trans woman at the HRC: “Whenever people see a trans women they always think ‘prostitute’“ (in reference to how many trans women survive doing sex work)

cait jenner: “is that what they’re going to think of me? my god, all of a sudden im, like, shocked!”

like this is only episode two okay, and it is VERY VERY OBVIOUSLY CLEAR TO ME that cait jenner does not experience sex dysphoria and literally just wants pretty girly things and the lifestyle of an affluent rich white woman like how can anyone ANYONE watch this show and the things cait is doing and saying and not have this completely clear to them? it’s MIND BOGGLING how the entire show is just nail polish, nice clothes, girl time, professional make-up artists, and being shocked at the struggles of trans women of color for doing sex work and relying on social services

there’s like literally nothing trans about cait jenner and this show is 100% putting a bad name to the trans community y’all should be outraged and making a stink about this show and cait jenner, not random feminist bloggers on the internet.

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where do you think they're gonna take the "Zayn doesn't like 1D's music genre" narrative? i mean if he does come back how will they spin this one? i'm very confused atm because if Zayn is painted to not like the music how are they gonna play it so that ppl won't go "weren't you just saying you didn't like the music, how are you back?"

I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to fit into the 1D rebranding somehow.  DMD is clearly different from all their singles before and they’re pushing hard to show the general public how awesome they are, so it seems like rebranding is on their minds for sure.

We’ve already seen 6 or 7 reasons for Zayn leaving and they still haven’t explained the normal 22 year old bit which is clearly defunct, so it’s possible they just won’t explain any of it away.

like, as a autistic person, this episode really resonated w/ me.

i get special interests, mainly in shows like gravity falls and steven universe, where i get super into all the lore and all the connections between episodes and fantheories, and i can talk about it online and people will listen, but in real life, i’m constantly afraid i’m boring people. i’ve been insulted for caring about things like this before, and now i’m pretty terrified to talk about stuff i like. even if i’m just, telling my friend a funny joke that happened in a tv show, i try to figure out how to say it with the least background information as possible because i don’t want them to get bored.

so when you find someone who does like the thing you like, it’s amazing and fun to talk about and watch with (or in dipper’s case, play with) and considering dipper’s guardian literally took his book from his hands after asking to play with him and made fun of him for it i can really see why dipper was so driven off this episode. having people you care about mock things like this sucks. 

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I think you don't understand what a tabletop role playing game is. You realize they wouldn't necessarily be playing against each other, right? And imagination is already part of a role playing game, that was not added later.

You do realize that I know as much as Mabel does except possibly more because my roommate plays D&D all the time.

So if I know more than Mabel who is just introduced to the game and I don’t know that, well. Let’s look at how well, exactly, this game was explained. 

In which it wasn’t actually explained at all.

Besides Math, there’s a unicorn, you have to use graph paper, something about an elf, and a wizard seems like the big baddie. If we take outside knowledge out of it and take what’s just in the show we’re left with some pretty bare bone stuff.

This is what Mabel knows. This is all that Mabel knows. You think she’s going to read that text-book of a rule book? She has better things to do.

How can you blame Mabel if her first introduction to the game was literally: “First each player rolls a 38 sided die to determine each player’s statistical analysis power orb. These orbs correlate directly to each quadrant they have dominion over, which is inverse to the anti-quadrants in your quadrant-satchel.”

I’m looking at this from how Mabel will see it. No one explained that it is not a win/lose game. THAT IS NEVER SAID IN THE SHOW.

And the wizard says if they win then he’ll go back to his own dimension so is it or is it not a win/lose game? How can we ever know? We know just as much as Mabel does about this game tbh. All people can do to fill in the blanks is provide outside experience.

Mabel doesn’t have that. You’re saying that she’s supposed to know something she’s never heard. And Dipper is the worst sales person ever. How the heck are you going to get your craft-inclined, glitter covered sister play a game with you if you start off with math terms

And yes, imagination was only said at the end of the show. I watched the entire thing three more times to make sure. No one tells her anything

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Hi I'm planning on attending the boys' show in Baltimore but I've never been to a concert before so I was wondering if you could help me out with a few questions? What's it like getting in, like do you have to go to a certain gate or is it just one line to get in? Do the lights stay on until the opening act begins? How early would you recommend getting there (the show starts at 7)? Also if it says it starts at 7 does that mean that's when the boys come on or when the opening act starts? Thanks!

