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Imagine Jun getting bashful and shy when you call him your Silent Prince of China.

Video Games Au
  • shaw is trash for video games
  • always has been since her mom gave her the old Nintendo 64 system
  • she was 5 so she mostly just ran around
  • never completing any missions
  • until her dad shows her 
  • they play for HOURS
  • only during the night tho
  • shaw is still shaw and she runs around outside causing mayhem with john
  • but at nighttime its game on for her and her dad, sometimes her mom too
  • okay her mom is there every night as well
  • shaw gets john hooked on games 
  • he sleeps over every friday and saturday
  • shaw always has the latest system and THE top games for them
  • she’s not greedy tho
  • she always sells her old systems and games before she gets a new one
  • she gave her Xbox 360 to john for his 10th birthday
  • john’s mom cried
  • she couldn’t afford one
  • he’s being wanting one since shaw got one only a year ago
  • shaw decided PlayStation was better
  • she won’t tell john that
  • shaw isn’t picky on video games she plays them all
  • but shooters are her favorite
  • something about stealth and headshots just gets her pumped up
  • john likes any army games so he and shaw can always agree on a game
  • you can bet your ass these two were call of duty trash
  • they are still unbeatable during online games
  • they are the Mayhem Twins online
  • they’re 13 when a new duo comes online
  • “son of a bitch! Who the hell does Joss_Boss think they are?!”
  • shaw got cornered and killed
  • for the 5th time by the same person
  • she hates yet respects this Joss_Boss
  • “easy there sameen. Its just a-”
  • john’s player got blown up
  • by The_Fu$conator
  • for the 10th time
  • shaw is persistent and finds out the two gamers go to her school
  • so shocked to find out goody-two shoes Joss Carter and dirty fingers Lionel Fusco are the skilled players
  • shaw’s never cared for labels or peoples opinions so she invites them over to play a few rounds on her new system
  • the four of them become known as Team Machine both online and around school
  • they are a force to be feared
  • carter keeps the the mayhem twins out of trouble
  • the twins make sure simmons doesn’t bully her into doing his homework
  • they also help fusco with school so he doesn’t have to beg simmons for answers on test anymore
  • they got each others backs all the time
  • fusco has a weakness for zombie games and sport games
  • shaw thought sports games were dumb until fusco showed her Fifa
  • she becomes soccer trash as well
  • mostly the women’s teams
  • carter actually loves racing games or anything with a story behind it
  • she’s still a boss at shooter games tho
  • shaw and carter get into the assassin’s creed games
  • the boys are tried of listening to them ramble on about it
  • they’re all staying at shaw’s for their saturday night ritual
  • their parents don’t care they know that boys and girls can just be friends
  • even tho they’re 15 
  • they all know none of their kids feels like that for each other
  • typical saturday night; pizza, soda, candy, epic COD online winning streak
  • its all fun and games until 1am
  • two new players names come up
  • shaw snorts “what kind of lame ass name is RootCode”
  • “wait I’m mistaken, Finch is even lamer”
  • oh poor shaw
  • 45 minutes later
  • “do you guys got eyes on RootCode!? Where the fuck did they go?! Fuck I’m out of-shit!”
  • headshot to shaw
  • “fuck! Forget that one! What about Finch?!”
  • “john this isn’t about you! RootCode has fucking killed me 27 times. In. A. Row!!!”
  • its a hell of a night for the 4 of them
  • Team Machine was annihilated by two players named RootCode and Finch
  • just fucking Finch
  • the hell kind of online name is that??
  • its a man hunt for these two at school
  • joss questions around
  • fusco makes deals to get answers
  • the mayhem twins shake down everyone
  • no luck
  • Team Machine gets on every night and at 1am like clock work those two names pop up 
  • shaw’s surprised her headset still works
  • finally on a friday night only RootCode is on and shaw tells her team she’s gonna go one on one with whoever they are
