….does anyone else suddenly have the powerpuff girls theme song stuck in their head


Day 2: Cuddling Somewhere. 

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Hux has strict rules about shoes in his quarters. 


1. Bear.

2. Unlike most other shows, it thinks its audience is clever, and so it’s happy to be clever too.

3. Shoot. Another drama would have seen the chemistry between Root and Shaw, teased it for five seasons and then coupled them up with men. But POI did that radical thing of acting as if a gay relationship was just as normal as a straight one.

4. It made me more upset about the potential death of a disembodied AI than most shows do about actual human people.

5. It’s the best superhero show ever made.

6. It’s full of hyper-competent but interestingly flawed women.

7. I’ve never seen a character like Root on any other show and if I had, she’d definitely have been a man.

8. Its plotting is tighter than a gnat’s arse. Very few shows can surprise me with their story twists, but POI consistently does.

9. Its got a great f/f pairing, and yet the friendships are so fantastic I’m even more invested in them than I am in any romance.

10. It’s aware of and able to send up its own occasional absurdity.

Homestuck Beta Kids Week Day 6: AU!

School AU because im uncreative and i believe this kids deserve one happy AU as ‘normal’ kids but magical in special power school or something. the genre will be fantasy slice of life full of fun things and fluffs and laughter and occasional 'eventually resolvable’ conflicts and healthy rivalry and love of all spectrum and more fun things and no one dies.

also dave, you will have a very romantic event this week. heads up.