Let’s start the anti self-deprecation movement
  • Don’t tolerate it in yourself: ask “why am I feeling the need to undercut myself right now? Because I’m feeling overbearing? Then maybe cool it a bit. Because I want some love? Then show some or open up to someone about what I’m struggling with!” 
  • Don’t tolerate it in others: tell people in a very simple way: “hey, don’t talk about yourself that way” or “Seems like something’s going on: I’m here!” 

The world is DYING to put you down, particularly if you are from a vulnerable demographic, whether it’s because of your gender, sexuality, mental health, or WHATEVER. 

Don’t you dare help it. 


a little sneaky peaky on a music video i’ve been editing (that will be up on friday!!)

im so fucking creepy when i s leep god i hate life lmao

like last night my roommate woke up around 4 am and i was app whispering in my sleep in like fucking parseltongue or smth and then I said loudly ‘Jesus fuck just stop it'n then I was taking a nap a second ago and like

Mentally I woke up but not physically really? Except I could kinda move my hand, so I just started slapping my other hand and my legs and shit to try to get my body to wake up bc fuck sleep paralysis and at some point I said 'god damn it wake up mei’



Homers Ring = The Sea Creature

Hear me out because I do have a point that sort of makes sense.

SO. In episode 1, we see the video of Homer in the hospital. He looks directly at the camera (something often used to show that the character is about to say something important) and says “I’m leaving with that ring” or something.

“That ring” happens to be the thing that they later use as an escape method. Guess what they also use as an escape method? The animals, to escape the NDEs. This leads them to get the movements which are an escape method from the basement!


Homer eats the sea creature in his NDE, and the tank has a purple tint just like the ring is purple. (Also the sea creature is orange which is almost opposite of the colour wheel to purple but that’s just me taking colour analysis too far)
In Homers NDE there’s the lovely pink chairs. They just so happen to be the same colour as the pepto bizmo in Haps medicine cabinet. Guess what’s also in Haps medicine cabinet? THE RING. Giving me the conclusion that the sea creature in Homers NDE is a way of showing the ring that Homer stashed in the medicine cabinet

Hi Steph! My name is Karen and I love your blog! I especially love that you’re a fellow Canadian so I was curious if you’ve gotten the same sponsored ad? (you do make an appearance, after all XD)

Wording aside, I noticed the DVDs kind of resemble eyes and that the one on the right has blood…

I did google both of them; the first shows an article about “easter eggs” from His Last Vow before “From Passover to Easter” by Bill Watson (published a year ago this very day.) Meanwhile Bronson James is a judge known for his Doctor Strange tattoo.

Could be coincidence but still WEIRD
What are your thoughts on this? (thanks in advance!)

(Submitted by @dizzyscene)

Okay, first of all HI OMG CANADIAN YAY <3 

Second of all, I actually am NOT getting any of the freaky sponsored ads, MOSTLY because I have AdBlocker and XKit, but at work I don’t so I was fully expecting to see the ads. But I don’t and I THINK I figured out why: Because inevitably-johnlocked is not my Primary blog, it’s a secondary one. I get mostly targeted advertising for art and vacations, and that’s because my primary blog is my art blog. SO. This leads me to believe that these ads are TARGETED ADVERTISING. Because I have never seen any of the ones y’all get.

Thirdly, AHHHHHH OMG WHAT ISSS THISSSS. LOL OMG If I wasn’t supposed to be getting ready for work right now, I would look a bit deeper into this. to verify everything. Granted it’s close to Easter, so these kind of ads are expected. But… like… this is really just freaky, given a) Christ imagery in Sherlock; b) BILL WATSON (Bill = William = Sherlock WATSON); c) Easter (eggs) and d) Easter is one of our suspected dates for news. So. Yeah, fun to speculate.

CGI.org is a real site with real stuff on it (well, so is all the other targeted advertising, but I digress), so I’m a BITTTTTT skeptical about this as more ARG stuff, but yeah, coincidence and all that.

Thanks for sending this to me!! <3


Since you guys liked the first one, have another selection of truly beauty gtlive moments. Once again, tag yourself I’m Crazy Eyes MatPat.

  • Sun Jing: Hey babe.
  • Qiu Tong: Yea, babe?
  • Sun Jing: I love you, babe.
  • Qiu Tong: OMG babe, I love you, too, babe.
  • Qi Fang: Hey guys, can you shut the fuck up please?