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I'm not that well-informed about the specific role of a producer. Do you know what sort of things or decision making process etc Benedict has to do as a producer for tcit?

Hey you :-)

Generally the producer; like Harvey Weinstein, or like BC for SunnyMarch pretty much has a say in everything. They manage the budget, buy or choose the script, raise funding and form partnerships, bring in screenwriters or commission rewrites, choose the director, and often work with the director (esp if the director is an auteur or a big name) but mostly autonomously choose the cast. Producers like Harvey are renowned for picking prestigious actors and directors which obviously help with funding :-)

The producer has, unlike the director, the longest relationship with a film as once the film is made, they have to market its promotion, branding and distribution as well. (The difference between a producer and an executive producer is mostly the latter oversees the producer’s work in relationship tot the distribution studio).

I’m making a leap here but - maybe because Bc has kinda been mentored a bit by Harvey - he and the SunnyMarch team already have made some great decisions imv in terms of source material, partnerships and casting (TCIT and Patrick Melrose for ex.)


Confessions - Kakasaku

“I love you.” The words tumble out of Kakashi’s mouth before he’s fully aware of what he’s saying.

There’s a moment of stunned silence, during which the battle noise around them dies abruptly. At least, it does for him, and somehow, that’s enough.

“I love you,” Kakashi repeats, voice firming on the words. “I’m in love with you,” he amends.

The shocked expression on Sakura’s face is almost enough to make him laugh. Almost. “Wh-what?” Her uncharacteristic stutter is endearing, and he chooses to focus on that. Part of Kakashi’s mind warns that they’re in the middle of a battle, this is neither the time nor the place. But they’re shinobi, hardly normal by any standard that could measure them. In the moment, battle-time confessions make perfect sense.

Kakashi doesn’t fight it. “I have for so long that I don’t even know when it began.” The words drive the air from his lungs, or maybe that’s the fight, but either way, he can’t breathe. The ground welcomes his collapsing knees.

There’s a soft chuckle rising in the back of Sakura’s throat. Her green eyes are impossibly brilliant against the drab grey and brown backdrop around them. Kakashi could lose himself in their emerald depths and not care to come back up for air. Her pale lips curl into a smile. “Oh?”

This time, Kakashi really does laugh and brushes a gloved hand over her dirty, scuffed, perfect cheek. “Yes,” he answers, working his fingers through the tangles in her vivid hair. “You’re the hum of combat, the calm of a rainy day, the fire that pushes me. You’re everything.”

“I love you too,” Sakura breathes, eyes fluttering shut. Her words tighten the knot forming in Kakashi’s chest, rather than loosening it. They throw the world into color around him. The blue of the sky has never been quite that bright before. Sakura’s pink hair catches the breeze and twists around her forehead. The blood on her chest is achingly crimson as it pulses between the rip in her armor.

“Sakura?” Kakashi shakes her gently and gets no response. He had known it was coming from the moment he saw her wound. There was so much blood.

Uncaring, Kakashi scoops her body into his arms and presses a kiss to her cheek. It’s tender and uncertain, two things Kakashi would have never imagined in himself. “You have to hold on,” he whispers, voice on the edge of breaking. “You can’t tell me that you love me, then leave me alone.”

Sakura doesn’t reply, and Kakashi forces himself to look away. If he can get her to Tsunade, there might be a chance, but it’s a slim one. Cradling the woman he loves against his chest, Kakashi turns north, the last place he saw the medic. Enemy and war torn land stand between them, how much, he isn’t certain. But, Kakashi knows the price is worth hearing Sakura say she loves him again. If he can make it time.

Like, like.

Hi, I thought there are quite a lot of blogs that are still accepting requests!! I have never heard of the song before and after you sent the ask, I gave it a listen to and I so agree with you. It definitely gave me the ‘this feels like it could be Peter’s song’. Anyways, thank you for sending in this request and hope you enjoy?


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Sometimes Peter feels a little bit bad for doing this but at the same time, he really can’t help himself. Every single time he is in front of you, he turns in to this bumbling mess and always end up either weirding you our or making a fool of himself. It’s mostly the latter though and Peter sometimes think he should probably just stop trying because who would even want him as a date never mind a boyfriend?

When you made a move to turn towards the window, Peter immediately throws himself on to the bed, heart racing against his chest. “Seriously, Peter.” He groans at himself as he rolls on to his back to stare at the metal structures that is supporting his bunk bed. This crush on you is seriously starting to get the best of him. He probably should break this habit of his before you think he is even weirder.

You live in the apartment building beside his and Peter must have saved the world or something in his previous life to be blessed with your room being directly across of his. In other word, his bedroom faces yours. Peter doesn’t even remember when he started to just casually stand in front of the window in his clothes that may not be in-season (Sometimes May even wonders why he is still wearing sweaters when it’s too humid and hot outside), watching you from his window. Though every single time you are about to undress, Peter always run away because he really cannot stand to look at you undressing.

