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hey! just fyi, the term "in the broom closet" is pretty problematic because it equates being secretly a witch with being forced to hide your lgbtqiap+ identity. although both phrases come from the same root, the lgbtq+ one is more prevalent! (1/2)

so while the original phrase is “skeletons in the closet”, the lgbtq+ version has so much traction that the witch community’s use of it is kind of appropriative. if you could find an alternative that would be great! (2/2)

I dunno perhaps if you spent more time reading instead of policing our language with condescending messages you would know that T and I are queer? We literally have this information listed in our description. 

Like maybe the next time you feel like wasting your time and someone else’s time you could ask yourself if the people involved have a very distinct notion of the lgbtq experience. 

T and I literally live in one of the most conservative cities in America in a very conservative state. We both come from very traditionally christian families. I knew that I was queer when I was 13 and the “good allies” back then said that my feelings were sins and institutional protections like marriage and banning conversion therapy were wrong. I’ve had my fair share of homophobic slurs hurled my way both as a child and as an adult. I had family members threaten to take away money for college when I came out. I attend a university that allows preachers to come to campus and hold signs at survivor rallies that say “homos burn in hell.” T has her own experiences that define her hardships as a member of the queer community.

But thanks for assuming anyway. 

So considering that we are a part of both communities, we can use the language we think is best for our lives and our circumstances. 


Songs are like a form of chaos that you can control. It’s a form of intelligence that maybe you only understand and you hope that someone else can understand. And you can be anyone you want: you can be as grandiose as you want or you can be as down in the gutter as you want. It’s just sort of whatever emotional freeway you’re on at the time.
—  Billie Joe Armstrong ♥

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Show You

hey guys! happy fourth of july weekend to all my americanssssss. to everyone else happy saturday :)))))) WE HAVE A SMUT REQUEST FROM A DIFFERENT FANDOM WHAAAAAA?! things are getting cray cray. also we almost have 1.1k???? you guys are so cool like hardcore bae af’s, PS IF YOU GUYS WANNA TALK ABOUT TEEN WOLF LITERALLY INBOX US. WE’LL BE REPLYING THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT ON ALL THE CRAZINESS PSS BB LIAM GIVES ME HEART PALPITATIONS. also sorry i some of the information isn’t exactly correct, it’s been a while since like season three. also this is super long so i’m sorry in advance. 

Request: Hellooo💙 i really love you'r blog!💞😁 i was woundering if you could whrite a smut where y/n is kols girlfriend, and Damon and mAybe someone else hear them, and then bust them in the act? 💖

It was the night of the Mikaelson Ball and DAMN WERE YOU NERVOUS. It had been a solid few hundred years since you had seen all the Mikaelson’s together in one room, and boy did it scare you to the core. You were just adding a touch of lipstick when the doorbell rang signaling that your boyfriend, Kol, was here to pick you up. You walked down the stairs to be met with a face you hadn’t seen in years. Rebekah. “Hello Y/N darling, it’s been ages. Kol was a bit busy so he sent me to come and get you instead.” You frowned in response, disappointed that you didn’t get to see Kol just yet. Noticing your frown Rebekah laughed and pinched your cheek. “Silly girl, that just means he preparing himself to see the drop-dead gorgeous girl that you are after so many years.” You rolled your eyes and said, “Okay, well I suppose we should get going or we’ll be late.” With that, the two of you strode to the waiting car in the driveway. 

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Hey! I'm in a bit of a rut as far as what should read next. I wanted to find someone else opinion, so maybe I can drift away from my typical reads. What are some of your favorite books, or series, or both? I just finished TMI series, but I'm trying to not follow in that same category, or the dystopian type novels either. Hope you can help me!

please read the wrath and the dawn by renee ahdieh please

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I would love to read a Cinderella fic!, although I'd read anything you wrote. I love your fics😘

Haha, it was just a random idea. I can totally see Peeta as a Cinderella-type character with an evil stepmother and two stepbrothers, and Katniss being a princess, having to find someone to marry… and she falls for Peeta. In all honestly, I probably won’t write this anytime soon. Maybe when I’m done with a WiP, or maybe I’ll write it as a oneshot. However, if someone else likes the idea, by all means run with it! You have my blessing.

