lavahag replied to your postidk why any of us are eating oranges at all when…

Oh Brent, here is where we are very different people. I cannot handle either the texture or aroma of mangoes. Pomegranate forever! (I love that we are having fruit discourse now)

You know, I hate melon (ALL MELON IS GARBAGE) for the dense and slimy texture, and mangoes are both of these things, so idk what does it for me but MAN do I love them- the fruit flesh itself, the flavor, the scent, all of it, which is very rare for me

You are correct vis a vis pomegranates though

🔥 Other Shit-Tier Fruits:

  • bananas
  • limes
  • PEARS (again, dense and slimy and bland!)
  • passionfruit (lit’rally a purple pustule of human boogers)
  • most apples
  • watermelon fuck OFF

🔥 God-Tier Fruits:

  • mangoes
  • pomegranates 
  • grapes (SEEDLESS)
  • pineapple
  • raspberries
  • strawberries even though the odds of finding good strawberries are roughly the same as winning the fuckin lottery
  • star fruit
  • dragon fruit (only because it’s gorgeous, it doesn’t actually taste like anything)

🔥 Okay Fruits

  • apricots (i do like a good apricot jam to use as glaze for fruit tarts)
  • blueberries (unless cooked, in which case i’ll suck that goo down like a goddamn vacuum)
  • figs
  • kiwis (what dragon fruit is texturally, just with flavor)
  • cherries
  • peaches (i like Peach Flavor more than i like the fruit itself)

At 7pm tonight, I ran 3ish miles in shorts and short sleeves. Not a single complaint from this girl about the current weather sitch in Texas. Also, the stars were out in full force and man, do I love looking at them.

Good Monday vibes, for the win.


ok guys but fr, today is 3 years of fifth harmony. i would’ve never guessed that five girls would have such an impact on me, 3 years ago…. normally i don’t even like bands for some reason, fifth harmony is the first band ive ever really liked. and man do i love them. they’ve pulled me out of so many dark places, shitty moments, and bad moods. i just get SO happy and so excited for them, when i see all the things that they’re doing. they deserve to get as big as 1D or something bc they’re honestly the most genuine, sweet celebrities ive ever seen in my life. i love these girls so much. sometimes it feels weird idolizing girls that are my age/around my age & also just loving 5 celebrity girls this much, but it’s hard not too. they’re my idols and i really fucking love them.

anonymous asked:

Omg okay so I just saw your post about ur sis and her bf so can you give me a scenario when noodle and her gf do that and the band is just like wtf you guys

((It was a cool person that I follow! I’m not @man-research but I do love them a lot, I’m @bastard-bass-player !!))

- you and the guys were probably out window shopping, that’s the only thing i see in this scenario
- you had stopped at an ice cream shop afterward and the guys all sat at a booth away and you and Noodle shared an ice cream
- the guys were secretly watching
- Russel was swooning
- 2D was kinda embarrassed
- Mudz was trying not to throw up
- she reached across the table to put her hand on yours and you took it
- Murdoc and Russel had practically thrown money on the table and D dropped his ice cream
- she let you win and Mudz got ten bucks
-RIP in piece Stu’s ic crem

Meant to do this a little while back, since I actually passed 400 but I’m a lazy chicken butt so you’re getting it at 400+. Thank you everyone, it makes me so amazingly happy that so many people are interested in my crazy eggies. Especially considering I could probably count on my fingers the amount of you who had actually heard of them before. So many of you are from other fandoms too, so I’m eternally grateful for you letting my babies invade your various worlds.

Honorary Eggs: Those who contributed a ridiculous amount to this blog and to my baby’s character development. This place wouldn’t be the same without you.

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