I loved you the way that people love a miracle - with awe and the certainty that, if I looked too closely or questioned your presence too hard, you would vanish.

I asked you why you never looked at me. Never took the time to see. I loved you, carefully, cataloguing your every detail so as not to forget even a single shade of you. But still you would not look at me.

This really fucking sucks y’know? I don’t get paid to make art, I do it in what little free time I have. Just for it to get reposted without my permission.

This particular art has about 400 notes here on Tumblr, yet this reposter gets 1500 in one day. Not to mention the fact that they tagged it “Klance” when I clearly stated it was for my allurance tangled au.

Did they give me credit? Yes. Did they think to ask me if it was okay to repost my art to IG? NO. Did they mention that it was Allurance and not Klance? No they fucking didn’t. In fact, they tagged it to insinuate klance.

Reposters are not “giving you exposure” and its not “free advertising”. You wanna guess how many people actually took the time to go to Tumblr and search my url? Probably not one.

So I apologize to the people who actually enjoy my Allurance Tangled AU, but I’m going to take a break for a little because everytime I see this art now it makes me really upset. I’m not going to abandon it, because drawing it makes me happy, I just need to take a break.


Relationships: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: just fluff

Word Count:1018

A/N:  It’s a short story. I was so happy while writing it.I hope you like it.

Guys, English isn’t my native language. I know I made mistakes. But my native language is very different than English and the story is full of  mistakes. Please understand.

Just Please warn me if I have made any grammar or spelling errors.Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to text and say your opinions. I take requests btw.With love.x

   Y/N was bored; she hadn’t left the bedroom for hours. It took too much time to decorate the room and she was getting tired very quickly. She took the remote over the bed and closed the TV. She wasn’t watching anyway. She pulled the blanket over and looked at the bump in her belly. She was going to give birth soon and her body was big. She put her hands on the bump and caressed.

“How are you doing, kiddo?” Y/N didn’t expect an answer, of course, just to talk to her beloved son. According to the research she has done on the Internet and the information she has received from her doctor, the baby could understand everything that was around. It was a great pleasure to tell her son how the day passed while driving and cooking.

“Yeah, I’m bored too. Do you wanna play a little joke on dad? "Y/N grinned with a perfect idea. Her husband, Chris, was in his office. Y/N thought she wouldn’t have a better time for a joke.

"Chris!” She shouted her husband’s name and laid the blanket over herself. Soon she heard fast footsteps coming from outside the room. She was prepared to act like she was in labor. When Chris opened the bedroom door, Y/N was breathing fast.

“What happened, love?” Y/N felt bad when she saw the worried eyes of the man. It was too late to cancel the joke. She decided to implement her plan and began to groan as if she had pain.

“I think baby is coming!” She kept herself hard to not laugh at her husband. She remembered how he acted confidently in birth classes. Chris blinked quickly and approached the woman. As the bed was sagging with the weight of the man, his eyes didn’t leave his wife for a moment.

“Okay, where’s the bag we got ready for baby?” Y/N screamed with pain.

“I can’t get to the hospital in time; I have to give birth at home.” Chris breathed deeply in fear and shook his head.

“The hospital is not far away, baby. We’ll catch up; just tell me where the bag is. "Y/N reached out her husband’s well-built arm.

"No, I am in labor, Chris. You are gonna be a midwife! "He looked at her.

"Chris!” Chris nodded at her and licked his lips. He walked around her body, not knowing where to put his hands.


“Okay, I don’t know how to do it.” She gritted her teeth to not smile.

“Put your hands under the blanket.” Chris’s pale face changed color. Y/N held the doll she was hiding under her dress. Chris, without thinking, took a position among her legs.

“My God, it’s happening!” When she felt Chris’s warm hands, she wanted to make sure he was touching doll’s head.

“Did you get it? Hold tight. "She waited for her husband to react when they pulled out the doll together. He looked at the baby doll in his hand and said nothing. Y/N couldn’t hold any more and started laughing.

"My God, I think I’m having a heart attack.” Y/N grinned at her husband as she dashed away the laughing tears. He threw the doll and left his big body next to the woman.

“I can’t believe you think I’m giving birth.” Chris grumbled as he lay in bed. His eyes were closed.

