Joshua’s chocolate song


Sometimes i dream, about chocolate
and its so good
It’s so good

Sometimes I dream,
about chocolate


And all day, I dream about chocolate oh~

I want some food right now, just kidding~~

But i don’t want to get fat

it’s such a shame..

it’s such a shame.. oh no~

Sometimes i dream,
about chocolate
oh woah~

but then I wake up, it was all just a dream

sometimes I dream about chocolate


oh chocolate yeah~ woah~


Chocolate, chocolate oh chocolate.

Chocolate, Chocolate yeah oh~

I always dream about chocolate. Every night and day oh~

makes me feel so good

and I need some twix yeah yeah~

what am i saying

*Seungkwan bursts into the room then quickly leaves*

what was that? interrupting my feel style session …

Deep breath. G/t short story

Deep breath.
Slow down.
Breath in. Hold it. Breath out.
Remember what they told you.

Alex darted across the ripped up streets, Tarmac crumbled and buildings turned to empty shells surrounded her as she ran through the empty city with her heart beating out of her chest.
Her long blonde hair flicked into her face as she sprinted into the doorway of an old abandoned shopping centre, crouching down as she stared out at the blood red sky.

Deep breath.
Slow down.
Breath in. Hold it. Breath out.
Remember why your here.

This wasn’t a safe place to be, the city had been abandoned for fifty years and nobody knew why. Many speculated it had been home to government testing or a terrible nuclear accident.
Nobody knew for certain what caused this city to become a dried out husk of it’s former self.
Alex’s breath came in short gulps as she stared out of the doorway, taking note as the ground began to gently rumble- she had to get hidden.
Everyone had told her to be wary of the thunder in the ground, that that would be her signal to leave the city before she became as empty as it was……shame no one would tell her what the thunder in the ground was…
Alex ran further inside the shopping centre, climbing the stairs to the higher floors as her heart rate quickened and threatened to send her into full blown panic.

Deep breath.
Slow down.
Breath in. Hold it. Breath out.
Keep calm.

The shuddering became stronger, the building beginning to quake as Alex sank down below a window- to exhausted from sheer panic and fear to carry on.
She’d only come to the city for supplies, for food and medical supplies that she’s heard had been left here by wayward bandits!
But now she found herself engulfed in her own fear of the city, as if the tall buildings themselves were watching her and mocking her….
Alex felt the thunderous booms that shook the ground strengthen and she began to shake.

Deep breath.
Slow down.

The room was cast in darkness, Alex couldn’t bring herself to look out the window to see what had blocked the sunlight! All she knew is the thunder in the ground had ceased.
Alex hugged her knees close and screwed her eyes shut….

Deep breath.
Slow down.

After a moment of silence Alex slowly opened her eyes, turning round carefully to gaze out the window- wondering what could have caused the sudden absence of light? Had a great storm cloud rolled in?

Deep breath.
Slow down.
Breath in. Hold it.

Hold it.

No storm cloud.
A gargantuan pale blue eye gazed in at Alex, so close it blocked the entire window as it stared down with it’s piercing gaze.

Alex couldn’t breath.

Alex couldn’t move.

She just stood there in the impossibly horrifying stare of the gigantic eye, limbs quivering in pure primal fear- she was going to die.
Another great shuddering boom shook the building and Alex found the wall with the window crumbling away, huge pillars- no, huge fingers grabbing hold of the concrete and ripping it off as if it were nothing more than paper.
Alex wavered and fell backward, crawling panickedly away from the now gaping hole in the building that now revealed the owner of the eye.
A mountainous man, at least seventy foot tall, stood before her watching her with his icy gaze as the concrete wall crumbled from his hand.
His face was scarred and dusty, hair ragged and unkempt it’s dusty brown colour blended in with the desert surrounding.

Alex wanted to cry.

The gigantic mans brow furrowed and he leaned closer to the building, breath blowing past Alex like a breeze as panic took her own away so easily.
Her vision began to blur slightly, heart pounding much too quick as nausea welled up inside Alex like a cruel fog.

Was this it? Was she about to die?

