“The Kubrick Stare, sometimes referred to as the Kubrick Glare, is a common camera shot of an actor in most of Stanley Kubrick’s films. The Kubrick Glare has been called the “heavy-browed look of insanity”. It symbolizes that the character in question is either really, really pissed or really becoming deranged, and the person they’re looking at is really, really screwed. Other times—usually when combined with a smile—it means they’re feeling really, really clever. Either way, it’s really creepy and ominous.”

Sarcophagus Cover of Djedhor showing the Egyptian Goddess Nut (Goddess of Heavens and Sky, representing Resurrection) raising the Sun, 305 BC.

Nut was the Goddess of the Sky and all Heavenly bodies, a symbol of Resurrection and Rebirth. According to the Egyptians, during the day, the Heavenly bodies - such as the Sun and Moon - would make their way across her body. Then, at dusk, they would pass into her mouth and be swallowed, traverse the inside of her belly throughout the Night, and be Reborn out of her uterus at dawn. A sacred symbol of Nut was the ladder, used by Osiris to enter her Heavenly skies. This ladder-symbol was called maqet and was placed in Tombs to protect the Deceased, and to Invoke the aid of the Deity of the Dead. She was the Sky Goddess, in contrast to most other Mythologies, which usually evolve into a Sky Father associated with an Earth Mother (Mother Nature).


CS + Hair

Dedicated to the sweet jollycaptainswan

Remember that first time that Hook touched Emma’s hair in “Tallahassee”? I remember that it got my heart to shiver and by the look of it also Emma’s. Yet, she was uncomfortable there because it was too intimate for her.

That touch was Hook’s way to show he’s interested and try to get closer to her and through their relationship these little touches in the hair really symbolize how intimate they got. For example, it was one of the signs that their first kiss in 3x05 wasn’t “just a kiss”, but that there was intimacy there.

And of curse once again this is all Jen and Colin right there! I think of what Colin said about them getting along so great and this is the reason why they can give more to the scene while filming it. I’m sure these hair touches are no exception. 

Send me a word/quote/parallel and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Full CS + Quote list made so far

Full “CS + word” list made so far

finebyme4999 asked:

Since we know more about how stanford looks like and wears a coat and shirt what does the colors mean for him as a charcter and his motives?

Oh my goodness thanks for asking because I actually having been doing research on this ever since the promo was released! *pulls out a stack of notes from under my desk*

 I’ll put this under the cut because spoilers or whatever.

Keep reading

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MBTI Types as Desserts

INTP is Pie b/c….Pi

ENTP is Devil’s Food Cake b/c Devil’s Advocate & simple irresistible 

INTJ is Cheese Platter b/c not actually sweet but forced into the dessert section anyway & something methodical about them

ENTJ is Chocolate Fondue b/c they have ways to lure you into their mystical pool

INFJ is Pavlova b/c hard on the outside, soft on the inside – complex and sensitive

ENFJ is Tiered Cake b/c dynamic, elevating & you can’t miss em 

INFP is Mochi b/c flexible yet firm with an affinity for symbolism

ENFP is Pineapple Upside Down Cake b/c totally unexpected like wtf

ESTP is Whipped Cream b/c straight-up and there’s always something sexual

ISTP is Deconstructed S’more b/c taking things apart and resisting traditional structure is fun

ESFP is Jello b/c colourful, experimental and can “jell” with everyone

ISFP is Gingerbread Cookie b/c creative, charming and surprisingly spicy (sometimes)

ESFJ is Cheesecake b/c popular, hearty and dependable

ISTJ is High Tea Set b/c structured, traditional & not 100% sweet

ISFJ is Carrot Cake b/c grounded, true and reassuring 

ESTJ is a Doughnut b/c take it or leave it dude

GLAM.COM: Dita Von Teese On When Tacos and Corsets Collide

GLAM.COM: Dita Von Teese On When Tacos and Corsets Collide
March 26, 2015

She won’t be caught dead in denim, but Dita Von Teese is nevertheless oh-so approachable in every which way. Sure, she has a style (and body) to be envied, can carry off a corset like no other, and makes audiences swoon with her expert burlesque dancing, but the beauty has a soft spot for tacos. Tacos! She can join our lingerie-lacking, sweatpants-filled girls night anytime!

