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Do you think that Jimmy Jr. has major feelings for Tina, but is just to scared to show it?

Yes! I do. I think it’s pretty clear that Jimmy Junior does have feelings for Tina, but he’s afraid to express them because of his dad and Zeke, and because he doesn’t really know how. He doesn’t have a good role model for this stuff.

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I do think Hoechlin will be back, I feel like Jeff will ask him to be back and he will give in. Just wait and see, it be them trying to save the last season. After all Jeff is a mediocre writer who doesn't know how to write his characters going to college. I think if he would of stick with the original pack, it be easier to introduce new characters during their college yrs. If it would of gotten there lol

I doubt it. If Hoechlin does return, it will probably be for the last episode of TW ever. He seems pretty done with the show in general, as he wouldn’t have left in the first place if he still liked the show. 

Aria/ Charles

In the preview for 6x05 we hear Hanna ask “How long was she in Radley” Spencer answers “long enough to know Charles”. 

I can’t remember which producer said it, but one of them said each shot in the mirror is deliberate so it does mean something to see Aria standing in front of the mirror. 

It is said that standing in front of mirrors can show a split personality in this promo we see Aria again standing in front of mirror.

This episode also features Maddie Ziegler who plays a patient in Radley. It is said she dances. 

In 5x12 in a scene at Radley Aria says she wanted to be a dancer, but she couldn’t because she’s short.

In season 3 Aria tells Emily you kept calling me Arlene. Now this may sound crazy, but what if Charles was the one who took Emily that night and was talking about his friend Arlene who he met at Radley.

Guys I’m really hoping that Aria is the girl that Charles met. I know people don’t like the Aria is A theory, and she may not be A, but I’m very sure she has a split personality.

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“Ava’s body is sleek and alien: all gray mesh and transparent limbs with wires braided where the bones would be. The crystalline skin shimmers as she moves. Pristine and clean. Her stomach is curved and clear into the whirring mechanisms underneath. She walks in right angles. The only piece of her that hints at humanity is the skin of her face, which extends above her forehead, behind her ears, and dips below her chin, before stopping. Where one’s skull and hair would normally be, is a crystal shell, a window into the silver dome underneath.

And yet. Her voice is soft, her eyes doe-like, her figure feminine. She’s pretty.

Caleb notices.

He knows she’s a robot. He can see it in her arms, in her stomach. Nathan even shows Caleb his laboratory, where she was built, and hands him a mock-up of her brain. He shows Caleb her differentiated limbs and describes the process of simulating facial expressions, how he sent all of the data through his company’s search engine into that glass ball of information she has mounted in her skull. Ava is, essentially, our metadata.”

—Kelsey Ford on Ex Machina“Fault Lines”

I really wish the show would just get on with it. Give us real, proper answers. Tell us the real reason why Maya was killed, why Noel helped Maya hide, what Jenna told Shana that made her turn on Allison, what Allison was doing for the years she went missing (how does no one ask omg), why no one talks about the night Allison was nearly killed, why Mrs. DiLaurentis cover it up, why Mona is helping out Big A or was, about the N.A.T. club, and so on.

It’s just getting boring.

EXO reaction to having a girl living with them

OMG! I live in germany too <3 Thanks for your nice ask :) I don’t know many people here from germany :3 Admin M <3

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Xiumin: “Hey how are you, I’m Minseok!” *waves like an idiot*

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Luhan: *makes you smile all the time and can handle you well*

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Kris: *tries flirting with you*

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Suho: *Shows you his room* “You can borrow them if you want”

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Lay: *really likes you from the beginning*

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Baekhyun: *you come in for the first time and explain yourself. he is very confused*

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Chen: “OMO I didn’t know there was a girl as pretty as you*

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Chanyeol: *Shows himself from the charming side*

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D.O: *regrets his life choices after chen and xiumin embarrass themselves*

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Tao: *Does a happy-dance as you move in*

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Kai: *is being dorky*

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Sehun: *is being a total tease*

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Campbell's farm.

Does anyone remember in 5x12 when Paige showed up at Emily’s house and saw Ali leaving with the twins (Mindy and ? Forgot her name)? Paige got in her car and followed them. She later told Em about how she followed them to “some farm” in the middle of nowhere…she also said there were a whole bunch of cars there too. Does Ali know more than she says? Why so many cars at night? Perhaps making the Construction people working on building the inside of the dollhouse more inconspicuous? Thoughts on this? xxx

Six seasons of Glee and to this day, I still think I Feel Pretty/Unpretty is the best mashup/duet the show has ever done. I never would’ve thought that the power of Lea’s voice and the delicate timbre of Dianna’s would be such a good match. The arrangement, everything was just exquisite and it was the perfect example of how two polar opposite voices can come together to create a terrific sound. Glee doesn’t often showcase creative brilliance, but when it does, it does it well.