Hi! I’ll bullet out answers so it’s easier to read

  • There’s gonna be a ton of different gates to enter through and they’re all going to be pretty crowded! Once you get through the main gate you can just look at the signs directing you to whichever entrance you need to go to according to your seat
  • The lights stay on through the opening act! They only dim them when the boys are about to come on stage 
  • I’d get there at least an hour or so earlier just so you have enough time to get through security/find your seat/use the restroom, etc
  • 7 means the opening act is at 7! The boys come on stage any time between 8:30 and 9 usually 

Okay so Cry For Help aired as well.

And boy oh boy this episode was excellent, I mean the animation was as beautiful as always the writing still flawless. Honestly I could go on for days how much I love Steven Universe it is just such a brilliant show that truly is a gem to watch.

The episode itself had loads of emotion, yes I will admit to having shed some tears especially at the ending with Pearl and Garnet….I can’t get started or I might weep.

Sardonyx is a pretty great character, does her character turn into tragedy yes but still great and definitely a terrific fusion I have been waiting for.

Maybe I missed something here. I am Mexican. I am open-minded. I loved ‘Ant-Man.’

So how is ‘Ant-Man’ racist?

I didn’t find something wrong with Scott’s heist crew. They are all diverse but not 'just stereotypes’. They are not 'just thugs’. They are pretty skilled in what they do. Scott even seeks their help to steal the Yellowjacket suit.

Now looking back, I think the movie showed how people can change their ways.

Dave saves Hank and the plan from failing by stealing the cop car.

Kurt doesn’t just ditch Scott when the cops find him. He does his best to warn Scott about when security will go down. Also, since when are Russians common in poor neighborhoods?

Luis maintains an optimistic outlook on life even though of his situation. He only tells Scott about breaking into Hank’s house because Hank pretty much planned it out. He also saves a cop, and is excited to be one of the good guys.

If these characters where white, nobody would be complaining that they are racist.

For goodness sake, they live in a poor area! I don’t mean to sound racist but have you been to those areas? Blacks and Hispanics are common there. That’s where the stereotypes where born from! I’m not saying all blacks and Hispanics live in those areas. But not everyone can afford to live in a really nice house and neighborhood.

Maybe the setting of the poor neighborhood and heist crew was to show how people of all backgrounds can do good.

Let’s be honest, if they were all white, no one would find anything wrong with that.

The Falcon fight

Maybe the point of this fight was to show that shrinking in size is what makes Ant-Man special?

In the beginning of the film, we are told that Ant-Man’s ability to shrink and retain his strength could be a game changer in war.

Hence, Sam Wilson, who’s had training in the military, is thrown off when Scott shrinks.

Now, Scott isn’t officially declared winner of the fight. His goal is just to steal the item not to beat Falcon in combat. Scott is just trying to break into the Avengers Facility. So, when Scott is able to get inside, he uses his burglar skills and shrunken size to steal the device.

Again, people wouldn’t be making a big deal of this if Scott fought a white person, like Iron Man, Captain America, or even Black Widow. The point is that even if you had years of training having your opponent shrink would considerably throw you off. The scene shows what was stated in the beginning of the film.

In 'Age of Ultron’, the Avengers (which includes highly trained ex-assassin, Natasha Romanof) were thrown off when Wanda and Pietro used their powers. How is that different from Scott shrinking? Sam was most likely expecting to fight someone of his size and with no powers, or shrinking ability. Same would have happened if it was Rhodey who showed up instead.

Also, “stereotyping?” These characters are not the same because of their race. Kurt and Natasha, both Russian, are very different. Kurt is good with hacking security systems. Natasha is good in hand to hand combat. Dave is street smart, but doesn’t know how to fight. Rhodey uses War Machine to fight. Sam is trained to fight and the wings just aid him in the skill he knows.

