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Just a random confession about myself

When I first was introduced to Bigbang back in 2011 Im not gonna lie but I found GD the most interesting. Especially after watching his ‘Heartbreaker’ MV 😂 My friend had emailed a list of links to Bigbang vids and also the solo projects for each member. GD was first on the list so I guess maybe that was why??? Then I watched T.O.P’s 'Turn It Up’ and I was pretty meh about it the first time around (it eventually grew on me). She didn’t send anything for Daesung, Taeyang’s was 'Wedding Dress", and for Seungri she sent 'VVIP’ MV because she thought I would like the concept (at the time I was really into J-Pop and stuff. Even then I ended up not liking VVIP. OTL). Based on that email I became very GD & TOP biased. Then 2012 rolled around and I became greatly interested in TOP mainly because I related a lot to his personality and his deep booming voice, mayn. I also took the time to research a bit more about Bigbang as a group (at this time their solo works didn’t particularly catch my interest) because their music really got to me.

It was then when I attended Bigbang Alive concert in LA that I realized I was wrong all along. The moment Seungri graced us all with his presence and his fun and friendly personality and his incredible talent I fell in love. I left the venue head over heels in love with Seungri. I sat at home for weeks feeling beyond upset that I had never given the boy a chance based on my impression of one video. I didn’t take the time to research more on his solo projects back then. I never knew 'Strong Baby’ or 'What Can I Do’ and all his other songs of his freaking album existed until that concert! I felt like a blinded dumbass.

Although each of the members have their talents and their own charms, it didn’t compare to how I felt about Seungri. After reading more about his life, his struggles, his will to learn and to live life to the full extent, I felt admiration. I don’t care what people say, he has his flaws but he has a lot of strengths that make me wish I were more like him. Seungri is the kind of person I wish to be, the kind that puts themselves before others and that regardless of his insecurities he still has a smile on his face ready to take the world head on. The kind of person that goes beyond the limit to learn and see how much more they can do.

Long story short, Seungri is my lord and savior who’s word has saved me from eternal damnation. Amen.

Ok no, but really. I feel so dumb because I was very shallow before. My mind was set on GD & TOP but their style doesn’t fit me in the least. Their music is great, they are great. But Seungri is far greater in my heart ❤️ I love his catchy beats and his sweet voice. It makes me upset when he hardly gets lines in songs. I think that was another reason why I slept on the boy before. I realized that Seungri wasn’t able to show his full capabilities. That is why I am super excited for his new album :O I want to hear my boy sing SIIIIING!!!

If Seungri ever sees this I want him to know that my biggest regret in life will forever be the fact that I thought I was a TOP stan, when in reality Seungri should have always been #1 😭👻 I will repent for my sins.

Anyways that is all I have to say :’D I don’t even know why I am doing it. 😂😂😂

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Just out of interest, how come you don't like Emma Watson?

I wouldn’t say I dislike her fundamentally. I think she’s a mediocre actress with little in the way of range. I like her Hermione, to be fair, but it ends there that I’ve watched of her filmography. I’ve yet to watch BATB but I am very much meh that she was cast at all for Belle. It’s very clear to me this was a case of nepotism and wanting her for publicity. After all, they offered Cinderella to Emma first without any audition. They wanted the HP audience when it wasn’t necessary to begin with. It’s absolutely obscene to me that they cast Gugu as the feather duster when she would have made a beautiful Belle, plus Gugu can actually sing and grew up doing musical theater. She’d have owned Belle much better than Watson IMO.


I forgot there was a meetup today and almost slept through the end of it whoops

Hello, I’m Lee. I’m aro-flux and ace, and so happy to have finally figured myself out (mostly). Thanks Tumblr lol

I grew up just thinking I was the weirdo when my friends would call people hot or sexy or whatever and I was like “What is that ???” or that when people talked about sex I felt uncomfortable by the thought, or that the one time I really had feelings for someone, I forced myself to believe it must be a normal crush and that I was just broken for not thinking about it the way I’m “supposed” to, because I didn’t realize there were other kinds. Like squishes and stuff.

