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“Maybe I should cancel –”

“Rafael Barba, you need to get on that train and go.”

You regretted the words the moment they crossed your lips.

Of course you didn’t want him to leave. 

The last three days since you left the hospital, you barely moved from your bed to the couch and back again, still exhausted from labor and the unexpected loss of blood. Barba was there, making sure you ate something, that you stayed hydrated, checking in on little Jack when changing a diaper or nursing didn’t seem to quell his tiny cries; he even sat and watched old movies with you in between naps.

For three days, he’d served as the perfect partner and a doting father. But he was neither of those things which is why he needed to leave.

You couldn’t let yourself grow used to something that didn’t exist.

“I just don’t feel like you’re ready.”

“Nobody is ever ready for this. Of that I’m fully convinced. But I have to figure it out sometime. Anyways, your boss is going to murder you if you aren’t back in time for the Torrence trial. You can’t exactly ask for paternity leave.”

“I know. I know,” he sighed. “I just don’t feel right leaving you here alone.”

“Alone is what I am, though. All of this,” you motioned to the room around you, then to him, “it’s wonderful but it’s not reality. Jack and I have years ahead of making it work. And that’s okay. It’s better I don’t get used to playing house.”

“Okay.” He adjusted the laptop bag over his shoulder and looked over at his bags by the door. “Are you sure you don’t need anything before I go?”

“I’ll be fine. You know how it is out here. Concierge services abound. I shall want for nothing.”

Except maybe sleep. And company. His shoulder to lean on.

But you weren’t going to do that. Burden him. Make him feel like he needed to stay.

“Alright. You’ll call me if you need anything. Anything at all.”


No. I’ll want to, but I won’t.

“Promise me.”

He leaned over, kissing your forehead. You held your breath, as if not breathing could pause your emotions from bubbling to the surface.

You were nearly successful, but then he turned toward the bassinet and leaned over a sleeping Jack, quietly whispering beside his tiny ear.

“Take care of your mami, Giacamo.”

The lightest brush of the lips on the top of his head and he was off and out the door, just in time for the pent up emotion to release with your held breath, tears falling slowly down your cheek.

You were alone now.

Well, not completely. You had Jack.

And that’s how it had to be.


“Maybe I should cancel –”

“Rafael Barba, you need to get on that train and go.”

It was the last thing he wanted to hear. From a purely practical standpoint, she was right. But still, something inside him hoped she would be reluctant to see him go. He hoped that she would admit that she needed him to stay.

No. That wasn’t quite it. He knew the sort of woman she was. She could navigate any situation, however difficult. This wasn’t about need.

He hoped that she wanted him to stay.

Or more to the point, that she wanted him, period.

“I just don’t feel like you’re ready.”

“Nobody is ever ready for this. Of that I’m fully convinced. But I have to figure it out sometime. Anyways, your boss is going to murder you if you aren’t back in time for the Torrence trial. You can’t exactly ask for paternity leave.”

Barba chewed his bottom lip, biting back a reply.

Carmen had been sending him files and keeping him busy prepping for the case, so he managed to stay relatively on top of things. He certainly couldn’t expect to call another ADA in last minute.

Not when he was playing Dad to a child who wasn’t his.

How would he explain it?

Sorry I can’t come in to work, I’m too busy taking care of the newborn child of a woman I may have been in love with for longer than I care to admit?

“I know. I know. I just don’t feel right leaving you here alone.”

“Alone is what I am, though. All of this…it’s wonderful but it’s not reality. Jack and I have years ahead of making it work. And that’s okay. It’s better I don’t get used to playing house.”

He winced.

Playing house? 

Everything he’d done, she’d just chalked up to a childish game?

He knew she appreciated his help. He knew she wasn’t trying to diminish his efforts. So what was she trying to say?

An answer crossed his mind and he swallowed hard. He’d been a bachelor for quite some time. Sure, he’d dated, even had a few relationships that could be considered somewhat serious, but nothing to write home about.

Maybe she didn’t think he could be serious enough. Not for what she needed. 

Not for Jack.

“Okay.” Barba adjusted the laptop bag over his shoulder and looked over at his bags by the door. His car was arriving any second. If he lingered he’d miss the train. “Are you sure you don’t need anything before I go?”

“I’ll be fine. You know how it is out here. Concierge services abound. I shall want for nothing.”

She was right again. There were worse places to be stuck with a newborn baby.

And he certainly had no right to expect her to miss him. Even if he was sure that she and Jack would be all he could think about when he returned home.

“Alright. You’ll call me if you need anything. Anything at all.”


“Promise me.”

Barba leaned in, kissing her forehead, resisting the urge to wrap his arms around her, to tell her she didn’t have to be alone if she didn’t want to be. To tell her that he wanted to be here for her, and not just for a few days, weeks, even months.

The last thought took him by surprise.

He straightened up, prepared to do as she wanted, to leave her to take care of things on her own, wavering when he looked down at little Jack quietly snoring in his bassinet.

Oh, how he’d miss that sound and the soothing rhythm of Jack’s speedy heartbeat against his chest. He leaned over once more, this time to breathe in the sweet smell of his breath, the delicate wisps of hair on his head tickling Barba’s lips as he left a light kiss so as to not disturb his peaceful slumber.

“Take care of your mami, Giacamo.”

He turned away, hoping she didn’t catch the slight crack in his voice as he made his way out of the door, and out of their lives, for now.

Sun (Pietro Maximoff x Reader, slight Thor Odinson x Reader)

Summary: Friendships can be hard, especially when one of the people in the friendship falls for the other. It gets especially hard when the person that you love likes someone else. And it is extremely hard to let that person go, even if it means that the darkness creeps back in.

Word Count: 4,134

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Slight Mentions of Clowns (Don’t worry there aren’t actually any in it), Fluff.

A/N: HOLY CABOOSES THIS IS SO LONG! I’m telling you guys, when I write about Pietro I go all out. This one is about a dream I had and I wanted to share it with all of you lovely people! I hope you enjoy and if you want to be added to my Tag List, just let me know! 

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“Ah!” You laughed, smiling widely. “Pietro, put me down!”

“Never!” Pietro shouted, smiling brightly as he ran around the compound with you thrown over his shoulder. Spinning around, you both laugh as you pounded on his back, trying to get him to let you down. “Have you learned your lesson, Draga?”

“Yes,” You lied, and he finally set you down. You see, you had not-so accidentally ate Pietro’s cupcake that he had saved. Wanting to ‘teach you a lesson,’ or so he put it, he had picked you up and ran you around the compound, spinning and laughing the whole way.

“And what have you learned?” He asked, breathless.

“Not a single thing,” You said with a shit-eating grin before taking off. Running through the halls, you slid on the wooden floor as you rounded the corner, Pietro laughing behind you. As if you could outrun him.

