like literally like. th moment u stop being afraid of liking something, whether its bc its for kids or its not something you usually enjoy or the thing is seen as embarrassing to others, like, the literal Moment you cast those insecurities away and Accept that you like things and like them without question, you feel so, s o much better

like theres so many people right now like ‘why is lazytown popular??? isnt that a k i d s thing???’ ‘why is there a lazytown fandom???’ ‘this is good….if you ignore its for kids its Good’ like

get rid of that!!! that doesnt matter!!! you can still enjoy it!!! it’s ok!!!! literally just let yourself enjoy it!!!!! get as invested as you want in it!!!

like th literal second i stopped limiting myself to enjoying stuff bc it might be ~~~embarrassing~~~ or its ~~~for kids~~~ ive been such a happier + more passionate person??

like. let yourself like things. dont cut yourself off from enjoying something for silly, unnecessary reasons. if you find yourself liking something, go! go watch it! enjoy it! have fun!!!! its ok!!!!!!!!!!


Ya Allah, thank you for letting me know that everything will be ok :)

whenever I’m not feeling too pleasant, I make it a habit and force myself to look out the window and look up to the sky - always, it’s a grand canvas of colors painted harmoniously, leaving me in awe and of course, embarrassed for letting myself dwell in negativity. Tonight, I have mr moon looking over me, shining in full glory,as I fall asleep and pray for a better tomorrow, assalamualaikum 🙂

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i just hate it because it was my first time and i didn't know what was normal and so i let him hurt me and i ended up crying on the way home. he humiliated me and made me feel ashamed of my body, i bled and he made a specific point of stopping and embarrassing me. it was so uncomfortable and then he just kept shoving his dick in me and i tried to make myself small because i hated the whole experience. it's been almost a year and i'm too scared to have sex again incase it happens again


You’re amazing, ok? What i said before definitely still applies, and i can wholeheartedly say that you dont deserve any of this. You deserve to be okay and be able to have a normal sexual/intimate relationship with others, but hopefully you’ll get there one day. Push forward and maybe think about going to therapy if you find yourself at a dead-end or just want some extra help/support through this. 

I kicked Jared Padalecki in the balls

Alright motherfuckers, let me tell you about the most fucking embarrassing moment in my life.

So I’ve been paranoid for months that I was going to trip walking up to do a photo op, so I thought hey I’ll make fun of myself and do a pose where I fake fall. I’ll do that with Jared and Jensen. Brilliant! Yes? No! I get up to do it and explain to them. Jared is all for it. Jensen is kinda like ok. So Jensen gets in front of me and wraps his arms around me like I fell on him. Jared gets behind me and I have no idea what he’s doing back there. So I lift my leg up to get in a trippy type pose. And then I feel my leg come into contact with something and I hear a grunt behind me. I just kicked Jared Padalecki in the fucking balls! I instantly let go of Jensen and turn around and hug Jared repeating ‘I’m sorry’ about 500 times. And he just kinda breathes deeply and tries to hold it together. And then he said 'it’s ok. It’s ok.’ And he turns me around to get back in the pose. Meanwhile Jensen is on the other side of the room laughing his ass off (like everyone else who saw it happen). Eventually we all calm the fuck down and get back in the pose. And I collapsed from embarrassment the second I left the room.

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I see that you use "prince of hell" warlock in a lot of your tags, what does that mean?

oh my god this is kind of embarrassing because my feelings about this are so intense. like i’m not even sure i can fully articulate what it’s genuinely about but i will try. also book spoilers.

Warlocks always have a demon for a father and Magnus’s father in particular was revealed to be Asmodeus, one of the seven princes of hell and a fallen angel. It’s the reason he’s so powerful and since Asmodeus erased someone’s entire life as if it were nothing, it’s likely why Magnus has a particular talent for memory spells. We also see Magnus activate a witchlight at one point, which normally only responds to Shadowhunter (angel) blood.

