New Stunning Embroidered Anatomical Illustrations by Juana Gómez

Chilean artist Juana Gómez’s (previously featured here) latest project titled “Serie Constructal” explores the symbiotic relationship between nature and the human body. Sprouting like roots, our internal organs are an authentic reflection of nature, specifically the meaningful metaphorical shape of the tree. The iconic symbol of the tree is found deep within the silhouette of the human mind and lungs; while the flowing complexity and movement of water resembles the natural shape of our veins and nervous system. The latter is explored by Gómez’s fleshy illustrations and veiny stitch compositions.

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I need an anti-hydra button.

Anyone out there know where I can get one? I want to pin it to the beautiful new Captain America bag I just bought right before Civil War came out that I want to be able to USE without seeming to support the grossness that’s going on right now. So, I thought, why not just find a pin or a button with the hydra logo with the red circle with a diagonal line through it (pretty much the universal symbol for NOPE DO NOT WANT).  But… I can’t find one, and I can’t figure out the words that will get it for me. “Anti-hydra button” gets me a zillion links to face creams because hydra- is a prefix about HYDRATION, and on image search it gets me a million pictures of face creams, one “dump Trump” button, which I thought was hilarious given the circumstances, and way down the page, a bunch of REGULAR hydra buttons, which was the opposite of what I wanted. “Hydra button” gets me about what you’d expect, but I thought I’d try it anyway in the off chance I might find what I was looking for. I didn’t. 

If this doesn’t exist yet… hey friends with button makers… what to help me out? 

The Spiritual Trick That Will Help You FINALLY Go On A Digital Detox

Mind Body Green writes:

Digital detoxes are slowly but surely becoming mainstream, and for good reason. Taking a break from electronics can lower your stress and anxiety levels, clear your mental clutter, and strengthen your personal connections.

But some people get anxiety just thinking about life without technology. When you’re submerged in the world of texting and social media, it’s easy to become overstimulated. Crystals are symbolic of the energy of nature—pure simplicity. They aren’t asking your mind to do anything; they are just asking you to be. When you hold a crystal in your hands, you breathe a little deeper and you are reconnected with the energy of the Earth.

Here’s a three-step process to ease your way into a digital detox using crystals

anonymous asked:

Hi Sam, can I have a hug? Today someone said some really anti-Semitic things to me on my way home from my Hebrew class, and since they whole Hydra Cap bombshell I've been feeling really vulnerable :(

Ugh, Anon, that blows. And is very symbolic of the issues with Hydra Cap in the first place. 

I tried to find you a hug by a Jewish comic book creator but they’re apparently not big huggers, so instead I got you Superman and Batman, both also the creations of a couple of nice Jewish boys. 

anonymous asked:

i like the idea of giving captain america a boyfriend because it 1. makes it obvious that captain america is an lgbt character (no more wishy-washy ) and 2. he's traditional symbol. he doesn't actually stand for patriotism and AMERICUH as much as many seem to believe or want to believe, but i think it'd be wonderful to point out that being traditional (is that the right word) and lgbt are not mutually exclusive. people are always insistent that he isn't lgbt because he is All American (tm)

I think this misconception of what ‘All American’ means comes from an inherent bigoted perception of so called “traditional values”, as well as a biased, deluded view of the USA as a country. American conservatives are prone to this way of thinking, equating what they call “liberal values” with immorality and a challenge to the only way of life they consider proper, ie. heterosexual, politically conservative (republican), and in line with a fanatical defense of this skewed fictitious belief in the supposed inherent superiority of the US.

Not only is this position fundamentally bigoted, it is also a conceptual fallacy.

