Hi there, sorry for the late response.

Ok, so first of all, the wage gap is totally a myth. You’ve probably heard that before, but it’s true. It is literally against the law (has been since the 60s) to pay someone less for the same job because of gender. Also, if companies COULD pay women less and get away with it, why the hell hire men at all? If they hired women, then they wouldn’t have to pay employees as much! But because the wage gap does not exist, we do not see an influx of women being hired rather then men.

The perceived wage gap is due to the choices of women, we are simply not as confrontational as men in terms of trying to ask for raises/bonuses. We also do not usually work as many hours. Here are some good videos/articles on this subject:




As for your second point, I can see why you think this may be considered oppression, however, I have a different view on the subject. After all, the legging rule was abolished, was it not? That means the school agreed with you and had tis rule changed. You see, dress code rules are usually buried deep within the district’s policies. It can take a long time and a lot of fighting to get them changed. The fact that it was changed at all means the staff of your school really cared!

As for the dances, while I agree that the chaperones should have done something, but I would offer a counterpoint. Is this really oppression? I understand that grinding is disgusting if done without consent, but I would say the best choice of action in the situation was to simply refuse to dance. If it was making several other girls uncomfortable, they had the rights to leave/stop dancing whenever they pleased. (That is my understanding of the situation)

Also, if the boys were allowed to do it, that means the girls were likely able to as well. The chaperones likely didn’t do anything because they really didn’t want to have to bother trying to herd the boys. Still a problem, but not oppression in my opinion. This is a very small problem.

Thank you for your time!

sorry my blog has been terrible the last few weeks but pokémon needed my attention, i needed to establish myself as the very best, the best like no one ever was, and shortly we will be back to our regularly scheduled blogging, 

Hello friends, and I’m sorry my appearance has been sporadic as of late.  One of my cats has been seriously ill for the last two weeks, and the last week has been pretty intense and stressful with trips to an emergency vet hospital out of town, and lots of worrying and acting as nurse.  Several vets told us they thought it was probably a brain tumour, so he went for extensive testing only to be told that they have no idea what the cause is.  Unfortunately he’s so frail that I’m not sure if he’ll be with us much longer, so I’m spending a lot of time with him while I can…the vets actually seem reasonably optimistic about his prognosis, but I’m somewhat less so.  Please keep your fingers crossed for him :)

I’ll be here for a bit tonight, but am afraid I won’t be able to catch up on all the stuff I’ve missed, so your understanding is appreciated.  

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(you obv. don't have to publish this, but honestly, every time i see a post calling Percy and Vex "the straights/hets," i really want to write fic where they get together and then spend all their time pointing out hot people of all genders to one another, because jfc. sorry, i just saw your one reblog about assuming character orientation and this just has been bugging me for AGES. I hope you are well!!!)

i hope you’re well too anon!!! you should totally do that it’d be great >:3c

funny thing is i was exactly thinking of perc’ahlia when i reblogged that post!! like hi vex is confirmed bi and percy is…. he’s flirted with kashaw before so, y’know, probably Not Straight, and if they get together that doesn’t invalidate that in any way???

i’ve called percy n vex “the straights” or “the hets” sometimes but always with the understanding that it’s in a joking sort of “most of my ships are usually m/m or f/f, what the heck” kind of way and not a “man look how Heterosexual these two are” kind of way

tl;dr: do it it’ll be gr8 and also yes


012 . ♥

6 Weeks,

Hey Mumblr viewers, casually matching with my bathroom… I’ve hit six weeks although it is a long while till the safe zone in my pregnancy, i’m still so thankful! 

Little baba is now the size of a Sweet pea :’)

This stage baba to be has developed web-like hands and feet stubs! how cute :’)

The bump has popped a little more now so I guess I look pregnant? My husband is obsessed with the bump more than he is of me now, goodness knows how he’ll be when I become a whale. Sorry for the lack of updates I have been busy packing as we will be off to my homeland Morocco for the whole month of August. (so there will be a little hiatus!) I’m very nervous about the plane ride as I still have ridiculous Nausea.