“Maybe one of these days,” Peter murmurs to himself before shaking his head and sitting up. He grabs his bag pack and pulls out his suit. Now’s probably not the time to be thinking about that, he reminds himself as he quickly pulls his curtains together – Spiderman’s identity is still a secret – and begins to get dressed. He’s got things to do right now.

“Hey, Karen.” Peter lets himself swing on the web-hammock he had made prior to putting away the rest of the body suit, leaving only his mask on. “Do you think I should confess to Y/N?” He clicks his pen a few times as he writes calculations on his notepad.

“Hello, Peter. May I know who Y/N is?” Karen asks back. “Perhaps, maybe you should confess to her if you think highly of her.” Peter blinks a couple of times as he tries to explain who you are to Karen.

“Y/N’s this girl… that I like, like but every single time I try to talk to her or greet her, I just end up embarrassing myself and then I can’t bring myself to see her after that.” Peter can’t count the amount of times he has done this; stop you from walking to try and greet you but he only manages to sputter his words and occasionally slurs his words together before rushing away to his class, mentally apologizing at you.

“Y/N is this fellow classmate of mine. She sits in front of me in Chemistry and I don’t know.” Peter sighs before throwing his notepad and pen towards the top bunk bed and jumps down from his hammock. “What do you think I should do? I mean, I don’t even know if she – if she, you know, knows that I exist.” Peter begins to pace – even though he has stopped you multiple times, it doesn’t really mean he is automatically registered in your brain. For all he knows, you could label him as ‘that weird guy’ or something. He groans.

“Well, Peter, if you want my advice: I would say you should just go up to her and tell her you like her.” Karen advices and Peter stops pacing when he vaguely hears you closing your window. He peeks through his curtains and a smile appears on his face when he sees you twirling around in your room, looking like you are having the time of your life as you sing along to the song you are listening to.

“Is that Y/N, Peter?” Karen asks, catching Peter by surprise. He momentarily forgot that he still has mask on and he flushes slightly before nodding his head. “You should confess to her.”

Peter smiles sheepishly. “If only it’s that easy, Karen but thank you.” Peter pulls off the mask and throws it toward the pile where he has the body suit on and falls back on the bed. Maybe he should actually do something about it tomorrow. Peter reaches for his pillow and hugs it to his chest, eyelids starting to feel extremely heavy. The last thing Peter remembers before he falls asleep is the beautiful smile on your face and how he wishes to see it directed at him.

“Hey, Peter.” Ned greets his best friend and Peter pulls away from the locker, giving Ned a small smile and a nod. “Will you be busy tonight with your…” Ned looks around before he leans in to whisper, “your internship?” He pulls away with a satisfied look on his face and Peter blinks a couple of times.

“How many times have I told you to not talk about that in school,” Peter hisses quietly at his best friend and Ned shrugs his shoulders. Peter sighs before nodding his head. “Yeah, I think I will be – why?” Ned is unresponsive for a few seconds as he stares at something behind Peter and Peter furrows his eyebrows and turns to look at where Ned is staring at.

Only to trip over his own feet, slamming the back of his head on the door of his locker, causing three things to happen almost instantaneously; Peter has to bite the inside of his cheek from letting out a swear, everyone turned their heads to look at the loud noise and you reach forward to place your hand on his arm, a concern expression on your face.

“Are you alright, Peter?” You ask him and Peter stares at you before moving his gaze from your face to your hand and you flush slightly before you pull it back. “Hi, Ned.” You greet your other classmate. Ned nods his head dumbly at you and you almost want to chuckle if it wasn’t for the fact that you are still pretty concerned over Peter. “That sounded like you hit your head quite hard.” You comment.

Peter nods his head. “Yeah, yeah – it hurts, kinda but,” Peter glances at Ned and gulps before he turns to stare at you. The stinging on the back of his head isn’t too much of his concern right now. His concern is that you are currently standing in front of him – you actually went out of your way to look for him. “Did – Did you want something, Y/N?”

You tuck your hair behind your ear, smiling shyly as you nod your head. “Um, I notice that every single time you try to talk to me – things, they don’t go too well?” You ask and Peter closes his eyes, letting a look of regret pass over his expression before he opens his eyes to give you a sheepish smile. “I mean, not that it was anything bad because I actually think it was adorable – I mean, you are adorable so,” You gulp before staring at him right in the eyes, “yeah, I like you.”

Ned lets out a gasp and Peter can only stare at you in shock. You can feel the tips of your ears turning red.

“I mean, I just wanted to tell you that.”

Peter shakes his head when you make a move to walk away. “I like you too! Like, like.” He repeats, in case you aren’t too sure of what he means. “Do you?” He can’t even seem to finish his sentence anymore but it seems as if you understand him enough because the smile you give him is so bright.

“I like, like you too, Peter.”

