Reliving nightmares (multi)

Entering the temple was easy, no one I this life time would recognize him except for vlad and maybe horatio. Wraith wandered through the grounds the sun was sin king but he knew it wasn’t enough for them to be out, but it would be enough for Faith.
He had made sir to send her a particularly horrid nightmare she was either curled up in her bedroom or if he knew her like he thought he did she would be going to find vlad.
Wraith spotted her golden hair a mile away in contrast with the sinking sun.

Wraith chuckled and approached her coming up behind her he felt like an animal stalking his pray
When he was sure no one could see he grabbed her slamming her into the wall harshly and pinned her there, grinning as he watched her struggle and try to fight back
“You look beautiful as ever Faith,” wraith said laughing at her Ali glared at him struggling still
“You have ten seconds to get your hands off of me or-”
“Or what?” Wraith taunted chuckling “you’ll scream? Scream for your vampire Prince who will only turn to his grampy for permission to save you? Or how about for your fellow knights? Oh I’ve always enjoyed killing them, such pure blood flowing on the ground or feeding them to Asmodeus’s appetite after they’ve suffered.” Wraith said to her the dark tone mixed with his lust for blood sent a chill down ali’s spine who was this man? He had been the one torturing her in her nightmares.

“See our problem in Asmodeus wants Vlad back to normal and he can’t do that with you hanging around its always better when Vlad can’t see a light.” Wraith told her producing a knife from his belt and running it over her cheek slowly. Ali froze her voice gone as the blade traced over her neck and stopped where her neck met her shoulders
“Where is the fun in killing you right away though hm?” Wraith asked chuckling softly
Ali tried to kick his ankles out from under him in an attempt to escape but he instead stepped on her foot Ali let out a small gasp of pain but wraith covered her mouth with his hand no need for the vampires to hear her.
Wraith shook his head
“See now that’s the problem you’ve got this fire in you that just gets in the way of everything.” Wraith told her sighing the tip of his blade into her shoulder wraith’s hands muffling her sobs of pain as he dragged a long line over her shoulder
Ali’s eyes welled up with tears as she started to shake with a combination of fear and pain, she couldn’t move feeling like the lead in one of the horror novels she and Nellie would read together onky thus time she couldnt nust shut the book when she was this frightened. Ali let out a choked sob that only wraith could hear and he laughed
“Dont start crying now, we’ve only just started”