In political terms, Russia’s interference was the crime of the century, an unprecedented and largely successful destabilizing attack on American democracy. It was a case that took almost no time to solve, traced to the Kremlin through cyber-forensics and intelligence on Putin’s involvement. And yet, because of the divergent ways Obama and Trump have handled the matter, Moscow appears unlikely to face proportionate consequences.

Regina Mills Appreciation Week 2017
Day Six: Favorite Romantic Relationship - Swan Queen

Look I know you Emma, It took a long time but I really know you. I know that look, I know her. I know you Emma you fight when it matters you always do. My super power may not be perfect but with you Regina I always know when you’re lying. You can lie to your parents, you can lie to yourself.. but you can’t lie to me. I saved you, now save me. Emma? You saved me. Yeah well, you came to this crazy land to save me so it’s only fair right? But maybe I need you.

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Part 1: Grapholagnia

Part 2: Neighbors/We meet again

Part 3: Callipygian

Part 4: Apodyopis

Part 5: Gymnophoria

Part 6: Mamihlapinatapei

Part 7: Basorexia

Part 8: Coitus

Part 9: Hypersexuality

Part 10: Malapert

Part 11: Quidnunc

Part 12: Hiraeth

Part 13: Viraha

And now for Part 14…

Concupiscence: ardent sensual longing/ strong lustful desire

When I climbed into my bed next to my drunk sister, I expected to fall right asleep. After the week I’ve had, I’m so drained that I could barely move my limbs to help clean up at least some of the mess in my apartment. The windows remained wide open for several hours while we talked and watched another movie. Annie chose one with zero romance in it whatsoever, and I am grateful for that, although the more Prim drank, the more likely she was to spout out questions or comments about Peeta and my relationship with him until all I wanted to do was sleep and not think about boys. Especially not him.

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ok so there’s this one radio show thing dnp did in which phil took shirts that each had one of the top five radio songs on them off of dan, as he was reading them out loud. and yes, in general, it was very gay. but i just notice that every time phil took a shirt off dan he leaned over dan and put his head close to him and he just looked so cozy. as if he was meant to be there, meant to do that. dan wasn’t weirded out or anything visually by phil’s nearness. and it just randomly strikes me sometimes how comfortable and tender they are with one another. those moments in that radio challenge are the ultimate proof that they just care about one another so much. sorry for breaking your heart bye


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Los Angeles, CA

A little insight into my broken mind: I impulse-purchased an entirely see-through dress because I convinced myself I vacation enough that it will work perfectly over a bikini. Or maybe just out and about in LA, because fuck it?

The last time I took a vacation involving a beach was in 2015.

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The entire Chris x Emma scene made me laugh so much,am I the only one 😂? I thought it was completely ridiculous (and I also thought of the poor chriseva stans, who hade high expectations because of the PChris clip LMAO) ! But know I'm laughing at myself because it was ridiculous and it took so much screen time from Sana 😂😂😂😂


nothing will be as truly chaotic as when 1d were doing carpool karaoke and liam told harry he’d taken his seatbelt hole and harry just looked at him like “yes, i took your seatbelt hole, and i could’ve spent the time it took for you to tell me that to scream in your ear”


Rick and Morty: Shut up. One of our main leads is pansexual, and once literally had intercourse with a population of humanoids of different genders and sizes.

RWBY; I’m sorry but isn’t said lead one of the worst people in the entire show who is incredibly selfish and morally corrupt to the point that he destroyed two goverments just because he wanted some chicken nugget sauce?

Loud House: No need to be mean. But we have gay parents in our show - AND one of them is black while the other is white. Oh, and one of our main characters is bisexual.

RWBY: And do any of them have a personality beyond “I’m LGBT?” No? Well mine does because I took time and care because I actually care about it and don’t do it just to pander.

SU: We lost track of how many gay couples we introduced in our series. Is it six? I think it’s six so far

RWBY: Ah huh and what did that do to your fandom? have them feel entitled and privileged thus they nearly drove an artist to suicide and ran one of the creators off twitter? Yeah, such a great example there.

LoK: Network wouldn’t let us be overt with our reveal. So we had to settle with leaving it ambiguous and confirming it online.

RWBY: And then half of your fandom cried outrage while the other half shows that by “LGBT” they mean “gay” because they keep referring to them as lesbians when they are clearly bisexual.

Power Rangers 2017: Main character is a lesbian, and struggles with the way she’s outcast by society and her family because of it.

RWBY: And how was your movie perceived? Poorly? maybe you should have tried to be good instead of pander, like me huh?

Mortal Kombat: One of our kickass characters is gay. We don’t bring much attention to it, but he kicks the crap out of other characters, AND plays a significant role to the story.

RWBY: And how much of your fame just comes from you being a part of a famous franchise? All of it? Yeah, says a lot doesn’t it?

Overwatch: We made our mascot a lesbian and didn’t make a big deal out of it! Woo hoo!

RWBY: And you guys made the term “heterobaiting” a thing. Not to mention Soldier 76 or Reaper make better mascots considering your story revolves around their conflict and nothing to do with Tracer.

RWBY: Now how about anyone here raise their hands if they were well received and not because they’re a part of an already existing franchise or JUST because theyb have gay people in it? (RWBY, SU, Loud House, Rick And Morty and Overwatch raise their hands) Okay, now lower your hands if the inclusion of a homosexual person hasn’t made a single impact on the show as a whole (Loud House, Rick and Morty and Overwatch lower their hands). And now lower your hands if your fanbase has driven away their creators? (SU lowers their hand.) Yeah, that’s what I thought.

All of you either coast off the success of another (Mortal Kombat and LoK look away) sacrificed quality for homosexuality (Power rangers and Loud House lowered their heads) or homosexuality is just thrown in there because pandering (Overwatch and Rick and Morty whistle).

Let me tell you something: I’ve had the odds stacked against me since day one. People have been hating on me since my first trailer, my budget was restricted in my first Volume, people hated on me for being an American made anime, my own “fans” attack me because of stupid as hell reasons, I’m made by an internet studio whose lack of money prevent me from being full length and people constantly harass my crew for “queerbaiting.” And despite all that, I got onto Netflix, into theaters, INTO JAPANESE THEATERs, got adapted into manga and has been released three times and, oh yeah, onto Japanese Tv. Without all the advantages you people had, I made it. So maybe, just maybe, I’ve had more important things to do than fart out a pandering character and maybe I have some diginity. (Mic drop.)



In the first one you can see Mama and Papa Hoech filming it, her on her pink phone on the left and his dad on the right, in the classic Dad shirt. In the second one you can see Mama Hoech going straight for Dyl and not TH.

PS I’ve just noticed that TH is talking with Jeff his roommate from college in the last gif. So he could have asked his best friend for years to catch for him but instead he asked DOB. 🤔 plus that special handshake took time to perfect.

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i finally finished this!! this was actually started on mine and my boyfriend’s anniversary, and this was my gift for him. it’s very special to me. i took my time making it because I wanted this to be filled with good vibes only and no push ♥

with that said, i’m glad I finished it because it actually crashed at one point which lost a lot of my work (including other documents, some that were lost from scratch) – but I’m really happy with this turned out!! I love you, egg. With my whole heart. ♥

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What would you say makes a portfolio better or good? What would really make it stand out?

Pages pages pages pages. Show you know how to tell a story. Even if you’re not putting a portfolio together start putting the work into figuring out how to tell a story. It took me a long time to wrap my head around this as I was transitioning into comic books and I’m always mad that I didn’t start sooner.
Pinups are great and all and can likely show that you know how to draw, but nobody’s going to care unless you’ve got interior pages.