Sarcophagus Cover of Djedhor showing the Egyptian Goddess Nut (Goddess of Heavens and Sky, representing Resurrection) raising the Sun, 305 BC.

Nut was the Goddess of the Sky and all Heavenly bodies, a symbol of Resurrection and Rebirth. According to the Egyptians, during the day, the Heavenly bodies - such as the Sun and Moon - would make their way across her body. Then, at dusk, they would pass into her mouth and be swallowed, traverse the inside of her belly throughout the Night, and be Reborn out of her uterus at dawn. A sacred symbol of Nut was the ladder, used by Osiris to enter her Heavenly skies. This ladder-symbol was called maqet and was placed in Tombs to protect the Deceased, and to Invoke the aid of the Deity of the Dead. She was the Sky Goddess, in contrast to most other Mythologies, which usually evolve into a Sky Father associated with an Earth Mother (Mother Nature).


I am a Southerner by both birth and heritage. I come from a long line of poor white cotton farmers on both sides of my family. Three of my four great-grandfathers fought in the Confederate Army. The fourth had been told by his parents that he could join the army when he turned 13; he was on his way from Texas to Virginia to do so when he met his brothers coming home on the road. They told him that Lee had surrendered and the war was over. My grandmother was a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and I was enrolled at the age of 6 in the Children of the Confederacy. I mention these credentials because of what I am about to say about the Confederate battle flag.

Once and for all: Anyone who talks about the flag as a symbol of heritage is flat-out wrong

i keep rewatching the shipping thing and i know they didn’t mean for it to be symbolic but it’s just so easy for me to interpret it that way…? (it’s not a very happy interpretation tho lmao…)

they decide to publicly announce that they’re a couple (ship themselves)

other youtubers ship them also/support their decision but it gets overwhelming and stressful

a corporate truck hits them (people stop sponsoring them)

their crew is upset at them for ruining their brand

their families give them heat over it

in the end they lose their fans


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Since we know more about how stanford looks like and wears a coat and shirt what does the colors mean for him as a charcter and his motives?

Oh my goodness thanks for asking because I actually having been doing research on this ever since the promo was released! *pulls out a stack of notes from under my desk*

 I’ll put this under the cut because spoilers or whatever.

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Skye & Antoine ‘Trip’ Triplett

Trip and Skye become friends during the long winter after SHIELD moves to The Playground. Coulson’s begun having less and less direct contact with Skye, terrified he’ll trigger her into carving alien symbols on walls, just as he’s begun to do as a result of the GH-325. Since Trip is Mr Sunshine personified he’s able to keep Skye’s mood from becoming too dark, and even when she won’t tell him what she’s up to while she’s researching the symbols for Coulson (without knowing Coulson’s the one carving them), he still offers his support to her in a quiet, understated way: ‘If you need any help with that nothing, you let me know.’

The fact that Trip’s there in the chamber when Skye goes through Terragenesis, and that he dies as she gains her powers means that any time she uses them she will always be reminded of him - which will make her 'gift’ twice as hard to appreciate (the fact that her powers were foisted on her without her consent is hard enough, but losing her best friend at the same time is just heart-breaking).

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What is your spirit animal?

I was told it’s an owl, but my heart tells me it’s a butterfly from experiencing a one-to-one moment with a big blue butterfly that chose my hand to land on and to look into each other. Things have transformed in many ways for me since that moment and I always feel instantly happy and light when I see a butterfly. My spirit animal could very well be an owl as I relate to its symbolisms’ so I’ve been told, but my heart and soul tells me it’s a butterfly


My pieces are now live in the Femsplain shop!

There are three pieces all together, each one featuring a subject that has often been sexualized or perceived of as feminine, cute, etc. Each subject is juxtaposed alongside a strong, unexpected phrase as a way of repurposing existing symbols. 

All three are available as signed prints (8x10 and 11x14) and mugs. They will only be available via femsplain​’s shop, and only for the month of July! 

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could i ask you what exactly scrying is?

sure! :D

Scrying is a divinatory method that involves looking at a surface to ‘descry’ symbols and images that may pertain to your situation or question. There are many ways to scry, and here are some articles that may help you :)

What is scrying?

How do you scry?

Scrying chant

What to do if it doesn’t seem to work out

As always, any specific questions can be directed towards me! :D

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Favorite Joker quotes?

‘’If I weren’t crazy, I’d be insane!’’

‘’All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day. You had a bad day once. Am I right? You had a bad day and everything changed.’’

