• Remus Lupin has spent a total of seventeen months over nineteen years in various hospitals, getting skin grafts and surgeries and physical therapy and honestly he hates it
  • but not as much as he hates his scars
  • all different sizes and colors, pink and silver and brown, stretched across his body because Remus John Lupin is lucky enough to have been in not one, but two separate car accidents that should by all rights have killed him, and yet here he is
  • alive
  • scarred
  • his right leg is never going to move properly again, he’s lucky he can walk with a cane
  • anyways he’s covered in scars and he hates them and one day some random person on the street stares at him too long and he just loses it
  • turns around and limps two blocks until he reaches that shitty little tattoo parlor that he passes every thursday on his way back from the grocery store
  • storms in and rips his jumper off, just wearing a t-shirt now, and bellows “someone please for the love of God help me hide these”
  • so what if he’s crying he’s earned the right to cry
  • he knows he can’t get rid of the scars but he can damn well cover them up
  • he kinda figures he’s about to get kicked out because most people don’t burst into a tattoo parlor and start crying and yelling and pulling off their sweaters
  • but the guy that walks up to him just shakes his head and says “nah, I won’t cover those up, that’s like drawing outside the lines. it’d be a shame.”
  • and he shows Remus
  • shows him how that mottled pink mark on the back of his arm is really just half a zinnia that needs to be filled in
  • the silver lines and dots running down his shoulder is a river of stars
  • and don’t even get him started on the whole landscape across the small of Remus’ back
  • they just need some color and outlines and an artist’s touch
  • specifically one artist’s touch
  • specifically Sirius Black’s
  • which is his name btw nice to meet you please stop crying, Sirius’ll fix you right up
  • so yeah he works out some sort of payment plan with Remus that basically means he can afford to get most of his body tattooed over the next several months
  • Remus comes by once a week for a few hours and in six months he barely recognizes himself
  • all those scars, everything that he hated about his body, Sirius has turned into something beautiful, used what Remus thought were the ugliest flaws to make incredible, breathtaking art
  • but yeah just Sirius helping Remus to love himself and his appearance with the magic of tattoos
I'm on Fire
  • I'm on Fire
  • Giselle Taraboletti

[I said I was going to write a song that was one big Tadashi death joke… And I did. I’m so sorry.]


There’s a passion burning deeply in my soul I’m gonna
Change people lives, save the day.
Eureka! Now I’ve got it! All the kinks are finally worked out
Time to show the world

And I’m on fire. Nothing can go wrong.
I’m on fire. Take my hand. Come sing along.
I’m the king of life today.
Nothing’s standing in my way ‘cause I’m on fire. 

There are people in my life who just can’t see what lies ahead
'Cause the future’s way too bright.
I guess that it’s up to me to show them how great they can be
Time to spark a change

Even at my lowest point, I know I’ll make it through
So let the smoke rise all around 'cause flames
Could never hurt me now. 


Another Teen Wolf AU for weitriplets and haletothequeen.

“People like that -corporations like that- they have all the money. They have all the power. And they use it to make people like you go away. Right now you’re suffering from an enormous weight. We provide… Leverage.”

McCall pack found here.

Vernon Milton Boyd IV: Just call him ‘Boyd’ please. Built up a fortune pulling heists across Europe with his sister Alicia until she died in a mysterious 'accident.’ Took a long sabbatical and was in hiding until Derek approached him with important information. Now, he’s hunting the people responsible for his sister’s murder and needs to take them down before they can finish the job with him.

“This isn’t a favor; it’s a transaction. It’s simple: you tell me who hired you to kill me and I’ll maybe think about letting you live. Your choice.”

Derek Hale: Specializes in weaponry and fighting, as he used to be a Black Ops soldier and an assassin for hire. Orphaned at a young age because of a fire that claimed his entire family, he thought he was alone until he was hired to kill an dangerous hacker that was wreaking havoc: his sister Cora.

