My Fear Of Water

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I’ve always had a terrible fear of being submerged completely in water. Not that I can’t swim or anything. My dad made me learn; he said I almost drowned when I was really young.

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these are my gifs, they’re not the best but it was my first time

Okay, I feel like no one ever talks about this so here goes nothing.

1st Gif: This is literally one of the most underrated/cutest thing Eugene does in this entire movie. One; he thought he would never see Rapunzel get her “happily ever after”. He DIED so that she could escape Mother Gothel and not have to give up everything she ever dreamed of, and now he gets to be there when she finally gets happiness. Two; Eugene is an orphan and from what he says in the movie, its easy to assume that he was never adopted and probably never had a moment like this. But when Rapunzel gets it, he’s so happy for her. 2nd gif: Okay this moment is so important because it shows how much the queen is like Rapunzel. Eugene was a wanted criminal and they (the king and queen) did not have to pardon all his charges. But they did and welcomed him in with open arms. The queen chose to see the best in Eugene just like Rapunzel did and saw how much he loved Rapunzel. Everyone will tell you how Rapunzel found her family but almost no one’s talks about how Eugene found one too.


You were walking with you head down to your locker, looking at the text your best friend had just sent you and you accidently collided with someone’s muscular chest.

“Oh My God I’m so sorry.” You said looking up to see it was Liam, the boy you had had a crush on since before you could remember.

“Hey, its no problem Y/N. It was totally my fault.” He said, giving you a smile before maneuvering past you. 

You walked up towards your locker and leant up against it, letting out a huge sigh as you watched him walk away.

“Hey sis, why are you blushing?” Your sister Lydia asked as she leant up against the locker next to yours.

“What? No, I’m not blushing.” You replied and looked down at your shoes attempting to conceal your blush.

“C’mon, spill.” She said leaning closer to you eagerly.

“Okay, so I have kind of had a crush on Liam Dunbar since, I don’t know, since forever and I totally just embarrassed myself in front of him.” You explained, watching as Lydia smiled.

“Aw well, I’m pretty sure he likes you back - Oh wait I think he’s listening to us.” Lydia said, quickly straightening herself up against the locker.

“Wait what?” You said as your eyes widened and you looked towards the direction Liam went in only to see him standing there smiling at you before he turned away biting his lip.

“Oh God now he knows.” You moaned, banging the back of your head against the locker.

“Don’t worry about it, I bet now he knows you like him he’ll get the courage to ask you out.“ She smiled and squeezed your arm, "I’ve got to get to class.” She said leaving you at the lockers.

You suddenly heard your phone beep signaling that you just received a text.

‘It’s probably Lydia or part of the pack’ You thought to yourself, looking down at your phone to see a text - not from your sister but from Liam asking for you to meet him after school. You smiled widely and ignored the flutter of your heart as you walked to class, now knowing that you were one step closer to being able to call the beta your boyfriend.  

Even Without Words

Fandom: Naruto

Characters: Boruto Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki

Pairings:  Implied NH

Words: 1,599


“Hey, Dad, you up?”

His son’s words roused him after a moment and Naruto opened sleepy blue eyes to stare at the doorway, noting the slightly blurred figure leaning inside. He blinked a few times and image cleared, revealing Boruto’s easy smile and Naruto felt himself smiling back without so much as thinking about it. Boruto came inside, footsteps quiet and made his way over to his father’s bedside.

Naruto studied his son when he sat down, thankful when Boruto reached over to click on the bedside lamp, and noted the crow’s feet that wrinkled the corner of his eyes and the laughter lines around his mouth, but what surprised him most was just how long Boruto’s hair had become. The still-blonde, but graying and thinning, strands were pulled into a ponty-tail that would have rivaled Jiraya’s or his Uncle Neji’s. The thought made Naruto smile. Everything else about his son was familiar, from his gentle features, even though they were now worn by age and travel, to his clothes and posture, which if Naruto had to guess, was even better now than it had been when he was little.

“I brought some late dinner, you hungry? Huh? Better eat before it gets colder, ‘ttebasa,” Boruto said, lifting an old Uzumaki lunch bag from the floor and setting it on the edge of the hospital bed. “You wanna sit up a little higher?”

