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how is is that dragons like toothless can love their riders very much but dont actually love other dragons as much as they love their riders?

How is it that humans can love their pets so dearly but not necessarily love some of the humans they meet as much?

The point of the matter is that all of us love different individuals to varying degrees. Just because someone is of our species, or is a biological family member, or is someone we’ve known a long time… doesn’t guarantee we will overflow in love for them.

How deeply we love someone is often the result of experience and bonding with someone through meaningful interactions. Sharing kindness and love with one another can deepen our feelings for one another. Building memories is important. So is finding common ground and relating to one another. Helping one another through challenges, and demonstrating a loyalty and sympathy to be with someone through hard times, is something that can make love feel strong. In these sorts of manners, a relationship can grow and love can become deep.

So why would Toothless like some random dragon more than Hiccup? Hiccup is the person he’s shared all these wonderful memories with. Hiccup is the friend he’s spent countless hours of time with. Hiccup is the friend he chooses to live with, who he wakes up with every morning, who he flies with every evening when the sun sets, who he eats dinner with, who he explores with, who he plays with. Hiccup is the one who built his tail, who spent all those weeks trying to make the tail functional who could fly, who spent so much time sitting on Toothless’ back in a rather close location learning how to fly together in a team building and bond building exercise. Hiccup is the one who relates to Toothless. They both met when they were outcasts, estranged from their own species. They both know what it’s like to struggle with a prosthetic limb. They can relate in their moments of happiness and in their moments of insecurity and hurt. They have had so many wonderful moments of friendship together and can relate to one another on a deep, intimate platonic level. They have given one another great kindnesses - have even saved one another’s lives. Through all the experiences they have formed together, theirs is naturally going to be an extraordinarily strong and unbreakable friendship.

Even if you compare something like Hiccup versus Meatlug, a dragon Toothless has had a lot of time to get to know, it’s with Hiccup that Toothless has had the meaningful, bonding experiences and actions. Meatlug doesn’t fly with Toothless every day. Meatlug doesn’t hang out and lie down next to Toothless and just revel at the view. Meatlug doesn’t have that shared experience of being young and outside her kind. Meatlug doesn’t take care of Toothless, nor Toothless take care of Meatlug.

Of course the dragons are going to love their riders so much when they have such meaningful, powerful relationships with them.

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HTTYD 3: 2019 !!!! You saw that? :O

Yep, hehe, and I was waiting for this exact message to enter my inbox. XD Let’s not worry over it or get stressed over it, friends! <3 While I know some individuals have been in a bit of a hubbub over it, I want to encourage you all to consider that it’s not fundamentally a large deal and something to concern ourselves with too greatly. :) It’s a number, and it’s a day of the year that will inevitably come like days in the future do, and we’ll get to sit in theatres, and watch some of our favorite characters on screen in a movie that has been worked on with love and thought and care and time and attention and energy. :) There were four years between HTTYD and HTTYD 2. I’m fine with four years between HTTYD 2 and HTTYD 3. It might sound like a long time for some people but it’s not. It’s fine. :) The more I live, the more I’m like, “How was that six years ago? Felt like yesterday.” Ahahahah. XD Besides, it’s DreamWorks’ decision, not mine. It’s my decision as a fan to just go out, support DreamWorks for their continued work on the project, and give my excited, loyal support by attending theatres when the movie is released. <3 I am so grateful for the world of How to Train Your Dragon and how DreamWorks has brought it to life in a huge, beautiful franchise. I’ll continue to be grateful and happy, whatever random day the release of the third movie happens to be!

You know those “who am I,” “what am I going to do with my life,” “idk what job I want” moments when you question your entire existence and future haha?

Well i literally have those every day, and it stresses me out, but recently I saw this Good.Co app on my dash where you basically take these quick scientifically-backed personality quizzes,  and it gives you all this awesome feedback like your hidden strengths/weaknesses and what jobs (even specific companies) match best with you!

I was kinda skeptical about it’s accuracy, but mine’s pretty spot on, and the app store reviews (screenshot below) seem to say the same. Let me know what you think of your results! 

You should at least check out the app here to see if it interests you :)

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Ok… When I watch this scene in my playtrough I was like….“Oh she freezed up maybe 4-5 Pokemon… that’s kinda terrible but I disappointed that Gamefreak didn’t go further than that”

….It took several rewatch of let’s play until I realize that the square patterns on the wall are all Pokemon container…….

A few reasons to start Boku No Hero Academia, if you haven’t yet:

  • A cinnamon roll MC who’s all brains and only beginning the brawn part when the story begins
  • Wonderfully different characters that work well together
  • Said characters are also very wonderfully flawed
  • Said characters undergo some form of character development as the story progresses, but not at any point is it a 180 degree one or unrealistic to their pre-established characteristics
  • Logical explanations, limitations to everyone’s abilities and powers
  • Flawed, not-as-OP-as-you-would-think mentors
  • Actual consequences of actual actions taken - nope, not even your fave gets a free pass
  • Minimal fan-service. And where it does happen it’s usually with the character themselves depicted as being comfortable with it 
  • Main female character not subjected to fan-service
  • The one lecherous character is deliberately depicted as unappealing and a general loser, and even his redeeming moments include no form of lecherousness on his part 
  • No other character - especially the “cool” ones or general favourites - supports/indulges in lecherous behaviour 
  • What are minor characters?
  • Most parents are alive, well and supportive of their kids in their own way
  • Dick behaviour in “good” characters not justified with a sad, tragic past so much as their own decisions/characteristics leading them to behave in that manner
  • Amazing action in every arc so far
  • Power-ups that are earned with time and effort put into towards earning them
  • MC isn’t always the problem solving, enemy defeating star of every arc
  • Genuinely interesting, memorable villains whose presence actually leave consequences 
  • Wonderful writing in general tbh

Seriously, 12/10 recommend