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Do you think Jaime losing his hand is some sort of poetic justice for when he tried to find Arya so he could cut her hand off? (Though IMO Jaime should have suffered much more, he tried to kill one child and hurt another, he deserves the worst treatment there is)

Yes and no, but mostly no.  

They took my sword hand. Was that all I was, a sword hand? Gods be good, is it true? (Jaime IV, ASOS)

They had taken his hand, they had taken his sword hand, and without it he was nothing. The other was no good to him. Since the time he could walk, his left arm had been his shield arm, no more. It was his right hand that made him a knight; his right arm that made him a man. (Jaime IV, ASOS)

“I’ve lost the hand I killed the king with. The hand that flung the Stark boy from that tower. The hand I’d slide between my sister’s thighs to make her wet.” (Jaime V, ASOS)

Yes in that wanting to maim Arya would definitely fall into the category of “the hand that flung the Stark boy from the tower” in terms of “villainous deeds performed by Jaime Lannister which were symbolized by that hand and which now are calling him to reexamine his place in life”; but no in that he didn’t actually do it–unlike throwing Bran out a window, doinking Cersei, or killing Aerys.  

If he had actually cut off Arya’s hand or killed her the way that Cersei wanted, that’d be a whole different thing.  But he  doesn’t think of the Arya situation until a book after he loses his hand, which makes it feel–from an authorial angle–like an afterthought compared to those three mentioned above which happen right away.

“Do you see that window, ser?” Jaime used a sword to point. “That was Raymun Darry’s bedchamber. Where King Robert slept, on our return from Winterfell. Ned Stark’s daughter had run off after her wolf savaged Joff, you’ll recall. My sister wanted the girl to lose a hand. The old penalty, for striking one of the blood royal. Robert told her she was cruel and mad. They fought for half the night… well, Cersei fought, and Robert drank. Past midnight, the queen summoned me inside. The king was passed out snoring on the Myrish carpet. I asked my sister if she wanted me to carry him to bed. She told me I should carry her to bed, and shrugged out of her robe. I took her on Raymun Darry’s bed after stepping over Robert. If His Grace had woken I would have killed him there and then. He would not have been the first king to die upon my sword… but you know that story, don’t you?” He slashed at a tree branch, shearing it in half. “As I was fucking her, Cersei cried, ‘I want.’ I thought that she meant me, but it was the Stark girl that she wanted, maimed or dead.The things I do for love. “It was only by chance that Stark’s own men found the girl before me. If I had come on her first…” (Jaime IV, AFFC)

Even that memory is more about Cersei than about Arya.  Arya is routinely a tangential afterthought in Jaime’s mind rather than a focal point, which I think makes sense given the main sources of “Stark Tension” in his arc–Bran’s attempted murder and the quest to find Sansa.  He, like most people, assumes that she’s dead–but more than that he only thinks about her either in connection to Catelyn’s bargain or her likely being dead.  Even when he meets Jeyne Poole pretending to be Arya, his reaction is disconnected from any kind of weight Arya may influence over his personhood–unlike Bran, Sansa, Aerys, and Cersei.  

Jaime studied her closely. “You know me, then?”

She bit her lip. “You may not recall, my lord, as I was littler then … but I had the honor to meet you at Winterfell when King Robert came to visit my father Lord Eddard.” She lowered her big brown eyes and mumbled, “I’m Arya Stark.”

Jaime had never paid much attention to Arya Stark, but it seemed to him that this girl was older. “I understand you’re to be married.”

“I am to wed Lord Bolton’s son, Ramsay. He used to be a Snow, but His Grace has made him a Bolton. They say he’s very brave. I am so happy.”

Then why do you sound so frightened? “I wish you joy, my lady.” Jaime turned back to Steelshanks. “You have the coin you were promised?”

“Aye, and we’ve shared it out. You have my thanks.” The northman grinned. “A Lannister always pays his debts.”

“Always,” said Jaime, with a last glance at the girl. He wondered if there was much resemblance. Not that it mattered. The real Arya Stark was buried in some unmarked grave in Flea Bottom in all likelihood. With her brothers dead, and both parents, who would dare name this one a fraud? “Good speed,” he told Steelshanks. Nage raised his peace banner, and the northmen formed a column as ragged as their fur cloaks and trotted out the castle gate. The thin girl on the grey mare looked small and forlorn in their midst. (Jaime IX, ASOS)

Jaime says it himself: he’d never paid much attention to Arya Stark.  Maybe that’ll change in coming books but I think it’s misreading his arc and the symbolism of his hand and subsequent identity crisis to say that it’s poetic justice for Arya more than, say, killing Aerys.

SKAM 2/12-16

This clip was just so hard to watch… Not just because of their situation but it made me think about real life… It took me back to my worst low but mostly Im just thinking about people that go through these kind of things… Its hard but they get through it.

Thats why I think Isak and Even will end up together in the end. NRK needs to show that even though you have a mental illness you can still live a happy life. And I think Even and Isak will have a happy life together. 

I have a lot of thought right now but I cant really form them into words so this have to do right now.

Orange Is the New Black‘s Samira Wiley has booked a major recurring role in the third season of FXX’s You’re the Worst.