“First rule of crime: never bring your fists to a gunfight… Unless you’re me of course.”

Cora Hale: Always good with computers, Cora Hale made a decent living in South America hacking into phones and computers for anyone willing to pay. Unfortunately, she stumbled onto very dangerous information and had a price on her head that her brother would have collected. It turns out that that information she found could hold the key to solving murder of the Hale family and the murder of Boyd’s sister.

“My team and I would like to kindly ask you to cease stealing that money from innocent people. That means if we catch you doing it again, we can and will destroy you with a tap on my phone. We’ll be watching.”

Erica Reyes: Boyd could grift but there were some marks that needed a woman’s touch. That’s where Erica came in. Erica was more than happy to help take down the person that killed her friend… Working with her friend’s hot older brother was just another perk.

“I have very beautiful… assets and I use them to acquire the beautiful things I want. Some girls like purses, some like cars, I like priceless gems. What can I say, I aim high.”

Isaac Lahey: after the deaths of his brother and father, he was put into the foster system and left for Europe when he turned 18. Resorted to pickpocketing and petty thefts to make a living. He was discovered by thief known only as Coach and became his apprentice. Having been alone for so long, he only has passion for money but he’s learning to passionate about other things with the help of the team.

“I’m a little bummed out about being a fugitive but as long as I’ve still got my money I’ll get over it.”

doctorwhoatson replied to your post: So I just watched Silver Linings…

Both stories sounds fantastic *-* , but I must say that if I had both stories in my hands, I would start with the one from the second realistic option. I just kjhfd I shall follow you forever and read everything you write, srly.

…so i was thinking about a spring wedding?

no srsly thank you for the feedback and thank you for the compliments i just can’t even with you

procopiioo  asked:

anything about Niall using Harry's toothbrush! like either after Ellen (where Harry finds out) or what actually led Niall to use it lol

There’s a screen of them at the edge of the platform, and Harry can see Niall’s satisfied smirk reflected on it as soon as he’s flipped his own sign to ‘I have never’. They’re synced enough that he can read the tilt of Niall’s mouth and he knows before he’s even asking what Niall will say - prepares to act outraged as he moves his lips around the letters; “Whose have you used?”

He loses focus on their surroundings as Niall turns his head - can only see the way the skin stretches over Niall’s neck, and how the freckles dance under his gaze.

“I used yours once,” Niall tells him. His tone is dismissive and his shrug adds to the reaction, but his amusement takes over too quickly - speaks volumes of how happy he is to have done it, and to finally get it out in the open.

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cap_chronism | Jul. 30th, 2014

The linked post got kind of long, so here’s the tl;dr version for tumblr:

  • The only things we actually know for sure were on MCU Steve Rogers’s medical history forms were asthma and household contact with a tuberculosis patient.
  • Due to the lack of effective treatments for severe reactions in Steve’s childhood, asthma was treated as an extremely serious illness that would have meant he had severe medical restrictions on daily activity (which he frequently ignored) and was living under a constant threat of sudden death (which may help explain his attitude toward parachutes.)
  • Extensive household contact with TB was enough to get him a 4F by itself; he was likely an asymptomatic TB carrier which, under the WWII Army’s rules, made him a (minor, but real) infection risk for other soldiers.
  • Most of the lists of Steve Rogers’ “canonical disabilities” which are going around are based on cherry-picked and ahistorical readings of extremely contradictory prop canon.
  • Which doesn’t mean you need to ignore them, but it is extremely important to consider any such lists of medical conditions within their historical and cultural contexts, because that can drastically change their meaning, especially within a disability narrative. If you’re going to write about young Steve’s health, write him with whatever problems you want, but please, please do your research.
    the outsiders party headcanons

    the outsiders party headcanons

    - since they were little, sodapop and steve would plan huge parties and events, and though they’d usually never go through with them, it was rlly cute

    - when they do host, soda and steve’s parties are bomb, and no one cares that the curtis’ house is so small