I also used to think that calling anyone cute or hugging or that kind of stuff was inherently romantic (most of the time), and now I know that’s not true. I used to push those thoughts away a lot because I felt like I was doing something wrong by wanting to be close to someone or thinking of someone as being cute/whatever. Now I’m mildly fan-girling when one of my friends had a vocal solo in something because she’s so sweet and her voice is amazing and she’s adorable. And I don’t feel like I’m doing something wrong in saying/thinking that.

character development ^-^

  • Me (internally): I would love to get hrt! I would love to medically transition! But I'm incredibly uncomfortable with shots and I don't think regular injections would be something I'm okay with, even though trying to pass without actually transitioning is a nightmare. I also trust maybe five total cis people irl, live/grew up in a homophobic/transphobic area and don't want to give bigots any reason to commit violence against me or my loved ones. There's also the fact that if I transition, I will no longer be able to contact a significant portion of my family, not to mention how transitioning would affect my job and college education, as well as the fact that I'm on the whole very 'meh' about my actual gender presentation, I experience dysphoria only sometimes, and occasionally intentionally attempt to appear more feminine
  • Me (externally): Guess I'll die

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speaking of demyx, lets hear what you have to say about demyx! :3

Whahah, okay, here it comes. xD
Where do I start? I used to feel meh about Demyx except for the fact that he seemed like such a enthusiastic guy. Demyx is the type of character with the personality I naturally fall in love with after a while, eventually once I began to play the game more and more and look up more about this man, Demyx started to grow on me. 
I love his design, even if some people tend to make fun of his hairstyle which honestly doesn’t surprise me because it is kinda funny. xD
His personality grew on me more as well, he seemed like he was really out of place within the Organization, like he didn’t belong there. Some part of me feels like he was forced to be a part of it, but went along as soon as he figured they would do it to regain hearts. But, he’s also very observant! While everyone else didn’t know they had hearts (except for Xemnas and Xigbar), Demyx did figure it out after a while, even saying it straight into Sora’s face.
I still think he really doesn’t want to fight but when it comes to a life-death situation he will literally do anything to stay alive. 
I like to think that he is as strong as he is because is the son of Jareth the Goblin King (thanks @plotdesigner for letting that headcanon grow on me haha). Jareth is a Fae and a king, making Demyx a Fae/Prince and pretty much immortal. Demyx’s human name was Myde (pronounced as Mii-Day, which in their language means Ocean Waves). Demyx’s life started out rather rough, his biological parents didn’t want him, so once their house caught fire on accident, left the poor child to burn. Jareth heard the baby’s cries, he had only recently lost his own wife Lilith (who will later reincarnate as Sarah) and the two had wanted a child very deeply. Jareth saved Demyx’s life, but Demyx ended up with a huge 3th degree burn scar covering half of his body. Jareth had to make him a Fae so he would survive. Demyx has to take care of the scar even to this day and is scared of fire, water had always been a way to heal it, so he began to use it on his scar/wound.
He always loved music and his dad gave him a sitar when he turned physically 12. He began to practice a lot on it and before he knew it he became a great sitar player. During the events of KH2, Demyx is 527 years old, physically 25 probably.
When Demyx disappeared, Jareth became terribly sad, thinking of the worst case scenario that his beloved son was dead. Which is when the events of the Labyrinth took place as well.

I can go on like this for forever, I love this water boy. X3

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I made twins! Meet Tangi and La. When they were born, their parents were told that Tangi wouldn’t survive, which is why his name means funeral in pacific islander languages. However, he survived, and since they were young and they lost their parents, La, whose name means sun in pacific islander languages, took care of both of them. As they grew up, their bond stayed rock solid and Tangi grew up to be stronger, physically, than his sister. (FUN FACT, they both love tattoos and piercings and they both have piercings in places I find very painful DX)

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Where is your cellphone? on the kitchen counter
Your mom? sometimes insensitive but always loving <3
Your other half? attached to the first half of my body
Your favorite food? right now i could go for some mozzarella sticks
Your dream last night? not exactly last night, but recently all i’ve dreamt about are my high school acceptances, which are this friday *fingers crossed*
Your favorite drink? b o b a
Fear? insects and oblivion
Your home away from home? barnes & noble
Where were you last night? at home
Something that you aren’t? a pineapple or a good volleyball player
Muffins? sure
Wish list item? a laptop
Where you grew up? california
Last thing you did? type a text post
What are you wearing right now? a t-shirt and pajams
Your tv? it exists
Your pets? god i want a cat
Your life? meh
Missing someone? my self-esteem, and my friend who moved to india 2 years ago - she was so unproblematic and i really need someone like that rn :(

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Don Camillo and Peppone, for the character meme! Oh, and also, Moana!