  • shaw’s not surprised when they take her request
  • and the games begin
  • shaw didn’t bother taking off her headset she’s pretty sure the other person doesn’t have one
  • oh boy was she wrong
  • shaw dies seconds before the round ends and she throws her controller with 
  • “motherfucker! How the fuck did you know I’d spawn there?!! Fucking bitch ass cheater-”
  • “calm down sweetie. I don’t cheat”
  • its a girl on the other end
  • she’s heard shaw cussing and mumbling and commentating for the past 90 minutes
  • shit
  • “nows not a time to be shy. I must say your comments were quite…adorable”
  • shaw scoffs “adorable? Please. I threaten to end your life every minute”
  • “You can end me all you want, sameen”
  • okay now this is just freaky. She. Knows. Her. Name.
  • “how the hell-”
  • “see you in class on monday sam”
  • shaw and john are like a hurricane on monday
  • joss tries to cover for them when they sneak out of class and pop into random classes
  • fusco makes sure he has hall duty when they run around during classes
  • that night shaw awaits impatiently online
  • again at 1am RootCode is online by herself
  • “you’re a damn liar. You don’t go to my school”
  • “then explain why I saw you and the big lug running around those hallways sounding like a heard of bulls”
  • “what the-”
  • “I told you I’d see you in class, sameen. You didn’t have to go far to find me”
  • “pff please. I wasn’t looking for you”
  • she was and RootCode knows it
  • “see you tomorrow sam”
  • shaw sits in the back of all of her classes and observes each classmate
  • zoey morgan? Nah she’s too busy throwing parties every weekend
  • claire mahoney? Nope she studies around the clock and shaw knows she doesn’t have a system
  • she was her partner for spanish and shaw talked about halo for 15 minutes until she admitted to not knowing it or video games
  • harper rose? Possibly but last shaw check harper wasn’t that great at games
  • its second hour and shaw has already went through everyone mentally
  • except for the girl in the leather jacket
  • samantha groves
  • shaw shares quite a few classes with her
  • she’s quite for most of the time but during their math class samantha goes rounds with the teacher
  • shaw finds it entertaining
  • during passing period she yanks samantha inside the bathroom
  • the boys bathroom
  • john keeps watch outside
  • “I’m gonna ask you once and you better give me the right answer or else your face is gonna end up in a toilet”
  • not really
  • this girl is way too hot and shaw quiet likes her face
  • her eyes are perfect
  • “still gonna tell me you weren’t looking for me?”
  • that smirk is dumb and flirty and shaw kinda wants to hit her
  • or kiss her same thing
  • “samantha-”
  • “please call me root”
  • shaw respects it and besides samantha doesn’t suit her
  • they spend the next class period talking about video games and shaw figuring out how root got so good
  • shaw learns that the computer whiz kid Harold Finch is well Finch
  • shaw should’ve seen that one coming
  • she invites both of them over to play with her and john
  • root practically sits in her lap on shaw’s bed
  • “uh root? There’s like 2 other bean bags”
  • “can’t see from the floor”
  • horrible liar in shaw’s book
  • then again shaw’s not objecting to a pretty girl so close to her
  • its amazing watching root flawlessly conquer their opponents 
  • her thumbs just fly across her controller
  • shaw’s impressed 
  • root and harold join their group and alternate with fusco and carter
  • however root and shaw must ALWAYS play together
  • they work so well together
  • better than shaw and john
  • if Team Machine was unbeatable before
  • well now its basically unfair that the 6 of them are a team
  • root spends every weekend at shaw’s
  • they soon stop playing video games every night after shaw kisses root after a victory in fifa 16
  • hey! Shaw actually made a midfield goal! 
  • it was in the heat of the moment
  • but the make-out session after that was something they both wanted for a year now
  • thankfully for Team Machine they aren’t are all gross when they play video games with them

