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how could i not see that?! star lord skywalker YES. when the DEO gets a msg about star lord they're confused. they see that it's also alex and everyone is so happy and amused. winn though, in distress. how could she BE BOTH. THAT IS BLASPHEMY. SHE CAN'T MERGE THE TWO UNIVERSEs LIKE THAT. and then, wait that's AWESOME. alex is so cool. kara tells winn maybe when alex gets home he can play with the light saber, then thinks better of it. he'll chop someone's arm off. his own probably.

Winn can barely be trusted with a pocket knife, let alone a light saber, but he still thinks its the coolest thing ever.

shoosh pap pap shoosh

A Guide To Pucci’s Weird Hair

So, it’s not uncommon to see people struggling with drawing Pucci’s hair, and that’s fine. It’s weird, both versions of it, and even I have trouble with it sometimes. A while back, as you might recall, I tried to draw up a handy guide for drawing Pucci’s hair, but it was shitty quality. So now, I’ve drawn up a much better one, and I hope it sheds some light for all you aspiring Pucci-drawing-people.

This package includes: the Original and Final versions of both hairstyles, from a variety of interesting angles, all for the low, low price of free! Enjoy!

What kind of stolen Aesthetic is this??

What I learned from 2016

This year taught me a lot. It taught me that things may sometimes don’t go as the way we want. We gain and we lose. You sometimes don’t know what you have until it’s all gone. This year taught me that even in the darkest moments of your life, you will still have that speck of light. That things will eventually get better in time. You will heal. Things that are meant to be for us will stay and find its way. It taught me about all the different perspectives you have to see rather than just seeing things from one side. Most importantly, this year taught me to let go of things that are not meant for me. Don’t ever regret the past, move on and smile because it happened. 


ive been chatting with @sigalawin about a really cheesy cat cafe au and today i was inspired to actually draw the first part out

hux never figures it out because millicent is nothing but nice to him and he goes to the cafe every day its open to see her and kylo maybe develops a gross crush on him idk his cousin rey certainly seems to think so  


this actually makes me really upset. this asshole of a person Ryan had to go and kill Anne. but she was truly getting better. you could see the light in her eyes when she talked about Phillip, or whenever some else mentioned him. she loved Phillip unconditionally in the best way just as much as Phillip did the same. Anne deserved so much better, I don’t care what anyone says. drug addiction is a real thing. its hard to get out of. it ruins lives. Anne only wanted the best life for her son. she always asked about him, always made sure he was okay before she was. she was getting better. for him. plain and simple.

She was getting better.

  • Pureblood: HA! I have invented this device that will hold a focused light better than a candle without having to use Lumos all the time!
  • Muggleborn: Flashlight
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: See I can send a quick note across class without an Owl
  • Halfblood: *pulls out cell, and pushes a few buttons*
  • Muggleborn: *takes out cell and looks up* Cell Phones
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: Lets go for a country ride
  • Halfblood: Sure
  • Pureblood: Good, I'll get the carriage set up should take only 10 minutes
  • Muggleborn: *drives up* Car is ready
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: *pokes head through the floo* Hey guys!
  • Muggleborn: *sits back revealing computer screen* Hey, I was just going to add you to the Skype conversation.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: Hey i just found out this cool spell that plays music!
  • Halfblood: Ipod
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: My mom has this clock that tells her where we are
  • Muggleborn: GPS Phone Tracker
Pure-Love | Draco Malfoy X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Request: Hello! It would be amazing if you would please write a fluffy Draco Malfoy x reader where (Y/N) and Draco have always been friends, but unlike Draco, (Y/N) see’s the world in a different light. She believes there’s good where you look for it, the mud bloods are equals, etc. When she’s forced to become a Death Eater she’s devastated, but Draco is there for her like always.

Characters: Draco/fem!reader, Hermione and pure-blood families are mentioned.

Word Count: 1619 words.

Coming from a pure-blood family had its consequences. Most of them had rules, ways of acting were imposed in members since childhood. (Y/N) didn’t escape it. Her family was a traditional pure-blood family. Arrogant and hateful. Typical people who think they are better than everyone else.

One of the rules that was employed in this type of family was simple: be proud of your blood and pride the name of your family, and that meant: lower all others who aren’t like us to make us look better. And for that, all the people with whom (Y/N) had contact during her childhood was just as worse as her family.