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The whole Travis Winfrey scandal is not about Emison, it’s not about us being pissed that Emily and Alison aren’t together. Its about Sasha and it’s about all the women and teenagers who watch the show and are offended by his disgusting comments. If he stays on the show, it means he won, and that his degrading and offensive comments about women are okay. That’s why he should get fired. If he had apologized after fans asked him too, maybe it would have been okay, if he apologized and deleted the post after both her best friend and her boyfriend confronted him then it would’ve been okay. But he didn’t, instead he posted a pic stating that he doesn’t care about Sasha and our feelings. This is not okay, and an apology is not going to cut it now. He needs to get fired because he’s disrespectful to women and a main cast member.


**I’ve been feeling a bit (a lot) self conscious about my body here lately and who better to help with that then the precious angel who is Luke?**

You heard a knock on the door.

“He cannot be here this early!” You said outloud to yourself.

You had just gotten out of the shower, hair a wet mess, no makeup, and just a robe wrapped around you.

“Who is it?” You hollered.

“Your boyfriend!” You heard him say.


“Just a sec!” You shouted at the door.

“Baby hurry up its freezing out here!”


You reluctantly opened up the door but seeing his beautiful wide smile made everything okay.

“Just get out of the shower?” He asked as he hugged you tight.

“Haha maybe…you’re early” you said giggling.

“I know I’m sorry, rehearsals got out a bit early and I decided to come on. I missed you” he said and kissed your lips.

“Awww so sweet. I missed you too” You said smiling back at him and scrunching up your nose.

“Are you hungry?” You asked him.

“Surprisingly not really” he said and shrugged.

“Hmmm” you said with your arms wrapped around him. “Are you tired?”

“Exhausted” he said holding you tight.

“Awww poor baby. I know you, you are hungry so why don’t you go upstairs and pick us out a movie and I’ll pop us some popcorn?” You said giving him a gentle peck on the cheek.

“Okay” he said smiling and kissed your lips.

You heard him head upstairs and you went into the kitchen to pop the popcorn, completely forgetting that you weren’t the least bit dolled up like normal.

The microwave dinged and you took the popcorn out, slightly burning your hand at the steam.

“Ouch!” You said out loud and sucked on the spot.

You grabbed the popcorn and a big bowl and headed upstairs to join him.

He was such a sight to see. Bright blue eyes, golden hair slightly quiffed, black skinny jeans, and a slipknot tank. Perfection.

You climbed into bed with him and snuggled up under the covers.

“Tada!” You said as you poured the popcorn into the bowl.

“Magnificent!” He said giving you goofy face.

You two giggled and began eating your popcorn.

You turned to face him.

“Open wide!” You said and positioned yourself to where you could throw a piece in his mouth.

He opened his mouth as wide as it would go and you threw it completely missing.

“Aww my turn!” He said and you opened your mouth wide.

He hit your eye and you grabbed it laughing hysterically.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry!” He said laughing and reaching to hold you.

“I’m fine!” You said giggling. “My turn again if I can see where I’m aiming now.”

He gave a pout and you winked at him.

“Open up big boy” you said concentrating hard.

You aimed and shot one right in his mouth.

“YES! VICTORY!” You said clapping and doing a little dance.

“GET IN!” He said laughing and high fived you, grabbing your hand and kissing you causing you both to fall down, him on top.

“You’re crazy wildcat” you said smiling at him.

He just smiled and shook his head looking you in the eyes.

You looked into his and ran your fingers through his hair. You couldn’t help but to kiss him again.

It was different this time, the playfulness had ended, his kiss felt hungry, wanted, needed.

His hands started to roam your body. You two had made out before, but he had never seen you naked.

His hands started to roam down to the belt on your robe, undoing it and causing it to come open revealing nothing but your bare chest and cheeky panties.

You quickly shot upright and closed it quickly completely frazzled.

He looked so confused.

“Uh..im sorry…I didn’t know…I thought you wanted me to…” he said embarrassed, eyes wide.

“No, no I’m sorry. I just. I really like you and I don’t want you to see this.” You said quickly.

“See what?” He asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Me. All of me. It’s not what you’d expect. Not what you’re used to.” You said feeling like you could burst into tears at any moment.

“What I’m used to?” He asked curiously.

You sat back down on the bed with him.

“Yes Luke. I’m not like those girls. I don’t have rock hard abs or even abs for that matter. My ass isn’t tight and my hips aren’t tiny. My thighs are big and I’m not beautiful like them.”

