The Signs as Max’s Lines in Fury Road
  • Aries:  “My world is reduced to a single instinct: Survive.”
  • Taurus: “As the world fell it was hard to know who was more crazy. Me… Or everyone else.”
  • Gemini: “Here they come again… the voices in the black matter of my brain.”
  • Cancer:  “Max… My name is Max. That’s my name. ”
  • Leo: “At least that way we’ll be able to… together… come across some kind of redemption.”
  • Virgo: *smiles a little and gives a thumbs up* 
  • Libra: *points at car* “That’s mine!”
  • Scorpio: “I am the only one that runs both from the living, and the dead … haunted by those I could not protect.”
  • Sagittarius: *tips head as a last salute to Furiosa and walks into the crowd*
  • Capricorn: “Hope is a mistake. If you don’t fix what’s broken, you’ll go insane.”
  • Aquarius: *takes jacket off unconscious Nux* “That’s my jacket!”
  • Pisces: “What else can they take from me? They took my blood, now my car.”

Album Art Wallpapers: All Time Low

Panic! at the Disco version

Fall Out Boy version

My Chemical Romance version

twenty one pilots version

Pierce The Veil version

Sleeping With Sirens version

Of Mice & Men version

please feel free to use any of these ^-^

I take requests for bands I should do one of these for so if you want to suggest something you can message me here

(also, if you want you can let me know if you use any of these. it’s rad to know cool cool)

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You'll never be as good as the other fic writers, so why keep publishing so much crap?

You sound a lot like that annoying little voice in my head, but to answer your question - I don’t write for the purpose of being better than anyone, or matching their levels of skill. It isn’t a competition. Even if I didn’t publish fanfic, I would still be writing because it’s what I love, it’s what I’m most passionate about. So much so that it’ll never be about being “as good” as someone else and the day it turns into that is the day I stop writing. I’m fully aware that there are MANY writers who are better than me, there always will be, and while that can be a bit intimidating at times, it’s by no means what I’m focused on. 

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What is Calla's husband like?

Unlike her mother and her younger sibling, Calla actually broke with Trevelyan tradition and married a nobleman. Not, however, the nobleman that would’ve been the best match–politically. 

Let it be known Calla was the one looking to make a proper political match. She actually stamped her foot and threw a tantrum when her mother said she’d do no such thing, when Calla asked if she was ever going to arrange something. So, Calla arranged things herself. She sussed out where she thought she placed in Free Marches society, and began making inquiries. (If anyone thought it strange that letters from Bann Trevelyan sounded different, no one looked too hard, and the difference in hand was ascribed to a different scribe penning the letters.)

It came down to a handful of suitable choices (in Calla’s opinion). One was a nobleman from Kirkwall (he… died. Suddenly. His family said it was the qunari. She found out through her own sources that he’d drunk himself into a stupor and fell into the harbor). One was a lad a couple of years younger than she, from Hercinia (it seemed a bad sign that she couldn’t stop calling him ‘lad’ even in her head). The third was a nobleman from Starkhaven, who, true, was a solid decade older than she, and rumored to have decadent tastes a little beyond his means (she figured marriage would sort that out).

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uM I DONT LNOW IF ANY OF MY ASKS SENT BC FOR SOME REASON TUMBLR HATES ME AND SENDING ASKS DOESNT WORK FOR ME ANYMORE FOR SOME REASON AND I ALSO SENT ONE WHERE I ACCIDENTALLY PRESSED SEND AND I WAS ANON TOO GG bUT BASICALly im a new shawol fan and i wonder where you guys always know what show theyre gonna go on like is there a schedule?? i feel so left out of the fandom cause im never updated with anythiNG D: THANK YOU

lol i feel you T_T and yes i got the anon message ? i already answered it if you saw it yet or not but i really know all of schedules because of some blogs here and actually shinee line is way behind than the blogs from here SO if you let me just check some blogs and put them here (from the ones i’m following only because i know there are a lot others )  


@fyjjong   ( this is mostly about jonghyun but also with other stuff that related to shinee especially interviews,concerts,shows and etc)

fy-taem (about taemin ) 


fukumin99 makes gifs and just amazing (you need to follow )

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fyminho ( about the frog minho )

aegyo-shinee ( it’s a must follow blog tbh

allaboutonew ( again about the leader)


taeminthetype ( it makes me laugh everytime )


shawollet  (gifs maker )

onthighsbelongtotaemin (about ontae / onew and taemin /you will love it  )

ontaething (again about ontae )


on-ho (onew and minho and amazing person )

ohnoonho (about onho and again amazing person )

noxarcanax (editor and oh god you NEED to follow her , i love her work,)

littleshinee (gif maker )

littleprinceu (gif maker)










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ive never played any other da game before besides dai and i picked the templars but apparently they're really bad or something? did i make the wrong choice??

[laughs for a long time] both parties aren’t the best if I’m truly honest. They both have majorly fucked up in the past and I know that most people don’t like the Templars due to their treatment of the mages. I can agree with that, but I personally still always pick the Templars.

The good thing in DA:I there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It’s all (or they make the illusion of it) a grey moral zone, so it’s impossible to make such a thing like a wrong choice. Do absolutely not let you tell from the fandom that your choice might be wrong. If you’d ask me what belongs to hell, then I’d say the DA fandom because they are trying to tell you how to play your game. There is no wrong way to play the game. So no, you didn’t make a wrong choice! The Templars are absolutely fine if you think they are. :)