Regardless of what happens - even if Stelena is not endgame, our ship was 100% real and full of love acknowledged by many characters. What’s said by and about Stefan and Elena can never be said about DE.
  • “I love Stefan. It’s always gonna be Stefan.”
  • “I love him, Damon. No matter what I feel for you, I never unfell for him.”
  • “It’s you and me, Stefan. Always.”
  • “I envy that. You and Elena. I envy the love that you have.”
  • “Crazy or not, that kind of love never dies.”
  • “After the accident, I kind of felt like I didn’t know how to live anymore, like I didn’t want to. But then being with Stefan, somehow I figured it out. And that’s what love should be. You should love the person that makes you glad that you’re alive.”
  • “He’s your epic love!”
  • “I met a girl. We talked, and it was epic. And then the sun came up and reality set in. Well this is reality, right here, right now.”
  • “You are the woman that I love. I love you.”
  • “I don’t pretend to be anything when I’m with her. That’s the whole point. I get to just be myself.”
  • “She’s the love of my life. I’d go back to her in a heartbeat.”
  • “All I see is Stefan and Elena.”
  • “I had to choose and I picked you. Because I love you. No matter what happens, it’s the best choice I ever made.”
  • “I love you, Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go.”
  • “If it were my choice, I’d want to be with you forever.”
  • “I was protecting Elena. I will always protect Elena.”
  • “If you walk away, it’s for you because I know what I want. I love you, Stefan.”
  • “But you know, the life that we had, that was amazing too. And it wasn’t a spell or a prophecy. It was real. We fell in love on our own.”
  • “Elena is warm, and she’s kind, and she’s caring, and she’s selfless. And it’s real. And honestly when I’m around her, I completely forget what I am.”
  • “I watched versions of Stefan and Elena find each other like magnets. Always the same story. Conquering all, falling in love.”
  • “I will always love you.”
  • “Stefan is your soulmate.”
  • “You were the perfect boyfriend.”
  • “The only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.”
  • “I owe you everything because through all of this, you are the one thing that’s kept me from giving up. From turning it all off.”
  • “Must be hard trying to live up to Stefan. He stopped himself when I compelled him to feed on Elena. Now that’s love.”
  • “Every time I tell myself that I’m moving on, there’s this part of me that just can’t seem to shake her.”
  • “His love is pure and he will always be good for her.”
  • “Everything I did to get this, I did for you. So that the choice of whether you wanted to be a vampire or not, would always be yours.”
  • “What if Elena was the one?“ “She was. And she will always be an epic love.”
  • “I’ll be with you, forever.”
  • “She’s human, pure. Dating the good Salvatore [Stefan]. Then she became an undead blood bag, stopped caring about right and wrong, started dating the bad one.”
  • “Elena Williams. We’ve known each other for a very long time now, and you’ve always been my best friend. I have always loved you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”
  • “I saw a perfect life. Stefan and I were married and we had kids. It was everything that we wanted.”
  • “If it meant that I got to be with her, have children, grow old with her. If it meant that we’d die together, be buried together, then yes. I’d take the cure.”

! ! ! ! !!d0 n o t r ebI0 g t hls !!!

hey if u think that joss whedon leaving twitter is a cause for celebration it’s rly rly not because regardless of what actually happened ppl are just gonna accuse feminists of driving away a popular figure

like. i know lots of ppl on here don’t like him. but that’s not an accurate representation of everyone else. ppl love him. ppl loved aou so right now they love him a lot. ppl hate feminists. i know he’s problematic as hell and etc., etc., but like… … .. .. ppl take ANY excuse to have a go at feminists… .so if u think harassing him on twitter was like “a good idea” like “lmao @josswhedon block me piece of trash” or w/e, you’ve made it… worse…. for us… . . bc tbh it just looks petty af and ofc., he can garner more support than anyone who doesn’t like him can

like jeez i know he sucks but forreal he’s leaving marvel, it’s dooooone. he was gone. it could have been over. tweeting him bs after the fact was so pointless. you wanna do sth meaningful then fuckin boycott his movies lmao oh wait no ur all fuckin hypocrites who saw aou on the day it opened?? right.