The smile on your face is really beautiful and Peter suddenly realizes that he is the cause of it and his heart races a mile a minute. He can feel his palms starting to feel very sweaty so he rubs them on his pants before nodding his head. Ned nudges him, mouthing ‘walk Y/N to class!!’, with a lot of exaggerated eyebrow movements.

“Do you want – to – want to, walk class?” Peter frowns before he clears his throat. “Can I walk you to class?” He asks, a little bit proud of himself that he didn’t mess up his sentence. You giggle softly and nod your head. Ned gives Peter a thumbs up causing you to giggle once more. “See you in class, Ned.” Peter tells Ned who wriggles his eyebrows instead of replying. Peter turns back to you. “Let’s go.”

The Professor Layton fandom on Tumblr in a nutshell

-There’s always a new Professor Layton discourse every month.

-All the Professor Layton villains are hot; AKA Anton, Clive, Randall, and Descole.

-95% of the fandom here loves and adores Flora, like seriously, they do. They really, REALLY do.

-Fan theorizing whether or not Alfendi or Katrielle (or both) are Professor Layton’s biological childrens or not.

-Speaking of Alfendi and Katrielle, fans also theorize if they’re even related to each other due to how completely different they are from each other.

-To the fans, Emmy, Katrielle, and Emiliana are officially lesbians… even though the series never confirmed their sexuality (or not yet for Katrielle and Emiliana).

-Fans outside of Tumblr when they see Desmond Sycamore: It’s Desmond Sycamore.

Fans on Tumblr when they see Desmond Sycamore: It’s bread hair man!

-Apparently, Luke is everyone’s son.

-Fans comment how they still cry on the endings of every Professor Layton game (especially Unwound/Lost Future and Azran Legacy).

-Fans still angry at Level 5 for not giving Flora any character development or screen time (same fans who really, really loves Flora).

-Fangirls either want Professor Layton to be their father or their boyfriend/husband.

-Fans still argue whether or not Clive deserves the punishment he got.

-10% of fans here wants Katrielle to be Hershel’s biological daughter while 90% of fans don’t.

-Speaking of which, fans wants Katrielle to be the professor’s adopted daughter because she doesn’t look nothing like him or because they don’t want the professor to be with another woman besides Claire (mostly the second latter).

-All the protagonists in the games are all cinnamon rolls! No questions asks!

-Wondering whether or not the Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright game is canon in the Professor Layton series.

-Prays that Ernest doesn’t get treated too badly.

-Lots of memes of Alfendi being a murderer.

-Everyone on Tumblr hates Bill Ha… wait. My mistake. Everyone on AND outside of Tumblr hates Bill Hawks.

-Where’s Professor Layton in Layton’s mystery journey? WHERE IS HE!?!

-“Isn’t that odd? I find that odd. Doland, do you find that odd?”

-Apparently, everyone here loves Potty Prof than Placid Prof. 0_o

-Ship wars. Dear heavens, the ship wars.

-Professor Layton’s “duck face”. Nuff’ said.

-Luke will kill a person if they ever speak or treat really badly towards the professor.

-How many kids does Professor Layton have!?!

Descole/Desmond is a fabulous man!/

-Fans’ concerns on Layton’s mystery journey: I hope the stories aren’t too silly, how can Sherl talk, please be nice to Ernest, are other characters from past Professor Layton games appear in this, is Katrielle really related to the professor, does Ernest have a crush on Katrielle, ect.

Fans on Tumblr concern on Layton’s mystery journey: This is great and all but will Flora be there? Will she have a major role in the game? (I wasn’t kidding when I said that the fans here really, REALLY loves Flora).

a simple but important thing to internalize is that your priority should be keeping other people safe, not being right all the time. 

a lot of people pretend they’re here for the former when really it’s mostly the latter. using social issues to outsmart other people, or feed off righteous or intellectual anger. or using performativity as a substitute for genuine care. i still struggle with this, too! sometimes i find myself stumbling. just remember that making the world better for vulnerable people can’t be done through ego. gotta kill that sucker early. 

so here's a thing abt BOTW fics that kinda gets on my nerves

It drives my bonkers how so many people write Wild Link as super serious 100% of the time. Yes he’s mature for his age but listen, this boy put a fucking mint leaf of top of a pile of rocks that he cooked. He jumps on water beds. He makes that big goofy smile whenever he cooks something good. And he giggles a lot? And it’s freaking adorable? Also no to mention the reason he acts so serious when he’s on the job is largely to do with severe anxiety and implied trauma, not just because he’s mature for his age.

He’s a sweet dorky kid who’s mentally ill and has this immense pressure constantly put on him but he still tries his best to push through it all despite the toll it takes on him emotionally. He tries to hide it by making himself appear emotionless around his peers when in reality he’s absolutely terrified of the situation he’s been put in to the point where he can’t even speak.
What he’s not is a full grown adult who is super serious and mature 100% of the time and has little personality outside of being well, serious and mature.