Laughing joyously, you ran through the halls of the compound as Pietro chased after you. Right as you were about to make it to the kitchen, Pietro used his super-speed and caught you, laughing as you tried to get out of his arms.

“You’re not going anywhere this time, Draga,” He said with a grin, looking down at you. Pouting in his arms, you tried to release your best friend’s grip on you. Stuck in an iron clasp, you began to look for help. A flash of blonde catches your eye, and you smile deviously. “What are you-?”

“THOR!” You shouted, trying to get the god’s attention. Confused, Thor walked back out into the hallway to find you struggling in Pietro’s arms, with Pietro no longer laughing at the sight of Thor. 

“Yes?” Thor asked with a smile, waltzing up to you.

“Would you be a dear and make Pietro let go of me?” You asked, fluttering your eyelashes at the muscular man.

“Of course, Lady (Y/N),”

Gulping, Pietro quickly released you. He had once sparred with Thor, and let’s just say it did not go well for our friend in blue.

“Thank you, O great and mighty Thor!” You said, fake swooning at the end. Booming laughter filling the room at your acting, Thor smiled at you in amusement. Eyes rolling, Pietro looked at the two of you.

“C’mon, (Y/N),” He started. “I won’t capture you anymore. Let’s go watch some TV, yes?”

Thinking about it, you shook your head. “Nah, I’m going to spend some time with Thor,” You said teasingly, looping your arm through his. “He’s my new best friend.”

Gaping, Pietro looked at you. “What?!”

Laughing at his reaction, you dropped your arm from Thor’s. “I’m just joking,” You said, waltzing up to Pietro. Lightly hitting his arm, you smile. “Lighten up.”

“We will spend time together though, right?” Thor asked, drawing your attention back to him. 

“Of course!” You said, lighting up. 

“Then I shall look forward to our meeting,” The god said with a smile as he walked up to you. Picking up your hand, Thor placed a gentle kiss onto the back of it, causing a blush to creep onto your cheeks. “Until then.” 

Eyes turning into slits, Pietro glared at the god. “C’mon, (Y/N),” He grumbled, grabbing your other hand. Dragging you away, Pietro wanted to put as much distance between you and the overly-affectionate man as he could.

“I just do not understand why you don’t tell (Y/N) that you have feelings for her,” Wanda sighed, laying down on her bed as she created energy orbs around her. Groaning, Pietro ran his fingers through his hair once again.

“I can’t!” Pietro said, lightly pulling on his hair in frustration. Rolling her eyes, Wanda looked at her twin.

“Yes, you can! Give me one good reason why you can’t tell her about your feelings,” Wanda challenged, quirking an eyebrow up at her twin. Sitting on the edge of his sister’s bed, he looks at her.

“Because she is my best friend,” Pietro starts as he looks at the picture of the three of you on Wanda’s dresser. “Because it would ruin our friendship if she doesn’t like me back. When, I should say, because she most certainly does not like me.”

“Why do you say that?” Wanda asked, focusing more on her brother now.

Sighing, Pietro looks at her. “Because she likes someone else. Thor, to be exact. I can see it in her eyes. Every time the two are together, there is a sparkle in her eyes. And of course she would like him, who doesn’t? He’s great.” Pietro groaned, falling face-down onto the mattress. Scooting closer to her brother, Wanda laid her hand on his back.

“You’re great too,” She comforted, looking down at her distressed brother.

“Noagrempf,” He replied, muffled by the mattress. Groaning in frustration, Wanda turned over her brother.

“Repeat what you said,” She ordered, crossing her arms in front of her. Staring blankly up at the cream-colored ceiling, Pietro sighed.

“I’m not as great as him,” He mumbled, looking at his sister. “Compared to him, I’m nothing. (Y/N) wants and needs a strong man to protect her, to love her. He’s a god, and I’m just a man. He’s king of Asgard, and the only thing I’m king of is nothing. King of nothing. Why wouldn’t she pick him over me?”

Heart breaking just a tad over Pietro’s insecurities, Wanda found herself looking at the photo of the three of you as the room filled with silence. The photo was of the three of you at Disney World when the team took a trip. You, wanting to take a picture right in front of the opening gate and in front of the castle, had grabbed both her and Pietro’s hand. You were in the middle of the two of them, smiling brightly at Tony who was holding the camera. While Wanda was smiling at the camera the time of the picture being taken, Pietro was smiling at you. Even back then, he loved her, Wanda thought as she looked back at her brother whose arm was thrown over his face.

Huffing out in frustration, Pietro sat back up. “Whatever, I need to go distract myself. I’ll be down in the gym.” Nodding solemnly, Wanda pulled her knees into her chest as she watched her brother slip his shoes back on. 

“Hey, am I interrupting?” You called out, knocking on the wooden door frame as you stood in the doorway. 

Eyes flitting towards her brother, Wanda responded. “No, not at all,” She said as Pietro had looked from her to you.

“Great!” You said, smiling brightly. Eyes landing on Pietro, you smiled at him. “Hey, I was about to go watch Hell’s Kitchen, wanna come? I know just how much you love that show.”

Smile faltering a little bit, Pietro looked at you. “No, I think I am going to go do some training.” What is he doing? Wanda thought as she felt her brother break a little at his own words.

Your own smile faltering at your best friend’s words, you quickly fix it. “Oh, want me to come with you? I really do need to get some training in and-”

“No,” Pietro said, cutting you off. “I just want to be alone right now.” You idiot! Wanda thought as she saw your smile fall. 

“O-oh, okay,” You mumbled. “I guess I’ll go see if Thor is doing something.” Feeling her brother’s heart break at your words, Wanda looked at her twin in disbelief. “See you around?” 

“Sure,” Pietro said softly, before pushing through you and out the door, carrying his heartbreak with him. You had left shortly after him, carrying your own form of hurt with you. 

What am I going to do? Wanda thought as she began to watch her two closest friends drift apart, seemingly forever.

It had been a month since you and Pietro had last talked. A month since you talked to your best friend, seen him smile. And you had no idea what you did wrong. You had constantly gone over that last day, replaying every little detail to find out what went wrong, what you did wrong. Finding nothing, you had turned into a shell of your former self. Without him, you didn’t know what to do. How to act, how to laugh, how to live. Without your best friend, you had nothing. That month was full of darkness, along with your life now, and you only had one little ray of sunshine in the never-ending darkness:


In that month of darkness, he was there. There for you when the person you wanted most wasn’t. Thor had been there, cheering you up with his heroic tales of gallantry, making you laugh as he watched all of your favorite shows with you. Through the dark, he was always there. Pulling you out of bed each morning, promising that it was a new day full of wonderful surprises. You now found yourself in your bed, just like the beginning of every day for the past month, trying to find out what went wrong.

“(Y/N)?” A low voice called out, knuckles rasping against the fine wood of your door. Turning the knob, in came your little ray of sunshine, pushing and fighting back all of the darkness and demons in it. “Are we just going to lay in bed all day?”

