Some words for Anti Shippers/Haters

Sometimes I got some questions: “Do you scare of haters if you ship [name of the ship]?”. The answer is… I don’t scare of them, I don’t even hate them, because I belive haters/anti shippers also a person like me and they have their taste, like I have my taste. Why don’t we just let both of us enjoy the fun we have in peace instead of argument to hard to change eachother’s mind?

It’s good to speak out your opinion sometimes, but don’t be too serious over something that’s not even real.

It’s supposed to make you feel comfortable, and pleased, not make you feel mad.

Block the tag which you don’t like to see, ignore it, and you’re good my dear~

Ofcourse this is just my opinion so… It’s okay to say something back, I’ll listen to you all. Sorry for my English if it bad~

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What do you think of Dateko?

I’m also interested in the official adidas sponsor Koganegawa and I want to hug Sakunami but that’s true for literally every libero so I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning


Bea Smith in every episode - (1/46)
Season 1, Episode 1 - No Place Like Home

“What are you in for love? Parking fines?”

“Offence to administer substances, causing serious injury, conduct endangering life, grievous bodily harm and attempted murder”

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i'm crying sweet tears right now omg you draw akagami no shirayukihime and more than that ZEN AND OBI that is my ship right there thank you for this gift

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 :D

  • Palace architect:I understand the need for Lord Ren to have a private training room close to their quarters but why is there a floor-to-ceiling transparisteel window between it and their bedroom?
  • Captain Phasma:I refuse to answer that question... just make sure the window has an easy-clean coating.

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I don't have anyone to talk science with, sadly. It all goes over their heads especially when I enjoy talking about things like this. Though, I barely know anything but what I've read here and there, but learning is fun. Also, why Pauli's Exclusion Principle over Schrodinger or Heisenberg? I think they're all extremely fascinating. I actually have the equation for the Uncertainty Principle tattooed on my leg as well as Einstein's E=MC^2 equation.

Ah I feel your pain. I’m lucky in that lately I’ve found classmates who’re also into math and physics but the whole idea of physics only being for geniuses is rather damaging actually. Anyone can understand the basics of modern physics, there’s tons of popular physics books and documentaries out there (The Fabric of the Cosmos is a great place to start, The Black Hole Wars is one of my favourite books) 

For those who don’t know: 

Pauli exclusion principle: Fermions (’matter particles’) can’t be in the same state at the same time. Eg. If you have two electrons in the first orbit of an hydrogen atom, one must be spin up and another must be spin down so the state of the two electrons won’t be exactly the same. 

Schrodinger’s cat: You have a radioactive particle, poison and cat in a box for a period of time. If the particle undergoes decay during the period, the poison is released and the cat is killed. If the particle doesn’t decay, the cat stays alive. According to an interpretation of quantum mechanics, the particle can be in the state of having decayed and not at the same time, so is the cat both dead and alive at the same time? 

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle: The more accurate you know a particle’s location, the less accurate you know its momentum and vice versa. There’s also a version between time/energy 

As for why…For Schrodinger’s cat I believe it was originally to demonstrate the absurdities of quantum mechanics, so I see it as more of philosophy rather than physics. 

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, the usual explanation for it just doesn’t capture how counter intuitive it is. Usually it’s explained that if you use a high energy photon to hit an electron, then you have a good idea where the electron is but who knows its speed. Conversely if you use a low energy photon, you get a fuzzy location but you know its speed is probably still the same. And really it’s more like both pieces of information just doesn’t accurately exist at the same time. It’s not a technological limit. 

And Pauli exclusion principle, partially because it’s typically explained more ‘accurately’ (or at least I haven’t seem widely varying explanations), but mostly because it has a lot more to do with particle physics, and the distinction between fermions/bosons and how they act.

I mean all three are cool yes, but if you ask me Pauli exclusion principle is the best

remember when 2014 happened and we went from having a taylor who was like “i just don’t think i’ll ever be one of those people who performs in their underwear… like nothing against it, it’s just not me” to having a taylor who had a high profile televised performance in actual underwear and was hanging out on a bed in actual underwear in a music video

well the last two days of being happy were nice 👍