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He could still be removed as the Dad though, once a paternity denial happens as long as its within 60 days. So TMZ could still break a paternity denial story regardless of the BC.

Anything could happen. I’m waiting to see how it unfolds over the next few weeks.

Regardless of what happens to Lexa this season, she will forever be one of my favorite characters of all time. I’ve never identified with and respected a character as much as her. She’s a great, complex, strong woman that is such an inspiration. She’s been completely broken and found a way to keep pushing onward and fighting. Is she perfect? Not close, but damn she’s tough, determined, and she tries.
Even if she and Clarke were never a thing, I’m 100% convinced she’s still be my favorite because I admire her leadership, bravery, intelligence, acumen, and general badassery.

Read and Translate: Keeping your goals in perspective
Hello readers :) I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything! You know, one of my New Years’ resolutions is to really, really make this page a better space for you to practice Spanish lan…

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Spanish blog if you haven’t visited before :)

For today’s post I wanted to write something that was meaningful for me and meaningful for others, too. It’s a Read and Translate post about keeping your goals and dreams in perspective. Read and Translate are posts in which I write a paragraph (or a few paragraphs) in Spanish, and then write the translation and include commentary on some phrases and/or include a vocabulary list. The idea is that you practice your Spanish reading and learn words or phrases you may be unfamiliar with. 

I decided to write about this topic as the first post this year because it’s something that applies to me and I know it can also help others. I usually need help with motivation because I tend to lose it quite easily, or lose the mood to do things, regardless of how much I care about things. It happens, so it’s nice to have a little reminder now and then about my reasons to have the goals I have chosen and such; to remind myself of my passions. I know many other people feel like this often, too, so this post both will give you motivation and help you study Spanish language. At least I hope so :)

I wrote in this post some suggestions to keep your goals in perspective, both in Spanish and English, so that you practice your reading. I also include a vocabulary list of 15 words chosen from the text (the words are bolded in the text). Each vocabulary word contains a pronunciation guide in parenthesis. 

I hope you enjoy this reading in Spanish lesson and that it is helpful. 

If there are any typos or mistakes, do let me know. 

If you like my free Spanish blog and my lessons, please share my post or spread the word. 

(Everything is free. My blog depends on when people click ads and donations.)

Thanks, and until next time! <3

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i really hope avery ends up with charlie for so many reasons, a big one being your legacy is basically all white, and charlie is so black and beautiful. i'm black and seeing charlie first come into your legacy in gen one made me so happy!! i'd really love to see her stay in the game.

Never fear, regardless of what happens between Charlie and Avery, the plan has always been to have sims of all colours (and species lol) throughout my entire legacy. And by all colours I mean ALL colours. Charlie is just the beginning =) 

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people are saying harry replied to the tweet that said "Larry is real" and I'm all for thinking that but he didn't, and she has like automated tweets or something because I always see her at the top of his tweets and other celebs saying the same thing .... but Harry still shaded whats going on so people don't need to worry about what happened

yeah he didn’t reply to that but regardless the tweet is still important

Beyonce's "Formation" controversy is so necessary and the shade talk reminds me so much of Madonna when she was in her prime. Back in the 80s and early 90s repression in America was still an issue regardless of the sex revolution that happened in the late 60s and early 70s. Because of a mainstream artist like Madonna, made it for a woman or even a man, to feel comfortable about their sexuality and gradually break out from their upbringing from their old fashioned tradition due to religion, culture or whatever it is. So yeah give it some time about what Beyonce is bringing up forth cause it will take its course all thanks to this press believe it or not. Remember "The opposite of love is indifference not hate".

last night i hung out with my fav coworker and my gay coworker and her girlfriend at their house and it was sooo nice. we watched blade runner, me for the first time them for like the millionth. they just had such an awesome domestic warm gay vibe going on, both in their house and their relationship. it was sooo cute and made me feel so calm. and like a little sad, but mostly excited for the future. regardless of when that future happens or however long it takes. i’m obviously good at waiting for things. but i’ve grown soooo much in the last 4 years and i truly don’t think i would have been capable of like, a loving responsible relationship before now, and that’s what i’m in for. long haul domestic bliss, like #venus in virgo but if i can wait 22 years to have sex i can definitely wait longer than that to settle down. i am different than everyone i know when it comes to attraction and dating and hooking up and thats 120% okay

Stydia fans, the Feb. 9 episode of Teen Wolf was for you. Stiles did everything he could to save Lydia from Valack’s clutches, and proved he’s the ultimate hero.