But for some reason people mostly portray him as the latter???? Why tho???? This dweeb would probably unironically dab to the High School Musical soundtrack and make vines like this. And ya’ll are writing him like he’s got no character outside “he’s cool I guess.” smh.

Anyways that’s my rant have a nice day

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HEY tell me ur sad murdoc headcanons

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-as a general rule, most of Murdoc’s sadness comes from the fact that 90% of the time he has no idea that the wrong things he does are all that wrong. He’s a fucking egomaniac of the worst degree, and even though there’s also a part of him that’s very down to earth and realistic, he just truly believe that he can do no wrong. Even if things are at their worst, he just assumes that he’ll be able to fix it. This attitude has both gotten him through the shittiest parts of his life, i.e. pretty much his entire childhood, and gotten him into the worst situations he’s ever faced. Mostly the latter, i.e. plastic beach as a whole

-a few times while on Plastic Beach, Murdoc would get so drunk that he would momentarily forget where or when he was. He would think that Cyborg was the real Noodle, he would talk to 2D like it was when it was just the two of them before they met Russ and Noodle, he would think he was still at Kong Studios and frequently wander around lost because of this. towards the end of things, it would happen more often, sometimes two or three times a week, which 2D noted was increasingly concerning because they were running out of booze at that point.

-Murdoc doesn’t sleep very well. just in general. sometimes if he gets shitfaced enough he can black out and get a good solid 8 hours it, but he’s a very light sleeper and frequently has night terrors due to the both literal and figurative demons that come to play in quiet of night. Nobody knows the extent of his night terrors except Noodle, because Russ and 2D sleep like fucking rocks but Noodle is also a very light sleeper. Even when she was young, she would always go into his room after hearing him up with a fresh cup of tea for both of them. She still does it, only now the tea usually has a shot of gin in it. He misses the days when she would just go in and out, with nothing to say due to the language barrier. Now sometimes she’ll try to talk to him. He doesn’t like talking.

–kind of a subheadcanon of that idea, part of the reason that 2D sleeps so heavily is because he fucking sedates himself to the point of being comatose before bed. in general it takes a lot of work to get him up, but some days, weeks, or months will be worse than others. and since Murdoc often just wanders around drunk at night, a lot of times he’ll meander into 2D’s room just to see if he can wake him up. some nights he can’t. on those nights Murdoc doesn’t know what to do so he just kind of sits there and stares at him to make sure he doesn’t stop breathing in the night. Murdoc has never once in all their years talked about this, so all that 2D knows is that Murdoc will sometimes come into his room and wake him up in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason. (even better, sometimes he wakes up to a literal slap in face–sometimes it REALLY takes a lot to wake him up.) Murdoc just kind of takes the fall for that because there’s literally no other way to explain that aside from just saying “i guess i’m just a fucking asshole,” and god knows he’s not going to try processing FEELINGS.

-a long time ago, Murdoc promised Noodle that they were all going to take her out drinking as soon as she turned of age (a slightly offputting thing to say to an 11 year old girl that doesn’t speak any english, but it was his idea of bonding). On her 18th birthday, after she was already gone, he didn’t have a single drop of alcohol that day. Which is truly a feat for Murdoc Niccals. He didn’t want to think about drinking without her, though.

-Murdoc is one of those guys that will talk shit up and down about his father, but sometimes he has trouble with the concept of how poorly he was actually treated in his childhood. Everything Murdoc has ever done in his life was done almost entirely with the idea of spiting his dad in mind, but sometimes there was a little voice in the back of his head saying that his father had a more direct hand in where he was today. It MUST have been his plan all along, because he and Sebastian were so similar, and Murdoc was brilliant and could do no wrong, so it’s only natural that his father must have had the same instincts, right? Murdoc constantly goes back and forth on how he feels about his father, but he can’t think about it for too long otherwise it makes him think about himself.

i think………. that’s probably good for now lol………. i’m going to post some more lighthearted murdoc headcanons when i get home just to balance shit out lmao

Okay so here is a lyric-by-lyric interpretation of “Woman” and why I believe it is a gay song- aka has gay connotations. There’s a lot more details I could go into, but here’s the basics. Also, this is going to not be as Larry as I could make it. It’s just a general analysis, because I don’t think it is a gay song ONLY if it’s related to Larry. 

“I’m selfish, I know But I don’t ever want to see you with him”

It sounds more like he’s jealous of the guy than the woman. It’s Harry telling the woman- the beard- that yes, he’s being selfish, because he technically signed up for this (forcibly closeting in the industry happens and is enforced contractually with the YOUNG artists not thinking much about it while signing), but he still doesn’t want to see her with the other man because, well, he and the man are a thing.