“I forgot my wife is actress.” Y/N leaned over the man and left a small kiss on his lips.

“More.” When she pulled back, he opened his eyes and grinned at his wife.

“If you want to make up for yourself, I want more than a kiss.” Y/N would never break her husband’s heart; she started to kiss him with pleasure. He put his elbows on both sides of her head and gave her sloppy kisses on her face.

“Woman, you’re killing me.”

  She woke up with a desire to pee from her sleep. She hadn’t been able to sleep comfortably since the day her bump started growing. She whimpered and walked toward the bathroom. She was irritated with warm fluid flowing from her legs while she was in the middle of the room. She couldn’t pee herself, right? When she felt her pain, she opened her eyes wide. She looked at her husband who slept out like a light.

“Chris.” She walked to his husband while trying to breathe deeply. Chris murmured something in his sleep and kept sleeping. She rolled her eyes off when she poked at her husband.

“Chris, wake up. I’m giving birth. "Chris turned in their bed and spoke before he opened his eyes.

"I don’t fall for the same joke again, Y/N, please let me sleep.” She moaned as she felt the pain and tried to wake her husband.

“You dumb, I’m really giving birth.” Chris tumbled out of the bed and tried to wear his pants while looking at his wife. He reached out to the bag they had put next to the closet.

“Okay, we’re going to the hospital. Come on baby, watch out. ”

    She had been discharged from hospital for a few days and she was getting better. She suddenly woke up and realized that the bed was empty. She frowned and began to look for her husband. When she figured out where he was, she quietly began to walk into the baby’s room. When she glanced in from the doorway, she smiled. Chris knelt down beside the crib, leaned his head against it. She watched his husband watching their sleeping son with admiration. He was not even aware that she was there.

“Before you came, I didn’t think that I could never love anyone as much as I love your mother. I used to say I would take a bullet for her. But second I looked at your eyes; I knew that exact moment that if we ever under attack, I would use your mother as a human shield to protect you. I promise that I will not give up even a moment of loving you and your mum all my life.

Sympathy For The Devil (part two)

summary: Set in 1978, Bill a young yet accomplish cop takes on the crime in New York City. Nervous yet excited to take on his first big task at his new department and prove himself. He soon finds out his partner is everything he had least expected.

warnings: strong language, mentions of sex acts, mentions of drugs

author’s note: thank you so much to everyone who took the time to read the first part of this story! not sure how many parts this will be but i promise i won’t drag it miserably long haha! Enjoy!

What were the plans for the day? He took time to think, pulling a cig from his pack and waiting for his lighter. Jerry’s words came echoing back to him, “change your look up”. Unfortunately, he was still waiting on Pat to bring him clothing and such and that wouldn’t be until later in the evening. He got his lighter back finally, lighting his cig and took a deep drag.

“So?” Star pressed.

“Well we can’t go out strong the first day. I know you want to get this over with but it’s suspicious.” He took a moment to take a drag of his cigarette. “Remember I said I need you to help me, help you?” Bill rested his elbows on his knees.

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Got anything in your bag to get rid of this?” He pointed at his ‘stache.

Star smiled, “Oh! We’re playing make over!” She reached for her tote on the bed and rummaged through it. “You’re lucky. I’ve got a new razor in here somewhere. Ah!” She lifted it in the air proudly upon finding it. “And, I’ve got clippers, stole it out of a john’s car.”

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5 Videos From October You Need To See

Since 2010, the It Gets Better Project has collected over 60,000 video stories from LGBTQ+ people and their allies from around the world.

Here are some of our favorite moments from October 2017.

1. Todo Mejora + True Love Show Interview Presidential Hopefuls

Todo Mejora caught up with the hosts of the YouTube series True Love Show to explain their collaboration with the non-profit on an exciting new project. In conjunction with Todo Mejora, the dynamic duo is interviewing Chilean Presidential candidates in regards to their stance on LGBTQ+ rights.

2. Member of Austrian Parliament Has A Message For Young People

Katharina Kucharowits sat down with Es Wird Besser Österreich to send a message of hope to the younger generation. While it may not be easy now, things DO get better.

3. Famous Personality Yolanda Parks Spreads The It Gets Better Message in Paraguay

The journalist, TV host and radio personality had a message for the LGBTQ+ community. She said that we must love ourselves for who we are, find strength in our differences and, above all, work together for a better society.

