Yo I just wanted to take this time to say, if you have a blog/person that you really want to reach out to and try to become friends with. Just DO IT. Cause I reached out to @phantom-of-the-keurig months ago and now we talk literally everyday and honestly I’m in such a loving mood cause she literally sent me a heart emoji and I’m such a sap, I love my friends. Lmao Imma stop now but the moral of the story is JUST REACH OUT!

anonymous asked:

It would remain semi-secret if you tagged a link or left only a comment instead of reply.

Then it would be, like, barely secret. Really, anon, I don’t think you’re respecting the hierarchy of secrecy here.

Okay, I’ll give you part of the address. It’s http://*************.tumblr.com.


widowmaker odette skin redesign with an actual tutu and tights

eta: i forgot to add that someone pointed out before that the tutu actually isn’t very viable since it would clip so much in the game, but the rest of the outfit stands i think (i’ll draw it properly later)

let’s play minecraft: sky factory

part 1: the boys rebuild the world with a single tree and laugh about googly eyes

part 15: gavin takes another step towards nuclear power and jeremy is doing literal blood magic