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Hey! Everlark Fic Questions isn't accepting any asks, so I thought I might ask you if you (or anyone who comments) might know where I can find the fic about K+P pretending to have sex to get back at Peeta's annoying room mate, but then they end up actually in a relationship. All their "pretend make-outs" to make others jealous lead to them hooking up. It's a three part series, I think. Sorry to bug, I just thought I'd see if you happen to know. Hope you have a good weekend!

Ummm…it sounds like something I wrote, but maybe someone else wrote something similar?…Well, here are the links to mine, and if that’s not what you’re looking for, then I am so sorry, Anon. I tried. :-(  And you are not bugging me. I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend as well!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

I really don’t like the calling your deadbeat dad a sperm donor thing for two reasons
2) it’s actually crappy because like it implies sperm donors are abandoning their children by donating and??? Thanks to my sperm donor I am alive and my mom got to have the baby she wanted and lesbian couples and couples where the man is infertile also get to have their babies so it’s called a “donation” for a reason

Idk I’m being ultra sensitive but it’s weird because I’m the only person I know who’s the result of medical procedure using donated sperm so

The thing is,
I have a lot of love and care to give.
I give hard and fast, I get attached fast, I get intrigued fast and I fuck up fast.
I’m so over this repetitive cycle; meet someone, put them off, meet someone new, start to get feelings, scare them away, rinse and repeat.
And don’t get me wrong, having someone interested in you or not isn’t the end all or be all. But fuck me, it feels nice to feel like you’re appealing to someone else. To be wanted. To be craved.

Maybe I need to find myself intriguing, find myself incredible, get attached to my own being.
Because at the end of the day all I have is me.
Everyone is temporary, you’re temporary this is temporary and nothing lasts.
It’s always passing by and I need to learn to love myself.

RP FC Help

I need help with a FC. I currently have a character named Frankie who’s part fae, part human. She’s a DJ, and her music causes people to become attached to her.

She’s a lesbian, she’s super laid back, and she’s extremely introverted in new environments (unless she’s working). 

Her current FC is Zoe Kravitz, but I want to change it to someone else. Maybe someone underused, but with the same kind of vibe.

It was hard to see you love somebody else but eventually, it got easier with time. I started thinking of you less and when they asked about you, I’d just say the truth. It didn’t work out, for whatever reasons. Eventually people stopped asking because they knew better then.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that I still miss you but you’re not going to be the reason for why I convince myself that I am unworthy of love. Not even when you couldn’t love me forever like you promised. Because I deserve love and because when they tell you that there is someone else- there is someone else.
Maybe he’s never going to be anything like you and maybe he’s never going to love me like you did but he makes me laugh and he listens and I bring out the kindness in him and most of all, he is trying and so am I.
So again, I’m sorry for forgetting about you but I needed to. You’re not good for me. You could never be.
—  You’re not good for me/ thewordsyouneverunderstood

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a highschool au fic.. capheus being really popular bc he's so nice, nomi going through her transition and nita supporting her, wolfie acting all tough but secretly crushing on kala, sun beating up the bullies, lito doing school plays, will and riley being generally adorable.. brb dying

omg yes pls and like capheus is that kind of social butterfly that just floats from group to group and everyone loves him because how could you not so he just knows everyone and has the school wrapped around his finger basically and everyone just wants to be him and be his best friend but for some reason the only person he ever consistently has time for is this really aloof girl sun who, as far as anyone else can see, actually doesn’t seem to care much either way about capheus but in reality they are really close and they are the only people that can really see the others true self 

nomi having to deal with teachers still calling her michael because that’s what’s on the school system and its really hard but she soldiers through it but neets goes on a one-woman mission to get everyone to call her by her chosen name and she just goes around the school with a mega phone and shouts at anyone that calls nomi michael and nomi would find it embarrassing if she wasn’t so in love with her and so she lets her keep going and she’s surprised to find out that eventually it actually starts to work and she can be who she really is but in reality from start to finish she wouldn’t have minded what happened as long as she had neets by her side 

kala is the sun and is radiant and beautiful and lovely and wolfgang stares at her always, but never long enough to get caught. they’re in the same class for something and so they know each other but don’t. he tries to talk to her occasionally but she’s always surrounded by her friends who, frankly, give him a headache the second they open their mouths so he starts to give up. one day though she’s missing from class and the next day asks him if she can copy up his notes and he agrees, but in the end they spend way more time talking about anything and everything rather than doing any actual studying because who wants to look at numbers when you can stare in each others eyes? 