body temp headcanons!

  • -Lance’s body is always cold. Always. He doesn’t feel it, but just touching his skin it’s ice cold.
    • -He can walk around in 10 degree (fahrenheit) weather in a tanktop and shorts and not feel cold at all.
  • -Hunk is the total opposite. He doesn’t really feel hot because he’s so warm.
  • -Lance leaning into hunk with bare arms (lounging around in tank tops) and Hunk jumped three feet into the air Lance’s arms are so cold. 
    • -“Dude are you cold? Do you want a jacket?”
    • -“No?”
    • -“You’re freezing!
    • -“Dude I’m always like this.”
    • -“Lance wtf
  • -Lance is never used to how warm Hunk is. He loves leaning into him for the warmth! 
  • -Hunk has gotten used to Lance’s cold skin. He normally pulls Lance in closer when he leans into him!!
  • -Lance trying to curl up in a bunch of blankets but it’s not the Same.
    • -Lance walking up to Hunk in a bunch of blankets in the middle of the night 
    • -Hunk picking him up bridal style for Instant Warmth 
    • -Lance loves it so much he just gets as close as possible to Hunk as he can

‘Would it help to talk to someone? I mean, you’ve got a good life out there in the sea, no sense in throwing it all away, is there? There’s always a silver lining if you know where to look. Okay, okay, life’s a beach. And you’re a pretty ugly fish. But, you know, beauty is only sk- scale deep, and…’

[”Science of Discworld” or “how Rincewind tried to convince an evolving fish not to commit suicide”]

hexrmionegranger  asked:

65 + dramione!

65.  “Look at me—just breathe, okay?” + dramione 

The first time he says it, she’s standing on the seventh-floor corridor at midnight and her bag is on the ground beside her, its contents scattered. Draco’s hands are clenching her arms tightly, holding her steady as she continues to panic. They’d barely been able to get out of the library fast enough, and if she were honest, she wasn’t even sure why he’d followed her. They weren’t exactly friends. Sure they had talked, and maybe sometimes they sat at the same table, but this was next level, being there in a moment of weakness. 

“You’re okay, Granger.” he says calmly, soothingly; his tone is unnatural from the one he usually carries when he speaks. His cool, grey eyes are boring into hers, his lips turned into a frown and his brows furrowed. Her lips part in shock at the genuine concern on his face. “Breathe, in…out…Good. That’s it.” 

The second time he says it, she’s standing in his flat, clutching the letter in her hand. She’d been waiting for this for months. The moment she opened this letter, she would know whether or not she had been accepted for an internship with the Muggle Liaison Office. She stares into his eyes, just like she had done  in the seventh-floor corridor all those years ago. “Right, okay,” she mumbles and shakes her head. “Just breathe.” 

She opens her letter, inhales sharply and lets out a squeal that makes Draco slam his hands over his ears. And when she stops and shoves the letter in his face for him to read, his arms are around her waist in an instant and he’s spinning her round and round. 


The third time he says it, he’s sitting next to her in the waiting room of a Muggle hospital, as her tears continue to fall into her lap and her father lay gone in the room right next to them. 

A heart attack. The doctor’s had been surprised her father had even had one at his age. Mr. Granger had been a healthy man apparently, his sudden death shocked his daughter and wife. 

But Hermione won’t stop shaking and crying and repeating, “How?” over and over again. So he lets her lean against his chest and he wraps an arm around her shoulder. She won’t look at him and her breathing is shallow. It’s never failed them before but this time, it’s no use. 


The fourth time he says it, they’re standing in the middle of the living room and Hermione is looking at him with fear and horror in her eyes. There’s a puddle between her feet and her hands are clutching her protruding stomach. He’s been urging her for the last two minutes that they need to go to the hospital now, but she’s not budging. 

“Hermione,” he says still more urgently. “We have to go, now!”

“I can’t,” she says, her voice fragile and broken. “I can’t go, I can’t do it. I can’t b-be a m-mom!” 

Her words shock him and it takes him a moment before he steps forward and lays a hand on either arm. “Hey,” he says softly. “Look at me—just breathe okay?” 

She rolls her eyes but obliges and forces herself to take a deep breath. There are tears running down her cheeks and her eyes are slightly puffy. “You are going to be the best mom, Hermione. If anyone can do this, it’s you.” 


The fifth time those words are uttered, they come from Cassie. She’s standing with Draco just beyond the doors that will lead them to the Wedding ceremony. His eyes are wide and his lips are pressed tight together. He wants to tell her she looks beautiful, but his throat is dry and his tongue is glued to the root of his mouth. The realization that his daughter is moments away from getting married, is sinking in, and he can feel his heart pounding in his chest. Cassie, with her amazing yet mysterious sense of intuition, loops her arm through his and rises up on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. 

“Dad?” she says when her feet are back on the floor. 

He doesn’t look at her, he can’t bring himself to. “Look at me,” she says. 

He does. She smiles at him and says, “Just breathe, okay?”