“What are you talking about?” He asked looking hurt.

“Please Luke, don’t play dumb. You are used to absolutely beautiful girls. I’m so average, I don’t fit the bill, I don’t look like someone that you would chose.”

“How the hell do you know who I’ve been with and what I like? And for the record I think that you are absolutely beautiful. I think that you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. You have curves, I love your curves. I really love them. You’re right though, you’re not like the other girls I’ve been with.” He said.

“I know…they are skinny and …” You started to say.

“No. It has nothing to do with that. They are not kind and down to earth like you. They don’t make me laugh or smile like you. They don’t make my day better just by them being in the room or sending me a message. They don’t care about people the way that you do. You don’t get it. I’m not with you for your body and appearance, although I think that you’re perfect. I’m with you for you. Why are you with me?”

“What?” You asked confused.

“You heard me. Why are you with me? Is it because of my image, my name?” He asked condescending and got up off of the bed.

“No! It’s because you are sweet and gentle and kind. You’re funny and you make me laugh and smile. I trust you, I love being with you. You’re down to earth and caring and you’re just real. You’re the coolest, most dorky, goofy person that I know and I adore you. You have eyes that make me melt and your smile can make all of the bad days go away.” You said honestly.

“So my body and my name and none of that bullshit matters to you?” He asked again.

“No. You do. What’s inside of your heart.” You said staring him in the eyes and walking towards him, stopping right in front.

He started to undo your robe slowly.

“Exactly baby. I used to be self conscious too, I thought that I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t fit enough, but somehow I gained confidence. I had to fake it til I made it and every now and again I still feel like I look gross or I’m not good enough. I’ve felt like I’m not good enough for you. The way you care for people, you’re just so…good. You’re one of a kind and honestly I probably don’t deserve you, but that’s not gonna stop me. Please never think that you’re not good enough for me, that you’re not all that I want. Because you are. I want every bit of you. I want to show you that. Will you let me?” He asked with pleading in his eyes.

You shook your head yes.

He shook his head yes too and your robe dropped to the ground.

“Beautiful” He said and kissed your lips holding you tight, making all of your insecurities go away.

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the way sirius treats harry like he's james pisses me off to no end it's like stop ?? harry is harry not james pls sirius calm ur face ??

YESSSSSS okay this is my favourite part though because it just shows that Snape and Sirius are really two sides of the same coin. Sort of, they were both in a similar position. (which is something I would really like to go into more because its very interesting) (firstly i would reccommend if you care enough to read THIS post i made about Snape/Sirius)

Lily was Snape’s “happiness”, James was Sirius’. But that is why Sirius is 23948578697 times better than Snape(or maybe in a more level headed way; this shows why Sirius is a Gryffindor, and Snape a Slytherin), because whilst Snape was selfish in the way he dealt with the loss (which tbh wasn’t nearly as much as Sirius’ suffered), Sirius was selfless. Completely. He forgot himself.  He didn’t care about himself, he just wanted revenge, or answers, or blood. Sirius went immediately, without thinking. Sirius thinks with his heart first, not his head. He went their filled with rage and anger and the sadness was allowed to come afterwards whilst he was locked up, alone, in prison.

He wasn’t just angry at Peter though, but at himself for letting it happen. He’d see the decision to change the secret keeper to Peter as his fault, he pressured them into it, he should have done it himself. He would have died rather than betray them. If he was the secret keeper, perhaps he would have eventually have been killed but no matter what curse they threw at him, no matter what horrendous torture he’d had to endure he would have gone through it rather than let James and Lily and Harry die. He was so fuelled with anger that he went to kill Peter because he’d have to make sure he’d done that before he killed himself. 

Snape is the opposite, Snape joined the side that killed his “love”(pls note i do not think Snape’s feelings toward Lily was love at all) and he spent many years planning how to get his revenge, or at least he thought he did. He was more level headed, he thought about his actions and how he could make it up to Lily, telling himself it wasn’t too late. He was selfish because he thought about himself whilstmaking those decisions, how to prove himself to Lily. To do things with secrecy and not be outspoken in his hurt or his anger. 

Moving on to what this is actually about.

James was Sirius’s happiness. Everything happy in Sirius’ life involved James. 

