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15. Loud, so everyone can hear. Absolutely anyone; I love them all.

They’re walking out of the undercroft, and Gal looks apologetic. “There are a few open rifts still in Crestwood. Cullen insisted there’d be a meeting…”

Dorian simply smiles. “I’ll live. Now go and be Inquisitorial.”

Gal looks at him warily. “No complaining?”

“Why, should I?” He raises a brow. “If a few meetings are the price of being with you, well… I’ve heard worse.”

Gal still seems hesitant. “I know I said things would be less manic after the Breach was sealed…”

Honestly, those sad blue eyes should be illegal. He puts a hand on Gal’s shoulder to halt him, and sighs. “I love you. If the end of the world couldn’t change that, bureaucracy isn’t about to.”

The words echo off stone and polished wood. It’s the first time it’s been said outside of their quarters, with quite so much unwanted company. Gal looks at him, wide-eyed, and then over his shoulder.

There are nobles staring, probably shivering in excitement and ruining their ornately embroidered boots, and his heart is in his throat, yet he couldn’t care less. The world is saved, he isn’t in Tevinter anymore, and this is the worst-kept secret in the fortress. Gal’s always going on about being a little more public with what they have, and he’d hate to disappoint. Besides, the nobles are welcome to leave if they can’t bring themselves to watch a good scandal.

Gal’s grin is a slow, growing thing, but it’s brilliant when it finally arrives. “All right. I’ll see you afterwards?”

“I should hope so.”

They go their separate ways, and Dorian walks past the gawking nobles with his chin high and a spring in his step.

Fic update: Across the Universe

Title: Across the Universe
Young Avengers
4 (Teenage Dream)

Teddy’s brows were knit together. He looked so adorably flustered, and he was Billy’s boyfriend. The word was like a key turning a locked door inside him, releasing years of frustrated yearning he’d bottled up as he’d watched people his age pair up, break it off, find pieces of themselves in someone else, and someone else, and…God, he’d been so jealous. All these years, he’d wanted that too.

Sequel to Teenage Wasteland and Space Oddity

This Chapter: Much hormones. Such wow.



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Do you use a brow gel? If so what? I have sparse brows and have a hard time making the hairs stand out when I draw on my brows, PS lov u Ur so beautiful

Thanks angel 💖 I use a clear brow gel as of rn, it’s the Wet n Wild clear brow mascara. But I recommend the NYX tinted brow gels or the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones. I want to get one bc sometimes my brows look super fake so tinted brow gels definitely helps bring dimension back into em. Tbh sometimes I use a tiny bit of mascara in em bc my hair is so dark lol but yeah hope this helps.

Take Time to Realize (Part 2 of 4)

Request: Modern Day!AU They are best friends and the reader likes Bucky but he doesn’t like her and when she confesses it’s like one of those ‘you never know what you have until it’s gone’. After that Bucky realizes his feeling for the reader.

Word Count: 1,918

Warnings: None.

Part 1

A/N: I extended it and I hope you guys like it :) 

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“Y/N,” says your sister, shaking your forearm.

You glance up at her to see a deeply concerned look on her face and your brow furrows. “What?”

“You haven’t eaten anything,” she points out.

Looking down at your full plate, you put your fork down and exhale deeply, leaning back on your chair. “Guess I’m not hungry.”

“But it’s one of your favorite foods. Y/N, you really need to eat. You can’t-”

“I’m not hungry,” you say, rolling your eyes and getting on your feet.

It had been two days since everything with Bucky had gone awry. And since then, you had slept long hours, eating minimally, and spoken but a few words. It was like your world had taken on a dull grey color, like Bucky had sucked away the vivid colors as he told you that he didn’t see you the way you saw him.

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kyliecosmetics KYSHADOW Palette by MAC

Shades from left to right: Jasper, Quartz, Topaz, Goldstone, Citrine, Tiger Eye, Hematite, Bronzite, Obsidian. 

