i love how this fandom continues to want to erase Carol from the Daryl narrative at all costs

Rick flashbacks of Michonne: ohmygod they are so in love. their love is so pure (it is!)

Glenn flashbacks of Maggie: ohmygod they are so in love. their love is so pure (it is!)

people in relationships flashbacks of significant others: aww. so much love!

Daryl flashbacks of Carol: well you see it’s not really about carol as a person. carol’s face is there but it’s not about her. it’s about the cherokee rose, the symbol of hope. daryl carrying carol like her own personal knight in shining armor that basically means daryl is very protective of everyone in the group. daryl’s flashbacks are just all very symbolic because obviously carol means as much to daryl as everyone else - rick, glenn, abe, eugene, goat tabitha and one of them cows - but he only saw her face because carol is a symbol of everyone else.

haha. carol and daryl might never be canon. but fandom’s hypocrisy is.

the truth is daryl loves carol (whatever type of love!) and he thought of special moments he shared with her. moments when the need to comfort and protect her were more important. her. carol. she’s not an object or symbol. she’s a person in daryl’s world.

Wonder woman: wonder why

So the all female ghostbusters reboot 2016 with its female leads and male producer, got a solid press coverage depicting people who didn’t like it as sexist men from the day it was announced to the day it was released, making it a movie that was probably more profitable for feminists journalists than for the movie studio.

But what about wonder woman? It got a female lead and a female producer, Patty Jenkins (the killing, five, monster), there is double girl power here!

Where is the massive feminist media support?
Where is the massive male negative backlash?

I’d be a cynical asshole if I’d saw that the sexist drama was part of the ghostbusters 2016 marketing campaign, so I won’t.

Oh for fuck sake...

If you are on Tumblr, and if you are a fan of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, you’ve likely heard of Gillovny. Coined in a catchy moniker, it’s easy to see why people would want these two to get together in real life. 

I mean…

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They’re attractive. They have amazing chemistry. They’re both single. What’s not to love, right? Where’s the harm? It’s all fun and games… 

Except, it’s not. Not when it involves their children, and not when it involves former spouses

(see below cut)

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