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arima knowing eto does kinda ruin his character tbh he knew eto all along still let her do what she did like owl seido and his family, kanae shinohara it seems like he didn't care about anyone and let her do whatever they're both sadistic nihlisits..

Nah I didn’t say they were working hand-in-hand, and knowing someone doesn’t automatically put you in control of them. Touka kicked the shit out of Kaneki (multiple times for training, and once just because she was angry), and knew Ayato was killing in the name of Aogiri. Was she responsible for his actions? Is she a sadistic nihilist, too?

Besides, Eto’s a tough cookie and doesn’t have any masters. Knowing that Arima might’ve needed her kinda gives her leverage to do whatever she wants. Saying what you’re saying only reinforces the fact that everyone expects Arima to be some kind of Atlas– that he’s expected to carry everyone’s moral weight, which is absolutely ridiculous. The CCG still had their thumb on him after all, and the fact that he was able to operate outside of them is wildly impressive. Keep in mind that Kaneki should have died in V14. Not only did Arima give him a second chance at life, but dedicated himself to freeing him– even post-mortem– from an empty life of servitude. He wanted to give Kaneki a better life than the one he had. 

And look, your message reads really aggressively. This is all just my opinion, which I should be able to express freely. I’ve got friends in this fandom who have completely different approaches to how things are happening, and it’s fucking awesome. Having different POV’s is super interesting, and I am all game to have a nice discussion over stuff like this, especially when I can be persuaded. So, hopefully you didn’t come into my inbox with the intent to be a dick, bc that’s totally on you my dude. 

random thought. what if. what if jason and hercules were actually close at one point in this au. tiny jason totters around behind his big brother when they’re younger, playing bad jokes on their least favourite court advisor ( omg boys no ) and jason holds that memory of hercules very close to his heart because as the years go on, herc gets pretty cold, becomes less prince like and more built for battle and nothing else. jason is scared of how strong hercules is, and they don’t spend a lot of time together anymore, considering herc is this… legendary hero, almost. he doesn’t care that he’s in a shadow, no, but it would be great to have his brother back. just for one day. things progress and while jason still cares the tiniest bit for hercules, he resents him. hates him, sometimes. fear spawns hate y’all

then thalia, who he ADORES. who will always be his favourite and most treasured family member, joins the hunters/knights ( whatever the equivalent is ) and jason sees the same pattern repeating, and he doesn’t want this to happen. thalia is kind and loud and rebellious and compassionate and he doesn’t want war to break that in her. but they see each other less and less and less and jason just.

starts reaching out to whoever he can. anyone. makes him look a little weak in comparison to his war hero siblings, what with the always taking pity and trusting too easily, forgiving too fast, wanting to lead by example rather than with his fist. he’s best friends with the blacksmith’s son, knows a fair few servants and villagers by first names and it’s aggravating to certain court members. then… knight training. jason gets to see first hand what turned his siblings into heroes

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After re-seeing your Latino things that Reaper does, I honestly kinda want a part 2 to this. My friend and I even got a few more things down. Constantly buying fly swatters, being too affectionate to even new acquaintances, and being an amazing cook.

Being in the US has made me think about the comic too. On one occasion a neighbor heard me and my mother were latina and gave us kisses on the cheek in greeting. We had to tell her we commonly do that with family members or people we’re friends with, not strangers lol. She was a bit embarrassed, poor thing.

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im only attracted to men's looks and personalities. i have absolutely not desire what so ever to have sex or any kind of intercourse. but i dont mind snuggling, cuddling, or kissing although the yhiugh of kissing is kind of awkward and off putting i would still do it. i want a romantic relationship....without the sex. hell i everln kinda want kids....but not through sex artificially. does this mean im most likely asexual?


If you feel that your attraction is not sexual, you might find that asexual is something that fits you. Many asexual people experience romantic attraction, and they may be interested in cuddling and/or kissing. In fact, a lot of asexual people find that labeling their romantic attraction is also helpful in describing their identity, but this is all up to the individual. Choosing the terms that fit you best is a personal thing and I can’t tell you the right or wrong way to identify for yourself!

Side Note: It’s okay if the thought of kissing is off-putting to you, you don’t have to be interested in kissing to be interested in a romantic relationship. I feel like it’s important to say that. I feel kind of uncomfortable when people tell me that the idea of something is off-putting to them or makes them feel awkward/uncomfortable and then say things like “I would still do it”. I’d encourage people not to do things just because they seem like the things people are “supposed” to do in relationships, do things because you and other involved parties want to do those things and are comfortable with them. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t kiss people, just that I hope you’re not doing it if it makes you too uncomfortable).

Somehow I managed to write a side not that is longer than the original response… Oops! It just felt like an important thing to say.

~ Nash

lookin for somethin to watch and it seems like a lot of my friends rly liked bojack. and, yknow, its got furries in it ofc i wanna give it a shot.

but??? idk the first few minutes or so really relied on cut-away jokes, the humor doesnt rly resonate with me, and literally all the characters are kinda douchebags

so yes question is when does this get good

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i just read your boyfriends blog description and it's super cute! but does he really get that jealous?? kinda clingy sounding

He could glue his whole body to me and I still wouldn’t mind his clinginess, he’s the cutest

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*goes to the mystical Tumblr cave* . . . . . . . . . . . . . *sets down note and chocolate bar. Note says: liek ur artz, does you do tha roleplay?* . . . . . .*speeds away*

I kinda does the roleplay but I’m much inexperienced so LE roleplay the skills are bad. *eats le chocolate bar*