I commissioned (and am posting with permission!) this *amazing Garashir* from @kazimo who is literally THE BEST in the UNIVERSE. I love this art more than I have ever loved a picture ever. <3 Brilliantly brilliantly brilliant.If you like beautiful things, supporting artists, and having your vague brain babies turned into AMAZING ART, you need to visit Kazi! LITERALLY RIGHT THIS SECOND. STOP READING. VISIT THE SITE. Click the thing!!


Rey: Is this gonna be the weekend we finally meet six-drink Kylo?

Kylo: Six-drink Kylo? What does that mean?

Rey: It’s the pinnacle of the Kylo Ren drunkenness scale. One drink, Kylo’s a little spacey. Two drinks: Loud Kylo. Three drinks: Kylo dance pants.
Four-drink Kylo is a bit of a pervert. And five-drink Kylo is weirdly confident. But I’ve never seen six-drink Kylo. Maybe he’s the one I could actually be friends with, aka my sasquatch.

[6 drinks later]

Kylo: Six-drink Kylo! Is so alone.

Rey: Oh, no! Six-drink Kylo isn’t fun. He’s just sad. Damn it!