Starting Weight: 122  – vs. –  Weight Gain: 0

Maternity clothes:  Not yet! although probably soon…

Symptoms: really Nauseous  :/

Cravings/Aversions:  Really Craving crabsticks and hummous? . Aversions; still can’t eat any grease based or heavy foods…

Movement:  Nope!

Sleep: Alot of it.

Gender:  We’ve got a few (a lot!) more weeks before that!

Looking forward to: Hitting 12 weeks!

Worries:  That I’ll miscarry :(

Milestones: Baby growing!

Best moment this week: Getting to 6 weeks.


Soooo there probably will not be an update this weekend for Insomnia. On account of the fact that I was in a car accident today. Another car plowed into the one I was in while I was stopped at a light =/

Someone clearly was not paying attention.

Anyways I’m fine! But my wrists are a little tweaked. They’re probably gonna need a bit to heal but I’m pretty sure we’ll be back on track the weekend after this one. I just want to make sure they’re rested and a hundred percent healed before I resume the art stuff again just to avoid unnecessary injury via being dumb.

Sorry ‘bout leaving ya’ll on a cliff hanger!

Have a great night!

This has been a PSA? I guess so.

Me: this comic will probably suck-

Comic: [has jason todd]

Me: talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it-

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Hey Juju, I hate to ask this since I know you've probably got lots of commision work to do and all, but could I request a small little motivational Cloud doodle? I've been having a really terrible time with everything from work to life in general, and looking at your different motivational arts in such a "comforting to look at" style has helped me get through some pretty rough days. Sorry if it's a bother, but if you don't mind then I'd really love to see one <3

“I’ve managed to make it through, and so will you.”

I know this has probably been done thousands of times by now, but I’ve been out of Internet connection for WEEKS and that’s like centuries in the fandom world, so bare with me, please ;______; Anyways, here are some Mimikyu variants as every elec rodent from every gen. Hope you like them! And I hope I can get a better quality image and upload it then :( PS. GEN3 PIKAS ARE THE BEST AND LOVE ALWAYS ❤ (and sorry for the potato quality)

26 JULY — sorry for the extremely shitty posts I’ve been putting up lately, I’ve honestly reached a point in time where I absolutely detest studying. Today during math I spent the hour staring at the test papers and was internally screaming because I had no clue how to even attempt it. I think the stress has been getting into me; so I might take a break from tumblr for awhile. (also I’m having a v bad headache which probably means my glucose levels r dangerously low because i haven’t been eating much)

on a much happier note, i reached 3k followers! made my day!! 💝 thank you all for following me and putting up with me, means a heck lot. sending y'all lots of love, take care of yourself pals!!


hello!!! it’s time for me to FINALLY do a follow forever i’d been planning to do since like?? fuckin…. 800 followers ago when i hit 1k. but here i am, i just hit 1.8k so i’m gonna ACTUALLY do this follow forever now!!! i can’t believe i’ve gotten this far since i made this blog back in February, and it’s been a lot of bumpy roads but here we are!!! thanks to everyone who has supported me and followed me and put up with my shitty food preferences. ♥♥♥♥

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It's about time.

Alrighto guys. So stuff happened. My laptop’s been kind of doof and has been acting up for a while and now it just decided to stop working. So there probably won’t be any new posts from me for a while. BUT I’ll definitely still be reblogging your submissions and stuff! Sorry guys, technology hates me.

Edit: In the wake of some of the original cast leaving Hamilton. I guess I also wanted to ask you guys if you’d want me to change how the tots look as well? I mean, I know LMM is everyone’s first Hamilton, just like how Pippa is Eliza and Leslie is Aaron. But eventually there will be people who wouldn’t see LMM as Hammy. So you know. Just wondering what you guys think.

