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Do you have any steampunk AU's?

Oh do I ever!!

- Tinker AU. Person A is a Tinker while B runs the store front. Making and selling toys, specialty robots, and doing repairs while living above the shop.

- Factory Worker falls in love with Factory Owner.

- Person A orders a specialty Machine from B.

- Person B takes care of As stable. Robo horses.

- A is a rich man with a love of robotics. B is a poor but talented inventor.

- A is an illegal parts vendor in the black market. B is a salvager for them.

- A makes prosthetics. B is missing a limb.

If another Mod has anymore then go ahead and add them! I’m half asleep soooo XD

-Mod Wells

damien is a hotheaded typhlosion that shouldn’t be intimidated unless you have a death wish. however, he’s also very spoiled to kotone and just as protective when it comes to his trainer. he also loves to pick fights with silver and is a very close and dear friend to silver’s feraligatr. as stubborn and cocky as he is, he’s mated and deeply in love with serena; the ampharos is basically damien’s voice of reason.

knight is chill and a bit mature. however, he’s very, VERY protective of haruka the blaziken prioritizes her more than his own safety. due to a traumatic event about the kyogre incident, every time haruka’s even in the slightest of danger, knight will do anything to destroy it. this often result with his team member yelling at his rash behaviour. has a bittersweet friendship with munchkin, the tentacruel.

isaac is both mature and childish. most times, he can think rationally. however, since the terrible incident during the dragon battle, the samurott gets paranoid easily about white’s wellbeing. the most reliable leader of the team but still needs damage control from dexter the zebstrika or lillil the lilligant when the situation is severe. sees maria the banette as his adopted daughter. has a Huge Crush on lillil but is a moron to act first.

evangeline is like a loving mother to her team members. the delphox is close to mandark the beedrill and charles the charizard since they were the first team members in serena’s journey. basically serena’s best friend since she’s there every time serena feels down or terribly pressured by the incidents in kalos. as nice as she is, evangeline doesn’t think twice to psychic anyone 10 feet away if they harm her or her little family.

snuggles, prior to his intimidating look, is actually a very loving and happy incineroar. he lavishes on being spoiled by moon and often acts like a giant kitten to her. skrillex is his bff since he and the ariados were the first team members before moon went to the next island. he also loves to impress moon during battles and as much as he sees saeran as a little brother, he also sees the mimikyu as his rival for their trainer’s affections.

I love Greg dearly but his endless understanding no matter what the circumstances is starting to frustrate me. There’s a difference between being sweet and nice and a kind human being and being a straight up doormat.

Man, the gems KIDNAPPED YOUR KID and one of them even considered doing something that would possibly have killed him. Please can you get angry and tear them a new one. Just once.

Problematic Favs

I wasn’t tagged at all, because @wonderfulworldofmichaelford is mean, but here we go anyway.

“You know what I’m getting sick of? People dissing others for liking characters who have “problematic” traits. Like, how that character being problematic means that they can’t be interesting, and whoever likes that character supports the terrible things that character does. So I’m making a list, heck a meme in which you have to list your top 5 problematic faves, the reasons they’re considered problematic, then explain why you love them anyway, and you have to tag at least five people.”

Okie dokie, let’s do this!

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How does it feel to
Pluck a feather out of you
And place it onto another’s wings
For him to freely fling?

How does it feel to
Let others shine
Dimming your own light
And look at them, still smiling bright?

You are a man of true heart
With dreams for not himself
Rather for someone else you love hard;

You are a man of true being
Of kindness and purity
Of talent and physique;

I adore you
A man of one’s dreams
I hope to be you
—If not to be with you;

I love you like how others do
I pray for oceans to hollow
And earth to stick together
To bring me close to you

You smile to become happy
Couldn’t it be more genuine?
Whatever they do not see
Is what I treasure of you truly.

—  161204 TO:JIN

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Do you think its healthy for Harley? Joker emptying Harley? A man emptying a woman? To fill her with him and whatever he wants of her to create the woman HE wants?

As long as it’s fictional, a man can do with a woman what he want and a woman can do with a man what she wants, and a woman with a woman, and man with man, and so on ♥

I don’t often post about my love for Marius and Cosette but a friend of mine and her partner have literally the sweetest thing going on and I kind of feel like it’s something these two would do in a modern!AU…

So Cosette and Marius basically they both know that they want to get married already, it’s more a case of when than if and they neither of them are very big on the whole ‘the man proposes because tradition’ thing because it’s weird and old fashioned… so they’ve come up with this system whereby they won’t actually get married until they have BOTH proposed.

