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bon jovi songs i love: wanted dead or alive, you give love a bad name, living on a prayer and it's my life. can you recommend any other ones?

I have been listening to their entire discography since before I was even born. That’s not a joke, my mum used to play their songs to me in the womb and she went to see them live whilst pregnant with me, I have…many a song rec. I’ll just give my personal favourites from each album:
Bon Jovi- Runaway, Breakout and Shot Through The Heart
7800° Fahrenheit- In and Out of Love, The Price of Love, Tokyo Road
Slippery When Wet- I love this whole album to be honest but, Raise Your Hands and Never Say Goodbye are great. Also everything that you mentioned but It’s My Life, is from this album so definitely check it out.
New Jersey- an iconic album, i love this album, Lay Your Hands on Me, Blood on Blood, Born to be my Baby and Wild is the Wind are my favourites on there.
Keep the Faith- I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, Bed of Roses, In These Arms and Blame It On The Love of Rock & Roll
These Days- this was the best Jon era and no one will tell me otherwise, the These Days 1995 tour look? Hella. Anyway, songs. Hey God is my favourite Bon Jovi song and potentially just my favourite song, These Days and Something to Believe In.
Crush- This is the album that It’s My Life is from and was also the first tour I ever went to. I went my whole life thinking it was the Bounce tour but turns out i was living a lie. But i love Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars, I Got The Girl, One Wild Night and She’s a Mystery.
Bounce- So straight up the entire Bounce album is crazy good. It was written straight after 9/11 so it’s about standing up and uniting in the face of adversity, so v relevant rn. Undivided, Joey and The Distance are personal favourites. (Also, All About Loving You is 110% a stevebucky song but that’s a different conversation altogether) Oh and also, Hook Me Up.
Have a Nice Day- Welcome to Wherever You Are, Last Cigarette and Complicated
Lost Highway- I love the title track, We Got It Going On, Any Other Day and Summertime
The Circle- We Weren’t Born To Follow, Superman Tonight and Work for the Working Man
What About Now- Because We Can, Army of Thieves and That’s What The Water Made Me
Burning Bridges- okay to be fair you can probably skip this album, it was weak but like they’ve been going since 1984, they’re allowed one less than stellar album it’s fine
This House Is Not For Sale- Knockout, Title Track and Scars on this Guitar.

Also listen to Blaze of Glory, as in the album not just the song, it’s just Jon but it’s probably one of my favourite albums ever

♕ –– Would you look at that! I got better at Photoshop since the last time I did one of these (or at least I’d like to think so, lol)
                Anyways –– I somehow hit 300+ followers? I actually did so a little while ago and the number keeps on growing and I honestly don’t even know what to say?? I’m honestly so grateful that you guys want to follow my blog and roleplay with me and just chat with me overall~ When I first made a multimuse blog I was pretty worried –– I had made one before that completely flopped, so making one again definitely had me anxious, but with the way things are turning out then I’m glad I did it~ Sure, I’ve had my ups and down, but I’m really proud of the direction this blog is going now uwu
                So!! To celebrate that then here’s a shout-out to all the amazing people I’ve had the honor of roleplaying with/seeing on my dash! Thank you guy for making this such a great experience! –– ♕

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on a more serious note. i think almost every day about the girl i saw over the summer and called 911 about because i was afraid she was getting trafficked bc she looked like she was roofied and 16 and the way the man was dragging her by the arm made me so upset. and. anyway i saw the guy’s mugshot a few days later on our county mugshot site and he was arrested on kidnapping charges and he had a prior kidnapping arrest. but i think about that girl every day and if shes ok and wonder if i did the right thing. 

and does anyone know how i could go about finding more information on her case? and the guy who got arrested? im sure shes not named and i dont want to invade her privacy anyway. i just want to know if shes alright.

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So Edge, if Sans and Papyrus came about in any way like the Alpha Gaster's kids, on accident, what stopped you from just dusting them off as babies and getting the EXP for it? Considering the place you grew up, I'm sure nobody would have judged you for it, and if they did well who would have even cared? What drove YOU to actually TRY to care?


Look, I know you are use to Gaster’s making kids like Wingdin, by having with someone, or making by accident, but loving em anyway…but that ain’t the case for my boys.  My boys were made for one purpose and one purpose only…To be sentinels for the king. I made my boys at the same time, they were meant to be..grown..but it turns out it is a hell of a lot harder to great a fully grown monster than I thought.

..So..I ended up with..kids. not babies..but..kids..probably around 5. One nice and healthy the other..kinda sickly. I should killed Sans off there and there. That is what I was thinkin at the time. He only had 1HP and fuck, he wasn’t gonna live. But..I thought I could fix him…help him. I think that was the first thing that made me want to care…

I made them. They were part of me. These little bitty bones were mine, and even if they had to  be what they had to be for the king. They were my responsibility. I would be damned if any monster would lay a finger on them. I guess maybe it’s a parent instinct. You do all you can for kids, specially when they are yours.