“I’m selfish, I know, I told you but I know you never listen”

This is a line that specifically has to do with HIS closeting situation that I’m not sure you’d be interested in unless you believe he’s dating Louis Tomlinson but I’ll add the context anyway- one of Louis’ beards (the main one we believe the song is about) repeatedly kissed Louis in front of Harry and obviously Harry told her to stop or not to do PDA in front of him when they weren’t actually stunting but she did anyway (I told you but I know you never listen). Even then, if you don’t want to go into specifics, you could definitely interpret it as the woman crossing the line.

“I hope you can see the shape that I’m in, while he’s touching your skin”

Relating to the last line, Harry’s hopes the girl can see Harry’s reaction to her being with his partner. How angry he is, how jealous, and understand how he doesn’t approve or is so torn because he doesn’t want it to be this way. Basically, it could be read as him saying “I hope you can see how angry I am” or “I hope you can see how wrong this is” I see it as mostly the first with the latter being a part of it.

“He’s right where I should, where I should be”

This is a play on what the audience expects. most people read this as HARRY should be where the other man is with the woman, but it actually- in my interpretation- means that Harry should be where the woman is, with the man.

“But you’re making me bleed”

She’s hurting him, basically, because she’s there instead of Harry.


To me, seems so… impersonal for a love song, like a lot of people think it is. If this woman is the focus of his love, then why just “woman”??? I think it’s because it’s him saying “woman” as in either this one specific woman who is hurting him or all the women in each individual bearding situation. The lalalalas are kind of taunting (like the beards are to him sometimes, and we have heard a lot of rumors about how the beard I was talking about before taunted Harry constantly).

“Tempted you know, apologies are never gonna fix this”

I’m not 100% sure about the first line- I think it might be him saying he’s tempted to just say “fuck it” and end this, but he can’t. The second part is about how, no, her apologizing for this can’t fix it. this is something huge and hurtful that the woman signed up to be a part of for HER benefit that basically hurts them. You really can’t forgive someone who is helping forcibly closet you and your partner and is shown to the public to be THEIR girlfriend when they’re just…. not. That hurts. A lot.

“I’m empty I know, promises are broken like the stitches.”

The first part is pretty obvious, but the second part is interesting and I think a more personal line- maybe the woman promised not to cross the line, but they always cross the line. And remember the “you’re making me bleed” line? yeah, he’s hurt, he’s bleeding.

“I hope you can see, the shape I’ve been in while he’s touching your skin.”

This shows that it’s still going on, he’s still angry, this whole situation is still happening.

“This thing upon me howls like a beast. You flower, you feast.”

This references at the poem “Old Man, Dead in a Room” by Charles Bukowski which reads:

“but this thing upon me,

as I tear the window shades,

and walk caged rugs,

this thing upon me,

like a flower and a feast”

And then the Chorus again.

Basically “Woman” is a song that uses EXTREMELY clever wordplay to make it seem like it could be a love song from a man who wants to get together with his ex, but it is- in my interpretation and I believe it is a closer interpretation to the truth- about a man who is singing about the woman who is bearding for his partner.

green part. II

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LITERALLY EVERYONE THAT FOLLOWS ME SO MANY PEOPLE SAID THIS: can we have green part two stop putting it off thanks 

here it is. i’ve been putting it off for so long buT HERE IT IS 

green part one.

(it’s my boyfriend’s birthday so wish him a happy birthday ?)

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I’ve been on tumblr for about as long as I’ve been studying discourse, but…I think I should remind everyone in this ‘debate’ of something.

I was here for ‘bihets and bisluts’, I was here for ‘tucutes’ and ‘speshul snoflakes’, I was even here for the grand old’ TERF + Anti-SJ team-up. I’ve been here for a long time, when tumblr was debating if bisexuals, non-binary and trans people were really LGBTQIA+. And speaking of LGBT+ and other acronyms, I was here when people used * after trans or the T, and I was here for ‘A is for allies’ being argued or laughed at (mostly the latter in my circles). 

But I’m not talking about people recycling the same ol’ rhetoric. I mean, that’s definitely happening, but I’m not here to talk about it. 

I’m here to talk about what people said about it. How people typically responded to biphobia, enbyphobia and transphobia. How they responded to “it’s just internalised misogyny/homophobia” or “they just want to opt-out of Straight Privilege”

If someone isn’t sure about their orientation or gender, if they’re really bi/gay/trans/nb? Our community should give them a place to explore that. To talk to other people without feeling like they’re going to be pushed into a letter. If you don’t like Q for Queer, the Q can be for Questioning. Sometimes, there’s two Qs, and that’s why.

Having accurate information on hand about all sorts of genders and sexuality is good for everyone. Having different spaces to learn about those topics is good for everyone, because even if it turns out they aren’t what they thought they were, they still understand it better. They understand themselves better. 

I can’t, in good faith, ever agree with gatekeeping because all it will do is push out people who do need help or information. Most people don’t come to LGBTQIA+ spaces unless they genuinely think there’s something setting them apart from Straight People. 

I’d rather support them than push them out. 

In Your Arms - Part 1

Requested by @dina3s: “OUAT Peter Pan x Reader with prompt 34, 35, 50 please!!”