good job ur twitter activism is working so well and hasn’t massively backfired and made everyone angry at “the nasty feminismsms driving our lord n saviour joss off twitter”

like seriously im sorry i don’t usually write on here when i’m angry abt this kind of thing because i’m scared of backlash but …whatever.

reminder — ! ! ! !!d0 n o t r ebI0 g t hls !!! feel free to talk to me abt it (like pls do i wanna talk abt it) but. yea. n000000 rblagging

People have been saying they don’t support Kol and Davina because it’s out of character for Kol to fall in love

Well it’s out of character for Klaus to fall in love but look what’s happening! You still love Klaus the same regardless.

And back to Kolvina – people say that they don’t have chemistry - OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES! 

and look at Danielle/Davina - She’s damn beautiful, how can you not fall in love with her?

In the beginning I think it was her ability to resist him that drew him in more not just his mother 

and if you still think he was just using her cause his mother said so, don’t you think he would’ve left after they got rid Esther? Do you think he would've lied to and crossed his mother if he didn't truly like Davina?


In 2x02, Esther asked what Davina’s secret weapon was and he said he didn't see when he knew it was Mikael 

And in 2x05 and he said his mother told him to kill the spell or kill Davina, look at what choice he made.

As he said in 2x07 his mother sent him to follow her, the flirting was all him 

Kol said Kemiya involves chemistry and connection,  all their spells wouldn't have worked if they didn’t have it. If Kol’s feelings were fake it wouldn't worked.

Nobody ordered him to kiss her, that was all him. 

In 2x10, he didn't want her to touch the boundary because he didn't want her to get burnt, if he didn't like her he wouldn’t have cared if she got burnt or not. 

He died smiling at her!

That’s all I’m saying. 

anonymous asked:

I'm scrolling through the tronnor tag and so many people have not only tagged but @ed tro and con in suggestive posts. I'm happy the fandom's getting some much larger, but this is definitely one of the more unwanted side effects. I really hope that when tro/con know the majority of us make great efforts to not tag them and be respectful in general, and overlook these small lapses.

yah i agree, it’s pretty unfortunate our efforts will get over shadowed by those who actually tag them, because they only know it’s a problem once they see it and we’ve done a good job making sure they don’t see it. now it’s getting bigger less people feel like they need to be respectful, unfortunately. hopefully the boys know we’re trying for them, if they creep on the tumblr fandom at all i feel like they do know how hard we try to be respectful, regardless of what’s happening now, and what may happen in the future. 

out of all the guys I’ve dated
only one answers my calls and texts regardless of what happens
even if he’s busy he’ll tell me to call back later or he’ll call back

Happy Monday everyone! The weather is so great today I can’t help but feel all warm and happy☀️. I hope the weekend treated you well and you had a good nights sleep so you’re filled with energy today! I know Monday’s aren’t exactly the easiest days to wake up on but regardless of its negative stigma, positive things will happen today, may it be small or grand so don’t be so down. Here’s a positive little reminder for you guys today. We all waste our time waiting around for happiness to come into our lives. We waste the week days waiting for the weekends. We waste normal days waiting for parties. We waste so many opportunities by not taking them because we’re scared something better will come along. Life is way too short for you to be waiting for something good to happen. Good memories and good things in general don’t just fall out of the sky. Instead of sitting around and sulking because nothing good is happening, make something good happen. Nothing good will happen if you’re just sitting there doing nothing. You don’t need other people to be happy. You don’t need Friday’s to be happy. You can be happy right now. I know it’s not a choice for some of us and it’s hard but I believe you guys can be happy. I support you in doing things that make you happy. Have a great day everyone. Love you. Enjoy the sunshine☀️😊🙆🏾💛

There are hardly any genuinely good, kind hearted, patient and loving people in this world. So if you happen to stumble across one, don’t take them for granted. Regardless of anything you have previously encountered with people in the past, don’t fuck over the good ones. You’ll lose and it will haunt you forever.
—  MR
Bonkai Fam Lets make a pact

There are some nasty theories going around. Some real scary ones.

