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oh gawd. what do i say. what do i do. man. i wanna give a shoutout to @lockedfighter for dragging me out here, and the whole CR fam bam for accepting me as one of their own. i’ve screamed, laughed, cried with y’all. you’re incredible. and i hope our friendships last a long time, because i really value them.

i have a couple of honorable mentions too, who manage to always make me smile whether i see them on the dash or we talk ooc. thank you to: 

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yeah. so. i love you xx

let’s keep writing together! and if we haven’t yet, i’m sure we’ll figure something out soon if you’d like!  ♥

– nina

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I'm not all too familiar with Another Man magazine and how they normally do their thing but, this issue with Harry, I love the fact that he invites his friends and family to join in. Like Gemma wrote an essay and Tomo had an interview. He gives them attention through his own, always supporting people that matter to him.

I loveeeee it 😭

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What do you think of the new D Gray Man? I love it but at the same time I hate it because of how brutally they demolished my feels for all my ships and my love for a lot of the characters with what happened to them all,,,Christ I'm still recovering from the ending cliffhanger,,,

Do you mean Hallow?

Not a fan. It had horrible visual pacing. Didn’t even finish watching it. Probably never will. 

mmmmmm time for another Len Ship You Should Consider by Kayla:
Len/Rip, or “frozen in time”
they get on each other’s nerves and know exactly how to press each other’s buttons but at the end of the day they still care a lot about each other, Len even put him on equal footing w Sara by calling them both his friends and u know that’s a big deal coming from him
Len may not like not being the only captain aboard the ship and not agree with many of said captain’s decisions, but he recognizes that Rip is trying his best with the situations they get in
that won’t stop him from picking on him tho and he loves bullying this poor man but Rip really is trying his best and I do think Len acknowledges that
it’s a good ship full of bickering and angst and tension and that’s a Good Ship to me

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What'd do you think the OT4 + Link's dream dates are?

Allen would either drag _____ to an amusement park, horror houses, or the cinemas. He loves being active during dates, talking about everything and anything with them while they walk ( preferably while holding hands) and doing something that would keep them on their feet for the rest of the day until they had to return. He’d avoid places that reminds him of his piling debt no thanks to his Master.

Lavi would definitely want a more relaxed date; stargazing is a must– he’d be lying in s/o’s lap and talk about anything and everything while they played with his hair. He’d love for nothing more than to stay in his s/o’s arms and do things that are far more comforting.

Link’s ideal/dream date isn’t anything fancy to be honest; he just wants to spend a day away from work - no Lvellie, no Allen Walker, no Black Order - just a peaceful day out with ______ away from everyday things. They’d probably stop by small time cafes with home-y feels, a stroll through the park or even just shopping for things they need.

Kanda wouldn’t really have an ideal date in mind; he’s the type of guy to just go with the flow of things as long as the day is spent without any interruptions from annoying people, missions, or anything relating to the Order really. Though he prefers to not be at crowded places if he can.

Lenalee’s dream dates are cute as heck– she’d adore dates at coffee shops, picnics, or even library dates like Link but she’d also love to just have a date where _____ will take care of her and plan their day out. It’s the sweetest and nicest thing someone would ever have done for her and the day would be perfect without her “parental figures” breathing down their neck.


i wanna just write this post just to show appreciation to the woman i love. through all that i’ve gone through recently she has truly been the one i can always depend on. when they say a person proves to you just how much you mean to them by the way they treat you, she exhibits that to me each day. honestly, i do not know where i would be without her. she has shown me the true definition of unconditional love and through her i am able to see myself as better man. i know sometimes it can be a bit much to deal with me i’m very stubborn and have this wild way of thinking at times, but you’ve shown me that no matter how fucked i am in yours eye i am deserving of everything that comes my way. for awhile i thought that i would never love like this, being so deep in love to the point i can’t picture my life without that person. it’s crazy how things have changed from us just having small talk on this damn crazy ass website to me meeting important people in your life (mom, dad, granny, and everybody else. thank you for always being there, my ear to listen, shoulder to cry on, and loving me even when i didn’t have it in me to love myself.

i appreciate you my black queen and i hope i do just as much for you as you do for me. i love you so much & i’m in love with you nothing will ever change that… @caliphorniaqueen

