Revenge has come on WEEKEND!! Get Ready for Unfriended NOW..

You know that familiar feeling you get while watching a horror movie and catch yourself thinking you’d make a better choice than the characters do? For the most part, that’s impossible here. First time feature writer Nelson Greaves does an incredible job making the characters feel completely helpless. If they disconnect, billie227 will kill them and it’s a brilliant limiting factor that winds up forcing them to make decisions that seem completely logical given the situation. On top of that, it also gives Unfriended an especially unnerving claustrophobic quality. Billie227 essentially has the characters trapped and thanks to the wildly impressive cinematography, you feel trapped right along with them… Sounds like the Facebook messenger chime, the Skype incoming call jingle and the Mac reminder alert are so well timed to the scares in the film that when I came home to write the review and my iCal sent me an alert for an event tomorrow, I jumped.”                    

—                Perrie Nemiroff, UNFRIENDED Review | SXSW 2015

Release Date : 2015-04-17
Casts : Renee Olstead, Courtney Halverson, Shelley Hennig, Heather Sossaman, Matthew Bohrer, Cal Barnes, Jacob Wysocki, Moses Jacob Storm, Mickey River, William Peltz
Duration : 82 minutes runtime
Rating : 8

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Random Thoughts about ‘We Are Not Things’

One of the reasons Mad Max is so good in terms of feminism isn’t because women dominate the entirety of the story or ‘vilify’ men as a whole, and I really, really love that it doesn’t — look at the message. “We are not things”. The story never once lowers the lead men beneath the women narratively. Not once. They work together, are incomplete without the other. Max would be dead if not for them. They would be in the salt flats fighting to survive, if not for Max. Everyone has a purpose, everyone has a strength and weakness.

Both Nux and Max’s story arcs parallel the one with the Wives, but in different ways: Max is not just a muzzled blood bag. He’s a human being who is utterly complex and lost, but he is not just some medical instrument to help top people off. The transition from Max as a ‘nameless’, animalistic IV drip strapped to a car, to serve no other purpose but to die for the War Boys, is a direct example of the overall theme of the movie. By the end of it, we see Max has a quiet compassion for the people he actually cares for, we see him cautiously look for hope and redemption alongside Furiosa, we see a man with a name. 

Nux is also not a thing. He’s not just a War Boy pawn mind-washed to serve Joe, not just some object to throw out there, to sacrifice alongside dozens and dozens of other War Boys for the sake of keeping women as objects. Nux is shown kindness and mercy, is told that he is worth more than just Joe’s role for him as a kamikaze pilot. At the end of the movie, he finds hope. Nux is not just a weapon. He is not just a thing.

That is why this movie is so good. Not because the women are risen above the men, not for a lady power-trip (though I do rather enjoy some of those, haha), but because both are treated with the respect they deserve in the story. All of them have a purpose and an arc, all of them fight and save each other, all of them have goals they’re striving towards, all of them have character growth that is wonderful to see side-by-side. Women rescue women, men rescue men, men rescue women, women rescue men — it’s so refreshing to watch everyone both grow and struggle together, as equals, fighting against a force that does not see a single one of them as its equals. 

That is why the movie is considered feminist. Because it does what feminism is supposed to do. It provides a refreshing sense of equality between four complicated and wonderful character arcs, between Furiosa, the Wives, Max, and Nux. People who just see a ratio of men vs. women, or who think the women overrun everything and there’s an explicitly women-only message, well, they didn’t quite give it the thought that it deserved. ‘We are not things’ has a deeply important message for a lot of ladies out there due to a number of factors, but it’s also above all a universal message that defies gender barriers.. The Wives are not sexual pawns for you to use. Furiosa is not some heartless War Rig operator robbed of her humanity. Max is not a wild, mindless bloodbag. Nux is not a timebomb. 

I just really love it okay.

anonymous asked:

After being called "Eyebrows" and "creepy" throughout his childhood (and maybe adulthood), how do you think canon Erwin would react to being called "Commander Handsome"...? His subordinates' reactions would probably be funnier.

Ok, this is a fun ask! :)

Really I think it would depend on the context of how it’s being said to him. I think Erwin would totally own it to be honest with you. This is a case where we haven’t necessarily seen a lot of Erwin’s inner dialogue to know for certain his level of self-esteem in regards to his own looks. But Erwin also is resourceful and knows how to use all of the tools available to him to their fullest capacity. People can know that they’re creepy and also know that they’re physically attractive.

So if it were a subordinate calling him “Commander Handsome” to be a sarcastic punk ass I could see Erwin just not being phased. Like “Ah, I see your attempts to hit on me and while I’m flattered, you still have the clean the latrines.”

Of course it were someone being serious about it, I think Erwin when then attempt to use the attraction to his advantage. Like the other Veterans, I don’t see Erwin having any interest in a committed relationship while he’s pursuing his goals (and its actually canon that he abandon’s a chance with Marie to join the Survey Corps). But I can definitely see him getting cozy with someone he knows finds him attractive if its a networking connection he can use.

