Ishida and his symbolism stuff etc. makes me crazy (in a good way of course).

We probably have Eto as the Tree of Life (Yggdrasil) (x) and the serpent in the Garden of Eden (x). She wrote a book called the “ The Hanged Man’s MacGuffin (x) and Kaneki is associated with the Hanged Man Tarot Number (you can see it on his arms (x)). Now the new book title of Eto is a reference to Odin (x) who is associated with the Hanged Man’s Tarot Card and Knowledge (x). The whole Garden of Eden story from the bible is associated with knowledge and apples symbolise it. Three people (Eto, Touka and Kaneki were shown with an apple in the manga or official art (x) (x)).

Symbolism, Symbolism, Symbolism ….THIS MANGA KILLS ME

my heart right now is already crushed into bits knowing stanley is basically confirmed dead. i mean look at everything i’ve been posting, dana’s promo art, the theories about stan’s burn symbol, and basically his entire sacrifice, and how alex delivers the fans’ wishes in the worst way possible. (just imagine “i want the stans to hug it out”)

all i can think about is stan dying and ford finally saying “thank you for rescuing me” while holding him and hugging him “stay with me stan”

fucking e n d m e



Hey :) I’ve been away learning a couple of things and working on some personal projects. One of those things happens to be Livecode a high-level programing package, which basically means the code is more like english less like symbols and crap. So Ive been playing around and its pretty awesome, and that leads me to my next point. Ive added a new page named “code” this is where you’ll find my software oriented projects. Today ill be adding my “render time calculator” which does exactly what the name suggests :) you enter your average render time for a frame, the amount frames, and it will let you know how many (rounded up) hours you gotta wait. I hope you guys find it useful :) Thanks for following me and supporting me along the way. Stay awesome!! <3  

I’ve also included my wallpaper just in case :)

Rendertime Calculator

Tola (Anviri) Headcanon

The age of 36 summers is a very important age for the women of the Anviri. At this age, women are considered fully grown in both mind, body, and spirit, and are therefore known as “ne'wa”, or Noble. The Nobles are the highest tier of authority amongst the tribe, sans the Elder. These Nobles are tasked with an assortment of important jobs; assisting the younger girls and boys with their jobs, being midwives to new mothers, and taking care of orphaned children, even going so far as to adopt them. They help teach younglings the ways of the realm around them using the knowledge and wisdom they’ve gained through their lives. While they mostly teach, some ne'wa are capable and fierce warriors, and will gladly put themselves forward to protect their village. Some ne'wa are even sent to other villages in need; they act as symbols of hope for struggling clans.

Nobles are also marked appropriately to distinguish them from common tribesman. They keep their characteristic white body paint, while also adding a second stripe to each one minus the one on their face. In addition, a special ‘gold’-colored stripe is added, only this time it is tattooed into their skin by the Elder himself. Each design is different, and the single golden ribbon can travel from their neck down to their ankles and take any direction in between. The stripe itself can take a week to fully complete, even longer if the body is scarred. The most striking part that separates them from the rest are the brilliant white shawls that they wear over one shoulder, the symbol of Azeyma dyed on it in yellow. These shawls symbolize them as having followed the patch that Azeyma had lit for them. That woman is now considered a disciple of the Warden, one that will guide others in need along their path of life.

@seraphicrose @ignisandura cuz I know they were asking for Anviri stuff ;3;

Respect for the Wretched

A long institutional long green hall
Items haphazardly discarded along the way
Making it like a clogged artery
Industrial type flooring meant to last over one hundred years
The doors along way were chipped grey
The doors to the rooms closed and locked
The building and care, much
Like everything here, a symbol of decay
The screams of torture, sadness and rage that befall

Those locked away, treated without respect or spoken about
Removed from society people talk as if their dead
Might as well be, they’ll never get out
Overrun by an incurable necrosis attacking their brain
Some arrive lucid, planning on going back home
To return to their lives, husbands and children
Who shunned them never wanting them to come back
The chance of a reoccurrence too great

Once they stepped over the threshold
It was officially goodbye to the outside world
Entering a place far more sinister than could be imagined
Stigma shouldered by the patients like an invisible cape
Too heavy to be budged

It was usually apparent fairly quickly
Families weren’t coming back to get them
This was to be their permanent home
A warehouse to hide those undesirables away
There was no respect for those dropped off like baggage
Those who were left behind, to rot away
A quick divorce, than marriage to a new wife
One who knew her place and role
That he would be proud to introduce

Unlike his first wife, she wouldn’t make them recoil
They were an opinionated and self indulgent bunch
Either her hat was crooked, a scuffed shoe or lipstick on her teeth
Certainly not the classy image he wanted to promote
Locking her away in an asylum was the best way
For her to disappear without a trace

As she lay down on her cot in the ward, she consoled herself
Life can not be as bad here as it was with the bastard who dropped me off

Melissa Watson ©

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Hi ! I am fascinated by astronomy and I really wanted to get a tattoo meaning how much space is magnificent but I don't want to get a planet tattoo because I don't like the way it looks... Do you have any ideas ? (For a woman)

Hi there!

