It’s funny how the first thing that Corazon did to Law was to throw him in the trash heap, while the last thing he did was to secure him inside a treasure chest!

Signs Symbolic Meanings
  • Aries:-Ram- Just like the Ram they are willing to butt heads with those they think are standing in their way. Brave and Headstrong, they approach manners directly and forcefully. They are always striving to get the job done quickly, and they hate deceit so much that they can sometimes be too honest for their own good.
  • Taurus:-Bull- Like their symbol they are stubborn, stable, and resolute. They have an understanding of the material world. While they may not be the first to jump at a new idea, once they get started they will embrace it and follow it through to the finish. They are dependable and extremely loyal-to ideas, traditions, and the people in their life.
  • Gemini:-Twins- As if there exist within the Gemini two different people with different sets of values and opinions. Are known for functioning best when they have two or more things to do at the same time. Among the best communicators of information.
  • Cancer:-Crab- Have the tendency to feel insecure at times, and when they experience this emotion they want to withdraw into their own version of a crab's protective shell. A crab carries its home on its back wherever it goes in the same way a Cancerian strives to make a metaphorical home even out of the most temporary surroundings.
  • Leo:-Lion- Not only is a group of lions referred to as a "pride," but also the importance of a personal pride to those born during the time of Leo cannot be overstated. They do not want to be connected to anyone or anything that they do not feel is up to their high personal standards.
  • Virgo:-Virgin- It is important to note that in ancient times the word "virgin" actually had two meanings: it was used not only to refer to a sexually inexperienced individual, but also to describe an independent woman who did things on her own terms and to whom no man held dominion. Virgos thrive when they are able to do things in their own way.
  • Libra:-Scales- The scale is a representation of equal measure and justice. The perfect balance of the Libran scale was also a reminder that the first six warming full moons of the lunar year have passed and that the challenges of the next six cooling full moons were to come.
  • Scorpio:-Scorpion- Most Scorpios are as fearless as their symbol, the scorpion. As well as their symbol, they can be so intent on stinging something that they end up stinging themselves. They are often misunderstood because of the intensity of their passion.
  • Sagittarius:-Centaur- They share the love of travel, animals, the great outdoors, and natural healing with their symbol. They keep the torch of learning alight; they actively seek out knowledge and the wisdom to use it properly. They have a reputation for being blunt. Only interested in the ultimate truth, because, otherwise, it would not be worth knowing and teaching to others.
  • Capricorn:-Goat- The mountain goat is tireless as it makes its way to the tops of mountain after mountain. Equally tireless in their efforts to get to the top of their respective professions. It is accurate to say they crave the respect of those whom they, themselves, respect.
  • Aquarius:-Water Bearer- The symbol of this sign is the Water Bearer pouring out his bounty to quench the thirst of the world. Mistaken as a Water sign frequently, the sign is associated with the element air, the realm of ideas.They like to think broad and theoretical terms and want to "pour out" their ideas to quench the intellectual thirst of the world.
  • Pisces:-Fish- The symbol suggests-two fish locked in tension, forever pulling each other in opposite directions-one side of this conflict can represent the personality whose inner self is always preparing to retreat from the world. Associated with both empathy and telepathy. Their natural ability to be invisibly connected to those around them and those around the world is both a blessing and a curse.
Here's my biggest thing at the moment...

While thinking over the execution of Beth’s “death”, and how her character was treated even before that, I honestly can’t help but wonder… Why would Gimple do that?
Beth Greene was his brain child, and he protected her from scrutiny and other peoples misunderstandings left and right. He deeply understood her character, and really worked to make her have this great symbolic, and very real, importance to Daryl near the end, who is one of the main favorites on the show. He worked on her character through the seasons on a very personal level, and so did Emily, and then- it just ends? And there’s not even a pop figure or action figure the fans can have, while a Tyreese one is made so quickly after his demise?
Something just doesn’t add up for me.
The way the marketing teams (and I know for a fact that TWD has at least one marketing team) are handling her death is too… Calm. During the frenzy of her death would be a good time to release Beth related items and make a lot of money, so why wait?
And now we have this whole “dating” thing with Norman and Emily that made even my mother, who is not team delusional, side eye TWD family…
This is becoming too suspicious for me to even handle.
No matter what is going to happen, this is some weird shit that I really want an explanation for, and soon.


