You know why Wynonna Earp is the best?

Because every character has a *real* storyline that isn’t just about another character. They are multidimensional and real.

Nicole isn’t just waverlys girlfriend-she is a cop who struggles with her role in a world where her job isn’t always respected. Doc isn’t just a love interest or sidekick, he is trying to keep everyone one step ahead of black badge while figuring out who he is in the 21st century. Waverly isn’t just the little sister or sidekick- she is dealing with gooverly and not being an Earp and her burgeoning sexuality. Dolls isn’t just a third wheel to the love triangle-he is a hybrid of man and monster trying to protect people he cares about while honoring the oath he made to the government. And Wynonna isnt just a badass and the headliner but she also is flawed and broken and overwhelmed. She is allowed to make a sex quip and feel terrible about having to kill demons all in the span of a few minutes. That girl makes me feel a hundred different ways an episode. Hell even Nedely is multi dimensional.

I don’t think we realize how lucky we are with this show and their treatment of these characters. Try and name another show that respects and is as consistent with their characters as Wynonna Earp.

(This is all my personal opinion)

Wynnona Earp is represention done right.

As much as I love Supergirl, and stand by Sanvers, I can’t get over how Maggie’s character was introduced just for the sake​ of a gay storyline. And while I hate to admit it, she always felt one dimensional and…bland.

Meanwhile we have Wynnona Earp, where while Nicole might have been integrated to give LGBT+ fans a lil something-something on the side, it’s not her sole purpose for existing in the show.

Her character has depth, feelings, emotions, and more importantly a storyline outside of Waverly.

Not complaining about Supergirl, Alex’s coming out episode hit so close to home and was beautifully executed. But that’s the only thing they did right.

Give Maggie a storyline outside of Alex and maybe then the CW may finally deserve a pat on the back.

Wynnona Earp, keep up the good work.

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Whats examples of fetishizing mlm

ugh, one of my least favorite things. basically what happens when people, usually straight (or occasionally bi) women treat their mlm ships as some sort of kink as opposed to, you know, representation of real, actual mlm.

examples of this:

•not caring about characters who are mlm outside of a sexual context (i.e. only reading mlm smut because they find the idea of two men together “hot” and not actually giving a fuck about the actual personalities or problems of gay characters)

•throwing two male characters that exist within the same universe together just because they will find ANY excuse to write about two men having sex. a lot of rarepairs start out this way. bonus points if they’re both white and neither character has ever shown any interest in men whatsoever!

•referring to mlm ships as “sin” or “the reason i’m going to hell” or whatever. no. gay love is just as wholesome, just as complete, just as complex, just as worthy of respect as any straight couple’s.

•alternatively, referring to gay men as completely nonsexual if they’re not actively engaged in sex, in which case they become completely hypersexual (uwu my precious little baby is so pure but is FILTHY in bed uwu). bonus points if the character isn’t white!

•treating female characters like trash or as obstacles to their OTP

as briefly mentioned above, there’s often a racial aspect to this as well. white men are overwhelmingly favored by fandom at the expense of characters of color, even if the characters of color are far more significant to the story than the white ones (looking at you, star wars fandom). in the rare occasions they show up, black men are either precious sin-free babies or are sex freaks (or both!). east asian men are infantilized. latinx men are hypersexual latin lovers. et cetera. et cetera. et cetera.

beyond making fandom a more uncomfortable space for both mlm and poc, this can have negative real-world applications as well. the racial and homophobic stereotypes often found in fic and fandom both come from and leak into the thoughts and attitudes of the real people who consume and create this content. there are plenty of stories told by real mlm on here about how many straight women in their lives want a gay best friend or freak out about their dating lives. it’s fucked up.

time and time again on here i’ve seen straight women and girls get called out for being homophobic but defend themselves with “but i have so many gay ships!” that’s not how it works. shipping isn’t activism. i’ve seen the same thing happen with racism in fandom from my fellow white people. “i can’t be racist,” says the white person, “i love this character of color!” and then they refuse to look beyond their base love of them to dig into the nuance of the content they create or consume, and how it may harm people of color.

