I scrolled past a discussion several days ago about ppl wanting to see Hannibal suffering for his sins and that clashing with hannigram, bc the best way to hurt Hannibal is for Will to die/leave. Nothing Will does can actually hurt Hannibal bc Will’s attention, good or bad, is what he wants, basically.

And I can’t find that reblog chain now but I’ve been thinking for ages that falling in love IS Hannibal’s ~divine justice/punishment and now I want to coalesce that thought.

Look at it this way: what more fitting punishment is there for a being who sees himself as far above humanity as humans view themselves above pigs, than to transform into a human?

Entirely because of love, Hannibal changes from the dude who feeds people people and makes delighted puns, fears nothing, lives in luxury, has everything he wants and does anything he wants, into the dude who is so desperate for Will’s regard that he sacrifices everything else for the scant hope of regaining Will’s interest (& incidentally receives legal justice for his crimes for a while too, ty ~power of love~)

Even if he gets domestic with Will after the fall, he has been brought low and he’s not climbing back up to reposition himself above humanity again. He’s become vulnerable to a maelstrom of human emotion. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the ways season 4 is an inverse of season 1, as Bryan Fuller has stated, is that now fear is Hannibal’s driving emotion. It would make perfect sense for him to fear that after gaining the only thing he wants he may lose it, considering his formative trauma is losing a loved one and from Hannibal’s perspective Will hasn’t demonstrated genuine positive feelings towards him at all between Savoureux and “It’s beautiful.”

Though Hannibal is surely happier with Will than without him now that they’ve met, Hannibal’s never getting his happy-go-lucky cool murderer making art and puns vibe back. He failed to save himself by consuming Will in Dolce, and Digestivo pointedly and thoroughly places him among his own livestock, lol. He’s fallen (risen?) to join the rest of humanity, with all the emotional turmoil, torment, vulnerability, and powerlessness that goes with it.


Vivien Leigh as Mary Treadwell in Ship of Fools (1965). 

She plays a divorced older woman who has left her abusive wealthy husband. Having no one else in the world to turn to, she idly flirts with men on board a boat cruise to Germany, while other passengers on board judge her for her glamorous and promiscuous affectations. Her character in this film has been compared to her performance as Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), since both are fading older women going through a crisis, but unlike Blanche, Mary does not delude her self with dreams of grandeur and is more jaded and self-aware. 

During the filming of this movie, Vivien was very ill and on the last leg of her career, and this was to be her final role. Mary’s struggles in this film parallel Vivien’s own, and it was a role that was obviously very close to her heart. The tears in this scene are all too real and the performance Vivien gives is a powerful one of integrity and deep emotion. 

In this scene Mary wonders to herself if she is to die alone because she is no longer young and attractive to men. Older women’s sexualities are often portrayed as grotesque and threatening, something to laugh at and be disgusted by, but this is not the case here. As Mary smears make up onto her face, she wipes it all off in a moment of tragic realization; realization of the harsh facts of her life, and of the futility of her constant efforts to maintain a beautiful outer shell while internally being broken by years of constant physical and emotional abuse from her ex-husband. Mary is a character that is indeed tragic and often times desperate, but Vivien portrayed her with pathos and dignity and was not afraid to show heartbreaking vulnerability in her last and perhaps best role.

Being ‘Katie’ OR The Story of How Rose Tyler Stole a Blind Date (2/2)

Yep, I giggled almost continually while writing this.  These nutters make me so happy.

Rose danced out into the hall toward the kitchen, clad only in her dressing gown, still grinning. Oh, the stories she had to tell the girls about last night! Ha! Yep, she was really enjoying being ‘Katie’. She wondered if she could keep it up. He was obviously still interested, if this morning proved anything. Giggling to herself again, she pulled open the door to the kitchen…

And found it full of people.

Lee was at the stove, calmly flipping pancakes, with Donna at his side casually pointing out all the burned bits he was causing. Mickey and Rory were both seated at the table, looking sleepy. Amy was perched on the counter with her long legs crossed luxuriously, reading a magazine, and Martha was next to Mickey, her head buried in a thick textbook. They all looked up when she entered and Mickey gave a low whistle.