As soon as she was done, Stiles ran in to get Lydia. His face was pure relief. “You came back,” Lydia muttered to Stiles. Of course he came back! Regardless of what’s happened, Stiles has always loved Lydia. End of story. This was such an epic Stydia moment. Lydia begged Stiles to walk away before she hurt him. Stiles snapped, “Please shut up and let me save your life.”


As Scott raced to the clinic, Lydia was leaning on Stiles in the backseat. I can’t even deal. Stiles tried to keep her calm, but she kept screaming. Stiles didn’t even care that his ear started bleeding. He only cared about Lydia.

Stiles was the one to lift her up onto the table when they got to the clinic. Such a gentleman. Lydia then screamed so loud that the windows shattered. Stiles covered her body so she wouldn’t get hit by the glass. Meanwhile, Scott was on the floor. When Stiles lifted himself up, Lydia wasn’t waking up. She wasn’t moving. It was like she was dead. Stiles pleaded with her to open her eyes. The look on his face was pure panic and devastation.

Suddenly, she woke up. He cradled her face in his hands. They grabbed each other’s hands for comfort. Meanwhile, I’m crying my eyes out. Mrs. Martin witnessed all of this. When she hugged her daughter, Lydia said, “He saved my life, Mom. Stiles saved me.”

Okay, so if you didn’t already know, I’m a Stydia shipper. Tonight’s episode was the moment we witnessed things change between Stiles and Lydia. Stiles has always looked at Lydia this way, but Lydia finally saw Stiles for who he truly is: her hero.

Best review ever by Hollywood Life (x)

Why are you framing your work before you've finished it?

This is something I see happen with cross stitch pieces a little more than with surface embroidery, but it seems to happen regardless. I go through the tags and see so many beautifully-stitched pieces just thrown into a frame the second the last stitch has been finished. They’re never stretched or pressed, and many have never even been washed.

Why? I can understand being so excited to have finished something that you need to just get it displayed RIGHT NOW, but pressing and stretching your stitching will make it look so much nicer once you’ve got it in the frame. Do people just not know how that’s done? Are they not aware it’s supposed to be done?

Please tell me, I want to know!

What is this straight up bullshit that I’m always seeing about the Minutemen being the only ones looking to avoid killing innocents in the Institute? No faction has more of a reason to hate the Institute than the Railroad and yet Desdemona says straight out the gate that they’ll be doing everything they can to avoid collateral damage.

When you get into the Institute, she tells Tom to “send out anyone that’s unarmed, Institute personnel included.” And it’s not like the Sole Survivor has to argue her into it or like she even puts it up to debate with them. This is how the RR operates. You can see it in her dialogue again-

“But the Institute isn’t just populated by diabolical scientists. Families live there. Children. If we destroy them, we’re going to evacuate more than just Synths.”

and again-

“I can’t condone the killing of innocents. That is not what the Railroad is about.”

and again-

“…if we ever can permanently disable or even destroy the Institute, we will do it. But we won’t do it for revenge. We’ll do it out of necessity. To ensure that the synths stay safe and free, forever… We will spill only as much blood as we have to. We’re more than murderers…” 

and it’s a miracle, that just this little thing is quite enough

summary: she says, “romantic-stylze”, with a z, only this time there’s actually someone being left behind waiting, as it were, and it’s maybe a little less awful than it was before

anyway this melodramatic garbage is literally written in half an hour and i’ve done zero (0) proofreading, shoutout to dan goor and the rest of the b99 gang for being Extra and Ruining My Angst-Loving Trashcan Self with this new information. “I bet they’ll make it tragic,” says my mom, “but comedy tragic. So not tragic, but, you know. That kind of thing.” (getting my mom into b99 was the best thing i ever did tbh) Anyway this will likely never ever happen regardless of b99 being Literal Fanfic but here you go, Quality Trash:

