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So it doesn't bother you at all that her character has been reduced to Kaneki's wife?

Y’know, when I got this ask yesterday morning I was half-tempted to just write “no, because she hasn’t” and move on but I figure this is good a time as any to get my thoughts out on the manner.

One of the issues at hand is people get so wrapped up with ‘tropes in writing’ that anything that becomes a commonplace storyline is instantaneously bad. Don’t get me wrong, I hate a bunch of tropes (’manpain’ and ‘fridged women’ are some of the biggest offenders in media against female characters), but you gotta shake the mentality that a character following a specific trope is automatically going into the gutter. 

This isn’t helped by the fact that tumblr has a very large sector of people, including myself, who aren’t interested in having children. It’s a super simple concept of feminism that the freedom of choice is important to woman everywhere and wanting to have kids and sex isn’t inherently anti-woman, stop thinking it is. 

Touka has done a lot this past arc and very little had to do with Kaneki aside from a quick comment about not wanting him to be sad. While her wording was a bit troubling, there really isn’t anything horrible about someone thinking about their spouse in a situation like that. 

It touched on her relationship with Yoriko, Hinami, and Yomo, her strength and weaknesses, her ability to be decisive even when it’s tough and the fact that the mentality that Yomo instilled in her back in OG TG ‘live while losing’ is slowly breaking her down. Wanting your potential baby to survive against all odds isn’t evil either. 

I’d be willing to agree with you that Touka’s character had been reduced if the past twenty chapters had been her sitting around, drinking coffee and only talking to/about Kaneki but it hasn’t. If the last chapter is anything to go off, she’s even taking the role as Goat’s absentee leader.

Sometimes, Lance pondered as he staired at the empty page on his laptop, sometimes writing is hard. Lance already knew this but Jesus if he didn’t hate it when he had writers block. The impulse- really an urge- to write something, anything, was overwhelming and yet when fingers hit keys nothing comes out.

He can ramble on for days about ideas he has, and characters he wants to implement, but in the end he writes nothing. Is nothing. Does nothing. It’s been like this for a few months now, just stairing at the blank page on his laptop. He can tell his friends- the ones that only exist through a screen- are worried from the silence he’s been giving them. He just doesn’t have the energy to message them anymore.

He doesn’t really have the energy for anything anymore. It’s almost like he’s walking through molasses and his bones are breaking, but it’s nothing like that at all because it’s all in his head, it has to be all in his head.

Ping, goes his computer, another message from LegendaryLeader- an internet friend he’s had for about 6 month now- comes through. He doesn’t bother to read it. Nor does he bother to read the ones from His other friends.

Instead he sits and waits, stairing at a blank screen. He writes nothing. He’s starting to think he is nothing.

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How to do I write a character with Insomnia? Like some general guidelines on what to do and not to do.

Here’s a few guidelines:

  1. Keep in mind that there are multiple kinds of insomnia.
    1. Initial insomnia (sometimes called onset insomnia) - the character has trouble falling asleep.
    2. Middle insomnia (sometimes called maintenance insomnia) - the character has trouble staying asleep, frequently waking up during the night.
    3. Late insomnia (aka terminal insomnia) - the character wakes up a lot earlier than they meant to, and is unable to fall back asleep.

  2. Long term insomnia has really negative effects on your character’s body and mind.

  3. Insomnia is frequently comorbid with, or even a symptom of, other mental disorders.

  4. Medications are not a cure-all. 
    1. Your character can build up tolerance to hypnotic medications quickly (some in as little as three days!) and while they do make you sleep, the sleep you get is not as restful. These kinds of medications can also be addictive.
    2. Over the counter sleep medications do not work for insomnia - they can make you drowsy but do not actually affect how much sleep you get.
    3. Melatonin isn’t addictive and can be slightly/moderately effective, but it’s best with people doing shift work or dealing with jet lag, not as a daily thing.

Hope that helps!


