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If Windows 10 made it so your backlit keyboard settings can’t be cycled through with the function key, go into your BIOS settings and manually change the keyboard light setting to whatever you prefer. I just suffered two days without my laptop’s beautifully backlit keyboard, and I assure you had I known I wouldn’t be able to turn it on, I would never have disabled it the night before “upgrading.”

But yeah, simple as that, just go into the BIOS settings. Simple. So easy of a solution anyone could think of it without taking multiple hours to try anything else first.

moment-of-sen asked:

Scott and Gordon; Epiphany. (that's a good word) If you're still doing them =)

hahahahaha this is way too long and way too philosophical.  I’m sorry I got all weird and religionish on you, but it’s not too bad, I don’t think.  This was a hard one so I pretty much just word vomited.  I hope you enjoy, regardless.  

It’s a… unique rescue.  That much is undeniable.  Other words come to mind – freaky and questionable, for example – but unique is definite.  It’s not often that the boys get a distress call from the tiny Icelandic island of Goffentry and even less frequent are the calls from the island’s churches.

But as Scott checks the coordinates for a fourth time, he knows that he’s followed them correctly.  “Thunderbird Five, I’m not seeing anything.  Are you sure this is the right place?”

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