Fringe’s last goodbye.

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I'm working on an unofficial biography of you ;) give me info~~ oil paints, messy bun, 11:11

Don’t go spreading lies about me :p

oil paints: what would you title the autobiography of your life so far?

     Uuuuhhhhhhh can I cheat and use my favorite latin phrase? Cause it’s “nec temere nec timide” so basically “be neither reckless nor timid.” idk it’s a good life motto and this is a hard question

messy bun: the world is listening. pick one sentence you would tell them.

     “Be kind to each other.” Simple as that, I just want to live in a world where everyone is valued equally and no one has to live in fear of anything resulting from someone else’s ire. No war, people helping each other, etc.

11:11: name three wishes and why you wish for them.

     1. No more hate in the world this basically goes with what I just said above and also because there has been enough violence and hatred throughout human history and I think we can take a break now at least come on.

     2. okay this one is totally lame too but for myself and all my loved ones to be happy. Not like “frivolous” happy but that kind of serene, content happy you feel sometimes and only really notice right before it goes away.

     3. For all possible research and efforts to shift to saving/preserving nature instead of making everything easier for people mainly because nature rocks (hehe, get it?) and I’m perpetually sad about coral bleaching and excessive deforestation. or you know, for magic to be real because I’m not satisfied with reality lmao

Thanks for the complicated, deep questions, ya loser!! <3 I love ya!

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Hey can you do a Dating Joker includes?

Originally posted by totalxretard

• Being as insane as him

• Gotham fearing you two more than anything else

• Getting your own super villain name

• Absolutely loving his scars

• “ They make you even scarier and I love that. ”

• Him always touching you

• Lot of make out session

• Big fights 

• Like screwing until your lungs hurt and throwing things

• But it’s only making your relationship stronger 

• Him breaking you out of Arkham 

• “ Hello, pumpkin, missed me?

• Having nothing against torture and murder

• Sitting on his lap when he’s in a reunion

• His men knowing not to make a move on you

• One of them trying anyway and you end up killing him yourself 

• J always giving you a new knife for your birthday

• You two being commit to each other for good or worst

• Mostly for worst

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Hey there! I just had this great question I had to ask! How are the 2ps with kids?

2p Italy: Haha what are children… Literally has no idea what to do with them

2p Japan: If any child to the age of 10 or younger step up to him, he would be forcing himself to not look. He’s so awkward with kids, but he attracts them all to well

2p Germany: Not the worst, but the not the best. He would mostly just use his height and strength to an advantage and carry/spin them around.

2p Romano: Horrible around children. He might have his few glory moment but trust me, he hasn’t any experience with children or has even really been around any in his life. Also, what are children

2p Prussia: Might be really awkward with them at first but just treats them like he did Lutz. Honestly he’s wonderful around any child and is parent material.

2p America: Baseball anyone??? Would take them out for icecream and play sports and do all sorts of fun time consuming activities. Pretty good around children. He’s still a huge kid at heart.

2p Canada: Soooo because he has a polar bear living with him he might be just a little rough and might treat the child more like a dog because no proper experience with children.

2p France: Has and had too many kids. He knows exactly what to do and that’s place them in front of tv and make them sleep. He’s decent around kids until they’re asleep; now he’s back to his old self

2p England: Also has and had too many kids, but is better parent material like Gillen. He’s wonderful around kids. He loves children, children love him; he’s perfect for this. He was built to be a parent.

2p Russia: Aha… He would be really prepared for being around children if his size didn’t intimidate them first.

2p China: Really playful around them and actually is really attentive around them. He usually would have a lot of younger ones greet and have really quirky conversations with him like they were really familiar.


2p Austria: Would literally just leave them to do both of their own thing. Is nit attentive at all until he hears a lot of noise or screams. Then dad mode kicks in

2p Spain: Nope. What is a kid? He has zero conversation skills, zero personality a child could warm up to and he has the tongue of a sailor. Might not be the best for children

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Royai with 19 could be cute if you're up to it!

I got this one done a lot faster than I thought, so even though I’ve already posted a finished prompt request today, I’m posting this one too so I don’t forget about it. >_>

This is also posted on Fanfiction.Net and AO3.

This prompt was sent to me soon after I posted the Dialogue Prompts list so I guessed that was the list you were requesting from. This was a particular prompt I liked a lot as it worked well for both Royai and my OC couple, so thanks for this request!

19 - I would say this cake was baked with love, but I had a bad day so it’s baked with chocolate and hatred.

Riza Hawkeye was having a terrible day and it was Roy’s fault. Mostly.

When Riza woke up that Monday morning, one of the worst headaches she’d had in a long time made it near impossible to open her eyes to even the meager amount of light pouring in through the cracks in her curtains.

That was when annoyance number two made itself apparent to her. It was raining. Not that that was a horrible thing, it just meant she would have to be extra cautious watching the colonel’s back that day if they ended up getting called on any last minute missions.

Having such a bad headache wasn’t going to help in that department.

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(( soooooo I’m almost at a milestone and I don’t do give aways cause I’m super bad at them and am literally the biggest procrastinator on earth someone slay me so I might just choose some of the blogs that have most interacted w me over this past year, or who have helped me develop Katherine into this fleshed out, troubled heart she is, and just privately send them thank you drawings. ))

Friendly reminder to stop drawing skin concepts that erase a character’s disabilities.