Itsy bit tipsy (part 2)

a/n: Part two for all of those who wanted it! Part one to this Drunk Riley tale is here Sorry if this isn’t as good or whatever! I’m not certain how I feel about it but I hope its okay xx

Riley’s eyes flutter open the next morning, her head is pounding but her body is wrapped comfortably in Lucas’ arms. She’s struck with complete and utter confusion.

Her slight wriggle as she wakes causes Lucas to wake too. Embarrassed he apologises for cuddling her in his sleep.

“Did we…” Riley sits up and Lucas follows with a confused expression. “You know…?” Riley’s eyes widen and Lucas catches on.

“Oh my god no.” He waves his hands out defensively.

Riley lets out a breath relief. “Then why am I in your bed?”

“Do you remember anything from last night?” Lucas inquires.

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on a picnic

he pours her a glass of sangria while she puts on even more sunscreen.

“if you put any more of that on, you’ll turn into a ghost,” he jokes, sampling a sip from her glass. though she prefers red, they only had white wine in the house, so they mixed some up with lemons and limes, topped with mint from their garden. cold and refreshing, the drink demands another sip.

“if i were to put any less on,” she counters, taking her glass from him, “i’ll turn into a lobster. which would you prefer?”

leaning back on his forearms, he purses his lips, says, “depends. would there be melted butter involved?”


“would i be in maine or germany at the time?”


“have you ever had german lobster? i haven’t, but i doubt it’s as good as-”


then, he quiets, pours himself a glass.

though summer has reached its peak, the day isn’t too hot; a light breeze drifts by every so often, swaying the tall and golden grasses around their picnic blanket, and the sun is blocked from severity by a partly-cloudy sky. she wears a blue cotton sundress, one she bought before they were even together, and the skirt bellows out around her knees, a brassiere a foreign idea when the dress is so much more comfortable for her without it. with the handmade basket she’s had forever, they packed a lunch that morning, one of brie and pellegrino and whole grain crackers, along with homemade fig jam and grapes. he braided her hair while she packed it all up, and as little pieces of her hair fall toward her freckled face, he smiles.

she’s so beautiful.

“we might need a new blanket,” she frets as she opens the basket, takes out the crackers. “this one’s taken a beating.”

she made this blanket ages ago, hand-stitched it and reinforced the bottom so that they could use it on wet grass, and ever since, it’s been a staple in their lives, a traveling companion and a memorable friend. next to his foot is the hole they burned in it when they went camping six years ago, mulder’s fire-building skills having gone south. on her side of the blanket, there’s a little patch she sewed on after a particularly raucous dave matthews band concert, one that proved that scully, alcohol, and high heels weren’t a good combination. the green blanket is half stains and half restitched tears; certainly, it’s taken a beating, but he can’t bear to think of making a new one.

“this one’s fine,” he rationalizes. “pass me a cracker.”

obliging, she hands him a couple, and as he bites down on one, another breeze comes, rustling up her hair. in the sun, she looks warm and luminous, like a beacon. then, she lies on her back, sangria in one hand and her book in the other. a teenager at their library had recommended scott westerfeld to her, and to mulder’s surprise, scully was reading a third book of his.

“c'mere,” he says, lying down and motioning for her.

confused, she sits up, scoots over toward him; then, he taps on his stomach, so she understands his hint, rests her head on his belly as she lies down again. her hair is warm against his shirt.

while she reads, he watches the clouds move by overhead, wonders what each one looks like. that first one, it’s definitely an elephant; he can see the square body and the little trunk with ease. the next one is a harpsichord, but he may be wrong, for he’s unsure he can remember exactly what a harpsichord looks like. then, he squints, looks closer and sees a heart there instead, the simplest of shapes to see in a cloud. laughing to himself, he disturbs scully, makes her ask, “what’s so funny?”

“this cloud,” he says, pointing up, “looks just like a heart.”

shielding her eyes from the sun and staring up, she says, “no, it doesn’t.”

“why not?”

“there’s no aorta,” she says, then goes back to reading.

to his surprise, she’s not joking, so he shakes his head, goes to pick up his own book and read. as she flips her page, he notices that his pen-marks from last night are still on her skin. with his pen, he tapped her forearm while they got into bed.

“these remind me of something,” he said as she settled in.

“my freckles?” she asked. “of what?”

“cassiopeia, the queen,” he explained, uncapping his pen. “do you mind?”

she shook her head, then watched as he traced from one freckle to another.