this is not to say that no one on here can make mistakes. mistakes are inevitable. i’ve certainly made many myself. but the best way to remedy them is not to speak, not to defend, but to listen. listen to mlm (or people who are otherwise lgbtq) when they say you’re being homophobic or fetishizing them. listen to people of color when they tell you that something is racist. i know that i wouldn’t be nearly as aware of microaggressions as i am today without the guidance of people of color in fandom, and i know that there is still far more for me to learn. i will not get there by speaking out. i’ll get there by listening.

so listen.

im sobbing they really showed comments of how people who watched skam has related to characters and felt like they’re not alone 💜
It makes me even more sad that this is over…

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Hanzo Shimada is well written character who has a complicated past and doesn't deserve the hate he gets from the fandom. he may have attempted to kill Genji which is pretty terrible but he was manipulated since he was a child and was held to extremely high standards by the rest of his family that if he did not exceed he could have faced disownment. he clearly has mental health issues as a result of these events such as PTSD and depression and it is strongly implied that he is suicidal. and despite Hanzo growing up with the mindset/ideals of an eastern culture the fandom tends to compare him to their majorly western standards which is unfair in judging and understanding him as a character. while it is fine to dislike or even hate a character, people often jump to conclusions about Hanzo without considering him as a person and character nor his background

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Hello! This is your online course adviser. It's been brought to my attention that you've suffered a recent lapse in self-control, due to pictures being circulated of certain TV characters. This has prompted cause for concern with regards to your being able to concentrate for long periods, without interruption, skills necessary for completing coursework. So we propose to test your commitment by asking you to complete a drabble of 500 words or less, using the prompt "I Can't Concentrate......."

@ladymatt This is BEYOND brilliant. My wine addled brain thought that my adviser found my blog somehow. Then I laughed my ass off. How about 700 words? Because I have no chill, and this was super easy.

“I can’t concentrate,” Alec said, dropping his phone on his desk and rubbing his hands through his hair. He picked up the next file from the towering pile.

Izzy grinned. “Tell Magnus to stop texting you. He’s got it so bad, I swear. You’ve only been at work a few hours.”

“Maybe it’s not Magnus.”

“It is. I can tell by that stupid smile that breaks out on your face every time your phone makes a sound.”

His phone buzzed from his desk, and Alec picked it up again, swiping the screen to see a picture of Magnus with a cup of coffee and bed head.

Coffee doesn’t taste the same when you aren’t here :(

Alec smiled and ignored Izzy’s laugh.

That’s because I make better coffee than you.

The reply was instant.

No. It’s because the view is better when you are home <3

Alec’s smile grew wider.

His sister cleared her throat, and he looked up at her while pressing the button to silence his phone.

“He’s sexting you, isn’t he?” she asked mischievously.

“I’m sorry, what?!” Alec said pulling his eyebrows together in confusion.

“Sexting. Don’t act like he’s not.”

“First of all, I have no idea what that is. Second of all, no.”

“Oh, come on! Don’t try to tell me you are dating Magnus Bane and you don’t know about sexting. I don’t believe you.”

Alec just stared back at her, his face a blank mask.

She scoffed, “Oh my god. Naked pictures. Dirty talk. You know…sex via texting.”

Okay, that definitely sounded like something he needed in his life, but he wasn’t going to admit that to his sister. Also, that was the dumbest name ever, so he was definitely not using that word, even if he did the thing.

“How do you ever get any work done, Izzy? Seriously. He just woke up. He was saying good morning….with his clothes on. Now get out of my office please.”

“Surrrre, I believe you,” she said with a wink and then sauntered out of his office, shutting the door behind her.

The moment she was gone he opened up his message thread and texted Magnus back.

My view is better when I’m there too.

He didn’t even bother putting his phone down this time. Truth was, he’d woken up late and left in a hurry, and he and Magnus didn’t get to start their morning off in their usual way, so he was definitely distracted. Then his sister had to go and put thoughts in his head of naked pictures of Magnus. That didn’t help his focus any.

Another message popped up.

Why did I just get a text from Isabelle telling me to stop “sexting” you so that you can get your work done?

Alec’s eyes got huge. Damnit Izzy.

Ignore her. Sorry.

He cringed and waited for a reply.

:( So you are opposed to the idea? Because my morning wasn’t as nice as it usually is. My handsome head took his HEAD to work.

Alec thanked the angel that Magnus couldn’t see his blush. He summoned up some bravery and typed.

I didn’t say I was opposed to it.

He watched the little text bubbles anxiously.