During her growth, she attended several meetings that those families had. She had never understood the reason for it, but her mother made her go, always sending an ugly look to the girl when (Y/N) questioned her. Don’t question your ideals, just follow them. In one of those meetings she first met Draco Malfoy when she was presented to his family, which was close to hers. Both children were left out while the adults settled their own things, then they just start to like each other when the meetings began to be more and more frequent. As time went by, they began to ask their parents if they could see each other even when there was no meeting. They were both only children, they felt lonely at home.

Over the years, the two just became more and more friends. They would soon be in Hogwarts and could hardly wait for this moment to arrive. (Y/N) had never felt different from the rest of her family, even though she had realized that sometimes she disagreed with something they did. But she just noticed that maybe was something wrong with her in one of her conversations with Draco.

Both wanted to get in Slytherin, they had been raised hearing that everyone in the family had been part of that house and they hoped to continue the tradition. They were talking about it when Draco left out a nasty comment about the mudbloods. When the eleven-year old girl heard those words coming out her best friend’s mouth, a frown formed on her face and she felt uncomfortable. This has not gone unnoticed by the boy, but he didn’t seem interested in asking her about it. Or just didn’t want to leave the conversation even odder than it already was.

After that incident she began to hear that expression even more. Her parents themselves talked like that, something that she had never noticed before. And when asked about it, (Y/N) would refer to them as muggle-borns, getting some dirty looks from people around her. She didn’t understand why these people had so much hatred of those who had not wizarding parents. She didn’t understand why the different was bad. She didn’t understand why so much hate.

That was when she noticed: she wasn’t like them. And she wasn’t the only one to have noticed that. Soon everyone knew that the (Y/L/N)’s daughter sympathized with muggle-borns. Some of them talked about how she would be the “Sirius Black” of the new generation. And when some families began to avoid the child and her parents, she was punished. No one wants to be friends with a blood traitor. At least almost no one. Draco didn’t seem bothered to keep talking to her, although he avoid touching the subject “mudblood” when he was near her.

And so went another few years. They went to school and entered in Slytherin, which left (Y/N) very relieved because she was afraid of what might happen to her if she got in some other house. Draco made friends there, many because of his last name, but he never left (Y/N) aside. Yet the girl had a bit of difficulty in order to fit in her house, as the rumors had run fast by pure-blood families. She had friends, but not necessarily of her house. Not necessarily the kind of friends her parentes would approve.

The girl often looked at Draco and couldn’t understand why they were friends, especially at times he made fun of muggle-borns, especially Hermione Granger. But (Y/N) gave some ugly glances for her best friend when she saw him doing things like that, which made him walk away, but not before telling a final joke about the person he decided to tease.

Any of her friends also seemed to understand the reason of their friendship. But when Draco wasn’t playing the stupid Slytherin bully, when he was not acting for status, when he was being himself, he was a nice kid. He was a golden boy, and it was a pity that only her could see it. (Y/N) couldn’t forget all the times that parents punished her for something she had said or the way she had acted and Draco had been by her side, comforting her, though he didn’t seem sure of what to say to the sad girl.

After they had entered Hogwarts, her parents stopped annoying her so much. (Y/N) received several letters talking about the filthy people she was befriending with, but she just ignored and threw them away. Of course, every year when she returned home there were two angry people waiting for her at the door, but she seemed every time care less about it, which made Draco relieved. He wasn’t a good shoulder to cry on and didn’t like to see his sweet girl sad, so he was happy to see that her parents didn’t affect her anymore. He didn’t need to see her crying.

Until that day, at least.

Things had changed for them. They had stopped to talk much to each other. Draco was a Death Eater. It wasn’t so surprising to him, he had basically been created for this. But he was shocked to learn that the sweet little (Y/N) (Y/L/N) had become one too, short time after him. Her parents thought that way she would begin to see things as she should. Upon hearing the news that he began to notice that he was seeing (Y/N) less than before, she was quieter, she wasn’t being herself. Then he went looking for her when she didn’t appear at dinner.

Draco found her sitting against the walls of the common room. Her face was swollen and her eyes were red. A few tears were still running down her face and some sobs leave her mouth.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, slowly coming near her.

(Y/N) just gave him a cold look. She knew he knew what was wrong. Draco sighed, sitting beside her awkwardly.

“Don’t be like that.” he remembered because he hated when (Y/N) was sad, he never knew what to say. The girl rolled her eyes.

“Thank you for your help.”

His hand went to her shoulder in a comforting gesture. He opened his mouth again, trying to find words to calm her down.

“If you will say that you understand, give up, because you don’t.” she said getting up, wiping the tears from her face.