Aside from being superiorly and effortlessly stylish, Von Teese has a pretty sweet new gig too–she’s the current symbol of celebration for the luxurious W Hotel chain. In honor of the opening of W Beijing Chang’an, the cabaret showstopper has kicked off a mini tour around some of the stateside W Hotels, including New York and San Francisco. Decked in glittering beads, diamond embellishments, and adorning feathers, Von Teese performs for hotel audiences in a golden oversized birdcage, symbolic of China’s multi-century love affair with bird keeping. Before she was whisked away to prepare for the W SF Rock the Empire show, Glam had the honor of getting to know the burlesque babe a little better.

Q: If you could teach a private burlesque class to 3 women, currently living or having passed, who would they be?
A: That’s a good question, no one has ever asked me that! Hmm, I’m trying to think of someone who’s fun and would be up for it. So many of my idols don’t need to be taught anything about glamour and performance; all my great idols are women who would definitely have already known how to do a burlesque show, who have very strong personalities of their own, and would know how to bring that to a performance. So, I don’t know if I could even think of anybody, you know?
Q: What would be the dynamite team of women who know burlesque dancing?
A: Well I immediately thought of Marlene Dietrich, she would never have done it of course, but she came to mind as someone I like. And Mae West, who again, would have never done it. She did perform burlesque in a way, but without taking her clothes off.
Q: While you stick to your beautiful signature vintage aesthetic, are there any recent trends you find lovely when styled on others?
A: Yes, all the time. I think that’s one of the best things about fashion: having your own personal sense of style and being able to admire someone’s look without wanting to do it yourself. Even though I wouldn’t wear a pair of jeans, I still can look at a woman wearing a pair of jeans in a great way but it doesn’t make me want to go out and buy a pair [laughs].
Q: What’s your favorite gift to give your girlfriends?
A: Well, I have one but I don’t want to say it and give it away [laughs]! I’m gonna tell you anyway. I give everyone lingerie, because I have a lingerie collection now and everyone wants lingerie. So, I have a 3 page list in my diary with everyone’s sizes.
Q: Do you have a current guilty pleasure?
A: Tacos. It’s always tacos.
Q: How do you stay healthy, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well?
A: I’m really fond of the Glowing Green Smoothie by nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. She’s pretty famous, she has 3 books out and I basically try to follow her regime and use her recipes.

Sterek Endgame: Senior Scribe

This doesn’t really seem like queerbaiting. Out of all of his friends, Stiles was the only one who noticed Derek’s name out of the thousand initials that were on the scribe. This has to mean something. The fact that the camera actually depicts this whole situation, gives us a clear shot of Stiles’ focus and reaction to Derek’s name, must mean something. The parallel of Stiles and Derek to Scott and Allison is also extremely obvious. 

That isn’t something that was meant to be fanservice; it was obvious, and it was clear to those who don’t even ship Sterek; Derek means something special to Stiles in a way his friends, even Malia, doesn’t. 

Lydia chooses a empty space to write her name. Away from Stiles’. I don’t know if this is supposed to symbolize or foreshadow separation between Stiles and the pack, but really? If it were me and my friends, I would definitely want our names together. That should be what Stiles wants, with his whole rant about wanting to stay together and whatnot.

Also, Malia writes her name down next to Lydia’s, and therefore away from Stiles. A girlfriend would want their name next to their boyfriend, right? This could hint at Malia’s development; Malia has opened up and views herself as a part of the pack instead of a lone wolf. However, as Stiles’ girlfriend, I would assume that Malia would want her name next to his. Unless Malia and Stiles are not as serious as we thought they were…?

Does this mean that Stiles chose to write his name next to Derek’s? No. Definitely not. There’s no hundred percent, and I guess that we will never know. However, I do think this might bring more substantial Sterek moments to the table. 

Homophobia is so ingrained into society that even with this kind of evidence, Sterek is not actually viewed as canon. Hell, Jordan and Lydia had less screen time and chemistry, and there was a scene where they almost kissed. If Sterek was a heterosexual pairing, they would’ve been going strong since Season 1.

Even if Davis has his fair share of mistakes; the level of detail and subtle hints he puts into scenes are detailed and beautiful. Rewatching old episodes have allowed me to see things in a new light, and things that I have dissed as ‘errors’ or ‘faults’ in the canon in season 2 have turned out to be hinting at the season 3 and 4 finale.

