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Sunflowers always remind me of Sam because they're so tall and beautiful, but they're always bowed down. Like they're humble and unaware of their beauty. Just like him. And they only look up at the sun. Like it's their guide. Or like they're searching for it, because its light can make them better. And that's just so much like Sam. Because they're literally a reflection of the sun. When they see the sun they're looking at themselves without knowing. Sorry,had this on my brain for awhile...

It’s been 900 years since I’ve gotten anything sunflower!sam related.  And i think I got teary eyed when I opened my askbox and read this, because I have missed this so much.  

And this description of Sam and a sunflower is spot on.  My heart cannot handle these emotions.  It’s too much. 

River 4.0 by BlueRoseArkelle
Via Flickr:
TwT Haha I redid his faceup again //shot I was relatively happy with his old one, but it still had elements that I wanted to change. I wanted his lips to be lighter and have less gloss since I’ve noticed they catch light weird and also change their shape a bit. xD Exaggerating/implying different features is my favorite thing to do in faceups haha~ I also blushed his nose in a way that better emphasizes its cute point at the end that you can never see. Annnnd lastly I decided even though I mostly have him in modern clothes I still wanted a little of his canonical ancient Egyptian look to be apparent by adding little swooping points under his eyes reminiscent of the traditional Eye of Horus/Ra. Its not meant to be like, full on Egyptian makeup or anything, just a little reference. xD You can’t really see it all that well in this picture though so i’ll have to take better pictures of it later~ TwT Hehe, anyways, yeah~ He’s always been a really hard one to nail down exactly the look I want for him but I definitely think that he’s going in the right direction and I really like the way he looks right now so I think i’ll leave him be for a while haha xD I should really post a little "faceup timeline" for him because there have been a lot of dramatic changes and goshhhhh its the most apparent in how much my faceup skills have improved with his faceups more than anyone haha xD ….also these eyes totally don’t fit him and also belong to Phyre but ack they are the only ones I like in him right now asdfghjkl- — River (boy) is a Soom R. Trond in Bronze skin. Faceup and blushing by me.

epilepsy warning for Tomorrowland

i just saw tomorrowland and it was pretty good but just a fair warning for people who are epileptic:
there are moments when they go to travel between places using things like teleportation and such
each time they do, lights flash and the image gets distorted and it happens really fast(theres more stuff that happens but its hard to describe)
this happens 3 times in the movie from what i remember so i thought i should warn people that want to see it
(if anyone else can desctibe it better feel free to because i am terrible at explaining it)

Ghosts in the woods

So, this gif.

An interesting point of note I noticed while making this gif is that there are in fact two figures walking in these woods. Notice to the left and further in the background is another figure walking in pace with the center figure. You can see it most prominently at the very beginning of the gif.

Initially I was willing to pass it off as a shadow cast upon the distant trees, except for the fact that it clearly shows up in the lighter space in between the trees. Also notice the beam of light filtering through the trees to the left. Given the apparent direction of the light source, it makes no sense for the distant figure to be a shadow. This creature is not alone.

Upon further inspection, the second figure doesn’t even look the same as the central figure. Here I have cropped the image and upped the contrast so you can see it better.

From what we can see of the left figure, its head is round and very unlike the unique skull shape of the figure in the midground. Furthermore it appears to have long wispy hair flowing behind it. Previous speculation notes that the central figure bears a striking resemblance to one of the unknown classified monsters in Monsters with Gregor, but as for the left figure I have no immediate ideas and will turn that over to the rest of the community.

But my ramblings do not cease here. Because there is a third figure.

Watch in the wake of the skull headed creature as it passes behind the tree. There is clearly movement of another faint figure walking in the distance in the same direction as the other two. It is even harder to make out distinguishing details, but there appears to be some sort of procession taking place here. But who or what are these figures? Where are they going? And furthermore how on earth did it take this long for us to have this conversation?

I look forward to further discussion from the community.

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AND ANOTHER THING I went to his blog to see what kinda shit he up to and he's not even a good photographer his shit is MEDIOCRE AMATEUR AT BEST and he had a beautiful smart driven creative and talented young lady like you and tossed you aside thinking he could get something better. THAT AINT A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL COLIN ITS A MOTHERFUCKIN TRAIN BOUT TO RUN YO ASS OVER!!! GOOD LUCK WIT ALL DAT BOY!!! LUCKY IF U GET HIRED FOR A DAMN YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER


all my friends are cancelling their booked photo sessions with him for AN because they don’t want mediocre photos from acual garbage, it’s very satisfying. the last shoot he did, he did not even send high res photos to my friends. several people complained to me about this… he’s a garbage photographer and his successful photos rely 100% on his models (aka me tbh)

my favourite thing that has happened since this breakup is that so many people have messaged me like “thank god i don’t have to pretend he’s a good photographer anymore”

anyways i love you

me when reading yr messages:

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Okay um no the sun being green is utter bullshit lol. Chlorophyll makes plants green lol.

