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hi there! i’m looking for someone to raise my dog with, friend or lover. i love books and green nail polish, and if i’m into you i’ll play with your hair and feed you baked potatoes (i make killer lemon and rosemary potatoes)
if you send me pictures of your dog, i’ll probably fall in love with you(r dog)


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He was so infatuatingly innocent, and I craved - Not nearly as much, for him, as I did for his taintment. I wish to carve my nails into his skin, and bite my initials on his pulse, my lip stains on his wrists. He is so pure - And he shall beg, beg me to stain him, make him, crave him. Mine

i freaking love this. i know what you are talking about. i love it alot, great job. 


Hello from Japan 🇯🇵

Paid my wifey @siobhanchap a surprise visit cause she’s been moaning about cold weather & being lonely so 😀 …..It’s like 2am I think but I just couldn’t sleep yet, so here, have those selfies ft. ugly natural nails in case you missed my face as much as ShivyShiv Chapman. 😚 ✌️🏼

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How do you deal with anxiety

I deal with my anxiety in a number of ways. First, I see my therapist once a week to talk through different situations and feelings. I also journal regularly, and let my anxieties out by putting them down on paper. I find it really helpful to get regular exercise as well, and I practice yoga a few times a week to destress. I practice self care (especially when I feel anxious or depressed), and try to take care of my body by eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water and limited caffeine, and practicing good hygiene. On that note, I often paint my nails or put on face masks to make myself feel relaxed and brighten my mood. I think it’s important to embrace the little things that help improve your happiness. Finally, surround yourself with positive people and know that you’re not alone in the struggle. Some days are harder than others, but you will get through it.  


Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been absent from nail art ALL Summer. I’ve had A LOT going on. I missed doing Summer nail art because of being so busy. I finally had a second to myself and got a chance to do this recreation of one of my favorites from I Scream Nails in Australia. (Their original was posted over a year ago and I wanted to recreate it ever since..) So here’s my one and (possibly) only Summertime mani… A bit late, before we get into Halloween mani’s and Fall stuff. Please, if you’ve never seen their stuff, go now! They’re GREAT!! I Scream Nails!!! (P.S. I’m not sure which artist at I scream Nails did this original set. If anyone does know, PLEASE, send me a note so I can give proper credit.)

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what colors should i paint my nails? i know it's random but :D <3

A shimmery peachy color!! Or a sparkly light blue 💖 or since its autumn a deep merlot