Victor:  “Being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it.”
Yuuri: asdfjhaslfjlsjfs…..//////

Based on the Special Feeling Meme: here

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I'd love a fic about lonely spinster Harry falling in love for the first time (with Eggsy preferably). Full of angst, emotions, and maybe some unrequited love (or not).

Being alone is what Harry knows. It’s long since ceased to be comforting but it’s all he has. And it’s starting to drive him crazy. There’s only so much time one can spend in a head like his before that becomes an inevitability, he supposes.

Time has not been kind to him. Gray streaks his hair after five decades of stress and anxiety, scars and marks of his career as a spy riddle his skin. The biggest change is in his eyes. What once was clear and mischievous has become clouded and troubled as he takes account of the person in the mirror. Forgiveness is hard to give to anyone, especially oneself.

Harry has finally stepped down from his role as Galahad and into a life of retirement. His last mission had left him half-blind and dealing with aftershocks of PTSD, washing over him like waves and waking him in the middle of the night, gasping in sweat-soaked sheets.

He’s never felt weak before. He does now.

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↠ requests closed.

thank you all for sending me so many ideas! the requests I’m listing down here are the ones that caught my attention, which I’ll consider for my future writings. 

keep in mind that I won’t follow this list 100% accurately. I am posting it so you guys have a general idea about the scenarios I might write in the future. these are the ones that I think fit my style best, by the way - and once again, thank you for requesting, even if yours is not on this list!

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#3 - “Sweets”

Ian and Ed from Food Battle: The Game! :D Since Ed is a doughnut aandd they both cute I think it’s the most accurate to topic drawing I ever done :v xD

Also I’m like 3 days late, but Happy Birthday Ian! XD

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hey i dont know if you read yoi ff but if you do, do you have any recs? thanks!

boy howdy do i read yoi fanfics

i mostly go for one shots, and there’s almost 2,000 fics in the tag. but heres a couple that i’ve enjoyed recently (i’m just going through my history, really, so bear with me):

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hyperempathy things

• *sees inanimate object* hi!!!! how are you??? i am your friend!

• Instant Tears whenever someone raises their voice

• “you’re overreacting” *crying* “NO I’M NOT!!!!”

• you can never give away old stuff because that is Mean and everything is important

• everything is your friend. trees are your friend, birds are your friend, lightbulbs are your friend.

• when u just kind of Absorb emotions

(add on if you’d like!!!)


i really wanted a prince!au where victor is some hotshot popular playboy prince and yuuri is some mysterious guy from the kingdom of yu-topia that shows up to victor’s ball to meet his idol with phichit and victor sees yuuri for the first time and promptly falls in l o v e

both the pose and background is heavily inspired by Beauty and the Beast bc im sooo excited for the live action one coming out next year
also the background is from Be Our Guest!