Are you alone in your office right now?

Alec’s heart started pounding faster as he replied.

Yes. As a matter of fact I am.

Magnus replied.

Good. Lock your door, now.

He jumped up and went to the door. He wasn’t sure why he would need to lock his door for texting, but he rarely hesitated when Magnus asked him to do something. Just as he was turning back around, a portal opened in his office and his boyfriend stepped out of it. Completely naked.

Alec stuttered over his words and nearly choked on his own tongue.

“Hi darling,” Magnus said, stalking toward him.

“Hi,” Alec said, breathlessly. “I thought you were going to text me.”

“Oh well, why would I settle for that when I can magically appear in your office?”

“Naked,” Alec said, looking him up and down before reaching out to pull him in.

“Perks of dating a warlock,” Magnus said, leaning in to kiss him.

“I love these perks. Way better than that other thing,” he replied, before kissing his love thoroughly.

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Hi! I have an idea for a character death where the character is deliberately hit in the chest with a baseball bat - as in, a full-strength swing that has the character practically flying. I was wondering if the hit would break the character's breastbone? And if it did, how would it kill her? I'm not sure if there would be bone fragments piercing organs or some other kind of trauma. Please help me, and thank you!

Hey there @kit-kennedy! Yes, a direct hit to the front of the chest can break multiple bones, including ribs and the sternum (breastbone). However, the sternum is well-stabilized by the dozen or so ribs holding it in place: 

(courtesy of Gray’s Anatomy, pre-copyright. Note the number of stabilizing ribs: I count 14.) 

However, if what you want is this character dead, there are a few ways this blow could kill your character. 

First, if the timing of the swing is exactly right, the impact could spark a lethal arrhythmia. See recent posts on R-on-T phenomenon; when this is caused by an impact, it’s known as commotio cordis. 

Second, it could cause a cardiac contusion – literal bruising of the heart. This can also cause arrhythmias, though not usually lethal ones; the bigger deal is if there’s enough force to cause either rupture of the valves or rupture of the ventricle itself. Ventricular rupture patients universally die before they reach hospital. 

If the blow lands off-center and crunches ribs, it’s perfectly possible for the rib fragments to nick the pleura and cause a tension pneumothorax

And if the blow lands just below the ribs, in the upper part of the abdomen, the character might suffer internal hemorrhage from liver or splenic rupture and die. The diaphragm itself could even rupture! 

However, it’s also an entirely survivable wound. “Direct hits to the chest” with a baseball bat are fairly hard to achieve, because the person being struck usually has these lovely wavey bits called arms that get in the way. They could also move and have the bat glance off of them. 

Even if not, it’s also perfectly believable that the blow simply breaks some ribs – but doesn’t kill them. 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I was rereading A Werecat in London to remind myself where I have been, but all I have managed to do is remind myself that nearly every damn character has been naked at least once in this fic.

Many characters have been naked multiple times.

At what point do you sit yourself down and go “Well, fuck that’s a lot of nudity!”

Clearly I have not reached that point yet.

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At some point things end up going poorly in their D&D game, with most of the party dying or otherwise incapacitated. Remembering all the times Shouto's character has seduced his way out of situations, one of the other players gets the bright idea to yell, "Todoroki! Quick, seduce the DM! Convince him not to kill us!" While Izuku sputters incoherently. Shouto just thinks, "Hmm, good idea."

The funny thing is that Shouto and Izuku end up flirting a lot, indirectly, as the campaign goes on. They do it through character interactions, of course, but it’s noticeable. The first few times it happens Izuku assumes that Shouto’s just getting really into the game, but it keeps happening more and more naturally. And there’s also this one NPC that ends up being a major recurring character that the other players like a lot (think Gilmore from Critical Role), except a lot of times said NPC and Shouto’s character end up just mercilessly hitting on each other.

Never enough to derail the game, though. Izuku is a responsible DM.

Gaylord II

Overall I like Dark Souls II so far as a game, although there’s a number of things that I liked about Dark Souls I that this game does wrong.

The main thing is the atmosphere. What I loved about the first game is that it presented a cruel and unforgiving world, but it was never condescending. It encouraged you at every turn to keep fighting forward.

