I'm not okay

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: The Lego Batman Movie has blessed 2017 with the gay relationship between Batman and The Joker and you can’t tell me it isn’t canon because they hinted the fuck out of it and you could literally replace “hate” with “love” and “fight” with “date” and it would be no different and it’s amazing to think that that’s what the writers wanted us to take out of their relationship and interactions and no matter how many times you watch the movie it’s still gay and just wow I just can’t believe I just—

Love Inversion Theory II


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A/N: I hope you all like! Next one will be more eventful :) this chapter consists mostly of Peter realizing things on his own

“So, are you going to talk to me or am I going to be victim to your ‘method acting’ all day?” You suddenly asked.

“Of course not,” he said around a thoughtful chew of breakfast food. His voice wavered and he was just barely able to catch the American accent in time. “You can tell me what’s up, you know,” you say comfortingly. Your hand moved up his thigh in a loving way rather than a sexy way. “Just nervous,” Peter managed to say after swallowing his food. “I’d be more surprised if you weren’t,” you laughed, smoothing out a napkin on the table. “After all, this movie-it’s just still a giant ‘wow, what?’ in my brain. I guess for you it’s like that times a billion.”

Peter nodded slowly. “Yes, of course.” What the hell is she talking about? 

You stood up a few moments later. “I have a present for you,” you randomly declared. “But it might take around fifteen minutes to get a hold of. Will you be alright here while I step out for a bit?”

The clothes which you bore didn’t fall under typical [Y/n] standards. These were more revealing. The top dipped down your neckline and showed more cleavage than you usually did. You looked gorgeous-of course, because when do you not?-but different. 

“No, yeah, yeah, of course,” Peter assured you, raising his arms over his head. Every move he made was an attempted relaxed and natural looking one. You gave him a double glance before shrugging. “Okay,” you smiled. “I will be back as soon as possible so don’t freak out. Oh! And your mom texted me. One, she’s a bit too pleased to see any pictures of us out together and a bit not too pleased with the ‘Tomdaya’ rumors. She makes a lot of marriage comments about us…”

You looked at him for a lingering couple of seconds, almost as if you were waiting for him to say something.

“Oh. I’ll-I’ll tell her right away to stop that. You know my moooooum.” He inwardly cringed at the slip up.

You tilted your head back in surprise. “What?”

“My mum. Gotta love ‘er,” Peter chuckled, pointing his fingers at you like guns. You popped your lips. “Okay. Well like I said I’ll just be out for a little bit…be careful.”

“You too,” he called after your retreating figure. 

Click. The door shut and Peter stared at it for a minute to ensure you wouldn’t come back. When he deemed it safe, he stood up abruptly. “What the hell?! Where’s the suit, where is my suit?!” He clamored over open suitcases and random assortments of furniture and flung a closet door open. Empty. 

Well, empty except for a gray hoodie. Peter pulled that on without really thinking about it then began to pace. 

[Y/n]. Tom. British? Someone’s mom. Waffles. 

Those were the only words that flew around his brain. He had to calm down, and soon. There wasn’t time to panic!

You telling him his mother texted threw him off guard since his parents had been dead for over half his life. He hardly remembered what it was like to have a mom. There had only ever been May and up until a few years ago, Ben. 

There was a laptop positioned neatly on the nightstand. Peter sighed in deep relief before opening it. 

The prompt for a password appeared on the screen and on impulse, he typed in the first dessert he shared with you. It opened. How convenient, he thought bitterly. Okay, Apple, time to not fail me with your pitiful excuse for a default browser.

(Safari was for losers. He firmly believe that, being an avid Google user and all.)

“Okay…uhm. Peter Parker,” Peter said his search out loud. You said something about the name, but not in the way he would have liked. You said it almost as if Peter wasn’t an actual person. 


‘Peter Parker (Earth-616), Marvel Database-Fandom Powered. Peter Benjamin Parker was born in Queens to Richard and Mary Par-’

He leaned away from the screen, half expecting it to blow up in his face. It wouldn’t surprise him. 

He scrolled down. 

There was a youtube link to some video titled ‘Peter Parker vs Flash basketball scene.’ Uhm. Yeah. Okay. 

Watching the video was a total waste of two minutes. Sort of. The school was, unnervingly, called Midtown. But its layout was definitely not his Midtown high. 

And that ‘Parker’ kid-not Peter. What the hell was up with that Flash person? Is this some elaborate joke? 

