→       MARCUS & SCARS

  • Minor nerve damage on his hand resulting from burn damage in season one. Almost entirely healed. 
  • Large scar on his thigh as a result of having femoral artery lacerated in season two. This did not have time to properly heal as they were captured by Mt Weather en route back to Camp Jaha which delayed treatment. A large portion of the time jump between S2 & S3 was spent healing for him as he faced muscle weakness and/or numbness as well as bouts of low, throbbing pain. 
  • Scarification on his arm from the Coalition branding. ( even if the writers forgot to include this ?? it wouldn’t go away that quickly ?? ) 
  • Scars on his wrists from S3 crucifixion.
  • Various very minor and small (read: nearly unnoticeable)  scars as a result of close proximity to explosions in S1, S2, & S3. Mostly around his neck, cheeks, or forehead area. 
So, yeah.  That updating thing...

I’ve had the worst couple of weeks when it comes to writing, and I wanted to apologize to everyone who’s waiting for updates.  I’ve had brutal migraines on and off for the last 2 weeks (last night’s was the worst yet!) and I’ve mostly been away from the computer, except for doing useless stuff.  

Hopefully…I’m back to writing now.  Assuming I can finish off this next chapter of ADB, I hope to update tomorrow or Thursday.  And assuming that a) the migraine stays gone and b) the puppy behaves himself moderately well.  

PSA: Siberian husky puppy + migraines = hell.  Unless he’s being cuddly, in which case he has a magic power to put even the worst migraine on hold for a few minutes.

i hadnt drawn these 3 together so i had to change that !!

Hiatus AU: Mark drags Damien back across the country in what amounts to the most karmic reverse kidnapping in history, but stopping to take hipster pics of scenic overlooks will not protect you from the scary stuff lurking in the liminal space behind highway truck-stops. (A03)

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Baron Corbin x reader

(y/n) is very insecure about her looks & stuff but Baron shows her exactly why he loves every piece of her.

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anonymous asked:

Who was the rudest stranger you've ever met? What did they say/do that was so rude?

70% of retail customers. I used to work in a UK supermarket chain called ‘Waitrose’ - infamous for being overpriced and pretentious with everything they sell along with being highly priced for branded normal stuff from Pepsi to Rice Krispies.

I was told the extra costs on stuff were because you were 'paying for the service and experience’ while shopping there - they were dedicated to making weekly shops a stand-out part of the week. Problem with that is you attract the snobs and the spoilt shits - you can honestly get refunded for buying a banana, going out the front of the shop, stepping on it and coming back to say you found it like that - Waitrose staff are obsessed with making sure you have absolutely no reason to complain. Retail customers are mostly awful anyway but Waitrose customers are THE WORST. And it’s over stuff that everyone buys in any other supermarket. I’ve been insulted over my looks, the way I sit, the fact I told somebody once that they were at a self-serving checkout (I had their trolley thrown at me, no joke), the fact I pushed trolleys most of the time and got joked at for being too stupid to be on a checkout (SERIOUSLY BY CUSTOMERS), and even had an old guy once tell me that he 'didn’t survive World War 2 to be treated like shit’ because I asked him if he’d like any bags or help with packing - a job requirement, by the way.

Retail work I can’t recommend enough to every single person in the world - it gives you the perfect picture on how the world works, how different classes of people treat each other, and boosts your self defence for any other shit thrown at you for later life. Like I said though, Waitrose is the worst, and a good 30% were still lovely, but I think most retail workers can relate!

so i see that the whole headcanon for paternal dynamic between d.va and 76 is polarizing and people mostly see it either as cute/sweet or wrong/the worst and it’s always one or the other but i always sit here like: why not both?

the way i see it, d.va and 76 have a rough start. he’s inclined to be condescending to her because she comes off as playing around and not taking her duties as a soldier very seriously at all– hence their “war isn’t a game” / “are you sure life isn’t a game, soldier 76?” banter when she could actually be taking her duties very seriously and there’s certainly room for her to think poorly of him based on the fact that he disappeared and abandoned his duty when the world needed him. so the way i see it, they don’t get along at first. he thinks she’s a naive kid who couldn’t possibly understand what she’s doing and she resents the fact that he doesn’t respect her and treats her like a child even though she certainly doesn’t think very highly of him either.

but, that’s where this wonderful thing called development comes in. imagine them both being up late at night because they can’t sleep. 76 assumes it’s because she’s playing games (which she is) but she confesses that she had a nightmare. there were other young gamers like her who got drafted. not all of them made it. imagine 76 slowly learning that while d.va seems to treat everything like a game, the things she gets into? real shit. imagine 76 eventually confiding in her about the difficulties of shouldering the responsibilities and hopes put upon him by so many people and, well, d.va understands that too.

i think eventually they’d find common ground and learn to respect one another. then from there maybe it develops into a paternal sort of dynamic. i don’t see it becoming a like GO TO YOUR ROOM YOUNG LADY/daddy’s little diva kind of dynamic, but i can see them becoming protective of each other eventually and having that kind of constantly (but affectionately) giving each other shit kind of father-daughter dynamic. 

I don’t like to talk much about my personal life here you know?…

But I’ll try and make an exception today, because I feel like I really messed up last night…

Random rant: on BL

I finished reading an omegaverse manga and when I got to the “recommend”/comment section, I found some people who claimed they didn’t realize they were reading an omegaverse story till they’d finished at least a good number of chapters… when on page 2 of the first chapter, it’s clearly stated that the main family manufactures omega heat suppressants, and the family business is full of alphas.

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(My face when I read that.)

I’m not gonna lie: it made me a little angry. 