“here’s ruchbah,” he pointed out as he connected two freckles. “the next one is shadir, then caph.”

she remembered the constellation, watched as he finished it across her skin. though she hadn’t seen in the constellation in a while, the resemblance between the sky and her skin was remarkably close; the angles were the same.

“did you know that this constellation shines 40,000 times brighter than the sun?” he asked.

“really?” she asked, surprised.

“yeah,” he said, lazily kissing her wrist. “just like you.”

though she hasn’t showered yet today, he’s surprised she hasn’t washed it off yet, but he likes that it’s still there. he likes the constellations within her, even when those constellations get mad that he put her wool socks in the dryer.

“scully?” he says, interrupting her book once more.

she hums a response, stays focused on her page.

“i love you,” he says.

softly, she smiles, then turns to sloppily kiss his stomach.

“love you too,” she says. “now, let me read.”

“okay,” he gives.

he swears he can see cygnus on her shoulder, but he saves that thought for another time.

Take It slow

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, virgin!reader, swearing

Summary: In which Dean is y/n’s first

Request: @abby-ackles;  Can I get number 58 from list two with Dean???

Prompt: from prompt list two,  “Shit sorry, am i going too fast?”

Send me a prompt? list one, list two

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A/N: OKAY so this is my first spn smut so i hope its’s not horrible((((: but I feel like it’s so cheesy


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Boyd is so pure trying to cook for Hsin I can die happy now

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the episode statistical probabilities? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I was just curious about your opinion

soooo I received this ask when I was at work like a week ago and resolved to answer it when I got home… and then promptly forgot about it. so. sorry, anon. 

anyway: I do not care for statistical probabilities but not with the visceral hatred I feel for its sequel, chrysalis. (jesus christ I hate chrysalis so fucking much oh my god but don’t get me started. or do. I’m always willing to yell about chrysalis). statistical probabilities had a lot of potential, but it fell rather disappointingly short of achieving it. 

prior to DS9, the federation had generally been portrayed as utopia – with all basic needs met and all prejudices thoroughly overcome, mankind is free to explore the stars for no other reason than the existential betterment of the species. which is fine for what it is and what it allowed tos to say in the 60s and tng to say in the 80s and 90s, but then ds9 came along and said, “well, wait a minute. maybe eradicating hunger and poverty and inequality isn’t enough. maybe a utopia created by people, with their myriad flaws, isn’t quite as perfect as the federation and starfleet would like to think.” so you get more shades of grey, things like section 31 and starfleet as a military institution (which it of course is somewhat in tos and tng, but not nearly to the same degree as in ds9.)

and you also get things like statistical probabilities. saying “infinite diversity in infinite combinations” is one thing, but the reason why quark saying of the federation“they’re worse than the borg” is so striking is because, from a certain point of view, he’s not wrong. the federation has a specific culture that follows from its economy, and member worlds tend to assimilate that culture. to do otherwise would be to chafe at the very nature of what the federation is – and that doesn’t really lend itself to peaceful cooperation. the klingons, for example, could never join the federation. their cultures are too fundamentally different.

so what does that have to do with statistical probabilities? well, the “federation as utopia” has the unfortunate implication of erasing those things that make us different, and that includes people with disabilities and neurodivergences (geordi and his blindness is a whole different post tbh and I’d have to rewatch tng before I could really get into it). ds9 takes rather an opposite tack in this regard by saying “yes, people like you exist in this universe.”

I have said before how much I love that ds9 portrays the federation as imperfect, and this is no exception. the federation may see itself as the epitome of equality, but statistical probabilities is the federation saying “people like you may exist, but they have no place in our society”. I mean, the jack pack is institutionalized for christ’s sake.

there are so many excellent moments in statistical probabilities that just slay me

Jack: Here it comes. The ‘we can still contribute’ speech. No, no, no, no, no. I will not forget what was done to me. I will not be part of a society that put me away for being too smart.