And yet it was used more for relationship drama than anything, even though Magnus going through the centuries believing that he has the purest form of demon blood is a huge deal for his character. He’s clearly ashamed of it. Plus, what does having something so similar to angel blood mean for him? We’re told time and again that he’s powerful, that he has all this rich heartbreaking history, but we only get glimpses of it at best. What happened after he killed his human father after nearly being drowned? I mean, he was six or something and literally the first time he used his magic was to burn a man alive. How did he end up in Spain all the way from Indonesia? Did someone bring him to the Spiral Labyrinth? Magnus says Silent Brothers took him in, but that only appears in deleted pages of CoA; in CoB he simply calls them “churchmen.” How did he discover Asmodeus was his father? What was their conversation the first time he summoned him? What is even Magnus’s birth name before he took this one? A name, by the way, that unlike other warlocks speaks not of mourning or solitude (Loss, Fell, Fade, Gray) but of pure destruction, which says everything about what Magnus thinks of himself and his origins.

In short, the entire concept of him being the son of a Prince of Hell represents everything I wanted and nothing I ever got. That tag is purely about my extreme thirst for Magnus being Magnus. Not the guy who’s one half of a ship, not a glittery warlock with a great fashion sense, but Magnus Fucking Bane, the man who understands exactly who he is and what he’s capable of, who loves with all of his heart and would prefer to tell stupid stories about how he was totes BFFs with Julius Caesar but who will not hesitate to fuck your shit up if you mess with his people and when he’s done, his eyeliner will not have a single smudge. It is for Magnus lounging at his nightclub like a king. It is for Magnus carving his history and tainted birthright into his own name, but still clinging to the belief that he’s human and a good man.

Kano Shuuya ☆ Iya iya honshin da yo?~
  • Kano Shuuya ☆ Iya iya honshin da yo?~
  • Mekakushi Radio #5

Ahh that’s right!! Anyone listened to the broadcast 2 weeks ago - the one Momo-chan and Hibiya-kun hosted? Ahh I forgot to listen but~ it seems I received a whole lottt of questions right!!?~ ★ E he he~ No wayy, you guys made me so embarrassed~

So that’s why today I’ll answer any questions about me myself!!~~

OK let’s start~ Lemme see lemme see…

“About how tall are Kano’s boots’ platform!!?”~~… eh, EHHH!!!? Err… ah, ha… ha, a ha ha ha ha ha… ahh… Let’s try another question OK?~

Hmm hnn ahhh yeah, I’ll pick this one! “Since when have your two childhood friends grown taller than you?” – EHHHH!!? T-This kind of… Ehhh!!?~~ Our guest’s arrived? Ahhh, what a wasteee!!~ I wanted to answer some more questions but the time’s limited so it can’t be helped right?~

LMAO let’s roll it back like 4 years ago here on tumblr to when a bunch of fandom blogs i originally followed through my main blog became hockey blogs and i considered myself a ‘normal fan’ and thought HMMM what a silly and weird thing to start blogging about on here yikes UNFOLLOW  

but look at me nowwww

Cinnamon roll!Nozomi AU – this time in text form wohoo

So I sat down and put every idea I had so far into a word doc (ok not all ideas as I still want to keep some to myself bc these ideas are just rough drafts for now). I just wanted to sum up everything and add few more things which I think are kind of hard to express in drawings :0

So let’s go:

  • It took Nozomi really long to get used to calling Eli “Elicchi“; like she was totally embarrassed to do so bc she wasn’t sure about their relationship and if it’s already time to refer each other with nicknames ((calling Eli by her first name already took so much effort GOSH))
  • Eli is the most whipped dork for Nozomi here, she’s head over heels for her. Eli is also leader of the inofficial “Protect Toujou Nozomi Squad“
  • Eli would do, like, everything for Nontan; she wants ice cream in winter? Eli gonna get out into the snowstorm to the next supermarket. Nozomeme’s cold? Eli so gonna give all her clothes to her except her underwear …or maybe even includes her underwear (ELI PLS). Nozomi wants Eli to jump off the bridge? On it.

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EXO’s reaction to bumping into you in the halls

For xiugasm <3

Xiumin: “Sorry, I wasn’t careful. Are you okay?”

Luhan: “Excuse yo-… oh why hello there.” 

Kris: *gets flustered* “Oh crap what should I do? Is she ok? Oh my god what have I done?”

Suho: “I am done for. I have made a fool out of myself. She’ll never look at me again.” 

Lay: “I-I’m so sorry….” *bows at you forever*

Baekhyun: *puts on cute act* “Please forgive me.”