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I AM BURNING FOR A SENSE8/TW AU NOW AND I FULLY BLAME THIS SCENE (like I wasn't planning it from the first ten minutes of show psssshhhh)


Allison obviously KICKS ASS so she takes over whenever any of the sensates get into a fight. Scott is an actor living in Mexico (how perfect is that) who has a great boyfriend but also finds Allison amazing and boy, does that get interesting. Isaac fled from his abusive dad and is now living somewhere in France probably, because the people in Paris actually love his sense of fashion. Lydia is a FANTASTIC SCIENTIST who can make bombs with pretty much any materials she finds wherever. Let’s also include the brilliant Kira, making her way up the corporate ladder in japan while all she wants to do is become a samurai, mastering the use of her Katanas. Boyd is all loved up somewhere with Erica, who is super annoyed that all of these cool things are happening to her boyfriend instead of her, but she is awesome enough by herself that it doesnt really matter. DEREK AS DEPUTY IN CALIFORNIA. STILES IS ACTUALLY FROM POLAND (also he may or may not be a criminal but that doesn’t stop Derek from falling for him really hard).

AND WHAT IF WEREWOLVES WERE STILL A THING THOUGH. All of the sudden, the other sensates find themselves suffering control issues right around the full moon and why the hell do they keep smelling things?


I really do think there’s some sort of racism issue within the Girl Meets World fandom amongst the younger fans. I first noticed it when shippers started to reject the idea of Zay being with any of the characters on the show and that includes the male ones. Why is Maya x Lucas, Riley x Lucas, Riley x Maya, Lucas x Farkle something valid within the community but Zay x Maya, Zay x Lucas, Zay x Riley, Zay x Farkle isn’t?

Also especially with the younger fans, you guys don’t seem to understand that yes Katie’s race does play a huge part! And why we are upset about Angela. We don’t care that her and Shawn aren’t together anymore, what we care is that they took away a smart, pretty, successful black woman that we all looked up to and gave us a single white mother who hasn’t really accomplished anything. There is literally 0% main character people of color on that show and how they wrote Angela was just insulting!

On the Confederate grave digging...

Sooo…it’s my understanding that people are now going to dig up dead people’s bodies because they fought in a war like 200 years ago.

Um…how is this going to solve anything?  More importantly, isn’t grave desecration illegal?  I’m pretty sure it is.  

If a normal person were to dig up a dead body they’d be shunned and probably thrown in jail but when a politician does it, it’s okay.   

And once they dig up the bodies, what are they gonna do?  Spit on them?  Oh yeah that’ll show them!!  

This is yet another example of a politician using their power to do whatever the hell they want regardless of laws.  Hell if they can break the law, why not let everyone break it?  What’s the point of having a justice system when powerful/rich people still get to do whatever they want?


How does Hollywood depict women in war movies?

A recent study by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media showed that globally, there are 2.24 male characters for every one female character in movies. Not great news for gender equity advocates. But neither are the stereotypical roles women are often asked to play in movies.

 For our Teach Her series, we took a look back through some classic and not-so-classic war movies to see what roles women tend to play. Turns out, there are about four. And they’re pretty predictable. 

The sex object 

The nurse 

The wife/mother left behind 

The badass/savior 

What women’s roles in war movies are we missing? Join the discussion using hashtag #TeachHer or in our Across Women’s Lives Facebook group.”

EXO Reaction when you’re a horse rider and take them with you.

Does anyone ride horses? I really think it’s pretty cool! Admin A~ Enjoy sweeties!

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *He just watches you ride… wondering how it would be if he was the horse*…

Kris: *Too hard for him.. he can’t ride horses*

Sehun: *Asks you to show him all the tricks and movements so he can actually enjoy the pretty show you are giving him* (Naughty boy)

Tao: *Feels like a cowboy*

Kai: *He enjoys watching you but when you propose he should ride the horse, he just.. runs away* “ No no.. I’m scared”

Xiumin: *Feels like a little kid with his horse toy*

Baekhyun: *Brings all the necessary equipment and it totally ready for the class, even tho he already thinks he is a professional horse rider*

Luhan: “I’m not going to ride that scary big thing” *He is more scared of the height of the horse than anything*

Chen: *Has the time of his life* “This is actually fun jagi! Lets do it again!”