So when Sirius, who was, and I quote, “inseparable” with James loses him in just a night(JK said he never fell in love, between the Order and the Potters, Sirius didn’t really know anything else), gets locked up alone in a terrifying prison, scared, angry, self loathing and longing for the life he had before back. He finally escapes, because we all know he could have escaped sooner. It would have taken a lot of energy to transform into a dog, yes. He probably couldn’t have physically handled it for a few years, but eventually he would. For the first few years he’d just let the dementors take his happiness, he didn’t need it anyway; or rather he didn’t deserve it. It was his fault James and Lily were dead, in his mind.

Eventually he’d stop crying, he’d stop feeling numb, he’d drag up those memories he’d stored in the back of his mind, that he’d fought so hard to keep and he’d start being angry again. His heart would start to beat faster, he’d remember his best friend and he’d think about what he’d say to him if he were there. He’d think about that firey redhead, he’d remember the bravery of the friend he had who was a werewolf at school. He’d think about Peter, how he used to laugh with them, joke with them all, he used to be their friend. He’d keep thinking, it’d drive him into an insanity, he’d almost live in those thoughts. He didn’t exist outside them. He’d try and remember every detail but eventually he’d have forgotten the way James’ hair would stick up, he’d have forgotten Lily’s green eyes. 

He’d have remember Harry, that tiny baby he rescued from the house, that little child with James’ hair and Lily’s eyes. The boy he carried away from his parents’ lifeless bodies. That boy was still alive. That’s what’d tip him over the edge, he remember finally that fire he felt when he went to find Pettigrew, the avenge his best friend’s death, and if he didn’t do something for himself he’d do it for them. 

So he escapes and he spends months searching for Harry. Or whatever he thinks Harry is. When he saw Harry on Privet drive, all he could see was James. Thirteen year old Harry sat outside the house, glasses on, hair scruffy. Sirius saw James. A lot of the time Harry would do things that James did, he would react how James would, he would say something James would say. But sometimes Harry would act differently an it would be a harsh reminder for Sirius that he wasn’t James. He was Harry. 

After Azkaban, Sirius sees people as memories, so much life has been dragged out of him in those 12 years. He doesn’t live after Azkaban, he just exists. 

He does the same with Remus, Remus to him is just the memory of what the Marauders were. Peter is a reminder of the betrayal. Snape is still that teenaged boy he and James used to torment and Harry is James. Twelve Grimmauld Place is the house he wanted to get away from. Sirius lives in the past. That tiny section of his past he was almost completely happy. 

Sirius never did get to avenge them, Sirius never did get to stop Peter, kill Peter, give him the same fate that James and Lily Potter had. He was fully ready to in POA, but he escaped, he probably would have at any given time in the books because that was the thing that kept Sirius Black living on. 

It’s not JUST Sirius though, it’s Harry too. It goes both ways. Harry finds Sirius and sees him as, perhaps not James, but what James could have been. He sees Sirius as a father figure and I think many people expect Sirius to be a father to figure to Harry but Sirius isn’t. He hasn’t been able to grow, he’s been locked up with his thoughts and his hatred and even now he’s free from lock and key, his thoughts are still there. Sirius barely knows what a father is himself. 

It is bad, yes. In a way he sees Harry in the same way Snape sees Harry, as so many other people see Harry; as his parents. But James was everything to Sirius, James brought him a whole new life, a whole new outlook on life, he taught him things, he helped him, he brought him the best friend’s he’d ever had, he supported him and most importantly of all; he loved him. True love was always scarce with Sirius Black. (again refer to x )

In conclusion, yes. Sirius DOES see Harry as James, there is no denying that. My favourite addition/change the films ever made was changing Sirius’ last words to “Nice one, James!” because I think it is so true to what Sirius was. I personally would say it is justified, I know very every few of us have ever gone through anything Sirius has, from the abuse he suffered as a child, the disinheritance from his family, to the murder of his best friends, betrayal of another, lack of support from the other, losing two brothers, being locked up in a ghastly prison where the guards literally suck your soul out of you, all his vaguely happy thoughts prised away from him, escaping finally, living a life in hiding, returning to find the world had still been going on for those 12 years. He was finally thrust back into normal life, in the midst of a war against the same group he was fighting 13 years ago, with James by his side. He’d hadn’t known how to live in this time, Remus had gotten older, changed, Peter was fighting for the other side, James and Lily were dead, so was his other family, the only familiarity that was there Harry. 
He saw James in Harry, of course he did. Those memories were all he had to survive in whilst locked up.  

