I still have some black dots on my finger. Please ignore it  m(_ _)m

This time I used two Born Pretty plates, BP-L009 and BP-63. The polishes were Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Cherry Red and Black on Black. I stamped with Konad white and black using my Beauty Shop stamper. Took about 35-40 minutes but I absolutely love this look! I’ll be rocking this for a week or so.