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Will Big Bang appear on MBC Every1’s ’Weekly Idol’? That’s the question viewers are asking after a PD revealed a contract agreed to by G-Dragon.

The PD posted to ‘Weekly Idol’s official Twitter, “Congratulations to Big Bang’s comeback as a whole group,” along with the captures of G-Dragon’s written oath. The Big Bang leader appeared on the variety show in 2013, where he had a bit of a bromance with host Jung Hyung Don.

His oath says, “I G-Dragon was very satisfied with today’s 'Weekly Idol’ filming, and I promise to bring all of the members of Big Bang with me.

Do you think G-Dragon will get to keep his promise?


I love my husband so much. For our 25th anniversary (yes, today) he got me a lovely battery-operate wine cork opener. Which I have been desperate for since I am crap at corkscrews.

Oh, and inside? The sapphire-and-diamond ring I wanted!! (SCREAMING SO LOUD WISH I HAD A PIC BUT NO CAMERA PHONE SOON AS I CAN I’LL POST IT!!!!)

whatugotjb asked:

hi i really love your scenarios!!!! can i request a scenario for jb love at first sight... please, thank you

Thank you so much♥ I hope you like this one, too  (´◠ω◠`)

This, is not going to be a good night. 

Letting out a sigh, you bring your legs up to cross against each other on the sofa at the cinema while waiting for your friend, who is supposed to be here half an hour ago. She is the one who bought the tickets in the first place, also the one being excited the most about this horror-movie night. Now, here you are, all alone, waiting for at least a message from her.

Speaking of the devil, she actually calls. “Where are you? And when are you going to come? The movie has already started for like five minutes!”, you groan to the receiver as your friend’s soothing voice mutters an apology.

“I’m so sorry sweetie! I was about to go but Jackson suddenly called me. He said he needed me. Y/N-ah, you will understand, right? You know how much I love to watch horror movie with you, right?”

“Always Jackson! Your lovey dovey makes me jealous to sick!”

“I’ll make up to you! I promise!”

“Oh, you’d better do!”, you warn her before hanging up, heaving, yet another sigh. Staring at the ticket in your hand, you shrug. Well, it would be a pity to waste it!

With a box of popcorn in your hand and coke in the other, you walk through the corridor to the movie theater. Your first impression of the place is that it isn’t crowded at all. You easily find your row where only one person sitting. From the dim light of the screen, he appears to be a young man with small eyes, high-bridged nose and sharp jawline and cheekbones, an overall nice side profile.

The movie has reached its first scary peak as the music brings terror to the audience. When you are about to pass Mr. Stranger, suddenly a ‘thing’ with its eyes drown in blood jumps to the big screen, causing you startle and immediately sit down on the floor while holding onto the guy’s hand. The warmth radiating from him, which contrasts to the cold of yours, makes you feel less scared a bit. Thanks God you didn’t scream.

“Uhm… Can I help you?”, Mr. Stranger asks in confusion as you retrieve your hand. Only now do you notice that your favorite cheese popcorn has landed all over the place, but mostly on his lap. How terrific!

“Oh my God, I’m so so sorry!”, you blurt out instantly. “The movie startled me so I freak out!”, you help him brush the popcorn off him as he holds your wrist and smiles. Wow, his smile shines like billions of sunrays emitting from it and his eyes forming crescents highlighting his already charming face.

“It’s okay, just go find your seat”.

“My seat…”, you look carefully one more time before plopping yourself down onto the empty seat right next to his. “It’s right here. Sorry for bothering you”, you whisper as the guy nods, tilting his head so that he can catch a first image of the girl with such a cute voice, the alluring affect of the dim light reveals you to him with bright eyes, straight nose and a pair of irresistible plump lips on a small v-line face. Your shoulders prop up as you hold the cup of cola with both hands, your legs automatically brought up to create some sort of shield for you from whatever might jump up again. Your lips shakily nibble the straw as your eyes only peep at the big screen with full alert. Your curiosity is trying to overcome your fear, but apparently not actually succeeds. You look so funny, yet so cute. The handsome young man quickly waves his hand at your face to attract your attention as soon as he notices the change in the background music indicating scary creature will pop up.

“Hey, if you are that scared, why choose this movie?”, he asks softly as you subconsciously loop your arms around his, burying your face into the juncture between his neck and his shoulder to let out a small squeal. You are too busy in your own world to notice his frozen form under your touch. Electricity sparks each place your skin brushing against each other, coursing through his whole body and rushing his heartbeats. He coughs lightly as a cue to slowly remove his arm as you hold tighter. Somehow, you feel protected around him even though you barely know him. As long as your hands are still on him, and his warmth still engulfs you, you feel at ease. Your heart, of course, beats insanely, but a different, not afraid kind of insanely. Okay, this is insane. How could you feel like that towards a total stranger? You don’t even know his name!