People who are willing to write the Sterek scribe moment off as a fluke are welcome to, but ‘flukes’ aren’t Davis’ style. In the past, many important hints towards the endgame have been written off as inconsistent writing, but it turned out to be heading along that path all along. Sterek is going to be endgame. I can fucking taste it.

those-bpd-feels-tho asked:

could i ask you what exactly scrying is?

sure! :D

Scrying is a divinatory method that involves looking at a surface to ‘descry’ symbols and images that may pertain to your situation or question. There are many ways to scry, and here are some articles that may help you :)

What is scrying?

How do you scry?

Scrying chant

What to do if it doesn’t seem to work out

As always, any specific questions can be directed towards me! :D


My Dimir pendant from gemstonechronologist arrived today!

As you can see, it is amazing.

Slightly more golden in color than I expected for “stainless steel,” and if I had it to do again I might go with gray.

But it is still the most beautiful thing and is perfect and I love it. And the warmer sheen is growing on me slowly.

It’s heavy, as you might expect from… a block of 3d printed steel :-P And while it’s generally heavy enough to stay put the way the chain is looped through the circle means it’s shifted a tiny bit a couple of times.

But wow is it beautiful, and I love the way it has the mana symbols on the back.

also, to the anon that said i’m passionate about remembering 9/11: i just want to make it clear that the tshirt i just released with the Twin Towers design is specifically NOT about 9/11. i thought the caption, The Way It Was, made it very clear that the design is a reference to the pre-9/11 world. its about THE WAY IT WAS and how those buildings helped define New York culture for so long. they were a globally recognized symbol of what New York represented. thats what the design is reflecting on. not the one day related to those buildings that really fucking sucked.

Katara and Hama: Adapting to Their Environments

Well, now with that symbolism post for “The King of Omashu” and “Imprisoned” finally out of the way I can stop procrastinating and get back to what I do best…

I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed this before, but I found it interesting how both Katara and Hama used the “you have a gift,” line albeit for different ends.

Both “Imprisoned” and “The Puppetmaster” present us with a situation where a group of benders are unable to use their element. In “Imprisoned,” it’s the earthbenders from Haru’s village who are taken to a seaborne Fire Nation prison; in “The Puppetmaster,” it’s the waterbenders taken to prison inside of a volcano. Although she was not an earthbender herself and had access to her element, Katara chose to stay aboard the rig as she refused to abandon those that needed her help. In the episode’s conclusion, Katara is able to incite a mutiny by giving the earthbenders access to the prison rig’s coal supply. 

Two seasons later, in “The Puppetmaster,” we learn how Hama developed bloodbending while inside a Fire Nation prison. In the episode’s climax, Hama demands that Katara use her more rare “gifts,” despite how immoral using those gifts may seem. 

Despite the difference between Katara’s situation in “Imprisoned” and Hama’s situation in “The Puppetmaster,” the two characters are connected in their ability to adapt to their environment. For Katara, that meant finding a source of earth for the earthbenders while for Hama it meant developing bloodbending and using it as a means of escape. To give a better example for Katara, we see her waterbend her own sweat in “The Runaway” which demonstrates her ability to adapt to her situation and to come come up with a creative plan. 

But, what separates Katara from from Hama is Katara’s sense of morality. Where Hama is willing to do everything and anything in her power to attack the Fire Nation, Katara draws the line at harming civilians and–as of–now–bloodbending. When Katara finally does use bloodbending in “The Southern Raiders” she does it with the same rage and need for revenge used demonstrated by Jet and Hama (even Aang brings it up). Even so, she is still grounded in her sense of morality, even if she seemed uncertain of why exactly she was unable to kill Yon Rha. 

War might make monsters of us all, but it’s your choice whether or not you allow yourself to become a monster. 

anonymous asked:

What is "ankh" tumblr? Someone mentioned it on that post about Kaye selling confederate merch and that they were gonna defend him. I'm just confused bc I thought ankhs were a symbol of blackness?? Idk, if you explained that'd be greatly appreciated

“one of those types of black men that seem to be down for the struggle but spend a lot of time talking about what black women aren’t doing/being/saying/acting like. the kind that want to put you on some pedestal as a “queen” but the second you behave in a way that’s outside the parameters of their idea of black womanhood, you’re snatched off said pedestal and treated like shit. they’re really just agents in white supremacy, cloaked in ankhs and an obsession with ancient egyptian culture.” — curvellas

kristalliankka replied to your post “Every time I think about Shepard’s clone, I feel so bad for them…”

Yes! It always makes me want to cry when the clone asks “what makes you so damn special”. Because she could have had her own life, but she was abandoned. I wish there was a way to save her

Yes! That quote :/
Saddest thing is that you can’t save them. They’re doomed as soon as you meet them, which you have to accept. I also feel like they’re not even the main character of their own story. Idk how to explain this. I mean, even when they’re yelling and crying “this is about me,” it still feels like it’s really about Shepard and what Shepard could have been. They’re almost shown as a symbol instead of a real person. I also feel like the game will acknowledge the crazy shit Cerberus did to Shepard, but they don’t really spend time on the horrible things they did to Shepard’s clone. In a way, the clone is another bad thing that they did to Shepard. It’s kinda true, but they’re also a victim. Does that make sense? It’s late and it’s way too hot here. I feel like my brain is melting. 

