Someday I would love to be a part owner of a small fish store. The kind where it looks like a hole-in-the wall from the outside but on the inside it is a modern take on fish keeping. It would be the type of place that sells reliable filters, from sponges to Aquaclears, to Eheim canisters. There would only be adjustable heaters. The smallest aquarium sold would be a 2.5 gallon. Speaking aquariums, there would also be a section for moderately priced rimless aquariums.

Products for cycling would be free seeded media, ammonia, and a liquid test kit. Then there would be a small line of antibiotics and antifungals for those who run into that problem. Of course for decorating there would be sand only, with the exceptions being for eco-complete and flourite. A whole line of Seachem products for plants. Naturally I would be pushing for LED lighting since it’s more efficient and usually very plant friendly.

Dear lord, I would have one whole section dedicated to growing plants. That they would be separated into high, medium, and low tech plants. While there would be a few standard plants, I would mostly try to branch out into more of the unusual species. That would be the same for the fish as well. There would be a lot of different selection, but those that I would ha e would be the more unusual species as well. Species that you normally don’t come across that often but really catch the eye and don’t have too many requirements. (Probably no salt water since I know nothing and would be running out of room.)

It would be this adorable, cleanly place where it’s a modern take on fish keeping. People would know it for having a rescued Sphinx cat patrolling the inside and a giant puffer to greet you as soon as you come in.

Me: your chicken is ready.
Him: Cool. [starts aimlessly wandering around the kitchen picking up and putting down bowls and dishes]
Me: Mashed potatoes. You’re eating mashed potatoes with the chicken.
Him:  WHAT?! We have leftovers?! Where are they? [frantically looks around kitchen excited]
Him: Oh the fridge. The fridge! I knew that.