Chimeria’s Dream Address has been released!!

  • ..like after a year haha oops ;;
  • do pick up all the items to the left of the town tree! feel free to dress up, as there are outfits to the right of the town tree! (there are also some items on the beach beside the cafe)
  • please visit all 3 characters and their houses! you should chat with them as well. c: it will give you a slightly better insight to my town~
  • the Southern Forest is forbidden, but you can through it anyway. you just might have some trouble getting through heh. 
  • Chimeria’s beaches are not quite done yet, but there are some things on it that you might want to see.
  • there will be another update in a few months.

you may interpret the story of my town however you want to, because i will not explain it. ʅ( ˇ ᴗ ˇ )ʃ
most importantly, please enjoy and have fun!

*please tag your screenshots of my town with #chimeria 
questions? comments? please send me an ask! i would love to hear any feedback.

fucking hell i had the worst yet best yet worst dream ever. it was basically the same 10x22 ending scene but when dean was about to stab cas with the angel blade, cas grabbed his wrist and said “If there’s anything worth dying for, this is it.”

dean fucking dropped the blade right the fuck away ok i’m not shitting u right now. there were fucking tears in his eyes and he made to touch cas’s face before retracting and collapsing to the fucking floor i am SHAKING holy hell how could this HAPPEN to me i made my mistakeS


Zombie run is free in the App Store I repeat ZOMBIE RUN IS FREE IN THE APP STORE!! They have finally made it free for everyone! So if you wanted this app but couldn’t get because you had to pay for than worry no longer and you wanted to get in shape but just don’t know how or if you don’t have the right motivation, why not run away from zombies as the motivation? This app is great and has a pretty good story line. Plus it’s like ever zombie lovers dream come true.

  • Me:*Shares what I want to do with my life*
  • People:I mean that's a nice dream to have but it's going to be pretty hard to achieve. Why don't you try something more attainable?
  • Me:
  • Me:Okay, as I was saying, I wanna do the thing :) So I'm gonna do the thing :) Because I have the motivation needed to do the thing :) And you're not gonna take that away :)
  • Me:
  • Me::)

To help my fellow lizzington shippers who follow me, to pass the time until september comes, Here goes my fave lizzington fics! If you didn’t read them yet, go for it!

Stargazer in progress, just found this fic today and I loved it! It’s an AU.Really sexy Red and cute lizzie.

Dream Walker AU ,my favorite fic *.* Red and Lizzie as soulmates! Really, you guys need to read it.

The Graveyard shift heyy.. Au again lol! But really its a MUST read together with Dream Walker. Ghost Red and agent Liz.Just go read it.

To dream of you a two chapter’s fic. after lizzie’s dream with Red.. You know.. That dream! Its short but really good. 

Dark Horse Rated M. Proceed with caution or you may combust!

Indelible Ink  A two part fic but you can find other two fics part of this fic universe. Really, a must read too!

Give and take Rated M. Guys, our Jess has awesome fics and this one is one of them! ;) Loved this one, really sexy fic. 

Wicked Game by the title I don’t need to tell you the rating to this fic, right? Don’t waste time and click on it.

Paper hearts A fic written By Jess… In response to one fic I wisshed to read but hadn’t the courage to write myself. Its a classic for me.

I have many others, but right now these ones are my fave. Really try all of them! You wont regret! Happy hiatus, lovelies!


okay did anyone know this existed

Don’t Dream It’s Over by Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus without the speaking in the middle.

As adorable as their flirting was in the middle of the song, I thought I’d edit it without the speaking so I could listen to it. Thought I’d share in case anyone else wanted the same.

Story thing

Okay I’m literally so bored but I’m gonna write a short story of sorts. So here goes: 

Everything in this town is so imperfect, I think to myself as I lie on my bed. Everything is ugly and brown and it drives me insane. All I want is for things to be perfect. Yeah… perfect. Perfect is a good word, I like perfect. If everything in my life was perfect, I imagine I would feel perfect too. I felt the weight of reality crash down on me as I looked around my room and saw my drab black clothes and tilting pictures. I looked at my bed spread and saw a plain blue sheet that I had begged to be rid of. My room smelled of mildew, and my curtains were torn, letting me see the dark night just outside. I looked in the mirror across the room and saw my bland face staring back at me. My boring, dull brown hair color disgusted me as I turned away from the mirror, not wanting to see all the more imperfections in my life. Nothing in my life was how I wanted it. I thought of my loser little brother teasing me about what I looked like and made a disgusted face. Yeah, I could deal without that. I sighed and twisted to turn off my lamp. 

