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a compilation from the cesspool known as SimSecret

I actually had to look up douchecanoe. Apparently proper English words just don’t have the same impact they used to. How far we have fallen.

These are the people that will never know what I am really like, and thank goodness for that! Besides, words may be powerful, but coming from a bunch of anonymous blobs of internet dribble, I really couldn’t give a flying fuck what they thought of me (apart from giving me a good laugh. Honestly, douchecanoe? you can’t make this shit up XD ). The people bitching on that site gave up being classified as humans long ago. If you actually think I would stoop so low as to mingle in that pit of searing hatred and self-loathing, you are truly mistaken. But in the end, I am over here doing my thing and not being influenced by the Dark Side of this community. No matter what idiotic urban dictionary words you throw in my direction. I got shit to do. 

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And to the sweet person who posted that message, thank you. It was very kind of you :)

And this marks the first and only post about SS this year.

You know, i think Tony is protecting someone here.  Bucky’s aim, and eyeline isn’t on Tony, it’s on his right side and down. Tony grabs the gun and moves it towards himself, and potentially off someone else, as he puts his hand over the barrel.

I don’t think he’s there to shoot Tony, he’s there for someone/something else. maybe this is the Sputnik moment,

Just A Message To Say...
  • How are you? I hope your day is splendid, and if you want to talk about your day or anything else I am here. 
  • I must say you look smashing currently as you do always. 
  • Be positive. Even if it seems impossible, something is good. 
  • You can do anything. Just put your mind to it and anything is possible. 
  • I love you. You may doubt people’s care for you, but there are so many people who love you, including me. 
  • If you need advice, an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on, I am here. 
  • Keep smiling your beautiful smile, as smiling is contagious and even if you don’t feel like smiling, it’ll make someone else smile and it will come back and maybe it could even become real for you.

Back shot of the next cover person in Pick-Up Voice 2016-4

source: https://twitter.com/puv_official/status/696643202254639104

Awwww…. a bit hard to guess who is he!!!

It’s arguing like crazy on twitter….

HiroC? OnoD? C or D ?? Am so confessed Σ(゚Д゚;≡;゚д゚)

Speaking of chance, he should be HiroC as his new single.

But wait, OnoD may also have chance because of his live in Budokan.

or maybe someone else, as their hair are black.

ฅ(๑*д*๑)ฅ!! Who is he ???????

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When was she catfishing as a WBFF chick?? Do you have a screenshot or something? Cant believe she would do that lol

I don’t have any screenshots because I have never followed her, including the time she spent pretending to be someone else.

She was called out for catfishing maybe ~a year~ ago and instead of acknowledging it AT ALL she literally just deleted everything she claimed was a *selfie* and continued blogging normally, and then eventually started posting *real* selfies.

The whole thing was VERY weird and it’s so strange to me that only a few people even remember this happening.

Okay, listen, listen, listen, Tony looks so scared and shocked, and he still has time to put the guantlet on and I don’t think bucky was trying to shoot him because he moves the gun towards his face so maybe he was gonna shoot someone else (that he knows was hydra or something) but that doesn’t change the fact that the gun blows up pointing at tony’s face and he looks so scared for his life and shocked and just someone help him please

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OMG I HOPE THERE'LL BE MORE STEVE AND BUCKY ADVENTURES IN BALI so what is their favourite thing to eat at the warung?

Buck: double order of gado-gado with as much sauce as he can beg off of the kitchen, just DROWNED in sauce. Steve eats his hard boiled eggs.

- two (2) orders of nasi goreng (Bucky will steal part of this. Steve tells him to order his own every time. He will not.)
- two (2) orders of some kind of protein, usually fried fish or chicken, sometimes he does tahu goreng or something if Buck’s unusually hungry and gives him tragedy eyes
- one (1) extra thing that he sees someone else eating and decides he needs, like maybe some lumpia or something
- one (1) soup with vegetables in it, for hydration and nutrient purposes.

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I have been on a long distance relationship hidden from our parents for almost 8 years, but she broke up with me some weeks ago, on her words she THINK that don't love me anymore, but we were ok until a guy from her workplace shows up saying that he likes her some days earlier. She left me to try dating him. She was also my best-friend, I still love her so much to let go and it hurts a lot. Don't know what to do

I’m sorry but it looks like she doesn’t really loved you if she left you for someone else. Maybe she was just waiting to meet someone near her to leave you.. You need to let her go.,. I know it’s hard but you can find someone else. A new friend or even a new lover. It takes time but it is possible!

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Okay, so I've been trying to find this fic.... Steve is trans, he hides it (gets caught by a nurse while trying to enlist, she helps him leave before he's found out) and the serum makes him taller, muscular etc and such? So he still hides being trans but Howard knew... It was a really well done fic, but I can't find it again...