I cared a little too much at times, but I trained them, made them grow. I promised King Asgore this Sentinels…and I had to  make them what they were intended. If not, he woulda killed them. I couldn’t seem them dusted. As much as they were my experiments…as much as they were my work, they were also a part of me. I used my own bones to make them, and by god, they were my blood. I had to protect them from the world we lived in. It is kill or be killed, and if I didn’t teach them that, they would been the latter of that saying, ya know.

All I ended up with was two murder machines who would rather dust me than call me dad, even though I loved them with all my heart, I had made them a product of the world, just like the world made me. Weapons to be used by King Asgore as he wished. I wish I could take all that back, and show them there is more to world than all the killin in Fell..but an old man’s bleeding heart and pining for the past ain’t gonna change shit right? They ain’t gonna forgive me for what I did to them, and if I tried to say I was sorry, they would dust me then and there. I don’t blame em for that. I can take back what I did…but..ya know what…

 This place…is a new start, and I can be a new me. Not only that, but I can be part of a little boys life that I won’t fuck up. Heh. Least I hope I don’t. It feels nice to be call Papi…rather than Dr. Gaster.

Maybe we can drop the subject though. I don’t wanna get all weepy on you guys. 

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Sleepover! Okay,so one time in secondary school, 6th grade. There was this stupid bloody legend with this stupid tree that was in the back of the school, where if you kisses someone under the trees leaves you and the person would be destined to be together. The tree was famously named the snoggin' tree, i know. Stupid. Anyways. Me and my best friend's were sitting under the tree doing maths,when, I'm not lying, my friend noticed a hole in the ground like with the Whomping Willow. We went in and!

“Snoggin’ tree anon again to finish the bloody story! Me and my friends being the potter heads we were, completely through our homework and investigated the hole. (honestly in the winter it did kind of look like the whomping willow) Of course I was the one to get pushed in, pulling my friends along. And I called in a stupidly fake scared tone "Harry?” My friends giggled and laughed. Guess what! We legitimately heard, the harry potters voice! We screamed and quickly ran out of that bloody hole!!“

This was a ride from start to finish.

I once had a dream where you could go inside the whomping willow but it was infested with Cornish pixies who were turning the students into half wizard Cornish pixies and Dumbledore pulled me under the bed to save me from Cornish pixie Harry. Also when they opened their mouths they’d have their normal bodies in miniature on their tongue. Then me and Harry kissed.

I was 7. I will never forget this dream for as long as I live.


Ah~~ I was tagged by @markleetrashh to do this!

This is my first time because I’m not a KPOP-blog so I never get tagged for these (I sound like a loser omf). I couldn’t find a third picture of a Haechan selfie on my phone (since I did a mass clean up a few days ago) so I had to bump WinWin in (he’s my second bias anyways!).
I also can’t take a good selfie rn bc I was working on my face earlier to prepare my first day of Year 10 tomorrow and my nose is red in patches.

I have no one to tag because I don’t talk to any other NCT blogs and none of my irl friends are NCT stans ;-;

im trying to make a character in fallout that like… looks evil in a disarming way? like he looks evil but also looks really charismatic so people trust him anyways and when he later reveals how evil he is people cant help but feel stupid cause like “how did i not see this coming he literally looks so evil”

social media is strange, our obsession with strangers is strange, a popular instagram page posted a selfie of mine and it got thousands of likes and responses mostly positive, some negative, neither really did anything for me in real life, like thousands of strangers looked at me a formed an opinion on me and all i feel is confused, why do so many people care about complete strangers, why does it matter if i respond to your comment on instagram, why do you take time out of your day to be mean, and why should any of that affect me? why should i care?

anyway, i’ve been feeling very lost, as if my body is new and i have to figure it all out all over again, not lost in a hopeless way, lost in a way that is allowing me to rediscover myself, slowly but surely

i’m going to be more conscious of the things i am producing and letting free into this world, i think i need to recenter and figure out what is the content that i want the world to form an opinion on…what do i want people to think when my name is mentioned? that is something i need to figure out

i think what i’m saying is i want to add positivity to the world and i want to have a large platform where i can be heard, but i don’t want to get that platform through a picture of my face, i don’t want people to like me just because of the way i look, or people to turn away just because they don’t like how i look

of course i want to be desired but i don’t want to just be desired, that feels too empty, i want to be desired and respected because of what i can do

I want to talk about Kasey.