4. It Gets Better Peru Held An Online Psychology Workshop

Hosted by It Gets Better Peru’s very own specialist, Lucy Ibañez, the video tutorial aimed to help young people who are questioning their sexual or gender identity.

5. Mexican Diplomat Vanessa Calva Shares Her Voice

It Gets Better Mexico spoke to Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Director General, Vanessa Calva. Calva says that while it took her time to be comfortable identifying as a gay woman, she found courage by turning to supportive family and friends.

1. It Gets Better Brazil did a presentation at the National House of Representatives on the climate in schools for LGBTQ+ youth in Brazil and other South American countries.

2. Todo Mejora joined Wal-Mart for their Diversity Fair.

3. Daniela Villegas, It Gets Better Colombia’s Executive Director, participated as a panelist at the One Young World summit.

4. It Gets Better Mexico partnered with Facebook Mexico to celebrate the launch of their LGBTQ+ employee group.

5. By invitation of the student group Youth Fest, It Gets Better Paraguay held a workshop and presentation at the National University of Asunción. 

Craving more?! Go to www.itgetsbetter.org, or keep scrolling to learn more about the cool things It Gets Better and its affiliates are doing around the world.

NCT U - Reaction to You Cooking for Them


Taeil would be so ecstatic that you took time out of your day to cook for him, and he would be really excited about it, in general, he would run up to you and kiss you softly, because he really appreciated the small gesture.

“I love you baby, I really do…”

Originally posted by neotechs


Be prepared for COOKING DATES! He would be so excited that you could cook, and from then onwards, he would be really keen on cooking at least five dishes with you, he would love the habit!

“Yes, you’re so good at this!”

Originally posted by nctaezen


He would be so adorable about it, scurrying around he kitchen to help you, and he would give you small kisses every now and then to thank you for the gesture, he would really love it.

“Is this it? I love you so much, thank you!”

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He would eat it, right then and there, and he would savour it slowly. Ten would love that you took time out for him, and would, really, really appreciate how you cooked for him.

“For Me? Thank you!”

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This man child would be really ecstatic about how you were basically his dream S/O, and he would be very happy about how you showed him how you over him through small gestures, like cooking.

“My perfect baby…”

Originally posted by fyjaemark


He would be shy, mostly because he didn’t know how to properly react to you, and how amazing you were to him. That day, he would truly realise that you loved him, and he picked the right partner.

“I love you so much, thank you for everything…”

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I think I can finally say that I have beaten anxiety! I no longer have an anxiety disorder!

Change is possible!! It may take a long time (took me 19 years) but it is always possible!!

So as someone who came into the Marvel fandom through the MCU it took me a long time to decide who I shipped in the fandom. I am now firmly a comic cannon shipper. Meaning the couples: buckynat, STARON, and hawkingbird. I love them in the comics and wish these couples had more interactions in the MCU. They are the battle couples who fight side by side and always seem to find their way back to each other.

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May I please request Soldier 76 and Reaper falling for one of their male subordinates, and how they go about accepting their feelings before eventually asking them out?

Gonna do this one in the form of HC’s

Soldier 76

  • Was determined never to fall for anyone
  • After everything that had happened, what was the point
  • People died, and those who he loved always seemed to end up suffering
  • If his love and affection was the cause of others pain, then there was no point in trying to love
  • It was better to protect everyone from himself
  • So when he met you, he didn’t expect the instant connection
  • At first he thought it was nothing
  • After all, people connected easily a lot of the time
  • And you were a guy
  • Everyone else could see the spark between you both except for Soldier
  • Even as he started growing more protective, more sensitive to your presence…
  • It took him a long time to accept his feelings
  • Admittedly, Ana had to help him
  • It’s like he was blind the whole time, and even when she first told him he denied it
  • But Ana doesn’t lie, and as she patiently explained more about love, he realized a lot of the symptoms really were there
  • In the end, the conclusion was final 
  • Jack was in love with you
  • Jack was gay…or at least bi
  • Which ironically, everyone had assumed anyway because of Gabe
  • The question was, were you?
  • If Soldier hit on you, would you say no? Would it scare you?
  • Soldier was not a man to back down though
  • In the end, he asked 
  • And to his surprise, you happily accepted