  • “Traditional values” don’t exist. They are nothing but old prejudice disguised as doctrine. Equating the existence of an entire group of individuals with immorality and unnatural behavior isn’t a defensible argument. This is homophobia. “Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it” as one of my favorite quotes states. The existence of LGBT+ individuals isn’t a mistake, isn’t a new phenomena, and our demands are as basic as being granted equal access to fundamental human rights and respect. We want an end to the prejudice that has kept us under threat for most of human history. We want to stop being hated, stop being killed/incarcerated/berated for existing. We want to be allowed to have visible representatives that stand for our rights. That’s not exactly an outrageous or immoral demand. I’d say denying us that much would certainly qualify as immoral though.
  • The use of the word “traditional” is trying to invoke another popular fallacy: that the past was better. This is another common misconception. The past wasn’t more moral, more righteous than the present; humankind has always been what we are now, prosecuting those that advocate for change, and these idealized views of the good old days are nothing but a desire of the ruling majority to keep their historical controls and the status quo that benefits them in place.
  • Then we have this American fantasy of the “US as the greatest nation”, which has never been a real objective fact, but a pretty fantasy US politicians have used for centuries as their go-to rhetoric. It’s at once an eternal promise of excellence and a lullaby with which to quell social discontent, an idea to build unity and patriotism and perpetuate the status quo or lead the country in the direction its leaders deem desirable.

Captain America was never meant to stand for what these bigoted individuals interpret as “traditional values” or the pretty lie of America’s superiority over everybody else. Captain America is a symbol that’s meant to represent not what the USA has ever been, but what it should be based on its conceptual principles, a moral symbol to fight for the little guy, the weaker side, for those that need defending from oppression and abuse. He doesn’t stand for political conservatives or unwaveringly support the US government, quite the opposite. He questions. He strives for better.

Despite the obnoxious flag costume, the character is meant to represent an ideal that goes beyond a single nation’s citizens, and certainly beyond this homogeneous idea of society that conservatives are so fond of, in which difference is undesirable, shameful or even punishable. The fact that Captain America is a so called “traditional symbol”, in the sense that he is an inheritance from a past era, would only make him a more significant advocate for oppressed minorities in today’s society, and would make the success of the #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend campaign a revolutionary stand for the rights of millions of people worldwide and a clear call for better (richer, more nuanced, less fetishistic/stereotypical) media depiction of these same individuals. 

If anyone wants to know why my deity character is shown in two different outfits:

I know it can be interpreted that “Western=monstrous” which is somewhere around the ballpark but not really hitting home when it comes to analyzing the theory. It’s rather that the character themselves is only ever seen assuming an ugra form–the wrathful aspect of a deity–while in Western modernist situations.

The reason behind that connects to the simpler theory in a way; Westernization–the sense I’m talking about here is via imperialism/colonialism, as the character is South Asian–brings out the language of monstrosity. It forces the subject of imperialism to speak in the language of the oppressor, but in a way that they own it and cater it in terms of their own culture as a response to being trapped and restricted by westernization. That’s why though the character wears a suit, they manifest in a fiery, multi-armed divine form rather than in the western demoniac archetype. While western monstrosity is oppressive violence, the subject of imperialism/racism/colonialism responds with resistive violence and justified anger, which is a positive thing, and in a certain sphere, even divine!

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One of those cap comics with Steve having the nazi symbol on his shield is because he was brainwashed, you can read about it here: marvel(.)wikia(.)com/wiki/Captain_America_Vol_1_234. Marco Rudy, who did fantastic art for "Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier" tweeted that earlier today and I reverse image searched it to figure out the context, he was claiming it as support for Hydra!Cap.

Thanks for the link!

I also guarantee you that in the cases of those comics everyone keeps citing, the writer and editor did not immediately hold a bunch of interviews saying THIS IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN THE WAY IT IS, IT’S NOT A TRICK, IT’S SUPER PERMANENT.

Honestly, if it weren’t for Spencer and Brevoort’s interviews, I guarantee you there’d be very little outcry about this whole thing because everyone would have just said, “Well, it’s clearly the cube affecting him or it’s a fakeout or something.”  But no, they just had to do our thinking for us in the worst possible way.

eldritch-augur asked:

So I'd like to know- I'm not super familiar about the symbolism that a severed head has in the context of your studies... I was hoping to learn more about that, if possible!