If so, Peter wasn’t understanding the punchline. If someone were to go to such lengths, why would they have someone who looked nothing like Flash Thompson be ‘Flash.’

The ‘up next’ logo was flashing to yet another video titled ‘Peter Parker vs. Flash.’ 

“These guys look nothing like me-!” Peter suddenly exclaimed mid way through the video. Some red headed girl was asking someone named Harry to help ‘Peter’ and Peter-the actual, real one-was not amused. 

“That guy looks nothing like Flash!” And Flash and I have never even fought like that. What is this, some cheesy high school movie? Maybe the names are a coincidence. He angrily paused the video, not wishing to hear it or watch it anymore. There was a few more movie clips-some media footage of Captain America and Tony Stark (that wasn’t new) but there was a thumbnail that caught Peter’s attention. 

It was a picture of him, sitting in his old room at the old complex and May used to live in. 

The video’s title read “Tony Stark Recruits Peter Parker | “Responsibility” Civil War Scene Full HD | Tom Holland.”

Okay, what the fuck. 

Tom-isn’t that what you were insisting Peter’s name was ever since he woke up? Tom Holland.

He warily watched the video. It all consisted of that one day Tony Stark decided to waltz in and recruit him. 

Only this video, it wasn’t from the point of view of Peter or Tony. It was a third person view, as if the camera person was filming it like a movie. Peter somehow thought he would remember another person recording from all different angles. 

With a knot in his stomach, he read through the comments:

Usernames like  “Parker Peter” or “Spider-Dork” just existed, and they all commented on this one video. 

“Tom Holland,” one comment read, “is the best Spider-Man!”

Another read: “Tom is the best” 

“Peter is such a daddy”

“Tom is so hot ugh”

“Tom Holland…the love of my life, more like”

“Tobey Maguire did better”

“Am I the only one who misses Andrew Garfield?” followed by a long string of replies:




“Wow what about Bucky no one ever gives him any love”


Peter stared at the comments with his mouth dropped open. The suggested videos to the side were all of “Captain America: Civil War” or “Spider-Man: Homecoming OFFICIAL trailer.”

It made him nauseous, so that with shaking hands, he opened up a new tab and typed in the name “Tom Holland.”

“Oh, no,” he groaned when new articles popped up. “What the fu-is that MICHELLE?! Am I dating Michelle?!” Indeed, there were articles headlined with things like ‘Tom Holland and Zendaya are dating!’  He scrolled away from that, not enjoying to feeling that one headline called Tom Holland a ‘cheater’ and accusing him of ‘dumping famed young adult author and girlfriend of three years, [Y/n] [L/n] for Spidey co-star, Zendaya.’ Another was labeled ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming opens for the first time tonight! We’re all excited-find out why!’

Peter finally found a wiki page and reluctantly clicked. The profile photo was of him, but not a photo he remembered taking.

He swallowed a thick lump in his throat and read aloud to himself “Thomas Stanley Holland, born the first of June in 1996, is an English actor and dancer. Holland is known for playing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe-”

Oh fuck. 


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Vid One-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcGHKrh8J8I

Vid Two-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWCi9Bxu1pk

Vid Three-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DESwBLlniCg

Tom Holland Wiki-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Holland_(actor)

***any usernames/comments shown in the fic are not real-any similarities are pure coincidence. I own nothing and no one, except for this fic idea***

BTS Reaction to breaking up with you but they still love you

Anon Requested:  hello! can i request bts reaction when we want breakup but they still love us?

Wow just realized I had two other ‘break up’ reactions by the time I was at Jin’s reaction :)))) So here’s where you want to break up and where you want to breakup because of hate 

Jungkook: “I love you, please always know that.” Jungkook whispered before placing a kiss on your forehead. Tears were running down your cheeks as Jungkook knew he had to stay strong. “We’ll be together again someday, just not today.” This was his first breakup but he knew sure as hell that this would be his last, Jungkook’s heart ached seeing you cry but he knew this was for the better. 

Taehyung: He had to walk away; from you, from the relationship, he had too and he was hating himself more and more for it. He loved you, he made sure to tell you that, that’s what he kept repeating to you. “I love you, I love you, I love you.” He held you in his arms for the longest time before he had to go. He loved you and he had to leave you.

