OTRA Tour || Buffalo, New York - September 3, 2015.
  1. Clouds
  2. Steal My Girl || x
  3. Little Black Dress
  4. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  5. Midnight Memories || x
  6. Kiss You
  7. Stockholm Syndrome
  8. Fireproof || x
  9. Ready To Run || x
  10. Better Than Words || x
  11. Don’t Forget Where You Belong
  12. Little Things || x || x
  13. Night Changes || x || x
  14. 18 || x
  15. No Control 
  16. Drag Me Down || x || x
  17. Diana || x
  18. What Makes You Beautiful
  19. Through The Dark
  20. Girl Almighty
  21. Story Of My Life || x || x || x
  22. You & I || x
  23. Act My Age || x || x
  24. Little White Lies || x || x || x
  25. Best Song Ever || x || x
  • yuri:shy can't happen because we can't sing
  • me:...
  • yuri:...
  • me:sooyoung recently sang a full song for an ost, has a stable voice live, is capable of reaching higher notes than the other two as seen in Lion Heart and Paradise, but also pretty good on the low notes and is capable of carrying a rap.
  • hyoyeon also has a stable voice live, good on the low notes but also capable of reaching a high note (immortal song) if needed, has improved without a doubt by the good amount of lines she was given in the latest album, best rapper out of the 3.
  • yuri also sang a full song for an ost, lead and carried a whole chorus in Lion Heart, also has a stable voice live, is good on the low notes too as capable of carrying the same tune, and also capable of carrying a rap.
  • in summary, all of them have improved beyond doubt and have had duets together proving that their voices match well together.
  • yuri:we can't sing :)
  • me:y the fuk u lyin

anonymous asked:

Do you have a masterlist?...I love your writing so much that I have to read all of it....💚

I sure do! Get ready, it’s pretty long (that’s what she said):

Your  ‘always’ always came with an asterisk
‘Unconditional’ came with conditions right before the dotted lines
Every love letter
Had a post-script stamped underneath that said
“Only when its convenient do
You occupy space in my mind.”
I gave you the prime real-estate of my heart
The home I made for you
Took up an entire city block.
I called my agent up,
“Cupid, you stupid,
How could you do this?”
Now I’m scared to leave the door unlocked
All the woodwork soaked from the fissure in the pipework
Left to decay and rot.
They warn us not to make homes out of people
We took the chisel and hammer
To each other’s ribs
I ignored the cracking and the scorching pain
Assuming you were toughing it through the same.
I would have never guessed you
Filed a new address into somebody else’s loneliness
Had a second place to rest your head
We put these foundations on a fault-line
You slipped
Here I am left with the damages.
—  “Prime Real Estate Of The Heart” - Nishat Ahmed

remember when everyone thought Luke had a big dick because of the outline in his jeans at some award show and Ashton did him so dirty and was like “that was his phone…..” cold hearted