“And what makes you think I don’t understand how you feel?” he stood up, getting a glare from the girl.

“You don’t understand because you’re just like them.” some tears began to come down (Y/N)’s face. “I’m not like any of you, I will never be. I don’t belong here.”

Draco didn’t know why… Perhaps the way she had spoken it, perhaps the hateful look that his best friend was sending him… But that was the first time he was offended by being compared to his family. He was ready to respond, to deny that he was like his father, when he remembered that it wasn’t about him, it was about her.

“You’re right, I don’t understand you. But I know you. I know you well enough to know that you are better than all these people. And it’s not a mark on your arm that will change that.” her eyes lit for a few seconds with his words before returning to fade.

“It’s not just the mark.” she threw herself on the couch. “The things I will have to do. The people will have to be with.”

“You aren’t like them just to be with them.” he sat beside her, holding her awkwardly aside. It had been so long that he didn’t do this to her. “It’s not your fault.”

(Y/N) slowly allowed her head to lean on Draco’s shoulder, moving her arms around his waist. The boy’s body tensed at first, but was softening, bringing his best friend closer to him, leaving a kiss on her hair.

“I’m afraid.” she said after a while.

He couldn’t deny that he was too, but the only thing he could pay attention at the time was the fragility of the girl in his arms. Then he just rubbed her arms, letting out a:

“Don’t worry. We’ll be together, I will not let anything bad happen to you.”

She just muttered something in response, snuggling even more against his body.

(Y/N) looked up shyly toward the blonde’s face, making him look down at her. She gave a smile before attaching their lips quickly, then pulling away and returning to leave her head on his shoulder.

A small goof smile appeared on his face as he comforted himself closer to the girl.

“I’m glad I have you.” he said. “You are the only thing that is preventing me from turning into my father.”

The girl chuckled, and as she watched the other Slytherins coming in the common room, looking at them curiously, (Y/N) was sure of only one thing: having the same worldview or not, she and Draco would be together through thick and thin. Always.

The Broom Shed Exchange

Chapter Summary: When Harry is just dumb and heart-sick enough to break into Hogwarts and see Ginny. Basically, it’s pure fluff.

Chapter 3 of 3, and also on AO3!

A/N: Here’s the end of it. It’s been fun. Enjoy!

Ginny slunk down on her bed, her bed curtains closed tight, biting a leg off a chocolate frog and tilting her head to better watch the Marauder’s Map under the light of her wand. Most people were in the Great Hall, enjoying the rest of the Halloween Feast, but Ginny couldn’t be bothered to join them. She’d made an appearance and ate a decent share against both her sudden introversion and lack of appetite. Both were unusual for her, but on occasional nights like tonight she preferred solitude and silence.

She gave a sigh and let the map fall flat on her stomach, noxing her wand. Ginny had taken to watching the map frequently, like a muggle would a television. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting to find; it’s not like there were any more Death Eaters roaming the castle anymore. As her heart pulled towards a hollow ache deep inside her, Ginny confessed to herself that she really wasn’t watching the map to scout trouble.

She was watching the map to scout Harry.

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It was pointed out to me that there was a Maximum Ride movie on Netflix. I haven’t been in the fandom since I was about seventeen, and was actually kind of surprised a movie existed since I was under the impression the entire thing was scrapped long ago. A movie gets proposed in 2007 and doesn’t see the light of day, kind of assume it’s a no-go. The old fan in me was curious, and is now hurting, because after 9.5 years, they really could have done a much better job… I have so many issues with it, and though I (and may others in the fandom at the time of its original announcement) didn’t have exceptionally high hopes for it, it didn’t even match my relatively low standards. Kind of disappointing.

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Hey, so building a sort of homebrew campaign leaning on D&D 5. Well, basically D&D 5 with very slight changes. However, I would like to implement some system where players can spend rests or free time practising some skill, and get better at it/see some reward for that. Since D&D 5 is kinda stingy with its attack boni/proficience boni etc., do you or your followers have any ideas how that could work without making some characters OP too quickly?

Ooh! One I actually have extended experience with!

Ok, so, I don’t know exactly what your table is looking to do so I can’t speak to your exact group but I do have some good general advice. First off, Short Rests can totally be used to practice skills. So long as it’s considered light activity you can spend a short rest doing whatever and still gain short rest benefits. If, at some point, a character gets an ability that allows them to spend a long rest doing light activity then it would apply to that as well.