“Yes,” You mumbled, pulling the sheets back over your head. Not even a moment later they were thrown back off of you, to be replaced with the smiling face of Thor. 

“You must really get up, it is nearly eight.” Thor said, tugging you up into a sitting position by your arms. 

“Yes, nearly eight,” You repeated, gaze falling on him. “Which means that I shouldn’t be up this early.”

Laughing, Thor tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear. “What if I told you that today will be an adventure?” He asked, smiling when he sees your eyes light up at the word ‘adventure.’

“What kind of adventure?”

“Oh, the best kind. One filled with fun and danger,” Thor replied, smiling. “Now, will you be going on this adventure with me, or do I have to take the Man of Iron instead?”

“You’re taking me,” You said with a smile. Standing up, Thor offered you his hand. 

“Go get dressed, then. We have a big day ahead of us,” He said, pulling you up. Nodding at his words, you quickly got ready in your bathroom as Thor entertained himself in your bedroom with your TV. Walking back out, Thor looked back up to you.

“Ready for our adventure?” He asked with a smile, offering his hand to you.

“Yes, yes I am,” You answered taking his hand, your fingers interlocking with his. Leading you out of your room, Thor walked with you happily through the halls, swinging your interlocked hands back and forth. 

And you were ready for your adventure. Ready for new things, for new chances. You were tired of the darkness in your life, tired of the pain it brought you. I’m going to be happy, you thought as you looked up at Thor, who was humming a little song. Happy without him, you thought, heart tugging at the thought of your former best friend. 

Hearing footsteps and humming outside of his door, Pietro woke from his light and un-restful sleep. Groaning, Pietro made his way to his door to found out who the hell was humming at eight in the freaking morning.

Head peaking out of his door, Pietro felt his heart tear in half at the sight before him. There you were, the girl he loved, holding hands with Thor, smiling up at him. 

Too shocked to say anything, Pietro numbly closed his door. Back against the cold wood, he slipped down towards the floor, sitting down. Head resting against the door, Pietro screwed his eyes shut as he tried to keep the tears from splashing over and onto his cheeks. Failing, a tear slipped out onto his cheek, rolling down his face at the feeling of his heart ripping to pieces. 

Rip, rip, rip, Pietro thought as he wiped the fresh tear away. That’s all you ever do, no? He asked himself, looking down at his heart. And he was right. That’s all his heart ever did, nowadays. Every time he looked at you, with or without Thor, his heart ripped and tore itself to pieces. Over and over again.

This, is our adventure?” You asked in shock, staring at what was before you.

“Yes,” Thor said, smiling in triumph. “I thought you needed a bit of cheering up, so I took you to the most fun place around. Do you like it?” He asked, looking down at you. Mindlessly nodding, you took in the sight before you.

“Yes!” You shouted with glee, snapping out of your daze. “I can’t believe you brought me to a carnival! I haven’t been to one since I was a kid! But I have to ask, what is the danger?”

Thor, smiling down at you, began pulling you towards the noisy carnival. “Well, there are clowns here, aren’t there? Very scary beings, very dangerous.”

Laughing at his answer, you pull him towards the game booths. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you,” You said with a smirk, taking in all of the bright colors.

“My hero!” Thor laughed, smiling as you dragged him all over the carnival, beginning your adventure.

“Pietro, get up,” Wanda demanded, looking down at her brother who was splayed out on his bed. Not receiving an answer, Wanda’s patience began to wear thin. “It’s three o’clock in the afternoon. You need to get up, shower, and interact with people.”

Groaning, he looked at his twin. “There’s no point.”

“What do you mean ‘there’s no point?’”

“I mean,” Pietro sighed, sitting up. “There’s no point. It’s over. She’s with him.”

Feeling his heart break again, Wanda looked at her brother with sympathy. “Don’t say that, Pietro.”

“Well, too bad. I’m sayin’ it,” Pietro pouted, falling back onto his pillows. Anger flaring inside of her at her twin, Wanda gritted her teeth.

“That’s it,” She grumbled. With a flick of her wrist, the blinds opened, allowing sunlight to stream into his room. Pietro, screwing his eyes shut because of the bright light, groaned.

“Noooo!” Pietro said, burying his face into his pillow. Stomping over to her brother, she yanked the pillow off of his head.

“Now, you are going to get up and shower. You are going to get dressed and then go interact with people. I am sick and tired of seeing you like this. So you are going to get up, you are going to shower, and you are going to do it all with a huge smile on your face, like you are the happiest fucking person in the whole world. Understand?” Wanda asked, eyeing her brother down. 

Sitting up, Pietro nodded shamefully at his sister. Looking up at her, he is met with her staring him down. Smirking slightly, he quirked up his eyebrow. “You know, sometimes you remind me so much of Mom when you do that. Act all bossy.”

“I know,” Wanda replied softly and with a smile at the thought of her mother. “Now get dressed.” She said, voice demanding once again.

The day certainly was an adventure for the two of you. The day was full of laughter and fun as you rode rides and tried to win stuffed animals at the game booths. Thankfully, the two of you hadn’t run into any clowns, reducing the ‘danger’ aspect to your day. The sky that was once blue was now pink, turning into a deep orange as the sun set on a great day.

“Did you enjoy your adventure?” Thor asked, pulling you out of your thoughts.

“Yes, I did,”

“And did you get to do everything that you wanted to do?” He asked, hand still holding yours.

“Well,” You said with a sly grin as you glanced up to the large Ferris Wheel. “Almost.”

Eyes following yours, Thor realized what you wanted to do. “Well, let us ride this Wheel of Ferris.” He said in that booming voice of his. 

“Let’s,” You laughed as he pulled you towards the wheel. Before you knew it, the sky was turning a dark midnight blue color and the stars were coming out as the two of you boarded the Ferris Wheel. Carnival lights shinning the rainbow all around you, the two of you slowly made your way around the wheel.

“These lights,” Thor said, cutting through the silence. “They remind me of the Rainbow Bridge, back on Asgard. It is a wonderful sight, really. I should take you some time.”

Lighting up at his words, you turned towards him. “You would take me to Asgard?” You asked, disbelief flooding your words.

“Why, of course,” He smiled, turning towards you. “I would do anything for you.” He finished, voice almost a whisper. 

Heat creeping up your neck, you looked at Thor, chanting the words that you said to yourself this morning over and over again: I’m going to be happy. You even added a new phrase: I deserve to be happy. Leaning in ever so slightly, Thor moved a piece of hair away from your eyes, leaning in too. 

“You deserve to be happy, (Y/N),” He whispered. Flushing once more at his words, you leaned in closer, ghosting your lips over his. His hand moved to the back of your head as his lips brushed over yours, before firmly placing them against yours. You kissed him back, your own hand moving up to his cheek as your lips moved in sync, just like the lights on the Ferris Wheel. 

