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How do you know you're in love? I been in a relationship with my boyfriend about a month and he say I'm the one I have mix feelings because I use to rush relationships but I don't want to rush this one. I feel so warm and fuzzy around him.

love is when the other person fills you with peace and makes you feel calm and safe… love is an intense feeling in your chest, it lingers there and it feels like if you cut your chest open light would shine out of it…

it’s when the other persons happiness and well being is your main concern and you do little things for them to make their life easier, even when they don’t ask or complain…

its the willingness to work things out when fights happen, to talk and see their side to the best of your ability. the will to change yourself for the better for them…

honestly, you’ll do anything in your power for the one you love. fly for 8 hours on a plane, brave countries you’ve never been to before, work your fingers to the bone at a job you hate- but for them it’s all worth it. its always worth it.

love is a lot of things put into one word, but everything i mentioned (and more) just comes naturally when you’re in love. love can’t be forced, but it is real and it’s even a little scary… most of all, though, its a wonderful experience… i wish i could explain it better! its a kind of happiness and companionship unlike any other.

shoosh pap pap shoosh

Know What You Have Done

Requested by @glithch

This is neither a curse, nor a hex, as it does not return the pain caused (though it can easily be reformatted to do so), but simply makes the aggressor aware of it. More than that, it is to force them to understand the pain caused. Do not be wary of its simplicity, for its effects are tried and true.


  • A large bowl – the darker in color the better **
  • Water **
  • (Optional, though highly recommended): a personal affect of your aggressor)
  • (Optional: a Candle, black or white)

** Alternately, you can replace the bowl and water for a mirror or other scrying surface of your choosing


  1. Take with you your items to a dark room. Light the candle (or another dull light source) and pour your water into the bowl. The goal is to arrange it so that you cannot see through the water, but can only see the reflection on its surface.
  2. When you have found the perfect lighting, take the personal affect in your left hand and “find” them in the water. You want to use the affect to attune to their spirit/energy so that you can “see” them. Keep working until you have a definitive link. You will know it when you have it.
  3. Once the link has been made, using your right hand, dip your fingers into the water (hence why the bowl of water is preferred)  – this represents their subconsciousness. Bring forth the incident in which you were wrong and “place alongside” it, your own pain. Not in such a way as to inflict the pain, but to make them aware of your own. If you find it easier, feel free to speak what they have done aloud and the results of their actions. “This is what you have done.”
  4. When you have said your peace and shown them what they need to see, break the link by flicking the water from your fingers onto the surface and releasing the personal affect from your hand. Pour out the water wherever convenient and do with the personal affect whatever you feel is appropriate. There is no need to destroy or get rid of it – in fact, you may wish to hold onto it for any further work.

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It’s Cow Chop on the Cow Couch!

20 Interesting Facts About Aquarius

1. When Aquarians are in a bad mood, you better just stay out of the way because anything can lead to a showdown

2. Aquarians? will always try to see the light in any situation, even in the darkest of times. It makes life worth living.

3. Aquarius is heartless and sometimes cold but honest and straightforward with love.

4. Aquarians will make a promise even if its out of the blue,knowing that… 

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ive been chatting with @sigalawin about a really cheesy cat cafe au and today i was inspired to actually draw the first part out

hux never figures it out because millicent is nothing but nice to him and he goes to the cafe every day its open to see her and kylo maybe develops a gross crush on him idk his cousin rey certainly seems to think so  

i fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands, being long distance we didn’t get the everyday stuff as simple as holding hands or hugging each other when were sad. we didn’t fall in love with the way we touched each other. it wasn’t lust, yet love. i fell in love with the way your mind works, and how kind hearted you are to me. i didn’t get to fall asleep next to you, but rather with my phone on the pillow right next to me. you may not be able to hug me when I’m sad, but when you call me it instantly makes me feel better, even if neither of us say much. we didn’t have some of the things that everyone else has but i think we’ve got something more, we know its more than physical. i fell in love with the way you’ve touched my mind, and the way you make me see the world in a better light. i fell in love with you in the best possible way. and i think thats why fate gave me something so great, but put it so far away from me. so i could learn to appreciate you for all the little things.

Paper Plates

Big thanks to @fourtseven for listening to me complain about my writers block (though she’s polite enough to call it expressing frustration).

It’s on their fifth date that Cat finds herself in Kara’s apartment. She’s pressed up against the door before it even closes, her head thrown back, but what she’s managed to see is homey. Not Architectural Digest, but it has appeal. Bright and charming, like Kara.

In the morning, wrapped in nothing but Supergirl’s cape, and light pouring through the large windows, Cat gets a better look. Everything is just so Kara. She can’t find another suitable word, despite her ample vocabulary. There really isn’t one. It’s messy but clean. Like Kara’s desk after lunch. Things, and there are many, fill shelves and cabinets. Cat smiles as she looks over Kara’s eclectic collection of knick knacks, before she heads to the kitchen.

Things are just as diverse in the cupboards, Cat notes as she searches for coffee. No plate, no bowl the same. The mugs are all different, like the chairs around the table. Like all the furniture, Cat realizes as she looks around. Nothing matches, and everything has been painted, touched up. Cat notices the gauges in the wooden top of the island, the chips taken out of the laminate countertop. The coffeemaker looks about twenty years old, the toaster too. Does she pay Kara so little that the girl has to buy everything second hand?

“Machine’s broke. I bro- I’ll have to fly out, if you want coffee.”

Cat turns, pulled from her ruminations by Kara’s sleepy voice, and can’t help but smile at the sight of Supergirl in pajamas, and fuzzy socks.

“I’ll need my cape back though.”

Cat smirks, letting the cape drop slightly, exposing her shoulder as she strides towards her girl. Cat Grant doesn’t need heels to strut. “You’ll have to take it off me.”