Darkness encased me as I wrapped myself in my blankets. I thought of a world where I was beautiful and everything was extraordinary. I imagined a world of magnificent color and brilliancy. I imagined a shooting star and wished upon it that everything would be perfect when I woke up. I smiled as I drifted off into an imperfect sleep.

Everything is hazy. I look to my right and see that my floors are no longer hardwood, they are a magnificent black marble. I sit up and blink, trying to get a grip on everything that I’m seeing. My room is a vibrant blue just as I had wished I could have painted it. My sheets were no longer that drab blue, they were a golden, heavenly color. Beautiful adornments were sewn onto the blanket. Creamy pearls, milky white lace covered the cloth. I tilted my head back and took a deep breath, I smelled lavender. So much better than that mildew stench.

I wondered what else had changed in this seemingly perfect world. My eyes widened as I realized everything in my life that was wrong was righted in this world. I thought about how I had thin brown hair… I wonder…

I shoved myself off of my bed, feeling the marble floors underneath my feet. I smiled to myself, but my smile nearly broke my face as I stared into the mirror. I had rich blonde hair, full of marvelous volume. I couldn't touch it, for fear that if I touched it, it would all go away. I looked at my eyes, they were a striking green that was only achievable through the magazines I read. I took in my face and saw that it was mine, but my cheekbones were as prominent as ever. My teeth were pearly white, and as straight as can be. I lightly grazed my face and spun around, enjoying my appearance. I went to my closet and saw glorious clothing of all colors. There was everything I could dream of in it. Brilliant shoes, long gowns, and majestic blouses. I found it hard to choose. I eventually chose a deep green gown that fit me perfectly. I put on some beautiful black flats and chose a silver necklace. 

I found I knew exactly what to do with my hair. I curled my luscious, golden hair into fine ringlets. I smiled at myself through the mirror and allowed myself to touch my dress. It was the nicest thing I had ever worn, or even touched for that matter. I felt it and found it wasn't as soft as it looked. It was actually quite rough feeling. I suddenly felt as though the dress was too small, and I could hardly breathe. The air suddenly stunk of garbage and sewage. I was forced to hold my breath. 

I ran out of my room and down the hall, wondering what that was all about. There stood my brother in the hall, looking fancy dressed up in a suit and tie. That was weird, the little mole that was usually on the side of his face was gone. I loved that mole. In fact, his face was free of any imperfections. It looked… wrong. He looked fake, and the smile pasted on his face seemed in-genuine. I squinted at him, trying to decipher why exactly he was smiling. 

“Nice suit.” I decided to tease. 

My brother turned his head robotically towards me with the same smile pinned on his face. “Thank you, sister.”

I was surprised with his response. Before I could even think about what I was saying I blurted out, “What?”

“I said, thank you, sister.”

“No, you were supposed to reply with another mean comment back at me.”

“Well…. Why would I do that?” 

“Because you’re my brother, you do that to me all the time.”

“But I thought you wanted everything to be perfect, and for me to stop teasing you?”

Realization hit me like a wrecking ball. Everything was perfect because I wanted it to be. Everything was…. “perfect.” This wasn’t perfect…. I looked down at my dress and saw it had became a shabby gray cloth, and my hands were covered in green as if the dress had just been painted on this other dress. I looked back at my brother and looked down at my hands. I rubbed my arms that were tanned perfectly, and there revealed gray. I had gray skin. My hands once again looked like they had paint on them, and as though I had wiped the paint right off of my skin. I looked back to my brother and touched his face. Off came his perfect skin too, and it became gray like mine. 

I spun around in a circle see my footsteps making the “marble” floors. More gray was where I had stepped. Everything I touched turned to gray. Perfection back to imperfection. 

