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I honestly never expected this blog to take off the way it has – when I made Jen, I honestly made her with the mindset that I’d be filling in holes and blank spaces for plots I was already apart of on my Kim Possible blog. I never anticipated growing as attached to her as a character (especially since she’s unconscious for 70% of the trilogy – thanks, Zemeckis and Gale), but Jen’s become a character I’ve loved developing and playing over the last few months, and I have all of you to thank for that.

                                   my friends in time

aka incredible back to the future roleplayers – you guys are wonderful and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you all thanks to this wonderful trilogy!

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you’re all  wonderful and I’m so happy you’re here, honestly

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Pssttt s-s-6-k and tokidraws I totally saw those ideas on Skype and doodled some stuff B) sorry that the quality isn’t that great, I’m kinda stressed and stuff so art is hard rn ;~;

dorky bfs are super cute mkay they should totally do a double date with pink gfs 💙

tfw u hate count olaf’s bitch ass for an entire 11 fucking books & then u get to the penultimate peril and he says ONE sentence ONE and all of a sudden ur fighting urself bc u just wanna hug his stinky gross disgusting moldy self but like u also wanna still punch him bc OLAF U FUCKING SHITHEAD you MURDERED PEOPLE you SONOFABITCH but like he makes the broken puppy dog eyes and ur just like??????????? olaf,,,,,,,,,,,???? it is ok i am here let me put on a hazmat suit and hold u,,,,,,,,,,,,,?????????? BEAUTIFUL UGLY MOLDY DISGUSTING TRASHBABY!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate that smtm4 is edited to emphasis a huge fat ass line between idol and underground. Why is it necessary to call out “idol” before their names when an idol is next on stage!? And idols just all seem to have one diss about being shitted on all the time but its seriously getting old now! Just let me hear some good beats bruh