Seungcheol fake dating!au

“we’re both famous and we started fake dating for the PR but dang i actually really like u” au w seungcheol pls!!!

Originally posted by hansols

  • Okay, so,
  • This has been sitting in my inbox for so long; I’m so sorry.
  • Hope you still follow me so you can read this.
  • I really did finally get to it OTL
  • This precious baby
  • Honestly, he’d probably only go along with it if he was absolutely sure that it wouldn’t cause Seventeen more harm than good
  • because he’s got twelve other boys depending on him in this situation.
  • He can’t afford for their popularity to tank, you know?
  • And with the atmosphere with a lot of fans and media over there regarding dating scandals, this would only happen in an alternate universe in which celebrities could be completely open about their relationships
  • So, since Cheol is a sporty guy, you’d meet because you’re both hosts/regular cast members of a variety show comparable to Running Man.
  • The show airs weekly on Thursday evenings.
  • You two are the youngest of the cast as the others are all slightly more established celebrities.
  • The cast is actually made up of you, Seungcheol, Park Soojin, Shin Bora, Kim Heechul, Hwang Kwanghee, and Jeong Hyeongdon.
  • At first, the producers and writers tried out different pairings and teams to test the chemistry of the cast members in the first ten or so episodes, but they ended up finding that viewers responded positively when you and Seungcheol were paired up.
  • They eventually told you two to play up the flirting ever so slightly to tease the viewers
  • Like he would casually put his arm around you shoulders
  • Or the other cast members would poke and prod at you until you agreed to act out a backhug scene
  • Sometimes the producers would arrange for some other young, attractive star to come on and pair you up with them to break up your love line for a day and frustrate the viewers.
  • On those days, they would always have whoever was left out between the two of you act a little playfully jealous or disappointed.
  • You and Seungcheol eventually become known as “Thursday’s Couple” (like Gary and Song Jihyo are “Monday’s Couple”)
  • One time, when Kim Soohyun was a guest, the writers created this rivalry regarding you when they paired you up with Soohyun.
  • Soohyun kept flirting with you, and Seungcheol would just try to break you guys up
  • But then, when the games started, Seungcheol got Soohyun out within the first few seconds of a one-on-one game
  • To which Soohyun responded by acting all hurt and asking you to kiss where it hurt.
  • Of course you didn’t, but it made you blush a lot.
  • Then, in an individual elimination-style game, Seungcheol got Soohyun out first again so that he couldn’t play with you for the rest of the game.
  • It ended up with you and Seungcheol facing off against each other, trying to eliminate the other
  • and of course you were saying teasing remarks to each other while you tried to find an opening
  • but then in a twist move, you and Seungcheol met in the middle, embraced, and ripped off each other’s name-tags at the same time, making you two even.
  • The viewers comments on that episode?
  • Oh, boy.
  • Was that a ride.
  • The homepage was flooded with comments on how adorable you two were and how everyone was falling in love with Thursday’s Couple.
  • Then, of course, the writers and producers brought in both of your management teams to discuss “exposing you as a real couple” soon
  • Which you weren’t, but it was what got the viewers interested.
  • There were spikes in the ratings whenever you two got together.
  • So, your managements agreed, and within the next few weeks, you became an official couple as far as the public was concerned.
  • The “date” that you were caught on was at this small cafe.
  • A writer posing as a fan called Dispatch saying that they had spotted you holding hands.
  • Pictures of the “date” were up within the hour.
  • Your managements confirmed the relationship two days later
  • And then the next episode that was filmed after the new broke was filled with shy touches and confessions
  • And the other cast members kept teasing you even though they knew it was fake.
  • Your managements would arrange “dates” every now and then just to keep the public interested in your love lives
  • But most of the action really happened on the show.
  • However, after a few months of this, they placed you on a team with Jung Joonyoung to see what would happen
  • But Joonyoung is actually kind of a naturally-flirty person
  • So he kept hitting on you
  • But then Seungcheol realized that he was starting to feel real jealousy and didn’t want Joonyoung to act like he did towards you.
  • Seungcheol kept coming over and putting his arm around your waist and back-hugging you, and it got to the point where the other cast members asked him to go back to his own team and focus on the games because you were supposed to be competing against each other
  • But then Joonyoung crossed the line.
  • You know what he did?
  • He gave you a rose during a love game.
  • And how did Seungcheol retaliate?
  • He also gave you a rose
  • Needless to say, your dates became a lot less fake after that.
MTVS Epic Rewatch #128