If this was stereotyping, wouldn’t they all have the same background story?

Maybe what we should be thinking is: Would I still be mad if this was a white person instead of a person of color? Well, then how do we get diversity? Not every character is a middle class or upper class person. And not every Hispanic or black person can afford to live in a nice neighborhood. (My mom even told me, if we lived somewhere else, we would be living in areas like that.)

Instead of getting angry at the media we should be making changes in real life. We should help the poverty stricken neighbors. Encourage those people that like Kurt, Dave, and Luis they can use their skills for good.

No one bats an eye when a white person is represented as a thug, but if a black or Hispanic person is represented as a thug then it’s stereotyping.

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hey! could you guys tell us a bit about darrens reaction to the project when you went backstage? and since yesterday was pretty chaos did you even get to tell him the final amount? how will he get the card since he's gonna be in italy now...?

So many questions!

Darren absolutely LOVED it! He was absolutely blown away by all the support and how much fandom had raised. He kept saying over and over how cool it was and how it was the perfect send-off.

Darren does know the final amount! We met up with Ricky a few minutes before the show and told him who passed the message on to Darren. Darren also has the link of the GoFundMe page so he was able to check on it whenever he wanted.

As for the card, we showed Darren what the card was looking like since SO many people were donating every few minutes. He asked if we could give him a list of everyone who donated the entire campaign, so we are going to be emailing it to Ricky who will pass it on to him.

I’m in the writers’ room – we always start the season by picking a chunk of the comic to adapt. We’re moving pretty linearly with the comics nowadays…We sit down at the beginning of every season and go'we’re gonna adapt from here to here’ of the comic, and then we go, ‘how does Daryl Dixon fit into this’ because he’s not in the comic; 'how does Carol fit into this’ because she died way earlier in the comic; 'what do we do with all the important storylines with Andrea’ because she died in the show and is still alive in the comic…
There’s a lot of new stuff that gets put into the show.

July 20, 2015 - Robert Kirkman for Boston Herald 

 *Robert Kirkman proving once again that he is a WRITER, in the WRITERS ROOM, and that even though he didn’t “create” Daryl Dixon or Carol Peletier as characters for the comic book material, he does have a say and is an active participant in the telling of their individual stories. Therefore contrary to what some want to believe - when Kirkman says that Daryl loved Beth like Daryl loved Sophia, his words and his ‘opinion’ is both valid and credible.


Seriously though, this movie is really, really weird.

That doesn’t mean it’s bad, not by a long shot. The characters are all likeable, the story is engaging, and the animation is stellar. I can’t believe this movie was made when it says it was made, and that shows how well it’s aged. Not to mention that it does have some genuinely touching moments.

However, I don’t think it’s all that well focused. It has constant random musical interludes, which are well done and are pretty memorable, but have no build up no segue into them. The tone is quite erratic, going from not-so-dark and creepy to silly and lighthearted. And the comedy is very hit and miss. And also the concept of house appliances being alive. That’s kind of a nightmare in and on itself, isn’t it? I wouldn’t want my camera to become alive, or something.

Still, I can still recommend it, if only for its sheer weirdness. There is no other movie like it, which makes it definitely worth watching.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to go laugh my butt off. This poor guy, he’s just so cute.

Featuring the cutest little toaster, Mecha the Techa.

Perfect characters don’t exi--

“Well, I still think you’re pretty great.”

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Headcanon: When Oliver and Felicity come back from their vacation and dive right into their Arrow activities, Oliver is the first to notice that he may not be as in shape as he was before. And he was so sure that the amount of sex him and Felicity had would keep him in peak physical form ;) All of a sudden it's harder to do the salmon ladder, Thea makes an off-handed comment about his six-pack disappearing. It shoots down Oliver's confidence. But Felicity knows just how to cheer him up. (1/2)

Obviously by showing him he’s still pretty much the most ridiculously attractive man and by helping him regain some of his strength by sitting on his back while he does push ups in front of the television. Usually Felicity tries to join him during his workout routine, but she bows out after her fifth sit up which always makes Oliver laugh.

“… but she bows out after her fifth sit up which always makes Oliver laugh.”