“Pietro…” You breathed out, completely in a bliss. Stopping abruptly, Thor pulled back and looked at you. Confused as to why he stopped, you too looked at Thor until you realized what you said. And it definitely wasn’t his name.

“O-oh my gosh, I-I am so sorry,” You quickly said, fumbling over your words as heat flooded through your body in embarrassment. 

Looking at you, Thor smiled slightly before answering. “It is alright,” He said, interrupting your incoherent ramblings. “You deserve to be happy, and you will be the happiest with Pietro. I knew that, but I still wanted to try.”

Gaping at his words, you just nodded along to what he said. You will be the happiest with Pietro. And suddenly, it all made sense:

You would be the happiest with Pietro. You didn’t need a little ray of sunshine in your dark world, you needed a Sun. A Sun that would fend off all of the monsters and demons. A Sun that would fill your world with light. And Pietro was just that, your own personal Sun.

“I-I need to-”

“Go to him. I understand,” Thor said, nodding. Ride stopping at the bottom, the two of you got out. “Are you ready for your next adventure, Lady (Y/N)?” He asked as the two of you walked back out to the car. 

“Yes. I finally am.”

Car stopping in the garage, you frantically undid your seatbelt as you went over your speech that you were going to say to Pietro. Looking over at Thor, he gave you a small smile.

“Thank you,” You said, breaking the silence. “For everything. You truly were my little ray of sunshine in the dark world.”

“You are very welcome, (Y/N),” Thor responded as he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. Eyes lighting up, he looks at you. “Hey, that would be a cool movie title. Thor: The Dark World. What do you think?”

Eyes rolling at him, you chuckled. “Sure, whatever you say.” Pausing, you look up at the familiar compound with a little fear inside of you. 

“Go, before I pick you up and take you to him myself,” Thor urged, nodding towards the compound. Nodding in determination, you leaned over and kissed Thor on the cheek before exiting the car. 

Making your way through the compound, you felt like your heart was going to jump out of your chest. As a mantra, you kept repeating your speech:

Pietro. I love you. I always have, and I always will. I don’t care if you love me back, but I just had to tell you. I want and need my best friend back.

Over and over you repeated your mantra, letting your feet take the familiar path to Pietro’s bedroom. Before you knew it, you were at his door, and you were so not ready yet.

Eyes screwed shut, you reached out your hand and knocked on his door. You heard a clicking noise and then the familiar creak of the door opening. And then, you heard him.

“(Y/N)? Why are your eyes shut? You look kinda stupid.” Oh, such a romantic.

Eyes opening, you look at your best friend and you feel your heart ache for him. “C-can I come in?” 

Hesitating, Pietro nodded, opening the door wider for you to enter. You quickly walked in as Pietro shut the door closed. “What can I do for you?”

And just like that. Poof! There goes your memorized speech. “I…uh…”


Snapping out of your daze, you shook your head as if that got rid of your nerves. “Sorry, sorry. I just have to tell you something.”

“And that is?” He asked, quirking up an eyebrow as his heart began to race with what he heard next. And it was so much better than the speech you prepared.

“Pietro, you are my Sun. The Sun that lights up my whole world. The Sun that warms me to my bones, the Sun that leaves me feeling alive. Pietro, you are the Sun that drives away the darkness, the demons, the fears. And without my Sun, my whole world plummets into darkness. A darkness where I am stranded, with no light to warm me, no light to keep me living. Sure, there are some people that were little rays of sunshine that somehow broke through the darkness, but they could never warm me fully. I was always left a little cold, a little empty. And partly, that was my fault. I killed my own Sun. I drove it away. And for that,” You said, choking back a sob. “I am truly sorry. I am sorry for driving you away. And I am truly sorry for what I am about to say, because it is in no way fair for me to say this to you, after all that I have done. Pietro-”

Breath hitching at your words, Pietro took a step closer to you.

“Pietro Maximoff. I want my Sun back into my life. I want it back so desperately because I didn’t realize what I had until it was gone. Pietro, I am a girl that fell in love with her Sun. Even if you don’t love me-”

“Shut up,” Pietro interrupted, grinning wildly at you.

“What?” You asked, wiping away a tear.

“I said, ‘shut up,’” He repeated, taking another step forward. Falling silent, you looked up at your Sun. “Who said that I didn’t love you?”

“W-what?” You said, smiling as Pietro cupped your cheek in his hand. 

“You heard me,” He said with a smile. Your hands found his face now too. “Do I need to say it again?”

“Yes,” You answered, love pouring out of you.

“I love you.”

“PIETRO MAXIMOFF LOVES ME!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands up in the air. Laughing at your antics, Pietro tugged your face towards his, crashing his lips onto yours. Smiling into this kiss, your hands found his hair as his found your waist, and you both pulled the other towards yourself. Your lips moved in perfect sync, more in sync than the lights on the Ferris Wheel would ever be. The kiss deepened as Pietro glided his tongue across your bottom lip, which you happily accepted. Pulling apart (too soon, in your and Pietro’s opinion), you rested your forehead against Pietro’s, a smile plastered onto both of your faces as butterflies danced in your stomachs.

Gently kissing your lips once more, Pietro smiled blissfully as you whispered to him those three little words that he had just said to you. 

“Hey, guess what,” Pietro said, nudging your nose with his.

“What?” You asked, running your hand down his chest.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N) LOVES ME!” He exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air, just as you did. Laughter bubbling from your chest, you tugged him down towards you for another kiss, grin matching his. As your lips met, you felt that warmth spread through your body and seep into your bones. The warmth that only your Sun could provide.

Eric x Reader (Soulmate AU) Drabble: Part III

The fear landscapes were hard on everyone. Late into the night, you would hear people screaming and moaning in fear as they had a replay of what they faced that day. The fear levels vary from initiate to initiate. Some had 8, some had 12. And some bastards had only 4.

You plopped your butt down and sighed, running a hand through your hair. “What are they this time?” The boy across from you asked and you gritted your teeth. “Public humiliation. Lost of control. Parasitical Disease. Failure.”

Tobias just nodded silently.


“The same.” He said and you feel like strangling him. If you didn’t become friends during the Capture the Flag game a week ago, you would have.

“Screw you, Four!”

He looked up at you. “Hey, calm down. You know I can’t control this.”

Immediately deflating, you apologized. It was not his fault. He was just…lucky, you guessed. Four, being the sweet guy that he is, just gave you a small smile of encouragement.

You left the mess hall with the intention of falling into your bunk and sleeping the day away. However, on your way, you had to go through the training centre. And the sound of someone beating the sand out of the punching bags drew your attention.

Eric was angry, and dare you say it, scared. You could see it in the tremors that racked his body when he stopped for a short reprieve. You can hear it in his laboured breaths, the tell-tale shaky exhale. You can feel it in the air surrounding him.