Thracian Girl Carrying the Head of Orpheus on His Lyre by Gustave Moreau (1865)

“Mantic decapitated heads (“cephalomancy”) went a long way back into old Greek tradition. The most striking example is the oracle of Orpheus’s head. When the Thracian women tore Orpheus apart, they cast his disembodied head into the sea. It came ashore at the island of Lesbos where, Philostratus explains, it “took up residence in a cleft (rhegma) in Lesbos and gave out oracles from a hollow in the earth (en koilei tei gei*).” The oracle was evidently configured as a small hole within a larger one. It is beautifully illustrated on an Attric red-figure hydria of the 440s, now in Basel (fig. 15). The central scene is surrounded by Muses, of which the innermost holds Orpheus’s lyre. Orpheus’s head nestles in a nook between two rocks on the ground. A consulter leans over and reaches down toward the head with his right hand. With his left, he still holds two ropes that hang down from above the frame; he has evidently used them to climb down a verticle shaft.”

– Daniel Ogden, Greek and Roman Necromancy. (P. 208, in the chapter “Reanimation and Talking Heads.”)

If I say anything else, I’ll get into UPG… and let’s avoid that!

[One Year Later, Part Two || Prologue Start]

Hope’s Peak Academy… This prestigious school is symbolic of multiple things - hope, talent, and success. Those select high-school-age students who are invited to enter are allowed to based off of talents in a particular field, which earns them a “Super High School Level”. They are said to secure success for their future if they graduate from the academy, as only the highest-level instruction is given to them, and they mingle with other top-level students. It is said that they will go to become leaders for Japan; shining beacons that pave the way for future generations.

Hopes, that is to say.

Hopes that have been hard at work rebuilding the reputation of Hope’s Peak, that took a blow to its supposedly untouchable image after the events of a radical organization’s attack against the academy, in which nineteen students were imprisoned, with one acting as a mole for the organization. There were also reports of a spy from a foreign nation involved, but these are mostly unsubstantiated. The organization’s name was kept from the eye of the media, however gossipers wasted no time in spreading rumors about the situation.

The students involved returned to the academy, with officials pondering what the best course of action was. The school year continued as normal, but with extra security provisions made, and during school break, not a word was heard from the academy. Its doors were shut, locked up, and officials were silent on the matter, even to those they knew personally. Not a word was heard from the once-renowned academy.

That was, until they broke their silence by posting the announcement that Hope’s Peak would be open for another academic year. However, they would be sending out less invitations than in previous years, due to concerns about “civil and radical unrest”. They then stated that they had a task, to bring up the hopes of the generation, and that nothing would change as long as it remained secure for the students to participate however. So, true to their word, they sent out invitations amongst rumors and scandals.

And now you were here. Returning students or not, you held the letter in your hand that officially signified the school had reopened, and now you stared up at Hope’s Peak Academy, the sun lighting up the stones. You’ve heard some of the rumors, however it was nothing substantiated. After all, how likely was it that a radical group would try to target the school? And it was a chance of a lifetime, for you to act as a beacon of hope in the sea of unrest that was Japan. It would be a new chance, a new opportunity to prove yourself.

Stepping up on the stairs, you entered the shadow of the academy, heart pounding in your chest. You reached out to take a hold of the handles, pulling them open and entering. Hesitating for a second, you felt a shiver pass over you. However, it was easily dismissable, just the breeze blowing. You then stepped inside, head held high. After all, what could go wrong?

The next few days went by fairly uneventfully, it was simply initiation and discussion with classmates. Eventually, you received the announcement that you and the other thirty-one members of your class were to assemble in the auditorium at 11:00 PM that evening. Tentatively you became ready, and you approached the door. Putting a hand on it, you paused, opening it and sighing.

And then, your world turned to darkness.