    - darry tends to get pissed bc soda never tells him beforehand when he hosts a party so darry has to go running around wildly serving food on little plates, and it’s super endearing tbh

    - ponyboy hates their parties though bc he likes the house quiet and girls that aren’t his type flirt with him (but then he gets annoyed when they don’t flirt with him rip)

    - johnny on the other hand can get down with a party, but he’ll never say it

    - johnny is also a mean dj; he blasts songs that everyone likes

    - two-bit is crazy at parties. one time, he stood up on the couch and chugged five beers while singing the mickey mouse theme song and spit at anyone who didn’t join in with him (so for a few minutes, everyone was just singing very nervously while two-bit drank obliviously)

    - dallas is surprisingly quiet at these events, but people steer clear of him bc he just looks like a threat

    - pony hates getting drunk, but when he does have a few beers too many, he sidles up to dallas and tries to cuddle with him

    - dallas always pushes pony off rlly hard, but he finds it kinda cute

    - soda’s the kind of guy who bounces from place to place, swiping a snack here and there, and desperately tries to join in conversations and fails (like he’ll go up to two people talking and he’ll just repeat the last thing one person said and nod in agreement)

    - unlike at the dx, steve is more popular at parties than soda bc he does the weirdest/sexiest crap

    - whenever someone gets injured or too drunk or something, darry is the go-to

    - but again, darry unleashes this totally unexpected side to him (daddy darry oml) out of nowhere that’s a pleasant surprise

    - steve always brings a wrench to parties and ponyboy always calls him out for it, but one time steve used it to whack a crazy drunk on the head and just stared dead-on at pony while everyone was cheering

    - the rare times he gets drunk, soda is very sloppy and horny, but surprisingly, he controls himself better than when sober

    - after every party, johnny gets the most lipstick stains on his face

    - ponyboy always takes a really long shower after these parties even though he’s a morning shower type of guy bc he thinks the water can wash away his sins from that night (omg i’m dead this is so him)

    - two-bit always crashes at the curtis’ house after the party’s done but helps clean up the mess he made, which is sweet bc he never likes to

    - dally always uses soda and pony’s room when he and a girl are doing the do and never changes the sheets

    - instead of smoking or drinking, dally eats a lot of snacks

    - darry pretends to get mad after the party is over and sharply reprimands soda about it, but when he goes back into his room, he jumps in the air and does a little fist pump because he had fun

    So Let Me Get This Straight...
    • Mass Media:Let us tell stories about men! Written by men! For men! Manly!
    • Women:...We'd like to hear a story about women.
    • Mass Media:No no no no no. MEN will never want to hear that! ALL the stories shall be about men.
    • Women:What about us?
    • Mass Media:Women also like the stories about men! See, they're watching and reading them.
    • Women:...that's because there's nothing else to watch and read.
    • Mass Media:I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of all of this men. Tell you what. We'll let you make this woman story as an experiment and see what happens.
    • Women:Oh, okay, cool. We'll just go write that!
    • Women:Yes. Here you go.
    • Mass Media:Here, Men, what do you think of this Lady Thing?
    • Men:Wait, aren't Lady Things supposed to be really silly? Let's not see this. People will laugh at us.
    • Mass Media:There, you see? Men didn't like the Lady Thing. Now go back into your corner and enjoy the manly stories for men.
    • Women:....
    • Mass Media:Look, we'd love to help you, but we have a business to run, and we just so happen to have a pie chart right here that shows that most of our income comes from Manly Things.
    • Women:That's because, like, 99% of your offerings are Manly Things.
    • Mass Media:Yes, exactly. See, it's just business. Numbers don't lie. Wow, you're surprisingly good at math for ladies.
    • Women:...
    • Mass Media:We don't know what's wrong with you. They're good stories.
    • Women:Yes, but it's all one kind of story! We love these characters and this setting, but want you to make the stories that WE want to hear some of the time.
    • Mass Media:But then we'd alienate the men! If you want these kinds of stories so much, why don't you tell them?
    • Women:...fine. *go off and tell the stories they want to hear, share them with each other.*
    • Mass Media:Pffff. Look at those silly women! Off writing their "fanfics". What a silly thing to do! Pssh, *ladies,* amirite guys?
    • Man:*writes what is essentially fanfic, gets published and lauded for insightful commentary on pop culture*
    • Woman:*writes an original story, gets lambasted for ripping off pop culture because she wrote completely unrelated fanfic once.*
    • Women:....
    • Mass Media:*pats consolingly* There, there. Look, we've listened to you. Here's a sexy lamp... I mean lady... in this thing we just made! Sure, she doesn't have any lines other than "Go Dude McManlypants, I believe in you!" and is wearing a bikini in the snow, but she's a Strong Independent Woman Who Don't Need No Man. Except when Dude McManlypants wins her at the end of the story. That's what you wanted, right?
    • Women:....*collectively facepalm*