I love that Julian starts out believing what the federation has told him – that he should be ashamed of what he is, that he should pretend to be “normal”. I mean, what neurodivergent person can’t relate to that kind of kneejerk self hatred? and I love the conversation julian has with miles about “the common people”. pretending to be neurotypical is exhausting, so of course julian should revel in the company of people like him. 

so the episode has a lot of really great potential on the heels of dr. bashir I presume: what an opportunity for a scathing critique of how disability and neurodivergence are treated in today’s society, how we’re forced into neat, socially acceptable boxes, regardless of the cost to our soul. How differences are cast out, especially if those differences are inconvenient. and then instead of following through, instead of saying “you are valuable for more than what you accomplish and how well you pretend”, the episode goes back on its word and says “the federation was right about you all along, you are dangerous, you should be fixed or hidden away.”

and I absolutely hate the focus on contribution. “It’s my fault, not theirs,” julian says to miles at the end. “I should never had let things go so far. If I hadn’t been so bent on trying to prove to the world that they had something to contribute.” and of course julian should feel that way – the federation has told him, explicitly, that the only reason his presence in society is acceptable is because of what he contributes as a doctor. but then miles says, “They did contribute.” and the narrative agrees with him! the jack pack is seen as valuable – to miles, to the federation, to the galaxy – because of their contribution. and I hate that. you are not what you contribute to the world. you are inherently valuable because of who you are, not because of what you do. you do not deserve mistreatment because you’re not productive. in a post-scarcity economy, production should be the last marker of worth. you deserve food and shelter and happiness regardless of what you’re capable of, and the federation has the means to provide that. and that all logically follows from the flaws that ds9 portrays in the show, but the narrative doesn’t critique it

julian, our pov character for this episode, lets the jack pack get shipped back to the institution where the federation says they belong and doesn’t say a word against it. julian spent the first half of the episode unlearning what the federation has been whispering in his ear his whole life, but he winds up exactly where he started. and obviously it’s not his responsibility to effect change (being nd himself), but he’s the narrative opinion proxy and thus bears responsibility for what the show is trying to say. right up until the end when it becomes abruptly clear that no, julian isn’t the narrative opinion proxy, miles is. the audience isn’t supposed to identify with julian and the jack pack – we’re supposed to look at them with pity and fear and discomfort until they start pretending they’re “normal” again.

except I’m not miles. I’m julian and sarina and patrick and jack and lauren; I’m different, and statistical probabilities tells me that’s scary, something to be fixed or hidden away.

I am not broken.

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calum and 37 please :))

Wow, I’m so sorry this is so late. I’ve had the busiest first year at uni and I finally got around to writing this up! Hope it’s okay!

“Wanna dance?”

Calum warily eyed the hand that was outstretched to you, trying to suppress the urge to tell its owner to kindly fuck off. Your eyes flickered to Calum apologetically before you stood up, taking the guy’s hand and giving him a smile. “Sure.”

He started to tug on your hand but you turned to Calum as you went, looking back at him in concern. “You’ll be ok?”

He waved you off, forcing a smile. “Course.”

Ten minutes later and Calum was anything but ok. He watched as you laughed at whatever stupid thing the idiot had said as you moved in slow circles around the room. If Calum had ever disliked these formal company events before, he absolutely despised them now.

Taking a sip from his wine, he watched as the guy leaned down to whisper something into your ear that had you ducking your head as you bit back a smile.

You were blushing, Calum realised as the knot of discomfort in his stomach grew. He was making you blush.

Placing the wine glass down, Calum stood. He had to force himself to slow down as he made his way towards you; no need to cause himself further embarrassment by running to you.

“Excuse me?” Your head raised at the words.

“Calum?” You looked at him, eyebrows furrowed in confusion while he glared at where the stranger’s hands rested on your waist.

“May I have this dance?” He asked. The words looked like they pained him to say and you hesitated, unsure as to why he was asking. Your dance partner seemed to have more to say than you did.

“The song’s not finished,” he pointed out, tugging lightly on your waist to urge you to face him again. You almost did but the pleading look on Calum’s face stopped you.

“Sorry, Tom,” you apologised, gently stepping out of his hold and towards Calum. “Thank you and I’ll see you around.”

You offered Tom a final smile before focusing on Calum. He hesitantly held out a hand to you which you took before placing a hand gently on your waist.

Your hand found his shoulder as you began to move back and forth.

“I thought you didn’t dance,” you told him, reminding him of the excuse he’d given you earlier on in the evening when you’d tried to get him to accompany you on the dance floor.

“I don’t,” he answered simply, offering no explanation as to what had caused his change in heart.