dude i literally did this in physics today, the sun gives off visible light right and the frequency of the waves determine the colours that are visibile, and the suns frequency is that of the colour green (we just cant see it bc its so intense) & the chloroplasts in plants absorb the colors blue and red (green is in the middle) and they absorb sunlight for photosynthesis (which uses the chlorophyll) and so it makes sense for the plant to be the same color as the frequency of light it is absorbing 

so yea chlorophyll does make the plants green technically but the chlorophyll is only activated when in contact with the sun &  because the sun is green the intensity of the color green in the plant increases

Koujaku Bakes for Aoba

Aoba’s birthday is coming up and Koujaku wants to bake him a cake this time. (For the times that Aoba has baked for him on his Birthday when they were kids.) So Koujaku asks Tae if he can use her utensils to bake for Aoba, she says yes and offers him help, but he respectfully declines her offer because this time he wants to do something for his lover. When Aoba comes back from work, he see’s Koujaku with his face covered in sugar, milk, and egg holding a failed heart shaped birthday cake. The dough was burned the cream was watery. Koujaku greets him with a Happy Birthday and and a light peck on his lips. Koujaku tells Aoba that he didn’t have to eat it and he will go buy a better cake right now. Aoba tells him that its fine he will eat the cake. Koujaku said, “But Aoba your stomach will hurt and it won’t taste good.” Aoba takes a bite of the cake and says. “Koujaku its delicious!” Koujaku says “Aoba you don’t have to lie” Aoba reminds Koujaku that he would tell him the same thing when they were kids. Koujaku begins to laugh awkwardly. Aoba similes and say “Besides there no way wouldn’t taste good” Koujaku asked confusedly “How?” Aoba grin widened and says “Remember what you told me Hippo… the main ingredient is love” Koujaku is silent as he watches Aoba walk to him and kiss him on the lips and thanks him for baking him a cake and that he will always treasure this day.  (Sorry that its long!)

May Mini Writing Challenge: Stone Heart

With my eyes on my feet and my soles on the street, I made my way down the avenues of an unfamiliar town.

I found myself in a strange alley when I tore my eyes away from the concrete river.

I found myself stunned by a riot of colors and textures. Colors took on a heavenly aura, like bubbles waiting to be popped as I stood in an agonizing daze. My breath came out in uneven, labored gasps, my lungs were filling with hot ambrosia. My head became heavy and light all at once. My eyes became all seeing and empty all at once. Cold sweat on a fevered brow, laughter bubbled behind my clumsy teeth.

The god of art stood over me. Or was it a tulpa, conjured by my jumbled mind and an entity in its own right? Wide lips, all the better for speaking truths; blank eyes, all the better for seeing all that the world had to offer. A crude design, and yet so universal. I could not help but fear the neutral face—was it pleased? Angry? Bored? Appeased?

“Art is the center of the real world,” the stony voice intoned, a sound like pumice wrapped up in foil.

A silent scream bounced around in my throat, and my legs gave out beneath my body. My muscles bent like rubber, my bones shriveling like dehydrating clay. I briefly wondered how the tiles would taste. I opted to let my fingers explore the sharp edges and smooth crevices, meditating on the shapes of letters and how such small tiles complete a larger picture. My mind spun and reeled like a spiral galaxy, pondering the nature of man in the larger tapestry of life. I also refused to comprehend the nature of language—I no longer felt the need.

I know not how long I knelt at the altar of the many faceted mosaic god, it felt like a millennia, and it felt like a heartbeat. The concrete roughness of the sidewalk beneath my knees slowly pulled my soul back home to my aching body, never knowing if Art found my penance acceptable.

All I know is I’m never shroomin in south Philly ever again.

Author’s Note:

The Undead Poets Society ( mcahuasqui, almostauthors, avulgardragonsbreath, and myself) decided for a mini writing challenge using photos from our personal collections, this one happens to belong to almostauthors. Check out the linked followers for their contributions to the writing challenge! C.M.D.


I am enjoying making these Stretchmo levels waaaaaaaaay too much. It’s like functional voxel art!

I wanted Sun’s Blaze to be a bit more colorful, but that affected the puzzle. So I stuck with this, and while it looks and plays good as is, I feel like I could have done better. However, I’m really happy about how the flares look.

Twin Falls was directly inspired by Super Mario Galaxy! These floating falls have always captured my imagination. The waterfalls would have been another block thicker, until I remembered it’d be nigh unplayable with 90° camera control. With this, at least you can see which block Mallo is approaching from the other side.

Swirling Light originally started horizontally, but that turned out to be a boring puzzle; I couldn’t do anything to spruce it up. So I turned it on its side, and now it’s a tricky one. I love the side views on the card, it’s all swoosh and swirl.

I made Ringed Planet at 2am the night before an important meeting. When I came up with the idea, I just HAD to make it a reality - and just look how it turned out! It’s possibly my favorite level yet, but it’s also the hardest of this batch.