“Well, hello, Rose Tyler!” he said with a wide grin, his sleepiness banished in an instant. Martha elbowed him but she was smiling widely too.

“Did you have a nice morning?” Amy asked, innocently, flicking a page of her magazine.

“It’s just, we heard an awful lot of yelling coming from your room,” Donna said, turning around from the stove with a look of faux concern plastered on her face, covering up what had to be a massive smirk. “And some thumping, and some squeaking and…”

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I love this panel for so many reasons, and one is that sentence (especially combined with dat expression of his) because it kinda confirms ye he does enjoy fighting if he knows he won’t be hurting any of his loved ones, he does enjoy friggin wrecking his enemies, perhaps even confirms that he still has that little sadistic streak if you look at this wording and dat face. It’s just something that doesn’t shine through so often because he’s always calm, barely ever accepts any random pointless brawls what could even give the impression that he doesn’t like fighting. He would hate hurting his loved ones but truth behind this usually polite, well-mannered, calculating, reserved attitude is is that he does enjoy to wreck the asses of people who he thinks deserve it.

When you thought your characters were fucking up your entire plan with their shenanigans only to realize that they’ve just shown you the perfect way to connect a ton of plot points you were concerned about

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PSA about my Kourin and how I usually RP:

I play with a lot of verses on her so it can be confusing sometimes but unless I specifically state it or I’ve talked about it with the mun I will not use these verses as a greeter or in any of my interactions with blogs that have nothing to do with it.

I will use my canon verse on default, meaning Kourin will not have any sort of combat training or experience, she will be married so if you find her in the palace she is only there for visiting or if she’s not she’s a bit younger, and she will not necessarily always have a great attitude towards most people b/c she is spoiled.

In some of my more prominent verses that I have, she’s growing a lot as a character and is probably less of a brat towards people.  It’s not as if our interactions aren’t working or she’s not learning, it’s simply that I’m using the canon verse because it means no one has to catch up with what’s happening unless they want to.  

If I were to just add the fact that she’s trying to master archery so she can conquer a dungeon to her bio, it wouldn’t feel right because that’s just something that’s happening in a verse, you wouldn’t want that suddenly shoved in your face.  She’s not an OC I can bend at will or suddenly change her initial characteristics.

So if you see her being her spoiled rotten or rude self to someone, don’t take it personally because she’s nicer to your character because she’s interacted and gotten to know them and is probably a better person for it.  She might grow just by speaking with your muse but that won’t reflect in my first time starters with people because I’m not using the same verse… Don’t think she’s just ignoring everything that happened between our two muses, I’m just rolling her back to canon every time because that’s not fair just to add on all the interactions I’ve ever had and push it into new threads with new muses.  

She has a lot of growing to do as a character and she does get better with each new muse she talks to, but if you see a starter I write with her being a jerk to someone, please do not confront her about it.  I’m not trying to stomp on our previous thread, I’m using her canon verse and not expecting a different mun to know it unless they want it to be that way.  

She is not saying our interaction never happened and her personal growth didn’t occur, it’s just in a different verse.

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Am I being too picky when I get annoyed at fanfic writers when they write reader insert stories and the reader is always implied white? A lot has stuff like "character ran their fingers through her hair", or easily sunburn. I especially notice it with hair. Like "hair in waves", "twirling my hair". I'm half black with very curly hair. How can "anyone" insert themselves into the story with that in it? Maybe I'm too picky? Idk. I'm definitely annoyed though.

No I feel you boo! I feel the exact same way. Which is a lot of the reason I have strayed away from reading fanfic like that. To me it’s boring. And like it would not take anything away for the story to just … Not include that. Like I am also half black and I do not sun burn so it is a stop reading offense when stuff like that is included or even when I’m reading anything that includes a black character and they have an offense like that. Like a character with natural hair but they have them sleeping with their hair just free, or have a character running their hands through their hair. I’m like uh no if you try to run your hands through my hair it’s gonna eat your hand. I know I do not speak for everyone when I say that but for me that’s true. So no by no means are you being too picky because we both know that if a fan fiction writer implied the reader was sleeping in a silk bonnet white fans would throw a fit about how they don’t know what that is or what it is for.