Jimin: He had a hard time even getting the words out, they were choking him out but he knew he had to get them out. “I love you, God do I love you (Y/N).” Tears were falling down his face now when he looked at you, the broken look in your eyes but you knew what was coming. You nodded letting him know that it was okay, that he didn’t need to say anymore. “I love you.”

“I know.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know.”

Hoseok: It’s been weeks and he still hurts from what he had to do. Still replaying the look on your face when he uttered the words “Break up.” he felt sick to his stomach. He loved you still, God did he still love you, but he couldn’t be with you, at least not now. He thought about you everyday just as you thought about him.

Namjoon: He was more angry than anything. He hated that he had to break up with you, but he knew you weren’t fully satisfied. He never had much time for you, always at the studio or on tour doing promotions. He wanted the best for you and so he let you go. He never showed it when he was with you, but the moment he was alone he broke doing muttering “I’m sorry.” repeatedly.

Yoongi: He never really slept at night anymore and if he did it wasn’t any longer than an hour or so. Even if he did sleep all he dreamt of was the night he had to tell you it was over. The look of shock on your face, the tears the welled up in your eyes and how you didn’t want to be touched by him. It all broke him, he wanted nothing more than to hold you in his arms again but the reality of that happening again seemed to be slim to none. He loved you, missed you and just wanted you back.

Jin: It was hard for Seokjin to even look at you let alone say the words “We need to break up.” It wasn’t his decision, he didn’t want to, but he had to. He knew you weren’t happy but you were satisfied, the relationship being a secret to the company he could only do so much. That was until the relationship was leaked and he was told to breakup. You cried and cried and Seokjin just wanted to hold you and tell you everything was alright, but that’d be a lie. He had to break up with the one person he loves the most.

I’d have to say something I love thinking about is Keith doing literally anything and of course looking flawless and beautiful doing it and having his S/O just stare like… “What did I do to be blessed with this angel”

small pepper potts appreciation post

Can we please talk about how pretty pepper potts is? Not only she is powerful and fun and basically perfect… but she is like so damn gorgeous all the time. Her lipstick’s always great? HER HAIRSTYLES? HER CLOTHES?!? I mean her small freckles Tony has probably counted numberous times. Her blue eyes that are just so beautiful. HER PERFECT FACE IS GOALS!? She is definitely out of control gorgeous. Almost 10 years in the MCU and she is still just… wow I love my wife. Or Tony’s soon-to-be wife. Too soon? Ok definitely too soon for me

Bachelor Party

Author(s): justrae2010
Rating: Mature
Summary:  It’s not every bachelor party that you’re treated to a strip tease from your fiancee.

“Phichit,” he said, drawing Phichit’s reluctant pout to him. “Where’s Yuuri?”

He could be lying in a ditch somewhere, drunk off his face, or in the arms of some other man - obviously not Yuuri’s choice, but if Phichit was like this then Yuuri must be so drunk, and-

Phichit batted Victor’s hands away from his face, shoving on his shoulder. Victor tilted his body, but didn’t take his eyes off Yuuri’s best man for a second. He didn’t have to though, barely remembering how to do anything more than blink as tanned fingers reached for him, chin pinched between Phichit’s thumb and forefinger with surprising accuracy for the haze dancing in those grey eyes.

They angled his face to the stage, Phichit’s warm breath sighing over his ear in a way that sent shivers down Victor’s spine. “You’re looking at him.”

Victor’s eyes widened.

Suddenly, he knew exactly why the moves on stage looked familiar…

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When I look at pictures of fetus Niall and compare them with his pictures now it still amazes me how he went from being this slightly awkward-looking yet very cute boy to this dreamboat of a man while still managing to look fucking adorable.

I mean, look at this…

Yes, yes, I know it’s puberty and all but I still sit here and just… wow. In my opinion, he’s just one of those people who gets better with age and if he looks this good in his early 20′s, can you imagine how he’ll look when he’s in his 30′s or 40′s?!