This means, mostly, Vulcan, Odin, and Chronos.

Father Time Chronos is the worst skin in the game. It erases everything. His metal body and his missing eye are not taken into account at all. Stop designing skin concepts like this. If you’re going to remove Chronos’ eyepatch, at least make it clear that whatever’s underneath doesn’t function like an eye should. Fallen Lord Chronos does this well enough.

Odin is an asshole. He is an irredeemable jackass. But he’s still missing an eye. It’s gone forever. Give him a prosthetic or keep the eyepatch on, he’s not getting his eye back.

Vulcan is a big one. He was literally dropped from Olympus for being born with a disability. If you’re not a dipshit, you don’t just throw that part of his life out. Someone once designed an “athelete” sort of skin for Vulcan where his leg was not a prosthetic. He just had two normal legs. When I asked them why, they said “it didn’t seem characteristic for an athelete to have a prosthetic”. I shit you not.

The ableism in the SMITE fandom needs to be recognized and called out.

(Feel free to add anything that needs to be added.)

Taylor Swift Album Delayed Over “Flop” Fears NOT True

By Shari Weiss | 12:41 pm, August 13th, 2016

Taylor Swift’s album is not delayed over fears it will “flop,” despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story.

Celeb Dirty Laundry asks in a headline, “Taylor Swift Album Details: Singer’s PR Team Worried About Flop In Sales, Career In Crisis?” The accompanying mean-spirited story says, “Taylor Swift has so far had one of the worst summers of her career, mostly because of all the gossip surrounding her Kanye West feud, Kim Kardashian’s leaked tapes and of course, her Tom Hiddleston romance. Yet, there’s new speculation that Taylor Swift’s PR team is worried about her plummeting popularity and that’s why the singer won’t be release an album this year, in fear that it might flop.”

“Taylor Swift has always enjoyed massive success in the charts but it looks like her personal life is overshadowing her talents,” says the site, which goes on to claim, “While there’s no doubt that a new Taylor Swift album would generate plenty of buzz and would be just as successful as her last studio offering, 1989, her team is worried about a potential career crisis.”

The webloid further alleges, “Taylor Swift’s reputational crisis would definitely hurt her album sales and that’s why her PR team knows it would be best to wait until the crisis blows over.” There’s nothing, however, to back up the claims. In fact, CDL ends its piece by asking, “Do you think Taylor Swift is postponing her next album because of her multiple celebrity feuds and the headlines about her Calvin Harris breakup and Tom Hiddleston romance?”

Allow Gossip Cop to answer: No. Swift never had an album confirmed for this year, so to make it seem like one has now been delayed is both misleading and untrue. And given that the superstar is one of the most successful artists of all time, there is absolutely zero concern about her next record being a “flop” for any reason.

A trusted source exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “The Celeb Dirty Laundry report is completely made up and 100 percent false.” As for the allegation that Swift’s reputation is now suffering, our contact points to a Buzzfeed poll from last month, which was conducted by an independent media company. The survey of more than 2,500 participants found “people like Taylor Swift waaaaay more than they like the Kardashian Wests.” In fact, 55 percent of people felt favorably about Taylor, while West only had a 15 percent favorable rating, and Kardashian 16 percent.

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Am I late for the party? Could I ask for Shuu 36, 33, 28, 5, 1

1. What does their bedroom look like?

Plain and boring with little personality. A violin is neatly tucked in the corner and a few clothes are in a pile on the floor since he’s too lazy to do laundry or put them in the hamper. The space is otherwise bare and looks as if no one has lived in it with the exception of the clothes on the floor. 

5. Cleanliness habits (personal, workspace, etc.)

Shu doesn’t do much in terms of cleaning his room or the house but is more keen on personal hygiene than he would appear. 

28. Who do they see as their best friend? Their worst enemy?

Edgar was the only friend he ever had and the last person he’d consider a friend. He doesn’t really consider anybody his worst enemy mostly because he doesn’t care enough to despise anyone even if they despise him (talking about Reiji here). 

33. Concept of home and family?

Shu considers the whole thing troublesome and annoying. He doesn’t want a family after being stuck with the one he has and finds the concept of having children a bother.  

36. What makes them feel guilty?

Any time he thinks about Edgar he is consumed by guilt and any time he fails to protect the ones he ends up caring about he feels guilty. He has since cut ties to feeling anything for anybody to avoid the guilt and the pain of loss.

audiokinesis replied to your post “i really hate that one mccree voiceline that triggers when u go after…”

ive never played mccree outside of “HEY LETS HAVE FIVE COWBOYS” matches and im. terrified of what this weird little man is capable of saying

mostly unrelated but the worst custom game i was ever in was 12 mccrees, no cooldowns, and respawn was twice as long. nearly everyone had the goddamn huckleberry voice line equipped. it was? horrendous??

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Paulie crying and saying he thought him and Victor were cool from day 1. Does he not even KNOW how Zakiyah felt last week and how unsympathetic and cold he was acting towards her when she was on the block?

paulie is like incapable of sympathizing with other people but mostly women. he’s the most emotional person in the WORST ways. his aggression and temper are scary, yet he has this misogynistic view that all emotions women experience that are not approved by him are irrational. but as soon as he experiences something similar, everyone must sympathize with him or else they are “evil” (literally what he called michelle).