The intro in this one meanwhile has characters outright laughing at how you’ll die over and over again. It’s way too on the nose and plays into “hey look our game is SO HARD PREPARE TO DIE”

As far as the gameplay goes, I can appriciate it for what it is thus far.

series/film/book: *has complex, well developed characters, a thought-provoking plot, intense fight scenes, well-written script, interesting setting, incredible plot twists, not too much focus on romance, and just all round perfect*

fan base: “HOW DARE YOU SHIP ______ WITH _____, MY OTP IS ______!!!!”


MEET LIZ! Congratulations to @johnstone111 for winning this Fridays’ first EERIE spot! Liz has a dark past filled with family problems and horrifying experiences. She still punches through as Anti’s most hated, forced friendship! Even though she doesn’t believe his hallucinated brainpoop stories, she listens. Then makes fun about it.

I hope I did your character justice! Thank you so much for participating! I enjoyed doodling this first time impression of her a lot! I’ll fix her up and try some expressions and pose sheets for her very soon! 

This has been character 1 of 7, 1 of 3 being chosen and revealed every Friday until the 7th of July! The remaining 4 will be chosen and revealed on the 10th of July!

Thank you all so much for your support on EERIE! I’m working hard to make this a good one and you’re bringing it to life! Best of luck to everyone who entered from here on and have fun, keep creating! 

This panel means so much to me

They’re talking about Drift and Rodimus, and in a lot of media, this would have been a “joke” where the punchline was basically “our main characters, gay? ha! what a ridiculous thought!”

But there are tons of same-gender couples in the comic, even among the main characters, and that changes things. The typical homophobic punchline doesn’t work, because the idea that Rodimus and Drift could be a couple isn’t ridiculous. This panel could even be foreshadowing! Lug is wrong, but it was a reasonable conclusion to come to, and the narrative treats it as such. And speaking as a bi woman, that is just…really, really nice to see.

Wrong Place Wrong Time (8)

Part 8 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters and Strong language.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7

Word Count: 1,997

You were sat in the board with Junmyeon, Kyungsoo, Yixing, Jongin, Jongdae and Minseok. It was dark outside by now and soft yellow spotlights were switched on to illuminate the room. You couldn’t quite piece together why you were here in the first place, and neither could the others apparently. Jongin, Minseok, Yixing and Kyungsoo were all looking at you in the most toxic way. If looks could kill, you would most definitely be dead.  Apparently the boys couldn’t work out why you were here either.

“What is she doing here?” Minseok barked, pointing his finger at you and looking at Junmyeon. This man clearly had issues.

“I’ve heard this little Madame is a curious one, isn’t that right sweetie?” Junmyeon smiled, raising his brow at you. You were cringing so hard at all the pet names you were beginning to acquire. Sweetie, Babe, Whore. What was next? You looked awkwardly around the table and fixed your eyes on Jongdae’s hands since he was the only one not looking at you as though he wanted to capture and burn your soul.

“Okay, so what if she’s a little snitch?” Kyungsoo said wearing the expression you had grown used to.

“Well then she won’t live to see tomorrow’s sunrise will she?” Junmyeon winked at you, making your stomach churn.
“Do you have the location?” Junmyeon asked, but nobody answered. “Wow, don’t all reply at once I can’t hear you, one at a time.” He said sarcastically but still no answer. He sighed heavily out of frustration. “D.O. give me the location.”

“Baekhyun hasn’t filled me in yet.” Kyungsoo answered with a straight face. Your ears pricked and you looked up immediately between the two men. D.O. was Kyungsoo’s other name wasn’t it. Why was Junmyeon using that all of a sudden. You saw Kyungsoo look at you, frown and then divert his attention elsewhere in the room, at three black brief cases near the door to be specific. He stood up walking towards them. It was just then you had noticed that Kyungsoo was wearing a similar black outfit to Junmyeon. You looked around the table, they all were.
He returned to the table dropping the cases with a loud bang.

“For goodness sakes be careful,” Junmyeon frowned “and can someone go and get Baekhyun.”

“I will.” Jongdae jumped up from his seat and went to go and find Baekhyun.

You saw Kyungsoo opening the briefcases slowly in front of you; they were packed with arms and ammunition. One was filled with guns, another was filled with knives and the last was grenades. Your breath hitched, hearing about what they did and seeing what they did were two different things. Surely they weren’t actually going to use those…were they?
“Who’s taking door duty this time?” Kyungsoo asked picking up a knife and caressing it slowly as if it were his new born child.
Junmyeon pointed at Jongin.

