When I first started using tumblr in February, I never thought I’d be saying this, but my 2,000th person followed me today. To all my followers - thank you. You’re all like family to me, which is the reason I started using tumblr. This is the place where I feel like I belong and can be myself without being judged for it. I love seeing all your stories and photos on my dash, and I hope you know that you all mean a lot to me. You’ve all shown me an incredible amount of love and support, and I’m so proud to be part of this Swiftie family. I love you all from the bottom of my heart, and thank you to all of you for sticking around (even though my blog is a mess). 

I’ve probably forgotten so many people, but here’s just some of the people (other than taylorswift of course) whose blogs I love.


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I don’t write often but when I do nothing and no one is present but my emotions. I write mostly when I am sad. I am so lost in my pain that nothing exist until the darkness disappears. In these moments, my hand only pens the voice in my heart. I will not let anyone discredit the thoughts that come out of these dark, very painful times I’ve had to endure.

“I AM MY OWN MUSE. THE SUBJECT I KNOW BEST. THE SUBJECT I WANT TO BETTER” Are my words through and through. A thought born out of severe depression and great pain. I love Frida Kahlo very much but any true Frida fan know her exact words were: “ I PAINT SELF- PORTRAITS BECAUSE I AM SO OFTEN ALONE. AND BECAUSE I AM THE PERSON I KNOW BEST” Reliable sources: Wikipedia and FridaKahlo.org

However similar the meaning in our words, both structure, delivery and context is unique to the both of us.

Is it simply difficult to stomach the idea that I could pen a brilliant thought?

Since stepping into the scene in 2008 with my magazine and notes via oromastherapy.com, have you ever known me to be disingenuous?
Do you know me to be a follower? or a copycat?
Have you so quickly forgotten when Vogue Italia published my works but credited another photographer?

What is so difficult to understand about not wanting to be discredited or plagued with misinformation?

Oroma Elewa

Since the Vote Yes picture I did ended up getting a good bit of attention (which was super overwhelming btw, it was so lovely to see so many supportive and kind messages), I wanted to make a small follow-up pic since yesterday, Saturday May 23rd, the Marriage Equality Referendum passed by an overwhelming Yes vote.

So many people have written some very wonderful and moving pieces about this historic day that are more eloquent than I could ever hope to be, so all in all I just wanna say that yesterday was the first time I ever felt I had a legitimate reason to feel proud to be Irish. We have shown the world that we are capable of breaking away from our conservative past and that at heart we are a people who believe that everyone should be treated equally. I’m so glad that in the end we pulled together and did the right thing <3

“When the #believer sees that relief from the hardship he is in has still not come even after excessive du'aa and excessive pleading to #Allah, and when he sees no sign of an answer, he blames his own self and says to himself, ‘If you had any good in you, you would have received an answer!’. And this self-accountability is more beloved to Allah than many acts of worship, because it necessitates humility and an acknowledgement that the person is deserving of any #hardship that has befallen him and that he is not deserving of an answer; when this happens, the answer to his duʿaaʾ is hastened to him. For indeed, Allah is with those whose hearts are broken for His sake.”
[Jamiʾ al-Uloom wa al-Hikam] || subhanAllaah what a beautiful statement. May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings and rectify our affairs, ameen! #SalafGems #RamadamPrep #Dua 💜

I miss heart events being more meaningful or even deeper than they are now, sometimes they even told a mini-story kinda thing. I remember that in some older games some heart events had the marriage candidate deep in thought. thinking about their behavior, or even if they are right or wrong in certain situations. Heck, sometimes heart events had you walking in on family/friend arguments! Yikes!