“My friend is supposed to be here with me, but again, her boyfriend needs her”, you explain, your grip on him loosens a bit. “Can you please talk to me, please? Normally she would do that. Please distract me or something”

“Oh okay then, I’m Jaebum. Im Jaebum”

“Hi Jaebum, I’m Y/N”, you sigh. “Sorry again Jaebum, I shouldn’t bother you like this. If your girlfriend finds out, I’m screw!”

“Haha, don’t worry. I don’t have a one”. Assuring you, Jaebum stares down at the vulnerable you curling yourself into a ball while snuggling into him as much as possible, like a little kitten, making him want to stroke your hair out of sudden. “Actually my friend ditched me for his girlfriend as well! I got so jealous of them sometimes!”

“Urgh tell me about it!”, you lift your head up to meet Jaebum’s eyes to express your sympathy with him. It’s good to find someone who can understand how you feel.

“Like it’s our usual video game night every Friday, just the two of us, now that girl is invited, too! Not that I hate her or anything but, you know, it’s best friends’ thing!”

“Exactly! Ooh I hate being the third wheel!”. Figuring your eye sight may catch the next terrifying scene, Jaebum’s hand gently finds its way to block it by placing on your temple, which escalates to comb a few strands of your hair. Now it’s your turn to feel the electric current running upside down in your body. You flinch.

“Are you cold?”. Being the gentleman as he is, Jaebum grabs his jacket from the armrest to put on you, pulling you closer to him while he scoots closer to you. Thanks to Jaebum, you manage to stay until the last minute when the lights are switched on. Looking up from his chest, you rapidly catch his eyes bore into yours. Another strangely tinkling feeling flushes down your spines, hitting your mind so hard that it carves Jaebum’s name and striking your heart with the power of a starstruck, causing it to stop momentarily. Almost every feature on Jaebum’s face is average, but when they come together, they portrait a perfect handsome man. He smiles, he is the cute boy next door that makes you want to drop by to give him a jar of cookies all the time. He smirks, he is the sexy CEO that every lady in the company desperately desires to have a taste.

At the moment, thanks Goodness, he’s smiling.

Jaebum clears his throat awkwardly before walking out of the cinema side by side with you. Each second having you close to him is each second he feels his breath is being taken away. Never in his life has he felt so right like this, that you belong to him and you two are meant to be. Is this the ‘famous’ love at first sight mentioned in every novel and fairy tales? He’s not sure, but one thing he guarantees that it’s time to say goodbye but he doesn’t want to let you go. And neither do you.

“Well, I should get going”, you say regretfully, digging your hands into your pocket to block the cold breeze as Jaebum abruptly pulls you back, then takes your hand into his and puts it in his pocket instead. He tries to act composed and casual but his twisted tongue can’t pull off the scene.

“I uhm do you waanna.. I mean”

You chuckle.

“At least let me take you home. It’s getting dark and a girl like you shouldn’t be alone”, he says in one breath as you hold back a happy grin.

“Sure, I’d love that”.

“Great so where do you live?”

The conversation keeps flowing as the two of you head out to the street, all smiling and giggling at each other’s story.

Love is in the air.

hawktalia replied to your post “it is literally so hot in my house and i am v not okay w/ it. ugh i…”

Chris every time you post it looks like it’s the husband talking. Rn edgey is talking how much he hates the heat which is probably true being raised in Germany where it’s usually pretty cold and now I’m just wow. Also I hate the heat too

omg tho like there is no need for it to be this hot. there is no purpose i don’t not understand?? and i laugh every time i post too bc i’ve reduced smiles to complaining like a 17yr old girl which lbr here isn’t too far off from the real thing am i right??

“ “They won’t be able to see you?” asked Harry.
“We are part of you,” said Sirius. “Invisible to anyone else.”
Harry looked at his mother.
“Stay close to me,” he said quietly. ”

A lovely request sent my way from thefregmantofsoul. I hope you like it, it was a pleasure to draw it and thank you for requesting :)


So last night we figured I was going to play as claptrap for shits and giggles when Toby and I play Borderlands with our friend, mostly from the horrible enabling of Toby’s friend and I was going to try it out today to boost his levels a bit so they’re not dragging a level one after their level 24 asses

And I’m laughing so hard because THIS IS WHAT THE GAME GAVE ME