All These Things That I’ve Done - A Salute Extra

The story of One Direction, from its inception through its formation and growth, right until its very end.

Don’t need the promise of heaven
Just faith I’ll pass twenty seven

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do you remember we were sitting there by the water
you put your arm around me for the first time

you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter
you are the best thing that’s ever been mine

anonymous asked:

Have you written anything that was like having a flirty relationship with calum but you weren't dating him until you were standing in the kitchen with him and asked him if you were after Ashton had cornered you about it?

“What’s for dinner?” You asked Calum, creeping up behind him in the kitchen.

He threw an arm around your shoulder. “Just got to finish up my balsamic reduction for the chicken, and then we’ll be ready to eat.”

Balsamic reduction,” you repeated teasingly. “Look at you, throwing around cooking terms.”

He turned to you, a lazy smile on his lips. “Yeah, you like that?”

You blushed, and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Cal, can I ask you something?” He nodded, not really paying attention to you, focusing back in on his cooking. “Are we a couple?” He turned to you in confusion, his eyebrows knit together. “I mean, Ashton asked me the other day, and I-”

“Wait,” he interrupted you, “were we not a couple before?” You looked down at the ground in embarrassment, your words dying on your lips as you grinned. He took your face in your hands, and kissed you chastely, laughing a bit. “Well fuck, why have I been cooking for you this whole time?”

I keep giving my Inquisitor silly outfits that is lazily drawn, but I can’t stop loving his sense of fashion. Also, I think I’m finally starting to find a design for him that I’m happy enough with.

Brit Audio Description Highlights, Part 1

(As I’ve mentioned before, the British audio-description track is truly something to experience. It’s very descriptive and detailed, has a blatant crush on Douglas Booth and reads out “I've got a latke for you, bitch” in clipped RP. With this series of posts (yes, there was too much good stuff to contain in a single post) I bring you the highlights of the British audio-description track. Enjoy!)

“A cargo ship forges its path through a calm, glittering ocean.”

“A fresh-faced, princely young man walks with an older woman dripping with jewellery.”

“Balem has a youthful but strangely aged appearance.”

“Handsome Titus watches as Balem vanishes.”

“Strapping, goatee-bearded Caine, who has pointy ears.”

“A rejuvenated Balem floats out on a boat-like throne with its own sentient robot figurehead.”

“Titus floats in an anti-gravity chamber as he’s pleasured by a bevy of sultry women.”

“Famulus, an attractive, conservatively dressed woman with large, peculiar ears, her curly afro hair tied back in bunches.”

“The floating orgy continues.”

book-pirate asked:

Please give me more of the Bellamy Clarke bookstore au!

Here ya go! And thanks to multifandomm-mess and the two anons who also asked for more of this. You guys are rad. Clarke’s POV here.

Bellamy’s halfway through a reread of Crusader (by Edward Bloor, a childhood favorite of his) when he notices that he’s no longer the only person in that particular aisle of shelves.

He doesn’t usually have spare time to sit around in bookshops, but he doesn’t have work ‘til 4 today and he was ready to lose his mind sitting in his apartment by himself all day.

He’s vaguely aware of the couple’s conversation for a few minutes before he actually takes notice of them. He only means to glance at them quickly—he hears something about Pride and Prejudice, which has always been a favorite of his, no matter how his sister teases him about it—but something about the blonde girl has his gaze lingering long enough to notice how uncomfortable she looks.

Somehow he can’t quite get lost in the book again after that. Each time he stares down at the words, something she says manages to catch his interest. She’s got an interesting take on the character of Lydia Bennet and he finds himself wanting to talk to her about it, maybe push back on a couple of the points he doesn’t quite agree with. The guy she’s talking to—it seems unlikely he’s her boyfriend now—hardly replies to each of her articulate responses before he pushes on to another question, like he’s searching desperately for some common ground where he can muster a similarly deep response.

Somehow, Bellamy doubts he’s going to find it. He’s also not particularly sure why he feels a small amount of animosity toward this guy he’s never spoken to. That feeling, combined with the look of discomfort that hasn’t seemed to leave her face for the duration of the conversation has him wanting to interrupt. Which would be a bad idea. Definitely.

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nature’s top five khiii worlds wishlist! { 3 / 5 }
land of the great spirits (brother bear)

“wow… look at the lights on that mountain!”
“hmm, i wonder what sorts of spirits live in those lights!”

i just found out theres a shoplifting community on tumblr?? sorry i dont usually curse, but what the f u cK ? WHY

notamaincharacter asked:

Prompt 3 Gavin and Dan please!

3. “You came back.”

Really, Dan brings it on himself. Couldn’t keep his big fat fucking mouth shut, could he?

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