    There goes the neighborhood, Part 3
    (Part 1, Part 2)


    Funny how in the twenty years that Caroline had known Stefan he’d never avoided her–except for after the great bathroom disaster of that second year, but they just don’t talk about that one–but he’d definitely been doing it now. Not answering texts or returning calls and suddenly not in his own apartment either. She’d have freaked out with fear if she hadn’t seen Damon there instead, in all his smug glory, taunting her that Stefan was too afraid of her little claws to be around her until she cooled down.

    She didn’t need to cool down, she needed answers, and the longer it took for her to get them the more determined she grew. Not enough to head back up to the annoying Hybrid’s door and demand them, but enough to try and plan how to sneak up on her best friend. Thankfully, she didn’t need to wait too long since it was the annual Mystic Falls reunion celebration–probably the reason Damon was even in town–and there was simply no way the younger Salvatore was going to miss it. Not with Elena guaranteed to be there and him still being half in love with her (as well as Damon being completely in love with her), but she was trying to find herself and that included being with neither brother.

    Caroline gave it a decade, if that, before Elena broke down and came running back into one of their arms. Probably Damon since that was all her best friend ever asked about when the two talked on the phone anymore. Like she was supposed to know or care how the elder Salvatore was doing.

    But sure enough, there was Stefan, sitting at their usual booth in the bar they always managed to head back to over the last four years Stefan and she had decided to call Chicago their home. Elena was beside him, regaling him with stories about whichever country she was currently enjoying, while Bonnie was heading back toward them, looking just that tiny bit older, though no where near as old as she could because of some spell or the other. Still, Care was sure she could see a wrinkle and she didn’t like that little telltale sign of her friend’s impending mortality.

    “Blondie,” Damon drawled out, voice coming from behind her and she could smell the aftershave she’d come to loathe.

    “Wannabe Satan,” she greeted, glancing over at him as he moved to stand beside her. There really was no love lost between the two but they tried to be civil for Elena and Stefan’s sake. Sometimes it worked, often it didn’t.

    “Stop giving Stefan the death glare,” Damon continued, ignoring her little verbal jab. “I’m sure whatever he did isn’t that bad.”

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    This is a completely unreasonable pet peeve to have but it makes me so nauseous when I see people who have clearly never been dirt poor a day in their life make headcanons about characters being dirt poor.
    Like? The Dakotas were scraping to get by but their parents could afford to take them on family trips? And buy them matching outfits? And own a car? And waste fuel driving South around just to help her get to sleep? Lmao okay.
    Idk there’s something about the idea of some middle-class white person daydreaming about their white faves struggling with some sort of romanticized version of fantasy poverty to tickle their fee-fees that makes me unjustifiably disgusted.

    This is so stupid and self-indulgent. But here we are. More Found Cat, which I’ll probably update again tonight. I need to chill, but I won’t.

    Poe waved a hand, mouth full. “Well,” he said, once he’d swallowed. “Do you want to date men, or women? How into that whole thing did they get when they were explaining that stuff to you in your How To Normal class?”