I’ve been interested in getting an astronomy tattoo too actually!

I really like the idea of a constellation tattoo, it can be as big (or small) as you want it to be. I find it looks really nice when the dots aren’t connected or are connected with a thin line, it gives it more of a soft look to it! Here’s an example!

Another idea that I like is each planet has its own symbol associated with it, so if you have a favourite planet in our solar system (mine’s Saturn!) then you could get a tattoo of the symbol! This is what the symbols look like. (the symbol for the sun is at his wrist then its Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

Hope that helped! If anyone has any cool astronomy tattoos, feel free to share!! xx

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I'm the episode where they do a time capsule, girl meets Pluto Lucas put in his transfer slip and then in girl meets Texas part 1 when he's thanking her he says without her he wouldn't have survived in New York. You think that him putting the transfer slip is kind of like his symbol of showing that, like the way Cory put in the jean jacket? So when they open in it years from now he remembers that?

Yes i do think that the transfer slip in some way is symbolic for Riley. He wants the transfer slip to remind him of when something good started aka him moving to New York. And Riley was the first friendly face he saw on his first day at a new school. So yes I do believe it represents Riley as she is his good thing.

Five Americans Reclaim German Citizenship

One of the most basic ways that the Nazi government used to harass German Jewish citizens during the Third Reich was by stripping them of their citizenship. In 1941, the law went into effect that robbed millions of people of their identities, putting on paper what had been made abundantly clear for years: Jews are not welcome here. For some, this was merely a symbolic act, one last blow to absorb from far away in asylum shelters around the world. For those who remained in Germany, it meant statelessness and, more importantly, an inability to escape.

When the Federal Republic of Germany was established in 1949, this injustice was one of many that had to be corrected, but it was nevertheless an important one. A paragraph was written into the constitution that any people stripped of citizenship by the Nazi government or their descendants had the right to a German passport. Since then, over 200,000 people have made the difficult choice to reclaim their citizenship.

This week, five Americans reclaimed their citizenship at the German Embassy. Their stories are diverse. Joost Oppenheim was born in 1934 and was hidden with a Dutch family throughout the war while his parents suffered in two separate concentration camps. Ross Marchand, a student at George Mason University, found out by chance that he could reclaim his citizenship. Marchand’s grandfather was born in the US and wasn’t even aware he had German citizenship until it was stripped away. Gordon Wilson and his sons, Simon and Tobin, chose to become German after the family matriarch, Evelyn Wilson (nee Boehm), made the decision last year.  Every situation is unique; for some, the decision means reliving painful memories. For others, it is more about the convenience of traveling with a German passport. For all, it is a right.

Ambassador Peter Wittig was there to officially confer the citizenship documents on each of the participants. He spoke about Germany’s unique responsibility to the survivors of the Holocaust, but also to the generations that follow. “This is a chance to restore something integral to each of your biographies,” said the Ambassador. After shaking each person’s hand, he added that he was happy to be able to refer to all of them as his fellow countrymen.

wait last thing i was thinking about a long time ago– i can’t remember most of my points, it was a Long time ago, but i feel like… to akane, junpei is a symbol of Safe. of settling down (not trying to say marriage or some shit here). of that ideal, final timeline. of the end. i was wondering why she talked that way about junpei as described that way in kyle’s ending, and… idk, it just feels like… as long as she’s working on this project, as long as she’s striving for her goals, something always keeps her from junpei. no matter the reason, she’s never able to be Herself with him during these plans, never able to actually become close to him again. she must avoid him in order to follow through. so the first time she’ll be able to be herself with junpei, completely, is when everything is over… and so in a way she’s idealizing him back?? we’ve already established time and time again that junpei idealizes akane but for her junpei is a Goal, i’m not trying to hint at romantic stuff here but the idea of him is what she’s striving for because if she’s with him (again. not romantic hinting here) it means that it’s Over. that everyone is safe. that everything is done

…. i feel like i had another point somewhere but i lost it. anyway this is just an idea im not 100% sold i’ll have to replay zero escape and gather some more ideas

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Ok but, Saitama liking having a cactus because he relates to it tho, water in this case being appreciation because Saitama only needs a little to go a long way and if you overwater it dies of embarrassment and idk where I'm going with this I guess I'm tryin to say Genos is bad at plant care

Lmao I personally take the cactus as a symbol of like… Saitamas over all apathy/depression/relationship with society. (Angst ahoy oh boy!!)

