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         astor spent so little time thinking on the things that ate at him that he was often left feeling like he was caught in a whirlwind. he had the night off, morrigan must’ve known. she entered his apartment without any warning with that look on her features. her mind was like his own, & wandered far more often than near, but she was worse at getting lost than he was. the light was gone, her gaze unfocused. he hadn’t seen the expression before, but his attention was instantly grabbed by it. he had put his book down, raising his form to a stand in the same instant. his approach was slow, you never know what reaction you may get from a vampire in this state. she’d come to the middle of his living room before coming a halt, her eyes trained on him, but she was not seeing him. that is how he ended up here, how he was.

         it started with a soft touch to her arm, before his fingers danced down to her own, lifting her hand & pulling her into a soft hug. they stood like that for long enough that even his vampire knees got stiff, & without him meaning two, the pair ended up swaying, at his soft lead. that seemed to do the trick, & her hands were finally responsive to his actions, coming around him with in a soft grip. his words were soft against her hair as the continued to sway, dancing with no music.

               ❝welcome back, love.❞

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Departing Messages from the Divine

Aries: “Just keep running kid, don’t ever stop, even if you are scared, that’s what makes those stars collide”
Taurus: “I want you to appreciate the beauty in what I have created, and so you will find pleasure in every moment”
Gemini: “Watch what’s going on down there then come back and tell me everything they’re getting up to”
Cancer: “There is a time people will feel that I abandoned them, and I want you to take them in”
Leo: “I want you to be a showcase of my artistry and creative genius through your striking self expression”
Virgo: “Use those magic eyes and diamond mind to perceive the intricate detail in everything I have crafted. This is where you will find true beauty”
Libra: “Things will be hard down there. I want you to be everyone, so they can see the beauty of themselves in you, the spirit that softens hearts”
Scorpio: “I want you to become unafraid of coming back to me”
Sagittarius: “I will see you again, you will find me on earth, in your own way, I am waiting for you”
Capricorn: “I’ll walk side by side with you, you will be my second in command, together we will uphold the world”
Aquarius: “Promise me you will explore with ravishing ferocity that mind I created under moonlit madness”
Pisces: “People will become broken and wounded down there. I want you to offer your solace, because you smell of me, you will bring them home”


I don’t want you to forget about me. It’s selfish, isn’t it? How I try my best to get you off my mind, how I listen to loud music so I can drown out the sound of your laughter that still vibrates in my ears, how I cut my hair and dyed it to pretend you never pushed strands of it off my forehead, how I burned the photos and the letters until nothing but ash was left. Yet I hope you remember my eyes when you look at the moon, hope you remember the way my hand perfectly fit into yours, remember how we thought we would last forever. Until we didn’t. Until we broke apart. And I hope you forget about this, about the ugly fights, the high pitched screaming and the bad words and think about the good times instead. But you won’t. I know you can’t keep the good memories in mind and pretend the bad ones don’t exist. No matter how much I wish you could. And no matter how much I want you to remember me while I forget about you - that’s not the way it works. And I wish it was, because I can’t run from you without ending up right where I started. And I’m sick of running.
—  What I wish for isn’t fair, I know. But I can’t help it.

Like I’ve mentioned several times recently I’ve been so busy with school. Sitting at a desk trying to memorize and understand 4 subjects is hard, like really hard. One thing that I have found comfort in is trying my hand at calligraphy. Obviously not the super fancy, regal type but just simple doodles and words. It’s just nice to get my mind off school and do something simple yet creative. 

Masculinity in the Star Trek Reboot: Are you noticing a trend here?

Despite the fact that the Star Trek reboot offends many of my Trekkie sensibilities, I’ll be the first to admit that it was fun. I think the whole cast was superb (even if some of the casting choices made me cringe—it’s a pretty impressive accomplishment to make viewers wish Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t in your movie). And I think setting it in an alternate reality was absolutely brilliant; it gave the writers a certain amount of artistic freedom while also getting Leonard Nimoy to don a pair of pointy ears again, a stroke of creative and financial genius.

So just to be clear: I don’t mind that the reboot is different from the original. What I mind is how (and, perhaps more importantly, why) it’s different. I appreciate it when creators try to put their own spin on something instead of being slavishly loyal to the source material. However, I also think it’s important to note that many (if not most) of the ways that the Star Trek reboot departed from the original series are about glorifying traditional masculinity at the expense of the feminine. The treatment of women in the reboot has, of course, been extensively discussed, but I’d like to put it in a wider context that includes the characterization of the male characters, as well as the overall themes in the reboot.