As THR reports, the actress will play Justina, Gretchen’s (Aya Cash) therapist. 

Justina helps Gretchen dip her toe into the waters of mental health, both in recovering from her recent depressive episode and dealing with new challenges. Justina has the unique ability to cut through Gretchen’s layers of crap and remain (mostly) unflappable, even when Gretchen is at her worst. Though she’s a great therapist, Justina isn’t exactly a paradigm of mental health — she’s very much trying to figure out her own life, including what to do about her unambitious boyfriend and thirsty need to Foursquare her every move.

“Samira is an incredibly talented, thoughtful and exciting actress. When I worked on Orange Is the New Black I got to write the episode with Poussey’s backstory, and we had such a good time that early on in writing this season of You’re the Worst I hit on the random thought of having Samira play Gretchen’s therapist. It seemed like kind of a weird choice, given that she’s younger, and on another show, but once it came to mind, the idea of casting anyone else bummed me out. So I didn’t,” said creator and executive producer Stephen Falk.

Season three will premiere on August 31st, and picks up immediately after Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen declared their love for one another.


A surprising amount of feedback for Make Me a Sandwich was cooking newbies motivated to try cooking for the first time! While that is AWESOME, there is some safety stuff y'all may not… have been… taught… ever…

Normally I would have thought this all went without saying, but PAST EXPERIENCE HAS SHOWN ME NOT TO TAKE EVEN THE BASICS FOR GRANTED. Keep in mind that this information is all super simplified and condensed, and The Esteemed Reader (you) would be well-served researching further.

(Comic is also on Tapastic, of course.)

Next week: KNIVES, and how not to cut off your hand Skywalker style.

signs as times brendon was being really obvious about ryden

aries: the summer poem
taurus: “woah, you don’t know ryan”
gemini: literally all of vices & virtues
cancer: brendon and ryan literally being the same people
leo: literally anytime brendon has refused to say ryan’s name
virgo: “we didn’t sleep in the same beds last time”
libra: impossible year lyrics
scorpio: putting a gay propaganda audio before casual affair 
sagittarius: folkin around and i have friends in holy spaces
capricorn: “the brendon/ryan sex tape”
aquarius: crying during northern downpour
pisces: “what about ryan ross?”


we were built to fall apart, then fall back together

terrible headcanon time that whenever scott and stiles die, they’d end up in the white room and allison would be there waiting for them, aH H A  H   A;;; i’ll just see myself out 

i don’t know what i’ve been doing art-wise these past couple things but w/e!!! it’s simple and i’m mostly just fucking around to try and get out of this block i’ve been in;;;

The Rye Social

Thanks to this post by @mellygrant, we now know who One Direction’s social media manager is - The Rye Social (some may have known previously, I didn’t).

One Direction, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, The X-Factor, and Syco are all clients. Melly says that Zayn is too, but I don’t see him on their client list.

Just thought I’d add a member of 1DHQ to the list that we can all be happy to say goodbye to when the time comes.

Strafbattalion, often referred to as “Hitler’s Dirty Dozen” were infantry units consisting of convicts and felons, all which were taken from German prisons and sent on dangerous operations, akin to suicide missions. One common mission of these doomed men was to walk across minefields in order to clear them. Those who refused any dangerous operation they were ordered to do were executed on the spot or taken to Sachsenhausen concentration camp. One such unit was the 36th Grenadier Division of the Waffen SS, whch beame known as the Dirlewanger Brigade, which was formed under the orders of Henirich Himmler. This particular unit was led by Oskar Dirlewanger, a convicted child molester. It was considered the “worst of the worst” and consisted of mostly murderers and rapists. Non-surprisingly, weaponizing these dangerous men proved deadly. They conducted mass executions on civilians; raping and torturing many of them beforehand. On one occasion, they set a pack of starving dogs upon residents of a small village. Another documented case reveals how they poisoned a group of young children with strychnine, for their own sadistic pleasure. It was said that they killed as many as 30,000 civilians before being sent to the front line, where they proved to be inexperienced in real combat fighting.

Jesse at work - inktober 5

Made with black, red, pink and blue ballpoint pens + white acrylic paint pen.

Yo, Jesse my old friend, it’s been a while that I didn’t deal with him.
This one took way longer than my other inktober drawings - I initially planned to make quick sketches but, oh well, it seems that my love for details is stronger! Plus the reference picture was too much interesting that it worsted to spend several hours on it. I mostly worked like on my pencil drawings - The technique with ballpoint pen is all about pressure on the nib, gently for light shading, strong for dark and to keep a similar stroke. But I had to be very careful too because ink blob could happens in any moment… Otherwise, I had fun and great improvement, but now, I don’t feel the need to keep going inktober, I think it’s a good way to achieve it.

AH Illegal Magic AU

Thinking of calling this the Illegal Magic AU. Edited the original post because I can’t do a reblog+edit combo now that tumblr doesn’t allow post editing anymore.

A modern fantasy au. They live in a large city all doing their own thing; they aren’t LPers. In this universe magic is known to exist but many forms are illegal or highly regulated and it has a mostly negative connotation among the public. Magical creatures exist but mostly have to pretend to be human (if they can) if they want to be treated with respect. Magical Creatures and magic users are a minority.

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