At first, you wanted to let him go at it. Let him tire himself out and let him crash wherever he wanted. But then, you saw the blood on his knuckles.

You didn’t think, because you rarely do, and rushed inside. “Eric! Eric, Eric!” You grabbed his hand and pulled. He struggled and it was a miracle he snapped out of it when you did or you might end up with a crooked nose.

You grabbed his face and forced him to look at you. “Enough.” You tell him. “That’s enough. Just…breathe!”

It was a second, but a very long second nonetheless before recognition glazed over his eyes and he froze. A huge sigh escaped him and you felt the tension leave his body. Only the shivers remained.

The both of you stood like that for what felt like hours, eyes locked, breaths mingling. Then, you released him and broke the silence. “Bad day, huh?”

He chuckled, dry and humourless. “Somethin’ like that.” Then, he straightened.

“You wanna talk about it?”

Eric closed his eyes and shook his head, heading for the door.

“You know, I hear they said that talking helps.”

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” Eric growled.

You fell into step beside him. “Then, what do you wanna do?”

That caused him to stop. He turned to you and in one swift motion, slid one hand behind your neck and pulled you forward. You barely had time to gasp before he crashed his lips to yours.

But the reaction was immediate. You didn’t hesitate as you kissed him back, moving your lips against his. The kiss was intense, hungry and powerful. Teeth, tongue and lips clashing. His fingers moved up to tangle in your hair, pulling at it. Yours were clutched tight at the neck of his shirt, crumpling the material.

You both poured your fears into each other and acknowledged them without words. You needed this, the assurance, the contact, the comfort.

You pulled away first, eyes snapping open. Eric leaned forward to chase your lips and you relented with a small peck. You both were breathing hard, lips swollen and red.

“Hey,” you breathed, connecting his forehead with yours. Eric’s eyes were still closed. He was catching his breath. You swallowed hard. “Hey, look at me.”

He blinked up but did not disengage.

You gave him a sweet smile. “As much as I was looking forward to this, this is not how I pictured it to be…”

“YNN, I-”

You cut him off. You know the rejection that was coming and you accepted it. It was not the time for this, whatever this was. Both of you were still initiates and you needed to get past training and get a job. There was too much at stake, for the both of you.

“It’s okay. I get it.” You pull away from him. “Take care, Coulter.”

It was nothing, truly. You were fine. But that night, as you were lying in bed, you felt the covers lift off of you and a weight settle behind you. You didn’t turn. And you didn’t turn when an arm curled around you waist and Eric’s breath fanned across your cheeks. You just pulled the covers over your bodies and settled back against him.

Your sleep was free of nightmares that night.

anonymous asked:

Hey so I just got a call for an interview a few days ago but they didn't tell me a time, so I called today and they said they actually forgot they were going to interview me and I'm not sure if I should worry or not, or even accept the job if I get it.

I’d say that them forgetting they were going to interview you is a big red flag and you need to get on the nope train in the opposite direction. -Abby


((A/N: A request from my favorite smol bean, @ellen-reincarnated1967 as follows below:

Welcome back!!! I’m happy too!!!! Can i request please a reader and Tony where they bicker and banter all the time until one day even bucky can’t stand the tension and just physically pushes them together until they kiss?

Writing this was the bees knees. I loved it. Per usual, her requests are on point and usually up there with my faves. Thanks, lady. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 3k (oops)

Warnings: Lotsa swearing ))

“I said I wasn’t in the mood for Italian. Is there a reason you keep insisting on it?” Your voice was thick with irritation as you glared at Tony Stark from across the table.

His own eyes rolled dramatically as he leaned back, “Because there’s no way anyone ‘hates’ Italian. You’re just pissed off that I’m not in the mood for sushi,” he spoke with more of a bored tone, but you knew he was just trying to goad you into getting angry. Which, unfortunately, was working.

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hoenn-hakase  asked:

Hi, I'm a pretty avid Bug-trainer, and my Nincada recently evolved. The rest of my team is pretty happy for his (their?) success, but I've noticed that the Shedinja only wants to hang around with it's "brother." Any idea why it might not want to socialize like Ninjask does? Does it just take longer to adjust after evolving or might this be a Ghost-type issue? (I don't know much about ghosts.)

It’s not so much a ghost-type thing as it is a Shedinja thing. Ninjask instinctively form large swarms and will readily adapt other Pokémon as teammates. Shedinja, by contrast, tend to be more solitary, although they will usually pick one to three “favorite” humans and/or Pokémon to stick around. Most likely, the Shedinja has adopted you and its “brother,” and is perfectly (and healthily) satisfied with that. Now, if it becomes hostile to other Pokémon, you may need to get some socialization training. Based on the information you’ve given me, though, I think you have a good dynamic going.

If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 27
  • Viktor: Is this better than Chihoko? *stretches elaborately naked*
  • Yuuri: Who... the... hell...?
  • Yuuri: .....
  • Viktor: *flexing*
  • Yuuri: I'm gonna show you how it's done boi *rips clothes off climbs castle and starts elaborate exotic dance*
Long Way Home - Part One

This is far fetched AF but I feel it could be sick. So the reader falls asleep on the train in 2017 n next thing is waking up on the train at a platform in 1920’s Birmingham. Obviously the reader has no fuckin clue what’s going on n doesn’t let on to anyone that she doesn’t belong there. Then she falls into the hands of the peaky blinders, little bit of romance with Tommy, keeps slipping up about things from the future whilst trying to keep her little secret quiet and fit in , yeeaaaaa

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

It’s with a heavy heart that I make my way back to Birmingham. It’s been nearly three years since I was even in the country and almost five since I’d been in the Midlands, but university was over - had been for over a year - and life in the States was not turning out as I’d planned. So when news reached me of my estranged mother’s rapidly declining health I decided to make my way back to my home town. Unfortunately by the time I’d gathered enough funds to return, my mother had passed. The funeral had been earlier today in Worcester and after I’d received condolences from the three other people who turned up, I decided to head back to Brum and our old family home my mother had left for me in her will.

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Childs Play.

It happened in an accident when he was three years old. He’d been at the park, playing with his big brothers and sisters.

Someone threw mulch.

And it down spiraled from there.

Horribly, horribly.

Lance couldn’t remember much, not even the way it felt. He remembered the last thing he saw was his family’s smiling faces, and the next thing he heard was their screaming.

And his own.

He barely recalled the hospital trip at this age, but remembered the fear it induced.

Lance remembered how many noises there were, and strange voices, but never was able to see what was going on.

He would never see what was going on, from that moment on.

From the age of three, to now, in his late teens, Lance was legally blind.


If he were to take out the colored contacts, his blue eyes would change completely.