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So you said that your watercast mermaids are slightly different looking than mermen. Like they’re loosely based on goblin sharks, yeah? Does that mean their jaws extend forward a little bit or a whole lot when they: (1) talk(?) (2) scream/shriek (3) smile(?) Also are there any artists that’d be willing to draw some characters? I literally can’t draw these things, got any suggestions?

hey, yes they are inspired by goblin sharks! They do the dislocation thing mostly when they attack - they are able to talk without disengaging their jaw. Depending on how they shriek/scream they will extend forward?(e.g. if they’re communicating over longer distances and using different parts of the lungs to make that sound). 

as for art… asldfkjasda i don’t know anyone who has drawn these character sheet style stuff for watercast hahah asldkfjalsj ;A; I dunno…maybe someone will! BUT I CAN”T DRAW TO SAVE MY LIFE SLDKFJS. 

for the most part every Yakuza game has really realistic character models to the point that people’s faces aren’t totally perfect, like they’ll actually have some flaws and shit. but then Yakuza 6 is just like “fuck it, Akiyama’s just the hottest man of all time now”

  • Coworker: why are you so quiet today?
  • Me: Gregg Sulkin has spoken about how he feels as if character has been changed the most personality wise. Already we see that he fears his father, and is not afraid to bring up his past abuse to those who know about it. Gregg has said that he wanted Chase to be more intelligent and more of a relatable character than his past jock, girl obsessed self. He has already shown that Chase is designing the fisticuffs rather than Victor, and that he chooses to protect his friends. Chase may only seen himself as the muscles but he uses them for good purposes- protecting himself from his father, protecting Karolina from his "friends", protecting Gert from the unknown monster in her basement. So much depth has already been revealed and I am living for it.
  • Coworker: Damn, I just wanted to know if you wanted me to grab you a coffee.

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Hi! My plot has different characters at different locations, but I plan to separate them and pair them with other characters throughout the story. How do I ensure the story and its characters do not become to confusing?

Changing settings during your story is normal, so the fact that you’re concerned about two locations being confusing tells me that you’re probably talking about two vastly different places (2 different worlds, 2 different climate regions, space vs. earth, or 2 very conflicting countries). As long as you’re not randomly teleporting from one locale to the other on a frequent basis for no particular reason, your story’s progression should help keep the confusion at bay. 

By progression, I mean the way your story moves from one event to the next. Without specifics, I’m not sure how to help, but let me give you an example and show you what good progression between setting/character changes would look like. 

For an example, let’s say we’ve got a teacher/guitarist who spends a good portion of her time at school with her students and fellow teachers, and another big portion of her time at clubs/venues with her band. Two very different locales with a set of very different characters. 

First of all, you’d start by characterizing her in one of these locales and hinting at the other. So if you started by showing her teacher side, you would drop hints of her musicality, or mention that she has a gig after school that night, or even have a bandmate call her while she’s on lunch or a free period. Find a way to sprinkle the other side of the story into the first side. That way, we’re prepared for it. 

Then, progress to the other locale in a way that makes sense. If we mentioned that our character had a gig with her band during her scene at the school, it won’t seem so odd when the next scene takes place at the venue. Readers were prepared for the transition to this new place, so we’re able to follow it easily. 

It also helps if the characters surrounding the central character are vastly different. If we make the students younger (like elementary age), it’ll be loads easier to keep track of her interactions with those young kids versus her bandmates and any adults she runs into at the club. In a fantasy setting, that might be one world where there are species that are peaceful in nature versus another world where the creatures are more violent (this is an extreme example, but you get the point). 

So in conclusion:

  1. Make the settings and characters within those settings as different as you possibly can
  2. Allow readers to anticipate an upcoming change in location by dropping hints of the change in the scene prior

We’ve also been talking a lot about large casts of characters lately, and I think the advice presented in those posts will apply to you when it comes to keeping it all straight, so I’m going to link the tag again so you can explore those posts.

I hope that helped!