Rhian: #Hopia 

*attached a pic of Rhian making a heart but Glaiza didn’t notice*

Fan: Was the heart didn’t really became complete?

Rhian: It became whole in the end. When she released Wila. Even in #TRMDMallShow there are symbolisms.

Fan: You know that Glaiza is holding Wila so you thought of a way for her to release her? So bright!

Rhian: You know it.

pensversusswords asked:

*see's Tony Stark x Roller Skates on my dash* YES HELLO LET'S TALK ABOUT MY #1 OTP


Would you like to talk about the way Tony likes to canonically commute using the skates? 

Or the way he says they make him feel like a kid again? (which considering what we know about a) his childhood and b) the kind of isolated play they represent in this context ouch)

Or the kind of way that it blends the dorkiness of roller skates with thrill-seeking, and undercuts the whole playboy image because he’d rather play with and run with those than one of his status symbol cars. And yeah, they are a marker of his own genius, but they’re also so freaking whimsical, so they don’t announce genius in the same way. They’re self-deprecating and adorable at the same time that they’re playfully ridiculous and hilarious. 

anonymous asked:

Could you tell me some more about persephone? I am new to paganism but feel immediately drawn to her. Any reliable sources of her story? How would I introduce myself to her?

Sure! :D

Here are some good links for general reading:




For further more in-depth reading, I suggest checking out the mythology books at your local library ^_^

As for introducing yourself, I would do something like find one of her sacred flowers/plants/symbols/etc. and focus on it. Bring an offering up to her, and tell her about yourself.

Describe how you got interested in her, why you would like to work with her, and offer her praise. Ask her how she would feel about being worshiped by you, and go from there ^_^

Depending on the time of year, you can give up offerings in different ways. During the summer/spring months, I suggest either burning them or leaving them out as you would any other deity. But if it is towards the end of summer, right when fall is beginning, and also through the winter, burying/pouring your offerings into the ground would be a good idea. :)

“The Kubrick Stare, sometimes referred to as the Kubrick Glare, is a common camera shot of an actor in most of Stanley Kubrick’s films. The Kubrick Glare has been called the “heavy-browed look of insanity”. It symbolizes that the character in question is either really, really pissed or really becoming deranged, and the person they’re looking at is really, really screwed. Other times—usually when combined with a smile—it means they’re feeling really, really clever. Either way, it’s really creepy and ominous.”

Day 05: Your totem.

I’m going to say my watch, because I wear my watch daily and so would know it really well. And then of course I’d have to scratch it in some distinctive way or something. 

I feel like that’s boring and it should be something super-symbolic, like a very special pen or some type of tea or something, but it’s late and I’m tired so, yeah, going with watch. 

Inception 30 Day Challenge


ALDC Girls As Gemstones: Nia the Tiger’s Eye

Just like the colors of Tiger’s Eye vary in different lighting and different samples, Nia has really changed over time to become a suitable fit for this stone. Tiger’s Eye symbolizes clear-headedness and focus, which is exactly what we’ve seen from Nia in recent episodes. She’s not afraid to stand up to Abby anymore, she knows what she wants, and she knows that the way she speaks up for herself is the right and necessary thing to do. It is also a stone that shows care towards others, just as Nia did when she and JoJo were being left out in Australia. Way to find your voice, Nia! You’re a tiger! Sparkle on, Nia✨

(Nobody even reads or likes this new theme but ok)


Tonight I lay alone surrounded by the sound of empty space and laptop keys

Tonight i need you to be here with me

Thinking about how you’re wrapped in someone else’s arms tied together with a ring

a permanent symbol

it’s like the scars that I find on my arms

a symbol of how many times I needed what you pretended to feel for me

The way you spoke was intoxicating;

a winding road of words that seemed endless and lead to nothing.

