It’s a really good thing I don’t live in Thedas or even a modern equivalent because I’m pretty certain I’d say yes to a desire demon in like 2 seconds flat

crossroads of twilight: a one word summary


Ok but that soul mate au where a strip of your hair is the same color as your soul mates but when you dye it the strip in your soul mates hair colors with it to. Could you imagine kagami working for his dad’s company in Japan and right in the middle of a meeting his hair turns like pink or green or some shit cuz aomine is a hair stylist and dyes his hair often. Like right in the middle of a meeting and he has to call his secretary and be like “they fucking did it again it’s green this time when I find my sound mate there gonna get an ear full” and shit like that and aomine keeps getting angry cuz he keeps dying his hair but it always turns red cuz his soul mate dosnt like his color choices XD like 👌👀👌 I need this lol

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I’m actually inordinately pleased that they went through the trouble of Mokona STRETCHING ALL THE WAY UP TO GRAB THE GIANT PAPER only to remember afterwards that she can’t read it. 

And yet she’s still happy that they have it. Because Mokona. 

But aren’t we lucky that the citizens of Outo have all been trained from birth to loudly discuss current events with anyone who happens to be passing by. Otherwise we might never have found out. 

I’m curious though. Their confident knowledge that the Outo government would know exactly what happened is confirming my whole “all of Outo knows that the government provides the Oni situation” theory, but it also comes with the question that wouldn’t the government want to hide the attacks from the public considering this? So who knows. Then again maybe they’re just super transparent with all their policies and are comfortable with the public panicking just a little bit so they can swoop down and save the day later. 

I have no idea.

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BILBO DIES AU where not only does bilbo toss himself in front of azogs blade (it pierces the hobbit instead of thorin, who manages to stab and slay azog due to bilbo) and gets mortally wounded, but he suffers. He suffers from a deep infection, that the mirkwood elves do not know how to cure. Bilbo has a terrible fever, often throwing him into alternate realities that he thinks are true; such as thorin being dead. This leads to bilbo begging and crying to whatever nurse elf or dwarf maid -c

Is near and bumbling out questions and demands about thorins health and welfare and if fili and kili are okay and they can not help but to lie about two youngest sons of durin, because to cause bilbo even more heartache and pain at this point is beyond inhumane. It isn’t often bilbo is lucid enough to be fully aware of what’s happening, and if he is, the moment only lasts a few minutes, at the most. When bilbo dies, finally, mercifully dies after weeks of gasping breaths and blood soaked (2/4)

Lips and shaking limbs, he dies with thorins name on his mouth, followed by a series of coughs that would pain the most heartless Orc, before the kindly child of the west grows still. Through all these weeks, thorin never left bilbos side. He told him he loved him every day. Told him he was sorry every day. Begged mahal and yavanna both to just fucking take him because thorin did not want everyone’s last memory of bilbo to be this shell of the halfling they called family & thorin called lover. (¾)

But nevertheless it is, and thorin is the one that cleans up the blood from bilbos mouth and chest, and the puss and the fluids that did not belong on his kind hobbit. It should’ve been him, and thorin knew it. He should’ve been lying in that bed, not bilbo. Of all people, not his burglar. He is laid to rest in dwarven style, for he died a brave, dwarven death. Even still, deep in stone, thorin constructs a garden (among a great many other things) in his honor. Here, he plants the oak. (4/4)

Day 484 - Munna | ムンナ

Munna captures dreams through the red dot on its forehead. It feeds off good dreams and replaces them with empty dreams that a sleeping human can refill. It bumbles about in the air, floating clumsily. Its floral pattern doesn’t hold any significance, but it sure looks nice.

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5SOS Preference: Demigod!AU

Here is a quick preference thingy I wrote about muke as demigods!