They would be a dull blue, but broken up. You’d be able to see the scratches on his eyes that stayed forever from the mulch that entered them almost twenty years ago.

He wore the contacts to hide that, so he would appear normal.  And it worked.

Like most people, Lance adapted to his lack of sight over the years.

He used his hearing and touch mostly, which was typical.

By the time he was eight years old Lance could get around with no problem, like his sight was never gone.

He was a normal happy kid.

At age thirteen he started practicing flight without his vision. By sixteen years old he was about as good as a pilot with basic flight knowledge.

Not the best around, by far.

But for being blind?

Someone give the poor kid a medal.

Hunk was the only other one that knew of the blue paladins disability, but he paid no mind.

Lance wasn’t different than anyone else in the long run. Well, he was, but he didn’t even act like he had the disability.

It didn’t phase him at all.

But then was the day where his contact ripped, and there was nothing to replace it.

Lance stood in front of his cabinet, frantically feeling around for an extra pack, anything.

There was nothing.

“No no no…” Lance’s heart beat skyrocketed and he shook his head.

This wasn’t happening.

He had no time to go to Hunk and see what he could do to help.

Space probably didn’t even have the resource for a type of contact. Did it?

Lance was so screwed.

He didn’t know how he looked, obviously, but he had an idea. He’d probably scare the others.

The other paladins didn’t know about his disability. Lance didn’t want them to think less of him, or worse, kick him off the team.

There was no time to have a breakdown here. He needed to get to training, there would be a mission in two days time and it was crucial.

He took a shaky breath.

And he went.

Lance kept his gaze down, hoping that he had his eyes low enough that they couldn’t be seen.

Hunk met him first, frowning. “You okay, buddy?” He stood away from the others from where Lance entered.

The blue paladin looked up slowly, and knew Hunk saw his eyes when he saw his eyes.

“Where are your contacts?” Hunk asked.

Lance shook his head, “Broke.”

He ducked his head, glancing away. Anxiety was building up and it was started to get at him.

From across the training room, Lance could hear the rest of the team talking about the sort of training they’d be doing.

Close combat. Great.

Shiro’s voice rang out across the room, “Hunk! Lance! We’re starting training. Hunk, you’re facing me.”

Hunk patted Lance’s shoulder and nodded. “Sure, boss!” He joked.

Lance had to stand off to the side, listening to the sound of his friend and leader engaged in combat.

He couldn’t stop thinking about how horribly wrong everything was about to go.

Whoever he versed was going to see his eyes and then….

“Lance, you are facing Keith.”

His heart stuttered, he had to find his breathing, then he stepped forward.

Of course it was Keith.

Keith, the one who hated him and would be most likely to call him out for it.

Everything slowed down as he approached his mark and stood parallel to Keith.

“Ready, McClain?” He sneered.

Lance took a breath, readying his stance, and looked up. He smirked unevenly, “A-As I’ll ever be.”

Here it comes.

“What the—”

Lance flinched, hearing Keith gasp and a hint of horror in the undertone of the sound. “Lance, you’re—”

His heart stopped and sweat formed on his forehead and any excuse started to sputter from his mouth.

But then…

…everyone was standing around him and hugging him, patting his back.

He was so confused.

Lance felt all his friends, and then he heard them.

They were telling him that it was okay and that they didn’t think any less of him.

Hunk must have done something.

That was Hunk.

When everyone came away from around him, he had tears in his eyes and he was grinning.

Lances anxiety about the situation disappeared completely. They didn’t care.

Pidge and Keith had set up their reaction set up, but confirmed that Lance had nothing he had to initially worried about.

They accepted him and loved him all the same. Lance’s heart soared and he couldn’t stop grinning.


Maybe he’ll come out as gay next.

patch.me.up  Grumpy sod needs some range time, restricted for another two weeks 😕 will need to get back to training hard in April! #commieforniarepublic#commiefornia #willnotcomply #511tactical #punisher #laruetactical#predatobr762 #predatobr556 #glock19 #glock #occustomcoating#spentbrasstraining #usoptic #trijiconrmr #trijiconacog #vortexoptics #ar15 #ar10#556 #762 #9mm #patchmeup #sidekickmounts #goprosession#copperheadrifleslings #code4kydexholsters


Word count: 1073

Prompt: The reader is new to the Avengers but she’s fresh out of the army. She has nightmares and flashbacks, so Bucky decides to try to help her sleep.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: none

Send me a request.

Bucky heard a cry of distress from the room across the hall, your room, and he was on his feet immediately. He didn’t know you that well but he felt drawn to you somehow. You were the newest and youngest member of the Avengers and everyone was slightly overprotective of you.

Bucky walked silently across the hallway and knocked lightly on the door. There was no reply. He twisted the doorknob gently and peeked his head around the door. You were safe; from the looks of things you were having a nightmare. Bucky could relate to that.

He grabbed hold of one of your flailing arms and, perching on the edge of your bed, drew invisible patterns on your palm with the tip of his finger. Your breathing slowed and  you gradually woke up.

“Bucky?” You asked, surprised, pulling the sheets up to cover the fact that you were only wearing a thin tank top.

“You… you were having a nightmare.” Now you were awake, Bucky felt awkward and out of place in your room. “I better go.” He said, getting up and quickly moving towards the door.

“Wait.” You whispered. Bucky turned around slowly. “Stay with me?” He hesitated before nodding slightly and sitting on the edge of your bed. “You can get in the bed, Buck. I don’t bite, promise.” You scooted over and lay so you were facing him as he slipped under the sheets. You both lay in silence for a few minutes.

“So, you were in the army too, huh?” Bucky asked, looking shyly into your eyes.

“Yeah, Afghanistan. 75th Ranger Regiment.” You replied, breaking eye contact momentarily. “I was in the 1st Battalion, you know, based in Savannah. We, uh, specialised in aircraft seizures and raids.”

“The Rangers? They’re pretty much the elite though, right?”

“Yeah, I was technically the first woman they allowed in but they don’t really count me because I work for SHIELD now.” You chuckled, “So, the Howling Commandos? 107th Infantry Regiment?”

“So, you know about that then?” He asked modestly.

“Duh, everyone does. You and Steve were my idols growing up, aside from the Hydra business, of course.”

“Yeah. This is going to make me sound like an old man, but I miss those days.” Bucky chuckled.

“You don’t sound like an old man. I kinda miss my army days too.”

“It was simpler, right? There was a daily routine, we were never just sitting around with nothing to do.”

“If it’s the schedule you miss, you could start your own daily routine.” You suggested, reaching to push Bucky’s long hair out of his eyes. He froze, not used to close contact with other people. “You could really use a haircut, Buck.” You laughed.

“Yeah, I guess. I haven’t really had a real haircut since before the war.”

“I bet you were a real ladies’ man, huh?” You chuckled.