-Mod P

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1-3! (star wars asks)

Ahh, you had to go for the hard ones, didn’t you? (I’m just very bad at picking favorites)

1. Favorite movie(s)
The prequels. Um. Probably RotS. I’m into things for the characters and the angst™, and RotS has that in spades

2. Favorite Clone Wars episode(s)
That is a very difficult question. Probably a Ventress episode. The Nightsisters arc, maybe? (The specific episode titles are escaping me atm)

3. Favorite Rebels episode(s)
Twilight of the Apprentice. No contest. (But shout out to Blood Sisters, which was also great)


Archie has lived the majority of his life running from the demons that plague his family. The only consistent part has been his sister, Thea. Despite being analytical Archie cares about his family deeply and has a great curiousity for the world around him.

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do you think it's wrong to be uncomfortable with people headcanoning poe as bi/pan? i headcanon him as a gay and as a gay guy i really latched onto that and the idea of him being anything else is really uncomfortable to me.. and i don't want to be like bad for saying that, i know bi/pan people get no rep and want to headcanon characters with their orientations too, i just... i dunno is that bi/panphobic? or misogynistic? should i be examining why i feel this way more and changing something?

well it’s obviously a case-by-case basis as to what is okay and what is not in regards to being uncomfortable with or disliking certain headcanons

but tbh? i think it’s fine in ur case???? i understand the feeling of being attached to a certain headcanon for a character because it has personal signifiance to you (such as EAST ASIAN KATE BISHOP for me) so yea!!!! imo ur good

Why is a headcanon of a minor as ace offensive?

I saw this discussion on my other dash today and I am confused

How it is any different to any other headcanon? How is different than any other ship with underage characters? I remember the height of Draco/Harry shippers or Zuko/Katara or Bella/ Edward/ Jacob or Lexa/Clarke. Those characters are also not of age and there has never been any kind of  backlash for those ships.

 I have seen hundreds of fanfics and fanarts of non ace underage charas being shipped with no problem. Quite a lot of characters are even shipped with an adult (Harry/ Hermione with Snape really common O.o). Some of it is what I personally would classify as child pornography. That is what we should be offended by and what we should try to get rid off. 

Saying/ Imagining that a fictional (!) character does not feel sexual attraction should not be more offensive than any chan/ underage ship. It does not even compete on the same level.

The Rent tour has a video up on their website, of all the characters together.

And while some are the correct cast, others are obviously not. …I think they’re u/s and swings, which at least makes sense even though it’s kinda weird.

It still gives me SUPER FEELS to see a stage cast in the stage costumes out on the streets though, and properly filmed. I love the movie, but it makes me miss Roger’s plaid pants, Mimi’s blue spandex pants, Mark’s plaid jacket… and all their getups in general really.

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can we talk a bit about eos spoilers? manorian canon (where manon should hate all men) and no chaol??? does sarah j maas hate us all??? i'm fckin angry and done i'm sad

honestly does sjm just rlly wanna pair the nearest characters she has off together so she can write smut about them and get it published?? manorian makes literally no sense whatsoever,, manon’s a bloodthirsty man-hating witch and suddenly she’s having kinky sex with dorian, who’s suffering from ptsd and whose “kink” is probably something like petting puppies?? like the only time they’ve interacted before that was when dorian was suicidal and possessed & he talked to her only bc he wanted to rile her up & have her kill him? to me the message she’s sending her readers with this thing about manon is like “u can hate men all u like but ur eventually gonna end up with one”??? 

i don’t understand why chaol & nesryn aren’t included in the narrative. chaol’s a main character & nesryn’s a woc. the book’s 700 pages long.