‘’Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can’t savor  all  the little emotions. You see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are. So, in a way I knew your friends better than you ever did.    Would you like to know which of them were cowards?’’

‘’In my dream, the world had suffered a terrible disaster. A black haze shut out the sun, and the darkness was alive with the moans and screams of wounded people. Suddenly, a small light glowed. A candle flickered into life, symbol of hope for millions. A single tiny candle, shining in the ugly dark. I laughed and blew it out.’’

‘’Here’s to crime.’’

Pretty much everything he said in The Killing Joke is a great quote.

Still more anon responses!  Mostly about flags and symbols again, but there’s also one about Four Swords, one about t-shirts, and another with a more general question about gender.

dragon-buns and rainbowdrinkersrampuspartytown, I’m answering you both here as well.  I hope it’s okay that I’m answering publicly - I thought it made sense to have discussions regarding the symbols in such a way that everyone can see everyone else’s reasoning, but if you would prefer I respond privately, just say so and I will!

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My Dimir pendant from gemstonechronologist arrived today!

As you can see, it is amazing.

Slightly more golden in color than I expected for “stainless steel,” and if I had it to do again I might go with gray.

But it is still the most beautiful thing and is perfect and I love it. And the warmer sheen is growing on me slowly.

It’s heavy, as you might expect from… a block of 3d printed steel :-P And while it’s generally heavy enough to stay put the way the chain is looped through the circle means it’s shifted a tiny bit a couple of times.

But wow is it beautiful, and I love the way it has the mana symbols on the back.

like the sun comes back
each dawn, again and again
i never leave completely
like the stars’ persistence to shine
in the sky, after all
they’ve seen below them
my constellations spell forgiveness
and repentance of my own
like the moon, who faithfully shows
even though chances are
she won’t be seen, appreciated
by the eyes of sleepy souls
she watches over, no expectations
only love, i’ll do that for you.

like words spoken
daily, thoughtless, spewed in 
angst or heat, from the heart
sometimes, from the mind
delicate, formed into intricate tendrils
of sounds off my tongue
like handwritten letters 
on paper, smudged by insistence 
and earnest belief in my sentences
all times, sincere and near
unrecognizable symbols trying to 
imitate real feelings
splashed with ink like precious art
like your favorite novel
worn at the edges but loved, immensely
assuredly marked over, but meaningfully
making my way closer to your heart.

like the first sip of alcohol
too strong, but determined to 
get to this better place and state
drowsy, my heart slurs but 
you're all that's on my mind
and all that's slipping off my loose cannon mouth
like the morning hours
after too much, i call it regret
but i’ll do it again, have done it again
the high is higher than the low is low
like sober realizations
that drunk words speak bold
to the heart’s sober reality
more than recklessly thrown stones.

—  sydney, “i love you like”
kristalliankka replied to your post “Every time I think about Shepard’s clone, I feel so bad for them…”

Yes! It always makes me want to cry when the clone asks “what makes you so damn special”. Because she could have had her own life, but she was abandoned. I wish there was a way to save her

Yes! That quote :/
Saddest thing is that you can’t save them. They’re doomed as soon as you meet them, which you have to accept. I also feel like they’re not even the main character of their own story. Idk how to explain this. I mean, even when they’re yelling and crying “this is about me,” it still feels like it’s really about Shepard and what Shepard could have been. They’re almost shown as a symbol instead of a real person. I also feel like the game will acknowledge the crazy shit Cerberus did to Shepard, but they don’t really spend time on the horrible things they did to Shepard’s clone. In a way, the clone is another bad thing that they did to Shepard. It’s kinda true, but they’re also a victim. Does that make sense? It’s late and it’s way too hot here. I feel like my brain is melting. 

Every time I learn more about Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, really any queer/trans elder, I feel very moved in a way I can’t describe. At the heart of it is the sense that these people, the work they’ve done, directly created the conditions of possibility for me to exist. Without them I would be living a torturous lie — or simply be dead.

At the same time, they just wanted to live and not necessarily to be venerated in this way. So I ask: how can we honor their legacies in our own lives, without presuming to claim them for our contemporary struggles in ways they often resisted while still alive? (In part, certainly, by supporting those elders still with us, like Miss Major.) What are the ways of talking and thinking that can affirm how much they have meant to us without turning them into flattened symbols of an abstract ideal of ‘liberation’?