  • Did not want love
  • Not that he ever thought he would find it
  • The last thing he expected was you
  • You were handsome, and brave
  • Foolishly so, never flinching before his anger
  • You were….admirable, he could grudgingly admit
  • And something attracted him to you
  • It didn’t matter though
  • Unlike Soldier, Reaper is fully aware of his growing feelings
  • You being a male makes no difference
  • What does is that he is Reaper, and he doesn’t have time for silly nuisances like emotions
  • Reaper is fully prepared to ignore his feelings
  • Though admittedly putting them aside has made him a bit more short tempered lately
  • Except one day Reaper and you are out on a mission with a Talon squad
  • When it ends up with government officials jumping your group, Reaper acts without thought
  • Killing mercilessly, Reaper almost got them all when one took aim at you
  • Reaper saw it
  • And for a moment, the world spun. But his body moved on its own
  • When the bullet fired, it hit Reaper as he covered you
  • It stunned you as the blood sprayed across your cloths, but Reaper didn’t seem to mind
  • Turning, he shot without taking time to aim
  • The enemy fell seconds later
  • “Why did you do that?” you demanded, angry at him for getting hurt like that
  • Reaper sneered and held a hand to the wound
  • “Isn’t that what idiots do for the people they love? I’m no different, it seems,” he said, voice full of self loathing
  • One more weakness to add to the bin of mistakes and regrets
  • Yet his words rocked you
  • Reaper did not try to date you. But you sure as fuck tried to date him
  • And lets just say, you are 100% more persistent then he gave you credit for

THE BIGGEST THANK YOU TO THE LUMINOUS AND DARLING @stellar-detonation FOR THIS GIFT! Ahhh I still remember when you linked me to the initial image ;//w//; <3 <3 <3 I am baffled by your kindness, thank you dearly. I took some time to take  a few glam shots to show you, as appreciation! I’m working on a little surprise for you too <3

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2p!s most to least likely to cheat on their S/o?

OOOO boy this took time

2p America, because he’d probably fall into lust over someone with his high sex drive

2p China, for the same reasons

2p Germany, because he might get too caught up in just joke flirting with someone else

2p Italy, because his quest for power never ends, no matter the price

2p Russia, you know Maria Reynolds got Hamilton when he was exhausted and weak and really good and making bad decisions? Yea that’s what happened and you found out.

2p South Italy, because he gets attached to things very easily and kinda has a habit of getting revenge on people who wronged him, so be careful!

2p Canada, because there comes a point where he just kinda stops feeling, but it takes a lot. If you aren’t around or showing affection for months on end he might detach.

2p France won’t cheat unless you break his heart, then he might end up resorting to his bad habits, one of which was sleeping around

2p Japan has a very hard time finding someone he really loves, so cheating is really only going to happen depending on how intoxicated he is around people who may want to sweep him away

2p England would never have it in his heart to cheat unless you were being an abusive s/o to him. Even then, it would be hard for him to actually do it

2p Prussia couldn’t cheat on you, no matter how bad the situation is. Sure, you could be cheating on him, but he wouldn’t be able to do it to you. 

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New Vegas Companions reacting to male courier confessing to having a crush on them? (Including The King and Benny please?)

If I accidentally refer to the Courier with ‘they’, sorry, it’s a habit at this point. Also, I’m REAL sorry but I don’t think I’d be able to write Benny realistically, I feel like he would react pretty much the same as when you try to black widow him. Also as far as I know, Veronica is only interested in women, so that’s how I’m gonna write her.

Arcade: After the Courier had confessed to Arcade, he could practically see the wheels turning in his head. It took some time for Arcade to process what he had just said; once he had, he was a nervous wreck. He covered his mouth in hopes of hiding his expression from him. Romance hadn’t really been on Arcade’s mind for a long time, so the Courier’s sudden confession hit him like a train. He inhaled deeply, “are you, certain of this?” He was clearly trying to avoid eye contact. The Courier assured him that he meant it. His assurance seemed to only make Arcade even more nervous; he put his hands on his cheeks and turned around. A solid minute had passed before he turned back around, “I’m- I’m really not sure how to respond to that.” Straining to keep eye contact, Arcade stood up straight, “if you would, please give me some.. time, to think about this.” The Courier told him that’d be fine, and any time after that, Arcade was much more conscious of both his and the Courier’s actions.