Huge human sized fingers reached into the room, Alex tried to shuffle away but they were moving much Quicker than she could in her panicked state!
A fingertip and thumb closed softly around Alex’s body, warm skin feeling leathery to the touch as it brushed against her face momentarily.
Alex felt a tear roll down her cheek as her feet left the ground, the gigantic man picking her up effortlessly and slowly bringing her closer to him.
The towering colossus placed Alex into his open palm, holding her close to his wide chest as he stared down at her with his freakishly human features.
Alex was completely paralysed.
She couldn’t cope, this was all to much! Her brain had shut off, succumbed to the panic as she stared up and shook with fear-awaiting whatever cruel fate was to become of her.
A great exhale from the giant caused his chest to expand, pushing against Alex gently as his towering form shifted away from the building- he began to walk.
Alex found herself being held closer to the titans chest, fingers curling around her carefully as she lay catatonic against the huge man that held her life literally in his hands.
Alex merely sat there as the giant walked, crying silently as she curled up into a ball- hands over her head as she resigned herself to the fact this was the end for her.

“Deep breaths now, calm down.” A low almost growl like voice shook through Alex’s body and she gasped in surprise, the giant had spoken!
Alex looked up through a small gap between the giants fingers to find him gazing down at her with a concerned look.
“Just slow yourself down, ok? You’ll do yourself a mischief getting all worked up.” The same voice again… “Just breath in slowly, hold it….now breath out.”

Was the giant reassuring her?

What was happening? She had misjudged the situation drastically, this wasn’t what it had first seemed……this was no monster.
He seemed concerned for Alex!

Alex sat up against the giants chest with her eyes screwed closed, trying to regain her composure.
Slowly the giants thunderous walking stopped and Alex felt him shift, sitting down. The colossal fingers slowly uncurled and Alex fell into the soft open palm, falling onto her back and staring up at the gigantic face that looked down at her.
“There we go, all safe now.” The giant sighed with a small smile “terrible dust storm was about to hit that city, couldn’t leave you out there-you wouldn’t have lasted a second.”
Alex frowned as she listened to the giants soft voice, her heart slowly calming as if the deep sound were soothing her and calming her fears.
Why was he being so kind? What was this giant….
“I should probably get you back to human civilisation, you’d be safer there than out in this desert.” The giant sighed, his fingers twitched slightly and Alex felt the muscle move slowly below her- such a bizarre feeling to be lying on the large fleshy ground of the giants palm, the heat radiating off him was making her slightly drowsy- Alex had to admit it felt mighty comfortable.
Alex sat up in the giants palm, taking deep gulps of air to calm herself down as she regained her control.
All of a sudden she felt a pressure on her back, looking behind her she found the giant running a finger down her back soothingly- almost lovingly.
“You got a name, love? Unless you’d rather not tell me, I’d understand that….” The giant asked.
Alex steeled her nerves and managed to squeak out “a-Alex.”
As the giant gently rubbed her back Alex felt her nerves dissipate, it became obvious this giant meant her no harm at all- he seemed quite friendly instead.
The giant smiled and leaned back, bringing Alex closer to his mountainous chest again as he watched her run a curious hand along the grooves and creases of his skin- Alex could feel every fingerprint and scar……..
“Well, it’s lovely to meet you Alex. My names Max. Now how about I take you back to civilisation hey? The nearest cities about an hours walk for me- if you don’t mind travelling with me for a bit longer that is.” The giant said, his great thunderous voice so melodic and calming Alex felt herself not wanting to leave the comfort of his hands….
She nodded a reply and Max slowly stood up, cradling her back to his chest.
Alex held onto Max’s thumb this time, hugging it close as she stared up at him as he began to walk once more.
She could hear and feel the gentle thumping of his heart through his chest, deep breaths rocking her….making her drowsy..
Alex let out a yawn, leaning against Max’s chest exhaustedly.
“You seem awfully sleepy, why don’t you take a nap? I’ll wake you up when we get their.” Max whispered down his bright gaze no longer felt piercing as he stared down at her- Alex was beginning to feel at home in the titanic mans hold.
Alex nodded softly and lent her head against his soft shirt, burying her face as she slowly drifted to sleep….

Deep breaths.
All calm now.
Everything will be fine.

~~~~the end~~~~

Just a quick story I wrote for fun, there might be grammatical mistakes and such as I wrote this while very tired. I hope you enjoy it anyway!
This is partially based on something I encounter daily, being that I have Social anxiety I’m very used to panic attacks and frightening situations and I’ve always loved the idea of having a big giant around to help me calm down!

mitsunari tries his best to reach the boy, but alas, his arms are not long enough to effectively engage in combat.