Just Relax || Spock and Jim

Spock exhaled quietly as he turned a page in his codex, trying to find the translation for a series of runes he had found during the previous night’s excursion.  They were strange symbols.  He had some of them recorded, but none of them made sense in the order they were in.  It was as if the previous transcriptions had double meanings.  Of course, that was a common occurrence in Terran English, but he had hoped such an ancient language would be more logical and succinct.

Using a finger, he trailed down the page to try and find any roots to the unusual symbol he was glancing at.  The Vulcan discovered that many of the runes were made up of different pieces of other symbols.  They were all connected in one way or another.

Despite his consistent progress, this project was considerably frustrating.  Here he was, sitting alone during the designated dinner period, reading his work over and over again, searching for some other way to translate the odd carvings around the school.

Mmmnngh, writing this out feels so weird. But please bear with me; this is something kind of important to me.

As some people might know/as I might have stated somewhere earlier, names are very important to me; in no small way, names have power to me. Having the wrong name is a grave insult or hindrance, while the right name is a freeing source of internal power. To have a name, the right name, is to really exist.

This makes the fact that none of my names fit rather… Painful’s not the right word, but it’s the closest thing I can come up with right now.

My birth name, although full of imagery and symbolism I appreciate, is not my own. If given any opportunity to not go by it, I take that opportunity, and I have for years! There have been summers where I have almost forgotten that it was supposedly mine; I would only remember because of roll call at school, when the name would be called out across the classroom, and I’d have to snap to attention.

I feel bad, because my father did give it to me, and I don’t wish to throw it away and hurt him, but it’s not my name and it hasn’t been for so long. Even he doesn’t refer to me with that name; more often than not, he calls for me by nickname, or through our family’s whistle signals. Gods, I can’t even recall the last time he called me by my given name while I was in earshot, especially not since coming out; mine is a very gendered name.

The logical solution would be to make the name you all know me by here—Weredrakka—and make that my name in some way. The issue is that Weredrakka is a title, not a name. If I was to write out my name, it would go thusly:

“_____________, the Weredrakka, the northern lights, the dragon of the north”.

Weredrakka is not the blank, and it never has been; there has, for me, always been an assumed ‘the’ before that name. Despite this, though, it’s closer to being my name than my birth name is. Closer is not good enough, I know, but it’s slightly better.

I’m going to keep looking for my name; I have to.

But until then, if I could ask people to call me Were, or Drakka?

Thank you.

How the next Captain America comic should open

Bucky wakes up from a nightmare in a cold sweat. He holds his head in his hands, trying to make sense of what he just experienced. The sudden movement awakens Steve, who was sleeping right next to Bucky.

“What’s wrong Buck?”

Bucky is still shaken. “…A bad dream. Or I hope so anyways.”

“Do you remember anything?”

“Yeah… You revealed yourself to be a Hydra mole. You aren’t though, are you?”

Steve laughs loudly at the thought. “Are you kidding me? Captain America, the symbol of freedom and justice, was actually a Nazi sleeper agent?”

Bucky giggles quietly “That actually sounds a little silly when you put it that way.”

“It’s a dumb notion,” Steve said, “I saved thousands of Allied soldiers in the 40’s, many of them possibly Jewish, you’d think a Nazi mole would be a little hesitant, right?”

“Yeah, I see what you’re saying. It still bothers me though.”

Steve turns his head towards his best friend. He’s still disturbed by the image in his brain.

“Do you think you’ll be able to get back to sleep tonight?”

“Perhaps. I don’t know yet.”

Steve flipped onto his side, facing Bucky. Bucky looked into Steve’s eyes. He slid down the bed, and placed his head into Steve’s chest.

“Yeesh, that arm is cold.” Steve noted as Bucky placed his arm between Steve’s torso and the mattress.

“Be quiet darling”, Bucky whispered.

Steve’s smiled. “I love you, Buck.”

“I love you too. But if you do turn out to be a Hydra agent, I will brainwash you.”

Steve laughed, softer now, as the boys drifted off into a deep sleep.

