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i saw someone send in a lunar chronicles headcanon a while ago and i have one - the pitches are one of the families of artemesia, and one of queen levana's favorites. they are also one of the most powerful, and all use crazy glamours, except baz, because he thinks he's hot enough already. he looks good enough as is. simon is a shell who is sent to work as a slave to the pitches, and when he sees baz his first thought is "i thought i couldnt see glamours...but theres no way this guy is that hot


oh my god when i read carry on for the first time and they mentioned “the families” that was the first thing i thought of!!


what if instead of being a shell he’s just the son of a traitor (ie davy) ?? cause then this could happen:

at first simon fucking HATES him because he hates all artemisans and baz is the epitome of artemisan trash with his stupid good looking glamour, but then he sees baz in a mirror and he’s like “wtf?? you’re not using a glamour?” and baz is like “no why would you think that?” and simon gets all blushy and baz just smirks and then he throws in his token bitchy comment like “i’m sure someone from the outer sectors like you has never seen anyone moderately good looking” and simon gets SO MAD but the only reason baz said that is because he’s actually so flattered because he thinks simon is BEAUTIFUL and he’s in denial big time. 

baz’s younger siblings are probably such a little brats too they probably always fuck with simons mind and make him see and feel things and one day it gets really bad and he’s screaming and panicking and baz hears and he storms the fuck in and just SCREAMS at them and they run out and simon is like, on the ground shaking, and baz tries to comfort him but simon yells at him and he’s like “go away!! i hate you” and then they’re both so sad 

and oh my stars i’ll bet when simon realizes he likes baz it’s like a kai/cinder situation where at first he thinks his feelings are just baz glamouring him and messing with him 

and they get into a huge fight because simon is like “stop messing with my head!! stop making me like you!!” and baz is like “shut up stupid i’m not i swear!” and they just huff and walk away

but then baz leaves on a trip or something and simon actually really misses him and he’s like “wait…if he’s glamouring me why do i still like him even if he’s not here? it makes no se - oooohhhh” 

and then baz gets back and they fall crazy in love!!


of course they have to keep their love a secret cause levana would 100000% kill them both if she found out, so when cinder wins the revolution they’re THRILLED, and baz doesn’t even care that the aristocracy has crumbled because all he needs is simon :’)