Thanks to prompts from @satansnumberonehooker: “I found you in a pool of your own blood” “I found you after many years” “I found you in the afterlife” (Enjoy those second two in part 2!)

Longer than I expected so look out for part 2 in the next couple of days. Oh, did I mention, prepare yourself for angst angst angst :D

Summary: Pirates attack the Lost Boys camp after you and Peter argue.When you’re lying in Peter’s arms with injuries that his magic may not be able heal, he regrets the harsh words that he didn’t mean to say. 

Word Count: 1,228 Words

Part 1 - Part 2


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With All Due Respect, Captain (Part 3 End)

summary: After getting passed over for a promotion you’ve been wanting for so long, you turn to your best friend for comfort, but things change for the both of you when you find out the truth behind your rejected application.

characters: Steve Rogers x Reader (F), Maria, mentions of Tony and Bucky
word count: 2500+ (3-part miniseries)
warnings: A'ight. Brace yourselves for a shit-ton of fluff (and a bit of angst of course). Cursing (permanent warning), implied smut.
A/N:  Hey, hey, hey! Holy vibranium balls. Let me just say that I didn’t think people would actually like this story. I’m blown away, honestly. I don’t really know what to say but thank you so much for reading. To the people who asked to be tagged in this story: please let me know if you wanna be on my permanent tag list. ❤ Thanks again, everyone. I’ve got some more stuff on the way.

Permanent tag list and drabble requests for Bucky or Steve are open! 


Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

It’s needless to say that work had been nothing short of hell ever since your unfortunate encounter with Steve.

That encounter you wanted to forget ever happened, but you couldn’t no matter how hard you tried. What frustrated you the most is that you seemed to be more angry at the fact that it was Steve who wronged you. Why him of all people? He was the first person you willingly let your guard down for, the next being Bucky.

When you met him for the first time, you were assisting them in a research for a mission. You spent sixteen hours going through the old, dusty SHIELD files that weren’t on the new database yet since Ultron just to find a small piece of information that would give them clues to solve the puzzle they were dealing with, and during that time you felt yourself oddly gravitating towards Steve.

His personality was as pleasant as he was easy on the eyes from the very beginning. Even though he’s practically the leader of the Avengers, he never made you feel like you were inferior to him. He called you by your first name and insisted you called him by his too. You can’t remember what happened after that mission, but somehow you and Steve became good friends. Through the years, you grew closer until he eventually gained your trust and you considered him an important person in your life.

He knows many things about you. Intimate details that even Bucky doesn’t know and even some of your past lovers never knew, and for a while you considered what would happen if you decided to date.

Because let’s be honest, you always had a crush on Steve. Always. But it’s an idea that you decidedly pushed at the back of your mind and refused to entertain because your friendship meant so much to you.

But now you feel so stupid for even feeling those things, because as it turns out, you weren’t good enough for him. Hell, he won’t even consider you for a promotion. Everything just piled up and the pain felt like a stab directly to the heart.

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For @skiretehfox’s Siblings AU do I even need to explain myself? It’s three different Max(es) and they’re all related. I mean, I already love them individually but ALL of them TOGETHER? Fucking amazeballs and Max galore.

Triple Max

They’re triplets separated only by time or at least that’s how they introduce themselves to new acquaintances whenever they’re together. They could pass off as identical triplets if it weren’t for the differing hairstyles and height. But if you look closely, you’ll see the telltale freckles speckled on each of their faces, incriminating evidence of their bloodline. That and their inherent passion for photography.

“Always take the fucking shot.”

There’s Maximus, the eldest, she’s the prodigy who doesn’t give a shit. She’s a double major at the age of 22 who dabbles in law when she’s not cutting classes. The only perfect attendance she has on official record are all of her photohraphy classes but even then she zones out in class if it’s a lesson she’s already figured out on her own ages before. Maximus is not the most responsible academically but she makes up for it with pure talent and skills that make her formidable even outside of university.

She also holds the title for messiest hair among the siblings. It only adds to her handsomeness or so her admirers say. She has this aura that just naturally exudes power and authority. Just as much as she is dashing, she’s also intimidating and with good reason. She’s pretty much chill unless you piss her off. Do not piss her off and double do not mess with her sisters. She’s scary as fuck and with her skills, she will destroy you. The other two sisters look up to her as the protective bodyguard that has probably, if not already, killed a man.

“Ready for your close up, sweetheart?”

Up next is Maxine, second oldest, she’s the smooth talker who’s friends with everyone. She’s a theater major and a film producer at the age of 20 with an already bursting portfolio of indie films. Unlike her solitary sister, Maxine prefers to surround herself with people and genuinely enjoys their company. She’s the most fashionable out of the three but only because managing her wardrobe is part of the cinematography package or so she says.

