4,000 year old children's rattle beautifully crafted as bear cub's head: and it still rattles!

The remarkable discovery of one of the oldest toys in the world came from excavations at a Bronze Age settlement in modern-day Novosibrirsk region.

Inside it - and it remains sealed - are little stones ‘that make a jingling sound’, said Professor Vyacheslav Molodin, deputy head of Novosibirsk Institute of Archeology and Ethnography.

He told The Siberian Times: 'This is a clay rattle with a visible well-made handle - handy for a child to hold it. It was constructed by clay firing, it is hollow inside. There are little stones inside. We don’t know what kind of stones these are, but we will be doing an X-ray to find out. The rattle is still working.’

The exciting find at the Vengerovo-2 archaeological complex dates to the third millennium BC, making it between 3,800 and 4,000 years old. Might it even include the sculptor’s signature? Read more.

MEJIBRAY - シアトリカル・ブルーブラック (Theatrical Blue-black) lyrics & translation

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Jan 25, 2000 “Voodoo” D'ANGELO “It must have been difficult to match his debut (and the frequent delays prove it was on his mind), but Voodoo is just as rewarding a soul album as D'Angelo’s first.”

Nov 21, 2000  “Mama’s Gun” ERYKAH BADU “Badu returned with Mama’s Gun, which is a turning point for her in many ways. Gone are the cryptic "Baduizms” that glossed all over her first release, replaced with a more honestly raw Badu singing directly from her heart rather than her head.“

Aug 14, 2001 "Now” MAXWELL   “Now is more song-centric than his previous releases, barring possibly his debut, but this is still well-crafted mood music in which the overall seductive sound matters more than what he’s saying specifically.”

Aug 31, 2004 “Beautifully Human: Words And Sounds Vol 2” JILL SCOTT “Ultimately, Beautifully Human is an even stronger recording than its predecessor. It’s seamless in its construction, unlittered in its production, honestly and elegantly articulated in its poetic soul, and utterly intoxicating in its groove consciousness.”

** Notes from www.allmusic.com


WOW! We’re still getting photos back from NYCC 2014. We’re still expecting a few more too! LOVE THESE! It also shows the beautifully crafted props by my wonderful boyfriend!

Photos by Young from New York [ http://Photos.YoungFromNewYork.com/ ] [https://www.facebook.com/pages/c-Young-Jeohn-Photos/218205288196804?ref=stream]

Check out our cosplay page http://www.facebook.com/slacosplay


Isles of Umbra is a beautifully crafted hand drawn journey into a strange Lovecraft-esque dream world, full of interesting characters and gorgeous artwork.

You play John Wilbur, an archaeologist who uncovers a key that allows him to travel to a nightmarish dream world and is invited to enter by a mysterious individual.  What follows is a wonderfully surreal point and click adventure full of danger, intrigue and bizarre characters, the explores dreams and the subconscious.

Still early in development, Isles of Umbra will be an episodic game, in which each chapter is a new dreamworld for you to explore.    We can’t wait to see more - this is one nightmare you won’t want to wake up from.

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Here’s some fantastic concept art for Disney’s Pinocchio, illustrated by Cy Young - a pretty fascinating man to say the least.

Cyrus Young was born in Hawaii in 1900 to Chinese parents. While Young was still a student he worked as the lead animator for the 1931 short animated film Mendelssohn’s Spring Song. Walt Disney was so impressed with the film that he hired Young, along with Ugo D’Orsi, to be the head of his newly formed special effects department in 1934.

As a Disney animator, Cy Young is credited for working on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi, Make Mine Music, and Blue Bayou. He was technically gifted, incredibly hardworking, and his work was always beautifully crafted. In their book, The Illusion of Life, Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas spoke fondly of Young’s work:

Who could ever forget the lovely white blossom-ballerina in Fantasia floating gracefully to a caressing landing on the surface of the water, only to be reborn and rise up inverted, swirling and spinning as she danced off with her colorful companions? That was Cy Young at his best. Rarely could others create such poetry and sensuality in a mere blossom’s falling into a pond. (seen here)

For the majority of the early 1930’s Young and D’Orsi single handedly ran Disney’s special effects department. Both Young and D’Orsi were notorious for the tempers, almost always taking their frustrations out on each other. They even shared an assistant who’s primary job was to work as a peacekeeper between the two. There’s a pretty funny antidote from The Illusion of Life about the working relationship between D’Orsi and Young:

One day they were discussing a scene involving a witch’s kettle bubbling over a fire. As drawn on the layout it was an old pot, rusty and partially covered with soot from years of cooking. Cy felt that light from the flames would be reflected evenly over the whole pot; Ugo claimed that the light would be only on the portions not covered by the soot, since soot has no reflective power. Each man was adamant, and, since there was only one way of proving who was right, a fire was built in an empty film can in the middle of the floor, with the shade from a goose-neck lamp inverted over it as the pot. Soon the flames were dancing merrily.