Kyungsoo: *Wonders how he is going to get on top of the horse* “This is difficult… and dangerous…”

Lay: “I know how to do this” *Feels like a pro*

Suho: *He supports you and watches from behind hoping you won’t asking him to ride* “I’m perfectly fine here… on the ground…”

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I loved your McDanno fic! Do you have any fics to rec?


(… this is probably more than you wanted)

hoʻokāne by Siria | 14k | Explicit

As active as Danny’s imagination was, however, as strong as all his fears could be at the thoughts of his little girl being taken away from him again, he’d forgotten to factor in one very important element: Steve.

Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No by queenklu | 9k | Explicit

“—so Gracie puts this flower in my hair and she tells me I look pretty and if I love her I’ll wear it all day, and I think, Great, I think, Greatness, because this is my day off and no way would Steve McGarrett show up at my door on my day off, right, Steven?”

How to Keep Your Mouth Shut by primetime | 10k | Explicit

Danny’s sometimes gay. Gay, sometimes. Does dudes. He doesn’t know how to say it right. He doesn’t know how to say it at all.

Reciprocity by elandrialore | 3k | Teen

Steve tells himself not to read too much into things.

Curving Like the Ocean Toward You by gyzym | 20k | Explicit

If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.

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 So… I did something a little while ago, when I was fooling around on pinterest and craving aesthetics. I don’t really know if it’s how you pictured some of those things, but I had so much fun making it, just wanted to show you what Comm does to people ♥ lol (the beach is Guam, btw) - pepperish



On Sense8, Inside Out, and the New Pop Culture Psychology of the Touchy-Feely

I am in the business of feelings. When I’m working as a therapist, that is a big part of what I do - try to understand how and why and what people feel, all in service of helping them to feel better.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard all the therapist jokes in one form or another. After all, therapists manage to be both incredibly in demand and also widely mocked. Never more so than in pop culture, where therapists stand in as convenient narrative devices on TV shows and in movies: But how do you feel about that? How does that make you feel? Pop culture representations of therapists are overwhelmingly terrible, inaccurate and insulting, both to therapists and to the people who seek them out, but they are also ubiquitous enough to highlight the strange fascination we have with those who do this for a living.

This summer has brought two wildly different - and yet strangely similar - pop culture products of our fear of and fascination with feelings. Sense8, available via Netflix streaming, is a lush, confusing and breath-taking show about eight people from all over the globe who have the ability to feel each other’s feelings and share thoughts. It is maybe the most ambitious TV show ever made. Inside Out, perhaps Pixar’s most perfect movie, takes the viewer inside the mind of an 11-year-old, where her core emotions are visually represented by adorable avatars: sadness, joy, anger, fear and disgust. Both of these intra-psychic fantasies invite the viewer to do the work of a therapist: to try to understand the way people relate to each other while also trying to understand what it’s like to live inside someone else’s head.

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Do you believe that there's any way Claude could fall in love with a human? I just find it a bit hard to believe, although it is fun to imagine.

That’s an interesting question, my dear guest and I’m really glad you asked. Well, when it comes to demons I’m rather talkative (*/ω\*)

Warning: contains spoilers of everything because I’m basing on different sources!

First of all, we need to know how does the demons’ nature actually work. Unfortunately, the Black Butler itself isn’t showing us the background of their lifes nor even their personality. It’s pretty visible in the Sebastian’s character; all we know about him it that, he is always playing, trying to act as a butler in the best way he can and basically everything he’s doing goes for Ciel’s liking. There was a headcanon somewhere that he’s probably a terrible cook since every meal he’s made is for the young Phantomhive and people have different tastes when it comes to eating. That’s why I’d rather base on mythology where the demons were mentioned.

The demons are usually considered as malevolent beings, wishing and making the worst they can, causing pain and suffering. However, if you’d do some research in the folklore and myths of different ethnic goups from the world, you’d be surprised that not all demons were as bad as they’re described. Of course, humans were always scared of them, terrified by their power which could create as well as destroy. That’s why in some places they were worshipped so they wouldn’t have a reason to do any harm and so even become protective.