And now it is time for our lil muffin, an actual angel, one half of the beautiful Busan line, Park Jimin aka chim aka I was watching some of their twitter videos and oh my god he’s so cute like they were all videos I’ve watched before bc I’ve watched that particular video many times but like it always hits me how genuinely precious this man is like he’s just so !!! and his voice is so soft and soothing and his giggle is just like almost musical tbh which doesn’t even surprise me but it still was just a wow moment and I just wanted to put it out there that Jimin is just so so cute and precious and I love him so very much

  • Jimin is similar to Namjoon
  • He’s definitely a social lil butterfly when he needs to be but he also seems content with the friends he does have
  • Like he’s polite as fuck and has no issue talking to people when he wants to but like he normally just kinda chills with his boys
  • But he would be such a cute lil vampire like wow
  • He always wonders why all the other vampires want to dote on him so much, why they continually offer their help, why they seem to be so protective over him
  • But it’s just bc he’s adorable
  • In their eyes, he’s like a lil child even though they’ve all seen him be v v upset
  • When chim gets upset, that child like glow disappears and his jaw does the thing and fists ball up so his arms are all flexed
  • And they realize that oh hey he’s a vampire I should probably like not piss him off that’s a great idea
  • Like as beautiful as the sight of pissed off jimin is, it’s like you know very well he could fuck someone up easily
  • Like don’t doubt Jimin this kid is not to messed with
  • But honestly he’s such a sweetheart that you really have to push his buttons to get him mad
  • Like you have to literally be trying to make him that mad it isn’t something that happens accidentally
  • He would enjoy the night as well as the morning
  • He leans a lil bit more towards morning person tbh but he enjoys being able to have time to himself during the night
  • He’s a born vampire
  • He’s actually a hybrid to be technical
  • His father was a vampire but his mother was a human when she had him
  • Not much was different with him from a normal vampire except his fangs weren’t as long and he doesn’t really n e e d blood to survive
  • Like he could easily go without it but it does help keep him super healthy, even if it’s just like an annual thing
  • It actually comes in handy a lot bc most vampires can only go a few months without it but he could go forever
  • He’s still a bit stronger and faster than a typical human, he still has those perks of being a vampire, they’re just not as strong
  • You two meet in a music store
  • He just moved to the town you live in
  • He’s only been there for about a week
  • He actually moved into the house a few doors away from yours so you’ve seen him a few times when you’re walking to your car or getting your mail
  • He’s always got sunglasses on and he’s always always always got his lil pup no matter what
  • Whether he’s walking her or just taking her out to get his own mail he’s always got her with him, sometimes he’s carrying her sometimes he’s got her on a leash and is just letting her walk around with him
  • You never get a chance to say hi but you have to admit he’s really nic e and you wouldn’t mind having a conversation with him
  • So when you see him in the music store you work at, you’re just like hell yeah man
  • You use the excuse of being a good employee to go up to him
  • You ask him if he needs help finding anything and even though he doesn’t, he decides that hey you’re cute, why not chat a bit and says yes to your offer
  • You two kinda just talk and walk around the store pretending to be looking at albums even though you both have just began talking about movies at this point
  • By the end of the trip to the music store ran by Yoongi im yoonmin trash bye he walks out without any albums but with the promise of a date on Saturday
  • He tells you he’s a hybrid after a year of dating
  • See here’s the thing, I think Jimin falls quickly and when he does fall, he falls deep
  • Like he just screams being the type to be head over heels for his babe like he’d just do anything for you
  • So most of the secrets he has are told after the ten month mark
  • He saves his biggest secret for last
  • He spends the entire night explaining everything to you
  • Like he doesn’t mind answering the deep questions about it or giving you the less than pretty answers like he just wants to be honest with you
  • He doesn’t change you right away
  • When he feels you’re both ready, he does turn you but that doesn’t happen for a while
  • You both just want to chill and be together and take things one step at a time instead of rushing everything
  • It ends up working in your favor though since you get to spend forever with him



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ok yeah i gotta admit that theyre adorable and one of my otps but still-


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As a new baby, I am very happy to have chosen stan B.A.P because they came into my life in an important moment, that marked me and in less than 2 months of blog, I have already passed 100 followers (seriously, I still do not believe, just wow… but I don’t care about numbers and yes with each one that follows my blog: feel good here, feel welcome and happy here, I really want it and thank for each one), I received ask’s and posts so sweet, I don’t know how to say how much I feel grateful and welcome, indeed! I hope to spend many more months, years and what I can help (be it with a conversation, with a council or something), what I can do and give support, I’ll be doing and whoever wants to ask, know something about me or anything else, feel free, I love to receive ask’s. I hope you guys have a great day, that you are happy, that you love yourself and that if you are experiencing any problem, I hope everything will be okay soon. Thank you guys. 💕 💕 💕 💕

Still alive… still working the plan. Just (wow this is a recurring theme) some big life changes are happening. Will post more when I know more.. but it could be good stuff long term. But it is scary stuff short term