[And let’s take a lot of photos, together, me and you]

*blushing hard* taking a short break from serious artwork for zine project.

Tried to do quicker coloring & lining style so I do all the coloring in one base layer :v

I can’t stop drawing him. And now comic strips– *blame it all to my hands*

V deserves love. I’ll give a lot of it for him :)))

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Maybe, just maybe...

…what Emilie or Bobby say about Rumbelle doesn’t matter at all. So what if in an interview Em focuses on Belle’s role as a new mother, or if Bobby said whatever he said about Rumple and happy endings? (I don’t know the specifics and, as you will shortly see, don’t particularly care.) Why does it matter?

I found out a few years after Gilmore Girls ended that Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson didn’t get along off-screen. Like, at all. It’s rumored that she really didn’t like him. Guess what? Doesn’t affect my enjoyment of Luke and Lorelai’s story. Luke and Lorelai are completely different people from Lauren and Scott, so it doesn’t matter if they liked each other. All that matters is that they effectively played a couple in love on screen and told a good story.

I love Em, and my passion for Bobby is well-documented, and I’m glad they got along so well on-set because they spent a lot of time together and I can’t imagine that it’s comfortable spending hours around someone you don’t like. I’m glad they’re close. But I don’t get why it matters that Emilie hasn’t been a Rumbelle cheerleader over the last couple of interviews, or why it matters that Bobby feels the way he does about a happy ending for Rumple. I like to learn how they interpret their characters and how they prepare for their roles, but from an educative standpoint. Bobby could say that Rumple hates Belle and never wants to see her again and I’d shrug my shoulders and say, “meh, whatever, think what you want.”

This is fiction, and as such, can be interpreted in many ways. They will interpret their characters in ways that make sense to them, and sometimes we’re not going to agree. But why should that matter to anyone’s enjoyment of the show, especially previous seasons?

“Victor searches his face—unsubtle—but whatever he finds there sends his mouth quirking up into a genuine smile. He offers Yuuri an arm. “Shall we, then, Mr. Professional Pianist?”

Inspired by the Wedding Scene from Dear True Love , an amazing Yoi Fic! 

imagine going on a road trip with all the right people. imagine sleeping in a small crappy hotel room with them, staying up late, laughing. then the next morning waking up early because you can’t wait to see what the next day has in store and don’t want to waste any time at all.. late at night going down the highway of a crowded city, watching all the other people going on adventures late at night and living their life. neon lights & fast food signs. you and your friends having petty little arguments over what song to play next. blaring you car radio at an unreasonable volume and all of you laughing and shouting the lyrics. laying on the top of your car together and looking at the stars, cuddled up in a huge blanket. having a fun life, a happy life.


Ok SM better give us something to work with EXO-Ls are starting to lose their shit 😂😂😂