Maybe my brain was trying to tell me something…. I walked slowly back to my room and took a deep whiff. Yep, still garbage and poo. I had breathed in the perfect lavender scent and it was replaced with an imperfect stench. 

Nothing here was actually perfect. It was all an illusion.

“Nothing is perfect, everything that is imperfect is absolutely perfect.” I whispered to myself, my mind hurtling towards my realization. I thought of the dress, the hair, the floors, the walls, my face, my brother. Everything was too perfect. Too right. Nothing perfect is real, it’s fake. I need to be happy with what I have. 

Suddenly I sat up, thinking of the apparent dream I just had. Nothing was perfect. Everything around me now looked as good as can be. I was thankful for that nasty mildew, I was thankful for my blemished skin. I rubbed my hands all along my bed and my face and smiled despite myself, realizing everything I had was all I needed, that the shooting star conjured up in my mind had granted me my wish: everything was perfect, perfectly imperfect. 

HOW TO BE ALONE by Tanya Davis

If you are at first lonely, be patient. If you’ve not been alone much, or if when you were, you weren’t okay with it, then just wait. You’ll find it’s fine to be alone once you’re embracing it.

We could start with the acceptable places, the bathroom, the coffee shop, the library. Where you can stall and read the paper, where you can get your caffeine fix and sit and stay there. Where you can browse the stacks and smell the books. You’re not supposed to talk much anyway so it’s safe there.

There’s also the gym. If you’re shy you could hang out with yourself in mirrors, you could put headphones in . 

And there’s public transportation, because we all gotta go places. 

And there’s prayer and meditation. No one will think less if you’re hanging with your breath seeking peace and salvation.

Start simple. Things you may have previously  based on your avoid being alone principals. 

The lunch counter. Where you will be surrounded by chow-downers. Employees who only have an hour and their spouses work across town and so they – like you – will be alone.

Resist the urge to hang out with your cell phone. 

When you are comfortable with eat lunch and run, take yourself out for dinner. A restaurant with linen and silverware. You’re no less intriguing a person when you’re eating solo dessert to cleaning the whipped cream from the dish with your finger. In fact some people at full tables will wish they were where you were.

Go to the movies. Where it is dark and soothing. Alone in your seat amidst a fleeting community. 
And then, take yourself out dancing to a club where no one knows you. Stand on the outside of the floor till the lights convince you more and more and the music shows you. Dance like no one’s watching…because, they’re probably not. And, if they are, assume it is with best of human intentions. The way bodies move genuinely to beats is, after all, gorgeous and affecting. Dance until you’re sweating, and beads of perspiration remind you of life’s best things, down your back like a brook of blessings.

Go to the woods alone, and the trees and squirrels will watch for you.
Go to an unfamiliar city, roam the streets, there’re always statues to talk to and benches made for sitting give strangers a shared existence if only for a minute and these moments can be so uplifting and the conversations you get in by sitting alone on benches might’ve never happened had you not been there by yourself

Society is afraid of alonedom, like lonely hearts are wasting away in basements, like people must have problems if, after a while, nobody is dating them. but lonely is a freedom that breaths easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it.

You could stand, swathed by groups and mobs or hold hands with your partner, look both further and farther for the endless quest for company. But no one’s in your head and by the time you translate your thoughts, some essence of them may be lost or perhaps it is just kept. 

Perhaps in the interest of loving oneself, perhaps all those sappy slogans from preschool over to high school’s groaning were tokens for holding the lonely at bay. Cuz if you’re happy in your head than solitude is blessed and alone is okay.

It’s okay if no one believes like you. All experience is unique, no one has the same synapses, can’t think like you, for this be releived, keeps things interesting lifes magic things in reach. 

And it doesn’t mean you’re not connected, that communitie’s not present, just take the perspective you get from being one person in one head and feel the effects of it. take silence and respect it. if you have an art that needs a practice, stop neglecting it. if your family doesn’t get you, or religious sect is not meant for you, don’t obsess about it. 

you could be in an instant surrounded if you needed it
If your heart is bleeding make the best of it 
There is heat in freezing, be a testaments

This is for my lonely birds

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