will is on the student council and is a one man welcoming commitee and so when this cute new girl riley turns up he thinks all his christmases have come at once but she’s like really mysterious and won’t tell him about why she moved there and he respects that but makes it his mission to be a friend to her so she can have someone to talk to if she needs it and at first she tries to push him away but then she falls like super hard for him and its just really cute

lito being such a drama club nerd and he owns the hell out of it. like everyone just expects him to get the lead roles and so just the idea of someone else trying to go up for it offends him and one day this guy hernando is like ‘hey why can’t someone else be lead for once’ and lito frowns and they’re about to argue but long story short they end up making out behind the fake trees and they continue to sneak around together pretending to not like each other in public but not being able to keep their hands off of each other when they’re alone 

high school aus man. gotta love em

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why did Olenna Tyrell need littlefinger to murder Joffrey... She could have easily used one of Margeary's cousins as bearer of the hairnet... and the blame would have gone on to Tyrion anyway... or Oberyn... no one would suspect her... So why include Sansa who can't be trusted to do anything... or littlefinger who can never be trusted no matter what... If littlefinger was the one who devised the whole thing... then why did he trust her... oh well maybe he didn't want to be present...

goldengrasp, I’m not sure I’m the right person to ask about the Tyrells’ wedding plans, but I think the goal was to keep the Tyrells as far out of it as possible, to avoid any blame. They didn’t want to risk the possibility of one of the cousins being implicated, if someone realized that the hairnet was the source of the poison and then remembered who was wearing it. 

Dontos gave Sansa the hairnet at the end of ACOK, while Margaery and her grandmother didn’t even arrive in the city until the beginning of ASOS, which is something I still don’t really understand. Why was Littlefinger planting a poison hairnet on Sansa before the Tyrells were seriously planning to kill the king? 

“It’s very lovely,” Sansa said, thinking, It is a ship I need, not a net for my hair. “Lovelier than you know, sweet child. It’s magic, you see. It’s justice you hold. It’s vengeance for your father.” Dontos leaned close and kissed her again. “It's home.”

I don’t think the Tyrells were planning on using Sansa in their plans as of ACOK, because they wanted to wed her to Willas and claim the North through her, and you can’t really claim the North with a bride wanted for regicide. And I don’t think the Tyrells were really ready to kill Joffrey until ASOS, when Olenna and Margaery sat down and had their little chat with Sansa and she admitted that Joffrey was a monster. 

So maybe Littlefinger was just doing his usual in ACOK and planting the seeds of chaos, with a plan to entrap Sansa and make her reliant on him one way or another for when he eventually whisked her out of King’s Landing. And then in ASOS, when Olenna needed a poison, and Sansa had been married to Tyrion and was no longer of use to the Tyrells, maybe Olenna went to Littlefinger and they took a walk together and he said very carefully, “Have you taken a closer look at that hairnet on the Stark girl? Do you realize what those stones are?” And then the Tyrells unfriended Sansa, because they couldn’t be the friends of a future “criminal” and draw any suspicion on themselves. 

And I’ve seen theories that Olenna also wanted to steal Sansa away in the resulting chaos with hopes that Tyrion would be executed, but I’m not sure the Tyrells’ plan involved directing the blame at anyone in particular, so much as just directing it away from themselves, because, yeah, as you mention, Oberyn could have been implicated:

“I have much to thank your sister for. If not for her accusation at the feast, it might well be you judging me instead of me judging you.” The prince’s eyes were dark with amusement. “Who knows more of poison than the Red Viper of Dorne, after all? Who has better reason to want to keep the Tyrells far from the crown?”

It was Littlefinger who arranged for the jousting dwarf mummers to rile Tyrion up at the feast and direct the attention to him. 

So why include Sansa? I think it was just convenience, that she unwittingly had the perfect delivery system for the poison. As to why Olenna made this arrangement with Littlefinger, or how much of an arrangement it was, well I think that still remains to be seen. Littlefinger was surely advancing his own creepy, predatory agenda, whatever it was, but maybe someone else who has thought about this more could explain better.

Runaway Bride

AN: Wrote this little story off of the head canon that Sean and I have, that he posted about here.  It’s probably awful and it has many many mistakes.  I apologize tremendously for my grammar and look forward to the day I have a professional editor.  But it’s just a little thing I wrote off of this headcanon of Maka and Spirit on her wedding day.  Don’t hate on me too badly, it was written at 3 AM. No warnings are needed. It’s pure family fluff and some mild angst. Without further ado:

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