Where are the grandkids?

I wish DC would stop giving Batman more kids and start giving him grandkids. Let Bruce get old, DC. Let Dick have a long-term stable relationship, let Jason at least consider adoption (and not for side-kick bait, DC, I’m wise to you). Let Tim out of his teenager-forever black-hole. Let Barbara, Stephanie, and Cassandra actually age and grow and not get rebooted every five years. Let Damian be a kid first, then let him be a teenager, then (god forbid) let him be an adult so future-me can read about my grumpy son all grown up.

Pre-Flashpoint Bruce has at least five kids, more if you broaden the definition, even more if you include elseworlds. That’s enough, DC. Stop it. Let his kids have their own kids. I know you let Dick and Kori have a kickass daughter in one universe, you are fully capable of writing grandkids. Also, let’s be real, Bruce can barely parent five kids, he lacks the emotional capacity for more, stop giving him more kids.

Admittedly, I’m still new to this fandom; I only get exposed to New 52/Rebirth characters through other fans. So maybe I will end up getting invested in Duke and Harper and Cullen as currently written (how many people remember Harper Row has a little brother?) But I can’t help but think I’d be more invested in their development if their mentors/parents/vague-adult-people-who-flail-and-try were Nightwing or Red Hood or Black Bat instead of Batman.

(You let Oracle mentor Cass and Steph once upon a time, that was a good time, do more of that.)

(But hey, what do I know, haven’t the most recent Batman thing I’ve really read was Court of Owls. Duke seems somewhat popular, I might be making mountains out of anthills.)

(Then again Harper Row is rare as hen’s teeth in fanworks, so meh)

(I grew up on Batman Beyond, I want old-man Bruce surrounded by his successful grown children, let the man age, DC.)

Perseverance: Chapter 12

Chapter 11

Genre: Angst/Suspense

Author’s note: Sorry about that mini hiatus, my midterms were an absolute nightmare to get through. Anyways my schedule should be going back to normal now, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep these updates on time. In the mean time I hope you enjoy the latest chapter, it was a real beast to write.

Oh, and I apologize to any native Spainish speakers if I butchered the language.

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. - Friedrich Nietzsche

“Ugh, this heat is absolutely killin’ me.”

“Eh, like you really have any room to complain. You weren’t the one who had to spend the last seven hours hiding under a pile of blankets in the back seat. Heaven help me, I think I’ve started to develop a sense of empathy for my mother’s pork enchiladas.”

“Yeah, well I’m also not the one who was dumb enough to think that he could embezzle almost ten grand from Jorge and get away with it scot-free. You brought all of this down on yourself, I didn’t. So pipe down already will ya. I’ll gripe about the damn heat all I want.”

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