Notes to self regarding Protag-kun, for writing and etc. 

In canon, other characters say/call him:

  • Strange.
  • Of few words.
  • Gutsy.
  • Has the will to take action.
  • A good leader/good at giving orders.
  • Smells like coffee.
  • … that he and Morgana are kind of similar, haha. 

Dialogue options vary in the sense of: 

  • There’s the general you can be a good boy! Or you can be a brat.
  • There are some saucy and occasional dumb joke/pun responses.
  • Not interested.” (No seriously, this one comes up a lot.)
  • That said there are definitely parts in the story where there’s little to no difference between what he can respond with, so there’s those bits of characterization. 
  • YYYOU CAN DEFINITELY TRY TO BE BI/GAY, those are options that do come up. (Not that you can… actually date any of the boys, but…….)

    So, yknow. :V

Action wise: 

  • Habit of twirling a lock of hair between his fingers. Kind of a humble/bashful tic?? 
  • Look at this kid, tell me he isn’t cocky.
  • On that note, seems to wear a certain expression when he’s in the otherworld - like he’s having fun? 

Ultimate impression when getting to the Good/True End:

  • He really loves and treasures his friends.