“No I’m not on the doors again; I’ve done that twice in a row. Anyway I’m better where the action is.” Jongin pouted crossing his arms over his chest.

“How about you just do what you’re told to do.” Yixing mumbled throwing Jongin a hateful look.

“For fucks sake, I’ll do it.” Minseok said, stretching his hand out towards Kyungsoo to take the knife he was holding. “Knives are my speciality anyway.” He turned his head to face you giving you a smug look, making you shiver and raise your hand up to the shallow cut on your throat that he had left behind.

Just then Baekhyun had walked in with Jongdae; smiling at you he took the seat beside you. “I don’t think those two being on main base together is the best idea.” He said sliding some sheets across the table over to Junmyeon. “Here’s the location. It’s pretty hidden so be careful not to get lost.”

“We can’t keep accommodating for them.” Junmyeon said, picking up the papers and skimming over them briefly. “When are you two going to sort whatever shit it is between you out? I still don’t even know what’s up with the two of you” He looked up at Jongin and Yixing who returned his gaze blankly. Sighing and shaking his head, Junmyeon returned his focus to the sheets in front of him.

Kyungsoo began handing out different weapons to the boys and placed a gun into his back pocket.

“They’re not actually going to use those are they; you’re just trying to scare me right?” You whispered to Baekhyun a little too loudly.

“Why would we have all of these out if all we wanted to do was scare you? I’ve already done that successfully, unless that wasn’t enough for you.” Minseok looked you up and down; you wished the ground could just swallow you up whole.

“Can I leave now?” You looked at Junmyeon standing up from your seat and shifting uncomfortably.

“No, you can’t. Sit down.” Jongin smiled pointing his gun at you. “Remember, I never miss.”

You sank back into your seat slowly, watching as Jongin placed the gun back on the table. Kyungsoo handed Jongdae a grenade and closed the briefcase again returning his hostile gaze towards you.

“I’d prefer you to have a gun Chen.” Junmyeon said. You knitted your brows together looking at Baekhyun, Who was Chen and why did they have different names? Baekhyun replied by motioning towards Jongdae with his head.

“No I’d rather a grenade.” Jongdae said, pretending to throw the grenade he was holding across the room.
So Jongdae was Chen, you made a mental note. You didn’t want to be in this room anymore.

“Baekhyun I don’t want to be here anymore.” You half whined and half whispered, you were starting to become a nervous wreck and were sure that if Jongin didn’t shoot you then Minseok would throw his knife directly at your heart.

“What part of no didn’t you understand?” You heard Yixing mumble putting the gun he was given into one of the many pockets his costume had.

Junmyeon stood up moving from the head of the table to the centre.
“Right.” He cleared his throat. “We all know the objective. We need to get in and out as fast as we can. Red’s men are no joke so I need you to be alert, don’t take any risks, if you feel like you can’t make it evacuate straight away. I don’t need to lose anymore men.” He ended sadly shaking his head a little.

“Don’t worry we’ve got this, we’ve always got this.” Jongin said smugly standing up from his chair “Let’s go.” The rest of the men got up following slowly behind Jongin. Yixing was last, he turned back to look at you and you couldn’t tell if it was a look of anger or sorrow but either way it shook you to the core, you weren’t sure whether to feel scared of him or sorry for him, he disappeared from the room closing the door behind him.

“Are you okay, maybe that was a bit much?” Baekhyun faced you. You jumped at the realisation that you weren’t alone.

“Yeah, I’m alright I think.” You said, still confused about the way you were feeling.

“Shall I go and get Chanyeol?”

“No, there’s no need for that.” You frowned at him. “I have another question for you, and yes it is actually a question this time.” He nodded signalling for you to continue. “Why do you guys have two names, I’m so confused.”

“Not all of us have two names. Only some of us.” You heard a voice that didn’t belong to Baekhyun answer your question, turning you head to face the door you saw Chanyeol standing there. “They’re like code names, so people from the outside don’t know their real identities.” He said walking further into the room. “You should’ve just asked me if you had any questions Y/N. Are you ok? Did anyone hurt you?”

“No.” You mumbled “I want to go to bed now.” You stood up from your seat.

“Ok let’s go.” Chanyeol said, following you out of the room.