Because cacti are very resilient like you said!! But they also have spikes to protect them from the outside world so people don’t want to get too close but really under neath the spikes cacti are really soft and pretty fragile and vulnerable.

That’s why I like drawing sai with cacti so much. Cause maybe he is just a cactus that wishes he was a little daisy sometimes.

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Touch Meme

Send a symbol to have your Muse touch my Muse in a certain way and see how they react!

➛Poke them

Murphy grunted in his sleep, letting out a snoring noise, before he felt the touch again. His face scrunched up and one eye opened, peaking out from between the piles of blankets to see his wife before him. He yawned and a hand snaked through the blankets, pushing them back and with a flash, he grabbed her around the waist and hauled her on the bed, tugging her close to him and throwing the blankets over the both of them. He heard the kids in the background so he knew he would have to get up eventually, but that would come in a couple minutes. He pressed his face into Gwen’s neck and let out a content sigh. 

“Five more minutes,” he mumbled.

She build Apartments for Homeless People in her hometown… bailed out protesters in Ferguson and Baltimore.. Jay donated 1.5 million to activist groups including Black Lives Matters.. and she put her career on the line with her new song and performance at the Superbowl and folks still wondering if she’s down for the cause? lol. Her song wasn’t about anything? Are you serious? The lil boy in the video symbolized black lives matter. The police car drowning symbolized us being ignored based upon law enforcement. She owned who she was. Shut down all who place her in illuminati or the bad mom club because she chooses to let Blue’s hair be natural. So she put a spin on blank other clothing to make it more up to date so she not black. She didn’t where an Afro also she a hypocrite? Not all blacks can get their hair that way. She a mixed breed honey. A black woman gets to perform and own who she is and her right on national tv while also paying respect yet y'all tryna find holes in who she is. Or do y'all not remember a time when we were beaten and whipped because we spoke out. Like damn give her credit for what she does. Because Not many actors or entertainers speak the truth or stand by what they say anymore. To busy selling out and chasing white money to look back at their people and lend a hand. Something is wrong here but it’s defiantly not Beyonce! She certainly does slay and is defiantly that one because she got everyone blood pumping meanwhile she ain’t losing no sleep or no paper now that’s a boss. And she now helping with the Flint water issue go head boo! 👑✊🏾🐝❤️💛💚⚫️ #blackhistorymonth #eachoneteachone #blackpower #iamblack #blackandproud #blackkings #blackqueens #ourblackisbeautiful #blacklivesmatter #blackertheberrysweeterthejuice #beyonce by reese_smiles

Part 2 of the 20 Times Gerard Way looked Ridiculously Good

Gerard Way is a sassy diva and no one can deny it.

1. When he made the peace symbol and looked super sexy in that leather jacket

2. When he run his hand through his hair

3. When he did that little smirk and showed us his perfect baby teeth

4. When he said this

5. When he caught that piece of clothes during the show and managed to look sexy af

6. When he wore a beanie

7. When he smoked and made it super hot looking

8. When he looked so damn feminine and it was good for everyone

9. When he looked perfect during an interview

10. When he had that photoshoot for a magazine

11. When he killed everyone by putting on eyeliner

12. When he kissed Frank in front of everyone and didn’t seem to care at all

13. When he looked hot blowing out the smoke (again)

14. When he moved his hips like that

15. When he smiled at his fans during a song

16. When he did this thing with his hand and hips and literally made us drool us with it (damn you Gee)

17. When he was adorable and winked in the camera

18. When he pulled up his shirt (damn you again)

19. When he blushed as he talked about kissing Frank

20. When he basically looked like a pixie doll and took all our breaths away with it

We love you Gee, stay cute and adorable and hot and awesome!!


f(x) = ?


x = V + A + L + K and sometimes y (+ S)

x = V+A+L+K(+S) 

x = “me

me” = V+A+L+K(+S)

u” = “fans”

Show your work:

f(x) = me + u

f(x) = x + u

f(V+A+L+K+S) = (V+A+L+K+S) + (fans)


f(x) =

f(x) = us

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Do you think that the fact that Lexa bowed with both knees on the floor has any factor in the difference between clexa's bows?

i mean, yes and no? on the one hand clarke’s bow (actually not clarke, wanheda) was really flashy and obviously an act for everyone else. she bowed her head and got down on one knee cause thats probably the Formal Bow

and lexa (not heda) just got down on both knees because it was the easiest way to put herself physically below clarke to show her she was quite literally surrendering herself. so like yeah theyre obviously really different bows but im not sure the way it was done is the symbolic bit cause theres a bunch of different factors that made them really different

“What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again.”