Let me introduce you my favourite demon from Slavic mythology - Domownik (Domowoj). Even though he was called a demon, his presence in the houses was welcomed and all what the residents had to do was to treat him as a part of family. It could be hard since he was more audiable that visible tho. Keept in the good mood he was blessing the house, leaving peace, looking after children and helping in the chores. However, when ignored he could take a revenge on the household by crushing plates, scaring and haunting, simply acting like poltergeist. Still, it doesn’t change the fact he just needed some attention to be a house guardian. Fun fact is that, even today on the Christmas Eve there’s a custom in Slavic houses to keep one extra cover for the ‘unexpected guest’ but not everybody knows that originally it was supposed to be for the Domownik, being an invisible part of the family.

Therefore, it’s clear that demons weren’t simply black and white, evil to the bones, more likely they were just demanding and capricious. Just like humans are! It can prove that they were able to feel emotions, moreover similiar to ours.

The next source, which was kind of confirmed by the Black Butler Live Action (HERE) is that, the demons are in truth fallen angels. Long story short, pure being commits a sin, falls from heaven and then becomes a corrupted creature. The question is, don’t they remember their previous way of life? Or don’t they want to remember? The love itself is always considered as positive emotion, perfectly suitable for merciful, innocent angels so the inquire about what happens with that after the fall is obvious. Is it taken from them or stays somewhere deep hidden in their dead hearts? There I’m going to refer to the secon season of Black Butler anime because Hannah Anafeloz may give some clue about that. She, being the demon was crying after eating Lucas’ soul, it’s clearly visible that this boy surprised and moved/touched her causing to actually feel this kind of emotions. It’s sort of colliding with Sebastian’s words in chapter 89. Even though he said: “I’m not even capable of feeling emotions that would cause me to shed these [tears]…” it doesn’t change the fact, Hannah actually could do it and was capable of having feelings like those. Basically, it’s not a feature of every demon to be always unmoved, probably it’s just that Sebastian is an asshole. And finally, we got to the point, what about Claude?

According to what I wrote above, it’s not impossible for Claude to feel some kind of good emotions, however, I think it highly depends on his personality. He was presented as cruel being, perfect simple for the demons’ definition - malevolent and greedy. Let’s not forget that he was probably really hungry also, which could affect on his behaviour negatively. We all can be mad when there’s nothing good to eat, right? Unlike Sebastian, he seems to like his nature and accept it, often acting like a true demon he is, while the Phantomhive butler enjoys compliments, uses his supernatural powers to impress humans and just to be the best in everything. Claude, on the other hand, isn’t playing, he is lying. Personally, I think the hardest thing is to catch his eye and don’t bore him later. The said human in who he could eventually fall in love with must be surprising to him: have different taste, opinions, behaviour, act in a way he didn’t see before AND he likes. I wouldn’t say it’s completely impossible for him to love because of his nature since being the demon isn’t excluding that, in my honest opinion. If the theory about being fallen angel is true also, it gives even more chances to make it true by making his fallen heart burn again.

And the last but not least, Claude seems to be bored. He’s bored with his life which is clearly visible by his always impassive expression, he’s bored with his master and he doesn’t show him too much affection, he’s searching for something new which in that case happened to be Ciel’s soul, he’s longing for new taste, he’s smiling while fighting with Sebastian on an island because finally there’s something which is giving him shivers of emotions. It’s not really that he’s plainly evil, he’s just looking for something to excite him which is hard because of the amount of time he’s living and walking on Earth. Being immortal and invincible is his worst curse and he can’t find a way out of this. If there’d be a human who could entertain him, show him something new or at least speak in a different, interesting way, he probably could fall in love with them.

Furthermore, the love could be such an interesting adventure for him.

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Yeah, it's pretty bad that Jasper headbutted a child. (Does she even know what a child is?). But on the other hand, going out of your way to headbutt an enemy into unconscious (without your signature headbutting helmet thing) to show how evil strong you are sounds hilarious on paper.

kind of?  idk.  the things with gems is, and this is just what i think but, i don’t think they can be knocked unconscious.  i think jasper was expecting steven to poof like any other gem.  but his organic side kept him in tact and unconscious.  what’s funnier is imagining jasper sitting there with this small, unconscious half human half gem like ????????? ROSE WHY ARE YOU STILL IN TACT WHY AREN’T YOU IN YOUR GEM WHAT IS GOING ON IS THIS SOME KIND OF TRICK ROSE ANSWER ME ??????????????????