Boone: The Courier was watching intently as Boone kept guard over their little camp. Without warning, the Courier told Boone that he had a crush on him. Boone didn’t look at him right away, he was thinking of a response. He’d been so hung up on Carla for so long that he almost forgot what it was like to feel like anyone in particular. He finally looked at the Courier, “are you being serious?” The Courier’s response left no doubt that he was completely serious. Boone looked away again, “If you would, please allow me some time to think.” Boone isn’t a wordy person, so the Courier had no idea what could be swimming around in his head, either way he had to respect his space, and how much shit he’s already been through.

Ed-E: I’d be mildly concerned if someone had a genuine crush on Ed-E…

Lily: Lily is basically your grandma soooo

Raul: The Courier had asked Raul to take a look at his weapon, it’d gotten pretty roughed up. While Raul was working on said weapon, the Courier told him he liked him. Raul glanced at him, then back to the weapon. “Boss, I don’t know if I’m the kind of person you should feel so strongly about. I’m old” The Courier insisted that he liked him nonetheless. Raul sighed, “listen boss, I like you too, you’re an alright guy. I just don’t like you in the same way, I’m sorry.” The Courier wasn’t entirely surprised, but it still felt bad. Raul noticed how upset he seemed to be, “either way, I still enjoy traveling with you, so if it’s alright with you, I’d like to keep helping you out.” He finished repairing his weapon, and handed it to him with a smile.

Rex: n o.

Cass: The Courier and Cass had stopped for a drink, he saw this as the perfect time to confess his feelings for her. Cass’s initial response was just a scoff. There was some silence before she turned to him. “No shit? You really feel that way about me?” After confirming that he really meant it, she scoffed again. “Y’know, I don’t really know when the last time someone said they liked me was.” She looked at the cup of alcohol in her hands, “I’d be lying if I said I never thought about you in that way at all. I guess I just figured it’d never lead anywhere.” Cass sighed heavily and leaned back, “Ah what the hell,” she drank the rest of what was in her cup, “what do we have to lose?!”

Veronica: Veronica used any downtime she could to give her power fist a tune up. While she was busy working away, the Courier told her that he had something to get off his chest. “Yeah? What’s that?” She didn’t even look up. He confessed that he’s had a crush on her for quite some time; that was enough to grab her attention. Her cheeks reddened slightly, “Oh jeez, I uh, I don’t really know what to say..” While playing with her sleeves, she looked up at him. “I’ve never really had feelings for a guy or anything, so, I’m sorry…. Feel free to tell me everything that’s so likable about me though.” She smiled and laughed.

Vulpes: Vulpes was, needless to say, surprised to hear of the Courier’s feelings for him. Rather than giving an immediate reply, he just kind of looked off in the distance. Once he finally collected his thoughts, he looked back at him. “This is, certainly, an unexpected development.” He cleared his throat, mildly nervous. “I’m not, entirely sure how to respond. I can’t say that my feelings for you are the same, but I don’t think that it’s impossible for that to change in the future.” The Courier was, as expected, a little bummed out, but considering that Vulpes said he could change, it gave him hope.

The King: The Courier had decided it was time to pay the King a visit, so the two were sitting together, having a nice chat. The King’s sentence was interrupted by the Courier’s sudden confession, which left a surprised look on the King’s face. He looked at him, then to his own hands, “I appreciate your feelings. You’re a real stand-up guy yourself, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve already got plenty of rowdy boys to look after.” He gave him a warm smile. “Please don’t be afraid to drop on in every now and then though. I enjoy your company.”


There weren’t any listings for dancers on the computer, so Frank sashays on down to City Hall to find his dream job…like a lot of my playables this rotation, actually. At least this time I took the obligatory job-finding picture from a different angle. :) 

While he’s there, Frank socializes a bit, and can’t resist bragging about his recent heroism. His mother stands by to make sure he doesn’t embellish too much. 

Commission finni!

Here’s the finished product! If anything, it took me a long time to finish this due to the fact that this week was nasty for me. It was rough.

If ya wanna commission me, just shoot me a dm!!!