WHOO-HOO!! Thanks :D

Don Camillo:

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: Has a heart the size of a small planet and is not afraid to use it.
worst quality: Probably one of the two most pig-headed people of the entire village and leans towards “do as I say, not as I do”.
ship them with: Nobody.
brotp them with: Peppone, of course.
needs to stay away from: trouble, but he never will.
misc. thoughts: I grew up Catholic by default - had my communion and my confirmation mostly because my classmates did, and I liked going to Mass on Saturday evenings with my dad because I could have my dad to myself (he came back home on weekends, it was complicated). Then I grew up and kinda grew out of it? Looking back, I never really had faith proper, I was just looking for somewhere to belong. So I’m an atheist who remembers some of the lore. I know some songs and I’ll never forget the Hail Mary because my amatxi taught it to me, but that’s it. There’s some things about organised religion in general (not faith, mind) that I look at with a very critical eye, like dogma (not necessarily religious, btw), the way a lot of organised monotheistic religions equal body functions (and especially sex) with something that must be fought in order to be good and moral, the hypocrisy of using a doctrine of love to Other and persecute and kill people - look at the Crusades, or the various cultural genocides perpetrated in the name of God. And don’t get me started on the shared idea in that a woman’s body is essentially more shameful than a man’s. So in the light of all that, how come this character of a (reactionary, whatever he says - good thing Jesus calls him out in-universe at least once a short story) Catholic priest has become so dear to me that he’s one of my very favourite characters? …Good question.

(sorry this got so long.)


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: His heart and his humanity.
worst quality: He’s crazy stubborn, too, and he tends to think after things have gone bad.
ship them with: His wife, Maria. Y’know, in the third film he’s kind of tempted to get into a little romance with the young woman the Party sent her as his secretary (they’re both kind of adorkable about it, but it doesn’t amount to anything, thankfully) and in all their scenes I was metaphorically digging my heels in the ground and going “Nopenopenopenope”. Objectively, it’s kind of sweet, but GAH - really not for me!
brotp them with: Need I even say it? ;o)
needs to stay away from: His Party officials. And his Party’s directives. Complicated stuff.
misc. thoughts: Peppone is not an atheist. A good part of what makes his character interesting is that he’s constantly torn between his political ideals and loyalty to the Communist Party and his good heart and common sense - which are presented as religious morals. (I have Thoughts about that. Mostly because I think one doesn’t have to believe in God to be a moral person.) Also, I had a retroactive laugh at the fact that the Best Beloved’s dad used to call a previous mayor “Peppone” because of his tendency to fly off the handle and his “energetic” way of running things :D 


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: Her courage and tenacity is admirable.
worst quality: Tends to try to run before she can walk.
ship them with: Te Fiti, platonically
brotp them with: Maui!
needs to stay away from: …I don’t know, sharks?
misc. thoughts: She’s become one of my favourite Disney princesses so quickly (she’s probably my second favourite after Belle, with whom I’ve identified hard since I was 9, because brown-haired and -eyed daydreaming bookworm most people think of as a weirdo? That’s me, only braver and prettier.) it’s uncanny. Aside from having reasonable proportions, an indomitable spirit, a heart bigger than a mountains and believable strengths and vulnerabilities, she’s funny as hell? I love that she gets to have slapstick scenes and awkward (adorkable) dialogue, crack jokes, roll her eyes at Hei Hei, and she doesn’t take any shit from Maui (or Tamatoa). She’s brave, she tries, she’s determined, and she’s funny. MORE FUNNY AND PRETTY WOMEN, PLEASE.

this is Castiel (ik he doesnt look much like misha, but no use cryin over spilled milk) from riseofthefallenone and seraphlimonade/LimonadeGaby’s fic Angel’s Wild!!! <3 I haven’t even finished the fic yet, but the image was stuck in my head.

the flowers growin from his body are all peonies (i assume from google hehe) and the one he is holding is a purple lilac.

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Hoodoo Boy here we go. I’m just doing the skaters I remember.

