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Name: mollie

Nickname: my gf calls me babe i guess that counts

Star Sign: virgo

Height: 5′ (small i kno)

Sexual Orientation: very lesbian

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

Favorite color: blue and purple are both nice

Favorite animal: cats… i love cats

Time right now: 8:36pm

Average hours of sleep: idk but it’s not enough lol

Cat person or dog person: see above (its cats)

Favorite fictional characters: carlos (the light of my life), and wayy too many others to list

Number of blankets I sleep with: one, if it’s really cold then two

Favorite singer/band: too many…,,.

Dream Trip: kinda wanna go on one of those huge roadtrips where u just go everywhere

Dream Job: something to do with making things (im in college for graphic design rn and thats pretty gr8)

When was this blog created: 2014 i think

Current number of followers: 470

What do you post: anything i like, mostly podcasts, cats, and general things i find cool or funny

When did your blog reach its peak: when that one post i made ended up with like 5000 notes somehow and i got a bunch of followers from that

What made you decide to get a tumblr: way back when in like 2012 i was in a hetalia roleplay group on deviantart (what a nerd) and then there was a skype group and then everyone made a tumblr so i did too

Why did you choose your URL: i post a lot of night vale and i love carlos… the x is in there bc perfectimperfection was taken… but it adds to the #aesthetic so its ok

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make me choose meme: sexyriversong asked river/eleven or clara/eleven

           ↳ “I can’t let you die without knowing you are loved, by so many, and so much- and by no one more than me.”


It’s Cow Chop on the Cow Couch!


ive been chatting with @sigalawin about a really cheesy cat cafe au and today i was inspired to actually draw the first part out

hux never figures it out because millicent is nothing but nice to him and he goes to the cafe every day its open to see her and kylo maybe develops a gross crush on him idk his cousin rey certainly seems to think so  


Stone/Cassandra “Inches Apart” A Case Study Part 6: City of Light, Rule of Three and Loom of Fate

This concludes my study until season 2 provides us with more insight. 

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Its me yandere anon again I told you I'd be back. Anyways can I have some yandere head cannons with how Lucio and Zenyatta would be as yanderes. I feel like they would definitely be big yanderes cause no one would expect it.

aheheheheeeeeh, better have a light on cause it’s gonna get DAAAAAARK. X’D well, idk if it’s gonna be THAT dark but, we’ll see. XD


  • He’s pretty scary with blank eyes, you see how he’s so cute and adorable with those shining eyes? Well… Take out the shine and more shadow to his eyes, oh boy!

  • The DJ would question you if you were going out, are you going with anyone? Are any of them interested in you? Just friends? He hardly thinks that’s true, but if you get any suspicion of his true nature, he’ll try to brush his demeanor off and let you go with a smile on his face.

  • Lúcio would stare at the other person you’re conversing with, that smile he usually has isn’t there and it’ll definitely make the other person leave. That’s his intention.

  • If someone’s threatening his ‘relationship’ with you, he’ll take care of it himself. He won’t kill them, no, that’s if they break their promise. He makes them promise to never talk to you again, or he’ll make them wish they never laid eyes on you.

  • He’s his normal self whenever he’s with you, the DJ smiles dreamily at you as he tells you that you’re wonderful. He’ll do things for you, help you relax, get errands done for you, a͘n͏̶͠d͏̵̵͜ ̷̷̡͏h̴̛̀é̸͝ ͏w͏̛͞͠o҉̛n̷͠҉̨'̵́͘t͟ ̸̕͟͡͡ĺ̶ę͜͝͡t̴̀́͘͡ ͠҉̡̡ỳ̸̴̡͘ớ͟͝͠u̵̡̕ ̡̨̕l̀͜͝è̛͘͏a̴̧͘v͘͢e̡̢͟ ́͡҉̕h̀͞į̴́m͏͠͠.̢̨͜͝


  • It’s hard to tell if he’s upset with you, or when his yandere tendencies are present, he is a peaceful omnic after all…

  • He’ll insist on accompanying you if you are going somewhere, even if it’s to the store to pick up some milk. He knows that he can’t consume anything physically but he’ll go with you anyway.

  • Zenyatta would be the one to make the situation awkward on purpose, just to get that other filthy human away from his beautiful treasure. You are not to be soiled by anyone of discord.

  • “There is chaos within you, and you must keep your distance from them or there will be dire consequences…” He’ll tell the other human that may be interfering with his ‘relationship’ with you, he may have to… Get rid of them for good… If they don’t… Cooperate…

