also, tbh, I’m so disappointed in the Far Cry 5 promo. DO americans really think that everyone else are so interested in their country that we want to spend 50+ hours running the flat plain while battling rapid marmots (read, AC3 the most boring ass game I’ve ever played); we had soooo goooood with FC3 and FC4 why you gotta do this now, can I just have another Nepal setup thnx

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fun ask: if you could talk to a member of bts who would you want to talk to and about what?

this is the hardest question i have gotten in a long while what is this :-)

‘fun‘ ask my ass

jk i think this is a fun question n id love to read other ppl responses to this too so pls comment on this ask if u have any ideassss!! ok? good

this can get long so..

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Right so, I’m not exactly surprised at the “romance not central to our story” answer by Johnson because I was kinda expecting that? I had a gut feeling that if Reylo was gonna happen it would be a slow burn that wouldn’t be made explicit until 9. I’m more surprised that VF even asked about it at all tbh, much less tossed in Reylo of their own accord. Johnson was only asked about a romance in general, not Reylo (or StormPilot) specifically. 

It’s important to note that Johnson, like Boyega, phrased his answer really ambiguously, leaving quite a bit of wiggle room. He was very specific that it would not be Han and Leia like and that it wouldn’t be central to the plot, not that it wouldn’t exist. But yeah, I think this will damp my expectations on the Reylo front overall just to be cautious. 

Don’t freak out yet guys. Let’s just wait nervously for the next seven months and then…we’ll see. 

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but how about henry...? aren't henry and peri kind of the same thing, in the end...

they are, but… i cant remember much of henry tbh? i literally cant.

i think people like henry more because he was raised by a wolf so he has no real way to distinguish from right and wrong. on top of this, he was abused by his parents, so it makes sense for him to be like that.

while you could argue peri could use her mother’s death as the same type of reasoning, i’d respectfully disagree, considering the fact peri went out of her way to slaughter innocents by the dozens. and for some reason, XANDER IS OKAY WITH THIS

as far as i remember, the characters in awakening dont encourage henry’s twisted views. 

but then again, i really cant remember henry very much.

perhaps someone in my followers list can answer your ask better than i can.

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Ive watched dnp for a long time (been a stan since late 2014, but known who they were since around 2010) and never really thought they were together. Theyre friendship reminds me of what i (a girl) have with my platonic friends, and ive never really thought of them as an actual couple who shags and all that. I love dnp so so much and tbh i do think theyre both possibly gay or bi, but not with each other, and would of course support them if they were together. (1)

The thing is it genuinely scares me the reaction if dnp do end up dating other people or rejecting phan. People already think theyre queerbaiting and its terrifying to think what people will say if they have new bf/gf’s, or whatever. The way Shane Dawson thinks dnp are ‘having a laugh’ makes me scared thata load of people will lose respect for them if they do end up rejecting phan. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this, i hope you have a good day 💕

We are so different in fundamental belief of what we think Dan and Phil are that I don’t think I can even give thoughts on this specifically, I’m sorry! I think there are very valid reasons for people to lose respect for them if they end up “rejecting phan,” as you put it. 

But I will say, to your basic point: no one should harass Dan and Phil if that happens. I would hope anyone who feels like they misjudged key elements of Dan and Phil’s personalities and character based on their behavior (over the years and this modern era of them) would just quietly move on rather than stick around just to express negativity. 

Because I refuse to let my tumblr be a wading pool of ‘is phan real’ arguments I probably won’t publish any more anonymous asks of this vein tonight, but if anyone wants to actually chat I don’t publish asks if they’re from people signed in, and my tumblr messenger is also open. :) 

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even now I feel like I have So much internalized lesbophobia bc I hardly ever have interest in f/f content but when I Do consume it it always fills me with so much joy and warmth so like. it's odd that I have such a weird semi aversion to it when I enjoy it so much

tbh what could play a large role in that is that f/f content is scarce, and good f/f content even more so. all the lesbians fucking die so it’s hard to get invested

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Is it biphobic of me, a trans guy, to feel more... Idk cautious i guess? About dating a cis bi guy than a cis gay guy? Idc if any trans mlm partners i have are gay or bi but , when it comes to cis boys i prefer gay to bi bc i Worry that a cis bi guy might date me bc he sees me as a girl.. thoughts? opinions? advice? Thank you v much!

tbh the caution is understanable, but it is definitely something that you should talk about with the individual potential partners - to avoid dating bi guys on an assumption would be biphobic

“Andrew, are you my boyfriend?” Neil asked.

Without actually meaning to, he’d been paying (probably) too much attention to the way the press referred to Dan and Matt sometimes – the way “captain Dan Wilds” was sometimes “Matt Boyd’s girlfriend,” or how sometimes people speculated about “Nicky Hemmick’s boyfriend from Germany.” And when it came to him and Andrew, Neil didn’t care about labels, not really, or about what people thought they were to each other. Truthfully, Neil knew that boyfriend wasn’t a sufficient enough term for their relationship, but it didn’t hurt to tease Andrew once in every while.

“I am your nothing,” Andrew said, as Neil had expected he would. He was on the couch, legs pulled up close to his chest with a book balanced on his thighs.

From his spot on the other end of the sofa, Neil said, “A rare occasion when you’re wrong,” and bit back his smile. Twisting Andrew’s own words against him was one of Neil’s favorite pasttimes. “I am your nothing.”

When Andrew said nothing, Neil nudged him with his toes. Andrew responded with a bored glance before focusing back on his book. Neil crawled the small space between them and let his head lean against Andrew’s shoulder.

I am you nothing, and you are my everything,” Neil said, knowing Andrew was listening. “You are my team, you are my family, you are my home. And you’re also my boyfriend.”

A hand turned Neil’s face towards Andrew’s, and Andrew’s golden eyes were… steady. Searching. “You,” he said, “are everything.”

And Neil knew it was true. It would always be true.


Gatsby’s eyes floated toward her. “Ah,” she cried, “you look so cool.” Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, alone in space. With an effort she glanced down at the table.

You always look so cool,” she repeated.