Under the cut you can find the revelation of my true intolerant self (sorry if anyone gets disappointed) and my view on BL (not that anyone cares):

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we were built to fall apart, then fall back together

terrible headcanon time that whenever scott and stiles die, they’d end up in the white room and allison would be there waiting for them, aH H A  H   A;;; i’ll just see myself out 

i don’t know what i’ve been doing art-wise these past couple things but w/e!!! it’s simple and i’m mostly just fucking around to try and get out of this block i’ve been in;;;

Someone has already wondered why Charles killed Richard? And not directly Eleanor? Because his men, after Eleanor’s betrayal, wanted to kill her, not Richard Guthrie. If they turned to Richard, it was because Charles pushed them in that direction. Why ? It would probably have been simpler to kill Eleanor, even closer. Why then did Charles not? Because, as Jack says, in spite of everything that happened and the pain and anger that Charles felt, he was unconsciously trying to protect her. But he had to save his life. Then he found an alternative with his men. While protecting Eleanor without even consciously desiring it. And next door, you got Woodes Rogers. Who says he wants to protect Eleanor. And who thinks that the best way to protect Eleanor is to destroy Nassau. To bring back 12 warships and 2,000 Spanish soldiers when he knows that she is negotiating with the pirates and therefore logically there is little chance that she will not move from the fort (ah but no, i'ts true, he does not know his wife, he thinks that he is married to a good submissive woman who will ask permission to his advisers to leave Fort LOL). To bring back Eleanor’s nightmare on the spot. 

Result : Eleanor is dead. By Spanish Soldiers. 

Congrats, Rogers. Really.

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The OA Asks

Nina: Weirdest childhood memory?
Prairie: Would you say you’re mostly a leader or a follower?
Homer: What is the worst injury you’ve ever had? 
Rachel: What is your favourite song? 
Scott: Have you ever had an experience that changed your view on life?Renata: Do you play any instruments?
Buck: What is your gender and sexuality?
Steve: What do you do when you’re upset?
Jesse: What spiritual things (if any) do you believe in?
BBA: Are you the mum friend? 
French: How many siblings do you have?
Hap: How hardworking are you?

ok so, daryl’s recovering in hilltop, living with paul, and every day when paul gets home from whatever he’s doing, he’s just like “honey! I’m home!”
and he’s just joking at first and it kinda pissed daryl off bc maggie was threatening him with death if he was too active bc of his injuries. he just tells paul to fuck off n stop being an asshole, but paul doesn’t stop.
but next thing you know daryl’s finding it actually /endearing/ and kinda cute. it just becomes their thing. daryl starts playing along, just a little bit, asking him how “work” was, etc.
then one day he just kisses paul after he gets back. it’s kinda weird and awkward mostly because paul is totally awestruck and daryl is prepared for the worst. but it’s nice. it just becomes a part of their day, casual gentle kisses.
flash forward to a month later when daryl sits up in the bed they’re sharing at 4 am and he’s just like “shit I think we’re dating” bc it took him that long to realize that this was serious and paul was actually legitimately attracted to him.

It’s @vorchagirl‘s birthday! Well, it’s her birthday in her time zone. I was going to post this when I woke up in the morning but then I realized it wouldn’t be her birthday for her anymore. Time zones are weird.

Lena is a magnificent person and a wonderful friend and has been having a really shitty time lately dealing with a mostly destroyed house and lazy insurance company (insurance people are the worst ;)). So I wanted to draw a little something of one of my favorite couples–Rennah and James. I hope you like it!

Happy birthday!

hey im probably gonna delete this soon bc i have anxiety and stuff and if i dont get an immediate mostly positive response i will think im the worst human being alive but: how do yall feel about me posting more personal stuff on this blog like? idk? but i also have very bad anxiety, where i think if i change anything about the blog ill lose all my followers, and this blog is the biggest thing thats ever happened to me in a long time…idk….i just?? want a more personal relationship with u guys?? i want to do more?? lol pls idk what to do…..

In An Instant: Part 3

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Others I can’t remember right now

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

A/N: Short chapter. Sorry I’m the worst. I love you.

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It bordered on eery how many people you watched mindlessly drone by, eyes transfixed on devices, as you sat anxiously on a Central Park bench. Their eyes never met the horizon, focused solely on where they’d rather be than what was just ahead of them. Guilty of it yourself, enviously looking on at your friends on secluded beaches, bronzing themselves in a breezy solitude, while you collided with every pair of elbows on the crowded city sidewalk in the tepid smog of New York City, you sigh.    

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In the Morning I'll Call You - Chapter 2 - xiaq - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Stiles wakes up just past 6am to an empty bed and the smell of bacon. The bacon only slightly negates the disappointment of the empty bed.

He had plans, okay?

Sexy plans.

He stumbles into the kitchen, decidedly non-sexily, and drapes himself over Derek’s bare back, pressing a messy kiss to the nape of his neck.

“Too early,” he mumbles.

“Sorry,” Derek says, shifting the bacon in the pan. It pops and he takes a step back, turning the stove eye down a few degrees. Stiles moves with him.

“I had sexy plans,” Stiles says, nose shoved into the rumpled hair at the back of Derek’s head. “You ruined them. You are a sexy plan ruiner. That’s like. The worst kind of ruiner.”

Stiles realizes he’s mostly incoherent but he’s too sleep-dumb to care.

Derek laughs softly, tipping his head so he can rub his jaw against Stiles.’ His stubble is verging on beard-territory and Stiles closes his eyes, grinning against the tickle of it. Derek kisses his nose before turning back around to see to the bacon.

They are disgustingly domestic.

Stiles loves it.