Before I make any other post, I just want to thank the CS fandom for giving me what was probably the best SDCC liveblogging experience I have ever had. Seriously, I have never seen a fandom be so hype and so chill at the same time (I know that sounds contradictory, but believe me, it makes perfect sense in my mind and it’s a good thing). It was fun, enjoyable, exciting… just an all around lovely experience (something people told me it would be before hand, and they weren’t wrong!). 

Y’all are fantastic and I love ya. 


I was tagged by @aroacejolras to post 6 pictures of myself so here, have me with various hair lengths as I gradually go shorter. The only person I can think of to tag is @haaaaaveyoumetsamwinchester, my greatest online friend who won’t end up doing this because she’s enjoying 6 weeks of summer camp as I spend 6 weeks in summer classes.

Soulmates can be weird

Trying to balance laptop, books and his plate of sandwich on the little table of the café, Peter also tried to put on his glasses that kept falling down.

As everything was safely on the table, Peter took a deep breath before taking a bite of his sandwich.

Everytime he ate something, he had to look at his tattoo on his forearm, in a messy handwriting it said ‘I wanna eat that’.

Peter just hopes his soulmate is talking about food and not about him.

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I honestly love the crewniverse so much, making the experience especially fun with allowing others to get involved as possible with the live-streams, social media updates, and just fun behind the scenes and daily fun domestic life stuff. It’s so much fun to be involved in a fandom where you CAN be this much more involved, it makes everything so much more magical.  

a super DUPER huge, awesome, and big thank you to @asktheseastars for fixing up the original template for me \ ; u ; / ♥ ♥ ♥

BINNGGOOOOO!!!!! Despite a lot of the matches I played being CRAZY close and SUPER intense, no one squidbagged! That like the biggest and best positive win of this Splatfest. I guess most of the teams I plated from Team GRANDMA were the chill and fun ones. (or ruthlessly  too busy SPAWNCAMPING but i won’t go there)


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It’s pouring down rain outside while also being 90 degrees so I’ve decided to get drunk, watch the Bourne trilogy and blog about how much I fucking love every single one of you 💜💜 I’m bursting with love for you and Johnlock and this fandom, I’m terribly emotional and I’m sorry about this but also please know I love and adore all of you 😘😘😘

anonymous asked:

Do you think DCEU Harley & Joker would celebrate Christmas in their own way?

I don’t think they would celebrate christmas anyway XD (But this is just my personal opinion ♥) But IF, then they would do a trip to Gothams official christmas partys, fill their bellys with the best food and drinks, steal the show and cause mayhem ♥