…what, you don’t think I’ll make more? I’m already working on a project, whatchu talkin’ ‘bout

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Hi ur emo trash and I love it and I know you're gonna ace these GCSEs babe [also u better answer this publicly to show everyone how funny and amazing I am] 👸🏻 (that emoticon is u and if u can't see it its BC ur so emo ur blinded by your screens light) WOW IM WAFFLING SHIT LIKE IM HIGH BUT IM NOT

Thank you u boob ❤️❤️❤️ You’re believing in me too much 😭 I love you 😚

Just so y’all know…

Next season of Survivor, Peih-Gee is obviously my ride or die, but you better be warned that I’m gonna be making daily posts in defense of Kelley W. ‘cause she’s a queen and that’s all that matters.


The stallion begins his story with declaring his name; Gener. A strange name for any pony to have for sure. 

Mod Spot: Greetings! I went for big and grand! Tested some neato brushes for better effects and so on. I’m also seeing how adding the color I use for each char as the border in the box that has their words in it helps them stand out from the background. I realize it looks a bit plan and over saturated the white with white on the light blue background. Its a test, if I don’t like it I’ll change it back, easy peasy! 

Also a huge thanks to askfuselight for his question. I guess you’ll just have to weight to hear from the ‘lovely lady’ huh? :P

Edit: pardon the lack of beard on Gener! That is fixed now.


First let me grab a Hanuta to snack on, i only see it feasible for this 2001 Audi A6 C5. Audi sent this baby out into the world with its 2.7 turbocharge v6 crying and pumped up with energy to start raging the streets.Right off the lot my boy Brandon was ready to start his project. From lights to the BBS wheels he made this ordinary sedan into a mothers worst nightmare. Having this to resemble the Bmw 5series and Mercedes E class, the redesign gave better aerodynamics and control when at high speeds. actually this car did so well it was top ten in the Car And Driver twice..2000 and 2001…engine is all stock, but who needs to goto stage two and three when you’re riding in a v6?

reswobjr said: I love that they mixed the theme from the main street electrical parade into this one. I can’t wait to go see it!

Same. You can definiately tell there was heavy influences from MSEP and they unmistakenly mixed in samples from it as well. I’m not sure if I saw the original MSEP when it was on Main Street but I saw it in its last few months in DCA and absolutely loved it. I love light parades and the lights are kind of my thing *pokes at darkened-disney​* with Disney and even in general. I loved listening to the soundtrack from MSEP and really loved the new soundtrack for PtN from the first minute. Ever since I saw the concept art for PnT I’ve been wanting to see it. There were rumors it was coming to DL and I cut myself off on looking at it at that point. I wanted my first experience of watching it to be live and it was glorious. The only downside of watching it was the mass of people who were there to see it too, what felt like half the crowd holding up cameras to take pictures/video. There was this guy who was a head taller than me who was in front of me. That’s cool, we’re in this crowd together. But what kind of irked me was when he put his camera up to take a picture it felt like he was using his whole body to block everyone behind him, like damn, think of those around/behind you. I got to see most of the tops of the floats due to crowd but I decided to stick around and watch the second parade after many people had already left. I sat over by the backstage door near the Main Street hat shop and got one of the best views possible, considering the parade had just debuted that night! I’ll be on the look out for the soundtrack too! If anyone has any ideas, please point me in that direction!

In the Slant Light by Robyn Sarah

On a grassy bank under a willow tree
I fell asleep pillowed in an elbow of summer,
and woke to see snow falling.

It is too late now for many things,
too late for so many things.
The sun barely skirts the treetops
before beginning its downward arc.
Across the still air, sporadic hammer-sounds
ring out, metal on metal—men on scaffolds,
men on ladders in the slant light,
battening down the hatches for winter.

What happened to noon, high noon?
There used to be noon.
Time is evaporating like a tide pool,
leaving its stranded flotsam, a cipher
scribbled across the sand. Debris
of our days—we had better look to it.
What to discard, and what pass on?
What yet to hoard to keep us warm?

Something to dig around in.
Something to chew on.
As the future shrinks, the past
looms larger, the past
is compost, is pemmican.

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(Ok I'm not Tara but I feel like you'd appreciate this!!!) Your improvement is inspiring! Seeing you grow as an artist makes me happy, you're experimenting a lot which is great (You're getting so good at poses and lighting and such, btw!!) And seeing you go from writing to art has been VERY encouraging (as someone who is Extremely Apprehensive towards putting my thoughts down, seeing you improve in art makes me think "If they can do it, so can I!")

Awh man like…  I guess it’s the same thing as drawing and painting as it is with writing?  Like…  You just gotta practice.  You don’t even have to write a LOT, just something, a line of dialogue or something.  Maybe not even every day, just…  Practicing with the language and getting your ideas across.

It’s a skill.  Just like any other skill anyone can DO it, it’s just about putting the effort in and realizing you’ll only ever truly fail if you give up entirely.  Yanno?