I really don’t know how many times I have to say this, at the end of Force Awakens, Luke was NOT, I repeat, he was NOT looking distraught over a lightsaber, he was staring at Rey in disbelief that she was actually right there before him. As such a solid believer in the ways of the jedi, he wouldn’t care about a saber. To him, the saber is just a tool.

If he really cared that much about the weapon he wouldn’t have thrown his away so carelessly in Episode VI. As a believer in Rey Skywalker, Luke was shocked to see his own daughter standing in front of him. Please never say that he was upset over a light saber. The man was visually crying, crying over REY. Let this end the subject forever.


i do but i rather use my sketchbooks for really messy sketches and doodles than clean lineart! it’s easier for me to churn out the bad stuff en masse on paper and then draw (hopefully) better shit digitally.  👌 i also couldn’t care less for faces so pls don’t expect anything fancy haha.

ok, imagine this. 

brendan gets out of prison (who cares how lmao) and goes back to hollyoaks, only to find out ste has gone to dublin so he goes to find him

meanwhile, ste is there because he misses brendan so much. brendan looks for him everywhere until finally he decides to go back to the bridge, and sure enough, ste is there, he goes there everyday to look at the locks and remember how good things were there

and then

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happily ever after

and brother if you have the chance to pick me up 

and can i sleep on your couch to the pound of the ache and pain 

anyway, I like the Hardy Boys too much for my own good lmao 


also here’s my original idea for this picture but it looks kinda shit so I’m posting this version instead 

My first comission i have ever paid. Artwork from MichyChan


i gotta say, it looks even more impressive when you hold it in your hands :) after i got it on my mail i had to frame and put on my wall ! i really adore how it’s colored and the details are really nice.

The pairing i currently still like the most with Sergei Dragunov and Jane.

My mom is so cute

Like, she’s freakin adorable. She’s kinda sick right now (some viral thing) and after eating lunch she wanted to read a bit. I come back two hours later and she’s lying there on the couch with her blanket, sound asleep without a care in the world (and she looked so peaceful I kid you not). When I walk into the room her eyes flutter open and the first thing she does is yawn and ask me how long she was asleep, and that she was hungry.

I don’t appreciate her enough.

As I’m typing this I keep having to reassure her that she hasn’t slept too much and that its not too late for tea

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What's with the "..." on that post about not hating whole sexualities, races, genders, etc?

i mean, i just don’t feel sympathy for the post or really agree with how it seemed to be presented to me. how i viewed it and what tone i viewed it in was eh. the post looked like it was coming from a white or white passing person and it just sounded whiny.

not to go into so much but my main problems?

don’t hate all cops, hate bad cops: I don’t really care about good cops I’ll tell you that right now. I don’t care if they’re playing basketball with little tommy or timmy down the street i really don’t because at the end of the day, those same people who claim to be good cops are standing around watching some little kid be killed or some girl be thrown around at a traffic stop or in a school building and they’re not doing anything to stop it. they’re not speaking up when the police force is doing everything they can to protect this murderer or this abuser who disguises themselves as a cop and I don’t care if they’ll lose their job for speaking up. If they’re as good of a cop as they say, then they need to speak up now. Majority don’t, so at the end of the day to me I don’t care about good cops and I don’t care about not hating all cops- I’ll hate them all on principle if I want to as long as I feel like I’m staying safe in staying away from them when statistics and recent events show that that’s safer for me and my family

don’t hate all (race), hate racist: im not going into this? look above you and apply the rest of the logic for everything else. except now, you can apply the fact that people in the categories below the cops section have so much privilege over both me as a black woman and other poc.

to address the rest of the post: I could not honestly care less if I continue to group people together in a generalization probably because

a) you’re not being killed or hurt for it

b) if you’re even making that post in the first place I’m sure you believe that you’re not in the group of oppressors anyway so why, do tell, do you feel the need to exclaim that you’re woke and you’re not racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc every day like chill out and make sure that if you’re so “woke” that when I talk about how this group of people are oppressing me you don’t try to silence what I’m talking about with “oh, I’m not like that” or my personal favorite: “not ALL () people”