shakespeare summarized badly
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream: doing weird shit at 2 am
  • Hamlet: dramatic gay makes tough choices
  • Romeo and Juliet: "hating dear old mom and daA-A-A-D"
  • Much Ado About Nothing: dear god they're oblivious
  • Twelfth Night: gender is irrelevant

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More of Aidan “Tiptoe” Turner

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National TV Awards 2017

Interview for The Hobbit - The desolation of Smaug 2013

Bafta 2016

And then there…was also this one:

When you ship the male protag with the female protag because you always ship the player characters together but then the demo and cute art happens with hau and the male protag and it’s kinda cute sO NOW YOU SHIP THE MALE PROTAG IN TWO DIFFERENT CUTE SHIPS AMD YOU’RE INTERNALLY SCREAMING

I mainly blame @relatablepicturesofhau because their blog has some quality headcannons and stuff there man go follow them


Sleepy adorable cat pictures, because I need them, and I suspect people on my dash need them too. And it’s hard to duplicate cats and drop them purring into the laps of everyone who needs one right now.

Kissing Lessons

I was inspired by this lovely piece of art by @xallyxcatxshere and wrote this.

Essentially, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Cat Noir asks Ladybug for kissing lessons.

“Hey, milady, can I ask a favor?”

Ladybug raised a brow. “It depends on the favor, kitty.”

“Have you ever kissed someone before?”

“I’ve kissed you,” she reminded him, smiling. “Remember?”

“No.” She knew he didn’t, but he’d certainly heard enough about it from his kwami to know what she meant. “I just…” He looked down, swinging his feet. “I’m not sure I know how.”

“Really?” She glanced over at him, “I wouldn’t have guessed.”

“I’ve been kind of…sheltered. My only friend for a while wasn’t really someone I’d want to ask.”

“Hm…” She looked back to the city in front of them, tapping the edge of the building where they sat. “So, there’s someone you want to kiss?”

He blushed. “Maybe.”

“Does this mean you’ve moved on from me?” she asked, her tone light despite the confusing pain in her chest. She loved Adrien, she reminded herself, so if Cat Noir was turning his attention to someone else, that was a good thing.

“Who says it isn’t you?” He grinned, gently nudging her with his elbow.

She laughed. “Is it?”

He just smiled.

“I know a little,” she answered finally. “But I’m not exactly a kissing expert.”

He repositioned himself so he was seated facing her. “Could you teach me?”

She briefly considered the pros and cons. After all, she had a crush on someone else, and he seemed smitten with her. He was her partner, and this would complicate things. She cared about Cat Noir, and this…this could be a huge mistake. At the same time, though, this was Cat Noir. Her silly and sweet partner, who was asking her for help. While perhaps she wasn’t the best option, he trusted her and, if she were to be completely honest with herself, she trusted him, too. Their eyes met, his hopeful and hers hesitant, and she couldn’t help but nod and turn to fully face him.

She moved closer, both seated cross-legged with their knees and and feet touching. He leaned closer, heart racing.

“Okay, first you have to build up to it.” She took a steadying breath. “Eye contact. Gentle touches. Complimenting the other person.” Her lips quirked into a half-smile. “Preferably without puns.”

“You’re kitten me. No puns?” He joked, hiding his nerves behind a grin.

“Trust me, it kills the mood.”

He chuckled and hesitantly reached out a hand, “Um, can I?”

She nodded.

He rested a hand on the side of her jaw, and she swallowed at the brush of leather over her cheek.

“Good.” She leaned forward, contemplating how to explain the next step. “Okay, then for the kiss itself, you… well.” This was definitely a bad idea, she thought to herself even as she continued speaking, “I could show you.”

His eyes widened. “Y-Yeah. That… yeah!”

They’d already kissed, she reasoned. Surely, this wouldn’t change things any more than the one that had cured him of Dark Cupid’s arrow. “So, I’ll just…go ahead and demonstrate. Then, I’ll explain after.”


“Now, just tilt your head,” she instructed softly.

“Like this?” He asked after doing as instructed.

“Y-Yeah and…uh…” She angled slightly, “Close your eyes.”

He nodded and closed his eyes. She watched him silently for a moment, finally cupping the back of his neck and gently pulling him closer. His breath ghosted over her lips as she moved forward, and she saw a deep red blush spread over his cheeks. Something in the back of her mind chanted that this was a mistake, but she chose to ignore it.

She pressed her lips to his, and she immediately knew that this was, indeed, a terrible mistake. Still, as she closed her eyes and moved closer, it was absolutely a mistake that she would love to make again and again. His lips were soft, she noted, wondering what kind of lip products he used and further wondering if hers were chapped by comparison.

Her nose rubbed over his as she repositioned herself for a better angle, and she smiled. Part of her had wondered if this would be awkward, but in reality it felt like the most natural thing in the world. He felt warm and safe, and she adored the way her heart fluttered at his soft hum of approval. While she had expected him to enjoy this, she hadn’t expected to be so pleased with it. His free hand moved up to slowly interlace his fingers with those of her free hand. She squeezed, and she could swear he let out a soft purr.