Kara pulls her close, when she’s within reach. “Don’t start. I know how you get without coffee. I can go out.”

Cat shakes her head, and let’s the cape fall. “I can think of a few things that are just as stimulating.”

Cat makes a few calls Monday, and is assured by Brenda in human resources, that Kara Danvers might just be the best paid personal assistant on Earth.

A month later, Cat starts to notice the chips and cracks. They’re small, but her penthouse, Carter’s room and the den aside, is immaculate, and the now roughened corner of the marble counter top is glaringly obvious. So are the scratches on her plates, and the cracked tile in the bathroom. And with a sigh she realizes why Kara’s things are second hand. Because Supergirl can bend steel, and crush cement, with little effort. What chance did a coffeemaker have? Why have new things, when they need to be constantly replaced.

So she never mentions it. She’s not sure Kara realizes it’s happening. Cat watches how careful Kara is when she’s at the penthouse. How deliberate all her movements are. Cat had assumed it was nerves before, but as she looks at Kara across the dining room table, and watches how gingerly she cuts up her dinner, how slowly she pushes in her chair, how her shoulders never seem to relax even when she’s playing Nintendo with Carter. Supergirl can’t just smash the buttons when she’s losing.

“I can bring some of my dishes from home,” Kara says, a week later as she helps load the dishwasher. Cat pauses, a scratched plate in her hand, looking up as Kara looks away. “I keep scratching yours. They’re expensive,” Kara rushes out, still staring at the floor. “Or you could get me paper plates maybe? I’m okay with that. I bent all of Eliza’s cutlery, before they got me a set of plastic ones. I don’t want to keep breaking your things. I’m trying not to. Sometimes I just…forget. Forget that I’m an alien. It use to just happen at home, but now I forget here, and I don’t- I don’t want to break your things.”  

Cat sets the plate aside, drying her hands and taking Kara’s face between them. “I forget you’re an alien sometimes too. I wake up in your arms, and I watch you with Carter, and there’s nothing alien about it. Except you. And when I see a broken tile, or a chipped mug, because somehow you always manage to knock your cups against your teeth,” Cat says with a soft smile, running her thumbs over Kara’s tear streaked cheeks. “And I’m reminded that you are not of this Earth. You are so much better than this planet could ever produce.You can scratch every dish in this kitchen. I like the scratched one. I like the reminder that this is where you forget. No paper plates. You -this- is not disposable, so break whatever you want. Just no hearts, Supergirl.”

Kara smiles, and nods.  “That won’t ever get scratched.”


Stone/Cassandra “Inches Apart” A Case Study Part 6: City of Light, Rule of Three and Loom of Fate

This concludes my study until season 2 provides us with more insight. 

  • Pureblood: HA! I have invented this device that will hold a focused light better than a candle without having to use Lumos all the time!
  • Muggleborn: Flashlight
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: See I can send a quick note across class without an Owl
  • Halfblood: *pulls out cell, and pushes a few buttons*
  • Muggleborn: *takes out cell and looks up* Cell Phones
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: Lets go for a country ride
  • Halfblood: Sure
  • Pureblood: Good, I'll get the carriage set up should take only 10 minutes
  • Muggleborn: *drives up* Car is ready
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: *pokes head through the floo* Hey guys!
  • Muggleborn: *sits back revealing computer screen* Hey, I was just going to add you to the Skype conversation.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: Hey i just found out this cool spell that plays music!
  • Halfblood: Ipod
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: My mom has this clock that tells her where we are
  • Muggleborn: GPS Phone Tracker

Celestial Fireworks

What better way to celebrate the New Year than with some fireworks?

This celestial light show is 10,000 light years away in the constellation Cassiopeia. Viewed here in infrared, optical, and ultraviolet wavelengths, we see a whole range of colors created by one of the Universe’s biggest fireworks: a supernova.

The supernova remnant is known as Cassiopeia A (Cas A), and the light from this pyrotechnic display reached Earth 330 years ago. Given its distance, that of course means that this star exploded just about 10,000 years ago. That makes Cas A the youngest known supernova remnant in the Milky Way.

Happy New Year from The Universe!


Image credit: NASA/ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)



oh hi i haven’t posted a selfie in a while

My poor attempt at using paint (!) to show you that it’s not the same shirt, it’s probably the same model, just not the unique same shirt, the pattern is placed differently. You can see two distinctive pieces of pattern that are in different places in either shirt (green and red) and in light blue you can see that there are pieces of the pattern that are just not there. Same model and brand most likely, JUST DIFFERENT SHIRT.

My favourite looks from Honor Spring/Summer 2015 (see the rest of the collection here)

NYFW fashion week has officially arrived, and what better brand to start off with other than Honor? Its usual modern princess aesthetics were not to be missed in this gloriously sugar-coated show, and with a wonderful 46 looks there is something that will make even the most dedicated sportswear styled New Yorker salivate over. The main palette was simply white but combined shades of baby blue, vivid apricot orange, teal, and light rose which were all accentuated through soft symmetric patterns and quirky candy gumball buttons. Featured were a range of designs; varying from the retro with flared sleeves and prissy pussybows, working-woman oversized structured double breasted coats, and my favourite - tiered gowns fabricated like heavenly cakes with their sweet scalloped trimmings; and despite their differences all styles flowed freely exuding a youthful and angelic aura. The final finishing’s were dainty but had a big effect with ruffled edges and on most pieces an overlay of sheer tulle was added, giving off an airy feel and fluidity. Overall I completely adored this fun collection as each piece was so dreamily made but at the same time felt very down-to-earth, resulting in such a versatility currently unmatched by any other show this Spring/Summer season that it demands to be worn.