I could lay under the stars listening to all the things you have to say about all the things I really don’t care about

lately I’ve been thinking about killing myself

and people think this is the kind of poem where we talk about the things that we wont miss when we’re gone or how he hurt us so bad that nothing could be worse, even dying

but this isn’t that sort of poem…

siren-barren asked:

do you have any recommendations for people wanting to start tarot?

Sure! I’m not sure what kind of info you’re looking for but the best way to start is to get yourself a deck and just get familiar with the cards by studying each one and practicing as often as you can. Maybe start with a deck that is really common like Gilded or Rider Waite, these decks have a lot of information out there which allows you to easily understand the symbolism and meaning of each card. Personally though this is just a starting point for you, as you will probably develop your own connection and meaning behind the card. Keep a tarot journal to write down any special associations to the cards you may develop, as well as writing down the readings you do for yourself, or who ever. This enables you to look back at different spreads or different answers you may have had for a specific question. I turned to tarot as a way to help me find answers I was looking for within myself. It’s really helped me feel more confident and trusting of myself and my intuition as well as letting me feel more connected to everything… and it’s fun :) 

There are soo many great books and online resources out there as well as lots of blogs on tumblr that are more than willing to help and answer questions. I would start by going to the bookstore or metaphysical store and seeing what you’re drawn to. 

I hope this helps! Thank you!

littlelansky asked:

for the writing meme: 1, 4, 8, 9

1. of the fic you’ve written, which are you most proud of?

Hands down, without a doubt, The Four Horsemen. It’s the most different from how I usually write and I’m proud that I was able to pull it off, and that it has so much English-teacher-symbolism-bullshit, cause I love that stuff and I had fun and I think it’s just, it’s the greatest departure from my usual stuff and I think it’s quite good 

4. what are some themes you love writing about?

…is “foolish nerd babies falling in love and coming to terms with their feelings” a theme?

uh, no but really. since most all of what I’m writing these days is boardwalk au, I try to always incorporate the theme of “the world has failed you, you are on your own.” Like that’s why the school district sucks in high school au—not because I’m bad at running schools, but because it’s a system that has failed them. The idea of being failed by the world around you and having to figure it out yourself is important to me, and it’s important that I always incorporate some aspect of that into AUs, because it’s so integral to their experiences and to Boardwalk’s overall narrative. I also have a big huge weakness for people exploring and coming to terms with their sexuality, whatever that may be, because I know that’s a hard thing to go through, but it’s not a story that’s often told well because the only coming-of-age stories that queer people get are usually riddled with “oh it’s so HARD to be QUEER” angst that straight people write. or it’s gay ya with a duplicitous bisexual, so I’m here for the bi and ace and pan people who don’t get their own ya coming of age

8. is there a character you love writing for the most? the least? why?

Charlie is my favorite to write. He is the easiest for me to write and I live in his headspace. Part of the reason it’s so easy is that I’ve been consistently writing from Charlie’s POV since I started watching Boardwalk, which was two years ago. So I’m most practiced. But he’s definitely the lens through which I watch Boardwalk. I connect to him most on an emotional level, so I always sort of filter everything through Charlie’s experience, which makes it easiest for me to slip into his head. I get him. I don’t know why I picked this motherfucker to “get,” but I do.

I probably like writing AR the least, actually. Mostly because he’s just so difficult? AR is incredibly different to different people, at different points in his life, so it can be hard to feel like you’re doing things correctly, because there are so many different AR’s even within the canon. And as I rambled about yesterday, I still get so anxious talking about AR, because of past baggage. So I can’t shake that underlying sense of judgment whenever I write him, and it blocks me up pretty bad a lot of the time. 

9. a passage from a WIP

so unfortunately you’ve already read this WIP, but it’s the only WIP I have to post right now. I present to you all, from the next chapter of high school au… Benny And His Applesauce

“So Meyer…” Benny picked up a small container of applesauce from his tray and examined it, tilting it this way and that. He seemed to be checking for the expiration date—or maybe just stalling. Meyer huffed and waited for more, but Benny was intent on his applesauce.