“Hey, doll, I was. Steve on the other hand.” Bucky smiled and it was the most pure, beautiful thing you’d ever seen.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile before. It’s cute.” You grinned.

“Cute? I’m a soldier, woman, I don’t do ‘cute’.” Bucky laughed. 

“Shush, cutie-pie. We need to try and get some sleep, promise me you’ll stay?” You almost begged.

“I promise.” Bucky whispered as he watched you shut your eyes and try to sleep. About 20 minutes passed before Bucky sighed, “You’re not sleeping, (Y/N).”

“Well, neither are you.” You muttered, eyes still closed.

“Alright, okay.” Bucky put his metal arm around your shoulders and gently pulled you closer to him. He quietly hummed a tune and ran his fingers through your hair.

“What song’s that?” You asked.

“A Russian lullaby called ‘спать’. It means ‘sleep’, so go to sleep.” Bucky responded.

You drifted off to sleep to the sound of Bucky’s humming and the sensation of his fingers through your hair.

“(Y/N)? What the…? Steve!”

You groaned pulled out of your slumber by a familiar feminine voice.

“Well would ya look at that?” Steve Rogers chuckled form your doorway, Natasha Romanoff standing next to him. Clint strolled down the hallway, looked into the room and stopped in his tracks.
“Uh… what’s going on?” He asked. You looked at Bucky lying next to you, still asleep. The whole team knew he slept like the dead.

“This, uh, this isn’t what you think.” You claimed, rubbing your eyes and running your hand through your hair. Soon, the whole team had congregated outside your room, poking fun at how Bucky Barnes was in your bed. Bucky woke up suddenly.

“This isn’t what you think,” he said, “(Y/N) had a nightmare, I was trying to help her get to sleep.”

“Trying to help her sleep, huh? Is that why you’re still in her bed?” Tony remarked.

“We’re both fully clothed, moron.” You seethed.

“(Y/N), you sleep in your panties.” Wanda commented. You got up, revealing that you were, in fact, wearing just panties and a tank top, and slammed your door. You heard Tony’s faint wolf whistle from behind the door.

“Sorry about that, Buck. I forgot I’d planned early training with Nat.” You apologised, gathering a pile of fresh clothes from your wardrobe.

“Hey, it was some morning entertainment, don’t worry.” Bucky chuckled, getting up and walking towards the door, “I better go. You need to get ready for training.”

“Bucky, wait.” You threw your clothes on your bed and grabbed Bucky’s flesh hand before he could leave. You stood on your tiptoes and kissed him lightly. Bucky froze, he didn’t know how to respond. You pulled away. “Sorry, I -.”
You were cut off as Bucky dragged you back towards him and pressed his lips to yours. You hummed, pleasantly surprised. One of Bucky’s arms wound around your waist, his other hand tilting your chin up towards him. You carded the fingers of one of your hands through Bucky’s hair, your other on the back of his neck. You pushed him away when you ran out of breath, panting and chuckling peacefully.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.” Bucky smiled, combing his fingers through your hair. “I need to go, you should get ready for training.”

“Yeah, I’ll come find you later, Buck.” You grinned, pecking him on the cheek before he slipped out the door. You could hear him talking quietly to Steve outside your door, and you beamed: you couldn’t wait until training had finished.

Out of Tune

Continuing the Soulmate Tour that I’m totally not copying off of @skyeec2

1. Where your Soulmate tastes what you are eating – Sefikura

Zack knew the woman who sang to him so often was not his mother. Their songs were way too different. His mother’s song were bright, cheery, meant to bring him happiness. 

The other woman’s songs were slower, much more expressive. As he grew older, he realized the songs were tragedies of great heroes…the same heroes in his father’s stories. 

When his mother finally did explain what he was hearing, he felt confident. They both heard the same legends, the same tales. Surely he could find soulmate. When his mother laughed at his bold declaration, he started second guessing himself. 

When the woman stopped singing those songs, a young clear voice, still an unsteady soprano took over. By that time, Zack had got it into his head that he should become a hero…just like the ones in those songs, minus the whole dying part. 

For his part, his father tried to talk him into becoming a fisherman like him,  but in reality he didn’t want that life for his kid either. Hero sounded better. His mother never quite forgave him for that. 

Zack had taken to closing his eyes and listening when the crisp clear soprano began to sing. It had evened out with age and was beginning to crack itself into a tenor from time to time. 

The singer had also expanded their singing repertoire. He still heard those old hero songs…but now and then he swore he heard songs that were on his father’s radio. 

It was those times that Zack’s mentor Angeal decided he needed to get up and get training again. 

“Come on Ange,” Zack grumbled, “he’s almost to my favorite part.”

“You have thirty seconds,” Angeal said. Zack waited ten more before hopping to his feet. 

He missed Angeal’s fond headshake at him. 

Once the voice settled neatly into it’s tenor Zack began looking more and more hopefully in the shops and on the older radio stations, looking for new or upcoming folk singers. 

He was adamant that this person had to be becoming famous somewhere. Angeal humored him, but Zack was pretty sure he didn’t believe. 

They were traveling up into the mountains. Angeal heard about a dragon plaguing a few of the villages up there and decided it was as good a time to test Zack as any. 

They found it along the main road up to a foreboding Mount Nibel. A few of the villagers from Nibelhiem were trapped there. A teenaged girl about Zack’s age begged them to help find her friend who had gotten separated from them. 

They watched a blonde boy scamper around rocks, trying to stay out of sight of the dragon. He was doing well, until the best began smashing rocks in its frustration. 

“Fetch,” was all Angeal said and Zack was off. The dragon roared as Zack helped up the boy and half ran, half carried him to safety. Angeal started in with his sword drawn and Zack sprinted to join him. 

Angeal had taught him well and the dragon really wasn’t that difficult of an opponent. They were walking back to the stranded people in less than fifteen minutes, their cheers making Zack blush a little. Angeal nudged him, nodding at the blonde he’d rescued. He looked relieved to see them both alive. 

They were invited to stay at the inn for free, since one of them happened to be the mayor’s daughter. 

“Cloud is going to be singing tonight,” she told them excitedly, “he’s the best singer in town.” 

“Shut up Tifa,” the blonde said, turning a bright shade of red. 

“You are!” she insisted. 

“What do you sing?” Zack asked. Angeal rolled his eyes a little, used to the usual question. Zack had a right to look. 

“Oh…just old folk stuff mostly,” Cloud said, “I’ve been trying to write some of my own-”

“Those ones are the best,” Tifa insisted, making him blush more. 

“Do you know the one about the mortal who turned out to be Odin’s son?” Zack asked, “I can’t remember the title.” Cloud had only sung one verse (enough for Angeal to decide he was actually quite good) when Zack tripped and fell flat on his face. 

“It’s you…” Zack said, “It’s you!” Cloud was confused as Zack turned to Angeal and said, “I told you he was a good singer!” 