So they’re both planning when they’re going to propose to each other and they’re just so ridiculously in love and also the idea of A) going against gender norms and B) getting two cutesy adorable engagement stories instead of just one… is just too good to resist.

Except they forget to account for the fact that they are also ridiculously in sync with each other and they end up planning the exact same proposal and it ends up with them both on one knee in front of each other with a ring in hand staring at each other in shock and both just bursting into tears and hugging and saying ‘Yes’ over and over.

I’ve decided to compile a thoroughly non-comprehensive list of some of my favorite lines of dialogue from Yuri!!! On Ice (episodes 1-9, since that’s all that’s out at the moment), mostly to remember them as the dub slaughters them, but also

To analyze what I love about them so I can create something like them when I write.

“I want to be utterly hated as the man who took Victor from the world.” Okay, Yuuri. You…you do that. Wow. What a declaration.

“Become strong, Michele Crispino.” I think it’s the delivery more than the wording.

“Katsudon! That’s what eros is to me!” Oh, Yuuri Katsuki, too ace to live.

“I’m a pork cutlet bowl fatale that enthralls men.” Yuuri, I know this was an internal monologue, but never say that out loud.

“Stupid Victor!” Yessss, Yuuri, brutalize him. He made you cry. On purpose. Make him suffer.

“You looked pretty sexy in that video where you copied him.” Um. They let Yuuri’s dude friend, who just had his hands all over Yuuri helping him stretch say this with a straight face with no implications of UST. Wow.

“Are you two switching to pairs skating?” LOL at Yakov putting his skaters in their places so bluntly and subtly. Get back to work, you two.

“It almost sounds like a proposal.” WOW VICTOR. You’re really going all the way with this, huh?

“It’s pretty racy in here.” RIP your selfie, Guang Hong.

“You shithead!” So relatable, Yurio. So #relatable.

Victor barking like a dog. I just. What are you doing, Victor. What are you ever doing.

“I know!” As in, “I know you don’t want to step down as my coach.”  Because holy hell, does that sum up my anxiety issues. Cognitively knowing something helps not even a little bit.

Yurio’s “dasvidanya” to Yuuko. I think it’s something about the tone.

“Really? Ninjas?” Victor. Why are you such a dork all of the time.

Makkachin, you’ll be minding the house during the season.” Victor loves his dog so much.

Yuuri’s “Vkusno!” Because parallels. Also, awww.

“Are the pirozhki not very good?” Because sulkiness runs in the Plisetsky blood, man.

“Moody Japanese men who look like closet perverts.” Michele, take a chill pill, Yuuri’s taken.

Honorable mentions:


"It’s almost enough to make me, a man, pregnant.” WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING, YUURI?

bats. cute and helpful little friends, basically like flying coasters. but society at large hates them for being “creepy” what, because they have teeth? so do the cars in Cars. because they have leathery wing skin? bc they squeak and only come out at night? so do i and society at large hates me too. jesus

oh but everyone and their mother loves batman. Batman! like batman is better than bats! you caan’t just add “man” to things to improve them. that is literally the opposite of how men work. what the fuck is your damage you sons of bitches learn to appreciate bats before its too late

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Tell me exactly why you love Dean Winchester.

So I thought about this on my drive home from work and got all doe-eyed and sentimental, so prepare (also, I was going to do gif evidence for all of these but that would take FOREVER. So only some of them will get it.) 

Dean Winchester…

Originally posted by manyofthethings

This was the moment I fell head over heals for him. That little smirk, the way he easily takes down his brother in the dark and then teases him about it, his good nature. Hook, line, and sinker. 

The rest under the cut…this got LOOOOOONG… 

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Personal Meme

Thanks to @roguelioness and @ladydracarysao3 and @kaoruyogi    and @wickedwitchofthewilds who tagged me!! NOW who am I supposed to tag? ROFL

What is a big goal you are working towards?
Honestly, I don’t think I Have one right now…Oh I know! My goal is to hit my goal weight next year since surgery.

What’s your aesthetic?
Yeah…I don’t have one lol Homey I guess *shrug*

Do you collect anything?
Not anymore. I used to collect Stuffed Animals and I was an adult. Books maybe? OH! and I used to collect Angels before I lost them to storage…economy was/is shit man. I had a $40 Christmas Tree Ornament that I showed year round, it was like my prize lol

What is a topic you’re always up to talk about?
Dragon Age I love it and I love talking to other people about it.