12: The Hanged

“The Hanged (Man) is a symbol for the turning points in life, showing up a need to stop and assess a situation. We’re hanging in the air until we find a new view of the things around us, a proper way to rearrange or restart.

But the Hanged (Man) is a ‘silent’ card - there’s no pressing need for change. No big change is waltzing towards us - we can peacefully keep on hanging and complaining. The Hanged (Man) just shows that we’re just 'hanging’, he requires a new viewpoint, and sometimes a lot of patience.

In its positive aspect, the card shows the need for a time of consideration, the forced relaxation gives the opportunity to relax and reflect, to sort thoughts and ideas and find a new way to cope with a situation. ”

Of course this is totally unofficial and just made for the joy and as fanart, so please no stealing!

This deck will have 22 cards (0-21); I will skip the big and the small arcanum, those cards are boring anyway

Media: Vectors, Photoshop.

Five Nights at Freddy’s belongs to (the awesome) Scott Cawthon!

It absolutely is, @davisky68 (who leaves super amusing replies, if you’ve never noticed) but there are alternatives. There are at least three different ways to sign “shit” and two ways to sign “bitch,” at least that I know of, but there are probably more.*

Thank you – I believe – is supposed to be a hand facing your own face, fingertips touching chin, brought down flat like a draw bridge.

If I remember correctly, what I did was hold a curled fist under my chin, thumb sticking up, and arch it away from my face.

Pretty sure that’s like an old school/Shakespearean “I bite my thumb at you, sir” kinda thing. Once upon a time, probably also the universal symbol for “fuck you.” I’d say I was being silly that he picked up on that, but I saw his face. He got it. Thankfully, he also figured out pretty quickly – probably from my very sincere smile – that I was just some 20-something doofus who had no idea I’d told him to fuck off.

Btw, the ASL for “fucking” is to make shadow puppet bunnies out of both hands, hold them horizontally, and have one hand bounce on top of the other. I find that hilarious.

*In case this story hasn’t already illustrated this point, I am not an ASL expert. I’m not even passable. I know a few names for things – mostly animals – maybe half of the alphabet, and a few random phrases. That’s all. Definitely not trying to pass myself off as someone with ASL skills.

Time and again, King is dressed down by powerful white men like Johnson, Bradley Whitford’s Hubert Humphrey, and UAW president (and major civil rights movement sponsor) Walter Reuther, for not seeing the big picture and the need for compromise and patience—that all his frontline activism and high-minded rhetoric are getting in the way of well-meaning white men who know how the world really works. Mackie’s restrained, thoughtful take on King might be a considered choice to demythologize a man whose message and actions are often reduced to facile symbolism—if All The Way didn’t consistently render him largely impotent. (The film’s ending notice that Johnson and King teamed up the next year to pass even stronger civil rights legislation inescapably suggests that King took Johnson’s lessons to heart.) The one scene that seems primed to let King’s oratory soar—preparing to speak at the funeral of murdered “Freedom Summer” activist James Chaney—sees King’s eulogy interrupted by a more militant activist, whose impassioned call to confrontation leaves King silent, and forgotten.
—  The AV Club review of All the Way
Extensive experiences with mountain climbing also have their place in the formation of Evola’s distinct spiritual worldview, because he preferred to visit the high alpine mountains, the glaciers and impassable regions, where he sensed the force of creation in their solitude and could measure his spirit against this force. It was neither sport nor romanticism for him; he saw mountaineering as a path to his Self. Following ancient traditions, Evola speaks of the mountain as the holy mountain, the seat of the gods, the mediator between heaven and earth (Olympus, Meru, Kailash, etc.). Mountain climbing for him is the symbol for the spiritual ascent toward the divine, the ever purer, clearer, and more crystalline realm. Evola speaks of the ‘transformation of the experience of the mountain into a way of being.’ And further: 'This then is the strength of those who may be said to never return from the peaks to the plains. This is the strength of those for whom there is no longer going out or coming back because the mountain is in their spirit, because the symbol has become reality…’
—  H.T. Hansen

buckobarnes asked:

wait what happened? im so confused?


steve rogers is now a secret hydra agent

aka the most disgusting tone deaf plot twist i’ve ever heard of, forget about whether or not this is “”’fake””” or him going undercover even the VERY SUGGESTION that this could be a possibility is completely revolting. captain america was written by two jewish americans as a direct response to anti-semitism and nazi sympathisers of the WWII era. (@kentswaynes sums it all up really neatly here.)

