me: sees any image of any fall out boy member

me: wow i love them so much i wonder if they’ll ever know how much i love them. i hope they’re having a good day! i hope they’re very happy! wow i love that man i sure do love them wow i sure lo


ok guys but fr, today is 3 years of fifth harmony. i would’ve never guessed that five girls would have such an impact on me, 3 years ago…. normally i don’t even like bands for some reason, fifth harmony is the first band ive ever really liked. and man do i love them. they’ve pulled me out of so many dark places, shitty moments, and bad moods. i just get SO happy and so excited for them, when i see all the things that they’re doing. they deserve to get as big as 1D or something bc they’re honestly the most genuine, sweet celebrities ive ever seen in my life. i love these girls so much. sometimes it feels weird idolizing girls that are my age/around my age & also just loving 5 celebrity girls this much, but it’s hard not too. they’re my idols and i really fucking love them.

At 7pm tonight, I ran 3ish miles in shorts and short sleeves. Not a single complaint from this girl about the current weather sitch in Texas. Also, the stars were out in full force and man, do I love looking at them.

Good Monday vibes, for the win.

✨ thea's favorite sge trailers ! ✨ (from least to most)
  • least: "a world without princes" book trailer - this one was amazing but it can't compare to the rest
  • second-least: "a school for good and evil" book trailer - this one will always have a special place in my heart (:
  • the middle: "quests for glory" book trailer - dANG this one was really, really good! it would've been my second favorite if it hadn't been for
  • second-most: "the school for good and evil handbook" book trailer - this is the only one, out of the rest, that has a happy tune. like the rest of the trailers have this dark, somebody's-gonna-die thriller sound while this one is so light and happy and it makes me smile!
  • most: "the last ever after" book trailer - not only does this trailer have my favorite color, but it has this alluring beginning where it's silent, and not a comfortable silence but the type that you know will have something frightening coming. that hook smashes into that tree and then the pace picks up and it's leading you to the edge of your seat! the color is so vibrant and those eyes! THOSE EYES AT THE END. THEY. GET. ME. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary: You’re Sam’s daughter but were conceived while he was addicted to demon’s blood putting it in your veins. You live with Sam and Dean in the bunker but are left to guard Lucifer while the brothers go out on a cross country hunt.

Warnings: Bit of language, ‘love-dove’ scene (that’s what i call them haha), longggggg

Notes: The reader’s not a child; i promise Lucifer’s not creeping on children haha

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“I hear you, yes, but here’s the thing, i don’t wanna do it.” “Y/n you’ll be-” You flinch as another raisin smacks into your face, “You’ll survive.” “Will I. Really. He’s a full grown giggling school boy-” *Smack* “who gave him those?!” “Y/n! Focus! Now there’s plenty of food in the kitchen you have the phone book in case you need anything Sam’s credit card. Please you’d be doing me and Sam a solid. Can we count on you?”

You looked at the ridiculous man, setting up his “next shot” at you, but quickly dropped the raisin and gave you a large cheesy grin. You wanted to glare at him so badly but you couldn’t help but feel a shiver up your spine, whether it be because you were looking at him or because he was looking at you. “Hey,” you turn back to Dean, “Don’t be scared of him he can’t hurt you.” “I’m not scared of him Dean,” you look back at that smug face, “but it is scary what a smile cam hide. Just imagine what he’s got behind his.” “Hey, what did i tell you about thinking like that, it’s a hunters worst enemy.” “Sorry but it’s true.” “Well you know what else is true? Believe only half of what you see and-” “And nothing that i hear, i know i know.” “You’ll be fine then. No one’s asking you to spend time with him or talk to him-don’t(!) talk to him actually, don’t be anywhere near him if you can, just keep him here and under no circumstances cross that line. We’re not going to make you do this. But please, will you?”

You peaked over your shoulder just in time for another smack square between the eyes. You roll your eyes back to Dean. “Just hurry back guys.” Dean ruffled your hair, “Thanks kid.” You smack his hand away. “Yeah yeah whatever.” “Really, thanks y/n,” Sam gave you a tight hug and kiss on the forehead, “love you, be careful.” “Love you too.”

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Meant to do this a little while back, since I actually passed 400 but I’m a lazy chicken butt so you’re getting it at 400+. Thank you everyone, it makes me so amazingly happy that so many people are interested in my crazy eggies. Especially considering I could probably count on my fingers the amount of you who had actually heard of them before. So many of you are from other fandoms too, so I’m eternally grateful for you letting my babies invade your various worlds.

Honorary Eggs: Those who contributed a ridiculous amount to this blog and to my baby’s character development. This place wouldn’t be the same without you.

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