Stress Reliever

 A Nate and Mat story! I’ve had a lot of ideas for these two lately so look forward to more of these cuties in the future! Enjoy!

Mat found himself awaking to a string of curses that seemed to be coming from the kitchen. He groaned, and blinked the blurriness out of his eyes before looking at the clock. 3:00 in the morning. Mat groaned again before deciding on what he should do. At this point he had only been with Nate for a week and he was still a bit afraid of him. He knew Nate wouldn’t hurt him, but his size just intimidated him too much.

His curiosity got the best of him and he climbed out of bed and headed toward the living room. It took a bit but eventually he made it, only to see Nate sitting at the table, head in his hands. Mat bit his lip, looked the table up and down and started climbing. He wasn’t the best climber, his only real climbing experience in the tinies shop jungle gym. But he managed to get up to the tabletop on his own. He noticed the surface was covered in crumpled pieces of paper. He went over to one and noticed a few music notes written and crossed out on it.

Ignoring that for now, he went over to Nate and with a burst of confidence, started tugging on his thumb. Of course being his size it didn’t do much and Mat ended up falling back on his butt. He let out a small ow and looked up, only to meet the curious eyes of Nate. Mat instinctively froze. Warning signals went off in his head at being looked at by a human but Mat pushed them down. He was fine, he was safe.

Nate blinked at the sight of Mat sitting in front of him. He had not been expecting a visit from him this late at night. Not to mention the fact that Mat still wasn’t completely used to him yet.

“Mat? What are you doing up this late?” Mat swallowed his apprehension.

“I could ask you the same thing,” He didn’t bother standing back up, instead just moving into a more comfortable sitting position that would also allow him to look up at Nate. He then waved across the table behind him and the papers that littered it.

“I see you’re working on some music, and considering I woke up to some naughty words, I would say it’s not going so well,” Nate sighed and rubbed his face.

“Hit the nail on that one buddy. Sorry for waking you by the way. It’s just I’m having terrible writers block right now and I need to get a new song out, but, ugh!” His face slammed back into the table and Mat flinched before doing his best to compose himself. Nate moved his head in order to look at Mat, but still kept his head on the table. Mat looked at Nate, really looked at him. He seemed tired, though that was a given considering what time it was, but he also seemed stressed. Mat knew what that was like, having been stressed out this entire week. Getting used to a human was stressful business, he supposed songwriting was too.

Nate sighed and without much warning Mat saw Nate’s hand move toward him. Mat tensed at the sight of the larger than life hand coming right for him, every instinct telling him to run. But he willed them away and allowed Nate’s hand to wrap around him, knowing the hands he was in were safe, if this week was anything to go by. Nate’s hand didn’t grab him though, but instead just wrapped loosely around him. A second later he felt something stroke the top of his head and go down to his back. It took another second for Mat to realize that Nate was petting him.

He was about to say something, but stopped himself when it happened again and then a third time. It didn’t actually feel bad or anything. He would even go so far as to say that he liked it. He closed his eyes at the lulling effect it seemed to have on him. It was soothing.

Nate hummed and kept petting him. As he did so he finally took his head off the table and got himself another sheet of paper. He continued to hum and pet as he wrote. A smile appeared on his face about twenty minutes later and he stopped the petting. Mat blinked out of his stupor, surprised that he hadn’t fallen asleep. He looked up into the smiling face of Nate as he held up a paper full of notes and words.

“Check it out Mat! I finished it!” Nate was so giddy and excited that Mat couldn’t help but be that way too.

“That’s great!” Nate nodded and set the paper down.

“Yep and it’s all thanks to you,” Mat blinked and tilted his head, confused. All thanks to him, what did he do?

“What did I do?” Nate laughed and once again wrapped his hand around Mat. Mat didn’t even flinch this time and soon enough the petting was resumed.

“I think the reason I couldn’t think of anything was because I was just so stressed to come up with ideas,” Mat hummed in content as he listened to Nate’s explanation.

“I have to say, you make a great stress reliever.” Mat gave him a look as Nate laughed and once again took his hand away. Though Mat soon gave up on the look and joined in on the laughter.

“Glad I could help, though I have to say it had positive effects on both parties,” Nate raised an eyebrow still smiling.

“Really? Wouldn’t have pegged you for someone who liked to be pet,” Mat shrugged. Nate laughed again and looked at the clock, his laughter slowly fading.

“Wow, it is really late. Or early depending on how you want to look at it. I think we should probably head to bed,” Mat yawned, just now realizing how tired he was. He was sure Nate was worse though, seeing as Mat at least was able to get in some sleep before coming out to check on Nate.

“Yeah that’s probably a good idea,” Mat allowed himself to be scooped up, too tired to really give a proper reaction to it. Though he was probably just getting used to it at this point. Nate brought them back to their room and set Mat back on his little bed. He watched as Mat snuggled into the covers and let out a little chuckle before climbing into his own bed not even a few feet away.

“Night Nate,” Nate smiled.

“Goodnight Mat.”