Plec is hell bent on making us hate Bonkai. And she claims it will be worse than anything Klaus or Damon did.

It’s hard to imagine worse things. But horrible possibilities like Kai Raping Bonnie, Kai torturing Bonnie and making her feel the pain of all the heretics victims, Kai trapping Bonnie in a new prison world etc have all been mentioned as theories. Even Kai hooking up with Lily or one of the Heretics. (Ugh)

Plec will do all she can to make a Bonnie ship as nasty and bad as possible.

So here’s what we need to promise

1)Regardless of what happens we will always continue to support and Love Bonkai. Despite how bad they’ll ruin it in the last two eps.

2) We won’t consider the fuckery after 6x17 canon. We will all make up our own head canon on what should’ve happened after that episode.

3) We will continue to support and encourage each other.

4) We cant let that ogre win. IN OUR HEARTS WE KNOW ANY BAD THING KAI DOES TO BONNIE IN THE NEXT TWO EPS WILL BE A MANIFESTATION OF PLEC’S OWN HATE FOR BONNIE. Us BONKAI FANS ARE TOO SMART to eat up this bullshit. We KNOW it will be out of character and such a major inconsistency. If Kai wanted to hurt Bonnie he could’ve done so when he had her alone and when she was stabbing him. He even wore gloves so he wont accidentally siphon her magic!
After the merge he never tried to hurt her. Even before the merge he only hurt her as a LAST RESORT. Even as a sociopath he wanted her approval and avoided hurting her and tried other alternatives.

There’s just no way we would believe anything evil Kai does in the next episodes will be a continuation of his development.


So Bonkai fam no matter how ugly things get (thanks to Plec)

We have each other. And we will never let Bonkai love die because we KNOW how epic they couldve been. We know they couldve eventually forgive each other and trust each other. We know Kai couldve continued trying to earn Bonnies trust and forgivness.

We all know Plec did this to spite us.

Dont let her win!!!!

We are still going to trend, make fan vids, fanfics, manips blog, tweet Bonkai EVERY FUCKEN DAY!

Julie plec and Co could all shove the fecal matter show up their ass!

Bonkai fam promise!



生日快乐, 黄子韬! there are so many unanswered questions and theories, and i don’t know what’s going to happen, but i know that i love you and i will continue to support you, regardless of what ends up happening. please take care of yourself, rest your injuries, and don’t worry about us! your health is the first priority, and don’t let your guilt prevent you from fully resting. happy birthday, i love you!

I am very unsurprised about people taking advantage of the recent criticisms of callout culture to clear their name for genuinely bad shit for the same reasons that I was critical of callout culture in the first place. What all of this comes down too imho is that there are manipulative and abusive people within social movements that take advantage of that groups current motivations or mentality to their own selfish ends, and this happens regardless of current trends in how those groups are acting (eg taking advantage of callout culture as an abuse tactic OR taking advantage of the criticism around callout culture to clear their names.)

Really I think the best way we can combat this sort of stuff happening isn’t championing any one tactic of activism (although I do think it’s good that we’re engaging in critiques of activism techniques that are harmful overall, and there’s been a lot of really good stuff said about how callout culture kinda sucks) but instead encouraging an overall atmosphere of critical thought where people aren’t eager to back whatever people say without thinking about it’s ramifications. That’s an atmosphere that it’s easy for online communities to slouch into and it’s one that people can easily take advantage of.