What’s a pet peeve of yours?
When I am doing something and someone keeps interrupting me. I try not to be bitchy about it but, if I am on my phone or reading or writing and you keep showing me or telling me trivial shit its annoying.-Totally keeping this from Wicked lol

Good advice to give?
Do what makes you happy even if people don’t understand it. Or, as Neil Gaiman says “Make good art”

Recommend three songs.
Today-Brad Paisley      When My Heart Finds Christmas-Harry Connick Jr and Hallelujah by Pentatonix

A food that’s nasty in your opinion. 
Peppers…pretty much any kind that has a strong flavor

Ok, I tag @survivorjenny @tennyo-elf @sol-egg @scumbag-solas @galadrieljones 

K so I finally fuckin went and saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and holy fuckin shit my man

I’ve seen fucktons of posts about Newt Scamander and don’t get me wrong I love him but there’s very little on Credence Barebone I feel like and most of it is shipping him with Mr Graves (which i personally actually really dislike) and there’s a decent amount of “this poor child” and the like which I do appreciate and all but

Oh my god

He’s so???? Important??? (I am on the “this poor child” side just like y'know)

Ok so I could rant but it’d essentially be the same thing repeated 20 times in different ways

Whatever. Here I go.

Credence Barebone is so strong? Not just in terms of magical capacity but also mentally because holy shit not only is he suppressing all that magic for an apparently unprecedented amount of time but he’s also withstanding the abuse from his “mother.” And he’s alive. And— Graves, good god, I just…

He thinks he’s finally fucking found someone he can talk to, who he thinks believes in him and who he thinks he can trusts.

Obviously he turns out to be very wrong, but.

It hurts me for a lot of reasons and I wish there was more on his relationship with whatsherface, Gold…the love interest for Newt. (Liz? Gold-something… sorry.)

They mention a few times that they're…siblings? And I have no goddamn idea how exactly he wound up with “mother” and she didn’t and it just hurts me because I mean: did she leave him? Did she abandon him? I’m fairly certain she knew SOMETHING but goddammit

My memory is shit and I haven’t read the book if there is one (i hate myself) so maybe I’m just missing out because of that but good god just— uckcf!!

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Literally would I have never ever ever thought of Pansy x Godric as a pairing, but of course you make it sound so amazing as everything else you write, so now I'm curious!! Would you ship Hermione with any of the other Founders? Or what other Founders ships do you like/love?

man im so not the person for this lmao like i never think about the founders ever unless someone Prompts me to ??? idk why either i’ve just never been particularly invested in them but

i mean i have LOWKEY had thoughts about tom riddle x rowena ravenclaw

and since jason momoa is my fc for salazar slytherin i could literally figure out a way to ship him with any character in the series probably

(that said im currently constructing a super environmentally sound garbage nest in this pansy x godric dumpster if anyone wants in like come on let’s get cozy y'all)

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What does Andy think about the masked man? I know that is weird but I kinda ship them (don´t kill me xD) and since we don´t know very much about him he looks like an interesting character for me. Also, what do YOU think about him (as a character)? Love you and your blog ^^ keep that good work (≧ᴥ≦)

Hello dear anon~

Andy finds masked man a mysterious person that hides many things, but somehow she feels she can trust him in a way.
I won´t kill you becaus eof you shipping them haha! It´s quite an interesting idea and I would love if you told me more about this!! ^^

In my opinion…I think the same as Andy and I find him/she a very interesting character that I can´t  wait to see how it will develop. Will they be the good guy or bad guy? Chino can go insane with this character and I will be with open arms to see what will happen :D

Thank you very much for liking my blog and me! I will do my best to make everyone happy >\<

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Hey Merchants Man.. When you re-read the Feastdance do you read one book at a time or a variation of the feastwithdragons like BryndenBfish??

I’ve done the combined read-through, and it’s great–there’s a lot of echoes (thematically and plot-wise) that stand out stronger. But…I dunno, I loved AFFC and ADWD first as individual books, and tonally, they feel distinct to me in ways that are muddled somewhat when you integrate them. 

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ahah it’s so interesting hearing what you guys think about them all. so far there’s been a lot of people leaning more towards jungkook, which is understandable bc the story starts off with him, but poor tae )):

@extraerica submitted: i feel like if we tell you who we want the oc to end up with…. you’ll do the opposite 😭😭

pfffFFFT :))))) nonsense :)))))

ppl seem to be missing the point a lot 

the point of the matter is not so much who ppl ship kara with or in fact if they ship her with anyone

the point is the show spent a whole season of build-up on an interracial couple, abruptly claimed that it wasn’t working just after making them canon, and then replaced the black male love interest with a shiny new white man

i’m calling the show’s writers/tptb out on their apparent racism, not on shipping

so ship kara with whomever you want. or don’t. but do understand the significance of the switcheroo they made and the different ways they’re talking about the ships.