30 Day Nitro+CHiRAL Challenge - Day 11: Favourite CG(s)

One from each VN - But I picked non-spoilery ones because my actual favourites would probably ruin a lot for people, also I’m surprised I didn’t pick any of the ero ones, I am not myself today. Hey look there is a pool in Sweet Pool, there is the proof for all the non-believers.

In 2014:

Asexuality Awareness Week: October 26th through November 1st.

GLSEN Ally Week: October 13th through 17th.

Please notice:  Not the same week.  They’re not even touching this year.

Vague Implications and Seesaw Oscillations part 17

A/N: Oh, hi.

Firstly, Jesus anon alarmingly disappeared following his/her debut appearance on Jenna's blog. I am concerned that her fic may have caused a cardiac arrest or other type of fatal flailing injury. If you find my Jesus anon or are willing to help me put up ‘LOST ANON’ posters in our local interwebs, please contact me here at haveyouseenmyplot and I will promptly give you cookies. Thank.

Nextly, thank and [snoogles] to the lovely Jenna for betaing this chapter albeit not as promptly as my spoiled butt is used to. Hey, I think you’re really cool, I think you’re great I like you a lot, maybe we could hang out or something? (Also don’t think I won’t get you back for that glacial pace joke you giggly and adorable asshat of a hooman <3)

Hartbig AU, SFW (please don’t strike me, it’s almost deserving of an ish), 2,100 words. Lies and deception, all of it. But a girl can dream. (So can everyone else. We don’t do gender roles here at haveyouseenmyplot. We just happen to be a girl… with racy Hartbig dreams, apparently.) Previous parts can be found on my FIC PAGE (if you’re lucky.)


Part 17: Never

“We shouldn’t,” Hannah mumbles half-heartedly, even as her body presses forward, and her hands move lower, lower down Grace’s back, and Grace hums back in half-hearted agreement, and nips at Hannah’s soft skin, prompting a gasp and an arch and a tighter grip.

‘Fuck’ is the overriding thought in Grace’s mind, as they frantically stumble to Hannah’s room.


This is it. This is what she wanted. Hannah. Hannah’s lips are kissing her, and Hannah’s hands are touching her, and Grace can taste her and smell her and feel her.

How can this still be getting better? She’d honestly thought that the last time they were on this bed, was the peak, the exception.

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french link is not a baker, but is rapidly becoming cookie monster.



Today, as you probably don’t know, is National Cookie Day. It is the day in which everyone celebrates Cookies. Cookies do so much for us every day, and we never have time to thank them. Here is a story.

Every year, BILLIONS of cookies are selflessly devoured by ungrateful humans every day. Instead of being thankful for the great gift bestowed on them, humans carelessly demand more and more, taking MORE of these cookie’s lives.

I sat down with a chocolate chip cookie last week and interviewed him. I asked him what he thought about humans eating all of his species. “I guess it’s okay,” he said, “we were born this way anyway. We were meant to be killed by your species.” 

This cookie, and every other cookie, believes that he only lives to be eaten. He doesn’t aspire to be great one day, like the President or a singer or even a cashier at Walmart. He only lives to be EATEN.

Save The Dessert, or S. T. D., is a program that takes in desserts that have been abused and cares for them, so that they may find their way and live a better life. We decided that we would make a day celebrating the helpless cookies to gather awareness for our cause. 

If you care about these cookies, please reblog. It would mean the world to us.



Yowamushi Pedal White Day Cookie (Naruko Shoukichi version)

Naruko’s message: The chocolate was really good! I’ll give you something in return. How’s that? My cookie is also good too right? right?

Other characters’ white day message translation:

♥ To celebrate hitting 500 followers (after having this blog for only just over 3 months!), I wanted to show some appreciate to the amazing people who always brighten my dash. Thankyou all for being such great bloggers and brilliant people. ♥

♥ Firstly a very special mention to my beloved iloveyoubrittaperry and tom-and-ben. Without you I never would have come back to Tumblr and I can’t imagine a world in which I never got to meet the two of you. ILYSM ladies. ♥

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Shirtless Appreciation Icons … Well almost.

But seriously, Meguru has no shirtless CG’s, what blasphemy! 

Happy birthday o-taku-tome, hope you have better luck taking off Meggy’s shirt then I do.


Just barely late for her one year anniversary, I finished my Kamala Khan cookies. Vanilla sugar cookies with royal icing, with just a bit of super gold edible shimmer dust  and homemade isomalt candy gems on the bracelet. There’s also red petal dust for contouring on her knees, underarms, elbows, and scarf, but it’s really subtle, and the camera didn’t pick it up almost at all. 

I made eight of these in total and you can mostly see variations in her scarf, hair, and face mask.

I had way too much fun with that cityscape paper. But Ms. Marvel is a Jersey City girl, and photographing her in the yard didn’t make any sense to me, so that’s what we’ve got.


if someone laughs and it actually sounds like they’re saying “ha ha ha,” they are saying “ha ha ha”

Classroom 221B: Consulting Detectives Sherlock Holmes and John Watson! Interesting cases only please. We accept candies, chocolates, cookies and cakes.”

Hi! I wanted to try another technique, black and white today :D

Have a lovely day <3 <3

More cookies.. by aisha.yusaf on Flickr.