This isn’t anyone fault for going about anything in a certain way and I really don’t intend this as blaming anyone who’s fallen into this way of doing stuff - this is something that happens in literally every group and social movement, and it’s been a constant throughout a lot of human history. I think it’s very important we remain critical of how our own movement operates because there will be people taking advantage of it regardless of if we acknowledge that and work around it or not, and pretending there won’t to view our ideology and movement as perfect isn’t only naive, it opens up the possibility for the abuse of the vulnerable people we’re trying to protect.

losing feels shitty & i’m not gonna make excuses but god damn, that was a hell of a game by the pens. with so much depleted D & they managed to keep it within 1 and kept up with the rangers just fine after the first period. if it weren’t for the refs handling the rangers a goal who knows what would have happened. regardless, this is a loss you build on, not one that gets you down. i actually have more confidence in the pens now, seeing them play this well

like regardless of what else happens tonight im going to teleport to montreal and like wrap galchenyuk in protective bubble wrap and hiss at anyone who gets too close the hockey toddler has suffered enough for one night

He claims to have had sex over Skype with Kat. Kat is 15, he is 20. She was gone the day he claimed it happened, but regardless that claim and his crush on her is pedophilia. The way he acted towards those girls was suspicious, so I warned them, and he’s trying to make it look like I’m the bad guy. This hurts me a lot. I was stern in my word choice with him and a bit pushy but I didn’t insult him in any way.He removed me from Skype. Probably blocked me. Which hurt me a lot more than it should have. He took advantage of me as a friend, walked on me like I was a rug and he could wipe his dirty shoes on me. And I forgave him countless time and time again. I REALLY cared about him. I really really did. So I didn’t let go for a long time.He drove me to a panic attack after he figured out that someone had told me that he had cheated on his girlfriend and bugged them both for nudes afterwards because he tried to blackmail me. He harassed me constantly and eventually called me. JUST BECAUSE I told him he wasn’t doing an okay thing, it brought him to tears and for some reason I found sympathy in his words. 

But the anger that has built up over time prevented me from forgiving him. He neglected me because he had a huge creepy crush on Katrina and told me: “You can’t do for me what Katrina does. Sorry.” He told me I wasn’t good enough with that statement. I always had to talk to HIM, it was never the other way around.And when I said I was going to leave him because of all this shit, he said he needed me. He said he wanted me to help him.And then I realized… That this was an abusive relationship. This was an abusive friendship. THIS was what it was like to live in hell, to love someone and for them to not give a shit and only take from you. THIS was what it was like.It hurt for me to cut my ties with him. But it hurts even now that it had to have this sad ending. My anger got the better of me, and even though I honestly did NOTHING wrong, I still feel like I did because now he shut the door on me.THIS is what Josh did, for all of you that are asking me. THIS is who he really is: an abuser that will use you and throw you out.This is why I am in so much pain.This is the REAL Josh, not the savior of the Twitch chat, not the friendly guy that just wants to help. This is what he really is.And I’m so glad I can finally say that without any regrets. Without him yelling at me. Without him verbally beating me down.I’m so glad I can finally get this out…

*Sorry for posting this in the tag, but I feel like everyone should be fully aware of this man’s actions so they can be warned away from him.*

The power of Communication

People are very rigid in their views when it comes to speaking about political/social issues, and more likely to get hostile. When we hear ideas we don’t agree with our anger dismisses the ideas and the people they come from. We may even dehumanize those people in our minds. When you don’t value a another race as humans The mind validifys enslaving, killing and refusing to communicate with them.

But Communication IS the root of change. Verbal communication, physical communication, protest, violence- all forms of communication can bring change be it good or bad results a change happens regardless.

I think we should find ways to communicate that we are unhappy with the government and they need to change it.

Example: keeping black money amongst black people hurting their businesses and demanding WHAT THEY OWE US.

So what do you want?

Justice for the wrongfully murdered?

reparations for Everything since slavery ?

A better police system?

I want All of the above so I’m putting it out because the thought form is a contagious energy.

I’m not a person with answers but a person with ideas and I’m just doing what all of us are obligated to do. Share our ideas and communicate for a better world.

So what do you guys think?

Goodvibesalways ~ Raury -w-