HYDRA IS A NEO-NAZI ORGANIZATION and no matter how hard anyone tries to reach there’s no other way to spin that. red skull is a nazi !!! their ideology, codification and symbolism is tied into nazism and fascism !!!!!

this is literally. rock bottom. we have hit rock bottom. marvel has hit rock bottom.

“Steeb, Marvel seems to think that they can write you as a Nazi.”

“Welp. Well, you see, these are straight, cis-gendered, white, Christian-raised men with a certain level of privilege who have never experienced a day’s oppression in their lives. Their brand of teenage 2edgy4u ‘realness’ is actually just a desperate cry for attention and shows a lack of imagination I can’t even comprehend.”

“But Steeb, won’t this upset a whole bunch of people, given that the Nazis killed millions of innocent people and are widely regarded as absolute scum? Would you ever consider allying yourself with Hydra given that you are a symbol of freedom, hope and goodness?”

“You know and I know that given the seventy year continuity there is no way I am Hydra. To make me Hydra completely devalues everything I have stood for, and also makes a mockery of every fan who ever believed they could be a better person by emulating me. In short, this is a farce.”

“Furthermore, it shows how out of touch Marvel is. However progressive it, as a company, tries to be, it still falls at the smallest of hurdles and cannot seem to find a consistent balance. Minorities are still being under-represented, or represented in offensive ways. Pick literally any minority and you can guarantee Marvel has pissed them off in some way. Not even that, but Marvel still cannot write women. Half the species, more or less, and it doesn’t know what to do with its female characters.”

“So, what do you suggest? I don’t want to throw all my Captain America merchandise away because some fuckwit thought Hydra!Cap would be a good idea. I love Steve Rogers. He makes me want to be a better person. The idea that he is a Nazi makes me feel sick. I want to cry. Steeb, what should I do?”

“A lot of people care about what Steve Rogers represents. Things I can recommend to show Marvel how you feel include tweeting, letter writing (old fashioned but it shows a level of dedication), petitions, boycotting the issues in question, and looking elsewhere for entertainment that more accurately portrays a multicultural, diverse cast. If Marvel can’t provide it, someone else will.”

“So, in conclusion, let our voices be heard and vote with our wallets? That sounds like a plan. Any final thoughts?”

“I am not a fucking Nazi. They may write me as one, but the Steve Rogers you know and love would never be a tool of Hydra. I have punched Hitler in the face. I have fought the Red Skull more times than I can count. As far as undercover agents go, to call that a backstory, I would be a terrible one, as I constantly thwart the plans of my ‘employers’. I am not Hydra. Don’t buy the comics, make this run of Captain America the worst selling ever. Make this decision hurt for Marvel as much as it does for us. Take to Twitter and don’t let this drop. Captain America stands for freedom. Freedom of religion, freedom to love who you want, freedom to be who you want to be. It’s the absolute antithesis of Nazism. So no, I’m not a Nazi and some poorly conceived plot to make me into one is not enough to change that. I was created by Jewish people, and I stood against Hitler and the forces of evil for more than seventy years. If this becomes long-term canon, fight it every inch of the way. Even if it’s just a publicity stunt, tell them you won’t stand for it. And if anyone, anyone, tells you that you’re wrong to be angry, look twice at that person, because that might just be a person you don’t want to associate with. Remember, be awesome to each other, and don’t let ignorant writers get you down. There are always more and better comics, all the time, every day. Seek them out. And I guess, if this is final, remember me as I was, not as what they’ll warp me to be. Captain America, Steve Rogers, was never a Nazi.”