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going off of the previous anon, I'd like to add that Loki has strived all his life to be the pinnacle of attention, the person that someone adores the most, the best. In the Grandmaster's eyes he IS the pinnacle of attention AND the best and I think that's a huge part of why Loki fell so head over heels for the Grandmaster. He'd never had what he desired so easily and effortlessly with a side of kisses and love and adoration-- your dear frostmaster trash sister, ella

(previous anon)

I think that is absolutely Loki’s quiddity: he wants attention, glory, glamour. Since the first Thor movie, one of the central struggles of Loki’s character has been his desire to be seen as Thor’s equal, as someone worthy of the crown, as someone for Asgard to love and admire. His attempt to conquer Earth in the Avengers was born out of his need to be recognized, his lust for the prestige that power brings. His actions on Asgard between TDW and Ragnarok all scream look at me, and love me. Erecting a massive, glimmering statue in his own honor; staging a play that emphasizes his own heroic actions; eating grapes in his bathrobe while masquerading as Odin, basking in the attention he receives as king. All his life he has wanted attention, admiration (though one could argue he detests the actual work involved in gaining recognition and adoration, as he seems thoroughly bored by the duties he must perform as king: he leaves the nine realms to essentially their own devices, spending his time watching theatre and lounging about). 

On Sakaar, everything changes. We don’t know the exact circumstances of his arrival, but we do know that Loki climbs the social ladder there with ease, charming his way into the good graces of the Grandmaster, the most important man on Sakaar. When the Grandmaster falls for him, when the Grandmaster gives him both adoration and a position of power in Sakaar, Loki has finally attained what he has always wanted. How could Loki resist that? With minimal effort compared to his other bids for power, Loki has captured the genuine attention and love of the Grandmaster. Plus he gets to make out with Jeff Goldblum. It’s a win-win-win situation for Loki, really. 

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hi!! i love reading your posts about the batfam, the fandom and how dc treats their characters so if you don't mind, would you please explain me why this sudden rage against tim? i follow lots of batfam blogs and most of them seem to be outraged because of him (i'm currently reading just super sons, superman and batman beyond so i have no idea what's going on and google is too confusing) just if you have the time/will tho, if not, don't worry about it! thanks!

Tim’s current writer is both playing favorites and has no idea what Tim’s character is actually like (so he projected a bunch and made him a Sue rip). So currently we’re seeing a return of the unrelatable perfect Sue character, which has been Tim’s character for the last six years or so, but while before Tim fans could say ‘it’s not really Tim’ due to the rebooted origin, in Rebirth Tynion brought back the original origin but kept the shitty characterization. 

Compounding this further is the fact that on top of being a white, privileged genius and naturally gifted kid who would ‘change the world’, Tynion has added in Tim as, essentially, beginning development of a fascist regime. I’m not sure if he was going for ‘Road to Hell Paved With Good Intentions’ but before his fake death it was revealed that Tim was going behind Bruce’s back to put systems into place so he could engineer ‘Utopia’. Then he came back with the evil Tim from the future who is a murderer and running such a regime, and Tim’s response is apparently not ‘oh shit this was a terrible idea’ but instead ‘okay so i’ll tweak the plan a bit but it’s still good’ and to continue.

This is leading into an arc called Fall of the Bat Men, and somehow the fallout of all this nonsense? Is going to hit Kate Kane instead of Tim, who has his ‘dreams crushed’.

Anyway, in summary: I’ve been shouting into the void about this for months but Tim’s character has been destroyed. 

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I starting to believe that this series has two main character. One is Kaneki (white king) and the other is Furuta (black king). I got this from a panel where Roma mentioned both of them which I think was a great foreshadowing. Idk about you, but I got a feeling that both of em won't end well...

Hi! Well, I don’t think that we can say Furuta gets the title of “main character”, even if he’s very important to the plot since he represented the other side’s king in the last chessgame. Rather I’d say Kaneki obviously is the main character and if I had to give the title “main character” to someone else besides him, it would be to Touka, as the main girl.

 As for their respective end, I already answered this before ;)

  • I’m not so worried about Kaneki
  • As for Furuta, we already established in the past that he wanted to die and personally, I think that he’s going to get what he wants the way he wanted it ever since childhood…

…especially since it also creates a way for Rize to come back into the story (eating him => gaining strength => freeing herself). 