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I think the thing which upsets me most about this season is their portrayal of Rae's illness. It could be just me, but I always felt that Rae was a sort of symbol of hope for girls like her. Ones who maybe were bigger and didn't know the best ways to deal with their issues, and were slowly working through them. It just upsets me the way they're showing it as though things will /never/ get better, and that once you're casted as "mental" you can never be anything but "mental". (1)

(con’t.) I just think that’s so heartbreaking to different people because that beacon of hope, in the form of Rae, is being lost. At this point, fuck Finn. I don’t care about him now, all I care about is the fact that in two years Rae hasn’t been able to find a way of speaking to someone else about her issues. I think that’s the /most/ important thing. The conversation she needs to have with her family, with her friends, and with Kester. (2)

Only once she’s feeling better with /herself/ can she feel better with Finn. I think after the end of season 2, we (or at least, I), thought that Rae was getting better. And it’s true, she was, and she is. But, I think I just expected slightly more progress in 2 years. Mental illness will always be a part of your life, which is why I never expected it to go away, I just assumed, (perhaps wrongly,) and hoped that season 3 would be more about how when Rae feels upset/scared/frustrated/anxious, (3)

or anything else, they show us, the audience, that it’s possible to ask for help. That it’s natural to /need/ help. I just think that’s what I’m missing out on. However, I’m feeling hope for that last episode, after watching teasers, which show that Rae is opening up, I’m just questioning if they can show that progress in a short 45ish minutes. (Sorry for this ridiculous essay, I just have a lot of feelings right now, and they probably don’t even make sense hahah). (4)

(Also, this is solely my opinion, and I might be wrong, but I hope no one is offended or upset by anything I have said!) (5) (P. S. I think I’m at 5? I might be wrong, I’m on mobile and can’t keep track hahah 😊)

* * * * *

I feel you entirely on the too many feelings problem, Anon! I’m going to just let this stand on it’s own, because you make some excellent points. Thanks for sharing them with me!

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you're so well spoken and I just love the way your carry yourself. intellectual goals

Thank you, that’s so nice of you to say though I’m too scatterbrained to make sense to most people. like I ain’t got nothing to hide here I’m awful with words but I’m looking forward to being a great wordsmith. 😅😅 im sure you’re pretty bright yourself considering the nature of your message and that you HAVE intellectual goals at all🌺🌺
It’s been a long time coming for me ever since I started my life after high school. I’ve changed a lot about myself in learning a lot about myself and tbh I’ve been considering deleting this blog for a while now bc it has so much old negative immature nonsense documented from way back when I had a “persona” I really wanted to uphold. pfftahaha it’s symbolic kinda like chopping off long hair 👀
so if there’s any confusion as to who I really am pls know it doesn’t matter 🍃🐭

Green Language

In alchemical discourse, this term refers to the generally opaque and confusing way the few texts there are are written.

As Fulcanelli puts it, the alchemists of old had to resort to this means in order to obscure from one that which was to be disclosed to the other.

The language plays with phonetic analogies, plays on etymologies and symbols. It may be that the very mental exercise of making sense of the writings in itself is a preparatory exercise in expanding one’s mind towards being able to grasp the actual mysteries.

In Fulcanelli’s own writings, we have allusions to double meanings, where the seeker of literal transformation of lead into gold will simply get lost whereas the seeker of knowledge not concerned with material wealth or service to self will find keys to a new life, i.e. ascension to a multidimensional state of being, the Great Work.

See Fulcanelli’s Mystery of the Cathedrals and Dwellings of the Philosophers for examples. Also Mark Hedsel discusses the Green Language in Zelator, edited by David Ovason.

From Zelator:

‘Almost all esoteric systems have developed one form or other of what is called 'The Language of the Birds’, or the 'Green Language’, as a means of communication.’ This is an arcane tongue which permits initiates, and those on the Path, to com- municate secrets to one another in a form which is incomprehensible to those not versed in the language. […]’ There are no words for the higher experiences - only symbols. There is a limit to what one can say with words. Once you step beyond the boundary of the ordinary, and wish to communicate what you have seen, then you have to speak in poetry or symbols. 'Yet even the poetic frenzy will only take you so far. As you continue on the visionary Path, even the rules of art begin to break down. You might, like Dante, make flights of poetic symbolism so sublime that they have the power to carry even the most obtuse reader beyond the familiar, into the Spiritual.“ Or you might, like Rabelais, throw yourself into a buffoon’s burlesque, fooling your way with an arcane language which few even recognize as arcane. You might even, like Mozart, break into music so exquisite that its beams of sunlight touch levels where few men have ever been … Yet, in spite of this, there is a point beyond which art cannot go.’ [end quote]