While everyone else was screaming, “Put the fire out!” the discussion grew into an argument. The whole surface of the lampshade was indeed bathed in glowing light as the flames enveloped it, but there was no soot on it - as yet. People were running about, and excited protests were now coming from far down the hall, still the animators fanned the flames earnestly - their faces right down at the floor - and studied the curved bottom of the shade.

The linoleum had begun to curl on the floor before a brigade of Dixie cups could be organized to douse the flames and send the frustrated effects animators back to their desks - with the point still unproved. Maybe it was inconsequential anyway and hardly worth considering, but that intensity of feeling and the driving desire for knowledge were typical of their approach to assignments.

External image

Cy Young left Disney after the animators strike in 1941. Other sources state that he was fired the day before the strikes occurred. After working for Disney Young worked for the Army as a staff artist and as a clerk for the Air Force.

On January 16, 1964 Cy Young died of an apparent suicide. Almost to the day, a month later on February 12, 1964, Ugo D’Orsi passed away at the age of 66. Young and D'Orsi are probably somewhere in the afterlife still arguing with each other and trying to figure out which parts of the kettle bubbling over a fire are reflective.

People who don’t like The Secret’s In the Telling are the reason why I have trust issues.

Dark Souls III and Trans-inclusivity.

Dark Souls has been out for a good while in Japan and even for certain reviewers and beta testers, though for the rest of us normal consumers, it has just dropped since midnight of April 12th. Many players are taking their first dive into what I’m noticing is a far more sinister, hopeless and deadly world, but it’s no less beautifully crafted and incredibly full of strange beings and bosses. Some might have taken the plunge into the Abyss as their own iteration of the ‘Ashen One’ early, but it still serves to say that while things are quite bleak in the world of Lothric, it’s clear that there’s a certain beauty in the grotesque creatures and landscapes it’s already shown me in just the world’s first two areas.

However, that isn’t exactly what I’m going to be writing about. With the backlash of the inclusion of a trans character in the game known as ‘Balder’s Gate’, many have noticed that games could be shown to have some horrific reprimands from very annoyed, even starkly angry people regarding something that doesn’t even have any real repercussions upon their own experiences in the game. Single  NPCs will obviously completely ruin an entire game, yes?

Dark Souls III has very slyly slipped in a work-around to this issue. I took notice of this when I went into the character creation screen for the first time and took notice of the menagerie of new customization options available to me. I went with my typical go-to gal-pal of the Soulsborne series, Adrian, and took my sweet time tweaking her skin color, hair color, brow shape and even her pupils (they added in blind eye-types and cataracts!) while making sure she looked and sounded how I imagined my favorite deadly girl would. And then I took a closer look out of pure curiosity.

Body hair? Oh my, you can have a hairy woman or a cleanly-shaven man! How nice. Musculature? Ooooh, a scrawny male or a toned female… now we’re getting somewhere. Beards? A cleanly shaven male is obviously an option, but for females, what would you expect but nothing.

Nothing but every option a male would have. Mustaches. Beards. Side-burns. And not just thin ones. Full sets. Big, bushy beards and ‘staches. Peach-fuzz. And so many varied sets of hair as well! It doesn’t even stop there. If you go into the facial options, you can even have a male have a traditionally feminine facial structure and vice versa with a female being born looking a bit more masculine.

It’s a very subtle, yet incredibly effective tactic in slipping in trans-inclusivity. Many may not even notice, some may play around with it as a joke (because making some of the strangest-looking people with bright green skin and a jawline that looks to be trying to eat the rest of their face), but for the people that something like that matters for? This is, while not as open as many would like, a step forward.

You can make someone truly in your image, voice and all. A traditionally masculine man… with a young, feminine voice. Or even an elder woman with a thick, gruff tone. The possibilities are there, and they’re almost limitless.

