I was tagged by ciocia25, Thanks Misiek ;P

1.Favorite fandom/ship?
Carmilla for fandom an Swan Queen for ship ;3
2.Goals in life?
To be happy. That’s the most important one. And if I’m ever gonna have kids, I want to be a good mom.
3.Ever been in love?
I’m not really sure…
4.Tell me something about the place where you live in.
There are some nice places to hang out with friends. A great tea-house, beautiful forest.
5.Do you belive in ghosts?
6.Favorite superhero?
Black Widow and Captain America
7.Would you like to travel? If so where?
Everywhere. But I want to go to London the most.
8.Favorite memory of best friend.
I don’t have favourites… But today we helped a little bird and I think that’s going to be one of our best memories :)
I’ll be 18 this year.
10.Favorite drink
cold camomile tea/beer

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Questions for you:
1. Do you like horror movies?
2. Favourite season?
3. What’s your dream job?
4. Do you believe in destiny?
5. What language would you like to learn the most?
6. Biggest turn on?
7. What’s your biggest talent?
8. Favourite article of clothing?
9. Least favourite food?
10. Do you think soul mates exist?

okay so I keep seein trailers for the new Fantastic Four and like they made Johnny Storm black which is awesome but why is Susan white like why can’t they both be black it would be nice and they wouldn’t have to change the whole backstory to make one of them adopted or whatever they’re doing. and I’ve never seen any really popular media with black female superheroes that I can think of and this would be a great opportunity I’m so disappointed. OR if they only wanted to have one black character (which is stupid because the other fantastic four movies were all white actors so these rlly shouldn’t/don’t need to be all white actors) then why didn’t they make mr fantastic black (or Indian or Spanish or anything but white) and then if they were going down the Susan/Reed relationship route they’d also have a biracial relationship. idk this movie already seems so :•/

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I've been wanting to get the red roshe run sneakers ever since Hailey got them but I don't know wether to get them or a pair of huaraches or maybe the thea desert camo she wore recently(if I can find them)? I really like all of them haha.. which ones do you think I should get? What color huarache do you think she would get if she did? :) Thank you x

The Huarache in black are really nice! I would take the huarache because I feel like they are more versatile but the Thea Desert Camo are to die for, they really look great! :) I don’t recommend taking the Roshe Run in red, it’s not a good color for a sneaker when you don’t want to start like a collection, if you like to stay versatile and ready for every occasion and outfit take a neutral color ;) x

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Hi! Can i get a Pierce The Veil ship? I'm 5'3 and I'm a funny person. Most of my friends say I'm mature and most likely more like a mom in our group of friends. I do like silly guys (even though all of PTV is pretty silly). I have anxiety, social anxiety and depression. Im a shy person who doesn't like talking about my feelings but i'm really nice once you get to know me. I have black and purple curly hair and brown eyes, I'm also hispanic. Thank you 💕

I ship you with Tony!
You two are the mature ones of your group and you are both shy so you would try and help each other out with that and overall you two just make a great couple and all of both of your friends envy you two.

Thank you for requesting lovely!
To get a ship send in a band you want to be shipped with and tell us about yourself! Thanks guys!

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Cis female (i think? im not really sure tbh), 13 years old (waaaayy to young), 5'6, dark brown eyes, black hair just barely reaching my shoulders, I like reading, writing, playing story based video games, and sleeping; I dont really have an ideal date but i like going to art museums;

yeah bae sorry you’re way 2 young. but you sound super nice!!! thank you for sending one anyway <3 you’re the same height as me. your hair is the same color and near the same length as mine too :D we have a lot of similar interests and an art museum would be super great~