Wasn’t there a Smartpass story where Levi says Erwin makes him go visit potential backers and play nicey nice to secure their patronage? I bet Erwin does the same thing on a frequent basis.

sometimes i get really obsessed with Y: The Last Man. but like, not the specific characters or anything, the whole world. like, the world has just lost basically all its mammals. the plague kills everything with a y chromosome and the epilogue is just sort of about how the humans have feelings about stuff. 

i don’t care about old man yorick. i care about what the hell happened to basically the entire rest of the planet now that everything from mice to wolves to whales have died off. the biggest creatures left are— what? crocodiles? sharks? a lot of predatory birds die off too: goodbye owls, eagles, vultures. human farming has to get retooled, since the largest meat animals left are pretty much turkeys, ostriches and alligators. no more milk or wool, and not much leather.  what happens to forests without bears and deer and squirrels? i have no idea. dogs might live long enough to be preserved by cloning— i really hope so. a world without dogs sounds agonizing. horses can live into their twenties, so they could probably be saved too. but no more seals, no more foxes, no more rabbits, no more bats. what happens? 

environmental sciences in this future must be a really exciting field of study. 

NCIS New Orleans headcanon

The man we know as Special Agent Pride is not the real Dwayne Cassius Pride. In the series finale, he finally reunites with his wife… and, as they embrace, he looks over his shoulder. “Can I go now?” he mouths.

The man in the Hawaiian shirt nods and waves as Pride’s body is engulfed in bright blue light…

…and the next thing he knows he’s on the bridge of a starship.

“Captain, we’ve got an alien vessel approaching! What are your orders?”


“Orders, Captain Archer!”

He looks out at the vastness of space and says only two words:

“Oh, boy…”

I miss midgames. I miss when couples who dated weren’t endgame, I miss relationship drama in rps, I miss being able to multi ship without being made to feel guilty about it. I feel like every time my character is in a ship, it has to be endgame because your partner will get upset if you break them up and they move on.

5 Reasons Why Killing Off Beth Greene Was a Dumb Move for The Walking Dead

5 Reasons Why Killing Off Beth Greene Was a Dumb Move for The Walking Dead

Now that it’s been a good six months since what I like to call “the incident,” and we’ve all gotten a little distance, it’s time to look at one of TV’s most turbulent decisions of the year. Killing off Beth Greene. The Walking Dead has become infamous for cutting down characters in their prime (or when they’ve long outstayed their welcome) as a way to move the plot forward and keep the zombie…

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When people’s favorite are Damara or Rufioh but they still acknowledged that they have flaws/aren’t perfect:

When people’s favorite are Damara or Rufioh and INSIST that they’re pure and completely innocent and can do no wrong, and the other is evil incarnate and the ultimate asshole:

Gochiusa remix album details revealed

The listing for previously announced remix album of Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? character songs has popped up on Amazon. It includes a lot of new information, such as release date, which is August 12, and the track list.

The tracks include the series OP “Daydream Cafe”, ED “Poppin’ Jump” and “Nichijou Decoration” as well as many of the first-gen character songs. The new character songs to be released in July are not included. The total running time is approximately 40 minutes and it’s a non-stop DJ mix.

Track list:

1. Daydream cafe(PandaBoY REMIX) [OP]
2. ぽっぴんジャンプ♪(PandaBoY REMIX) [ED]
3. 麗しのShooting star [Sharo song from Rize/Sharo single]
4. スマイルメーカー [Cocoa song from Cocoa/Rize single]
5. VSマイペース [Chino/Rize/Sharo song from Gochiusa Blend]
6. Love & Gun [Rize song from Cocoa/Rize single]
7. ずっと一緒 [Chiya/Sharo song]
8. 一匙のお姫さま物語 [Petit Rabbit’s song from Gochiusa Blend]
9. 色葉おしながき [Chiya song from Chiya/Sharo single]
10.Eを探す日常 [Rize/Sharo song]
11.Rabbit Hole [Cocoa/Rize song]
12.ときめきミルフィーユ [Sharo song from Chiya/Sharo single]
13.夢見るアプレミディ [Rize song from Rize/Sharo single]
14.ハミングsoon! [Cocoa song from Cocoa/Chino single]
15.きらきらエブリディ [Chimame song from Gochiusa Blend]
16.日常デコレーション [ED episode 12]
17.ぽっぴんジャンプ♪ [ED]

If anime isn’t trash, how do you explain the fact that there is no ukrainian characters in anime?

Ha! Bandera-chan: 1 Anime: -10000

SnowWells Week!

Calling all fellow SnowWells fans! Since we’re in the midst of hiatus now and everyone else has already started their respective character/ship weeks, I figured it’s time for us to join in as well! This is just an introductory post with important dates for you all -

June 5th: Prompts Reveal

June 24th - 30th: SnowWells Week

5th July: A masterpost of all the works

I hope this works for everyone and isn’t too rushed? First things first though, my ask box is open to requests for prompts and also since I’m collaborating with politeandnotgay as well as clinteastwoocl on this, you can send them any requests which they’ll forward to me!

Also, some rules to remember:

1. All fanworks are welcome, no matter what kind they are - fanfictions, fanarts, fanvideos, fanmixes, gifsets, anything and everything SnowWells related!

2. You are more than welcome to include all the versions of our pairing, whether it’s SnowWells, ReverseFrost, ReverseSnow, real!Harrison/Caitlin, Danielle & Tom friendship, no restrictions at all.

3. Tag your posts with #Snowellsweek2015 which is what we’ll be tracking, but if anyone uses #SnowWellsweek2015 as a separate tag, it works just as fine too. 

I do hope that you all are excited to take part in this as much as I am too! Feel free to reblog this and spread the word to everyone here on tumblr, friends of friends, and so on! I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated over the next week and if anyone has any questions or requests, don’t be shy to message me! Let’s get this started shall we? ^__^