I will admit that it’s faintly depressing that it had to be something as simple as this to pass by the sight of the typical crowd that would be completely up in arms about something that doesn’t even relate to them in any way, shape or form (why include something in a game if it isn’t tailor-made for me specifically?), but the sheer fact that it’s there is incredibly hopeful.

Before you mention it could’ve been an oversight on the part of From Software… this is the first game they’ve done it in, and they explicitly placed these options there. Bloodborne didn’t even have this level of customization. And yet Dark Souls III does.

It’s certainly a step in the right direction.

grateful for many things today:

Jesus and His unfailing word, the gospel that rests on my tired bones and my broken soul, sweaters are really great to wear all the time, brothers that surround me when i just want to be alone, tea in every form, honey that bees craft so beautifully, access to the Father through Christ, the Holy Spirit who comforts and counsels through His word, socks, music which displays the splendour of God’s majesty and creativity.

hurting in many aspects too:

injustice in this world is terrible, sin is rampant, the enemy thinks he has won, people are blaming each other, violence is continual, killing is normalized, terrorism is a way of life, inequality is far greater than it should be, ISIS is still a thing, human trafficking still exists in 2015, there are people who don’t know the only secure truth in this world: God’s Son is good and died for them, so that they don’t have to die in separation from their only source - God. 

EAMES LCW CHAIR Designed between 1945 & 1946 by Charles & Ray Eames, this stunning natural ash chair from Vitra has matured into an iconic piece of furniture. With an appearance that still looks contemporary today, it’s crafted from natural ash plywood in a beautifully organic shape. The flexible backrest and curved shape conforms to the contours of your body to form a light and compact chair that’s fabulously comfortable to sit on.

A complete roast beef dinner, complete with two plates (with green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy), two glasses of red wine, and tiny cutlery. All food and plates made from polymer clay. Roasting pan, glasses, and cutlery were purchased online. The red wine was made with resin.

I figured out how to white balance my camera! :D It works beautifully with my new light box now. Plus now I have a photography corner set up in my craft room. Doesn’t sound too exciting, but it is for me!

I wanted to add some foods to my Etsy shop, but I’ve been editing pictures and listing some more of Alex Meiklejohn’s pottery since 10 am. I still have to clean, do dishes, finish dinner, and clean fish tanks before the day is over. Where can I go to get more hours in a day? >.<

Hopefully I’ll have the mini foods up tomorrow!


For this special occasion, the incredibly talented coastingonthisdream took part in our ongoing fanart call and contributed this beautifully fitting graphic of hers!

With not even a week to go until the On The Road Again UK/Ireland leg kicks off in London, you all helped us reach the 3500 milestone and Rainbow Direction just keeps on growing! 3553 participants are now signed up and have either already brought or will still bring their rainbows into the stadiums and arena of the world to create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people in the fandom!

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I get very shitty when people say Clara is badly written because dammit she has one of the most impeccable arcs on the show and this beautiful, natural, tragic character development that has me both excited for what’s to come, and yet with enough material to make confident predictions.

Clara is an extremely well crafted character, accompanied by a beautifully crafted arc, played by an incredible actress who manages to portray all the contradictions of her character so well.

So what about her is ‘badly written’? The fact that her character development still has lots of loose threads? Hmm that wouldn’t have anything to do with the upcoming season, would it? Or is it that you don’t want to look past the surface, even though you’ve literally been told to in the show? Maybe it’s because you’ve made up your mind that Moffat can’t write female characters, and so to prove that you have to tear down him and them.

Or is it’s because she has the nerve to flirt, or to wear nice clothes, or to fancy the Doctor?

Mostly though, you need to stop using 'badly written’ as a way to skip any sort of actual analysis or critical thought.


“Right now my work is described as having a dark and macabre feel to it. It’s more like a dark dream versus a full-fledged nightmare.” –Kit King

Kit King may be a tattoo artist on hiatus, but as a full-time fine artist, she still finds herself immersed in the tattoo industry. Because, as King expressed, the two industries are one in the same. 

“The biggest connection is the passion. Any serious tattooer is just like any serious painter. It boils down to the love of art. The passion,” King emphasized. 