I’ve only read one trans!Steve fic that I can recall but this wasn’t it. :B

Maybe someone else can help out?

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Salaam. Can you please make dua that I find the person I'm meant to be with, and soon? I have been alone all my life and I don't know what's wrong w me and I am pretty sure I'm unlovable. If you could make dua I'd appreciate it; mine have gone completely unanswered for many years. Maybe it'll make a difference if someone else makes dua.

Happy Lunar New Year! My dad’s side of the family is from Henan province, and always celebrates with homemade dumplings. Often there’d be 4 or 5 family members all around a table making them - one person kneading the dough, another person rolling it out into flat little circles, maybe someone else mixing up more filling, and of course, people scooping filling onto the wrappers and pinching the dumplings shut.

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Do you reckon Aidan and Dean will ever attend another Con together? I see Dean's got two coming up this year, but Aidan?...

I know Aidan said after filming that he wants to take some time off and travel but maybe that means he would be willing to do a con. he has a very large fan base and I think that it would be great for him. bigger names then him still do cons, maybe it is just a recent personal preference of his to focus on acting instead. I do hope that he decides to do at least one sometime in the future cause I know it would make loads of people happy. Maybe its easier for him when he does it with someone else? it did always look like he had a good time tho when he did the ones back during hobs promo. maybe the stars will align and gift us with one last con

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Okay, so I've been dating this girl for three months, and I found out that she's had a crush on me for like almost two years. now she is way too attached to me, to the point where she said she would kill herself if I broke up with her. I feel trapped and I don't want to be with her anymore, but I'm scared that she'll kill herself if I leave her, Do you have any advice that might be able to help me figure out what to do?

That is definitely not a healthy relationship. If she feels that way it’s likely she needs some psychiatric help… If there’s a way to tell her she should look into seeing a therapist (if that service is available to her) , and if there’s a way to do that while upsetting her as little as possible, I would suggest that. Or maybe talk to someone else who’s close to her? A relative or close friend might be able to help

Heroes didn’t leap tall buildings or stop bullets with an outstretched hand; they didn’t wear boots or capes. They bled, and they bruised, and their superpowers were as simple as listening or loving. Heroes were ordinary people who knew that even if their own lives were impossibly knotted, they could untangle someone else’s. And maybe that one act could lead someone to rescue you right back.
—  Jodi Picoult, Second Glance

“I mean, it’s interesting,” Williams told the press. “Every time I walk in this room, everyone expects me to win every single match, every single day of my life.

“As much as I would like to be a robot, I’m not.

“But, you know, I do the best that I can. I try to win every single time I step out there, every single point, but realistically I can’t do it. Maybe someone else can, but I wasn’t able to do it.

So thinking about @kyleehenke‘s Harvesttale AU is keeping me awake at night, so I’m putting my thoughts in a post just so I can rest. Mostly based on Friends of Mineral Town’s aspects with some other things I thought were fitting.

This will get long I’ve been thinking a lot about this and some are inspired by other people’s ideas I’m sorry.

Two playable modes:

“Get Hitched” where you play as customizable you and can maybe get hitched to your fav. Frisk (and possibly someone else wink wonk) is adoptable if you raise your affection with them enough. If you don’t, they’ll probably get adopted by Toriel.

“Get Adopted“ where you play as Frisk and try to get your favs to essentially adopt you (and maybe someone else ahuhuhu). Can have single parent or hook up your OTPs. (Cannot have a single bro as a single parent. If you don’t hook one of ‘em up, you’re living with both your skele-uncles kiddo.)

Main Characters:

Toriel: Mayor of town. Gives you old, out of use farm (used to be hers and Asgore’s before losing children(?) How did they lose them??? I just like myself sad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and comes to visit you for like the entire first month to bring you seeds and teach you the ropes. Favorite food is Filet of Escargot.

Can only ask her about business things at work by talking to her secretary, the Inn Rabbit (I know I know there’s already an inn but I had an idea for that that really fit to me and hit in my soul).

Not at work on Tuesdays and Sundays (teaches kids in a sorta Sunday school type deal, just not religious). Substitute on Sundays is the Shopkeeper bunny.

Papyrus and Sans: Owners of the Inn (because it seemed fitting and thinking about it warmed my soul somehow). Papyrus does mostly kitchen work while Sans mostly brings “Inn” customers (god dammit this skeleton’s gonna be the death of me). Can eat there during the day, but it is all pasta recipes. Can learn recipes from Pap if you eat them enough (aka dinner dates).

During the day, you can usually find Sans in one of the rooms “working” while Papyrus is usually behind the food counter. Talking to Sans gives you the choice to rest and talking to Papyrus will give you the choice to eat. (Both probably raise affection points maybe)

Inn is not open on Fridays. Papyrus hangs out at Undyne’s during the day and the forest at night. Favorite food is Butternut Squash Penne. Sans hangs out at Grillby’s during the day and the mountain when it gets late. Favorite food is Spaghetti Soup (probably mostly ketchup).