There are 3 eye shadow looks with 3 shades incorporated into each + a subtle brow-bone highlight. Each look has a more intense waterline alternative. (6 Swatches total)

                                      MEDIAFIRE | SIMFILESHARE

 Recommended MAC Eyeliners: Eyeliner 101 | Eyeliner 102 | Eyeliner 103 | Eyeliner 104

Brows: N16 by @pralinesims

I don’t even know why I’m posting yet another selfie but I just really like this lipstick even though it makes me look like a vampire

also, i hate my hair and i want to go back to purple 

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Heroes of your choosing reacting to their s/o accidentally turning their white clothes pink in the washer? (I'm extremely Indecisive, sorry haha)

Ahahha omg yes this is perfect

Reaper: (Assuming not all his clothes is black lol). Omg, the look on his face would be hilarious. He’d just hold the shirt or whatever in front of him while raging. “Y/N, GET IN HERE AND EXPLAIN”. There would definitely be some shouting in spanish.

Zarya: She would just chuckle and say it matches her hair now. 

Junkrat: He’d just wear it anyway to be honest and he’d look absolutely fabulous. 

Hanzo: He’d just furrow his brows, and say “No. This will not do” and then throw the clothes out. 

Tracer: She’d tease you and say something like, “How about I do the washing from now on love?”

Soldier 76: He’d just mumble, “Pink only looked good on me in my younger years”

Mercy: Would go all mom and give you the proper instructions on how to wash. 

Genji: “I didn’t even know I owned a shirt”

so anyway kyungsoo rolling his body against the cane and sweat dripping off his forehead and his brows furrowed with a sultry look in his eyes and lips a little red from biting them and tongue peeking out of his mouth

Heaven Is Here (PART TWO)

SUMMARY: When you fall into a coma, Bucky is at your side immediately. In an attempt to bring you out of your comatose state, he recalls each and every significant moment in your relationship, reminding you of the fact that Heaven is here on earth; and it’s with him.

Word count: 3200

Warnings: Angst, mentions of an accident, Sad Bucky but cute flashbacks

This is part two in @bovaria and I’s collab. We hope you enjoy, ily

(Italics are memories/flashbacks btw)


Bucky flinched awake when a hand cupped his shoulder. He involuntarily pushed Steve away in defence, his chest rising and falling with heavy, rapid breaths. His tense frame slowly started to relax as he blinked for a few moments, coming back to reality. Steve looked at him with creased brows, his lips pursed.

“You alright there, Buck?” He inquired, hesitantly taking a few steps toward the confused male.

Bucky peered around the room once he realised where he was. His eyes quickly fell on Y/N, her body in the same position from when he first fell asleep. Despite not understanding the machines beside the bed, he studied the screens regardless, looking for any sign of potential decline in health.

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Hey Seb do you have any info/proof of when Louis said he liked to wear makeup but he stopped since he never had time to do it??

This sugarscape article from 2014

Even with a head as naturally fine, fresh and fabulous as his, Louis confessed that he used to use makeup when the band first started out, because there was so much importance on the boys looking perfect.

We reckon a soft smokey bronze eye, bold brows, peachy cheeks and a vampy plum lip, yeah? He told PopSugar: “I would say [beauty is] less of a routine for me. I wore a lot more makeup at the start, but I don’t really bother now.”


Yesterday’s purple and red eye look ✨
Brows: #Benefitcosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil #3
Eyes: #sugarpill ‘Love +’ and #limecrime #superfoils ‘Cosmic’ and 'Barbarella’
Highlight: @thebalm_cosmetics mary-lou manizer
Dots: #nyx_cosmetics white liner
Lashes: #blackmagiclashes 'vamp’ and #ardelllashes cut up wispies for the bottom |

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Scattered: Part 5

Notes: Angst/Fluff

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Anon who asked about brows! Top left is my natural brow! I have very light hair, but i have a lot of it so i pluck tbh.
As for products go, i use anastasia beverlyhills brow pomade and i swear by it. I start off making a line underneath and concentrating more of the product near the end, ever so slowly i will drag the remainder of the product the the front of my brow (i love the ombre brow look lmao).
After i clean up the top and bottom edges again to make a clean line and then fade the front with a spooly. Finally i use a tiny bit of concealer and clean up around the brow! I hope this helps man!