So yes, it’s a downfall of Sirius’, I’m not going to deny it and say that, but just another thing which makes him such an interesting (and heartbreaking as fuck) character. I wouldn’t say it pisses me off, because in a way it’s very justifiable.

But I think rather than Snape seeing Harry as the last part of Lily Evans, Sirius saw Harry as the part of James Potter that will continue to live on. There’s a difference. 

Remember how everyone praised Alina and cursed the Darkling’s name when Alina didn’t give a fuck about her people and was willing to abandon them for Mal (and in the end did just dump them to Nikolai without a single glance so she could open a freaking orphanage with Mal) and the Darkling did everything just so the Grisha could be accepted and was always thinking beyond the things he wanted for himself because he knew his people and the future generations of Grisha were more important. Remember how we were told to see the Darkling as the villain of the story and Alina as the savior. :)

james is so real lmao “uh guys. like clearly its up to me if that contract has any validation. so yeah im not gonna appeal it. bye.” AND THEN SHELLI GOES OFF LYING AND SHES LIKE “we had nothing to do w jason going home” N ITS LIKE LMAO HONEY, U DID. AND JAMES IS JUST LIKE “UM OKAY THIS VETO MEETINGS ADJOURNED THEN” LIKE HE DOESNT GIVE A FUCKKKKKKK I LOVE IT

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do you think its okay that louis allegedly cheated on hannah with harry ( there were tweets from her brother and all)? ... (honestly asking your option not trying to sound a brat)

um if it was a situation where he cheated (which i’m not convinced of), then of course i never advocate cheating. but if i’m looking at an instance where maybe a gay kid finally gets the boy of his dreams and he feels comfortable enough with himself to go after it then yeah, i understand that. cheating isn’t good, though. i’m an advocate of trying to hurt as few people as possible. 

that being said, life isn’t black and white. not every situation is a one where there’s Right and Wrong. sometimes things just… are. 

remember how harry’s ex (fliss?) said that as soon as he went to judges house he just stopped talking to her and she assumed they broke up, lmao. i mean, that’s kinda shitty, yeah? but like… they were young kids. of course things aren’t gonna be handled in the best way.

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Hiii. Thank you guys so much for maintaining this blog! Can you suggest any fics that have steve feeling down/depressed post catws and then bucky/winter soldier gets worried and tries to cheer him up? Thanks :)

Give these ones a shot!


The world doesn’t particularly need saving. The new SHIELD and its few, trusty associates are well on their way to whittling down the list of known HYDRA bases worldwide. No power hungry scientists have made unfortunate discoveries recently, to anyone’s knowledge. Nor have there been any alien encounters in three hundred and nineteen days.

For the first time in months, everything is more or less okay. Except it isn’t.

Breath I’ll Take, Breath I’ll Give

It’s starting to get harder for Steve to find reasons to get out of bed in the morning.


Every single day Steve wishes he could take it all away.

[Or the one where Bucky isn’t getting better, he’s getting worse]

Who Loves the Freezing?

Post-Winter Solider Bucky has finally come home to Steve. They’ve been working for months on rehabilitating Bucky, gettingJames, the real James back. He is, for the most part, but it’s been an undyingly difficult road and they have both had to deal with some pretty severe cases of Bucky’s PTSD. Tonight, the first night of real uninterrupted, peaceful sleep Bucky has had in months,Steve is reminded that Bucky isn’t the only one who’s been through hell. Steve has just as many scars and haunted memories.

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Why you got to ruin a larries post like I don't like it but at least I don't ruin them I just unfollow or keep scrolling like a mature person

because they’re being fucking disgusting about the baby thing and disregarding the shit he’s said about his own sexuality and larry but 🆒 im tired of seeing people put gross things like that on my dash and acting like its no big deal. you can ship whatever u want if ur not gross about it! ive said that since day one lmao but the consistent taking it too far and disrespecting boundaries and sense of self is what makes it not okay… not to mention they like ruined an entire part of my body intentionally and consistently bring it up to make me panic and shut down but like 🆗🆗🆗 I have literally no reason to be nice to them when they intentionally made me want to rip off my entire thigh