Yuuri (Precious KatsuChild)

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: outside he plays nice, is ruthless on the ice ;)
worst quality: poor angel child has low self esteem
ship them with: Victor Nikiforov and no one else
brotp them with: Yuri Plisetsky, and probably Phichit Chulanont bc obv
needs to stay away from: ?? alcohol ??
misc. thoughts: at first he was seriously bland for me but then he grew and i cry and also i want to see him in Russia living with victor doing pair skating touring around with Yura let me have this

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nobuchika ginoza

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: His pragmatism, as well his mother hen instincts.
worst quality: His emotional immaturity, and the jerkass attitude he used as a mask, thankfully he grew out of it.
ship them with: Aoyanagi if she hadn’t been killed. Also with Kougami in some AUs.
brotp them with: Kougami, Akane, Sugo, Yayoi and in a familial way with Masaoka :)
needs to stay away from:
From his therapist (aka Kamui!) and basically from bad luck!
misc. thoughts: I think he commited lots of mistakes on his personal life prior his demotion, mistakes sometimes the fandom tends to overlook, though considering his mental state and all the baggage he carried is understandable, that made his character arc so awesome. And overall, HE’S MY PRECIOUS HUSBAND WHO NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED!!!!

Based on my own experience with abusive relationships over the course of my life, I personally feel really kind of meh about hearing that Chloe Price is ‘abusive’ and ‘manipulative’. Of course, the fact that this is based on my experience does not necessarily mean that this should be in any way championed as the be-all and end-all interpretation of her character because there are other people who will have had vastly different experiences to me and will have something of a different view of her character.

I do feel that there’s really something of an inherent hypocrisy in singling out Chloe as being ‘manipulative’, unless you’re playing the game without ever rewinding time because the very central mechanic of the game is literally you, as Max, manipulating other people to like you or have them do things your way. Geek Remix made an amazing video on the subject which all of you should watch, The Morality of Time.

One of the very first things you do in the game upon awakening in Jefferson’s class is steal an answer from Victoria by rewinding time in order to get to get to the bathroom. Victoria did the homework, the reading, the research - she earned that knowledge, and Max stole that from her. This isn’t the only instance of such a thing, it’s the principle on which the game’s mechanics are built. Interactions with people like Juliet regarding the whole pregnancy test stuff where you go snooping around her bin have negative consequences, and Max has the power to utterly negate the impact of that - it’s brought up by a lot of characters in an off-handed fashion that they wish they could rewind time, but they can’t. They have to live with who they are, what they’ve done, and they develop naturally because of that - I don’t believe the same can be said for Max. Be it something trivial like the identification of a drone, or trying to not appear to be a ‘poser’, or choosing to cause a great rift in the Price family.

As players, I really feel that we should rather be more concerned with our own actions and the consequences thereof - as the tornado coming to destroy Arcadia Bay may very well end up being caused by Max, by you, in the first place.

As a final note on manipulation, I might add that everybody in this game is manipulative, and you take on the role of the most manipulative person of all…

But anyway, onto Chloe.

Her history rather speaks for itself, right? Her father died. Her best friend leaves for five years and never gets in contact with her - not even when she returns to Arcadia Bay, which leads one to wonder exactly when Max was going to get back in contact with Chloe, if at all. Joyce marries David, the relationship between him and Chloe is made quite clear so I don’t think I really need to touch on that. Rachel goes missing, her fate is uncertain, and we learn some rather unsettling things about her that causes an even greater rift with Chloe as it seems that she was being lied to.

Somebody who goes through all that shit in their formative teenage years IS GOING TO HAVE SOME SERIOUS INSECURITY AND TRUST ISSUES. There’s no consistency in Chloe’s life, the only consistency she experiences is inconsistency in the people who love her and leave her - be it of their own volition or not. Consider the timeline of the game as well, we’ve quite literally been back with Chloe for… what, three days now? Suddenly they’re back to being best friends forever, but it’s consistently brought up just how different they’ve grown to be.

From Chloe’s point of view, in these few short days she’s probably thinking that if Max could just drop out of her life before, what exactly could stop her from doing it again? Of course she wants to hang onto Max. Of course she’s wary of her spending time with others, because she’s scared of being replaced by somebody else - just like Rachel appeared to have done.

Now, exactly how in-the-right Chloe is is something that’s certainly up for debate. She’s impulsive and irrational almost to the point of paranoia, she has that much in-common with David at least, and that is where she’s flawed - but, to me, that flaw comes with understanding and reason. This, to me, is what makes her an interesting character, and I do personally relate to a lot of the abandonment issues that are deeply rooted in her characterisation.