I’m sorry but I don’t like this rhetoric that Poe gave Finn a name. There’s something about it that really makes me uncomfortable. Maybe because a grown man naming another grown man is weird to me. Maybe because it strips Finn of the agency to think for himself. 

Poe suggested a name for him and Finn accepted it. I think that makes their friendship or relationship (however way you want to see it) more profound. Poe didn’t name Finn but he offered him a name. He offered him a new life. Finn accepting it rather than being given it shows the strength that he possesses because that moment is symbolic of Finn truly shedding away his Stormtrooper identity and embracing this new life he had chosen for himself. 

Poe may have helped Finn escape but it was Finn’s smarts and strength that got them that far. I wholeheartedly believe that Finn saved Poe because he cares about people and wanted to do the right thing, but I also believe that if Poe had already died or wasn’t even there, Finn would’ve found another way off of that ship himself. 

I just don’t like people infantilising Finn. He’s a grown-ass man with his own thoughts and his own personality. Yes, he’s facing a personal crucible right now in his life about who he wants to be but that’s his to bear and not Poe’s or Rey’s. 

That’s why I don’t mind that Finn will be without Rey for the next episode because I need him to truly come into his own without her. Rey was his reason for fighting and his reason for coming back into this war but now Finn needs to find his own reason separate from anyone else to stay. Rey as well is facing her own crucible and she needs to forge her own identity now that she’s accepted who she is. That is what will make their reunion and subsequent relationship (I hope in any case) more meaningful. 


In case there was any doubt on the matter, I totally am into emoji spells. I’ve been using them for awhile now and I’ve found them to be effective. And why wouldn’t they be? 

Emoji are the latest in a long line of symbols that humans use to express themselves. In the same way that letters can be used for magic, that other symbols and glyphs are used in spells, emoji can take their place among them. 

Many emoji, in fact, are images we already use in magic, like hearts, skulls, and even astrological symbols.

⛤ 🌙 💌 💲 💀 ❤

So count me in as a fan tbh.

Lee Xin Li
Tossing Yusheng / 捞起鱼生

Singapore (2016)

Here’s another infographic from Lee Xin Li, but one that requires a little more explanation.

In Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, us Chinese folks celebrate the New Year by eating a salad called yusheng, which literally means “raw fish”. All the ingredients are symbolic of prosperity and luck in some way; we go through a ritual of tossing the ingredients in the air with chopsticks before eating it all.

It’s thought to have been popularised as a way for restaurants to make money during the festive period, when most folks would want to gather at home with their families. Both Malaysia and Singapore claim to have invented the dish, but its deeper roots lie among the Cantonese fishing communities of China.

Lee managed to get a list of symbolic meanings from Come Let’s Eat:

鸿运当头 (Hong Yun Dang Tou) meaning “Good luck is approaching"

Green Radish:
青春常驻 (Qing Chun Chang Zhu) meaning “Everlasting Youth“

White Radish:
风生水起 (Feng Sheng Shui Qi) meaning “Quick progression”

Pepper / Cinnamon Powder:
招财进宝 (Zhao Cai Jin Bao) meaning “Attract wealth and treasures”

Five-Spice Powder:
五福临门 (Wu Fu Lin Men) meaning “To attract luck to your doorstep”

Sesame Oil:
财源广进 (Cai Yuan Guang Jin) meaning “to attract many sources of wealth”

Pomelo or Lime:
大吉大利 (Da Ji Da Li) meaning “Good luck and smooth sailing”

年年有余 (Nian Nian You Yu) meaning “Abundance through the year”

Sesame Seeds:
生意兴隆/大小平安 (Sheng Yi Xing Long/Da Xiao Ping An) meaning “Prosperity for the business”/ “Peace for all ages”

Plum Sauce:
甜甜蜜蜜 (Tian Tian Mi Mi) meaning “May sweetness enter your life”

Fried Crisps:
满地黄金/金银满屋 (Man Di Huang Jin) / (Jin Yin Man Wu) meaning “Floor full of gold” / “Household filled with gold and silver”