“Actually I was wondering if I could have my own room or something. Baekhyun could you take me?” Chanyeol pouted, clearly upset by how coldly you were treating. 

“Y/N why –”

“Baekhyun, quickly please I’m really tired.” You walked down the corridor quickly, denying Chanyeol the chance to follow. Baekhyun caught up with you taking you to a room that was furthest away from anything in the house.

“You should really talk to him you know.” He said swinging the creaky door open.

“I don’t want to.” You walked inside, looking around. Thick layers of dust coated all of the surfaces. There were a pair of shorts laid out on the bed and shoes lined up underneath it. You coughed a bit going towards the window and opened it, it was a bit stiff at first, but you managed to pry it open eventually. “Why is it so dusty in here?” You asked Baekhyun, running your finger across the windowsill and contorting your face at the amount of residue left behind on your finger.

“Uh… it’s not been used for a while.” He said looking away from you and walking towards the bed picking up the pair shorts, he sniffed them temporarily and then held them at arms length staring at them with sad eyes. Letting out a sigh he folded them and put them in the wardrobe behind the bed. You walked around the room for a bit, inspecting it when your eyes landed on a picture resting on the shelf. You picked it up staring at it for a while. It was a picture of two men smiling next to each other. The first was Minseok. He looked almost unrecognisable, you gasped, you never knew it was possible for Minseok to be the owner of a smile. The second guy you hadn’t seen before.

“Who is this?” You asked, pointing at the man’s face in the picture. Baekhyun turned slowly looking at you and hanging his head slightly.

“He was one of the others… I… Please excuse me.” He rushed to the door and left the room shutting the door behind him.
That was odd, you thought. He seemed triggered, did you say something wrong? You tried not to let it bother you.
Finding a Handkerchief in one of the drawers you set about dusting down the surfaces. Also stripping the duvet and pillow of the musty sheets. You had been dusting for a good half hour before you started to see some improvements, when you heard the floor boards creaking from outside.

 “Why is the light on?” You heard someone mumble outside. The door swung open revealing Sehun standing on the other side. He stared at you first walking slowly into the room. His face was blank, walking closer to where you stood, then he began to frown.

“Why are you in this room?” He breathed. You backed up closer to the wardrobe. You were not supposed to be alone with him.
“I SAID, WHY ARE YOU IN THIS ROOM?!” Sehun screamed slamming you against the wardrobe behind you. You cried out in pain, allowing some tears to escape from your eyes.

“This room doesn’t belong to you! Why the fuck are you in here?!” He grabbed your neck and began tightening his grip around it, you tried to peel his fingers off but you couldn’t as his grip was too strong for you, You were in pain and you were beginning to struggle for breath.

“Seh- Stop…” You managed to breathe but it came out as barely a whisper.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?!  You’re not allowed to be in here! This room doesn’t belong to you!” Tears were streaming down his face and his grip around your neck got tighter, further constricting your airways.

You heard the door open in the distance but your view was becoming hazy.

“Sehun! Stop!”

But your vision had blacked.

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Do you suppose Furudate-sensei's background as a horror manga artist might have affected your initial perspective on the art style? For me personally, it's one of the things that drew me in because I like darker things, but I'm curious about your perspective.

Honestly, probably. I’m not really into horror or creepy things, kinda makes me uneasy. I just remember watching the first episode and being like where’s the adorable moe eyes?!? Where’s the cute bubbly animation?? I was kind of an anime noob when I started watching Haikyuu and I definitely didn’t appreciate it like I do now.


Originally posted by kattenikaizou

But I definitely appreciate the “creep” factor that Haikyuu sometimes has NOW more than I did when I first started watching!

The Chronological Superman 1964:

By 1964, it becomes clear that DC is trying to find a comfortable spot for Jimmy Olsen in Superman’s life. The character has effectively taken on a life of his own, and has run the gamut from daring cub reporter, occasional crimefighter, Superman’s younger brother, adopted son, and – now – Robin-like sidekick. In fact, Robin and Jimmy are presented not only as equals here, but as partners. Every book seems to have a different take on this chameleon-like character. It’s an interesting flashback to a time when Jimmy Olsen was far more than just a supporting character, but a headliner (or a B-Lister, at worst) on his own.

(World’s Finest vol.1 No.141)