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Thank you so much for all your support! I really had fun drawing these ♥


“I have something for you too.”
“It’s a book.”

3.10 rambles

what fucks me up (and what i can relate to, because same) is the fact that even though jack is being firm about putting bitty’s needs and happiness first, bitty is still trying to make jack’s career the priority, even after he’s expressed in so many words how he’s feeling and how he’s hurting. like…being in the habit of constantly putting others and their happiness/comfort first, or not wanting to put your own out there for fear of being told they don’t matter and just getting hurt in general, its a really difficult habit to get out of. it can be really frustrating, but i’m so proud of bitty for even being able to put his own feelings out there at all, despite the fact he tried to play them down and take them back afterwards – he’s trying, and thats the first step.

he’s trying, and jack has shown that he’s not going to just let it drop; he’s being firm in the fact that his career shouldn’t be making bitty suffer in any way, and the fact that it is, he’s doing everything he can to find a solution that they can meet halfway with. because it wasn’t bitty dropping an ultimatum that jack should come out (bitty would never try to force jack to come out, anyways, but), that was all jack’s choice. he was so ready to throw that out there, and i’m wondering……

how long has that been in the back of his mind? how long has he been thinking about suggesting that to his boyfriend? for them to come out to their friends?

he wasn’t thinking about hockey at all, in that moment, not really. he was thinking about bitty, and nothing else, just trying to find a solution to this problem they need to tackle together. not just in words, either, but with actions – turning up at the haus at 5AM – and reminding his boyfriend that he doesn’t have to do it alone, that they’re a team, they have each other’s backs – before physically comforting him.

it really shows how serious jack is about bitty, about how much he cares for and loves and is in love with him. bitty might not see the extent of it yet, still can’t quite believe that he’s even worthy of having this, but one day he will.

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Hey doll love your college au imagine the students going to a spooky cabin to spend the night for the thrill and someone decides to do spooky tricks on the group

Oh thank you! <3 I’ve been feeling in a spooky mood so this is perfect. It’s long but it good, I promise! This was so much fun to write, and if you like it please let me know, dolls!

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Bro.... I was so hyped to get Zens Route BUT I GOOFED AND GOT YOOSUNG BUT LIKE.... the last day is tomorrow and I've grown to be really fOND OF HIM AND NOW IM CRYING

I’M SO HYPED FOR ZEN? I LOVE HIM? he was perfect until he said he didn’t like cats but every 2D husband needs a flaw. yoosung i’m not terribly into right now but he exemplifies an archetype i’m not usually drawn to in the first place, so it’s not his fault. he’s cute but like…zen.

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YESSSSSSSS, that scene, man. it kind of IS a ‘leave my girl alone,’ as in, she’s my hostage and I told her I’d look out for her so nobody’s allowed to hit on her or be creepy to her. which is like? not what you expect from a BANK ROBBER but that’s Seth. and Kate’s reaction is…very telling lol.

and then, not only does Kate like it a lot (A LOT A LOT to the point where it looks downright sexual), she stores that knowledge away for later and she uses it against Sex Machine. Her dad and her brother are standing right there when she says ‘he tried to hit on me’ but she’s directing it to Seth because she KNOWS how he’ll react (she’s known him for like 4 hours and girl’s already got his number and learning how to manipulate him, it’s BEAUTIFUL).

So I was told that Shaxx is supposed to be speaking like if he was stuck in  Shakespearean times… What if he really was from that era though. Like, his grave was overturned in the constant battles and unkept graves. What if his body [what was left anyway] was out enough for his Ghost to register and bring him back?? Having to get used to things, being told what is going on and just exactly how long he was dead. Sure he wouldn’t remember absolutely everything from before he died, but he knew something was out of place. Him.

I decided to draw Yoosung from Mystic Messenger after I completed his story because I just love him so much and you all should too.


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lester holt: “are you willing to accept the outcome of this election?”

in 2008, hillary showed that not only did she accept the election’s outcome when it was not in her favor, but that she was determined to forge ahead and get past old disagreements. she became obama’s secretary of state and banished any bitterness or ill will and now obama’s administration loves her and wholeheartedly endorses her 2016 presidential run. so yes i think she is :)


I don’t blame Watanuki at all for whatever he says here because he’s grieving now and wasn’t thinking straight to being with. But just for my sake I do what to point out that it was very well established that Doumeki was saving his life. She was literally killing him, and they would have let it happen. Sometimes the real dangers aren’t the ones that actually seem like dangers. Sometimes they can be the most dangerous of all. 

And then we have Doumeki, continually choosing to save Watanuki’s life despite the fact that Watanuki never quite sees that for what it is either. 

I think the whole point of this is there was no “good” or “bad” at play in this situation. Perception is a very tricky thing, but at the very least we can trust that Doumeki will act to save Watanuki’s life, even if it’s a hard decision to make. 

Okay, my first reaction to this cast was, “The girls are cute, the boys are meh.” but after taking some time to think.. I really like this cast. They don’t 100% seem superficial or anything. They’re pretty different from the last few seasons for sure. Hopefully they’re as “over the top” as they say they are. 

Like this could actually be a good season!

hey remember when people literally stalked tavile’s blog to report the Tea to callieo and their friends? remember how tavile got death and rape threats and callieo didn’t believe them because tavile Didn’t Want To Publish Something LIke that? isn’t that funny lmao