Ontario-based King epitomizes the intersection of art and tattoos. She utilizes the lessons she learned whilst tattooing to improve upon her painting and drawing and is now a key player and respected contributor in the art industry. King has a dark edge to her beautifully crafted pieces and has mastered a number of different mediums. 

So what began as an interest in tattoos quickly transformed into an artistic passion and lifestyle. King merely wanted to stay out of trouble by cleaning up and scrubbing tubes in a local tattoo shop, but as soon as others saw King’s innate artistic ability, she could no longer stay behind the counter.

Pressed Rose; oil and acrylic on canvas paper

“I used to doodle at the counter and people asked if I ever thought of tattooing. People used to tell me I should back in high school, but I never gave it much thought until one of the artists there saw my scribbling and said instead of just giving me tattoos, that how about if she taught me instead,” King recalled. “I said sure, not thinking it would go far. I figured I’d learn enough to do my own, maybe a couple friends or something. I never could have imagined that I’d fall in love with it like I did and that it would lead to a career and take me down the path I’m currently on.” 

While working as a tattoo artist, King specialized in mainly greyscale realism and had a particular interest in portraits. Now, she may only tattoo on the occasional friend or family member, but her tattooing career taught her many techniques and traits that have segued perfectly into a successful art career. According to King, “Firstly, it’s what got me to take art seriously. Aside from that, it taught me dedication and to be patient with a piece.”

“[An art career] required more sacrifices than I could have foreseen. It started off just graphite and charcoal for the first year and a bit, mostly commissioned portraits. I just started oil painting seven months ago. The work I do now is constantly shifting,” King explained. “I feel I’m still trying to find my artistic voice and place in the art world. Right now my work is described as having a dark and macabre feel to it. It’s more like a dark dream versus a full-fledged nightmare.”

And while you may now be hard-pressed to get a tattoo from the talented King, her other artwork is showing up just about everywhere these days. 

“I work with several companies doing designs for clothing labels. I do several art shows a year, and I like to take on as many fun creative projects as I can with other artists and collectives. Just trying to see where my fit is, so I’m kind of all over the place,” King said.


Website: http://www.kitkingart.com

Instagram: @Kit_King

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30 Day FMA Challenge- Day 9

 Your thoughts on the first anime 

Oh, is it that day? Well, here goes. The first FMA is my favorite anime series of all time. I love it. I think the way it handled the material available at the time was just fantastic, and it never got lost or fell short when it had no more material to adapt from the manga, like other adaptations. This is a beautifully crafted story of equivalent exchange, of love, and of sacrifice.It doesn’t present you with an idealistic view of the world,but rather shows you that life can be very unfair, but not for that reason we should stop seeking justice and fairness. The series is realistic, but never nihilistic. Even after all the pain, the world can still be beautiful, and there are things worth believing in. 

I truly love the characters in this series. The heroes are flawed, the villains human to the point of being sympathetic more often than not. And because they are relatable, I care about this characters and what happens to them.

If I had any gripe with the first FMA, would be a couple of the “filler” episodes (like the Psyren one) that add nothing to the story. And I wished the  writers had dropped some more hints throughout  the series surrounding  the final episodes’ so-called ‘plot twist’. I don’t think it comes as out of the blue as some say, but it could have been handled better.    

But that is no reason for me not to say I adore this series and I wish everyone would give it a chance. 

The gifs belong to phenomenallyextraordinary123, who if anything rekindled my love for the series with her comments and her gifs. 

CS'ers are all “OMG! Can you believe that one of the best episodes of our ship didn’t involve any kiss and it was still super awesome?!”

And all that comes to my mind is “Okay, but Swanfire only ever really had one episode that involved even a kiss… (and it was still the single most beautifully crafted love story I’ve ever heard).”

I’d hate to break it to you, but real, honest relationships are built on more than sensuality.


Earlier this week, Crystal Castles, the genre-defying Canadian band, unfortunately announced their break-up, with frontwoman Alice Glass stating on her Twitter that she could not continue with the band due to a “multitude of reasons, both personal and professional”. They leave behind a legacy of three beautifully crafted, genre-transcending albums, many a chaotic, raucous live show (where Alice was known for drinking an entire bottle of neat Jack Daniels whilst performing on stage) and instantly recognisable remixes, such as 2011’s “Not In Love”, featuring lyrics from Robert Smith of The Cure fame.