That’s my take on it! I hope it helps and have a nice day Anon. :)

Calling everyone of the supernatural family/fandom to join me on this Twitter trending party
Who ever you like or dislike, whatever is your ship, I just hope I can count on you, I hope you got my back, because Sam deserves better.

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Add this tag in your post when tweeting and reblogging, let’s share by now already, we need more Sam, we need people to realize that he loves and he suffers, how strong he is and that it’s not fair how this character has been treated, like a ghost in the background, 

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Sam keep existing and stands against it all just thanks to Jared’s acting skills, because he got no line and his presence got constantly shadowed. I want to have faith in the writers, directors and producers to realize what they’ve done and what they are doing by cutting him off and not letting people know plain and clear how much he deal with and yet he stands for others, for his brother too who seem to not care about him anymore as before, people need to know that he love and would risk his life for Dean and Cass and that he is scared and broken and alone with this new big situation against the world but he fight and he keep them all together and from drowning. So give him a bit of space, give him some credits, some shots, some good lines, and stop cutting him off the scenes or when he is in there, quit putting him in the background, he is a leading awesome character.

it’s just off, even off-charaters from the others to act like that towards him, like Cass asking if Dean is fine but forgets Sam? or Dean killing himself and leaving Sam alone in this? no, that’s not okay, it’s sad, it’s unfair, and I want you to help me save him from this. 

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He deserves to be defended as most would be defending Dean or Cass, let’s just carry on together and put aside our opinions, let’s get this done, tweet, reblogging, share and tag. Are you a Dean or Sam girl/boy, doesn’t matter, just help us out.

this is what supernatural is about, family, and fighting no matter what, together, this is who we are and what we do in real life and how it is reflected on the show, what we’ve found in this show, so I ask you to fight for Sam.

 Thank you

Here’s the thing.

The Good Doctor has problems. Another white guy genius who doesn’t get jokes and is interested in a STEM type career played by a neurotypical.

It also: depicts him actually struggling instead of being just awkward, feels like an actual person, shows workplace discrimination against autistic people, and has an autistic character with a sex drive. Shawn’s actor actually really clearly depicts body language. Not knowing how to stand when your not doing anything. Fidgeting. Issues running that a lot of us have. The depiction of sensory issues is spot on.

Representation for those who have an “off” voice. Representation for autistics that think in pictures.

Episode five shows an autistic boy who is VERY MUCH sarcastic and full of jokes with a very different personality to Shawn. That kid’s parents are the typical autism parents (who are hiding the diagnosis from their son), and are very clearly viewed as bad parents for it.

Shawn has emotion. A lot of it. That is not shown the same as neurotypicals. Autism and solvent syndrome are clearly told to be seperate. Also, from what I can tell, he has some PTSD as well. He learns to make jokes and use sarcasm (abit not very well) and does start to stand up for himself. He lives independently.

Like. It’s 100% not perfect but it sure as hell isn’t Netflix’s Atypical. We don’t get much yet. I’m taking this and hoping to hell it’ll help start a trend of more representation among a wider range of character types.

I mean, you have a right to like something or not but at least he’s got a individual personality. Also, fight me.

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Izuku is very complex and has so much character development since the beginning(he's so different to the character he was over 100 chapters ago) but I think a lot of people don't seem to take much notice for it because he's the MC. That's what I think at least. I don't know how anyone can't appreciate his character.


Izuku has such an amazing character development that I feel people gloss over a lot. I mean, this is the kid who at the begining wanted to become a hero for no more of a superficial reason than bakugou (he thought it was cool/ wanted to be like all might) but turns out he has everything it takes to be a proper hero. By the end of the rescue Eri arc the boy wanted to be save Eri BECAUSE THATS WHAT HE NEEDED TO DO. It even went against everything rational people said. 

AND EVEN SO. He wanted to but didnt.

He waited like a normal human being, and has been /trying/ not to pull his crazy stunts because he knows it can badly affect his own body and those around him. 

I MEAN he only pulled his “SHE CANT KILL ME IF IM KILLING MYSELF” bullshit (fuck i love him so much) because Eri was there to practically save him. 

IDK man, people sweeping Izukus character development (and sometimes personality) under the bus is annoying.