Every time I learn more about Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, really any queer/trans elder, I feel very moved in a way I can’t describe. At the heart of it is the sense that these people, the work they’ve done, directly created the conditions of possibility for me to exist. Without them I would be living a torturous lie — or simply be dead.

At the same time, they just wanted to live and not necessarily to be venerated in this way. So I ask: how can we honor their legacies in our own lives, without presuming to claim them for our contemporary struggles in ways they often resisted while still alive? (In part, certainly, by supporting those elders still with us, like Miss Major.) What are the ways of talking and thinking that can affirm how much they have meant to us without turning them into flattened symbols of an abstract ideal of ‘liberation’?

gavinfrcc asked:

yo fuck that "white girl tattoo" shit arrow tattoos are cute as HECK and if you want it you should go for it!! my friend has an infinity symbol tattoo and its the prettiest thing i've ever seen tbh white girl tattoos all the way

bless u for this tbh. i designed SO many different arrow tattoos (minimalistic, geometric, even medieval-looking) and was so excited to show people to get opinions on which one was best and literally everyone (except my mom lol) was like “ewwww no thats such a white girl tattoo you’ll regret that”

tattoos are tattoos and they’re a method of art and expression so why hurt people’s feelings by telling them that what they want is wrong??

anonymous asked:

I think the thing which upsets me most about this season is their portrayal of Rae's illness. It could be just me, but I always felt that Rae was a sort of symbol of hope for girls like her. Ones who maybe were bigger and didn't know the best ways to deal with their issues, and were slowly working through them. It just upsets me the way they're showing it as though things will /never/ get better, and that once you're casted as "mental" you can never be anything but "mental". (1)

(con’t.) I just think that’s so heartbreaking to different people because that beacon of hope, in the form of Rae, is being lost. At this point, fuck Finn. I don’t care about him now, all I care about is the fact that in two years Rae hasn’t been able to find a way of speaking to someone else about her issues. I think that’s the /most/ important thing. The conversation she needs to have with her family, with her friends, and with Kester. (2)

Only once she’s feeling better with /herself/ can she feel better with Finn. I think after the end of season 2, we (or at least, I), thought that Rae was getting better. And it’s true, she was, and she is. But, I think I just expected slightly more progress in 2 years. Mental illness will always be a part of your life, which is why I never expected it to go away, I just assumed, (perhaps wrongly,) and hoped that season 3 would be more about how when Rae feels upset/scared/frustrated/anxious, (3)

or anything else, they show us, the audience, that it’s possible to ask for help. That it’s natural to /need/ help. I just think that’s what I’m missing out on. However, I’m feeling hope for that last episode, after watching teasers, which show that Rae is opening up, I’m just questioning if they can show that progress in a short 45ish minutes. (Sorry for this ridiculous essay, I just have a lot of feelings right now, and they probably don’t even make sense hahah). (4)

(Also, this is solely my opinion, and I might be wrong, but I hope no one is offended or upset by anything I have said!) (5) (P. S. I think I’m at 5? I might be wrong, I’m on mobile and can’t keep track hahah 😊)

* * * * *

I feel you entirely on the too many feelings problem, Anon! I’m going to just let this stand on it’s own, because you make some excellent points. Thanks for sharing them with me!

the fact that it’s called thundercrack carnivale just makes me think of the carnival time we have in Croatia in like, mid-january or whenever that happens. not the shitty summer carnivals, those are just there for the tourists and are pretty shitty, I’m talking about the festivities that happen like, before Lent, like the Rijeka carnival and the million different variations of the mesopust. it just makes me want to somehow incorporate them in my clan’s lore one way or another

because hey, making a straw puppet which symbolizes all the bad things that happened in the year and then burning said puppet at the end of the festival to symbolize the beginning of a new good year sounds hella neat