She’s facing away from him when he blurts it out, her back stiff and unyielding and her arms wound around each other over her chest, hands cradling her elbows. He can see the tightness underneath the blue fabric of her suit jacket – so familiar and normal, so unlike the panic settling in his chest. He was okay, he thinks. Up until this morning, he was fine.

He knows her (every detail). He trusts her (with his life). He can handle this, because that’s what he’s expected to do, what she expects him to do, what he expects of himself. His eyes are betraying him, though, drinking in the little details of her posture: the glossy shine of her long hair where it tucks into its neat bun, the glint of light in the tiny sliver studs nestled against her earlobes. There’s a part of his brain – the part that lights up when he’s working cases, that scans every detail of a room or piece of evidence, that’s committing all the little Amy details displayed in front of him to memory. There’s a stain of desperation on it that Jake doesn’t want to think about, because that would mean he’s not okay anymore, and Amy’s shoulder’s would get more stiff, and his chest would cave and peal and crumble and he’s being melodramatic, so sue him.

The light in the evidence locker is dim and artificial as it usually is, and somehow the threadwork in Amy’s suit jacket is highlighted. His eyes are locked on a single snagged thread, maybe one inch in length and horizontal against her shoulder blade, when the words tumble out of his mouth.

It’s going to be fine and this is exciting and, the most recent, the too-strained, stubborn-coloured why are you being so weird? all echo against his words, and Jake tries to stop his voice from cracking, he really does.

“Because it’s scary and it’s lonely and screws with your head! I know, Amy, I – it’s – ” 

His voice is catching and he’s not okay, he thinks, which is dumb and he’s dumb and this whole thing is dumb because if there’s one thing he knows without a doubt, it is just how important this whole operation is to her – to the whole squad. They’ve been working on this for weeks, Jake thinks. He needs to pull it together.

Amy turns around, and now his traitorous eyes trace over the slopes and curves of her face, her cheeks, her eyebrows and the bridge of her nose, the way her soft lips are tight around the edges and turned down. Jake thinks, I love you, and tries to take a deep breath.

“Jake,” she says softly, and some of the brittle defensiveness, borne of years of fighting to prove herself, that held up her earlier annoyance has bled out.

“I’m sorry,” he says, and looks down at his feet. It’s harder than Jake cares to admit, tearing his eyes away, and he stares at his shoes and sees the details of her face, its exact expression, imprinted against his eyelids.

He feels her in his space before she touches him, her small hands, rough and gun-calloused as his own, sneaking in between his fingers. They don’t come up to cup his face as they usually do, but stay linked against his palm as she leans forward and lets her forehead rest against his. Jake feels his eyes flick up to meet hers, face already angled downwards. His exhale is tight and lacking energy, almost empty.

It’s not okay, Jake thinks, but he’s managed not okay before.

And then Amy’s fingers squeeze his, so tightly and suddenly that he almost starts, and she says,

“Marry me.”

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Support equality? Please read!

I decided to open a blog dedicated to pro-equality quotes from tv, movies and more! 

The blog is a humorous pro-equality page for entertainment and empowerment reasons.

The idea is to take quotes from TV and films, and show them as they are, regardless of their original context, what happened a about to happen.
We don’t try to present only quotes said by characters who support equality. The quotes should:

1. entertain us

2. empower equality in various different ways.

The target audience: feminists, lgbt+ and everyone who supports equal rights for everyone. 

Did you like the idea? Great! Reblog this post, follow us and send us your own screenshots! Be patience, sometimes it takes us time before they are uploaded. We’ll credit you, unless you specify tell us that you want to remain anonymous.

Together we will change the world!