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Megaman.exe fandom ask

  • the first character i ever fell in love with: Elecman.EXE (big surprise!)
  • a character that i used to love/like, but now do not: None overly come to mind
  • a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not: No idea
  • my ultimate favorite character™: Elecman.EXE
  • prettiest character: Elecman.EXE
  • my most hated character: Magnetman.EXE, Dr.Regal
  • my OTP: Larkman.EXE/Cosmoman.EXE
  • my NOTP: Elecman.EXE/Magnetman.EXE
  • favorite episode: So many. The curry of friendship. The racing episode. Star Potter Reloaded. This show is full of amazing episodes.
  • saddest death: Elecman.EXE
  • favorite season: Stream
  • least favorite season: Beast +
  • character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate: Not super big on Dark Mega Man or Shademan.EXE, but don’t hate them either
  • my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: Burnerman.EXE
  • my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: Elecman.EXE (mostly in the manga, where he gets abandoned. That part messes me up)
  • my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship: Gauss/Wily. Hear me out. I have a Battle Network Sims game running and they made out while I wasn’t looking and became a couple. They seem so happy I don’t have the heart to break them up so I live with it
  • my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship’: Tesla/Charlie, Laika/Pryde, Miyu/Sal

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Concwpt: do you have more trans headcanons for fea characters

all of the good characters aren’t cis

HMM other thn trans girl lucina i hc inigo as a trans guy, chrom as a nb boy (trans girl chrom could b rly cool too i think), morgan is agender, nb laurent, libra is a trans man and he REALLY doesnt like conforming

idk i dont think about hcs much but like? if ppl hav fe gender hcs u should send them to me cus i love them 

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Science Trio HC: Steven and Tubing are 'independent' researchers. James works for a research company or something. He works with a small team while the others work more or less alone. Steven and James are more likely to 'party' and Tubing may or may not have one more than one occasion had to pick them up cause. The three of them could spend hours gossiping about SCIENCE! They may or may not have had crashed at each other's place at least once. Also Tubing is sometimes jokingly called 'old man'

yes!!! YESSS! Literally you are speaking my language anon i’m in love with all of these. Tubing being the mom friend is my LIFE and them being good friends makes me scream???? I want it more than anything…. tbh I always thought it’d be cute if they had a silly little youtube channel together in their free time! Like where they talk about simple science concepts and do experiments and stuff, like Bill Nye! WAIT one seC i’m gonna draw something!!!!!!

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Hey Ro! I don't know why some people is being such a douchebags and rude to you! Like man, you write because you want to and also you do the best you can do! (don't let them into your blood! you're amazing ok?) So I don't get why people is acting like that! Ugh seriously, it annoys me to see that a fellow writer is receiving that kind or messages. There's no need to be rude to you! Much love for ya x

Originally posted by senti-il-mio-silenzio

@justacrush  Heyy, I know. It’s like they think I am paid to be here. I am by no means a professional writer; I find it hard to grammar properly anyway. The best us writers can do is take it on the chin, delete or write something witty back and move on, we all know what we are creating is special to a lot more people. Love you too x - Ro

NOTE: if you want to tell me smth abt an artist here to have them redacted, or want to recc artists for me to add, please contact me in a way other than this post. i really want to know if im promoting a terf or if theres a brilliant artist im missing (that hasnt been shared in an addition) but ive had to block the notes on this post.

while i can mainly only speak for sapphic playlists, ive noticed in general that the lgbt playlists were making are really white, cover heavy and… straight?

so heres a (very unabridged) list of lgbt musicians that deserve to be on your playlists way more than that cover of lego house.
in alphabetical order:

Against Me!
if youre trans & alternative and dont know abt against me - lead by trans frontwoman and punk rock mum laura jane grace - then idk what youre doing. ik theyre p well known, but i still never see them in playlists.

Angel Haze / Raen Roes
black & native american nonbinary (sometimes referred to as twospirit but source needed) rapper with the brilliant freestyle rewrite of ‘same love’

Ashby and the Oceanns
cute midwestern singer/songwriter with a tmg influence

Be Steadwell
super cute butch singer/songwriter

Beth O'Reilly
irish youtube singer whose gay ukelele songs arent covers

Bloc Party
indie rock band from east london led by kele okereke, coolest man on earth, ended oasis w his snark (seriously)

Chris Garneau
french-american indie singer reminiscent of spektor’s anti folk, often discusses trauma with very sad, floaty music. very androgynous voice

Christine and the Queens
french synthpop by pansexual singer héloïse letissier

Coeur de Pirate
french-canadian singer with a more folky vibe reminiscent of of monsters and men. oh, and shes dating laura jane grace. put them both in the same playlist. please.

