As the luckiest woman in the world, Marinette Dupain-Cheng has a wonderful life, which all changes after she kisses a stranger (Adrien Agreste) at a costume party. She sees everything turn into a living hell, as she realizes that she has unwittingly exchanged her good fortune for the stranger’s bad luck.

gail and i have started a miraculous ladybug just my luck AU


Current sexuality: that flippin snarl in the last gif 

I was actually just going to post the smaller ones, but I’d already made the big ones, because, well, I usually do like big. Made from this excellent vine, you should totally check it out!

EDIT! Last gif, aka that whole fucking point of this set, was frozen, so I’ve fixed it.

I just realized that their forehead touch went from this…

…to this

While their distance hasn’t shortened, their hands are positioned in a different way, they’re actually touching hair and ears. The touch has become more… intimate.

I never really cared much about their forehead touches in the openings, I simply thought “It’s gay, I like it~” when I saw one, but now that I pay more attention to their gesture… it’s even gayer.

hold up

so if season 14 is giving us a live action segment does that mean that this:

is finally going to be canonized into wash’s skill set because if so then i am 100% on board

I just want to say I am so proud of wonho for what he did in the last ep of right now. He was so brave!, i mean he’s usually scared of even going up the stairs. I really respect wonho and always have and always will and this time more because he managed to turn around to the camera and say “Monsta X will succeed” while he was literally shaking and crying! and he also said “Kids(monsta x) I love you” just before he jump make me think he must really love his team. In the air all he did was screaming “Monsta X fighting” and when he landed he look at the camera and said “MonBebe i love you”.I know what I’m saying might sound very biased right now but really his heart is full of love if you know him very well. The love Wonho have for us, the fandom and his team is indescribable. He really is one special guy and i just love him so much for his bravery and his honest love! 


so heres this disaster. i know I’m moving really spazzy and my playing isn’t anything to write home about, but people wanted to hear me play so i guess..thats what this is?? Ive since changed my tab for this song (if you listen to MM as much as i do you’ll hear where i needed to change) and i wanted to re-record but my batteries died and i don’t have replacements -_- 

The song is Lampshades on Fire by Modest Mouse if anyone cares 

“does this actually count as a plot or is it just a random series of actions and feelings the characters are going through and not an actual story?” a novel by me that i will never publish because i’m not sure if it actually counts as a plot or is just a random series of actions and feelings the characters are going through