“Yet, here you are,” you murmured. You met his eyes for a few moments before looking away, cheeks flushing under his gaze.

“Sitting alone wasn’t fun,” he confessed finally, a soft smile appearing on his lips as he felt looked down at you. “Decided I’d rather embarrass myself up here than protect my dignity without you.”

Your stomach twisted at his words and you tried to fight a smile.

“Sorry for interrupting,” he added as an afterthought.

You shook your head. “There wasn’t much to interrupt.”

“Didn’t look that way,” he muttered under his breath. You looked up at him in confusion, unsure whether he’d meant for you to hear those words.

“Are you…” You paused. You didn’t want to be presumptive. Over the past few years, Calum had never really blatantly said whether he had any feelings for you. Occasionally, he’d say or do something that would leave you wondering for a few days but you’d learnt to shrug it off as him being friendly. Now, as you thought back to the way he’d glared at your colleague, you weren’t so sure. “Are you jealous?”

He looked down at you, feet missing a beat before hastily looking away. “Why would you say that?”

“I asked first.”

He took in a deep breath, the hands on your waist tightening their grip slightly. “He was an idiot. Not your type.”

“Really?” You asked, amused. “What is my type?”

He shrugged, looking straight over your head. “You tell me.”

You felt the corners of your mouth quirk upwards at his attempt to be nonchalant. “Depends.”

“On?” He pushed.

“On whether you were jealous or not?”

“Why would I be jealous?”

“Why interrupt my dance?” You countered.

“I was saving you the trouble of finding out later down the line that he isn’t right for you.”

“And you knew he wasn’t right for me by just looking at him?”

He shrugged. “What can I say? It’s a talent. I just thought I’d use it and make sure-”

“You, Calum,” you cut him off. He looks down at you in surprise at the interruption, confusion evident on his face. “You’re my type.”



His lips twitch as he tries unsuccessfully to bite back a grin. “Well, then I guess I was jealous.”

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Hello i saw u wanted someone to talk to u about jace and his pink hair so may i interest u in my hc that jace saw meliorn's hair w the blue tips and he was like,,, thats so Pretty,,,, and he cant stop thinking about it or how he'd look w it so one day he's just like fuck it and asks izzy if she can help him die the tips red. It goes wrong and turns out pastel pink but jace even loves it MORE like this and shows it to everyone who is even remotely interested

okay but like. when it goes wrong izzy is like ‘listen i told you that i’m not good at this!!!’ because its like. the one (1) hair/makeup thing that she just cant get the hang of. and jace is like ‘aRE YOU KIDDING THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN RED’ because pink is his favourite colour (he’d been going for red bc that’s what colour meliorn had suggested tbh)

he hugs his lil sis and kisses the top of her head and they take a selfie together (slight tangent but when izzy was first learning to do makeup she 100% practiced on jace and he was always really supportive and only complained about it if she like poked him in the eye or smth)

he snapchats (listen the #facts about the squad are that none of them are straight and they all use snapchat ok those are the rules i didnt make them) meliorn and captions it ‘red tips WHO’

everyone loves it and none of them make gross ‘pINK IS UNMANLY’ jokes bc jace lightwood is the king of dismantling toxic masculinity with his bare hands and he’s so proud of his pink hair and he’s like ‘im keeping it forever’ and since we’ve established that izzy is Not So Great at hair dyeing he gets magnus to show him how to do it himself so he can redo it when it fades

bonus round: meliorn is very interested in the pink tips of jace’s hair and making out with hair pulling is a Thing :’)

The concept of the old gods – of myth and folklore – and the new ones, things we’ve deified by unknowing worship, like Media – is also relevant to an issue that Fuller wanted to address, the gaping lack of human connection and loss of empathy that the internet, as a world of its own, fosters. “They proliferate a climate of hate, and I think we can all do better,” he challenged, going on to air his worries about the absence of love and absence of tolerance. American Gods will tackle topical themes in an attempt to fight hate – you can expect to see issues like gun control, women’s rights, the misuse of social media, racial politics and more be tackled head on, along with the overlying theme of faith and belief – that everybody believes in something, and that it’s okay to believe in whatever gets you through the day. However, it’s not all grim – Fuller actually promises that the show is funnier than the book, with more dark comedy aspects.

Bryan Fuller on @americangods 

I’m sooooo here for this!