    Finn rolled his eyes. “Oh my God,” he said, “I kept having to remind them that the First Order weren’t Christian fundamentalists so I wasn’t going to be automatically allergic to the concept of gayness. Like, I came out with some pretty fucked-up stuff, but I’d never heard of the idea of Hell, much less the concept that maybe two dicks touching would cast both dick-wielders plus everyone within a particular blast radius who failed to disapprove of them enough instantly into this mythical land of the air being on fire, forever.”

    Poe laughed so hard he had to press his paper towel over his face while he vibrated soundlessly. Finally he recovered enough composure to say, “dick-wielders,” in a tone of voice that was nearly a squeak.

    “I don’t know,” Finn said, “that’s all I’ve picked up of it. I haven’t devoted a great deal of study to the beliefs of other cults, you know? I feel like I don’t need to become a generalist on this, my specific experience is plenty.”

    Poe nodded, wheezing with laughter. “So,” he said finally, wiping his eyes, “you’re all right in principle with the concept of dicks touching one another.”

    “I’m all right in practice,” Finn said, and then sighed. “I mean. In theory of practicing. Had I any offers, I’d be all right in practice.”

    Poe shook his head a little. “I don’t know why,” he said, “I just assumed you were straight.”

    vitaminniedk  asked:

    write about if you got to hang out with seventeen for a day what would you do clover! make it super detailed like how you usually write hahahha

    This is actually a really hard question because I’m really slightly picky about the types of people I spend my time with. instead of a bias list, I have a list of idols who I would want to know me. That I would legitimately trust with my personal information, with things about me, with my feelings and family. And it’s a short list. That being said… I never really think about spending time with people I don’t know. So if I did agree to hang out with Seventeen for a day… it would be because I legit know and like all of them. Yeah. Guess who doesn’t have many friends. ==

    BUT! That being said… There are a few things I’d want to do. I’d want to wander around with Hip Hop unit. Go in shops and bookstores with Wonwoo and get coffee with Mingyu and try on ridiculous hats and just goof around wherever with S. Coups and watch Vernon react to my horrible jokes.

    I’d like to spend a day practicing with Hoshi. I just kind of want to… Be around the amount of passion. Seeing how he acted on Malitel and how he treats DK… I think he’d be strict on me, but in a good way, but if it started to really make me feel bad I think he’d be able to step away from it when I need a break. Jun is another one I’d like to wander around with. I think he’d be the type of person to prefer to walk close and point things out as you go. I’d also like to just kind of hang out with him and be his friend. Hoshi is kind of a inspiration for me and someone I want to be like. The8′s hard. I don’t know what I’d want to do with The8. I want to see The8 do something he loves to do. Like just b-boy and explain it to me. I don’t have to learn anything, I just want to see him be really excited doing something he loves. I’d like Dino to educate me on Michael Jackson, because I really like Michael Jackson but I know so little of his stuff. Oh! And I want to pitch the idea for a band I had to Dino too, because I think he’s honest enough to tell me if he doesn’t like it but he’s also passionate enough that if he thinks it’s a good idea he’ll go all in and think it’s a really good idea.

    I want Woozi to teach me about music. I love music but I know nothing about the technicalities or the way it’s made and I’m slightly selective deaf in that I can really only focus on one part at a time. I’d really like to just sit down with someone who knows what they’re doing and hear each of the layers and how it comes together. i’d like to give Jeonghan @imjeonghantrash ‘s phone number. Sorry. She would’ve killed me if I didn’t do it. Jeonghan… I’d like to… I don’t know. I honestly have so few ideas. We’ll just go with stargazing and move on. Joshua… I’d want to go get my ears pierced because I really love his piercing and I haven’t pierced my ears yet xD Joshua’s the kind of guy I want to be my girl friend. That sounds bad. I’m not saying he’s gay, just… He’s the type of guy I want to go out and do my makeup with and buy clothes with? Seungkwan, I’d like to watch a movie at home with. People won’t watch movies with me because they say I don’t take them seriously. But unless I’m making sassy comments and jokes, then I’m not paying attention and I can’t focus. I’m serious. I have to be sarcastic about it to appreciate it. I want someone who will sass with me. :p 