BTVS 5x10 Into the Woods

Stray thoughts

1) Ugh at this episode. Disclaimer: expect a lot of bitter (and probably incoherent) ranting. You’ve been warned. And yes, I’m totally biased. Sue me.

FYI, it gest super nasty. And by that, I mean that I get super nasty. Don’t hate me.

2) When I get to this episode, my mild indifference towards Riley has already transformed into pure unadulterated hatred, so basically I’m reading into every little thing he says or does as douchebaggy. That interpretation might be totally correct or totally wrong. Either way, I don’t care, and I’ll hate on. Take this shot, for example:

I don’t know if the guy is actually concerned about Joyce and Buffy and Dawn, he might be for all I know. But all I see is a douchebag sulking because his girlfriend is paying attention to her sister and her sick mother instead of paying attention to him. Do I realize I might be totally wrong? Yes. Do I care? No. He’s fucking sulking, okay?

3) This is a shitty move, show. Shitty, shitty, move.



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It was possible to visualize the tumor completely, which means I was able to get all of it. So, barring complications in recovery … I think your mother’s going to be fine.

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What do you think would happen if Neil accidentally kissed Aaron instead of Andrew?

this is probably the crack-iest thing i’ve ever written omg i’m sorry


When Neil walked out of his math class, Andrew was leaning against the wall waiting for him. He always did this so they could walk to their Russian class together.

Today, Andrew was wearing a long sleeve black shirt, obscuring his armbands. That wasn’t unusual, though even Andrew had been wearing more short sleeves in the 90-something degree heat. This morning when Neil left, he had still been asleep, so Neil hadn’t seen what he was wearing yet.

He bit back a comment about how he wasn’t gonna be the one to carry Andrew to Abby if he passed out because he was too stubborn to change and got overheated. They both knew Neil would, if it came to that. But Neil also knew that Andrew was walking around under that shirt from pure force of will, and that he would somehow be fine. Andrew was nothing if not stubborn.

Neil just moved next to him, both pressed against the wall while Neil’s classroom emptied out. When the hall was finally clear enough that they could walk without feeling like they were in Eden’s on a Friday night, Neil moved to stand in front of Andrew. He just watched Neil with a bored stare and a raised eyebrow.

“Yes?” Neil asked, not touching but inclining his head slightly.

The other eyebrow shot up. “Yes?” Andrew repeated.

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anonymous asked:

This is probably a stupid question and I am sorry if you have been asked it before but, what happens in a lecture? Im due to start uni next year but cant make any of the taster sessions (Im going to open days though) but I just wanted to know from a students POV...

Hi 😊 So, at a lecture you have someone presenting a subject. That means (for most of my classes at least) that a doctor or professor comes in has a powerpoint and talks about a subject for 45 minutes, during which we are allowed to ask questions and so on & write down notes. We also have seminars which are more interactive, and resembles a “normal” school class in high school 😊 but thats basically it 😊

Taking Care of You

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Summary: Bucky takes care of the reader while she is cramping.

Warnings: Fluff, pain (she’s PMSing so yeah)

A/n: I’m trash and I feel horrible for not writing in awhile. A lot has been going on in my personal life so writing had to take a back seat. I hope this is okay (I’m currently PMSing and I needed a little Bucky love)! I feel like this is complete crap but I’ve been away from writing for so long. I’m sorry if it’s awful! 

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