  • His calm demeanor is always there whenever he’s around you, it’s easy for him to cover up his true intentions due to his peaceful manner. He’ll protect you from anyone who may be of threat to you, é̶v̴̧͟͟é̡͢͝n̛͘ ͏͏i҉̵͢͝͏f̷̨́҉ ̷̧i̢̨͘t͞ ̀̕͝͡m̧͠e͏̵͜á͏̀n͠҉̶̀ś̷̷̡ ̢̧͜͞͡t̴̡͞h͘͠á̧̕͢t̴ ́͡h̀҉͜e̡̛’̷̀̕l̶͟l̨͟͝͞ ҉̛̛͠b̛͘͢͡e̡̡͟ ͢͡͡t̸͘͢h͏̢͘͞͏e̴͢͞ ̧͢͢͝c͢͜͡͝à̴̷͝u͏͜͜͝͝s͏͏ȩ̸͘ ̴̧͜ǫ͝f͜͜͞҉ ̶͢͏a̴̷͞҉͞ń͢͟͢͡o͠t̷h҉͜ę̵̶҉r̶̀͡ ҉̸̷O͏͏ḿ̶n̸̵̵͢͜i҉̕͢͞͏c̢͏͜͢͞ ̵̡́͞C̷̛͢͞ŕ̴̢̛ì̢͝ś̕̕͡i͜͢͝s̀҉͏̵̨…̵́

“The poetry of attention is not metaphysical; it succeeds by faith alone. The opened eye will see, and light will shape the materials given freely to a poet. What next for invention? As it turns out, craft is to poetry what invention is to the imagination–not antithetical, but needless. The eye does not invent the light; there’s no need. The mind makes no materials; its doesn’t have to. Imagination is the present state of things, and poems rejoice–in particular, in detail–that this is so. Again, the only work is trust, a trust rewarded by ease and by betterment.”

Donald Revell, from The Art of Attention: A Poet’s Eye (Graywolf Press, 2007)

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So, a dumb random question keeps bouncing around the inside of my skull while I'm working. I'm a metalworker by trade, and I keep wondering for some reason whether there'd be a practical way of using Pymary to weld, and whether Vienne was using it to construct Uaid.

Oh, man, for sure. Slight-of-frame Vienne must have been spelling all the things in her daily work. She had custom tools she’d made for herself, like a sledgehammer that displaced its weight when moving away from the khert (the earth) and doubled it when moving towards it, so she could hammer the bajeezus out of things. She could concentrate Heat exactly where she wanted it, instantly cool metal, knock the Light out of her furnace so she could see details better, and generally just hurl giant slabs of metal around single-handedly like Powergirl. She and her workers were not exactly smithing in the way that we might imagine; they were using pymaric tools, working with concentrated and directed temperatures old blacksmiths couldn’t control, and essentially welding with pymary.

Vienne’s creativity in this area is why they could build something like Uaid way out in the boonies in a meh-class forge. She took her family’s resources and remade them to suit herself, her goals, and her art, if you will.

A wee update

I recently came out to my parents and it has not been easy.  I haven’t been eating much (i have lost some weight), waking up nauseous, feeling sick and struggling to get motivated in the morning. My anxiety has been the worse its ever been. These physical symptoms started ever since my parents returned home from their holiday which was at the beginning of August. I know over time things will hopefully get better. 

It’s not all doom and gloom!!! I am currently seeing an improvement now! Which makes me feel good that i am getting better. Having been to see my Councillor, LGBT Youth Scotland and chatting to friends and my girlfriend has helped immensely. I have been eating light bites of food and small meals. Drinking plenty of water and herbal teas. All to try and settle my stomach.

I feel more on course now and i have a plan and a goal to work towards now :) Save up to see my girlfriend again! This time longer that 2 weeks, I hope to stay between 1 to 3 months. This way we can figure out together what jobs would be suitable for me in the future/moving.

I feel most relaxed is when I’m talking to my girlfriend, Thinking about her and when we plan to see each other again. I have to remember that we are a team and what hurts me and effects me well it also makes her worried and I can’t have my girl worrying every day about me. Hayley is my universe and she comes first in my life always. I hope this all made sense and well im sorry for my rambles. Everything will work out and everything will be ok :) I am can do this.

One day closer to seeing you. One day closer <3 

the whole time i was in the shower i was just…trying to practice speaking by explaining what i knew about Korean grammar in Arabic? and the arabic just came flooding back like holy shit, maybe i’m not screwed and won’t lose my job when it’s time to do proficiency interviews

is this what getting treatment is gonna feel like? i just feel like i’m fucking capable of anything. getting better at arabic, be able to read novels in it, be able to converse in it. ramming korean into my head by reading and annotating books. fuck yeah. no problem. 

it’s just. this feeling? is intoxicating. holy shit.

Taking a hot minute to explain what the fuck “soughtdawn” means.

One thing to understand about Shiro’s character is that he is always moving forward, even if it hurts. He’s always looking towards the future, always advancing, no matter what’s happening to him in the present. He’s looking towards the new day, seeking it, if you will. Never once did he forget, “it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day.” It’s always darkest before the dawn. It’s night at its deepest, hope at its lowest, darkness as far as the eye can see and almost suffocating, but then you get the dawn bleeding through the darkness, letting you know that it’s a new day, that the light is going to shine again, that it does get better, that you have another chance, and that’s honestly so important to Shiro’s character. He was surrounded by darkness in Galra captivity, suffering from day to day, but the dawn has finally come for him, finally a better day. He’s the leader of Team Voltron now, now in a position to stop the sinister forces that made him and countless other people suffer. It’s a new beginning, a new chapter, so that’s why my URL is now “soughtdawn”. He was seeking that new dawn and finally got it.