I can still remembering hearing “Alice Practice” on the Myspace page of a beautiful lesbian emo girl’s MySpace page back in 2007, and it was unlike anything I’d heard before. The 8-bit sound had been around long before the duo’s arrival, used by artists such as The Postal Service, Beck, arguably Owl City and numerous J-Pop acts, but to combine this with pretty poetic vocals, heavy synth, screaming, hushed/delayed voices and a multitude of electronic samples and instruments to name but a few of the tricks up their sleeves, really made Crystal Castles stand out for me, and I was been a big fan of the band and their work ever since, and they will be sorely missed, but remain a staple part of my iTunes library.

To see them off in style, here is a playlist of my sixteen favourite CC songs, across all three of their released albums, and here’s hoping we may see solo work from Alice Glass or Ethan Kath on the horizon in the not too distant future…


My review of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

Well when I was much younger, they did a remake in 1988 Peter Graves was still Jim Phelps, but the rest of the cast was all new. I loved this show it only lasted 2 seasons but lets just say I was obsessed. When Tom Cruise made the first film in 1996 I was so excited and I loved it. Ethan Hunt follows the theme of the original series beautifully and I love him.

I was excited for Rogue Nation, and I was not disappointed the humor blended well with the extreme action. I love all the awesome tech, can’t have an impossible mission without it. This was the best one so far. I really do recommend it especially if you like action.

I’ve been listening to Juliet Simms new Pledge Music release EP ‘All or Nothing' and I must say, all the songs in the EP are beautifully crafted. 'All or Nothing’ stands as one of the best releases of 2015. If you recall, Juliet Simms was the runner-up on the second season of The Voice. Many believe that Juliet should have been the winner. I do too. The actual winner, Jermaine Paul, has faded into obscurity, never to be heard of again. Juliet on the other hand is not only still in the public eye but has many fans that refuse to let the world forget her. Cee Lo Green was determined to help Juliet and signed her to his Management Team. Her debut album was suppose to be released in 2012. They all were trying to turn her into a pop tart to compete with the likes of Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. In the end, Cee Lo did nothing for her. With the help of her fans and Pledge Music, Juliet was able to release the beautifully produced and passionate 'All or Nothing’ this week. It was well worth the wait. It’s a true rock album from beginning to end. The song “Evangeline” is a stand out that’s reminiscent to Stevie Nicks “Sister of The Moon”, which was recorded for Fleetwood Mac’s 'Tusk’ album. Another stand out is the gorgeous song 'End of The World’ which is a reminder of Janis Joplin’s rendition of 'Summertime’ or 'Little Girl Blue’. Juliet's incredible vocals and emotional lyrics on this song are breathtaking. Other standouts is the title track itself, where she sings about all her struggles, the fall downs and the negativity thrown her way. 'Not Broken Yet’ is a song of hope with vocal guest Andy Biersack of the Black Veil Brides singing harmonies. Both Andy and Juliet’s vocals blend nicely on this track. 'Before It rains’, a beautiful love song, closes the album perfectly.


I recommend this album to fans of Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Paramore, Haim, The Pretty Reckless and Halestorm.

To purchase the album please visit Juliet’s official Pledge Music page:  http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/julietsimms

lostfireprince  asked:

emoji based reactions || suspended~ ||
✮ // stargazing .

            having always been a night owl ( a rather ironic term, now, given her wings ) twilight was prone to loving her time spent awake with the stars. the moon glowed overhead, illuminating ponyville and the surrounding meadow in its soft silver light. the breeze whipped through her mane, causing the only sounds outside of her own faintly rustling feathers and the singsong of crickets down below. as the alicorn glided silently towards her getaway spot, she couldn’t be any more content with the night and how beautifully crafted and defined everything seemed in the stillness. even the mysterious outline of a stallion pony was clear to the princess, and –…. gave her pause. violet eyes latched onto the still silhouette. Face drawn in wary curiosity, twilight decided to investigate the matter, and descended neatly into the grasses behind the unknown.

            her observations caught the mare off guard. not only was this pony someone who she didn’t know, but what was altogether startling was the presence of the wings folded against his back in accompaniment of the glimpse of horn atop his head. a stallion alicorn? an alicorn IN GENERAL? here? whom she didn’t recognize? twilight was just as wary as she was bewildered, and took caution in finally addressing the other.

             “excuse me, sir? i’m sorry for startling you but – i was…. flying overhead and you caught my attention. are you lost?”