the concept of bertie botts’ every flavor beans cracks me up so much

as wizards you have the potential to make amazing magical foods and candy, i mean look at all the prank candies fred and george made

you could make jelly beans that taste like freshly baked pie with the warmth and everything, or jelly beans that know your favorite foods and adjust their flavors accordingly, jelly beans that not only taste wonderful but also lighten your mood/help you focus/etc

and then bertie botts is like “hey kids you ever wanted candy that tastes like dirt and earwax”

Tonight, You're Mine

okay so it took a little while but i finally finished the dom ash smut i was gonna work on. sorry if it sucks, i haven’t written smut in a reallyyyyy long time. feel free to let me know what you thought

A/N: contains explicit sexual content, spanking, mild bondage, language, hair pulling, dominance, and daddy kink - but it gets kinda cute at the end - don’t read it if you’re not okay with that kinda stuff

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