this moment was such a trip.

like, car interiors are usually used as a confined setting ideally suited for characters who need a certain sense of isolation to undo them - mostly hectically breakneck, suspensful or even melancholic emotional breakdowns/confessions - and i loved how the 100 decided to do that for bellamy in 4x07, catapulting him into this visual trapdoor mixed with the changing tone (radio silence/rain drops hitting the rover) and identity shift that already suggests the dazzling, emotional climax that he will undergo just seconds later (when he talks about his mother and octavia), because the transition from fighting to failing and how the atmosphere reflects his fears and let’s us get a feel for him and therefore see him, the person underneath, is so on point and simply too much.

honest to god, i loved every second of it.

@swordlesbianopinions​ okay i’m like, really sorry but my friends enabled me to make this post so i have to ask:

do you know anything about a game called Transistor

you trek through the city during its demise as this fierce lady here,

and fuck shit up for vengeance and answers. while she herself is not a lesbian, 3/5 of the game’s central characters are in fact clearly canonically gay. 

these are the other guys. only one of them is not gay. one of them is gay for your player character. two of them are married.

there’s also a couple enby minor characters?

it’s very very pretty and very sad and i just, think this game is something you should know about,,

[if you’re actually interested i’d be more than happy to tell you about the actual mechanics and atmosphere and such, and also maybe just straight-up give you a copy because i’ve bought several copies to just hand out to anyone interested]

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TOP! 5!! WAIFUS!!!

1. Holo

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2. Azusa

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3. Noel

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4. Kagami 

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 5. Kaiki

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If you grow flowers in your hair or scalp, would it be really hard to wash your hair or brush it?

It’s tricky, but Ben’s had ten years to figure it out! The flowers grow close to his scalp, so I don’t think it’s too bad as long as he isn’t vigorously scrubbing…

(I also don’t think Ben combs his hair much?  I’ve always thought of him as the kind of person who just runs his fingers through his hair in the morning and is like “ok cool”)

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What books have you read that you dislike?

Most notably, Eragorn, The Never-ending Story, Canaries on the Rim and The Great Gatsby. Those are the only ones I was thoroughly annoyed at once finished and in the case of Never-ending Story, actually thrown across the room, and in the case of Canaries, ripped up and burned. Other books that I’ve disliked earned a frown and were promptly gotten rid of.

And the racism of Phichit’s character has been addressed so much but like 

the way the fandom blatantly ignores the canon friendship of two asian men for favor of one featuring a white character that has very little development is just urgh.