Kasey was the worst thing to happen to Ryan.
After noticing Ryan regularly wandering around town, looking worse for wear each time, Kasey approached his slumped body in an alley behind a 7-Eleven and offered to help him out. Ryan recognized in hindsight it was stupid to follow a stranger to an unknown location especially with how vulnerable he was, but he did regardless (he had little regard for his own safety anyway), and he was taken to a gym, one for fighting. The owner, after a lot of convincing from Kasey, allowed Ryan to use the gym for free. He learned to better defend himself and how to workout properly, and essentially gained a better outlook on life, finding some sort of purpose and something productive for him to do. Kasey was out of school at that point, and was surprised to learn that Ryan wasn’t. Kasey was around 19 at the time, and Ryan 17, a junior.
If they weren’t at the gym, Kasey would join Ryan on his wanderings around town, helping him get out of a lot of trouble but also occasionally finding it himself. So Kasey wasn’t necessarily encouraging Ryan’s behavior, but he wasn’t doing anything to stop it either. Ryan, however, was doing better just having someone there with him, someone he could talk to and he knew would support him. They talked a bit about their personal lives, but Kasey would often avoid the questions and he knew enough about Ryan’s situation to hate his family, and that was about it. Had Ryan been open to and aware of his sexuality (regardless of having no attraction to women, he still felt he could only date them, mainly because he didn’t want anything else to be “wrong” with him), he might’ve realized that his feelings for Kasey expanded beyond simple friendship.
One day, however, Kasey got them into trouble with the wrong kind of guy, who pulled a knife out in a fight and slashed open Ryan’s stomach. The guy fled and Kasey panicked and called for an ambulance, but wasn’t able to get in the ambulance with Ryan. Luckily nothing internal was injured, but Ryan still had a decent hospital stay and quite a few stitches. In the end, he was alright, although understandably shaken by the whole event. His family was of course contacted, and showed the most care for him than they ever had before. Kasey was quick to come around to visit, more traumatized by what happened that Ryan was, feeling like it was his fault any of it happened at all. He was a mess. There was also a visit from the cops, but Ryan insisted it was an accident. They tried to pry, but his parents contended his statement. The knife wielder was never investigated because of this.
Ryan went home with his family when he was released, who promptly complained about the ambulance and hospital bills–forcing blame and guilt on Ryan for the expenses. This was the last straw for his brother, Zac, who was moving into his own apartment soon. Once the day came he took Ryan with him without saying a word about it to his parents. They let Ryan become his burden (that’s literally what they told him), and continued to financially support Zac with no regard for Ryan whatsoever.
Before the moving, however. Ryan was visited by Kasey. They had a long conversation, just talked to each other about a variety of things. That ended up being the last time Ryan ever saw him. Ryan tried calling, but Kasey never answered. He visited the gym to see if he was there, but he wasn’t. After talking to the owner he learned that Kasey had been staying there, doing chores and other such tasks to be able to stay. After he didn’t show up, he assumed he went back home, wherever that was. Ryan felt abandoned, and tried desperately calling him for weeks. How could he leave, especially at a time like this? He at least wanted an explanation, a goodbye, something–he just felt alone and unimportant again. His bad habits got worse, and that’s when Ryan really became detached from other people and himself, something he was still recovering from when Mikeal showed up four years later.
Kasey left because he thought that was best. He wasn’t helping Ryan out of his habits or situation and in his eyes he made everything worse, so he thought if he left Ryan could get better. Unbeknownst to him, it had the exact opposite effect. Kasey had ended up there in the first place after being unhappy with the life that was set up for him, perhaps overwhelmed would be the better word. When he left he did go back home, although terrified to face his family again, but after knowing what Ryan went through with his own he felt he somehow owed it to him to make up with a family that earnestly loved him. Ryan, in a way, was the best thing that ever happened to Kasey.

Jumin: Did you try the back camera

based off a vine from eons ago// (a sequel to V’s selfie post, click!)


Fun fact: I had actually coloured this gif before putting an orange layer over it.


Tumblr please don’t kill the quality too much.

Okay, jumped on the bandwagon of @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, which is so gorgeous I couldn’t help but draw the precious kings in a mural style. Looks a little asymmetrical (especially Yuuri OH GODS WHY), but that’s cuz I can’t do digital lineart to save my life (I definitely prefer digital colouring tho) so I just did it over my ink sketch from the paper version. Still, I’ve definitely come a long way with my digital arts, so I’m really happy with how this turned out. :3

Anyways, hope y’all like it, especially the creator of the AU LOL.


I’ve made my peace. Still… knowing this is it, and seeing you here, now, it’s… more than I can take.

…What can I say? You guys… are the best.


Valentine didn’t come out of nowhere. We use our angel blood to justify everything we do, just like him. Like him, we forget that we are not only angels. We are part mundane. We can be afraid. And fear makes us cruel. And we turn our fear to Downworlders just as Valentine did. And just as he did… we will end up turning on each other.