If you want to tell me that you’ve never said something manipulative (regardless of whether you intended it to be or not) in a heated argument with somebody, be they friend, significant other, or whatever, then fine…

But you’re fucking lying.

People say shit they don’t mean when they’re angry, and a consistent pattern that you’ll notice with Chloe’s behaviour is that she pretty much totally goes back to talking to Max quite normally once things have cooled down. Additionally, there are multiple occasions where Max calls her out on this, in fact Episode 3 is full of moments where you can do this - especially towards the end. Anger breeds irrational behaviour, and Chloe is a very angry person.

Of course, that’s not to excuse her behaviour at all - in fact, I do not think the game means to present them in any kind of positive context at all. This is really where the difference of experience and perspective in the player takes hold because the things Chloe says and does may well have been said to other people in their own relationships which, quite understandably, will not endear them to the character. At all. That’s for them to decide, and it’s totally valid for them to not like Chloe - hell, it’s totally valid for anybody to not like Chloe for whatever reason they like. I am simply not among those people.

People have flaws, and Chloe, as a product of her experiences in being let down by the most important people in her life, is quite understandably abrasive when things aren’t going her way - something that you might say Max barely actually experiences in Life is Strange because she has the power to change almost anything to match her favour.

Again, how people feel about Chloe is totally up to them and their views of her should be respected because you don’t necessarily know what that dislike is based off. For a game that so strongly covers real life issues, it’s worth considering that some people may just find some of her words and actions hit a bit too close to home for them. So there’s no desire on my part to invalidate or vilify the fact that other people have that interpretation of Chloe, I simply wish to articulate the reasons for why I do not fall into that particular camp.

Creepypasta #669: I Keep Finding Hair In My Drain, And It Doesn’t Belong To Me

Story length: Super long

I live a normal life. I have a normal job, and normal friends. I’ve never really been great at anything, but, then again, I’ve never really been terrible at anything either. My life had just been, well, meh. And I was ok with that.

Looking back, I was very ok with that.

But that all changed the day I found hair in my shower.

Allow me to explain.

For some people, finding hair in their shower is a normal occurrence. Maybe it’s their own, from their chest, legs, scalp, or places less mentionable. Or maybe it was their girlfriend’s- from past experience, I know that they can shed more than the golden retriever that grew up in my childhood home.

That would be normal, if my hairless twenty three year old body looked like puberty had even crossed my mind, or if I had gotten laid more than once in the past six months since I had moved into my new apartment. But it didn’t, and I hadn’t.

My apartment had only one bedroom, one kitchen, one bathroom, one unused living area, and one refrigerator filled with much more than one bottles of liquor. I worked long hours at my job, a low level accountant crunching numbers delivered to my desk by an endless conveyor belt of business transactions, so it was rare that I saw my neighbors.

Sometimes, though, as I ascended the three stories of wooden steps in tune with the moon rising into the deep night sky, I caught a flourish of black hair whipping into room 312, just across the hall from me in 311. I also caught myself wishing she never left so fast, and maybe invited me out for a drink in the hallway between our rooms. I could see the drops splattered from her nightcap drink on the concrete outside, and sometimes even casually wondered if she was a beer or liquor person.

Most likely beer, I thought, looks like she could go for a corona. With a lime wedge.

I don’t really know what made me think she would like a corona, but it made sense to me. Just kind of felt right.

Then the one day I climbed the stairs a little quieter than normal, and I caught her before she could disappear.

“Hey there,” I said, putting on my best smile and waving my hand.

She was sitting on the bench outside her room, staring at my doorway in front of her. Her face was in her hands, and I realized that the drops on the concrete might not be from condensation on her night cap drink. She started, glancing up towards me and wiping her eyes, the water droplets causing dark stains to bloom on her crimson dress as she spoke.

“I’m sorry, I should be going. Didn’t mean to bother you.”

“No, it’s ok. Here, what’s your name? I’m Michael.” I held out my hand, but she didn’t take it, so I sat next to her instead, and continued talking, “Nice place, this complex. Don’t you think?”

“I hate it.”

“I’m sorry then. There’s other places you know, other places around here you could go to.”

“I can’t leave here. I just can’t.” She said, and tears welled into her eyes again.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, -”

“Maria.” She said, and offered me a faint smile.