“Do you think…you’d ever write a song about me?” Zack asked shyly. Cloud looked thoughtful. 

“Most of the ones I wrote were about you,” Cloud admitted, “but I guess I could write another, just give me some time to come up with words that rhyme with Zack.”

sort of a fuck coworkers, I guess. I work at a carousel at my local mall, and when I was hired, it made for 5 employees, including the two managers. one of them quit in spectacular fashion (because honestly, K, the hiring manager, has a very specific idea of what a good candidate for employment looks like and I only barely squeezed into that. if you’ve had multiple positions that only last 1-2 months, forget about even getting an interview, and that sorta pisses me off, she’s one of those older people that also gave me a bit of a “hurr durr technology is evil and einstein was a witch” chat the other day, but I digress.) leaving just the two managers, me, and one other woman. the managers are already there all the damn time, the other woman that’s there really doesn’t want that many hours (must be nice to have enough income to not really need 15 hours at minimum wage), so I was asked how many hours I actually want. I’ll take all the hours I can get, but I need time to get back into the swing of working. the two jobs I’ve had together for a while haven’t required a lot of me, one only needs like five hours on the weekend, at night, and the other is about an hour and a half, two days a week, after the grade schools get out. I’m not used to getting up in the morning. I’ve got a list of chronic illnesses as long as my arm, and insomnia kicks the shit right out of me. I was supposed to have my last training shift this morning, but I’d only had like two hours of sleep and I texted the manager I was supposed to work with, saying there was no way in hell I could do this. I need to finish my training, getting in a morning shift before I start taking actual operator shifts, and she doesn’t work any more mornings between now and the first day I’m scheduled. I’m not expecting to work mornings ever, but I do sorta have to know how to open because there’s only ever one of us there at a time.

tl;dr: local carousel violently understaffed, new worker just trying her damnedest to keep up

Kylo Ren || You’re Weak

Originally posted by littlechmura

Y/N lent against the wall taking in deep breaths and looking around the room. All of the windows were covered in condensation from all of the hard work you had been doing. You pushed your back against the wall and closed her eyes taking in what was happening. She was training with Kylo Ren. She needed to be stronger. “You’re thinking too much.” He said to her. “No I’m not.” She lied thinking back to the day it all went wrong. Suddenly two hands were attached to her head and she was crying out in pain. “What are you-” She stopped and started screaming as he searched through her memories. “You’re thinking about the weak one.” He commented as he continued to search. “Ben Solo.” She cried out letting tears pool out from her tightly closed eyes.

“He’s dead Y/N” Leia said looking at the girl pacing around the kitchen. “No, he’s just lost” Y/N protested. “He’s dead!” Han shouted at her making the girl flinch. The boy she had fallen for was gone. “Dead.” She said looking at them. “Because you wouldn’t let him become stronger!” She yelled at the two of them. “Y/N you don’t mean that.” Han said touching her shoulder, she snatched it away from him. “I do.” She said grabbing her bag and throwing clothes into it. “Where are you going?!” Leia yelled to her. “Anywhere, nowhere, I don’t really care.” She said throwing it over her shoulder and walking out. “HE’S DEAD Y/N GET OVER IT!” Han yelled as she slammed the door letting tears roll down her face.

Kylo took his hands away from her face. “Dead?” She shook wiping her eyes and playing with her crop top. “Thats what they told me. Ben solo is dead.” He looked at her through the visor. She still had no idea that he was Ben inside of there. “I need to get back to training.” She said shaking it off. “Just like that?” He asked looking at her. “I need to be strong, not just for me, for Ben.” She said picking up the fake light saber and looked at Kylo. “You’re still training me?” He nodded and picked up his fake one. “Go.” She said starting to hit his. ‘BEN DON’T LEAVE ME I LOVE YOU PLEASE DON’T GO. The thoughts rushed through her head making her attacks faster on Kylo and going harder on him. “I need to do this Y/N, I love you too. I’ll be back before you even know it.” She hit the light saber again harder. Thats when the images flashed through her mind, him kissing her and hugging her before he left and died. Kylo his her with the light saber. “You’re weak.” She sat on the floor knees in her chest. “You’re too focused on Ben.” She looked up at him tears rolling down her face. “Don’t speak to me about being weak! You hide behind a mask! You’ve probably never even loved anyone!” She yelled standing up and facing away from him, she walked to the black table grabbing a bottle of water. “I have.” She heard the robotic like voice answer back. She put the bottle down not turning to look at him. “I’ve been in love with her since I can remember.” She stopped looking in the window at the reflection. He now had no mask on. She said nothing not trusting her voice. “Ever since we were children.” She turned to look at him, he was now just stood in a vest top, leather pants and his mask on the floor. She looked around until her eyes landed on him. “This is some sort of sick Force trick.” She said rubbing her eyes. “Ben died.” She said looking at the floor. “Look at me!” He yelled making her jump. “I’m here, I’m alive.” She walked slowly over to him and touched his face. Every inch of it. Almost as if she was inspecting it for a zip. “Y-You’re?” He nodded and a single tear rolled down her cheek and she walked away. “Hey I’m here.” She span around slapping him right across the face and then looking at him. “You let me believe you were dead!” She screamed out in pain tears now rolling as fast as ever. “I mourned for you” She said looking at him and then walking towards him again. “I’m sorry.” She said looking at the red hand print. “I just-I-I didn’t know what else to do.” She paused looking deep into his eyes. “You’re alive.” She said looking at him. “I am.” He placed her arms around his neck and swayed with her. “There’s no music.” She said looking at him. “Shut up.” He said before leaning down and kissing her passionately.  


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Hello, friends! Because I reached another follower milestone (y’all are awesome) and I need to get back on the writing train (very badly), I am doing a fic giveaway. Here’s the deal:

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How you can win:

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Alone Together

Chapter 1: Where We Go From Here

Rating: PG

Ship: Kidge/Pieth/Keidge, Pidge/Keith

Fic Summary:

“I don’t know where you’re going, but do you have room for one more troubled soul?”

After the loss of Shiro and the defeat of Zarkon the team tries to move on, and the tension brings together Keith and Pidge in ways neither could have imagined.


It had been a long, exhausting year since the Paladins of Voltron had finally defeated Zarkon and brought peace to the universe.

It had also been a year since anyone had seen Takashi Shirogane.

I was hard, at first. They frantically searched every corner of the galaxy, called every old ally, but they came up with nothing time and time again. Eventually they knew that there was nothing to be done.

Of course, they didn’t give up. There was still much to do. Peace was a relative term, and while the high command of Galra empire had been quiet, there were still hundreds of planets still held under generals and commanders with delusions of grandeur who refused to loosen their hold. Pidge still had to find her family, and Allura began reaching out and laying the foundation for a more formal alliance between the worlds and rebels who had fought against Zarkon in Voltron’s absence.

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