She’s also the only sibling who grew their hair and without competition, her hair is just as smooth as her people skills. She could befriend even her worst enemies with just her suave charm. Although she comes off as easygoing, she can raise hell when pissed off. Again, do not piss her off and double do not mess with her sisters. She’s powerful as fuck and with her connections, she will destroy your reputation. The other two sisters rely on her as the social butterfly that can talk their way out of any situation.

“Wowsers, that’ll make an awesome photo!”

Lastly is Max, the youngest, she’s the doe-eyed pup who’s just trying to get by and get good photos. She’s in high school just like any other teenager but at the age of 18, she already shows enough promise for her to earn a scholarship at Blackwell Academy. Naturally, her course is photography, what else? Personally she thinks she doesn’t have anything that special when compared to her high achiever sisters but she doesn’t let that discourage her. She’s still young so maybe she just still hasn’t discovered what her specialty is yet.

Although if there is anything that comes close then maybe it’s her penchant for candid shots. Max can take the most ordinary selfies and candid shots of people and bring out a quality that’s normally unseen by any other photographer including her sisters. Two out of three vote that Max gets the best shots out of them and it would have been a consensus if she voted for herself. She’s not good with confrontations so she doesn’t fight but make no mistake, there are people willing to kill for her. She has two sisters, two! Do not piss her off and double do not mess with her. She’s innocent as fuck and with her sisters, she will unknowingly destroy your life. The other two sisters see her as the pure cinnamon roll that’s too good for this world.

It can get a little confusing when all three of their names are variations of Max but they’ve worked out a nickname system for themselves.

“Xim! Your shirt’s inside out again.” Maxine pointed out with a disapproving frown.

“I think it’s kind of cool how you don’t give a fuck.” Max comments from the sofa chair across them.

“See? Max gets me.” Maximus smirks while lazily sprawled on the couch.

“Don’t encourage her.” Maxine lightly chides the youngest and then turns to the eldest. “And you, try to be more presentable.”

“What’s the point? It’s just us at home and it’s not like you judge or I care. Mostly the latter.” Maximus simply shrugs off the reprimand.

“The point is that you should set a good example.” Maxine admonishes sternly and then sighs. “It’s bad enough that Max has already picked up on your swearing.”

“Hey, I kinda like how… liberating it feels to not hold back.” Max adds in her own thoughts.

“You heard the kid.” Maximus seconds the motion with her thumb up in Max’s direction. She then smiles smugly at Maxine who’s scowling. “She’s old enough and besides, it was going to happen anyways.”

“It’s alright, Xine. I promise I won’t pick up Xim’s worst habits.” Max says tentatively and even crosses over her heart for good measure.

“Don’t promise anything you can’t keep.” Maximus quickly quips.

“Oh, hush you!” And Maxine is quick to shoot her down. “Don’t corrupt our baby sister any more than you already have, Xixim.”

“The darkness is a free choice.” Maximus corrects her and then adds on, “It’s more fun on the dark side and everyone knows that for a fact. Plus people fear you. Afraid people means less social interaction, something your extrovert species won’t understand, Xinnie.”

“That is a pretty convincing sales pitch.” Max nods all too enthusiastically.

“Darkness is overrated nowadays.” Maxine huffs with crossed arms and refuses to be beaten so easily. “Why would you want to scare people away when they could be worshipping you? And with just a few words, they’d be at your beck and call.”

“And another convincing sales pitch.” Max nods again at the rebuttal. This is some high level argument ongoing and this is intellectual entertainment at its finest.

“See, that’s the deal breaker right there. Talking. Words.” Maximus airily retorts. She doesn’t even hold back as she openly mocks her own sister, “You’re the only person in this room who enjoys that, Xine.” She pauses just so she could turn up the smugness in her smile. “Face it, I’m Max’s favorite because I get her.”

Maxine’s eyebrows twitch slightly at the sudden redirection. Oh, it’s on. “Puh-lease, don’t even get me started.” She casually flips her luxurious hair and scoffs, “Who’s the one here who actually goes with her and has never missed an event? Well you’re right about me enjoying talking and that’s because I talk to her more than you do.” She gestures with her hand with the sassiest flair the house has ever seen. “Move over, we’ve bonded more.”

The two continue to bicker back and forth while the youngest watches silently, seemingly forgotten. Max isn’t sure at what point did this argument became about which sister is her favorite but she’s sure that she has to end it before it blood spills. Literally. She does not want a rerun of the bloodbath of 2010. As amazing as it is to see her two sisters duke it out with their incredible wits, it’s also deadly as fuck. Bloodstains are a pain in the ass to remove from the carpet.

So before it escalates from just bruised egos, Max plays it cool as the peacemaker. Again. It’s kind of ironic how her two older sisters act childish sometimes and she, the youngest, has to be the mature one.

