The most complete player ever.

He has magic in his boots. The first thing you notice about him is that he is incredibly quick and very, very powerful for such a young man. He has great, close control and his technique is excellent. He believes he can do anything with the ball, and that confidence makes him very special indeed.” - Eusebio

(based on this video)

bonus (because it might be his most important characteristic)

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I have four questions! Have you read The Fault In Byun Baekhyun/The Flaws In Park Chanyeol? What are your favorite ships? What's your favorite genre of fic? And can I recommend some??? :)

yes i hAVE!! TFIBB gave me so much feels and im on my way reading TFIPC cos wow a sequel from that masterpiece??? SIGN ME THE FCK UPPP!! hahahaha :))) i just love baekyeol so much and the ot12 in this fic is soooo wow fbwefbewf.

you can tell that my favest ship like eveerrr is BAEKYEOL :)) but i also read other ships like i read a lot of kaisoo too. any ship is fine with me actually :))) you can check my /tagged/otps for my ships hahaha :)))

i really adore fluffy fics (those that makes you want to swallow everything and just scream into your pillow yes those) but i also love heart wrenching angst sometimes. you know when im in the mood :)) *and sshhh i love it too when there is some nc 17 shit in it but dont tell mom looool*

oh god wat to recommend????? i have so much that i want to recommend?????

  • corner coffee shop - YOU NEED TO READ THIS. i just re-read it last night and aaahhhgghhh the feels?????? (im still crying)
  • moments with you - one of the earliest baekyeol fics ive read oh holy shit this is so good. like i cried in the end cos it was just so beautiful.
  • (after a while) you learn - not baekyeol but baekhyun is in it and seriously this will forever be one of my faves. just the thought of it has me crying and wow. it is so beautifully written and tugs the strings in your heart perfectly and *cries* i recommend all the fics written by this author. i love her.

im gonna stop here. i just listed the ones that i re-read recently and jufbjenjw i have tons of fics that i like and i caaaant pick one to recommend it is always so hard eofnjwenfn hahahah :))) btw thank you so much baby anooon i hope you have a wonderful daaaay :)))


In other news today, local man feels depressed after not getting a callback from audition he was sure he did well on. Wears outfit he thinks makes him look good (left) and hangs out with friends to make him feel better. Ends up leaving early and listening to pop punk way too loudly on the way home. He does not feel better.
Local man also posts selfie from last night at auditions (ft. New haircut and confident attitude (which only existed last night)) in sad attempt to make strangers compliment him and make him feel better. Hopes it works, will feel bad even if it does.
And finally, same local man writes way too long of caption on selfies. People sigh and roll eyes at the novel he wrote below the pictures.
This concludes our news for tonight. Stay tuned for….. Whatever, whenever.

She was never the one to sigh –– to mull over things and to get complain again and again over it. But the young king had troubled her so. Ever since his arrival to the palace, constantly calling her name, disrupting her in the middle of her work ( and while he got away scotch free, she’s the one getting yelled at by the head staffs ), drawing attention to her. And it never stopped. So she had taken to trying to blend into the background even more than she already did. But somehow he always found her. Like right now. 

A sigh left her lips. Soft as always and when she turned around to meet his gaze –– for she knew running didn’t work she tried –– her expression was gentle as usual. “King Nikolaus.” A bow to the king that was not her king, but a king nonetheless. “Is there something I can help you with?” (( @nikolauskhnr ))


Like, if you actually loved the characters as much as you say you did, then the endgame pairings shouldn’t matter to you, their happiness should.

I mean, come on, Ichigo and Rukia don’t revolve around each other. They have their own personalities, you know. They’re not just “IchiRuki” they’re Ichigo and Rukia.

And this should be a given for any couple…

Anyway, if these characters meant as much to you as you once said, you should just be happy they’re happy.

Here to say I miss watching EatJin… 👋🏽 I miss seeing his cute chubby cheeks protruding along with his pink plump lips, the way he stares at the camera like he’s staring into my soul, his big ol’ eyes, when he just stuffs a great amount of food in his mouth, those funny/adorable noises he would make. “MMM” “YAHHHH” … Yeah, I miss that a lot..