As for specific skills:

Proficiency in languages:

groups I’m involved with try to have at least one language they all know that isn’t commonly spoken. In my home brew world, pretty much all languages are easy to come by. So, I allowed the rogue (Kya from my current game) to teach the others the kitsune language.

A character must spend 3 uninterrupted in game weeks learning with someone who already speaks the language to gain proficiency in which they can only speak simple phrases. Then, another month perfecting their conjugation and grammar; during this time all talking based checks with this language are made with disadvantage. If the teacher isn’t a member of the party, or if the player feels like it, there’s a fee for learning. And the fee could be daily, weekly or just one at the beginning. This can be done passively, so no rests are required.

Weapons and tools:

Tools I require a week of practice during short or long rests with the help of a book specifically for that tool or a teacher for proficiency.

Weapons require a teacher of at least 5th level in a martial class. The PC spends two uninterrupted months training to gain proficiency. Then, for another month, all attacks made with the weapon are made with disadvantage.

For all of them I also rule that you cannot learn multiple at once. You also can only learn two of any weapon or tool.

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You know what's ironic? That I started shipping Stelena when I was a huge delena fan but you made REALIZE That Delena was toxic. And I really thought that Stefan would lived and get the ending HE FRICKING DESERVED YOU KNOW WHATS THE MOST AWFUL THING ITS THAT STEFAN SAID THAT DAMON WAS THE ONE THAT DESERVED ELENA AND THAT HE WAS THE BETTER BROTHER IM PISSED IM SO FUCKING PISSED THAT I MAKE NO SENSE

First of all, I feel your pain. Trust me. 

Second of all, I’m glad I helped show you the light on what an abusive rapist murdering garbage person Damon is :) 

Thirdly, Stefan dying makes me want to riot the streets of Julie Plec’s house and honestly it doesnt even have to do with Elena. Sure, I wanted to see that, because duh, they were perfect soulmates and even trash Plec admitted “it was always Stefan”, which is fucking stupid to do the day before your finale comes out and she ends up with DAMON…like what the fuck is wrong with you? But anyway, it’s not about that. It’s about Stefan and his sacrifices, his accountability, his humanity, his love for everyone, his respect to the people around him, the fact that he has paid for his wrong doings time and time and time again and deserved a happy ending- and not a “I was married for one day then I got to reunite with my best friend in DEATH” kind of ending. Damon paid for nothing. So what- he was going to die for Elena/Stefan? Once? Cool, bro. Stefan has put his life on the line for you like 32049830248x throughout this show, while you just do whatever the fuck you please and ALWAYS seem to get what you want, regardless. 

Out of all the shows I watch, I have never been so irate about the character assassination  and retcon that has been done to this series. 

I believe in starting over
I can see that your heart is true
I believe in good things coming back to you
You’re the light that lifts me higher
So bright, you guide me through
I believe in you ♡

20 Interesting Facts About Aquarius

1. When Aquarians are in a bad mood, you better just stay out of the way because anything can lead to a showdown

2. Aquarians? will always try to see the light in any situation, even in the darkest of times. It makes life worth living.

3. Aquarius is heartless and sometimes cold but honest and straightforward with love.

4. Aquarians will make a promise even if its out of the blue,knowing that… 

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imma just say, john is such good medicine like he is beyond amazing and its so good to see him be happy bc it makes me happy and his happiness resonates and its healing and its good, and hes my life dude like he is such a kindred, fucking spirit and the kindest, fucking soul and the sweetest, fucking human ive ever been lucky enough to meet and i owe him my fucking life, he is more than just an artist, and a writer, more than just the lead singer of a band ive been following for 8 years, he is my fucking anchor ok like he keeps me from doing bad things and hes literally the light of my fucking life ok like john o'callaghan means everything to me and i am so happy to finally see him live life and actually be happy to be living bc lemme tell you, its so much easier and so much better and i am so goddamn grateful to be a part of his life even if im not technically in it completely, its been an honor to watch this kid grow up to be the man he is now and im so fucking excited for whats to come like god bless john o'callaghan

my self confidence hit a new low again. ever since i started losing my hair it hasn’t been the same. I still avoid mirrors and I still wear a cap and I still might leave the lights off in the bathroom when it’s only to brush my teeth. I keep analyzing people’s features and compare them with mine. I see what features are better than mine and which are worse and then I calculate who has more better features and is therefore prettier. I think of features that compensate for my balding head. when theres someone really handsome talking to me I tend to think that I dont deserve them. yet other days I’m fine. it has its ups and downs. but the downs are tough.