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in retrospect (now that we know guan shan better), do you think it was out of character for him to grab a rock and smash xixi in the fucking head? guan shan seems to me hotheaded just enough to pick a fight with jian yi out of nowhere, yeah. but not mean or vile to use a freaking rock... then again maybe in the heat of the moment it was more of a desperate attempt at self-defense? then again! he brought a whole gang to fight one single fluffy idiot? and started strangling him? nah, man #notmymo

i actually think that it was in character? 🤔

the whole gang is there i think just because they’re there to represent guan shan (and she li?) jian yi would have brought a gang too but all he had is zhengxi, and he tian just happened to tag along.

i don’t think guan shan is intentionally cruel or malicious, or that he had a specific intention of bashing zhengxi’s head in. i saw the rock as a last-ditch attempt at self-defence. a moment of sheer panic and helplessness of having someone pinning him down and beating him. if we agree as well that the fight was orchestrated/ordered by she li (see ch. 117 ‘his name is jian yi?’ and guan shan punching the wall in rage), then perhaps he would do anything so that she li didn’t punish him for losing.

also with the strangling jian yi thing: guan shan is very driven by anger and a sense of wounded pride; he’s acting out based on some petty incident (possibly bc she li told him to?), which is in character. & also look at how volatile his and he tian’s relationship is. it’s not really that different except that we see jian yi as this ‘single fluffy idiot’ so the dynamic between them is really imbalanced and guan shan’s actions seem extreme in comparison.

i would only say it’s out of character based on old xian overdramatising the fight and trying to create tension that doesn’t really exist over something very stupid (a shoulder-bump), but then again, if the fight really began because of she li’s orchestrations, then who knows.

mostly i’m just inclined to say it was panic and desperation, esp. based on this panel:

I know I’ve been shouting I want Mbappé but I realized that if he doesn’t come we could be just fine and here’s the deal, right now we have a stacked midfield, unarguably the best midfield in the world and we have to take advantage of that. Last season we dropped the usual 4-4-3 with the BBC on top because Bale was injured the majority of the season and started to play with a 4-4-2 with the midfielders placed in a diamond shape instead of Isco just taking up Bale’s position, that allowed the team to still have defensive stability without sacrificing attack given Isco is an attack oriented midfielder, at the same time our three attacking midfielders and full backs fed the ball to our strikers. But not only that, our two strikers on top still had the opportunity of dropping low and create plays on their own, that lineup did wonders and it’s even more noticeable in games like Atlético home or the UCL final.

Right now if Mbappé comes we will have to go back to our usual 4-3-3 which, could work because of his amazing goalscoring abilities, but we would leave behind our stupidly good midfield (because there’s no way Zizou is benching both Bale and Benzema at the same time), not signing him could also give the opportunity to Asensio to shine and Isco to keep doing wonders both in the center attack while making rotations that make sense and give playing time to all our world class midfielders. So as much as Morata’s sale gave the impression we would drop our scoring ratio and we urgently needed a new striker the truth is we don’t because we have fantastic midfielders to do the work, they just need the opportunity to prove themselves and the arrival of Mbappé could potentially prevent that.

Hazards of going through to look for the Etsy shops I’ve bought crab food from:

My uh. finger slipped? And I may have ordered a 24 pack of shells. Maybe. Oops? 

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I didn't realise this but you're born the day before my doggo! ⭐️ I only realised today bc its his birthday and I was like "well damn, the party isn't ending!" How are you, anyway?

heyyy happy birthday to the doggo!!💛 give love to your doggo and know that i love you too

I’m good ^^ had to do something in preparation for next semester real quick, but I finished so now I can get to matchups~ 

how are you? x