[INTERVIEW] Beauty+ November Issue “Young Heart”

EDM with a fantasy-like sound, a festival with a hotdog truck, the powerful female lead in a musical, December’s bucketlist. The things that are making 24-years-old Luna’s heart race recently.

As the time approached midnight, Luna sat across me with her eyes shining, exhibiting a chatterbox-like appearance, and I had these thoughts. Could it be that she has the special physique of releasing large amounts of serotonin from her brain when hears or speaks phrases she likes? How pretty Eva Green was in ‘The Dreamers’, how charming the Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo’s voice is, how excited she herself gets on the stages of festivals and musicals, if you see Luna when talks about these things, you will completely agree with my thoughts. Like the BPM of EDM that makes your heart race, it seems Luna releases a sense of rhythm that gives the person listening a feel-good excitement. There’s no words needed for the desire to see her appearance up close as she performs 5 different characters on the stage of a small theatre.

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