Chen: *too busy admiring to even help*

Chanyeol: *waddles over to help you*


Tao: *flees the scene to avoid embarrassment*

Kai: “Are you ok? That wasn’t me btw, he did it…” *blames it on someone else*

Sehun: “She’s so cute omfg.” *stands and fanboys on the inside* “oH IM SORRY LET ME HELP YOU UP.”


Here’s the link with all 7 pictures.

A thrilling saga.

His age range on his profile is set to 28-45.  Mine is set to 25-35.  I’m 22.  This creepy fully-grown fuckboy is 43.

I tried to spare him the embarrassment by simply informing him that he was outside of my age range and I didn’t consider us to be compatible, but he continued to harass me, so I took the gloves off.

This predatory shit is not ok.  I know plenty of men in real life who have pulled this shit with me and it made me so uncomfortable, and I did nothing about it and regretted it.  I decided not to let myself be made uncomfortable without speaking up about it anymore.

Also, how fucking sad is it that this guy has these passages at the ready to use as often as he pleases?  I bet he sends this to tons of women.  Pathetic.

Ok let me embarrass myself

So i have never made lemonade in my life but i have to make some tomorrow for the girls and i have absolutely no idea what to do? I know i’m supposed to mix lemons and mint in water/ice and sugar but HOW? HOW MUCH OF EVERYTHING? WHAT GOES FIRST? HELP ME

Ok I’m going to tell you what I’m really most embarrassed about, or at least that part of myself that even at happy hours doesn’t spill out of me when I talk to my boss just to fill the silence, the thing I don’t joke about to strangers and coworkers.  And so because of that you have to give me all the moments I need to justify and prevaricate.  Let me have my defenses.  So it is this.  I am very alone.  And, a lot of the time these days, I’m not ok with it anymore.  It’s not like it used to be.  I don’t feel unloveable or unlikeable.  I’m not even unhappy.  The opposite.  I’m so very very happy!  I feel myself expanding and growing, constantly realizing things.  I’m trusting in the world and my instincts and the eventuality that we will all be dead and buried someday and in the meantime wonderful things will keep happening and sad things will keep happening and everything will be ok.  Yesterday at dinner Caroline and I were talking about me fostering kids and Caroline asked “What about when you have to let them go?  Won’t that break your heart?” and I said, “No more than everything else in the world.”  And she asked would I foster one at a time or more than one, and I appreciated the concreteness of the question.  This is a thing I will do, it is so important to me!  (and the answer is probably one at first, maybe later more, but also on this episode of The Fosters this 16 year old kid said he’d been separated from his brother because nobody wants to take in two little boys, especially if they’re black, and I don’t think I’ll ever be ok again?)

But so that will happen, and I’m not necessarily including a man–or woman–in that.  One might show up, but it’s not required.  I have to write an op-ed this week, and I think I’m gonna write about not wanting to get married, about obsessing over pictures of Debbie Harry because she never got married.  Did you know that?  She dated her bandmate for a long time, then they broke up and later he got sick and she took care of him, but they never married.  Diane Keaton either!  I yelped with delight to find that out when we were sitting on the couch watching Father of the Bride, googling her, she dated a bunch (Warren Beatty, Woody Allen, not like great taste in dudes, but) she never married and she adopted kids!  Women who didn’t reject love but never married, I cling to them.

So ANYWAYS.   I’m so happy, with my friends and classes and running, all these plans and beautiful women who never married to Google, with all the jokes and naps and rainy days in the world, with wine and Instagram and Dim Sum with my roommates on Saturday mornings.  And I want to share it completely with someone, sometimes.  But not just anyone, you know?  It’s not a ‘whoever’ wish.  It’s like that Carly Rae Jepson lyric, Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad.  

It’s such a vulnerable wanting, and I don’t mind being vulnerable.  But so often it’s interpreted as “I want a boyfriend,” and that isn’t it.  I don’t want ‘a boyfriend.’  I want my person, the one I miss so bad.  I’m not looking for someone to complete me.  I feel complete and I want someone to fully appreciate it with me.

Ew god that’s the real emotion quick someone say something flippant.  Maybe I do mind being vulnerable.  Ew.  Ugh.  Today a manager stopped by my coworker’s desk to ask “How are you doing with the catch-up?” after she’d been out of the office, and I called over the cubicle wall, “How are you doing with the mustard?” and he didn’t hear and made me repeat my dumb joke like three times.