Of all the days for Benny to learn patience, the one where Meyer had a quiz to study for was not ideal. “Yes?” he prompted with a note of annoyance, when Benny’s unusual silence persisted. Finally, Benny stopped investigating his lunch and looked at him. There was something uncharacteristically thoughtful in his expression. He almost seemed serene—which was worrying. Absurdly, Meyer felt like Benny was trying to read his mind through the persistence of his gaze alone.

His intent focus did not falter. Benny didn’t look away as he peeled the tinfoil from the applesauce, licked it, crumpled it into a ball, and flicked it to the floor. Meyer watched it bounce along the tile.


“The Kubrick Stare, sometimes referred to as the Kubrick Glare, is a common camera shot of an actor in most of Stanley Kubrick’s films. The Kubrick Glare has been called the “heavy-browed look of insanity”. It symbolizes that the character in question is either really, really pissed or really becoming deranged, and the person they’re looking at is really, really screwed. Other times—usually when combined with a smile—it means they’re feeling really, really clever. Either way, it’s really creepy and ominous.”

But the thing about pepe is that the current pepe meme is not really the same as the original pepe meme. The original meme was a part of the reaction face meme movement, where we also got other abominations like me gusta and trollface. The “revival” of pepe is not really a revival, because he’s not even remotely used in the same way as he originally was used. (Do you ever seen anyone unironically use him as a way to describe their feelings any more? I doubt it.) He has not simply been revived, but instead, he has been given a modernist rebirth. Pepe has become the figurehead of a new meme movement, where memes from previous movements are enjoyed ironically, and these memes are made the basis of new memes themselves. The current pepe is a meta-meme, in fact the very symbol of it. And the overarching idea that binds all these memes, old and new (worth to mention that most of the newer ones are largely nonsensical or absurdist jokes, as a result of the popularisation of shitposting) is that memes as a whole can be treated as a meme itself. This is why meta-memes and ironic memeing are so popular, because that is literally what this entire movement is about. And that’s why we get those “signs as memes” posts and similar. Memes are a meme. Instead of just developing new memes, we have remade and abstracted the very concept of memes. And I actually find it very interesting how much this resembles the evolution of other art forms.

Bullet Journal 101

Declaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form an expert on Bullet Journaling. This post is here to help anyone who is struggling with the concept or is in need of some guidance. Thank you.

What is a Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal is a customizable organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above.

Bullet Journal website link: http://bulletjournal.com/

Some Bullet Journal Terminology:

Key- explanatory table of symbols used to aid in the finding of similar subjects/events/or notes

Weekly Spread- a week shown out over the course of one or more pages listing out events, notes, pictures, lists, etc.

Index- a list of names, subjects, etc., with references to the places where they occur over the course of the journal

Month on two pages view- two pages where on one page the big monthly events are listed and on the other is an overview of the month

Daily to do list- a list that changes day to day where it contains the activities or goals of that specific date

Migrate- to move a task that was not accomplished or finished on the day that it was intended to another day

How do I get started?

Step 1) Get a journal, notebook, planner, binder with notebook paper, basically anything that will allow you to write a copious amount in one organized place

Step 2) Use pencils, markers, pens, highlighters, or any form of writing utensil that will let you jot down your notes, plans, or daily schedules

Step 3) Find a design, links for some of my personal inspirations will be linked down below, or format that suits your liking. If any of those aren’t your cup of tea don’t feel like you have to choose one, make it your own and have fun!!!

Videos/Posts that inspired me:


Tumblr Posts

And my running tag for Bullet Journal inspiration:

Step 4) Decorate, decorate, DECORATE!!! This, again, is completely optional but don’t be afraid to spice up your journal with anything you like. Stickers, magazine cutouts, ribbon, washi tape, jewels, sequins, pictures, sticky notes, basically anything that you like!

  • What I use: I use sticky notes, washi tape, flags, and stickers

Step 5) Start your journey to a new style of organization and planning!!!

Feel free to message me about any further Bullet Journal questions :)