    DK deserves his own line. And that’s because when I was at KCON, DK was the first person in line to greet the hi touch people and the entire time I was in the hi touch line, I spent it just watching DK. So much so to the point I got up there and realized I didn’t think of a thing I wanted to say to them and had to scramble for it. The point is, after I met them, I tried not think about it for like a month because I was so embarrassed at how… un-put-together I was. I knew they wouldn’t really remember me but I still felt really embarrassed to the point where I got sick after from the anxiety and I, to this day, can’t remember what I said to Seungkwan. The point to all of that being, even during that month, I really wanted to see DK again. Out of all of them, even Vernon who actually initiated talking to me… He felt the most real. He felt like a super real person who struggles and cries and smiles and I just want to… I really want to be his friend. I want to talk to him and I want to know what he thinks about and what he believes in and what drives him and what he thinks about when he’s sad. So I don’t really care what I do with DK. I just really want to know him.

    I’m writing and I can’t stop grinning like a fool. The Boy is simply fun to write, no matter what setting I put him in. Depending on how late it gets, I may have this written tonight or early tomorrow instead of the Sunday deadline I had given myself.

    This is exactly the reason why I write. It’s an awesome feeling when people happen to read and like what I write, but even if I never posted any of my work, there’s something incredibly fun about seeing an idea that had been rolling around half-plotted in my head take shape and come to life on the screen and then going in a direction that I hadn’t thought of or characters saying something I hadn’t expected them to say. Writing for my own enjoyment is what’s kept me writing for as long as I have, and it’ll be what will probably always keep me writing.

    anonymous asked:

    wow your syrah fic is amazing. you should be an author as well as an actor ;) just a note: syrah was 19 when she was possessed, as she writes in syren.

    First: thank you so much!! I’ve always been interested in writing, but I’ve never been that good at it. That’s why I like headcanons so much: I can get my ideas out without having to be eloquent. But I had this idea in my head that I figured I could use as an opportunity to learn. So I just kinda went for it! And I felt really safe doing so in this fandom since it’s not very big so there’s not a whole lot of competing works making me feel insecure haha. So thank you, everyone who made me feel comfortable enough to try!
    Secondly: oh no. The Septimus Heap wiki seems to think she was 13, and I can’t really find anything about her being older? I don’t know, I thought she was definitely around the same age as them. (The wiki also says that in Darke Septimus apparently wanted to give her a kiss, so if that’s the case, maybe Angie forgot that she mentioned her age?) If you could, could you send me a screenshot of the page where it says that? I’d look it up, but I don’t have my copy of Syren with me haha.
    If that’s the case, then we’ll just assume my fic is in an AU, since the age gimmick is kinda my whole thing T_T

    I really just don’t get the idea of treating fictional characters like real people. Real people are one particular way. That’s it. That’s what you got. So if they did something terrible, it’s a terrible thing to do to reinterpret that as never happening. That’s called lying.

    But a fictional character has no real existence. You can interpret them however you want. If they did something terrible in the canon, but you want to write an AU where they didn’t do that thing, that’s fine. If you want to write a story where they are redeemed despite doing that thing, that’s also fine. Additionally, other people’s interpretations don’t have to agree with yours. No one can stop you from having whatever interpretation you want, even if theirs is more popular, even if they consider themselves the canon police.

    That doesn’t mean you have to like every interpretation that other people have.  Some interpretations are just plain bad.  Some interpretations are going to remind you of things you don’t really want to think about.  But not everyone has the same relationship to fiction, so trying to be an armchair psychologist in this case and say ‘well, that’s a terrible interpretation, so this person must be terrible’, is in fact a terrible thing to do.