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*stares out into the deep void of 10:30pm tumblr, the dead hour*

*whispers* hi

#kaisoo_image 🌞summer time
Soo : jonginnie…. *sulky

Jong : emmmm…. *focus_reading

Soo: jonginnie……. .
Jong : emmmm…. *still_focus_at_book

Soo : *creeping
Jong : What… are you doing?? .
Soo : I swelter…. i hate Summer 😩

Jong : *sigh let’s shower
Soo : 😄😄😄😄😄😄
Kyungsoo always be the Winner !!! Don’t forget it 😎
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‘Whilst letting my guard down, I choked back a sob, preparing myself for his departure which felt inevitable as he watched the darkness filled inside of me,’ I let out a deep sigh, half smiling. 'And like he always did yet again taking me by surprise, he smiled, went ahead and lit a candle in every corner of my life.
That is why I love him, that is why I’ll always love him.’
Lessons Learned by Moonlight

Sidekick!Adrien AU. Some shameless Ladrien to celebrate the fact that MY THESIS OUTLINE GOT APPROVED. GOODBYE FREEDOM.


Ladybug’s knowledge of relationships could not be considered much. Over the course of her teenage years she’d had two boyfriends, neither serious. There were no breathless “I love you’s,” no substance beyond the occasional fit of butterflies, and definitely no plans for marriage. But at least she could say she knew enough about relationships to recognize a red flag.

Adrien’s hesitance to kiss her? A huge red flag. And catching his cheek after a last second turn of the head was the final straw

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A story about hook ups, drunk conversations and sex in a car (or over it)

Honestly, the best part of a martini is the olive. Sure, it makes you wince a little when you bite into it and the gin soaked bitterness floods in your mouth, but still, it is the best damn part, and it makes you feel fancy. That’s always a plus.

A sigh left your lips after you finished the last drop of your drink and you looked at your friends, who were in the middle of a pretty heated conversation. You didn’t need to actually hear their words to know what they were talking about, their sour faces and the over fanning of their hands said it all. You knew the words by heart, God knows you had said it yourself a couple of times before and you were probably going to say it a few more times. Boys were dumb, boys were useless, who needs boys? You literally didn’t need to keep track of the conversation to know how it went.

A glance to your right, and all you could see was the broad span of Harry’s back. Beyond that, there was not much you could actually see, or were interested in. He wasn’t paying attention to you, not at all, his eyes were fixed on the TV where the Packer’s game was in the middle of…something, you weren’t quite sure, you weren’t really interested. You couldn’t see his face, but it was a safe guess to say it was pretty much the same of the other 5 boys around him, their jaws a little slacked and their eyes somewhere between vacant and excited, the maniac glint they got when they ere watching sports. All of them looked like brainless zombies to you, while they sipped on their beers and waited for…again, something. Goals and touchdowns and shit and stuff.

Him being a Packer’s fan was another question you needed to your endless list of questions to be asked.

“H?” You whispered softly, and your fingers snuck down the fabric of the white shirt he was wearing, where you allowed your nails to scrap on the small of his back and to the meaty, soft skin of the love handles you liked so much. But an annoyed huff came out of your lips when you realized that had barely stirred him up, just enough to make him turn around and press a quick kiss to your lips, soft and unaware, before he went back to the game.

First rule of hooking up: Don’t hook up with friends. Nothing good can come out of it. Status: Broken.

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spring of 2015, shitty’s senior year. he and lardo are laying out in the reading room looking at the stars at like 2 am on a tuesday, their feet dangling over the edge of the roof. they’ve probably smoked a joint and they’re laughing a little bit, just talking about nothing and everything like they always do. shitty sighs, runs a hand through his too-short hair….he’s not used to it yet (will he ever be?) and soaks in the silence - a rare, but comfortable occurrence between the two of them. 

shitty turns his head to look at lardo, watching her watch the night sky. “what” she says, without moving to look at him. he hesitates. “i don’t know, lards. i’m just…gonna miss this,” he says, honest and vulnerable. she turns to look at him then, taking in his too-short hair….she’s not used it yet (will she ever be?), her eyes wide and sad? perhaps? for just an instant before she blinks and a smirk starts playing at her mouth. she reaches out and hits him lightly in the chest with the back of her hand. “sap,” she teases and turns her head back to the sky. shitty chuckles quietly and quickly glances at lardo before looking away. there’s silence except for the crickets in the grass below. shitty swings his feet slowly in the open air. lardo hums, halfway between an exhale and a laugh. “me too.”