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How can you tell? Like, I'm sure you're right, just because it's pretty obvious Stan is lying, but does Ford have a sort of sign that shows he realizes Stan was lying about the kids being Shermy's grandkids?

First there’s the bit when he glares at him while furiously scribbling in his journal when Mabel is insisting they hug (right after the scene with the baby, which is telling).

Then there’s the subtle incredulity with which he looks at him when he’s finishing off his story. You think he’d be mad at him using his home as a gift shop, but instead he’s reacting to how he lied to everyone for 30 years- which would include fabricating his relations to his family.

Then at the last scene when he and Stan are alone. He appears to have forgiven him briefly. “You look like dad” is what got me.

People have insinuated that Ford isn’t really kicking him out at the end of the summer, but his exact words were “I’ll let you stay until the end of the summer to take care of those kids”. He COMPLETELY intends to force him back out in the open, not just to take his own life back- but for Stan’s own good. So STAN will stop lying to his son. But the intention is lost in the ambiguity of it, so it looks like he’s just throwing him out- but that’s not it at all!

You can even see it in his face at the end as Stan ascend the stairs, that there’s something neither of them are saying and Ford doesn’t know how he’s going to bring it up with him. What I’m trying to say is that STANFORD PINES DID NOTHING WRONG

How does Cody Christian go from playing Mike Montgomery, who cares about his girlfriend so much and is so supportive of his sister and has generally been a nice guy (with his dark moments but who hasn’t in this show?) on Pretty Little Liars to playing Theo Raeken, a guy who comes to town being really shady, hitting his pseudo-father’s hand with a hammer because a signature wasn’t perfect, working with the Dread Doctors terrorizing Beacon Hills, telling Donovan to go after Scott’s best friend, convincing Scott and his pack to go to Eichen House, and doing his best to get into Scott’s pack on Teen Wolf?

He went from playing the nice guy who showed up randomly every few episodes on Pretty Little Liars to playing an interesting villain (or antagonist) on Teen Wolf.

Cody Christian is a better actor than I used to give him credit for.

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Imagine if there was "It's all scripted AU" where the whole elsword thing is like a show and the whole el gang are actor. What do you think their personalities would be out of character?

Elsword: A pretty normal guy. Down to earth and really enthusiastic about Birds.

Aisha: Still a bookworm at heart, but gets along well with Elsword out of character. They actually have lunch together after rehearsal when either are available.

Rena: A peppy girl who does have a bit of a complex in terms of how she does her acting.

Raven: Pretty shy guy. Tends to be a nervous wreck about certain things and his performance.

Eve: A true Diva at best. Sometimes has arguments with certain actors like Elsword and Lu.

Chung: The sweetest person among the group. He helps out his other fellow actors with lines or if they’re feeling nervous about performing. A really great guy.

Ara: Really anti social. She doesn’t talk much to everyone besides maybe Chung or Raven. At times feel she would rather be doing a photo shoot than be here acting.

Elesis: Very energetic and always coming up with new ways to make the play better.

Add: A bit of a whiner. Sometimes annoys the other members of the cast with him complaining about something he doesn’t think is right with the lines or the script writing.

Lu: A real humble girl. Very honest and sweet and kind to her fellow actors. But really hates Eve and how she acts.

Ciel: A real dork. He loves to joke around with everyone and keep everyone’s spirits up while hanging around with Lu most of the time.

Some Evie and Grimhilde Fluff

Evie sighed sitting down in front of the computer. She had questions a lot of them. She wasn’t sure she wanted to ask every single one of them but at least a few. Clicking on the computer until it started showing her mother she took a deep breathe.

”Oh Evie my dear! How are you?” Grimhilde asked looking into the small camera but still had her eyes on her daughter.

”I´m doing fine mom.. I have good grades.. People think i´m pretty.. I kinda have a boyfriend..”

”A boy? Who is he?” The older woman raised an eyebrow.

