I managed to nab another one of the amazing @projectnelm‘s commission slots and oh my goodness, I am just so incredibly in love with how this piece of Reevah and Thormrathis turned out! Christie is an absolute delight to work with and I adore this to bits. Thank you so much, they look absolutely perfect!


Mor: I have a confession to make…

Rhys: I think we all know where this is going. Lesbi-honest.

Aelin: I set fires to feel joy.

Rowan: That’s adorable.


Perfect Dream Project 1st year student icons ✦

→ Kasumi Nakasu (中須 かすみ) voiced by Mayu Sagara (相良 茉優)
→ Shizuku Osaka (桜坂しずく) voiced by Kaori Maeda (前田 佳織里)
→ Rina Tennouji (天王寺 璃奈) voiced by Chiemi Tanaka (田中 ちえ美)

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