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06/10/16:: Hi, y’all! I can’t believe I can say that I have over 1600 followers on letustudy. I want to thank you so much to all my followers who even care about a high school junior and her experiences in high school. I’ve decided to do a master post as a thank you to my followers. As most of my time is spent on Tumblr (when I’m not studying or learning something new) I’ve come across a lot of great studyblrs and helpful links that I’ve gathered up. So without further nonsense, here are the bestest if the best:

Study Help:

College survival:

Bullet Journals:

School organisation:

Favourite products:

Helpful apps:


|Printer pro| can print anything from your phone to a connected printer

|Pocket*| A read later app

|retail-me-not*| A coupons on the go app

|Groupon*| Everything for cheap

|Plant nanny*| track water intake

|Sleepy time*| Determine sleep cycles

|IF*| make your own ‘recipes’

|TED*| watch very helpful & informative videos on numerous subjects

|Scholly| Scholarship search

|Remind 101*| Keeps you connected with your teachers and classroom (only helpful if teachers are subscribed)

|Admittedly*| College searches

|Timeful*| Set habitats & designated study times to be entered in calendars

|Converter*| converts things such as ounces to mL

|Luminosity*| Daily brain challenge games

|Chegg College*| College searches

|Scholarships*| Scholarship search

|Study Cal*| Track assignments, classes, and upcoming due dates

|Duolingo*| Language learner

|Refme*| Creates references and tracks them

|Forest*| Build your own forest with your focus!

|ACTup*| ACT practice

The few times I met you, Monty… the few times I spoke to you and had the awesome privilege to hear your advice absolutely changed my life. I can absolutely say that I am who I am and where I am today because of your creative mind and your inspiration. A year with you gone is a year the world has been changed and you will never leave our hearts. And if I wasn’t already convinced of how incredible of a human you are, getting to know some of your closest friends these past few months has just solidified that fact 1,000,000 fold. Sonja and Daniel are two of my best friends on this planet and I shit you not when I say I entrust my life to them. They have pushed me to keep following my dreams, have dried my tears at 3 am when I feel like the whole world is against me, and given me no-bullshit advice because they care so goddamn much. Those two kickass guys carry on your teachings everyday and it is because of them I and so many others remember to keep moving forward. You’re never really gone when you leave us– you live on in your work, your art, your fans, and most of all those closet to you. Thank you for this unbelievable impact you’ve left on the world.

I miss you, Monty. We all do.

Thank you. <3

“You know when you’re the first to go

Well it’s harder just to be alone

Now we’re fading like a photograph

And I’m scared that you’re all I have

Cause I know you

It’s been a week since I fell apart

They say it’s getting better

But if this is the end, then when was the start?

They say it’s getting better”

“Out of Mind”

Watercolor and pencils 

This is my entry for the Magic Man Lyric Art contest, so if you like it, vote here [x] Thank you!

So this being James S Potter’s first year, Teddy Lupin’s last, and McGonagall’s year of thinking she would retire kind of makes me so happy. Like, we’re continuing the lives of the characters without books and that to me is something special.

i honestly wish somebody had taught me how to pay attention to myself when i was younger. being able to tell the difference between when i’m just being lazy and when i need to rest and recover has worked wonders in my productivity. i get so much more useful studying done now, and i actually study less. i only study when i know that im ready and open to study - i don’t study just for the sake of studying, theres no point, it won’t go in. when im craving and dreaming about relaxation or creativity or fresh air, thats not me being a useless student, thats my mind telling me its not going to be receptive to information. throughout school it was drilled into us that we go to school, sit through lessons, then go home, do homework, eat dinner, go to bed - we were never told that if youre sitting at your desk having to read the same sentence four times over, daydreaming about baking or reading or shopping, that maybe perhaps we should pay attention to that. and i feel so much better about studying now - i associate it with a positive, enjoyable, meaningful experience, rather than a long, drawn out, frustrating series of hours.


Studying anything at a museum gives me a peek into what might have gone through the minds of other creatives. Being with the art in person, I am able to capture so much more with my eyes than what I would from studying a photograph. The sensation you get when looking at a piece in real life is incomparable. I would recommend to any artist, if possible, studying real pieces up close before just diving into studying photos.

—Artist @franklinlei, profiled for our #GettyInspired series today on the Iris

Pages from Franklin’s notebook with sketches of Bernini’s Bust of Pope Paul V and Riccio’s Virgin and Child at the Getty Museum

It’s not like I asked for this,
Because why would I ask
For years in hell,
And no way to crawl out
Of the prison that is your mind.

So don’t get mad when I slip,
Because walking
With a backpack full of demons,
Is often next to impossible.
But I’m trying, I swear.

I just wish you would see that,
and think of it as enough.

—  Just be proud of my successes…please… (Jaymee)

My mind is blown, my eyes are stained with tears, and I am filled with determination.

This is singlehandedly the greatest Undertale fic I’ve ever read.

If you’ve already finished the game and desired a happier ending for Asriel, I highly recommend CourierNew’s ‘One by One’. Not only does it explore the hidden mysteries of the game in such an immersive and believable way, but I feel the biggest success of this fic is how it explores the effect that resets and events had on the characters, particularly Sans, and especially Frisk.

It’s consistent, the characterization and tone is on point, it expands on already established lore, and in the end, I feel like this fan work provides a perfect sense of closure to those who wanted more out of the Undertale experience. Please give it a read if you’re interested. 

The Argument | Luke Hemmings

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Everything smells like bleach, the carpets are so clean they’re dirty. My hands get rough from the chemicals, my mind gets soft from the television. They say you never know what you have until it’s gone, but I think it’s that you never know what you have until it’s got a gun to your head. Love is an inevitable game that will leave us all sore losers, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a hopeless romantic who should be trusted under no circumstances. I am telling you this to get the smell of cleaning supplies out of my head, I am telling you this to transfuse my blood, I am telling you this to scrub the death out from under my fingernails. When you have a fever, sweat it out, when you have a cold, wait it out, when you have a rotted part of your heart where someone evil used to reside, cut it out and feed it to the strays.