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okay so i had this idea and i’m not like the kinda person who takes an idea and does something about it so i’m putting it on tumblr first

what if in the spring awakening playbills theres like a section or a handout in there that has a few basic asl signs in it. i’m assuming that the majority of the people seeing this production know very little or no sign language (i’m pretty much fluent in asl btw) and this could help maybe? just simple signs like “thank you” “you’re welcome” “you were amazing” “i loved the show” and how to clap in asl cause it’s not the same. this can help at the stagedoor, if you happen to see one of the deaf actors or if someone who is deaf is sitting next to you at the show. i just think it would be a really nice courtesy and also inspire more people to learn asl.
my friend told me to tweet this to michael or playbill but i have horrible confidence issues when it comes to this kinda stuff
so if you think its a good idea or you could benefit from it if you see the show, like or reblog

i might tweet it idk


Leland shows up, and the atmosphere changes. I mean, it was already pretty terrible, but now it’s worse and Wesley’s so annoyed. [Oh good, Leland’s alive.]

Fisk cannot even deal with Leland, he turns to Wesley like fix it. also, maybe, hold me.

And then Wesley physically places himself between Leland and Fisk, like, come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.

sorry wes we’ve seen you mix it up, so unless you’ve got a magical girl transformation stowed away somewhere, leland might actually win that fight

It’s pretty much impossible to open your computer or glance at your IG without seeing something about contouring, strobing and HACing. It would be cool if these were 80′s dance moves that remained in the domain of Madonna’s back up dancers, and not something we had to master to take our look to the next level, but alas we need to get on it…

Much gratitude to Cara of Maskcara - you might know her blog - for making the easiest palette ever, and then showing you exactly how these techniques work for your face and skin tone.

Here’s the “hard work” you have to do to master these skills: go to her site, and click How to HAC. Watch her super pretty video, find your face shape, and get on it. Her system involves dots, so literally … connect the dots, guys. The makeup is cream based, so it does the work for you - so much less blending and error than with powder based products. Use your favorite (clean) brush or try Cara’s IIID Foundation Brush. In a pinch, you can definitely use your fingers.

The best thing about this palette is that it’s everything you need - concealer/foundation, undereye brightener, highlighter (great for eyelids too), blush and lip tint. You could take it on vacation, to the club, to federal prison (Orange is the New HAC?) … and you’d be good.

Other brands make this kind of thing but usually not in a lot of shade ranges - Cara probably has one that’s right for you (if not, I’m sure she’s open to suggestions!). You can customize the palette so if your skin tone changes from season to season, you can swap out, and at $42, it’s easy on the wallet.

Does This: Everything you need to master HACing, Contouring, Strobing in one easy palette
Is This: Maskcara IIID Foundation Palette
Get This: Here
Price: $42

Image source; product c/o the brand; thank you to Maskcara for supporting the blog through this posting opportunity, we love what you do!

So…I saw something earlier that made me a wee bit upset. A fan of TMNT was saying “Oh, interspecies romance. Disgusting…they better not have it in the movie…I mean, that’s just gross…how could you do that?” 

Uhm…hell no…Let me just rant for a second…you don’t like interspecies romance? You think it’s gross and no one ever does it? Let me list the movies with interspecies romance…ones you may be familiar with…ones you may love…

1. Beauty and the Beast

2. Bee Movie

3. Galaxy Quest

4. Shrek

5. Any of your precious vampire/human romances? Twilight? Vampire Diaries? BUFFY? Sorry…interspecies…yep.

6. Doctor Who? He’s an alien, most of the women he kisses are human…another show with interspecies romance. He marries a human.

7. Supernatural? Hmm. Think of all the interspecies romance that goes on there…Sam, who is a human…and Ruby, who is a demon…Dean and Anna…human and angel…there are more…

8. KERMIT AND MISS PIGGY. A very obvious one.

9. Little Mermaid. Mermaid/human? Mmhmm. Interspecies. They get married and have children.

10. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? A RABBIT and a human woman…and they are MARRIED! I mean, hello??

I think I may have made my point…so if you can accept all of these romances and yet cannot handle a mutant turtle POSSIBLY falling in love with/kissing a human woman on screen, especially when they have a true connection…You can back the fuck…because that’s just idiotic. *drops mic and walks away*