Mini Hiatus~~~~~~

Hey guys! I hate to do this but as most of you know I’m in the middle of househunting and its been super stressful thus far. I’m hoping this won’t last too long. Just need to put my focus elsewhere for a little while and didn’t want you all to think that I’m gone-gone again. I’m still here. Mobile 99% of the time so drafts are waiting for me. I promise, I’ll be back soon! You can reach me on skype, just ask for it. Happy to chat whenever! This will run for a bit but I’ll likely be lurking in the coming days too. 

Love you guys and hope you’ll stick tight with me for a little bit while we get through this <3

I don't have claws, or glowing eyes or super senses. 
I just have voices in my head.

all time low + inspirational lyrics from each album (with the help of @gabricl)

put up or shut up (2006) - the party scene
so wrong, it’s right (2007) - stay awake
nothing personal (2009) - therapy
dirty work (2011) - time-bomb
don’t panic! (2012) - so long, and thanks for all the booze
future hearts (2015) - missing you