Luke: Apollo (God of music, art, poetry, medicine,plague, the sun, and light)

He would never know his parents growing up, and his foster parents always thought it was odd how Luke could play every single instrument on his first try. All through grade school girls would fall head over heals for the artist/musician, with his blond hair blue eyes and lean body. It wasn’t until he went to a new school that he learned where he came from, and he met a few of his half brothers and sisters who shared the same love for the arts as he did. But he’d also meet you, and he’d be instantly be entranced. The sun always seemed to shine brighter when he was around, and it would peek out from behind the clouds when he smiled. When he saw you he’d seem to glow, with crystal eyes that caught the light. People would come to him when they were hurt, and he’d heal their wounds with the touch of his fingers. His favorite thing to do was play instruments for the school in his band, but he’d also stay awake singing you to sleep at night. He could play every instrument, but his favorite had always been the guitar, which he would bring with him on your dates out in the forest. One day he’d finally get the chance to meet his dad, who looked so similarly to Luke it was like they were twins. His dad would tell him he’s proud of him, and Luke wouldn’t be able to stop glowing. But Luke would have his flaws, also. Sometimes the medicine he’d create wouldn’t work, instead bringing plague and disease into the school. Luke could also never lie, no matter how hurtful the response could be. If he was upset he would spend days on end writing poetry in his notebook, and the sun would refuse to come out. But sometimes these poems would turn into songs, which he would sing to you each night before you fell asleep in his crowded cabin together. 

Michael: Aphrodite (Goddess of love, beauty, desire, and sexuality)

Michael had never been confident about himself when he was growing up. His soft pale skin and sea foam eyes gave off a ghostly look, and his bleach blond hair didn’t help his case. In 9th grade he went through his girl crazy phase, when he would bring flowers to girls who only rejected him. He knew he was different, he knew that he loved deeper and more intense then he should. His emotions would fly off the chain, and he would get attached to the smallest things, such as the flower in a girls ear or a butterfly landing on his finger. When he was in 10th grade he changed schools, attending a school for the gifted. They told him he was special, which in all his 15 years of living he’d never heard. He’d been called “obsessive” and “deep” but never special. The other kids loved him, and he quickly found friends in his cabin. He learned love spells, but he never dared use them. He wanted to be loved for being himself. Each year he never found anybody, none of the other girls excited him. Until he met you. You loved him, he was so soft and kind, he loved deeper and harder than anybody you’d ever met. He would bring you on the cutest dates, sneaking off campus to sit on the beach, where he always felt at home. They’d told him his mother came from the sea, made of foam. He’d never met her, and he never would. Michael loved you more than everything, he loved your smile and your laugh, the way you would hold him at night when he snuck in your cabin. Your first time was beautiful, sweet and slow and everything you could ever ask for. But Michael was jealous, cold green envy changed his whole personality when he saw you around other men. He’d become obsessive, ranting on and on about things that you couldn’t understand the importance of. He was raw and deep and thougtful, and you wouldn’t change anything about him.

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I hope I’m never bullied or get into problems for loving Noctis. He’s the only thing I have that still keeps me going strong. Even if he’s not real, to me he is because he has helped me as much, if not more, as a real person. I know I don’t express my love for him that much, but that’s because I never learned how to deal with these types of feelings, so I try to contain them a bit because I’m scared. Only few people get to see the part of me that expresses those feelings, like my IRL friends. When I “met” Noctis, I was actually happy with myself but there was always something disturbing me. I thought there was just something wrong with me, but then Noctis helped me realize that everything was okay ^^ I just needed time. That’s why I don’t want problems about loving him so much, its not going to make me stop loving him any less, it’ll just make it stronger ;3;

I had a dream last night that one direction and 5sos were playing a concert together again, like touring together, and it was just a smallish venue and they were all onstage at the same time for some reason, and 5sos was sitting off to the side where the drums were and Louis was sitting with them, and the rest of 1d were standing towards the middle of the stage. And in my sleepy mind it made perfect sense for Louis to be sitting with 5sos because he was really good friends with them and since zayn left the band, they were now like bffs, partners in crime. So that’s when I look over at 1d and see that zayn is actually there, like he returned for just this one little show, came back for this reunion type thing. His hair was like it was at the beginning of this year with it longer on top ya know (because I guess that was probably one of my favorite styles on him) and it was down in his face and he was smiling and stuff, looking pretty happy to be back with the other boys. But no one, absolutely no one else in my dream looked happier or was smiling bigger than mr Liam Payne who was right behind zayn, like literally as close as he could be with smothering zayn from behind, grinning from ear to ear and glowing like the sun and even in my dream I was like I don’t know screaming or something similar to screaming (and I really hope that I didn’t actually do that out loud) and it was so cute. Liam was just grinning at zayn like he was so so happy that he was back and zayn was also looking pleased. It was so so cute and now I’m sad because it wasn’t real :(