Some Ron Weasley thoughts

I think i know one of the reasons some people dismiss Ron Weasley’s importance: We tend to romanticize others in the need to improve ourselves or fantisize we’re someone else; whether they are the “bad” (Draco) or “nice” (Harry) guys. But there’s nothing to romanticize about Ron’s genuineness; he’s a real boy, he’s a real person, and anyhow a real hero and there are many things about us we see in him even though some of them are just ordinary. We’d rather feel identified with the rare unusual abilities.The wrong thing to do is to invalidate his skills just because they seem regular (so as ours). Personally i’ve not only seen Ron as a mirror of my own flaws and insecurities, unlike, i’ve feel like he has slowly taken me to a place where I am not just proud of my biggest moments but my little steps. He proves its okay not to fit and stand up to yourself as well as it does being quiet and unnoticed sometimes. People can be smart in their own ways, we are allowed to make mistakes and act in order to impulsiveness once in a while and still deserve to be happy, and that’s alright because what’s in the heart is what really matters; that our actions are true to ourselves and somehow lead us to whatever the goodness inside of us wants.

I really love Ronald Weasley because thanks to him i’ve been able to give myself the value i deserve even through banalities, the smallest actions can become the greatest contributions .

Spamano: Zoo Imagines

✕ Antonio jumping up & down in front of the admission booth, being excited to see the monkeys (his favorite animal), & butting in the conversation his boyfriend is trying to have with an employee w/ “can we pet the monkeys??” “do you think i can get access to go inside their habitat???” “am i allowed to climb with them!?”

✕ Lovino looking at the hippos & getting real philosophical on how they have the most enjoyable life ever, are powerful, wise & how his spirit animal is the almighty mama hippo sleeping in its water bank

✕ When they see the desert tortoises, the Spaniard tries to take a selfie with them in the background, but when he takes the shot & looks at his camera roll, he’s sadden to see a middle finger there instead

✕ A security guard goes up to a loudly cursing Italian & asks if he’s okay, but is suddenly attacked by a panic ramble on how a gorilla fucking slammed it’s fist onto the window in front of him. Behind the distressed being was another man, rolling on the ground, laughing with tears in his eyes. turns out the gorilla was so done w/ the funny faces Lovino was making at it, that they went to violence for the answer

✕ The couple giggling & awwing together at a baby elephant trying to pick some leaves off a tree way too high for it’s trunk to grab

✕ One of the komodo dragons & Antonio having a staring contest & both simultaneously licking their lips, making his boyfriend real uncomfortable on how those two could have the same mind,but in different bodies

✕ Antonio running & yelling “MONKEYS” as he hears the smallest screech of a chimpanzee & Lovino searching through his bag to find his earplugs & sunglasses cause you bet your ass that he’s not going associate himself with that crazy man, who is at the moment going “oo oo ah ah!” at the habitat

✕ Both watching & enjoying themselves over two kangaroos fighting as if it’s the WWE Smackdown Finale. Who will win: John Cena or Rey Mysterio??

✕ Going to the petting area & being let down at the hatred they get from the clique of sheep. While the angry Italian chases down these stubborn rude ass animals, trying to feel their fleece as they run away, his partner starts realizing that this is the most left out he’s ever felt in any social event

✕ Ending the day with holding hands as they buy ice cream & two animal head hats from the gift shop; Antonio having a crossed eyed monkey & Lovino having a roaring hippo

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is its ok if i ask what you use for your harley quinn white make up? and maybe if possible where you buy it? Me and me boyfriend are dressing up as joker and har for halloween and he is going to be wearing those insane mask so i need somethin good

Yeah of course it’s okay! I use Ben Nye Clown White cream/grease paint. When people told me to use Ben Nye, I couldn’t get it on smooth and I was like “How are you all doing this!?” But I was using CAKE not CREAM. Don’t make that mistake. That link will take you right to it. 

Also I recommend this setting powder. It’ll make it so you wont get white paint everywhere from it rubbing off and it’s not translucent it’s white so it’ll really intensify the white. 

Show me your costumes when they’re done!

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can you explain the 'this is your safe place' quote from ashton? i dont know what happened

He said “tonight, here, you’re safe. Everyone here loves the same music as you. you’re all okay. Its just us four boys with you.”

He said this in-between some songs and Im not sure why he said it but I’m glad he did