Part of her knew she should back off now. This was certainly a sufficient demonstration, but she wasn’t quite ready to stop. She wanted to stay here and bask in his delicate touches, in the happy little sound he made each time she shifted. The rational part of her mind urged her to slow down. Instead, she held him closert still, gently tangling her fingers in his hair and marveling at how he shivered under her touch.

In the end, he leaned back, staring up at her with wide eyes and even wider pupils, his lips and cheeks bright red as he searched her expression for some sign that she had responded to him just as much as he’d responded to her. He was rewarded by the sight of a breathless, blushing Ladybug who watched him as he delicately pressed a kiss to each knuckle of the hand he held in his own.

“I think…” She swallowed. “I think you understand it pretty well, kitty.”

“You’re a great teacher,” he murmured, looking up at her with a genuine smile, “Thank you, milady.”

That smile… That soft, warm smile… She jerked back, tugging her hand free as internal alarms sounded and woke her from her stupor. “W-well, it’s getting late. I should really be going.”

He raised a brow. “Is…everything okay?”

No. Everything wasn’t okay. She’d just kissed Cat Noir and really, really liked it. Then, he had to flash her this beatific smile that reminded her so much of Adrien it hurt. “Yeah, I just…” She fiddled with her yo-yo as she slowly backed up. “I just need to be going home. I have plans tomorrow.”

“If I crossed a line…”

“No, not at all.” She shook her head. Of course he was worried, and that only made her feel guiltier. “I just…” She let out a weak laugh, relaxing just a little. “I guess I wasn’t expecting that.”

He grinned, leaping to his feet. “You weren’t expecting to like it.”

His jab made it easier for her to dismiss the moment, and she rolled her eyes. “Don’t get a big head now. It just means you shouldn’t be nervous about kissing the girl you like.”

He stepped closer, a little hesitant but still smiling, and her heart rate spiked. “So, does that mean I can kiss you again?”

She smirked, ignoring the small, irritating part of her that was already begging her to agree. She even ignored the much larger, much more insistent part of her that urged her to shut him down. Instead, she listened to the part of her that was maybe just a bit smitten and teasingly offered, “If you can catch me.” Then, she soared off with her yo-yo, leaving him to laugh and follow her.

Okay, first of all, I am so sorry for the several stories I have in progress that I’m not working on. I don’t know what is going on with this massive writing wasteland I’ve entered, but I promise I have plans to finish other things!

Also, this was a sort of self-indulgent, impulsive piece that I didn’t ask my beta to read over (sorry), so let me know if you see any errors!

To anyone who needs the link for the art in text form, here it is: http://xallyxcatxs.tumblr.com/post/150620011553/6-ladynoir-for-the-kiss-art-challenge

If I wrote a long short story/short novella about a gangly, dark skinned, freckle faced pirate lad from a steampunk universe as he develops an emotionally intimate friendship with a people-eating siren, while helping them adjust to a tail fin disability, would you guys read it?

If I do write it, I think I’ll post it in segments on my author blog, and reblog it here. And maybe put an ebook of it it on Amazon for a buck or two.

Alright, so here is my Headcanon for Trolls.

Btw: this art belongs to the absolutely AMAZING @fablegate who very generously allowed me to use it! If you love this movie and this pairing as much as I do, then go follow them!

‘Kay, so let’s get started.

So, based off this picture, I got to thinking about how long Poppy and Branch have known each other. And how close they’ve been during that time.
As a lot of other people have hinted towards as well, Branch most likely had known Poppy and had had a crush on her for a while. Probably since they were young. I completely agree with this (mostly because I adore this ship and support pretty much anything about it), but I’d like to point out another thing.

In the movie we see Branch’s horde of invitations, most of which are probably from Poppy. It’s safe to assume that.

Well, if you look at how many there are, and how many different events there are, it’s a pretty good guess to take that these date back YEARS. Again, probably to when they were kids.
So, what I’m getting at, with the picture and the horde of invitations and cards, is that Poppy and Branch were close as kids. I mean, yeah, all the troll kids were pretty close when they were youngsters. But Poppy and Branch were close.
Why else would she be so adamant about including him in everything? Sure, it probably was the whole “no troll left behind” thing she grew up knowing, but it probably also had to do with the fact that they knew each other pretty well. This would probably be why he formed a crush on her too.

All I’m saying is that they were pretty close growing up, and that was why she never gave up on him, and why he loved her so much.

Headcanon done.


“Don’t sweat, John. Alex is a good guy. He was about to take Lee out himself before you did it.” John looked from Herc to Alex with surprise.


“Dude, he basically launched himself at the counter.”

Alex tried to deny it- what if the guy thought he was crazy?

“N-no, I-”

“Do not be so modest, mon ami.”

“Well, anyone ready to kick Lee’s ass is a friend of mine.” John smiled at him again- wider this time- and god- he had dimples.

OK please go read @smoltinypumpkinchild​  fic, Nose to the (coffee) grind! It’s the cutest fic I have ever read and so well written and adorable, mostly Lams and Mullette but there’s Marzia and it’s literally the cutest fucking thing and it’s a COFFEE SHOP AU