Daskinsey4 (warning for nsfw imagery in the link)
fuzzpedal britpop from bristol with a fun, bouncy tone

Doria Roberts
90s american folk singer/songwriter. political and confident. put 'honey jar’ in your playlist please just do it.

Ezra Furman
bi american alternative rock singer similar to neutral milk hotel

indie pop singer with a strong bowie influence vocally

Frank Ocean
yes, you know who he is. have you listened to him? have you? i dont care if you only listen to harsh noise folk backwards - listen to frank ocean.

Gerard Way
we all know gerard fuzzpedal emo king friends with ljg way and still i see more artic monkeys in these gaylists (gay playlists)

Grace Petrie
folk singer from the midlands, england whose bbfsies w billy brag. has two modes: angry gay, sad gay. what more do you need?

Hayley Kiyoko
ok ok ik we all know her shes the token woc in your playlist im putting her on the list anyway because im in love with her

has a dubious place on the list due to the other fella but.. this is amandla stenbergs band. amandla. they make music. remember that.

the Hoosiers
the british indie band behind 'goodbye mister a’

Indigo Girls
redacted due to being terfs / affiliating w terfs

the Internet
classique gay triphop led by my dream girlfriend, syd the kyd

Jasmine Kennedy
soft sad indie folk from the north of england. her sweet, quiet music ranges from melancholic to happy ending bliss. shes stage buddies w grace petrie too. put 'cardigan sweater’ in your playlist. do it.

JD Samson & MEN
redacted for transmisogyny and either being a terf or affiliating w them

Jussie Smollet
he plays jamal in empire. admittedly, he hasnt brought out his own stuff yet, but his music for empire is beautiful soulful R&B

a gay music producer whose worked with all the big names, including collaborating with the internet. gay squared.

Le Tirgre
redacted bc a prominent member is a terf

the fella behind 'grace kelly’ and outspoken gay singer whose broached gay topics in his peppy, flamboyant pop since the beginning. listen closely to ‘good guys’ and google the names he drops.

brand new pop sensation making waves with his smooth, energetic love songs

Mr. Twin Sister
american indie pop band from long island

Neon Hitch
bisexual rroma indie pop singer from the uk

Rachael Yamagata
melancholic, blues inspired folk-pop with a smooth, deep voice

nonbinary synthpop singer known for his androgynous voice and catchy, light hearted tunes such as 'on the regular’ and 'make a scene’

bisexual pop-ballad queen who sings often abt trauma, mental illness, and abuse

shes not a terf afaik but shes transphobic and well known anyway, so i just redacted her

genderqueer punk singer from washington dc. try 'sexy dreams’

Teenage Kitchen
airy kidcore ukelele folk from bandcamp

Tegan & Sara
look, ok, i know everyone knows abt tegan and sara. the lesbian band. so why are they never on sapphic/lesbian playlists? why?

Thao & Mirah
folk/country lesbian mirah teams up w thao, who afaik is also sga, for an album of soft, sweet folk music

Tracy Chapman
seriously ok this is History. this is the woman behind 'fast car.’ very political american folk singer from the 90s. i love her. shes amazing.

Tunde Olaniran
R&B / hiphop singer from michigan with a loud, take-no-shit style

Willow Smith
yes, the willow smith. she wrote two love songs dedicated to marceline from adventure time. thats all you need to know. shes perfect.

Younger Lovers
fuzzpedal energetic indie punk

this is also a list of trans women on bandcamp (check the notes for additions)

also, yknow what, spoken word poetrys getting quite popular now. heres a few lgbt spoken word poets to put in the start or end of your playlist to shake it up:

andrea gibson, toby campion, venus selenite, dia davina, aislinn evans, denice frohman, ollie renee schminkey, jade anouka

note: ive bolded the names of poc to emphasise our lgbt playlists are too white. trans musicians are italicised for similar reasons.

please feel free to add your own!

Dorian is the kind of person who would stop and look at himself in a car window, only to realise there’s someone in the car, and you know he’d just mouth the words ‘you’re welcome’ and walk away


The masks we weave for ourselves. / / / The Blue Spirit + The Painted Lady.


i’m so not okay with this. [guys, go.]
n o . nope, still  n o t   o k a y  with it.

                  n o t   g o i n g   a n y w h e r e.


Yamaguchi with winter clothes and Bokuto with travel clothes from the wardrobe meme, requested by shimorin and teadious 
Also hq69mins prompts: flowers! Kageyama’s blazer is based on this