“Well I think you’re both awesome!” Max cuts in between them like a samurai or so she imagines herself as one. She turns to the couch where Maximus is still lounging on. “Xim has this cool lone wolf vibe. She can get things done on her own and power through anything.” She looks at the doorway where Maxine is fashionably leaning on. “Xine has this amazing social butterfly gait. She can get people together and even create collaborative projects.” And then she addresses them both, “You two are awesome at what you do respectively. There’s no use comparing each other when what you do is unique. It’s not a competition. You’re both my favorite sisters in the whole world.”

The room falls silent after Max’s impromptu speech. Her two sisters are still staring at her and she’s starting to get self-conscious with every second passing. Until finally they move again but instead of talking, they’re clapping. It’s a slow clap that sounds full of approval and admiration. It makes Max blush with embarrassment.

Maximus wears a toothy smile. “Safe answer. Smart choice, kid.”

“Good call. Excellent show of conflict resolution skills!” Maxine beams brightly.

“T-Thanks…!” Max ducks her head shyly and they only clap harder. She has the faintest suspicion that they’re teasing her and she too can play this game. “But if I had to pick a favorite…” She lets the sentence hang in the air long enough for her two sisters to latch onto it. Hook, line and sinker. She smiles impishly when she continues, “Then maybe, just maybe, I’d probably— definitely go with the one who takes out the trash.”

Her two sisters smile back and they have this moment where it’s almost as if their minds are in synch. Then the moment collapses in on itself when the two burst out into laughter.

“Sorry Max but you’re on your own in this.” Maximus waved the offer. “It’s your turn today and I ain’t touching that crap unless you’re dying. Even then the only trash I’m taking out are the scumbags who hurt you.”

“Yeah, that’s not our call to make. The rules are meant to be followed.” Maxine states matter-of-factly. “And same. I’ve already handled last week’s filth and it’s only fair that you deal with this one. Although I could manipulate someone else to do it, I’d rather not.”

Max joins them, giggling. “Eh, it was worth a shot.”

Meet the Caulfield sisters, despite their differences, they get along pretty well. If it isn’t obvious from the freckles and their passion for photography, they’re basically triplets separated only by time.

Life sucks, but I’m glad I’m here with you // Jughead x Reader

Here’s a little drabble because I’m going through one of my regular moments where I don’t know what to do except write it down. This is for anyone feeling alone and stuck. Not knowing what do to is the worst and writing or talking about it sort of helps me cope for a little while.

I think I’ve made this non gender specific but if you see any slips ups, please let me know and I will sort it out.

I went with asexual Jughead, I think. I’m not too well-versed in everything involving asexuality so please explain it to me if I’m labelling this wrong.

I like writing about Riverdale and Jughead because that’s what I’ve been focusing on for a while now, plus if you saw my earlier post where I broke down you can see how much I love cole.

School sucks. Everything sucks. Home life sucks. Your friends suck. You suck.

Repeating this mantra in your head is not a clever thing to do. It eats at you, leaves you in a constant state of misery. You just don’t know how to stop yourself. Hating the world is exhausting and doing it all alone doesn’t help either.

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anonymous asked:

I know the real reason you reject CelestiaxAnything is because you secretly ship her with your ponysona.

Surprisingly, no. There is that difficult line of attraction that’s “Do I want to be WITH someone like them or do I want to BE someone like them?” And I think Celestia is mostly the latter for me.

you’re never too lost to know where the road is

this is based on this post where pacifica ends up working at greasey’s diner with lazy susan. also because paz is my daughter and she deserves love.

ao3 link

The whole ‘Never Mind All That’ act is getting a little tiring. Sure, it helps people bear with the fact that the whole town was taken over by a demon with too many tricks but too little patience up his sleeves, but it also made things a lot harder. Well, for Pacifica, it does.

How else was she supposed to explain how her family suddenly went broke?

Oh, my father invested all his money into some weird apocalypse. Yeah. That would make a lot of sense, wouldn’t it?

It makes her head ache. More importantly, it makes her pity herself. And Pacifica doesn’t like holding pity parties for one (her parents don’t count — they’re too busy wallowing in their own self pity to even try feeding their own daughter).

After the whole Weirdmageddon shenanigan, her parents had enough to last them about a month, if properly spent. But with the excessive need to keep up their reputation with more fancy clothes and jewelry, the money only last them a week. Even after selling her pony. (Which sucked lots, to say the least.)

They’ve started receiving some money from relatives who heard the terrible news. They had to help them rise back up again — they couldn’t afford or risk the entire world knowing. But the money isn’t enough, and only good for a meal a day, if most of it isn’t spent buying wine and losing gambles.

Her eyes are weary, and she feels her stomach growl with hunger. How long has it been since her last meal? Her memory is foggy, almost as if the days are all blending into one another.

She groans and buries her head into her arms on the table. Why did she even come to Greasey’s Diner? It’s not like she has any money to spend. The smell of pancakes isn’t helping, either. All she wanted to do was get away from her parents, and this is a little bit more bearable, but—

so. hungry.

“Ya want a pancake there, hun?”

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