Tonight, You're Mine

okay so it took a little while but i finally finished the dom ash smut i was gonna work on. sorry if it sucks, i haven’t written smut in a reallyyyyy long time. feel free to let me know what you thought

A/N: contains explicit sexual content, spanking, mild bondage, language, hair pulling, dominance, and daddy kink - but it gets kinda cute at the end - don’t read it if you’re not okay with that kinda stuff

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MIKLEO AS A WATERBENDER - aka the moon prince(ss)

So when I first stepped in the zestiria fandom I was reaaaaaaally surprise to not find any avatar au ! (atla and lok, whatever ). I mean, c’mon ! A dude who has to master all the four elements to beat the big boss’s ass, seriously, no one ?

And the more I thought about it, the more I was like “I need to draw this”. And then I had so many headcanon I could just write a whole story (but I probably won’t because english isn’t my first language and I’m probably really bad at it. But I’ll be really happy if a generous soul write it for me *ha* Not especially with my headcanons, but just an atla au would be awesome ! )

UNDER THE CUT IS MIKLEO’S STORY (with a bit of Sorey’s obviously) , I’ll do this for every character, then when I’m done I’ll do a whole post to sums it all. (there are probably a lots of mistakes, you can notify me about them)

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