“Maria. It’s too beautiful a night to be sad. Would you like something to drink?”

She hesitated, glancing over me, and I could almost feel her gauging my creep factor.

“I would like that, Michael.”

“Good. Let me guess- Corona and Lime?”

As soon as I spoke, the flickers of smile that I had kindled across her mouth were extinguished. She stiffened, her eyebrows knitting together.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be going now.”

“Wait, I-” Before I could finish speaking, the door slammed and, as if to add an insult, the lock clicked with indignation a second later. I left a note below her door the next morning, vaguely apologizing for an unknown crime, but I never caught more than the tips of her hair each time I ascended the stairs.

She apologized the next week, when I caught her outside my door again.

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Mental illness & Chap 84

I won’t go on about how Erwin’s death and this whole chapter is absolutely nonsense because I’m tired and probably not the most eloquent person. I’ve loved Erwin since the very start, it may sounds stupid but he was giving me hope to hang on somehow. Even if it’s “just fiction” seeing someone so determined to accomplish their dream, devoting their life to it made me think that maybe, I’d be able to actually get my life together and start working toward what I want. This feeling grew when we started to see Erwin being vulnerable and with suicidal thoughts. It made the whole thing even more real. Erwin is not perfect in any way, he isn’t infallible, even though he keeps pushing towards his goal, he is depressed and has moments where he thinks death would be better. But he never did gave up. He fought till the very end. Seeing a character with canon depression fighting for his goals no matter what made me feel so much better. When I was breaking down and thinking about ending my own life, I thought of Erwin and how he wouldn’t have gave up even if he wanted to deep inside. When I didn’t have the strength to work and spent hours staring at the ceiling instead, I told myself “Erwin would want you to do this so fucking do it”.

But what about now? What am I supposed to get from this chapter? If you’re depressed it’s better to end things rather than suffering? Is that what I should understand Isayama? Because that’s what I’ve been asking myself for the last 2 years and implying this in your manga hurts a lot and is fucking up my mind. Should my friends kill me now to end my suffering like Levi did with Erwin? Or is it because Erwin didn’t have plans about his future after his dream would be fulfilled? Flash news: If you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing with your life just kill yourself already lol! How the hell can you imply such a thing. If you wanna include such sensitive matters as depression in your manga, be fucking careful with what you convey to your readers.

I love Erwin’s character so much, he deserved way better. To me he isn’t really “dead”, his character is still there lingering somehow even if he’s not in the manga anymore. I’m almost glad he’s out of all this bullshit even if he didn’t accomplish his dream. I’ll probably be bitter forever because he deserves better but I won’t let myself get sad by this bullshit anymore. I’m dropping the series but never will I leave the Erwin and eruri fandoms. Bring me all the cute eruri au.


Aged up baseball boys sketches! 1st year uni students + 3rd year senpais. 

Where those two grew out of the mullets. And they visit Seido one random day (cue whispers up and down the halls, ”kyaa who are they” “they were on the baseball team, don’t you know?”), to visit their favorite loud pitcher. “Ah, Sawamura-senpai? He’s usually with Kominato-senpai!” Then those two make their grand entrance down the hall cherry blossoms fall loljk wait when did this turn so shoujo and HOW DARE WHO ALLOWED YOU TO GET SO HANDSOME TALL?!

I am NOT READY for the end of S2 ;A; at the same time, I’m also looking forward to being able to read the manga once it’s done?!

Five Happy Pills

Interviewer: Define ‘grew up together’
Kirstie: Like my mom asked Scott’s parents if she should start sending them child support…
Scott: Cuz we spend all the time together

Interviewer: [speaking about a 10-day cleanse]
Avi: No meat?
Like it’s basically a personal affront or attack or something.

Interviewer: Are there any vegans? Vegetarian?
Mitch: I go in and ou….
Scott: [cuts in] He goes to In-n-Out.

Best Segue Award: Mitch
“I’ve been trying to not [be obsessed with my phone] so much, because its really bad, it makes me like more anxious I feel I'mReadingABookOnMeditation like social media, and text messaging…”

And a confirmation about the tour bus situation
Tour Bus 1, The Bro-ey Bus, “Kevin and Avi and all the crew guys like Bro Out™ and play video games and…”
Tour Bus 2, “and the other one are just us girls [Scott points to the Trio], doing our face masks, and paint our nails”