Undyne: Runs the Livestock shop (because I thought about her in a plaid shirt and overalls taking care of animals and got a case of the honeyglows somethin’ awful *dabs forehead*). Store used to belong to Gerson, but Undyne started helping out and eventually just kinda…took over when she got old enough (Gerson now runs the blacksmith with the “help” of the Royal Guard Dogs). R01 and R02 help out around the store and with deliveries.

The store is closed on Wednesdays. You’ll probably find her at Alphys’, the beach, or Asgore’s during the day and over at the Inn at night. Favorite food is Salmon Noodle Bowl.

Alphys: The clinic doctor. (I know…) Still very recluse, so much so that she just ordered a hospital wing to be built onto her house. You’re sent there when you pass out and are given some free medicine if you’re sent there frequently enough. Catty and Bratty help out selling energy boosters and restorer, despite Alphys telling them they don’t have to be there. Has a knack with equipment and can upgrade yours to the highest level if Gerson has already maxed them out as best he can.

Clinic is closed on Saturdays. You can sometimes find her at Undyne’s shop, the library, or The Mettaton Shop, but every other Sunday, she stays inside and you can only get inside her place on those days if you have a high enough friendship level. Favorite food is Sakura Mochi Ice Cream.

Mettaton: Is pretty much on every channel of the TV and advertises things that can be bought AT A METTATON SHOP NEAR YOOOOU~ Can also order special items, like furniture and stuff from his shopping channel that airs every Monday. (wait he’s not really a main character in this why did I put him here???)

EX: A “mysterious” sexy robot (because who doesn’t want to marry/be adopted by the sexy robot??)that doesn’t actually live in town, but stays at the Inn so much he practically lives there anyway.

Is often out and about town, but frequents The Mettaton Shop, the Library, the Clinic, and of course the Inn. Disappears mysteriously every Monday. Favorite food is Rainbow Curry (I tried finding a real food to put, but nothing was flashy enough…)

Asgore: Runs a flower stand. Used to be mayor alongside Toriel, but after the lose of their children (if that’s still a thing because I still kinda want it to be a thing but also not y’know???) and the stress of running the town, their relationship took a turn and they eventually parted ways. Favorite food is Butterscotch pie (the only way to get the recipe is high friendship with Toriel ahahaha ouch). Sells flower seeds, bouquets, and teas (maybe perfumes too?) at his stand. Will probably give you tea recipes when your friendship level is high enough.

Stand is closed on Thursdays. Will probably find him in the forest, his greenhouse, or in his house during the day, and maybe the forest still or the beach at night. If he’s in his house during the day, Gerson and Undyne are most likely there hanging out and drinking tea.

Other Stuff:

The Mettaton Shop is essentially the general store, but it runs more like a brand name store. The cashier is who else but Burgerpants.

The Nicecream Guy runs a icecream shop on the beach that runs year round.

Grillby runs the restaurant and is date/parent material.

Muffet runs the winery and is date material (not sure about parent though…). Also sells you baked goods.

Napstablook runs the library and is date material (again, not sure about parent…). Also holds a snail race every month.

Gaster is at the very bottom of the mine and is date/parent material.

Instead of choosing between the the spiky or floppy eared dog, you choose between Annoying Dog or Temmie.

The Harvest Sprites are the seven human souls, including Chara (chill guy the harvest sprites are weak as shit they can’t to jack…jk I just want them to find some kind of peace too…)

Asriel is the Harvest Spirit and if your friendship is high enough with him and the Harvest Sprites…well~

Well, that took forever. At least I got it out. Hopefully I can sleep well at night now.


you’ll never know if you never try  |  Listen here

An only-mildly-corny playlist for the boyfriends East High School deserved.

Concept: After crossing paths in junior year and actually meeting properly that summer, Chad and Ryan have a secret whirlwind relationship/romance at Lava Springs Country Club. When the summer ends, they say, “Okay, summer’s over, so this is over. Back to school.” But instead of them almost never interacting in senior year… Trying to forget each other doesn’t entirely work one weekend, and eventually turns into “I want you, I think I love you, and I don’t care what anyone says.” For almost 10 years.


Concept: Disney Channel let us have nice, queer things.

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So I'm extremely curious about the firebenders that could bend with their "minds" i.e using the tattoos on their forehead. Any thoughts on them? How could they do that? Are they possibly related to the Sun Warriors? I really wanna talk about this style of bending and its origins and whatnot.

You know, I’m not sure, but maybe there’s someone else that can give you an explanation for it.

Maybe it’s some sort of if accumulation of energy? It is the location of the light chakra though, so maybe it has something to do with that?